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Michelle the linebacker?

While we know Freepers have a tenuous grip on reality, this time they've really undid themselves:

“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964.

He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers. After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school.

Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”.

Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of Michelle’s 'true' identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.”

by Can't keep upreply 3210/14/2013

Some people have gone down the rabbit hole and don't realized it. How can you even respond to something as ludicrous as this "news" story?

by Can't keep upreply 110/12/2013

They make it all sound so romantic: 'cocaine dealer/union thug' meets cute with 'transient street prostitute' who, despite turning tricks since the early 60s, doesn't seroconvert until 1998.

by Can't keep upreply 210/12/2013

My first sentence should have read, "While we know Freepers have a tenuous grip on reality, this time they've really OUTdid themselves:"

r1, there isn't any way to respond to most of these people. Do the Republicans and their supporters who are holding the country hostage this moment appear sane to you? Their psychosis threatens the very fabric of democracy.

by Can't keep upreply 310/12/2013

Sad they have to go there. They can't just debate and disagree without throwing race into it. Republicans wonder why minorities won't join them.

by Can't keep upreply 410/12/2013

Unfortunately, r4, too many minorities still are Republicans. See the link to the "Why do minorities support the Republicans?" thread.

by Can't keep upreply 510/12/2013

In this boiler-room slander the Freepers have managed to combined several stereotypes into one legend, as r2 has noted:

1. last name "Robinson" (race-baiting based on stereotyped name for African-Americans)

2. drug dealer (minority stereotype)

3. prostitute (minority stereotype)

4. HIV (minority and gay stereotype)

5. African-American is "good at sports" stereotype

6. school drop-out (minority stereotype)

7. transsexual (minority and gay stereotype)

8. sex change (minority and gay stereotype)

9. Obama really born in Kenya (exploiting immigration fears)

10. implied same-sex marriage (gay and lesbian stereotype)

11. whatever else was missed

Such a maliciously intended attack on the First Lady's honor could only be conceived by a true psychopath with a total, evangelical disregard for all truth and decency.

by Can't keep upreply 610/12/2013

Oh come on now, remember how much fun we all had with the previous First Lady being a heavily drugged, closeted lesbian murderess ?

Is it really any different?

by Can't keep upreply 710/12/2013

Pardon me for interrupting, but aren't you the same bitchy queens who have been regaling each other with stories of my dead baby in a jar and being the daughter of renowned Satanist , Aleister Crowley?

It was hilarious when it was Laura and myself being slandered with outrageous ( but possibly true ) lies, now it's the new girls turn.

It's actually working out quite well for them, isn't it?....bitches.

by Can't keep upreply 810/12/2013

But Black people didn't write post writing stereotypical white behavior mocking Laura Bush. We didn't have time, nor did we care about her.

by Can't keep upreply 910/12/2013

hey, I'm still alive too you know....

by Can't keep upreply 1010/12/2013

"My first sentence should have read, "While we know Freepers have a tenuous grip on reality, this time they've really OUTdid themselves:""

Actually, it should have read "really outdone themselves"

by Can't keep upreply 1110/12/2013

Yes I'd be ashamed too if I had to leave Oregon State for Princeton! You can tell someone from Oregon must be behind this fantasy.

by Can't keep upreply 1210/12/2013

Excuse me , didn't I have half of DC killed in various "accidents" to cover up a bad real estate deal back in in Arkansas?

by Can't keep upreply 1310/12/2013

So her husbands enemies are saying she once had a penis.... well cry me a fucking river.

by Can't keep upreply 1410/12/2013

So funny R14. An example of why I love DL

by Can't keep upreply 1510/12/2013

Does anyone have a cigarette and a spare hundred million?

by Can't keep upreply 1610/12/2013

You may laugh, but I think there is a lot of truth to this.

by Can't keep upreply 1710/12/2013

"Kissing Cousin & Lesbian & Secret Bolshevik Race Baiter"

by Can't keep upreply 1810/12/2013

Obama would not even be the first President to be secrely married to a man posing as a woman.

President Hoovers' "wife" was named very sad looking transvestite named Lou.

by Can't keep upreply 1910/12/2013

"Hey mack, whats makes you think I ain't a dame? "

by Can't keep upreply 2010/12/2013

"but I think there is a lot of truth to this"

I think you need to think harder--or at all

by Can't keep upreply 2110/12/2013

Rare photograph of First "Lady" , Lou Henry Hoover out of drag, leading the first ever all US Army Tranvestite Cavalry Unit down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 4th of July celebrations of 1930.

by Can't keep upreply 2210/12/2013

And to think, we could have had a Stepford wife who doubled as MS Barbie!

by Can't keep upreply 2310/12/2013


by Can't keep upreply 2410/13/2013

Really, too obscure? What if I said she rode in on a dancing horse?

by Can't keep upreply 2510/13/2013

The freeper to which the OP linked no doubt believes this, but the original story comes from Christwire, which is like The Onion for religious right-wing satire.

by Can't keep upreply 2610/13/2013

r26, thanks for the link. I found out about the Freeper version (not the original) from a right-wing radio show, who took it completely seriously. It's also on the usual nut forums, like Godlike Productions.

That adults actually give credence to something like this shows the failure of the US educational system. There used to be taught in high school the arts of rhetoric and critical thinking. In previous generations, I believe it was even earlier---elementary grade level.

The 40% of the federal budget going to the military needs to go instead to education and social services, infrastructure, etc.

by Can't keep upreply 2710/13/2013

The right-wing radio show, where I originally heard about the Michelle story, also mentioned that Miriam Carey was supposedly ordered killed by the President to hide the "fact" that the baby was his.

But doesn't this contradict the Freeper claim that the President is supposed to be gay? And that on top of being a secret Muslim, Russian communist CIA agent born in Indonesia/Kenya/Chicago?

Link below to the DL Obama baby thread:

by Can't keep upreply 2810/14/2013

I don't know who is more pathetic , the freeper who re-posted a fake news story believing it to be true, or the OP who reposted it here looking for our moral outrage, because OP admit it, you did not realize the original christwire article was a parody either.

Just shows the instant knee-jerk reactions that have taken over both sides of American politics.

by Can't keep upreply 2910/14/2013

Trolldar reveals r29 = r7, r8, r10, r18, r19, r20, r22, r24

Which one of the First Ladies is speaking now?

by Can't keep upreply 3010/14/2013

What's the matter OP, can't admit you fell for it just as hard as the freeper and laugh at yourself ? We all are.

You shouldn't have to rely on trolldar to verify that either, I was aware of what a fool you were making of yourself since reading the first post.

by Can't keep upreply 3110/14/2013

You take yourself too seriously, Lady Bird. You're neither a very bright nor witty racist anti-Semitic troll. Why don't you just hop on over to VDare, Free Republic and or some other right-wing sites?

Anyway, the Michelle story, along with the other Obama legends still circulate along the vile.

by Can't keep upreply 3210/14/2013
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