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Henry Cavill has cosy dinner date with ex-girlfriend in Rome

Wonder Woman is back! Makes the Kaley episode even more inexplicable.

It's a prospect that will upset many women, and probably a few men, but is Hollywood actor Henry Cavill getting back together with his ex-girlfriend?

The handsome Man of Steel star was seen dining with Gina Carano in Rome, Italy, earlier this week.

The 30 year-old performer, who is currently filming The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with director Guy Ritchie in the ancient city, took a break from his hectic schedule to spend an evening with the brunette.

Wearing a white linen shirt with indigo blue jeans and brown brogues, he looked the epitome of smart/casual.

Meanwhile, Gina wore a semi-sheer green jumper over a black bra top and leather-effect leggings. Keeping it casual, she scraped her hair back into a ponytail and appeared to wear little make-up.

Seated outside a romantic restaurant, where they shared a bottle of red wine, the pair looked relaxed and happy as they toasted each others' company.

In fact, they looked every inch the couple as they exchanged warm, familiar banter, which frequently resulted in laughter.

Hours later they were seen leaving the venue together.

Aside from a brief fling with Kaley Cuoco, Cavill has remained one of Hollywood's most eligible men since he and Carano separated.

by Lurkerreply 60112/04/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 110/09/2013

If all else fails... re-beard

by Lurkerreply 210/09/2013

Before we go any further --because I'm sure it's coming-- is there any proof that she's gay or will DL act like all of the predictable heteros who believe in stereotypes when it comes to what makes someone gay?

Just because she was a MMA fighter doesn't make her gay, so unless you know for a fact that she's into women, you'll look just as ignorant as any frau claiming someone is gay because of what they do or who they're with.

In a couple of those pics, he doesn't look repulsed by her.

by Lurkerreply 310/09/2013

Does not look staged at all.

by Lurkerreply 410/09/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Lurkerreply 510/09/2013

R4 Was thinking that myself. They looked good together, with no awkward body language, unlike the staged photos with Caley. Another thing: neither of them are good enough actors to fake it this well. LOL

by Lurkerreply 610/09/2013

And if he was with some nameless woman, you'd say the same thing, R5. Straight or gay, any pic with a woman, you'd still just claim he was gay even if he actually isn't.

Keram's Jake fantasy was the only thing DL ever had on this guy. We've never even had a single DLer who knew for a fact he was gay. We just assume he's gay because he appeared to be hanging out exclusively with gay men... the same gay men with whom he's still friends. He hasn't ditched them.

I want confirmation that he is gay. Enough speculation.

DL used to be good for legitimate gossip.

by Lurkerreply 710/09/2013

That's a man, baby.

by Lurkerreply 810/09/2013

[quote] I want confirmation that he is gay. Enough speculation.

Like what?! A man on man sex tape? Other than persistent rumors and the notable absence of a female presence in their lives, what kind of "confirmation" did the public have before Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Zach Quinto or Anderson Cooper came out?

by Lurkerreply 910/09/2013

I agree with R7, i want proof, all the gossips about some actors are not true.

by Lurkerreply 1010/09/2013

Is it better when the hag is a lesbian? I mean, there's no chance she'll actually fall in love with you, she can probably drink you under the table, she can attract the man candy and pass them on to you (and you can return the favor), and she probably won't be clingy or stalkerish like a straight hag.

I'm kinda digging this pal thing Henry has going on with Gina.If they build a bond, maybe he won't have to be switching beards every few weeks. It'll help keep him sane.

Besides, it'll translate well when they film the Justice League movie.

I'm still hoping for an Aquaman with a smoking hot body that looks great wet. Some hairy-chested blond muscle god. I'm still not sure who that should be...

by Lurkerreply 1110/09/2013

Okay, an Aquaman that looks something like this

by Lurkerreply 1210/09/2013

"It's a prospect that will upset many women, and probably a few men"


by Lurkerreply 1310/09/2013

R11: How in the hell do you know she's a lesbian?

R8 is a moron who thinks all women have to be emaciated skeletons to be considered "feminine."

by Lurkerreply 1410/09/2013

They look like friends to me. Not everything needs to be sexual/romantic. Especially if he really is gay.

by Lurkerreply 1510/09/2013

They got him back together with one of the very few females he can stand. They're clearly good buds. Henry is a total gentleman around her!

by Lurkerreply 1610/09/2013

I've never looked at someone who was just my "friend" like this:

by Lurkerreply 1710/09/2013

R6 I was being sarcastic

by Lurkerreply 1810/09/2013

Even if one believes he's straight, I have to say that the reaction to this by some women is pretty scary. They immediately turn into jealous cunts. Some of the comments you see on other sites about anyone he's supposedly dating are pretty vicious. I esp. love the ones who say "She's not good enough for him." Who in the hell is anyone to say who is or isn't "good enough" for him?

by Lurkerreply 1910/09/2013

[quote]That's a man, baby.

Get your eyes checked:

by Lurkerreply 2010/09/2013

[quote] I've never looked at someone who was just my "friend" like this:

Because you weren't being paid to and weren't knowingly being filmed at the time.

by Lurkerreply 2110/09/2013

Regardless of his sexuality, he likes a thick (by Hollywood's standards) girl or beard:

by Lurkerreply 2210/09/2013

The raising their glasses pic seems so fake like they waited a few extra seconds for the paps to take a good photo.

by Lurkerreply 2310/09/2013

1. Could be two friends having dinner on location

2. Could be Henry is actually straight and prefers healthier women - Pierce Brosnan style

by Lurkerreply 2410/09/2013

When Gina likes a certain style, she'll wear it to death.

by Lurkerreply 2510/09/2013

They're obviously friends. I'd be shocked if the relationship was more than that.

by Lurkerreply 2610/09/2013

R17, to me, his expression looks like an "OMG! REALLY?! SHUT.UP.!!!" reaction to whatever Gina is saying. I don't get a romantic vibe at all.

by Lurkerreply 2710/09/2013

You do understand that the point of getting to the A-list is getting "bearded" with someone who is also headed towards the A-list, right?

I don't know if he's gay, but you're idiots if you think this was for public consumption. It's obvious there is affection between the two - be it platonic or romantic.

She doesn't have much going on and Wonder Woman isn't even in the cards right now.

by Lurkerreply 2810/09/2013

R27, you're complete shit when it comes to body language. They're clearly enjoying each others company.

by Lurkerreply 2910/09/2013

R29, of course they are; a fag and his hag usually get along famously. What part of that don't you understand, you retarded lemur?

by Lurkerreply 3010/09/2013

So I guess Henry's not gay afterall.

by Lurkerreply 3110/09/2013

[quote] You do understand that the point of getting to the A-list is getting "bearded" with someone who is also headed towards the A-list, right? That's not true at all. There are plenty of instances where up and coming and/or established closeted A-listers have been paired off with virtual unknowns. George Clooney is a prime example of this.

[quote] She doesn't have much going on and Wonder Woman isn't even in the cards right now. Fast and Furious 6 did better at the box office than Man of Steel. And WB/DC is definitely making a Justice League film.

by Lurkerreply 3210/09/2013

A retarded lemur is still brighter than a moron who has the body language expertise of a "tween."

[quote]his expression looks like an "OMG! REALLY?! SHUT.UP.!!!"

Does this picture also look like what you describe, you idiot? Oh, but I guess it was also for the "press" since it never went anywhere beyond FLICKR.

by Lurkerreply 3310/09/2013

[quote]A retarded lemur is still brighter than a moron who has the body language expertise of a "tween."

Unfortunately, not in your case, tard.

[quote]I guess it was also for the "press" since it never went anywhere beyond FLICKR.

You're not only a retarded lemur, you're a blind one if you can't see the large "HFC" logo at the upper-right corner of the image at your link. Dumbass.

As for my description, they are both actors, you brain-dead sack of diarrhea. Of course they're playing for the camera!

by Lurkerreply 3410/09/2013

There are other pics that aren't labeled. They weren't for the public to see.

Look, whether the guy is straight or not, one things for sure: You're a fucking idiot with the vocabulary/mindset of a 16 year old on the rag.

"Tard"? You're fucking embarrassing if you're over 18.

by Lurkerreply 3510/09/2013

Oh, so you admit that you fucked up and NOW you see the logo. Well then I guess you're not blind. Just retarded.

And if I'm a sixteen-year-old on the rag, then you're a dried up scabbed-over twat who's way beyond its expiration date.

Fucking retarded lemurs. Think they own the place!

by Lurkerreply 3610/09/2013

The guy goes out to dinner with his fag-hag. As if none of you have NEVER done this. Anyone who thinks this was "romantic" is having a personal fantasy. THIS WOMAN IS MORE OF A MAN THAN HE IS! WAKE UP! ARE YOU BLIND?

by Lurkerreply 3710/09/2013

Dlisted has a pic of her where she's looking a cow poured into a too tight dress.

by Lurkerreply 3810/09/2013

I didn't fuck up, you tool. I saw the label. A fansite picked up on it, but it was only on flickr. It's not all over the internet, you idiot. There are other pictures of them.

Morons like you have a conspiracy about EVERYTHING. Even if that's his faghag, you still make up ridiculous theories because that's what idiots do.

BTW, I stand corrected: You're not 16. You're one of those nine year old children who hit puberty early due to your dad's ED meds. Those side effects can be a bitch on a little boy with tits, aren't they, shithead?

by Lurkerreply 3910/09/2013

[quote]Morons like you have a conspiracy about EVERYTHING. Even if that's his faghag, you still make up ridiculous theories because that's what idiots do.

Irony is obviously lost on retarded lemurs.

by Lurkerreply 4010/09/2013

The pictures are kind of hilarious. They look as choreographed and staged as Kim Kartrashian’s entire life. I once saw a production of Romeo & Juliet performed entirely by wooden puppets and that shit looked more real and human than Gina and Henry’s dinner date.

Courtesy of DListed........

by Lurkerreply 4110/09/2013

Having seen enough pictures of this guy, I know that whatever he feels for her is real, not staged. The guy's smile is very relaxed in these pics. He normally looks like he's constipated or "on."

DL has never had a single post verifying that he is gay since I've been here (for a VERY long time) and have seen enough proof about other celebrities. DL has shit the bed with this one. All I see are DLers adamant that he's gay sans proof and name-calling if you deign to ask for proof. Anyone asking for proof is a "frau."

[quote]Like what?! A man on man sex tape? Other than persistent rumors and the notable absence of a female presence in their lives, what kind of "confirmation" did the public have before Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Zach Quinto or Anderson Cooper came out?

Are you stupid? We've had posts about all of them having been spotted at one time or another. Heck, I all but ignored the AC threads and I still knew when he was spotted with someone or somewhere because of DL.

Cavill's gay buddy -a gay rights' activist- has said Cavill is straight. If he's lying for this guy, it makes him look bad considering the work he does with the gay community. No one in WeHo who Cavill hung with has said he is gay. Not one. They're all covering for him? Every last one? Why, for parts in his films?

I'm sure DLers with zero knowledge of the guy know more about him than the WeHo crowd because if you repeat nonsense about Jake Gylenhaal flying to Ireland to fuck Cavill and you also have intimate knowledge about a condom in the trash because Cavill and Stephen Dorff fucked and Jake found out, it then becomes the truth. Oh yes, that scenario is far more logical than that Spears guy coming right out and saying his buddy is straight because why would a struggling actor from the UK with little money and name recognition have gay friends in LA?

DL logic:

Knowing about a used condom in the trash and a love triangle involving Jake, Henry and Stephen = perfectly logical.

A struggling, foreign-born actor with gay friends = Not.

Let's have proof that the guy is gay. If you have none and just go with the usual "delusional fangirl" response, then you're admitting you have no proof and have simply believed a fairytale that has been told for several years on DL.

by Lurkerreply 4210/09/2013

Several gay things about bisexual Henry: 1. His favorite singer is Lady Gaga. He is practically addicted to her, "wakes up listening to her." 2. He felt like a big muscular gay man when he first donned the Supes suit. 3. He smiles a lot more often in pics with male fans than in those with female fans. 4. He wears a neck scarf in torrid desert similar to that of his gay BFF Corey. 5. Lots of hot gay friends in pics. 6. Gina is very manly.

by Lurkerreply 4310/09/2013

Proofs for R43



3. Check out the pics on fan sites and see for yourselves.

4. It’s so cold in the desert at mid-day Henry needs a neck scarf (eyes roll):

It looks very stylish on him, I must say. Just as it looks on his gay buddy Corey (different colors):

5. Lots of too hot to be all straight friends. The twink in the middle of the sandwich is totally gay:

by Lurkerreply 4410/09/2013

Having said all these at R44, I must say Henry likes girls also. The thing with Cuoco was most likely a showmance set up to promote MOS to Cuoco’s geeky fans, as somebody proved on another thread, but the relationships with Ellen W. and Gina C. were real. Both Ellen and Gina love alcohol, which is very important to Henry. As an alcohol abuser himself (abuse is not addiction) to the point where he has aged quite a bit (looks older than 30) from so much of it and of tobacco (physical damage from a substance use = abuse by definition – look it up), he wants his GFs to be his drinking buddies. He said so in interviews. His 2 exes love alcohol so much that the former was arrested for drunk driving (while still engaged) and the latter was photographed making out in a lesbian fashion with another girl. So yeah, there is plenty evidence that the two relationships with Ellen and Gina were real as Henry and each one of them had a powerful common bond: alcohol. There are convincing photos, too, one with him, Ellen and Henry’s brother, where Henry looks very happy, one with Henry caressing Gina’s thigh unaware of the photographer behind them, another one with friends and Gina, Henry again unaware they’re being photographed:

Here are some other pics of bisexual Henry with a very pretty brunette ex-GF:

by Lurkerreply 4510/09/2013

Funny you mention the alcohol thing because I recall watching Carano on Conan a while back and she was talking about how she loved watching Conan with her ex-b/f (pre-Cavill) while drinking 40s.

I'd go with bi more than gay. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was bi. I just always remember reading the Keram stories and thought it was definitely great fanfiction, but a little too ridiculous to be believed.

Two things about the pics you've posted: I'm not sure if it was here that I read it or somewhere else, but the one with him and two other guys? The one in the middle is gay, but the one on the left is straight and married.

I can't go with you on the scarf in the desert being "proof" because...

by Lurkerreply 4610/09/2013

Celebitchy keeps comparing Henry with Jake. She must believe their fling was real. This is the best hint she gives:

Then this:

Lainey brought up Jake and Henry together in the same posting on her blog. She must believe their fling was real, too :

She rejected the thought of Jake G. playing Batman not on professional grounds, as Jake is a good actor, but sentimental ones: she is smitten with Henry and wants him to stay straight and not go back to his gay days.

by Lurkerreply 4710/09/2013

Henry looks so gay in that pic r17.

by Lurkerreply 4810/09/2013

R41, Lainey agrees with you:

by Lurkerreply 4910/09/2013

His sexuality aside, does Lainey even have any credibility? The woman has an unhealthy obsession with Cavill. She comes off as an angry, rejected nut when it comes to him.

