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JTT acting again... on most rethug sitcom on TV

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who may or may not have been a DLer for quite a few months years ago, is going to appear on tonight's ep of "Last Man Standing", Tim Allen's horrifically conservative sitcom. I'm going to grit my teeth or watch with the sound muted until the JTT part just out of curiosity.

If qwerty were still around, we could find out more about how it is to work with the old rethug goat, but I think he's long gone.

BTW, Tim Allen's name was on a list that (again, depending on what you believe and who you ask) was written by a former rent boy who liked to make rhymes. The guy was listing clients, both his own and ones he knew about from others. The story was he wasn't going to work anymore or be in the states, so he was burning bridges/naming names.

The list began with Blue Fairy (Drew Carey). Does anyone remember the name (handle) of the former hooker, and whether it was on DL or on IHSG that it was posted?

by Longtimer with rapidly advancing oldtimer's diseasereply 010/11/2013
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