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Psychologists Alert ! What are the functional reasons gays are usually more bitchy, and mean ?

Many times with humor, but any concrete explanations for the rude, snippy remarks many gay men make at each other, and others, when much of the time being polite would suffice ? And please no on with the " because we can " remark.

by Mr. Properreply 410/12/2013

Perhaps we should start with you, OP. Why don't you tell me why this is an important issue to you?

by Mr. Properreply 110/12/2013

Full of anger and testosterone.

by Mr. Properreply 210/12/2013

because you are fat op

by Mr. Properreply 310/12/2013

Life as a gay man, particularly as a gay man with intelligence and reasonably high standards, is much harder and lonelier than many of us expected.

I'd rather be a lonely angry bitch than lower my standards and settle.

by Mr. Properreply 410/12/2013
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