The other links you posted I'd never seen before, but they were pretty interesting, I'll give you that.

by Lurkerreply 5010/09/2013

Daily Mail raises doubts over the "love" between the 2 by putting a question mark in the caption under their first photo: "The look of love? Henry and Gina get cosy as they drink red wine."

by Lurkerreply 5110/09/2013

R50, if Daily Mail itself raises doubts over the authenticity of their relationship with that question mark, then Lainey's doubts are credible, too.

I'd say the 2 had a real relationship before Cuoco, but whatever we see now is staged to quash gay rumors on other forums. Daily Mail starts out by mentioning disappointed male fans, i.e. gay fans. Just Jared had a bunch of gay fans gang up on Henry in their last article comments section.

by Lurkerreply 5210/09/2013

[quote] Just Jared had a bunch of gay fans gang up on Henry in their last article comments section.

Could you link it please?

by Lurkerreply 5310/09/2013

Here it is:

by Lurkerreply 5410/09/2013

I read this interview by Henry:

Sounds like Henry was the cause for the 6 month delayed start of MOS shooting as Keram claims (the photos with Henry and Jake G at Grouch Club which cost Warner Bros good $ and made them hesitate for a while whether to recast Superman's role till they decided to keep Henry). They had to be “gentle” with him when they told him the reason. Why, he’s a grown up man?! He also felt the need to deny the delay was his fault. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

by Lurkerreply 5510/09/2013

r43, r44, r45, r47, r49, r51, r52, r54

Trolldar indicates you're all the same person. And clearly new to DL.

Post the links to photos and other stories in the URL box below the message box, not in the text.

by Lurkerreply 5610/09/2013

Guarantee they get engaged -- for real.

They're in love.

by Lurkerreply 5710/09/2013

[quote]She comes off as an angry, rejected nut when it comes to him.

heh heh... it takes a lot of cheek to make that observation on this site.

by Lurkerreply 5810/09/2013

Ok, R56, will do so. Thanks for the advice!

by Lurkerreply 5910/09/2013

[quote] the photos with Henry and Jake G at Grouch Club which cost Warner Bros good $ and made them hesitate for a while whether to recast Superman's role till they decided to keep Henry

I told you mother fuckers I almost got that role!

by Lurkerreply 6010/09/2013

I made a typo in R55: the correct name is "Groucho Club." From London.

by Lurkerreply 6110/09/2013

This thread and the pix of Henry are sooo heterosexy, they're getting me pregnant!


by Lurkerreply 6210/09/2013

R18 - I realized that as soon as I hit the reply button LOL. Anyway, whatever the situation, they look like they are having fun. Much better than that constipated or forced look R42 mentioned when he is with other females.

by Lurkerreply 6310/09/2013

Why are people acting like this is weird? If he's straight, it's very common for people who break up to have some time apart then get back together.

Here he is on set post-Carano meeting. He looks far more relaxed. If you see pics of him prior to that dinner (and fucking), he looked more stiff.

by Lurkerreply 6410/09/2013

Who are these dummies who say she looks like a man? She has a beautiful face, gorgeous smile and incredible body

by Lurkerreply 6510/09/2013

Carano's manager is working overtime in this thread

by Lurkerreply 6610/09/2013

Why would I have to be her manager to think she's gorgeous?

by Lurkerreply 6710/09/2013

Do you agree that she looks more masculine than he?

by Lurkerreply 6810/09/2013

"It's not all over the internet, you idiot."

That series of photos was on Henry's board several months ago and analyzed to death.

by Lurkerreply 6910/09/2013

[quote]Do you agree that she looks more masculine than he?

Not at all.

I know less than shit about her fighting or MMA, but I do know now that the main reason she has a huge following is because she's far more attractive than most female fighters.

I'm looking at her from an objective standpoint. I didn't even know they dated before. She has a pretty face and incredible body from the pictures I've seen and I just saw video of her. She's very soft-spoken and fem.

It's obvious people are going to say shit about anyone that guy is dating unless it's someone like Amber Heard because people think she would be his physical equivalent. If he's hetero or bi, he knows what he's attracted to and she's it. The guy (if hetero) appears to have a type when it comes to women. He doesn't like models, I guess.

by Lurkerreply 7010/09/2013

I don't know whether he's straight, gay or bi, but to me the photos just look like two friends getting together for dinner and drinks after not seeing each other for a while. Together, they looked relaxed for once in contrast to their promotional red carpet type pairings when they both looked miserable, stiff and forced. In these photos, it's almost as if they're reminiscing about the last time they saw each other: "Remember that time at premiere? We were just miserable and the flashes so bright. I almost went blind!" I see nothing romantic or sexual between them in those photos although I'm not speculating as to either of their sexual orientations. I'm also notoriously bad a "reading" people and their non-verbal communications, so I could be totally off base.

by Lurkerreply 7110/09/2013

Here's the video I watched (first one I've ever seen of her). Conan is clearly smitten.

by Lurkerreply 7210/09/2013

I think he's gay and have since his first appearance in "The Tudors". I have no opinion on her, I'm sort of vague about who she is anyway.

He seems to have a genuine friendship/connection with this girl and she with him. If it is a bearding relationship, that must make it easier to spend time together and they should stick with it. The thing he tried with that Kaley Coco girl was a PR disaster.

by Lurkerreply 7310/09/2013

I agree, R71. I see two old friends catching up with each other, nothing romantic between them. The paps shots are soooo perfect, just like those from the showmance with Cuoco, they are likely staged. Too many gay rumors on other forums.

by Lurkerreply 7410/09/2013

If those pictures were with another guy, you'd claim it was more than just friendship.

by Lurkerreply 7510/09/2013

Both Lainey and Celebitchy compare Henry with Tom Cruise for reasons easy to read between the lines:

by Lurkerreply 7610/09/2013

I tire of seeing goo in this thread.

by Lurkerreply 7710/09/2013

You must learn how to post links correctly or the beating will commence.

Click on "reply".

Underneath the reply box, you will see three smaller boxes. One of them is marked "Url:".

Copy the link into that box and it will become a clickable link in your post.

Seriously - stop this non-link posting fuckery. It's annoying.

by Lurkerreply 7810/09/2013

It looks like they're more than friends and Gina is gorgeous. I love them together.

by Lurkerreply 7910/09/2013

Corey Spears wrote a poem in 2004 dedicated to a lover with "so much beauty". Commenting on it on the same blog page, a friend of Corey's, Ann Marie, starts by talking first about Henry's beauty. Clearly, the poem and Henry are related in her mind. Here it is:

by Lurkerreply 8010/09/2013

It is, however, possible, but less likely, that the poem may be dedicated to Corey's very hot BF at that time, not Henry. Here are pics of his and Henry's from that period.

by Lurkerreply 8110/09/2013

"He looks far more relaxed."

You would be too, if you'd been pegged the night before.

by Lurkerreply 8210/09/2013

Staged pics.

by Lurkerreply 8310/09/2013

I am beginning to think he is a gay leaning bisexual.

by Lurkerreply 8410/09/2013

[quote]If all else fails... re-beard

W&W for R2.

by Lurkerreply 8510/09/2013

R79 writes like a teenage girl.

by Lurkerreply 8610/10/2013

[quote]It looks like they're more than friends and Gina is gorgeous. I love them together.


by Lurkerreply 8710/10/2013

I just gotta say that when I was his age I had a couple of very close female friends ...if anybody took our pic when we went to dinner or a club they would have looked just like these! Toasting, laughing, actually looking at each other intently with interest during conversations....many outsiders could think we were canoodling but in fact we were probably talking about our respective boyfriends du jour! Just sayin...

by Lurkerreply 8810/10/2013

[quote]Other than persistent rumors and the notable absence of a female presence in their lives, what kind of "confirmation" did the public have before Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Zach Quinto or Anderson Cooper came out?

Henry Cavill needs to be caught walking with Luke Macfarlane.

Then we'll know.

by Lurkerreply 8910/10/2013

I's pronounced "Jy-na".

by Lurkerreply 9010/10/2013

Lainey appears to be the equivalent of a hormonal teen girl who's angry because the guy she likes doesn't even know she exists, so she talks shit about him and negatively speculates about everything he does.

He doesn't want her and that's the only reason she writes these snide little bits about him. She has no insight on him whatsoever. Why would anyone take her seriously?

by Lurkerreply 9110/10/2013

R91, Celebitchy writes similar things like Lainey re Henry and Jake G., Henry and Tom Cruise. So others see similar problems in Henry's behavior. Therefore I trust Lainey.

by Lurkerreply 9210/10/2013

Trust her all you want, but I doubt she knows anything beyond speculation, like the rest of us. She doesn't know anything. She probably uses Jake G. because she read it here. They all picked up on the same Keram story that was posted here a long time ago.

I don't normally read her site, but going by the things she's written about Cavill, it's pretty clear that it's unrequited lust.

by Lurkerreply 9310/10/2013

I agree, R93: there's a lot of unrequited lust and, I dare add, love behind Lainey's postings. She has feelings for him, feared for his safety after the MOS release, etc. So it's understandable she hates his gay inclinations and everything that comes with them, like these PR moves.

by Lurkerreply 9410/10/2013

R9 He's had girlfriends. I can't recall Anderson or NPH being engaged to a female. Henry, however, was. And this day and age there are people who couldn't care less about a steady relationship and more about just having fun. Saying someone's gay because they don't have a girlfriend is kinda silly.

by Lurkerreply 9510/10/2013

R42, Corey is Henry's best friend and possibly ex-lover judging by his poem before mentioned. These trump his gay activism. As such he would easily lie to cover up Henry's gay affairs.

by Lurkerreply 9610/10/2013

Damn, that poem @R80 is a bit... much.

But they're still friends, so if that was about Cavill, they've moved on from it. It has after all been almost 10 years now since it was written.

by Lurkerreply 9710/10/2013



by Lurkerreply 9810/10/2013

I agree, R97. He's moved on and has been mostly straight since. He's bi.

by Lurkerreply 9910/10/2013

Guarantee that he and Gina are back together, and for good.

Prepare for the fangurl suicides, esp., when he knocks her up.

by Lurkerreply 10010/10/2013

No way. He's gay

by Lurkerreply 10110/10/2013

If these photos were staged, then why no PDA to make him look more "heterosexual"? You don't know shit. They were together before most even knew who they were and they've only been seen a few times publicly even when they were together.

There's no point in this being some PR relationship when she barely got any work being with him.

by Lurkerreply 10210/10/2013

Gina has something to say to y'all:

by Lurkerreply 10310/10/2013

Re: the poem @ R80, the lover "keeps crashing into my [Corey's] shores." He could be a foreigner from overseas, say... UK, crashing on the shore, the West Coast, at Corey's whenever he comes back for work in Hollywood...

by Lurkerreply 10410/10/2013

Henry and Corey holding hands:

by Lurkerreply 10510/10/2013


by Lurkerreply 10610/10/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Lurkerreply 10710/10/2013

R106, I haven't seen Henry holding hands with a girl other than during the MOS revenue boosting PR showmance with Cuoco. I have seen him holding hands with a man, Corey. Till I see him holding hands and/or kissing a girl, I'll have my doubts about his sexual orientation.

by Lurkerreply 10810/10/2013

Have you seen pics of him kissing a guy?

by Lurkerreply 10910/10/2013


by Lurkerreply 11010/10/2013

Not yet :) I have seen pics of him holding hands with a man, though. Not with a girl.

by Lurkerreply 11110/10/2013

Have you seen pics of him kissing a girl?

by Lurkerreply 11210/10/2013

I'm not the one who said I needed confirmation by merely seeing a picture of him kissing someone, R112.

R108 stated that having never seen him kissing a woman is confirmation he's gay, so I asked if he'd ever seen him kissing a guy.

by Lurkerreply 11310/10/2013

Ppl in the entertainment industry know about Henry's gay past. Stephen Colbert compared Henry's reaction when he turned around and saw himself dressed up as Superman for the first time to .... Mary Poppins. Here's another allusion to his gay past: the show host prancing around Henry, asking him to join in.

by Lurkerreply 11410/10/2013

Are you fucking high, R114? I'm thinking you're not American if you have no clue about Howie Mandel being an unfunny attention whore.

Don't know if he's gay or not, but using a clip of Howie Mandel as proof has to be the dumbest thing yet. You do understand Mandel's entire schtick is making a jackass out of himself, right? I doubt he knows anything about Cavill.

Howie also kissed Howard Stern on the lips on America's Got Talent, so I guess that's because he knows Howard Stern is gay, too, right?

by Lurkerreply 11510/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 11610/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 11710/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 11810/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 11910/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 12010/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 12110/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 12210/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 12310/10/2013

Keep going! It'll soon be 600

by Lurkerreply 12410/10/2013

That Corey person is fug. How is he landing these hot guys? Amazing cock sucking skills?

by Lurkerreply 12510/10/2013

Yes, I'm hoping it's just posts of head tilting the rest of the way.

by Lurkerreply 12610/10/2013

How many threads does this fucker need? Why the hell is this little twirp more popular than me???

by Lurkerreply 12710/10/2013

Joe, we would have started one, but DL's schedule...

by Lurkerreply 12810/10/2013

Because he doesn't have that pesky True Blood schedule getting in his way, Joe.

by Lurkerreply 12910/10/2013

It does look staged and weird. Gina does ping some. Other than that, I don't know them. But I would guess it is probably a PR thing.

by Lurkerreply 13010/10/2013

I was turned off by her when a few years back I watched her pummel a woman in the face after the woman had no chance to come back.

It was awful. It's bad enough to see an MMA guy pound an elbow into another man's face but with women there is something that speaks to the downfall of civilization.

I have a lesbian friend who is into Martial Arts and is pretty buff and shapely and was offered a sponsorship by an MMA guy.

She turned him down. She said she just couldn't throw her elbow to a woman's face on the ground. Too nasty, and unsportsmanlike.

It must take a special breed of woman to be able to do this.

by Lurkerreply 13110/10/2013

Good lord, I have Henry on my Mac desktop wallpaper, screensaver, iPhone case and iPhone wallpaper and even *I* think this thread has become freakishly obsessive. Head-tilting? Srsly?

PS DL's Joe M impersonators always make me smile.

by Lurkerreply 13210/10/2013

PR??? They already dated before and she still isn't getting much work. PR to what end?

When people say "PR," I'd like to know what they mean since he's already set with his career and they were dating when he already became Superman. Her career went no where and Wonder Woman is not being made anytime soon. By the time they do make it, she'll be too old for the part even if she could actually act.

by Lurkerreply 13310/10/2013

I could do it.

by Lurkerreply 13410/10/2013

R131: No one is forcing those women to get in that ring/cage. Carano has a huge following amongst straight men who think she's hot as hell. They love her.

It's only bitter queens and jealous fancunts who dislike her.

by Lurkerreply 13510/10/2013

She will never be accepted as an actress because of what I said in my earlier post--once people get a look at how she has fought women in the ring (and it's completely legal, by the way, she broke no rules) they will not accept her.

She will NEVER be an actress, or mainstream celebrity. MMA womens' is too horrifying to go mainstream.

by Lurkerreply 13610/10/2013

Corey's lover to whom he dedicated his poem @ R80 loves to lick his own lips ("Lick your lips, do your thing"). Let's see if we can figure him out from these photos:

by Lurkerreply 13710/10/2013

Cosy, dammit! COSY! COSY!

by Lurkerreply 13810/10/2013


by Lurkerreply 13910/10/2013

I did. You cannot post three links in one posting unless you do what I did above.

by Lurkerreply 14010/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 14110/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 14210/10/2013

Just put them in separate posts.

by Lurkerreply 14310/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 14410/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 14510/10/2013 'tilt' guy.

by Lurkerreply 14610/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 14710/10/2013

R135, even if something is legal in the ring doesn't mean it is acceptable.

If you read my post, I said that Carrano didn't stop beating a woman when the woman had no chance of coming back in the fight. Gina had the fight already won. She should have backed off.

You see fighters/boxers back off all the time when they know the opponent is done.

Carrano did not.

by Lurkerreply 14810/10/2013

I refuse to do what 'tilt' does. It's wasting web space and resources.

by Lurkerreply 14910/10/2013

LOL licking/biting his lips again @ R147 LOL

by Lurkerreply 15010/10/2013

If Cavill wants to beard with a modern athletic type then he should stick to lady wrastlers like Clooney.

They are sexy, harmless, and acceptable to the public.

by Lurkerreply 15110/10/2013

R148, I don't watch that stuff, but I imagine when the adrenaline is really pumping, sometimes, you can't stop yourself.

Is she known for being a dirty fighter? All I know is that she has a huge fanbase because she's attractive and a good fighter.

by Lurkerreply 15210/10/2013

Licking lips

by Lurkerreply 15310/10/2013

R152, No, she is not a dirty fighter and is considered the best of women's MMA. She's already a legend.

But that really speaks to the mentality of a sport that prefers bloodletting, broken noses, knocked-out teeth, and coma-inducing kicks.

MMA is too gruesome for my tastes, and I do not consider it a real sport. It is wildly popular though.

Carano didn't fight very long, mainly because she had no real opponents. She either outweighed them or outclassed them. She was too good.

I am not condemning her, I'm just saying that that kind of violence between women is a gross-out for most (civilized) people. Even guys that fight MMA dislike women in the sport.

by Lurkerreply 15410/10/2013

Head tilting and licking lips? Am I missing something?

Have these been added to the list along with dialing with a pencil?

by Lurkerreply 15510/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 15610/10/2013

Dunno about head tilting, but I do know that Corey's lover to whom he didecated the poem @ R80 loves to lick his own lips.

by Lurkerreply 15710/10/2013


Yes, you wrote that already.

by Lurkerreply 15810/10/2013

Sorry but the person that keeps going on about how uncivilised and how wrong it is that Carano fights sounds like a total sexist dinosaur.

by Lurkerreply 15910/10/2013

Cavill seems so mild that he might need a dominant partner, and it sounds like she fits the bill. She'll probably even peg him if that's what he likes.

by Lurkerreply 16010/10/2013

I think she's hot.

Lovely cheek bones/dimples/smile:

by Lurkerreply 16110/10/2013

Corey does not look attractive in this pic at all.

by Lurkerreply 16210/10/2013

The headline should finish thusly...

...then went to a private suite and plowed Luke Evans in the ass for half an hour".

by Lurkerreply 16310/10/2013

R135...says the stone butch cunt with a pipe up her cunt. Some fighters have ethics, dear.

by Lurkerreply 16410/10/2013

"Yes, I'm hoping it's just posts of head tilting the rest of the way."

Yes. Quite.

by Lurkerreply 16510/10/2013

Do people not get that the paps are following him around these days regardless of who he is with? There's interest in his private life.

There were pap pics of him with his brother, SIL and nephews for christ sake. There were also pics of him alone. He's being followed around these days. Why suddenly is THIS one a set up?

Beard or not, gay or not, these two have genuine affection for one another. If you can't see that, it's because you don't want to out of jealousy or anger.

by Lurkerreply 16610/10/2013

R162, it doesn't matter you don't find him attractive. All that matters is that the man with "so much beauty" from overseas who "keeps crashing on his shores" and "licks his lips" found Corey attractive as per the R80 poem.

by Lurkerreply 16710/10/2013

Corey's poem (which is awful but gets an E for effort) sounds like it's about unrequited love.

by Lurkerreply 16810/10/2013


[quote]I’m not a troll :( I didn’t want to say too much cos I don’t want to compromise the stuntman dude as he’s still working on the project. He just said his gaydar pings like mad when Henry’s around and from the conversations they’ve had. He also says he’s incredibly sweet and awkward. I don’t want the rumours to be true either, I’m first in line for some Cavill! Anyway, he’s still super hot whether he’s straight or gay I just hate that he feels he needs to play this ‘game’. Are we (the cinema-going public) so fickle that we won’t see his films if he came out?

by Lurkerreply 16910/11/2013

Posts that begin with "I'm not a troll" usually are from a troll.

by Lurkerreply 17010/11/2013

She was accused of being a troll, that's why she said that, R170.

She initially wrote: [quote]Yep, I know his stuntman for this project, for sure this is a fauxmance.

Then was immediately attacked for it. She came back to defend herself.

by Lurkerreply 17110/11/2013

The twink @R44, another gay in pink, and the "married" guy also @R44, sandwiching Henry. All with gay v-neck shirts.

by Lurkerreply 17210/12/2013

I don't care if he's gay, she's gay, they're fucking, they're not fucking... I just don't want her playing Wonder Woman!!!

by Lurkerreply 17310/12/2013

Would a friend of said stuntman really be so stupid as to reference him directly WHILE he's working on the project?

I'd find the tidbit more credible if she left it at "a friend is working on the movie and he...". Whereas, it sounds to me like she added the detail of "Henry's stuntman" to aid the perceived veracity (as opposed to the common "oh a friend/friend of a friend...").

by Lurkerreply 17410/12/2013

R174: You understand there are people out there who are honest to a fault, right?

She might be telling the truth, but too dumb to realize she's saying too much. Also, the "friend of friend" thing would make her less credible because no one believes a person who uses that as their opening.

by Lurkerreply 17510/12/2013

One thing's for sure with this guy from most of the candid photos I've seen is that he drinks like a motherfucker. It'll be tragic when it catches up to that beautiful face.

R172, this is who he went home with after that party:

by Lurkerreply 17610/12/2013


Indeed it would, and I suspect she's aware of that so she wrote "stuntman". In short, I don't believe her [which isn't to say he's not gay].

I know that there are very stupid people out there [cue poster calling me one] but I don't believe she's stupid enough to inadvertently "out" her supposed friend online - in a real life situation, yes, I could see her doing that, while talking to a friend.

by Lurkerreply 17710/12/2013

LOLOLOL desperate fangurl @ R176. Readers, beware!

There is daylight in the picture with Jessica the blonde real-estate agent. It is night time during the party with the hot gays.


by Lurkerreply 17810/12/2013

R178? That's not when they LEFT the party. It was the morning after, which is why he's wearing the same clothes. This is when they were saying good-bye after they were together. There are other pictures of them hugging and separating during this point. And he gets into the car.

by Lurkerreply 17910/12/2013

Desperate fangurl alert @ R179

As if he doesn't wear the same clothes over and over again. Here is is wearing the same exact clothes grocery shopping. He must have done his grocery shopping right after the party next morning also, right?!

by Lurkerreply 18010/12/2013


by Lurkerreply 18110/12/2013

Re: R180, here's another article that states he did grocery shopping on that occasion (those orange plastic bags around him).

by Lurkerreply 18210/12/2013

Again re: R180 and R182, grocery shopping proof.

by Lurkerreply 18310/12/2013

Idiot, that was when he was on his way TO the party.

Yes, I'm sure from the way he's looking at the chick, he knew the paps were watching.

The pictures he's taking with the gay guy(s) were AFTER he got Superman, so explain to me why he isn't "hiding"?

He doesn't care if people think he's gay or not. If he is, Mazel Tov, if he isn't, who cares? One thing is clear: No definitive proof one way or the other unless you see a cock in his mouth/ass or his cock in a chick.

by Lurkerreply 18410/12/2013

You're completely missing the point and being rude, R184. I have been replying all along to disprove the R176 poster who claims that girl is who he "who he went home with after that party".

You claim he went with the groceries TO the party?! The articles clearly say he went home with the groceries. Oy vey! Learn to read before you come here again and make a complete fool of yourself.

Again, just so that you get it: just because he's wearing the same clothes doesn't mean it was the same occasion. R176 claims he left the party in the morning with Jessica. I doubt any bar stays open THAT late (it certainly looks like a bar). Now you're going to tell me he hung out at the bar for nearly 10 hours till the next morning?!

by Lurkerreply 18510/12/2013

R184, you're so wrong to say he doesn't care what people think of his sexuality. Why so many PR moves, with Bodo's Schloss (papped at two nights in a row going home with two different women, just so the public gets it that he's a "ladies man") and now with Gina, who flew around the world for a platonic dinner with no kissing or holding hands?!

by Lurkerreply 18610/12/2013

Bisexual Cavill clearly prefers to hang out with his gay friends, that is assuming he has any straight friends whomsoever (does he?!). Here he is with re-closeted ex-out gay action man Luke Evans:

by Lurkerreply 18710/12/2013

Your post @R186 is the type I just shake my head at because you have no clue whatsoever if it really was a platonic meeting or pr or whatever. You don't know if they left that restaurant and went back to the hotel to fuck, arm-wrestle or talk about their "pr plan." You don't know anything beyond some pictures. You don't even know if she flew in specifically for dinner or if she was already in Europe. I don't understand people who think they know every detail of how it even came about like you have a source at the airport(s).

A few pics over the course of a dinner tells you nothing beyond your own interpretation of those pics. Some see rekindling romance, others see "pr," and others see friends.

Also, had they held hands and kissed, you'd be right back here to say it was a set up - don't lie. You'd have the same answer either way. If it is "real," maybe they're not into PDAs. If it is "real," perhaps then they're trying to work it out. You don't immediately kiss and touch if you're working on getting back together. Have you never tried to work things out with someone you broke up with? You don't immediately get all affectionate again. I'm not saying this is the situation in the case of these two, but I'm trying to give you a basic course in how the real world works.

by Lurkerreply 18810/12/2013

Spare me you basic course in the "real world", R188 fangurl/Cavill & Co PR.

If the 2 were really trying to rekindle their romance they would have hung out on several dates in Italy, not just a single date.

by Lurkerreply 18910/12/2013

R188, their toast could not be more staged: it's like they waited a couple seconds just to make sure the paps got a perfect pic. All the other pics were too perfect also to not be staged. For somebody who so cherishes his privacy as he's repeatedly stated in interviews, Cavill could have chosen to be seated inside, not outside. he knew full well he was going to be papped: he had just been papped inside a church a few days before - he shook his finger at the paps!

They also stood up during the dinner holding wine glasses. With everybody else seated at their tables around them. Why?! To talk better or to be seen and papped better?!

by Lurkerreply 19010/12/2013

Oh please, I had to look up WTF Bodo Schloss was because yes, I'm the fangurl. You're obsessed with the guy and you're also a jackass. You clearly do need a punch of reality when you write shit like knowing she flew in specifically for dinner. I'm telling you that whether he is gay or not, it doesn't change the fact that loons like you look at a few pics of him at dinner and come up with entire stories on exactly what happened and when it happened.

[quote]who flew around the world for a platonic dinner with no kissing or holding hands

Forget about what the story is with these two, what I want to know is how in the holy fuck do you even know her God damned itinerary?

When someone with your "wealth of knowledge" knows this much about him and the people in his life calls me a fangurl, it doesn't mean shit because you're nuts.

by Lurkerreply 19110/12/2013

Like I'm going to believe you had to look up Bodo's Schloss, fangurl! LOLOLOL

by Lurkerreply 19210/12/2013

Someone who uses "LOLOLOL" isn't quite in touch with reality, so I'm not surprised you don't believe me.

Doesn't change the fact that you're nuts for thinking you know every detail of the two to the point you know when she flew in and from where.

by Lurkerreply 19310/12/2013

R191 is highly entertaining. She's not giving up. I've got to hand it to her, she has tenacity.

Deluded, but tenacious.

Henry's smoke and mirrors team would be proud.

by Lurkerreply 19410/12/2013

R194, at this point, I'm not even addressing the guy's sexuality. I just find it odd how people think they know every detail of someone's evening, including the fact that they know a person flew in *specifically* for dinner.

If you don't see that as quite odd is your problem, not mine. If you actually read my post with an open mind, you'd see I wasn't specifically saying he was was gay or straight or if their dinner was real or not. I'm saying that people get adamant when it comesvto their interpretation and if you call them out on it, you get attacked for it.

I'm not the one who knows when this woman flew in or even why she flew in, so don't act like the person who does is sane.

by Lurkerreply 19510/12/2013

R195, I read (a few posts up) where someone mentioned [italic]possible[/italic] reasons for Gina's presence in Italy, one being that she [italic]may[/italic] have flown in specifically for the dinner. There were other possible reasons listed. I don't think that the poster to whom you're referring literally meant that this was the reason for Gina being there. Of course, it's all speculation, unless someone is in Henry's and Gina's inner circle.

People are playing detectives, trying to figure out the motives behind these two being together, and more specifically, whether there's anything remotely "romantic" about their relationship. Are there any pics of the two leaving the restaurant together? Or winding up at the same hotel room? It seems that the paparazzi (and the public) would have a field day with those types of photos.

Henry has said before that he dated an Italian woman--or at least a woman who had an Italian nickname for him (gattino?); see link--so apparently, he has an affinity for Italy. [Of course, only Henry knows whether this story is real, whether it was actually a woman, and whether it was a girlfriend or a girl friend.] Also, Gina's last name appears to be Italian, so there is some level of connection due to their mutual regard for Italy.

In my opinion, it's merely a friendship, and I do believe that the powers-that-be are building Gina up to play Wonder Woman. I think she'd do well in the role; she has excellent fighting skills, and she does have a certain level of sexiness underneath that aura of masculinity.

Also, it's telling that Luke Evans went back into the closet around the time that The Immortals was being filmed. I think the Hollywood machine is trying to scrub any hint of homosexuality in Henry's vicinity (except, of course, for Corey Spears and friends; there's too much evidence there, so Henry's PR team might as well spin as much of a positive light around it as possible).

In the end, I don't expect Henry to come out any time soon. There's too much money to be made from the Superman/Justice League franchise. Hollywood moguls [bold]will not[/bold] jeopardize that.

by Lurkerreply 19610/12/2013

R196, I have no problem with people guessing at the reason, but the poster I was addressing wrote this:

[quote]and now with Gina, who flew around the world for a platonic dinner with no kissing or holding hands?!

He wasn't guessing. This one KNOWS precisely why she flew in and that a few pics tell you exactly what they did every second they were together... and don't you dare say otherwise because then you're a fangurl.

For all I know, she flew in to meet his boyfriend who was waiting at the hotel. I don't know, but I'm not going to pretend to know, unlike some people.

by Lurkerreply 19710/12/2013

BTW, at least Cavill can get away with the "is he or isn't he?" because he hasn't said outright, has he?

WTF is Evans thinking and who in their right mind believes him?

by Lurkerreply 19810/12/2013

Who in their right mind believes Cavill's PR moves either? The majority of the (former) fangurls at Celebitchy and D-Listed have wised up judging by their comments. They're calling him gay. Soon the rest will follow. You can't go on with hack PR jobs like this staged dinner to keep people fooled forever. It's 2013, not 1963.

by Lurkerreply 19910/12/2013

As I said, he hasn't been as upfront about his sexuality as Evans, but *if* this Carano thing really is a pr job, then he's getting shitty advice.

You'd think he would've learned after the debacle with that Cuoco woman, esp., when she gets engaged to another guy only a few short months later.

by Lurkerreply 20010/12/2013

Henry, it's dishonest to sell yourself to the public as a hetero ladies man so as to milk the fangurls off of their moneys. They're paying for you in hope they have a chance with you, when clearly they don't. It's a form of theft. Better be honest and do something else instead, like joining the Army, as you have always wanted to do anyway.

by Lurkerreply 20110/12/2013

Even I don't care about Henry Cavill's sexuality as much as some of you people.

by Lurkerreply 20210/12/2013

Oh, but I do!

by Lurkerreply 20310/12/2013

Awwwwwwww! R202, you'd rather he stay in the closet and keep acting instead of leaving for the Army, just so as to enjoy his beauty on screen, wouldn't you?

by Lurkerreply 20410/12/2013

R202, it matters in the sense that you have young people killing themselves over their sexuality and if the actor playing an iconic figure like Superman is gay and can't come out due to a potential backlash, it does matter.

This isn't about you and it does matter because this isn't only about Cavill himself. It's a reflection on so-called liberal Hollywood.

by Lurkerreply 20510/12/2013

R103, Gina seems to enjoy doing that a lot when she's out with "friends"

by Lurkerreply 20610/12/2013

"Whatcha looking at, Pinky?!"

by Lurkerreply 20710/12/2013

Pinky wants a big handful of THIS (again?)!

by Lurkerreply 20810/12/2013

Oops. R208 redux:

by Lurkerreply 20910/12/2013


by Lurkerreply 21010/12/2013

No, Rose, Lebanese!

by Lurkerreply 21110/12/2013

Lesbians, I see. This seals it for me then. Henry is gay. Gina is a beard.

Go join the Army, Henry, be honest and stop stealing the fangurls' moneys!

by Lurkerreply 21210/12/2013

I don't believe she's a lesbian. How about we get past the idea that just because of her profession, she's automatically gay?

by Lurkerreply 21310/12/2013

R213, I'm not saying she's lesbian because of her profession, but because of her lesbian friends in these pics and body language. Have you looked at them?

There are also pics of Gina making out with a girl, the same one in pink as above I believe:

by Lurkerreply 21410/12/2013


by Lurkerreply 21510/12/2013

Sorry, here:

by Lurkerreply 21610/12/2013

Drunk girls make out with each other all of the time, and in front of guys. Where in the hell have you been? Do you go out at all?

by Lurkerreply 21710/12/2013

Regardless, I still believe Henry is gay and should stop stealing fangurls' moneys.

by Lurkerreply 21810/12/2013

[quote] it matters in the sense that you have young people killing themselves over their sexuality

I thought we solved that...

by Lurkerreply 21910/12/2013

[quote] I still believe Henry is gay and should stop stealing fangurls' moneys.

That statement reinforces the reasoning for the Hollywood closet.

by Lurkerreply 22010/12/2013

R45 makes a good point, though: Gina loves the alcohol, just as Henry does. So does his other ex Ellen. So there was/is a real bond between Henry and Gina (and Henry and Ellen), alcohol-based, whether pure friendship or that plus love, who knows... Suffices to say that I'm starting to doubt my own conclusions. He is at the very least gay, perhaps bi.

by Lurkerreply 22110/12/2013

Why, R220? It's dishonest to deceive the fangurls who fantasize about him and secretly hope for a chance with him. You can either come out and risk losing it all, or stay in the closet, but then stop deceiving ppl out of their moneys and change careers.

by Lurkerreply 22210/12/2013

I am *not* LEBANESE!

PS: Pinky and I are just friends. Friends, I say!

by Lurkerreply 22310/12/2013

Lesbian #1

by Lurkerreply 22410/12/2013

Lesbian #2

by Lurkerreply 22510/12/2013

lesbian #3

by Lurkerreply 22610/12/2013


Methinks your trolling.

by Lurkerreply 22710/12/2013

To the person posting all of the Gina pics as some kind of proof that she's a lesbian, I'm starting to think you've never even met a girl, esp. a party girl who loves to drink.

by Lurkerreply 22810/12/2013

Are there any pics of Gina kissing a guy (on the lips)? Anybody?

More than one and I'll paint my twat purple...

by Lurkerreply 22910/12/2013

As I said @R221, I think there is a (small) chance that she may not be lesbian and that she loves alcohol so much that she bonded with alcohol lover Henry. So I admit Henry may be bi after all.

by Lurkerreply 23010/12/2013

I'm a gay man, and I don't care about Cavill's sexuality, but I do find it funny at DL that the majority of posters will argue to the death that X is a gay man, and a similar majority will argue AGAINST Y being a lesbian.

by Lurkerreply 23110/12/2013

R229? Why would there be since she isn't followed around? Prior to Cavill, she dated at least two MMA fighters (males). No one gave a shit that she did.

by Lurkerreply 23210/12/2013

So is that a no, R232?

by Lurkerreply 23310/12/2013

He's at the very least gay, maybe bi. Keram's story re: Henry's fling with Toothy Tile seems to be confirmed by Henry himself according to R55.

by Lurkerreply 23410/12/2013

What was the origin of the name "Toothy Tile"?

by Lurkerreply 23510/12/2013

I don't know if there is or isn't since I didn't bother googling. All I know is she's dated fellow fighters. Oh, sorry, this is DL. She was "bearding" for MMA fighters who know one gives a shit about.

DL really has gone to shit if even a picture of two drunk girls kissing is proof that they're lesbians.

I mean you want to say Cavill is gay based on frequenting gay bars or having gay friends and Carano is gay because she's doing what tons of girls do when they're drunk and partying, I don't give a shit, but you look like an idiot for it.

by Lurkerreply 23610/12/2013

no* one

by Lurkerreply 23710/12/2013

btw, Pinky = Tonya Evinger

Looks like Henry and Gina have yet another thing in common: gay "friends"

by Lurkerreply 23810/12/2013

She does not appear drunk at all when she's mocking tit play with the hot blonde. They're in a public area. So there are strong enough reasons to suspect she's at least bisexual, if not gay. She has two things in common with Henry: both at least bi, if not gay, both alcohol lovers. Chances are they slept together and, thus, Henry is bi.

by Lurkerreply 23910/12/2013

Oops, three things in common (thanks to R238): both are bi/gay, both have very good gay friends, and both love alcohol. These 3 make for very strong bonds, so the certainty of them 2 having slept together goes up. Hence, he's most likely bi.

by Lurkerreply 24010/12/2013

She very well could be bi or gay, but not for the ridiculous reason you mentioned.

Honest to God, there's no way in hell you know any straight women. Young, straight women touch each other and it doesn't mean anything beyond goofing off, esp., when posing for pics. Have you been on Instagram or Tumblr?

It's not like with men. WTF is wrong with you?

by Lurkerreply 24110/12/2013

Luke Evans, Henry's recent friend and lover from Immortals (see pic above on this thread + reports they fooled around on the movie set), a re-closeted gay man, introduced Henry to Gina, whom Luke knew from working together on FF6. Why would Luke introduce his lover, Henry, so well endowed and so handsome no reasonable gay man would want to give up, to somebody of the opposite gender unless for bearding purposes? What started out as a bearding project, however, flourished into more, I suspect.

by Lurkerreply 24210/12/2013

R240, even better explanation: they are both in the running for (potentially) very lucrative movie roles, were put together in an awkward bearding relationship, became good friends (aka fag & hag--what's the equivalent of gay & lez bestest buds??), and because they both lurve to drink.

Oh and because they would never *ever* want to touch each other's tallywhacker and hoohaw.

by Lurkerreply 24310/12/2013

Re: my posting @242, R45 posted some convincing pics of Henry and Gina together. They must have slept together.

by Lurkerreply 24410/12/2013

[quote]Luke Evans, Henry's recent friend and lover

Oh for fuck sake. Are you for real?

I thought he was sleeping with Stephen Dorff during this time and Jake found the condom. I thought that was the original bullshit. No, wait, it was an orgy! Let's not forget Lutz and all of those gorgeous extras! One big ol' gay orgy.

You have lost your damned mind at this point.

Even if he's gay, enough with this bullshit you keep spreading without any actual, reliable sources. I don't think even Keram ever claimed Evans and Cavill were lovers.

by Lurkerreply 24510/12/2013

If so, it probably went something like this, R244.

by Lurkerreply 24610/12/2013

PR team alert @R245

Keram spoke of Henry's fling with Stephen Dorff, but didn't say anything about Luke Evans. Others did. Re-read DL to find those reports.

As to the friendship bet. Henry and Luke, the pic posted here is convincing. They seem to be very good friends judging from it and from the many interviews done by the 2 for Immortals (see Youtube). Such a strong friendship with a 100% gay man like Evans surely involves sex, even without those DL reports.

by Lurkerreply 24710/12/2013

[quote] no reasonable gay man would want to give up

Maybe Cavill insists on fisting and maybe that's not Evans' bag. If both are gay, that doesn't meant that they're sexually compatible.

by Lurkerreply 24810/12/2013

Why did Henry's lover and BFF Corey Spears nickname Henry "THE Hen" (not just Hen)? Sounds feminine/passive to me. Given his elephant like endowment according to Dan Renzi's blind item on his blog, a more apt name would have been "The Cock." Is it THE Hen because Henry is passive/bottom?

by Lurkerreply 24910/12/2013

That online degree in psychology is really paying off, R249.

by Lurkerreply 25010/12/2013

God damn, every time I pass by this thread I read the word "costly" instead of cozy. It's annoying.

by Lurkerreply 25110/12/2013

R198 It sounds stupid, but Luke Evans is hotter to me gay than re-closeted.

by Lurkerreply 25210/12/2013

R241 Whoa, Gina's twitter account is alive with two pictures. First one, UnderArmour endorsement.

by Lurkerreply 25310/12/2013

Gina posted an intriguing pic to Twitter. Don't know which country, but sure looks on location...maybe in Italy!

by Lurkerreply 25410/12/2013

"Such a strong friendship with a 100% gay man like Evans surely involves sex"

No it doesn't. I don't care about whether Henry is gay or straight, but that statement fails in its premise.

by Lurkerreply 25510/12/2013

R241 I think Gina and those girls play up the lesbian thing in public because straight men LOVE watching girl on girl action. That is the fan base for women's MMA. Seems girl on girl action has become a standard part of the act these days.

by Lurkerreply 25610/12/2013


Maybe bisexual Henry slept with Gina in his trailer. Or maybe she pretends they did as a good beard and friend.

by Lurkerreply 25710/12/2013

Yep, R254. Certainly the same trailers as in these pics:

by Lurkerreply 25810/12/2013

I guess she didn't only fly in for dinner since that picture wasn't taken at night...

by Lurkerreply 25910/12/2013

R255, Henry has slept before with a very good gay friend Corey, as suggested by Corey's love poem dedicated to Henry-see prior postings. There are carnal descriptions suggesting sex was had between them. So Henry could act the same way with another good gay friend like Luke E. But you don't need to agree with me as there are plenty DL reports that THE Hen slept with Luke.

by Lurkerreply 26010/12/2013

[quote]DL reports

Are you for real?

by Lurkerreply 26110/12/2013

I'm just curious about something. People keep saying she only flew in to have dinner with him and then she left.

How exactly do people know when she arrived and when she left? How do they know they're still not together?

by Lurkerreply 26210/12/2013

After so much staging for this dinner and other occasions, I won't believe it's for real unless I see Henry kissing or at least holding hands with a woman. I haven't seen him do this other than in movies or that showmance with Cuoco.

by Lurkerreply 26310/12/2013

[quote]I won't believe it's for real unless I see Henry kissing or at least holding hands with a woman.

Liar. You'd claim that was staged, too.

by Lurkerreply 26410/12/2013

I don't care anymore.

by Lurkerreply 26510/12/2013

Cuales vestidos son suyos?

by Lurkerreply 26610/12/2013

Anyone have an answer to how they knew when she arrived and when she left?

by Lurkerreply 26710/12/2013

[quote]Young, [bold]straight[/bold] women

Therein lies the flaw in your argument, R241.

by Lurkerreply 26810/12/2013

[quote]Anyone have an answer to how they knew when she arrived and when she left?

Ask Mr. Owl.

by Lurkerreply 26910/12/2013

Say what you want about her, but A LOT of guys love her to death and think she's sexier than any rail-thin model. She drives them crazy.

by Lurkerreply 27010/12/2013


by Lurkerreply 27110/12/2013

R271 Hot?

by Lurkerreply 27210/12/2013

[quote]and now with Gina, who flew around the world for a platonic dinner with no kissing or holding hands?!

You've written so much and yet you still haven't answered the question that has been asked several times: How do you know when she flew into Italy and how do you know when she left? How do you know it was only for dinner? How do you know she isn't in London with him right now?

She posted an instagram pic from inside a trailer. It's clearly Cavill's trailer and there's daylight. Can you even answer the question of how you know it was only for dinner?

Whether he's gay or not doesn't matter, I just want to know why you wrote the above when you don't even know anything about her travels aside from pictures of them at dinner. You know nothing beyond those pics.

by Lurkerreply 27310/13/2013

R273 = obsessed fangurl off her OCD meds.

Honestly honey, please assume that the poster works for a covert operations agency with strong ties to the airlines and international customs. Also, please assume that the poster planted bugs in Gīna's (yes, long "i") Louis Vuitton travel bags (or more probably, Adidas), has a 24-hour surveillance team on Henry, and most importantly, is trying his or her hardest to FUCK with your mind.

We see how important it is to you to establish some sort of romantic connection between Henry and Gīna, but at this point, you're the only one that's drinking your Kool-Aid.

Now be a good fangurl, take a Xanax and a glass of Chardonnay, whip out your vaginal stimulator, and relaxxx for a bit. You're creeping the rest of us the fuck out.

by Lurkerreply 27410/13/2013

So you have no answer?

None of what you wrote has anything to do with what I asked.

I asked a simple question which you still can't answer, so you turn into a coward who just resorts to insulting me. My question has nothing to do with anyone's sexuality. I only asked how anyone knows when Carano arrived and when she left considering the claim from some here is that she only flew in for dinner. All I asked was how anyone would know that... unless you have GPS attached to her ass.

That's it.

If the best you can do is call me a fangurl, I'm supposed to give a shit? Please. I know I'm not a fangurl because I've never seen any of his movies/television work except "The Count of Monte Cristo." Yeah, you won't believe me and I couldn't give a shit, but I know I'm telling the truth.

If someone is going to make an unverified claim and they're asked to verify that claim, try not to turn into a petulant little pussy who thinks he's being clever with his tedious insults. Just answer it.

What I know is this:

-He may or may not be gay/bi/straight.

-She may or may not be gay/bi/straight.

-He has a shitty PR team.

-When someone claims to know when/where a stranger shows up in another country and that someone is asked how they know this and that someone turns into a bitchy coward resorting to weak insults to dodge the only question posed, then that someone is admitting they don't know shit.

by Lurkerreply 27510/13/2013

[quote]Anyone have an answer to how they knew when she arrived and when she left?

Ancient Chinese secret.

by Lurkerreply 27610/13/2013

"Henry Cavill was a member of the NYC gay A-list scene right up until he started working on The Tudors. He was at a couple of my friends' gay parties and very much out and about. Smokin' hot, too."

by Lurkerreply 27710/13/2013

who is Keram? I mean I know he posted on here about jake and Henry, but who is he and who would he know something like that?

by Lurkerreply 27810/13/2013

[quote]Henry Cavill was a member of the NYC gay A-list scene right up until he started working on The Tudors.

NYC gay A-list scene??? He isn't even A-list now. Before the Tudors he was NO ONE. What kind of pathetic scene was this that some foreign guy with nothing going on was part of the A-list scene in NYC? The guy is probably gay, but you can't be serious with this load of rubbish.

by Lurkerreply 27910/13/2013

Anybody can write anything on here. I could say he dated my mother and has a fetish for post menopausal nags, but it doesn't make it true.

by Lurkerreply 28010/13/2013

"Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Henry Cavill and Jake Gylenhaal are all gay, but those behind the bearding industry are getting mighty worried that with the advent of the net and social media, theirs is an industry that will be going the way of the dinosaurs very soon."

by Lurkerreply 28110/13/2013

What about all the ugly, old, fat bearding celebs?

by Lurkerreply 28210/13/2013

[quote]What about all the ugly, old, fat bearding celebs?

Who're you calling ugly, bitch?

by Lurkerreply 28310/14/2013

Henry Cavill never even lived in New York.

by Lurkerreply 28410/14/2013

He lived and bartended across the river in New Jersey.

by Lurkerreply 28510/14/2013

No, he was a bartender in Jersey (Channel Islands, UK), not NEW Jersey.

by Lurkerreply 28610/14/2013

He lived in LA and could have flown to NYC.

by Lurkerreply 28710/14/2013


[quote]I had loads of gay friends, and have visited pretty much every gay club in London. I'm straight. 100% straight in fact, and have never even had an encounter with someone of the same gender.

[quote]There's also loads of pics of me having a laugh with my friends, both male and female. Sorry, but unless the Henry-is-gay lobby can come up with something better, I'll remain sceptical[sic].

[quote]He has referenced girlfriends, been engaged, and has been seen in public with women that he public ally claims to be having a relationship with. If he says he's straight, then there is no real reason to disbelieve him.

by Lurkerreply 28810/14/2013

Even if he was going from LA to NY, the claim in the original post is that he was in the NYC A-list gay scene before he was in "The Tudors." People barely knew who he was when he was in that show, let alone prior. Now unless he was a rent boy being passed around at these parties, I find it ridiculous that he would've been considered A-list in the gay scene, in NYC no less.

Either the person is lying or he's ashamed to admit they were really D-list gay gatherings.

by Lurkerreply 28910/14/2013

Someone explain to me the definition of the NYC gay ***A-list*** scene vs. B, C, D, etc., if Cavill was a part of it when he was genuinely an unknown.

by Lurkerreply 29010/14/2013

"Henry Cavill was openly gay in NYC when he first got cast on The Tudors. I met him at an A-list gay-only party in Chelsea. He was not famous at the time, and somebody at the party told me he was "just some actor." He was actually more handsome back then."

by Lurkerreply 29110/14/2013

A-list = best looking gays, not movie A-list stars.

by Lurkerreply 29210/14/2013

[quote] I had loads of gay friends, and have visited pretty much every gay club in London. I'm straight. 100% straight in fact, and have never even had an encounter with someone of the same gender.

....undoubtedly written by a female.

by Lurkerreply 29310/14/2013

I'm not on IMDB, but I sure as hell wish someone who was would post that bit @R291.

by Lurkerreply 29410/14/2013

A message to our visitors from IMDB:

If you post on a *public* forum, it is for public consumption.

You didn't write it into your personal diary that you hide under your mattress. You are on messageboards frequented by hundreds and/or thousands of people. Everything on the internet has the potential to be copied/pasted, and up for discussion. If you're going to express an opinion, you should also expect people to question that opinion.

Did I really need to tell you this?

by Lurkerreply 29510/14/2013

Yes, you're right. I've deleted the posts now. I am male though, one of the 'straight males' that you all seem to think are mythical beasts. I just happen to be a hairdresser, and work with a bunch of gay men, who like to drag me out clubbing from time to time. Still, it's not a problem, I'd hate to start an argument, so I'll just quietly go...

by Lurkerreply 29610/14/2013

286, Jersey is NOT a part of the UK.

by Lurkerreply 29710/14/2013

Indigohair, I don't consider it an argument, that's why I used "discussion." I don't mind debating a person's sexuality without it turning into an exchange of childish name-calling.

You expressed an opinion, that's fine, but people are allowed to agree/disagree with it. You shouldn't take it as an attack on you because it wasn't.

Yes, some will immediately attack you for it, but you're allowed to express your view like everyone else and you shouldn't run from it.

by Lurkerreply 29810/14/2013

I recall watching something about Jersey a couple of years back. I can't recall the details, but I do remember it wasn't good in terms of what the PTB were up to - lots of shady dealings that didn't want uncovered. It's one of those tax havens with lots of people working in "finance."

I bet corporations have them on speed dial in case things get too hot in places like the Caymans.

by Lurkerreply 29910/14/2013

"northernlad replied Jul 4, 2013Ha! Too funny! I can say this from personal experience as a gay is a rare thing if a straight guy becomes such close buddies with a gay man. If anyone believes otherwise, then they delude themselves. I have seen pictures of Henry hanging out with these gay men at gay clubs in West Hollywood (DO NOTE THIS WAS YEARS AGO). Still the straight guy friends I have had and they are few, have never had the comfort of wanting to hang out with me in a gay bar/restaurant. And I'll also add here, just from personal experience, some of the straight guys that I have become close with have ended up being not so straight. And this leads to my intrigue about Henry Cavill."

by Lurkerreply 30010/14/2013

If he is straight, he's one of the gay- friendliest straight guys on earth.

I think he's available to anyone willing to pick up his tab for his drinks because his habit ain't cheap.

He needed Superman to keep the tap flowing.

by Lurkerreply 30110/14/2013

You all have your panties in a bunch over a fucking drunk. Pathetic.

by Lurkerreply 30210/14/2013

Like you wouldn't take advantage of this hot, drunk mess if your schedule opened up, Joe?

by Lurkerreply 30310/14/2013

He likes his men fem and his chicks "athletic." Hmmm....

by Lurkerreply 30410/14/2013

"Corey denied and denied that Henry was gay, but even his friends didn't believe him then and they certainly don't now."

by Lurkerreply 30510/14/2013

From R305's link:

[quote]At one point someone posted a bunch of pics online of him hanging out with the very, very gay Corey Spears. If you don't know who he is, I don't blame you, but he starred in the first film Dustin Lance Black wrote, "The Journey of Jared Price," a truly awful quasi-autobiography about him moving to L.A. as a doe-eyed teenager and quickly getting taken advantage of by older producer types. Anyway, Spears is openly gay and has dated two guys I sort of know, although neither knows anything for certain about Cavill.

[quote]Yes Corey. Corey denied and denied that Henry was gay, but even his friends didn't believe him then and they certainly don't now.

by Lurkerreply 30610/14/2013

he's into her. his face is so soft. he's not a good enough actor to fake it.

by Lurkerreply 30710/14/2013

Bi Henry lived in with Gina till May/June in Manhattan Beach per the May issue of "Details." They have been seen together since last fall at the pub, at the London auto show, her parents' casino in Reno for New Year's, LA, Superbowl, BAFTAs, Puerto Rico, etc. Yes, it was a real relationship. Dunno anything certain about them currently. Time will tell.

by Lurkerreply 30810/14/2013

I don't know if it's real or not, but how is this pr for either of them since I looked at her filmography and she has virtually no projects and no appearances and there's nothing about Wonder Woman?

And with him, he's got MoS2 and JL, so he's officially got a career now. Also consider that having him single makes his core fanbase happy because they can imagine having a chance with him. If he's seen as attached --to an ex-g.f, no less-- it dashes their hopes.

I don't see how this benefits either of them. Someone want to explain it to me since I'm not seeing the pr angle here?

by Lurkerreply 30910/14/2013

[quote]Someone want to explain it to me


by Lurkerreply 31010/14/2013

Then STFU and let someone else explain it to me, you miserable cunt.

by Lurkerreply 31110/14/2013

Why don't you go stand in a corner and explain it to yourself, you retarded twat.

by Lurkerreply 31210/14/2013

[quote]retarded twat.

But enough about your arrival into this world.

by Lurkerreply 31310/14/2013

Couldn't find the corner?

by Lurkerreply 31410/14/2013

Does the point formed atop your head count?

by Lurkerreply 31510/14/2013

I take it your answer is no, right twat? Maybe your fupa has the answer buried in one of the furrows. Please check there, then report back on your findings.

by Lurkerreply 31610/14/2013

Coming from a moron who doesn't know how to use a comma, you can spend the rest of the night talking to yourself.

by Lurkerreply 31710/14/2013

[quote]who doesn't know how to use a comma

You're not only retarded, you're insufficiently educated. Figures. Nothing in the furrows either?

by Lurkerreply 31810/14/2013

R318: There should be a comma after the word "right."

by Lurkerreply 31910/14/2013

Boy George is up and thinking about Cavill:

by Lurkerreply 32010/14/2013

R303 Christ, he has aged sooooooooooo much in the few years since The Tudors. And he's only 30 now.

by Lurkerreply 32110/14/2013

R308, Henry nevef lived with Gina, though it was said out of the very private, Henry. This big fat lie was exposed, when Gina was seen cozying up to a guy. The next week of that artical being published, Henry was grocery shopping with his next beard.

by Lurkerreply 32210/14/2013

R307, Boy George will have to fight his buddy Luke, because Luke got that.

by Lurkerreply 32310/14/2013

R273, you really think Gina was visiting Henrys trailer? Possibly. However, Luke posted similar pics, a day before and after Gina's picture, meaning the two friends had the same shoot of a pair of shoes at the trailer door. What do you say to that?

by Lurkerreply 32410/14/2013

I meant to say Gina and her friend Luke posted the same pic. Luke posted the shoes first and then Gina. I tell you he is the common denominator to all of this. He takes his girlfriend on a vacation, while he films, and Henry is dragged out to Puerto Rico, while Gina films. I don't know who did it first, but it both events were close to each other.

by Lurkerreply 32510/14/2013

Troll-dar says you're one and the same poster R322 through R325.

I say you're full of stool.

No such pics on Henry's former lover's Twitter account. And Gina hosted Henry for several months. For a handsome pay in d..k.

by Lurkerreply 32610/15/2013

Re: Gina being with another guy, R322, link or it didn't happen. And don't give us my link below: Gina's face is not visible in it. Different link, please.

by Lurkerreply 32710/15/2013

Everyone thinks that's photoshopped and that guy had no relationship with her, R327. People called that fool out.

Can we get a direct link to Luke's similar pic to Gina's R324?

by Lurkerreply 32810/15/2013

Why has this thread been overrun by posters who are so invested in proving Cavill is a heterosexual? I don't care for this new development in the Cavill threads. Can't we get back to arguing about his (ugly) teeth?

by Lurkerreply 32910/15/2013

I think it's more about getting confirmation one way or the other.

by Lurkerreply 33010/15/2013

His teeth aren't ugly, they're just really, really British.

He looks all American until he smiles.

by Lurkerreply 33110/15/2013

R329, I'm not trying to prove he's hetero, but bi.

by Lurkerreply 33210/15/2013

I believe Corey Spears slept with Henry based on Corey's poem dedicated to Henry and their pic holding hands, given no such pic with any GF other than that pathetic MOS revenue boosting showmance with Cuoco.

I also believe that just as he slept with his very good/best friend Corey, so did he with Luke Evans, another good gay friend. See the pic of them together from Just Jared and interviews on Youtube for Immortals.

Finally, he also slept with Gina for reasons above mentioned.

The guy is bi.

by Lurkerreply 33310/15/2013

Forgot to mention that I also believe he slept with Jake G. Keram's story about the 6 month delay in MOS shooting due to CCTV pics of the 2 at Groucho Club was inadvertently confirmed by Henry himself. See prior posts.

by Lurkerreply 33410/15/2013

In conclusion, Henry is a gay leaning bi guy.

by Lurkerreply 33510/15/2013

I imagine R333's bedroom covered in pictures of all of these people and a dry erase board trying to figure out if x slept with y, did z know?

You don't know anything about any of these people.

by Lurkerreply 33610/15/2013

Fangurl/PR team alert @R336.

by Lurkerreply 33710/15/2013

Wrong, R336.

I don't think one has to be either to state you don't know any of these people and that you write like someone whose treating this as if it were a math problem.

by Lurkerreply 33810/15/2013

So let's not use logic anymore and just swallow what you and the rest of his PR team dishes.

by Lurkerreply 33910/15/2013

Feel the need to correct myself @R338: who's*.

I'm not on his pr team. If he's gay, he's gay. If he's bi, he's bi. If he's straight, he's straight.

I just found the layout of your post @R333 funny, regardless of the people involved on your dry eraseboard.

by Lurkerreply 34010/15/2013

Thank you for the "funny" compliment, R340.

I also feel the need to correct myself @R339: "dish" (plural, you & others).

by Lurkerreply 34110/15/2013

Only 30? wow, white people dont age well.

by Lurkerreply 34210/15/2013

It's the heavy drinking and smoking, nothing to do with race, R342. The heavy stress of hiding his sexual orientation must be calmed down, drowned in lots of alcohol.

by Lurkerreply 34310/15/2013

He sounds a little bitchy/gay from 2:20 on, especially from 2:47 on in the Youtube video below.

He also sounds gay when complaining to his mother about the "ridiculous" hat of the priest in the labyrinth in the opening of Immortals.

by Lurkerreply 34410/15/2013


by Lurkerreply 34510/15/2013

Still we blacks are blessed, i am 35 and get lots of comments and stares about my looks and age, a guy told me last night that i look like someone in their 20s, so how will Henry look like in 5 years time if he only 30?

by Lurkerreply 34610/15/2013

Who cares that he looks a little older? He's still hotter than most men who are either younger or older than him.

by Lurkerreply 34710/15/2013

When James Franco complained in June that Cavill doesn't like him, he was implying Cavill was/is gay. Everybody knows Franco is gay so by using the word "like" he was bringing up sexual connotations. Why would he even expect Cavill to like him if he didn't have knowledge of his sexual inclinations?!

Cavill must have ignored his advances during the shooting of "Tristan and Isolde" so this attempted outing was Franco's scorned lover revenge.

I have my theory why Cavill ignored Franco: he was after Sophia Myles, but too insecure about his own looks to do anything. He says he prefers blondes and seems to have a "type": Sophia Myles ("Isolde") who looks like his ex Ellen W., like another blonde fling Jessica with a pic posted above on the thread, and the showmance girl Cuoco.

by Lurkerreply 34810/15/2013

Black don't crack is a myth. Black do crack.

by Lurkerreply 34910/15/2013

At R348 I mean to say Cavill is bi.

by Lurkerreply 35010/15/2013

Sons prefer women similar to their mothers according to research. Henry's mother is blonde.

by Lurkerreply 35110/15/2013

He said he preferred blondes when he was engaged to that Ellen chick, so of course he's going to say that. Someone on ONTD years ago mentioned that he was dating some Arab chick at one point and them as a couple was his FB pic. He wasn't famous then and the person who used to follow his FB said the pics of them together were gone once he started dating the horse beater.

by Lurkerreply 35210/15/2013

You may be right: he's had at least 2 brunette GFs I know of, Gina and the very pretty one below. Possibly 3 with the Arab chick.

by Lurkerreply 35310/15/2013

Are you telling me that another Data Lounge gay has bitten the dust?

by Lurkerreply 35410/15/2013

His mother is a dyed/fake blonde AFAIK. So the sons-mothers theory could still apply in his case. He's into both blondes and brunettes. Just as he's into both men and women. With an elephant like endowment as proxy for his testosterone levels, he's likely a very sexually hungry guy and sleeps with whomever he can.

by Lurkerreply 35510/15/2013

R355 = Sir David Attenborough.

Now tell us how he hunts for his prey.

by Lurkerreply 35610/15/2013

He lures them with his irresistible looks then out drinks them. A drunk pray is sure dinner for him.

by Lurkerreply 35710/15/2013

Erratum @R357: "prey," not "pray."

by Lurkerreply 35810/15/2013

He should be bi. In fact, it would only be fair that someone as hot as this guy was shared by both sexes. Spread the wealth.

by Lurkerreply 35910/15/2013

He looks his age in this picture:

by Lurkerreply 36010/15/2013

The very pretty brunette ex @R353 looks like the French princess Marie of Denmark. Henry doesn't have totally bad taste in women after all.

by Lurkerreply 36110/15/2013

He doesn't do women at all.

by Lurkerreply 36210/15/2013

[quote]He doesn't do women at all.

You could be right, but what kind of pompous ass would be so adamant about knowing this... unless you know him or ARE him?

by Lurkerreply 36310/15/2013

R362, he does both men and women. Perhaps more men than women, sure, but he certainly does both. Plenty of pics with female exes to prove this.

by Lurkerreply 36410/15/2013

Here's a better pic than the one @ R176 of the pretty blonde Jessica, real estate agent, Henry hooked up with after his break up from Ellen W. (Daily Mail confounds Jessica with Ellen):

by Lurkerreply 36510/15/2013

To be even handed, here's a nice one with his ex-lover Luke Evans who makes Henry laugh very hard (always a good quality in any lover):

by Lurkerreply 36610/15/2013

Henry Cavill is gay gay gay, and no amount of delusional fabrications of "ex-girlfriends" will change that.

I hope this thread is around when Henry finally comes out of the closet. It'll be good for a laugh.

by Lurkerreply 36710/15/2013

I don't care, and have no opinion about, whether Henry is gay, straight or bi. However, this person who keeps posting links, and makes references, to the women with whom Henry has been spotted and his being bi reeks of sick desperation.

by Lurkerreply 36810/15/2013

Just another fangirl, r368. Garden variety.

by Lurkerreply 36910/15/2013

Gayface for daaaaaaaaaaaays

by Lurkerreply 37010/15/2013

Desperation?!I'm just being fair and posting pics both of his male @R366 and female lovers.

Here's another one with Gina and Henry's father which proves he had serious plans with her and introduced her to his parents. However, they did not approve of her, which made him look so sad in a lot of pics of the 2 together. Ppl misinterpreted his sadness as disinterest in her and bearding, but it was due to his family's disapproval of her.

by Lurkerreply 37110/15/2013

R371, you have mental problems, don't you? I've guessing schizophrenia. Or at least bipolar disorder. Certainly an eating disorder, too. Sad.

Carry on, then. There are donuts to eat and imaginary girlfriend stories to post.

by Lurkerreply 37210/15/2013

R370, that pic was taken the day after the dinner with Gina. He looks happy for the first time since arriving in Italy. I suspect Gina is the cause for this not so gay smile.

by Lurkerreply 37310/15/2013

R372, you are a selfish misogynistic gay man who wants to claim Henry exclusively for your team. You should be more altruistic and share Henry with the other gender. He likes both genders, you know?

by Lurkerreply 37410/15/2013

Henry rides the deek, and that's about it. On this thread, I've seen the photoshopped pic of Henry with his fiancee. News flash, there are no pictures of them. The set pic Gina showed of the trailer is also the same pic Luke posted. Just go to, his Facebook or, just scroll. I would link Iggy but I am on my phone.

by Lurkerreply 37510/15/2013

To be totally fair, I must say that the dinner was leaked to the paps by his PR (nobody papped his and his patents' dinner in Rome-the parents were photographed on the set in Rome). There can be many reasons for the PR leak - changing his lonely sad meme, quashing the persistent gay rumors in Just Jared comments, keeping him in the tabloids to make him happen for career advancement. Regardless, Gina made him happy as his next day pics prove. I suspect those shoes in a trailer pic on her Twitter account mean they slept together.

by Lurkerreply 37610/15/2013

You're full of stool, R375. There are no such pics on either LE's FB or whosay account. Link or it didn't happen!

Check for yourselves:

by Lurkerreply 37710/15/2013

R366, it looks like Tarsem, the director was the match maker. He must have taken notice how left out his non socializiing leading actor was, until Mr. Evans and his big eight inches darken his doorstep.

by Lurkerreply 37810/15/2013

LOL, R378! Indirectly, yes, gay director Tarsem was a matchmaker. Without his movie Luke and Henry wouldn't have had the chance to meet, bond, and hook up with each other.

by Lurkerreply 37910/15/2013

R377, a trailer on Luke's Facebook does exist. It has that same brown swirl. It was posted on July 16. Now, who is full of stool.

by Lurkerreply 38010/15/2013

You're still the one full of stool, R380, 378, and 375. It's s not the same set pic as Gina's. There's broken pavement in an urban setting in Gina's, outdoors/rural in Luke's below posted. Next.

by Lurkerreply 38110/15/2013

Link his FB pic. I didn't see it on his FB account so you're still FOS, R375, R380.

by Lurkerreply 38210/15/2013

I have no clue (and honestly little interest) in Cavill's sexuality but the mere fact this is in the Daily Mail means his PR agent/s desperately wants it seen by the world.

That is absolute fact.

You don't go to the Daily Fail except to be plugged. And not in a Bel Ami way.

by Lurkerreply 38310/16/2013

Anyone on DL ever meet Henry Cavill?

by Lurkerreply 38410/16/2013

As I said @R376 the dinner was leaked to paps by his PR. Still the 2 likely slept together.

by Lurkerreply 38510/16/2013

I believe he's bi bi bi. My gay friend thinks he's gay and loves gay sex.

by Lurkerreply 38610/16/2013

I know a drag queen that was acquainted with him (not THAT way).

by Lurkerreply 38710/16/2013

There's no doubt the guy has been looking to be famous for quite some time and the Cuoco thing was definitely created at a meeting, but I don't think merely showing up in the Daily Mail means something was planned, only because I've seen pics of celebrities who are known for wanting no part of that side of fame (yes, those kinds of celebs do exist).

This dinner very well could've been planned or they could be friends or more. We don't know for sure. Me thinking out loud doesn't mean I believe one scenario over another, I just think the public has gotten a little too crazy when it comes to suspecting any celeb photographed (in the age of jackal-like paps) was planned.

People say that suddenly he's out there with his private life. They forget no one was interested in or even knew he existed before now. Paps weren't looking for him prior to landing Superman. His profile has gone up and so has the interest in his life. Paps got him simply walking down the street with his family. You think that was planned, too?

by Lurkerreply 38810/16/2013

Lots of people have met him and no one has a bad thing to say about him. Unfortunately, not a single person can confirm the more interesting things about him...

by Lurkerreply 38910/16/2013

I know she doesn't look like this anymore, but she was definitely hot and is still gorgeous today. She could easily get mack into this shape:

by Lurkerreply 39010/16/2013


by Lurkerreply 39110/16/2013

What I really like about him is that he is not superficial and cares for the soul of a person as much if not more than for their looks. He gives not so pretty guys and gals a chance, e.g.Corey, Luke, Gina, Ellen.

by Lurkerreply 39210/16/2013


by Lurkerreply 39310/16/2013

These Cavill threads are a hoot! Got no dog in this fight, but it's funny to see just how invested some of you are in who this guy is doing. Although, it does reek a tad of Piqué . . .

Came across this clip. Excellent accent and pronunciation, but he's pinging a bit.

by Lurkerreply 39410/16/2013

So it seems that we may be seeing more of Miss. Gina.

by Lurkerreply 39510/21/2013

Let's agree:

If she does become WW, he is gay. No more arguments. It would be too much of a coincidence.

If someone else gets WW, Carano gets no steam/work and they continue seeing each other, he's bi/straight.

by Lurkerreply 39610/21/2013


by Lurkerreply 39710/21/2013

They're back together. She didn't only fly out to Rome for one day. She was there with him for several days. A fan ran into them days before that "pr" dinner. The fan took a picture with him and said Gina was there, too.

Get over it. The guy is bi at the very least. If you're trying to play heterosexual, you make a point of constantly being seen with women. He doesn't. That Cuckoo mess was more about getting his name out there, not about his sexuality.

by Lurkerreply 39810/30/2013

Here's the info source. The fan saw them together the Saturday before the dinner.

The first comment below the blog posting is also very interesting as it proves beyond a doubt Henry likes girls (also). He is bi.

by Lurkerreply 39910/30/2013

He definitely likes girls. But he also likes guys. Here's an nterview where the interviewer, after witnessing the amazing chemistry between Henry and Luke Evans (see the YouTube videos), costars in “Immortals,” gets suspicious about their relationship asks them at the end if they met before.

“TATM: Was making this film the first time you both had met?

HC: We initially met on a photo shoot, very briefly-

LE: In London.

HC: And it was just, ‘Hey how you doin,’ had a chat, got on, and knew some of the same people, but that was it really, and then we saw each other on Immortals and it was like, ***‘How the fuck are you doing!’ [Laugher]***

LE: ****It was great wasn’t it?**** I turned up several weeks before we started shooting, and went straight into training and jumped in with Henry and sixteen stuntmen and basically we just sort of trained together, ate together, drank together, went out together, you know, ****we did everything.****” (Tonight At The Movies, )

Luke is being honest: yes, they did do everything. Including sex.

Aren’t they cute together at the concert of the 100% lesbian Jessie J?

by Lurkerreply 40010/30/2013

He's gay.

by Lurkerreply 40110/30/2013

the way he's holding that wine glass is gay. no straight guy I know would hold a wine glass that way. plus she's very manly and hard looking, no straight woman I know is that masculine. they're both in the closet. read tracy morgan's book, he said everyone in Hollywood is gay-everyone.

by Lurkerreply 40210/30/2013

No, you want him to be gay. I want him to be gay. I've yet to see a single guy come forward to say they've had him. Odd when you consider his time in WeHo.

by Lurkerreply 40310/30/2013

[quote]no straight woman I know is that masculine.

Are you joining us from the 1950s?

Just because she's a fighter, doesn't make her gay. I guess unless she's a bag of bones, she must be gay and masculine.

He may be gay, but she's not. And she cleans up nicely:

by Lurkerreply 40410/30/2013

I think he is a gay leaning bi.

Overly emotionally expressive faces are a feminine attribute that, when present in a man, indicates gayness or so called gayface. Typical male faces tend to under express emotion. For more on gayface:

These 3 friends of Henry’s are gay, as they all have gayfaces (overly expressive with high predator-like eyebrows, etc.), dress gay (v-neck shirts, pink etc.). Henry’s face is the least gayface of all, because he’s the least gay, he's bi.

by Lurkerreply 40510/30/2013

The story linked @R399 about his Italian girlfriend from Monterotondo is 100% true!

Here’s the interview dubbed in Italian in which Henry admits he learned Italian when he lived in Monterotondo and answers back at the end in Italian (around minute 4:50):

He learned Italian “on the pillow” from his Italian girlfriend with whom he lived 3 months in Monterotondo around his shooting of the “Vendetta”/”Laguna” 13 years ago. That’s why he speaks it pretty well. She used to call him “gattino” (“kitten,” improperly translated by Henry as “pussycat” – proof he’s not THAT good at Italian). He mentioned this in a Glamour interview in 2010 linked below.

His knowledge of Italian is very good proof that he really likes girls, not just guys.

by Lurkerreply 40610/30/2013

Like I said before on this thread, Henry has a lot of testosterone as proven by his "elephant trunk," endowment described by Dan Renzi on his blog and illustrated below. As such he is a sexually very hungry guy who sleeps with whomever he can, guy or girl.

by Lurkerreply 40710/30/2013

how do you know that pillow talk wasn't with an Italian boyfriend? and I don't care if gina Carano is a nurse or florist, she is still masculine in my book. He's totally gay and in the closet.

by Lurkerreply 40810/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 40910/31/2013

Because he stated it was a girlfriend. It was when he was 17.

He and his gay friends have also stated he is straight. Of course, they could be lying, but let's not pretend there's a scenario where you still wouldn't think he was gay. If he says he's straight or says it's no ones business, you still believe he's gay.

Caught kissing or fucking or marrying a woman? Gay. Done for paps.

You've concluded he's gay simply by the way he holds his wine glass or pictures with gay friends or the fact that he has interest in a woman who isn't a stick figure.

Speaking of which... it's gay men and jealous women who shit on her. It's not gay men who want her, it's straight men. They love the fact that she's sexy, curvy (with big tits) and can kick ass. Her face is cute. Her popularity in MMA was due to the fact that she was specifically *not* masculine-looking. And if you've ever seen her interviewed, there's nothing "masculine" about her, quite the opposite.

BTW, you act like women can control their body-type. This woman could starve herself and she still won't look as "feminine" as Keira Knightly.

by Lurkerreply 41010/31/2013

One more thing for those who claim "pr."

Where, outside of very few messageboards do you even see these two mentioned? Their relationship will never create enough "buzz" to get either one additional work. If this was about getting them attention, it failed because outside of an old thread being bumped, you read nothing about these two. Not even a rag like the Daily Mail took it further than one story.

Wonder Woman isn't happening, so you can forget that bullshit angle. They were together for several days and the only reason it's known is because of some fan who saw them together. This isn't pr, get real.

I don't know if he's gay or if she's gay, but they're friends. Ridiculous to think this is about publicity considering they aren't getting any of it and they haven't sought any attention - even the first time around.

by Lurkerreply 41110/31/2013

He's gay

by Lurkerreply 41210/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lurkerreply 41310/31/2013

The Italian countryside is still very conservative. I highly doubt he could live with a boyfriend in the countryside for 3 months. With a girlfriend, sure.

by Lurkerreply 41410/31/2013

Also the female fan who shared her encounter with Henry is from Monterotondo. I highly doubt Henry would dare lie to her when she can (and has probably done so already) go back home, ask around and find out who his ex GF is. A village can never keep secrets. It's too small for that.

by Lurkerreply 41510/31/2013

You idiots don't know anything about publicity if you think this is how publicity works. If anything, this is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The point of publicity is to constantly be seen out n' about as a couple. Showing up on TMZ, Access Hollywood, E! and the rest of those crap shows/sites. Constantly going to VIP clubs or parties frequented by celebs and actually being photographed coming out of these VIP clubs or parties because you know there are paps waiting for you.

Show me the tons of pictures of these two as if it was to fool you all. One dinner that some morons thought she flew in for and then left, turns out to be bullshit. She was there for several days and you didn't know it. Is that how publicity works?

Most of the pictures you see of Cavill that aren't at premieres are with fans who run into him. He doesn't need publicity because he's set. She will never become some A-list actress. She's already in her 30s and can't act. She can do some action stuff, but not as the main draw. She has a devoted following which is based on her own appeal, not on her relationship with Cavill. It's ridiculous to think he's some power player that can get his girlfriend work just by dating her, esp. since they're not being followed around.

He's playing Superman, not the Godfather. Comicbook movies make money regardless of the actor. "Superman" is the star, not Henry Cavill.

by Lurkerreply 41610/31/2013

Correction: It's ridiculous to think he's some power player *who* can get his girlfriend work just by dating her, esp. since they're not being followed around.

by Lurkerreply 41710/31/2013

If it's one thing gays don't lack it's personality. This plank isn't interesting enough to be gay.

by Lurkerreply 41810/31/2013

He's hot, R418; that's enough.

by Lurkerreply 41910/31/2013

I had a very long, very erotic dream about Henry Cavill last night. It seemed so real. There was no sex, just kissing and touching, but it was extremely erotic. Funny thing was that in my dream his "persona" was that of a guy I knew several years ago. I liked him as a person very much but not sexually even though he was a very good looking guy. However, once he looked like Henry in my dream, he became quite the "dream" guy. People may be right that Cavill has a bland personality but when combined with a person with a great personality, he may actually be close to perfect at least in dreams.

by Lurkerreply 42010/31/2013

Henry is not superficial. He cares for the mind, heart, and soul of a lover as much as he cares for his/her looks. He loved/loves ppl who are not the prettiest: Corey Spears, Luke Evans, Ellen Whitaker, Gina Carano.

by Lurkerreply 42110/31/2013

Fuck You, r421! I just lost too much weight is all!

by Lurkerreply 42210/31/2013

Yes, why would he be attracted to a woman who could wrap her legs around him like this:

by Lurkerreply 42310/31/2013

Cuz she don't got a dick...or does she?

by Lurkerreply 42410/31/2013

The IMDB board about this topic is fascinating if only because they're attacking the fan who mentioned Gina being with him, and creating some elaborate story and calling the fan a "stalker." She looks like a cute little hobbit.

I read the story R399 posted. All that poor woman said was that she was from some town in Rome and Cavill responded he had lived in that town. Period. Why does everything have to be more than what is a normal conversation?

People who don't want to believe he and Gina are banging again are in denial. Only reason they wouldn't be is if he's gay. Exes getting back together is about as normal as you can get. You don't get together with an ex unless you're trying to work it out for round two.

by Lurkerreply 42511/01/2013

[quote]plus she's very manly and hard looking, no straight woman I know is that masculine. they're both in the closet.

You must've been denied oxygen in the womb. She's gorgeous

by Lurkerreply 42611/01/2013

[quote]Henry rides the deek, and that's about it. On this thread, I've seen the photoshopped pic of Henry with his fiancee. News flash, there are no pictures of them. The set pic Gina showed of the trailer is also the same pic Luke posted. Just go to, his Facebook or, just scroll. I would link Iggy but I am on my phone.

You're a delusional moron. Whether he rides the dick or not is one thing, but who in their right mind is photoshopping an old picture of him with his fiance? Did they also ps his brother into the picture since he's in the picture, too? Why would they even have to do that even if she was a beard? You act like she was the lochness monster. You know it's not that hard to just have two people take a picture together regardless of their real relationship, right? Lunatic.

We also now know the picture Gina posted WAS Henry's trailer. She was there in Italy for a while. We know that now. She posted it after she left Italy. Probably hinting they're back together.

by Lurkerreply 42711/01/2013

I have been around Henry in person and that is an f--ing MAN. Woof. Sigh, as far as I could tell totally straight. But then again my gaydar is broken at times.

by Lurkerreply 42811/01/2013

Really is insane how the guy has no physical flaws, unless he just completely let himself go. But even then, he'd still be a nice-looking guy.

by Lurkerreply 42911/01/2013

R428, what did his ass and pecs look like in person

by Lurkerreply 43011/01/2013

Details, R428.

And it's OK, sweetheart, you can curse here. We won't tell your parents.

by Lurkerreply 43111/01/2013

Even the costume can't contain it all:

by Lurkerreply 43211/01/2013

R432, what do you mean by "can't contain it all"?

by Lurkerreply 43311/01/2013

His brain, R433.

How about you guess what I meant or are you just looking for a more vivid description for your own purposes...?

by Lurkerreply 43411/01/2013

R432, is that a tear in his costume in his butt area?

by Lurkerreply 43511/01/2013

I don't know if it is, but I wouldn't be surprised because he was working out like a fiend for this role. He was probably getting bigger as they continued to film because he was training the whole time - I think.

by Lurkerreply 43611/01/2013

Anyone have a pic of the dude naked from some series? I love how Henry gets VERY annoyed in interviews at dumb questions. He's a bit green when it comes to press even after all these years. Damn he is so hot. I was thrilled when they announced him as S.M. So perfect.

by Lurkerreply 43711/01/2013

If we have visitors from that IMDb board, can you explain why some of you are so insane? I mean not that this thread is much better when it comes to the speculation, but some pictures are not worth a thousand words. People talking about how they only look like "friends" or that it's just "pr" or "well, when I'm with MY friends..."

For all you know, these two could've just spent hours/days fucking before they went to dinner. I don't know what you're supposed to "see" in the pictures to convince you they're a couple. Are they supposed to tongue each other at the table or play footsie? Maybe they're not into PDAs because they know someone might be watching or they've essentially know each other for more than a year.

You see pics taken in the span of one evening and that's supposed to tell you what happened in the hours, days or even months prior to those few pics over the course of ONE dinner?

You think because two people weren't seen attached at the hip for 24 hours, they must not be together? Get real.

by Lurkerreply 43811/01/2013

His ass is perfect.

by Lurkerreply 43911/01/2013

Is that Gina in the background?

Looks like her:

by Lurkerreply 44011/01/2013

I don't think so, R440. She's thinner than Gina, probably a tourist given her Canon camera. Plus the guy she's with is not an actor from Man of UNCLE or otherwise AFAIK. Thirdly, an old guy partially seen on her left/across table is apparently talking to her. The female fan didn't mention him.

by Lurkerreply 44111/01/2013

You're right, R409! Tom Hardy once said he had gay sex as he's an actor, implying all male actors sleep with males. Well, that means that a lot of them are bi, like Tom himself, while some certainly gay.

Re: the Kinsey scale, I think The Hen is a Kinsey 4, maybe 3, i.e. gay leaning bi. Lots of pics of him with gay friends, many more than with GFs. Plus this revealing interview linked below. The female reporter’s gaydar goes off on Henry as she struggles very hard to extract out of him anything about what he likes in a woman.He “refuses to discuss his current relationship, with 30-year-old actress Gina Carano, a martial arts expert and the star of Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. It forces me to go to ****increasingly ludicrous length**** in order to get any insight into his taste in women. “Look,” he chuckles, as *****my questions get ever more farcical.**** (…) He ***clams up*** when I demand physical specifics. What, for example, is his favourite female body part? ****“Pardon?” Henry blinks twice.**** His favourite female body part? The part he’d rip off and gnaw on if he could? After a ****stuttering start,**** the man becomes a poet. “Well, what’s great is a woman’s shape as a whole,” he says earnestly. “I mean, no artist could imagine a more beautiful shape. It’s incredible. A man can look attractive, beautiful even, but nothing like a woman naked. That’s why women would rather look at other naked women than at men.” (Glamour UK, June 2013)

by Lurkerreply 44211/01/2013

R442 scares me.

by Lurkerreply 44311/01/2013

R300 is right. Henry has too many gay friends and is too comfortable around them to be straight. He has mostly gay friends, both in US (Corey & co.) and UK (the 3 gay guys whose gayfaces were analyzed earlier). His best friends are gay, Corey and Luke. The concert/reception they were papped at together, The Hen and Luke, is that of a 100% gay singer, Jessie J. The Hen is practically addicted to Lady Gaga, wakes up to her music in the morning, just as a chain smoker lights up a cigarette or an alcoholic downs a drink first thing upon opening their eyes. So much gayness in his life that it's not difficult to believe he likes guys more than girls. So he's a Kinsey 4 most likely.

by Lurkerreply 44411/01/2013

His body language betrays his preference for guys over girls also. He tilts his head towards his male fans more often than towards female fans when taking pics with them. In fact, as a huge fan if his, I am not aware of any photo of Henry tilting his head towards any female whomsoever, fan or not, except towards his MOS costar Amy Adams, at one of the MOS after parties. As a side note, I think he had had excellent chemistry with her in their interviews and after parties. Their 9 year age gap, her child and BF prevented anything from happening between them.

Another similar clue: he smiles more often in pics with male fans than in those with female fans. He is clearly a gay leaning bi, a Kinsey 4.

by Lurkerreply 44511/01/2013

OMG, give it a rest you crazy person.

by Lurkerreply 44611/01/2013

BTW, crazy person, going back to another post:

[quote]If someone else gets WW, Carano gets no steam/work and they continue seeing each other, he's bi/straight.

SOMEONE ELSE IS GETTING WW. Strong rumors that it's Jaimie Alexander.

So now tell us why she's with him and he with her...

by Lurkerreply 44711/01/2013

He is with her because he is bi, because he is more passive (hence his feminine nickname 'The Hen' Corey gave him), while she more aggressive. They complement/complete each other. Ying yang.

by Lurkerreply 44811/01/2013

R448, you're unbelievable.

You have no clue what these people are like. You think she's aggressive because of what she did for a living? It doesn't occur to you that her aggression was solely for her sport? Have you even seen how she acts outside of the ring? Very shy, soft-spoken. The complete opposite of what you assume she's like just because of her job.

I won't even attempt to respond to the other nonsense about "Hen."

by Lurkerreply 44911/01/2013

She probably uses a strap on.

by Lurkerreply 45011/01/2013

R449, I have more than a clue. In her interview with Conan, she stated fighting is like sex for her, both have similar physicality. So she very likely has that aggressiveness in her sex life also, not just the fight ring.

Henry is passive according to several anonymous DL reports of males who slept with him.

So they clearly complete each other. His passiveness and her aggressiveness make their compatibility and their relationship extremely credible to me.

by Lurkerreply 45111/01/2013

[quote]Henry is passive according to several anonymous DL reports of males who slept with him.

You're lying. There has never been a single poster who has claimed they slept with him. There have been posts by some claiming to have seen him at gay parties, but no one has ever stated they've slept with him unless they were being tongue-in-cheek.

I'd sooner believe Keram's fantasy about the love triangle involving Jake G, Stephen Dorff and Cavill than your claim about posters saying they slept with him. Never happened.

by Lurkerreply 45211/01/2013

^ Sad fangurl in denial. Do a search on DL and you will find those reports.

by Lurkerreply 45311/01/2013

Considering all of the bullshit you type like you know these people, you calling me delusional is tantamount to an alcoholic calling someone else a drunk for taking a sip of eggnog.

It's on YOU to show me the posts, not me to look for some posts that don't exist. If I don't think they exist, WTF would I look for them? Calling me names doesn't mean shit and it's you deflecting. Put up or shut up. You sure as hell have time to type all of this nonsense about what two strangers are like and about nicknames and what they mean, yet you don't have these posts you mention?

He may be gay, but I know there hasn't been a serious post from anyone who actually fucked him.

Come on, crazy person. Post it. I want you to prove me wrong.

by Lurkerreply 45411/01/2013

I am not going to waste my time to look those reports up for you, pathetic delusional fangurl. Go waste your own time.

by Lurkerreply 45511/01/2013

Coward and you're a creepy loser.

Yeah, suddenly you have no time to find a post, but you had time to claim it existed.

So predictable.

by Lurkerreply 45611/01/2013

It has been said on here numerous times that even though most believe he is gay, that there is not a single verifiable rumor of him with a guy. It has been asked several times if anyone on here has ever been with him, and the response has been nil.

To claim otherwise and then get your undies in a bunch when someone asks you to actually back up your claim is a prick move.

Henry might be gay gay gay, but no one on here has ever seriously claimed to have had sex with or claimed to know anyone who has had sex with him

by Lurkerreply 45711/01/2013

All the veteran DLers know about those reports of Henry being passive. They were all consistent with each other: not a single one claimed he was active! Delusional fangurls like you chose not to believe them. Ppl like me who see patterns of similar things reported repeatedly know better and believe them: there is no smoke without a fire as the saying goes .

by Lurkerreply 45811/01/2013

Stop repeating the same bullshit and BACK IT UP, you pussy.

You can read my posts and see that I have never claimed to know if he's gay or she's gay or anything about their personal life. You're the creepy one claiming to know all sorts of ridiculous shit about these people.

All I said was why do you think they're together since she's not going to be WW and that it's ridiculous to claim she's aggressive because of what she did for a living. I didn't even bother with your lunacy about his nickname and why it's his nickname because you apparently know the answer and that he's a passive fuck, but yeah, I'm the delusional one for calling you out for being nuts.

You couldn't back up your claim, so you did exactly what I knew you would and that doesn't mean I think he's straight, you pathetic idiot. You think just because this is a gay board, simply claiming someone is gay should be enough? We have always had speculation on this celeb or that celeb. We've had sightings here and there. He could be gay based solely on the fact he was at gay parties, that's fine, but you're still full of shit and that has nothing to do with whether he's gay or not. We've never had any man here who has claimed to have slept with him. Stop lying. We haven't even had a woman on here claim they slept with him.

by Lurkerreply 45911/01/2013

Somebody's off their meds^.

Stop being lazy, go do your own research to find those reports.

by Lurkerreply 46011/01/2013

Keep deflecting, coward. Everyone can read your posts and see you're the one who needs help. Freak.

by Lurkerreply 46111/01/2013

Here's one of the reports for you, lazy deluded pathetic fangurl:

"Our dear Henry is very very smutty. He loves being aggressive during sex and likes to hinder his mate for as long as possible. And when said mate has had enough, he enjoys being taken from the back and hammered. Henry prefers to 'bot' and have his head down and ass up in the air. He doesn't like to 69. He is also a very skilled cock sucker. Henry makes his partner clean up right after sex and wants them to cover up when coming back to bed for a cuddle.

Henry prefers to have sex in a dim lighted room. He is also bad mannered and irresistible when he is being teased or bullied." (link below)

Several things make this report particularly credible: 1. All reports are consistent in claiming Henry is passive. 2. Re: "coming back to bed for a cuddle." Henry likes to cuddle. He has said so in the Glamour 2010 interview linked off of Just Jared above on this thread. 3. "He is also bad mannered." In the transcript of Henry's & Luke's interview to Tonight At The Movies, posted above on this thread, Henry is, for the first time ever, bad mannered. He uses the word "fuck" for the first time in any interview I've read (and I've read a lot of them as a huge fan that I am). He uses it regarding his best friend Luke, who, based on their amazing chemistry in all their interview videos and on anonymous reports here on DL, was Henry's lover. So there's a double confirmation re: his bad manners, both the verifiable quote and the fact that he uses it re: a likely gay ex-lover.

You can look the rest of the DL reports up by yourself.

by Lurkerreply 46211/01/2013

Thank you!

There... was that so hard, R462? That's all I was asking for.

Whether true or not, I don't care, but I wanted you to back it up that someone claimed to fuck him

by Lurkerreply 46311/01/2013

Yeah, you don't care. Whatever.

Like I said, I am a huge fan of his and I truly believe his relationship and compatibility with Gina are real.

by Lurkerreply 46411/01/2013

Wait, you said he was a passive lover, but this account states he is aggressive. Your psychological profile needs work.

by Lurkerreply 46511/01/2013

He is aggressive in the foreplay, re-read again. When it comes to fucking he gets passive. That's what I meant by "passive."

by Lurkerreply 46611/01/2013

You insulting me aside, thanks for the link. Can't read it all tonight, but I will.

by Lurkerreply 46711/01/2013

You're welcome!

You started first with the insults. It's not an excuse, so I apologize for getting all riled up and insulting you back.

by Lurkerreply 46811/01/2013

I apologize for the insults, too.

by Lurkerreply 46911/01/2013

Apologies accepted. Have a good night!

by Lurkerreply 47011/01/2013

Gay MTV Real World star and blogger Dan Renzi (in whose house Henry slept & walked around naked, which allowed Dan to post a blind item on his blog about Henry's "elephant trunk" endowment) had this to say about Henry in 2011:

"Henry Cavill, the new Superman, is take-your-breath-away gorgeous. He runs in the same crowds as my friends in LA, and he is well-loved around the WeHo 'hood for his dashing looks and his delightful personality." (link below)

"His friends" in LA are Dan's ex, Corey Spears, and his friends, all gay. WeHo (West Hollywood) where Henry is "well-loved" is a very gay 'hood, so Henry obviously prefers (or at least preferred till he got Superman) to hang out there in the gay bars/clubs a lot of times, with mostly or exclusively gay guys. How else can one become so "well-loved" in the 'hood unless one spends a lot of time in the 'hood?

Henry likes girls also, his Italian knowledge proves it, but he prefers guys. He is a Kinsey 4.

by Lurkerreply 47111/01/2013

R427, go to IMDB.Someone proved that the pic with his fiancee was fake. The pic of Henry was taken from another pic,

by Lurkerreply 47211/02/2013

There was someone who knew that Henry had an orgy, while he was a waiter.

by Lurkerreply 47311/02/2013

You're basically saying what I've been thinking, R471. Henry is bisexual, but prefers guys. That's how he's able to get away with the bearding too, you know.. as long as he's got at least some interest in women.

by Lurkerreply 47411/02/2013

R471 leaves out that Renzi also mentioned Cavill is straight.

by Lurkerreply 47511/02/2013

R475, friends lie to cover up friends all the time. Even gay activists (e.g. Corey Spears), especially if the said friend is their (ex-)lover to whom they dedicated a love poem.

by Lurkerreply 47611/02/2013

"His ass is perfect."

In what ways, r439?

by Lurkerreply 47711/02/2013

R474, Henry is not bearding currently. His relationship with Gina is real for a host of reasons here mentioned already, some by me, some by others. He may have bearded in the past, sure, but not currently.

Also re: the accusation of "bearding" in general: Henry does not have to come out as gay because he is not gay. He is bi. I highly doubt a 100% gay man would be able to love a girl so much as to live with her for 3 months and to learn pretty good Italian from her as Henry did.

by Lurkerreply 47811/02/2013

His face looks quite feminine here:

by Lurkerreply 47911/02/2013

That kind of face is called "perfect," not "feminine."

by Lurkerreply 48011/02/2013

Why do you assume it was a criticism? In fact, the most perfect faces tend to have both masculine and feminine qualities.

by Lurkerreply 48111/02/2013

Y'all are jealous. Gorgeous couple:

by Lurkerreply 48211/03/2013

I love the picture! I've never before seen it. You can tell Gina is very happy with Henry. Thanks for posting it!

by Lurkerreply 48311/03/2013

Nice picture of them, But I hate his jacket.

Anyway, I kind of like the idea that he likes his women a bit "thick", rather than anorexic looking.

I think at the very least these two are friends. If it was just bearding, which I doubt, then perhaps it at least resulted in a good relationship between them.

I think HC might be bi, or has probably experimented in the past, but I think he also likes women and I think that whatever was going on with he and Gina, that it was likely pretty genuine.

If it was just for bearding, then they would have done a lot more public appearances together. He was with her in Puerto Rico months before they made their first appearance publicly. He stayed very under the radar there, with only 1 or 2 sitings, which at the time were widely believed to be false.

She can look masculine at times, but she can also look very feminine and has a pretty face. her fashion choices are often dreadful, especially for her body type, but she seems like a nice person. The cast from her first movie, Channing, Fassbender and others all had really positive things to say about her and they all seemed friendly and happy when they were promoting the movie.

by Lurkerreply 48411/03/2013

The fact that she does look masculine at times can only turn Henry on. He is bi for sure.

When you also take into account their common love for alcohol, they are a match made in heaven.

by Lurkerreply 48511/03/2013

R484, what are you taking about? They've done tons of public appearances together, as the Clist couple they were at the time, maybe it went unnoticed by you.

If they are not a fake couple, why did Henry, shortly before filming his latest film, invite Corey to London, and while there, why did Corey tweet the word, lover?

Days later, Corey deleted the tweet.

by Lurkerreply 48611/03/2013

R484, I do think Gina and Henry are good friends, but I don't see more to it.

by Lurkerreply 48711/03/2013

Can you, please, post the link to Corey's twitter account? I couldn't find it. Thank you in advance!

by Lurkerreply 48811/04/2013

[quote]If they are not a fake couple, why did Henry, shortly before filming his latest film, invite Corey to London, and while there, why did Corey tweet the word, lover?

Someone who is in the closet wouldn't have his "former boyfriend" publicly refer to him as "lover." You think "lover" is always used in a literal way? It's like calling someone "sweetheart." If he actually tweeted it, then it makes it even more innocuous.

by Lurkerreply 48911/04/2013

[quote]I do think Gina and Henry are good friends, but I don't see more to it.

Then you're blind. They're fucking again. We know she was with him for several days only because of a fan. Bearding doesn't work that way. Unless you've really gone off the deep end and think even the fan was a plant, there's no way you can't see there's an attraction.

[quote]The fact that she does look masculine at times can only turn Henry on. He is bi for sure.

Then I guess most straight men are secretly bi or gay. Search her name on twitter and look at most of the comments coming from (presumably) straight men. Even girls love her look.

by Lurkerreply 49011/04/2013

For the one who said the picture of Henry and his former fiance was photoshopped, you need help. I want to hear your opinion of what the photoshopper was saying as (s)he worked on this so-called masterpiece: "Hmm, let me find a picture of each of them wearing similar jackets and I'll throw in his brother to make it look really legit!"

What is wrong with some of you? He's not a big enough star for anyone to go through that much trouble, especially several years ago.

At this point, I'm thinking I could stick a few of you in a German or Swiss-made clock and have you pop out on the hour.

by Lurkerreply 49111/04/2013

No twitter account link, R486? That's right, just what I thought: you made it all up. Accept it: he likes women (also). Proof? He learned very good Italian from an Italian ex-GF.

by Lurkerreply 49211/04/2013

R490, 37% of men are bi according to research.

by Lurkerreply 49311/04/2013

You're fool of stool, R486! I've just checked out Corey Spears' Facebook pages (anybody can, no need to be FB friends): there is no indication whatsoever that he was in London during that time period!

Unless you link his twitter page here for all to see, his twitter exists only in your rich imagination.

by Lurkerreply 49411/04/2013

Correction @R494: "full."

by Lurkerreply 49511/04/2013

Here's the link

by Lurkerreply 49611/04/2013

Interesting! R55 confirms Keram's story of Henry's & Jake G's fling with pics at Groucho Club.

by Lurkerreply 49711/04/2013

Perhaps with Cavill's new clout, he can make Spears' dreams come true. Get Celine and Mariah to collaborate, Henry!

Jesus Christ, is Corey aiming for Maryest Mary that ever Maryed?

by Lurkerreply 49811/04/2013

Keram is a parody. How do you not know that by now?

by Lurkerreply 49911/04/2013

All Keram's other stories have since been verified -- Gwyneth P. as the "co-star slut" (same link) now getting ready to be trashed as such in Vanity Fair. Amy Winehouse OD-ing on heroin - proven. Etc.

R55 makes a good point: why did WB have to be "gentle" with HC when they told him of the 6 month MOS shooting delay?! If the delay had nothing personal to do with HC, then WB would have had no reason to be so "gentle." HC is not known to have a temper, so why so much "gentleness?" The delay was due to HC. So they had to be gentle.

by Lurkerreply 50011/04/2013

He's been so stiff and scripted in all his MOS interviews, unlike his usual cheerful carefree self in Immortals interviews, you can tell MOS bigwigs are keeping him on a short leash. His blonde PR rep can be seen by/behind him in a lot of interviews in public, e.g. at the world MOS premiere in NYC. Perhaps her role is to block any too personal a question, such as sexual orientation, either from the interviewer or the public. Keram's story as R55 showed, is real and may very well be the reason for all of these.

by Lurkerreply 50111/04/2013

All I know is that when there is smoke there is fire, especially in regards to who is gay in Hollywood. If you are at least forty, you would know this to be true. Think about it. There was smoke with Jody foster, Wentworth Miller, Anderson copper, Neil Patrick Harris, Lance bass, Johnny Mathis, and about twenty others I can't recall.

Long story short, fast rumors tend to be true.

by Lurkerreply 50211/04/2013

I meant to say long story short, gay rumors tend to be true.

by Lurkerreply 50311/04/2013

I think he is a gay leaning bi.

by Lurkerreply 50411/05/2013

What exactly does Corey Spears do for a living?

by Lurkerreply 50511/05/2013

I don't know if he's gay, bi or straight, but the level of 'stupid' from some of his would give hell a run for its money... it BURNS.


[quote]I'm 100% sure he's not gay. He speaks Italian. Listen to the video. There's another one from Taormina where he talks about his favorite Italian dishes. He learned Italian from an Italian girlfriend over several months. In Rome and Monterotondo. He can't be gay. Gay people don't live in with girlfriends for months.

by Lurkerreply 50611/06/2013

some of his fans*

by Lurkerreply 50711/06/2013

I think he is a gay leaning screaming queen.

by Lurkerreply 50811/06/2013

R506, are you implying he learned his good Italian from a live-in Italian boyfriend?! Read what R414 and R415 had to say.

by Lurkerreply 50911/06/2013

Apparently, no one is buying that story on IMDB but one fool, must be R509.

by Lurkerreply 51011/06/2013

R509, Henry doesn't know Italian. He said he knows French and a bit of German and Italian.

Let me tell you, you keep reading those romance novels and believe what flows out of the mouth of an actor, who is trying to pass as straight.

Regarding this belief in this stalkers story, you got to ask yourself why would, boring keep to the my life is private script, Henry start talking to a stranger?

By the way, this lady has been posting stories about him for a minute. This is the most traction she's got from a few fools. Gee, what are the odds, that a little old village woman scores big by getting Henry to spill his guts? What are his handlers going to do with him?

by Lurkerreply 51111/06/2013

It's not just one fool, Poetist. Many others at IMDB believe he is not gay. Even here the consensus seems to be he is bi, not gay.

You can keep making up accusations about the lovely female fan. She is not a stalker, for if she were, she would have gotten pics with Gina like you wanted on IMDB, Poetist.

by Lurkerreply 51211/07/2013

The Italian reporter asks Henry in Italian at about minute 4:50 (video link below) "Dove l'hai imparato?" ("Where did you learn it?") and he answers to her in English, proving 3 things: 1. he knows Italian. 2. his knowledge of Italian is well known to the (at least Italian) mass media, because the reporter asked Henry in Italian expecting him to understand it. Which he did. 3. Henry joked (in Italian with VERY good pronunciation) when he replied just before her question that he doesn't speak it. They are both laughing and his denial is followed by her question in Italian, proving she, the Italian reporter, clearly understood he joked when he denied speaking Italian.

by Lurkerreply 51311/07/2013

Among many other honorable qualities Henry possesses, he is also very modest (which fits with his humbleness), that's why he said he knows only "a bit" of Italian, R511. The video above clearly proves this quality.

by Lurkerreply 51411/07/2013

[quote]are you implying he learned his good Italian from a live-in Italian boyfriend?! Read what [R414] and [R415] had to say.

How does someone get this ignorant?

Sweetheart, simply living with someone doesn't determine sexuality because you don't know the circumstances. He also lived at Corey Spears' place - does that make him gay? He used to hang at gay clubs - does that makes him gay?


by Lurkerreply 51511/07/2013

One more thing... I don't think that fan is lying about seeing Gina Carano with him. She has no incentive to lie. None. I mean what traction do you think she was looking for since fan pics with him are posted all of the time. If she lied on a public forum about who he was with, it would only be trouble for her. Unless you have absolute proof that this woman is lying, you have no right to shit on her.

I don't know why you would disparage her by coming up with these ridiculous theories on her motives.

by Lurkerreply 51611/07/2013

R516= looney tunes frau.

by Lurkerreply 51711/07/2013

R517, you have reading comprehension issues if you think I'm a loon and a frau. All I did was point out that you don't go and disparage a perfect stranger based on your own psychotic theories.

Also, perhaps you should try and read it slower. The person to whom I was replying @R515 was claiming that Cavill was straight because he supposedly lived with a girlfriend and spoke Italian. I was trying to remind this person that someone simply living with another person doesn't determine their sexuality because then why wouldn't they also conclude that he was gay since he lived with a gay man at one point.

You can't determine his sexuality one way or the other based on idiotic reasoning like with whom he lived in the past.

If I was emphatic about him being straight, then you can call me that, but I wasn't stating his sexuality one way or the other.

I was speaking in general, dumbass.

by Lurkerreply 51811/07/2013

He lived with a GIRLFRIEND in a SMALL TOWN where living with BOYFRIEND would NOT have been a possibility, not in conservative countryside. Proof he lived with a GIRLFRIEND? He speaks good Italian, which he learned from her.

by Lurkerreply 51911/07/2013

R519? Again, I'm not saying the guy is gay or straight, but why are you using this incredibly stupid logic as proof he's straight? Why would you assume he would even be 'out' back then? You understand there are gay guys and gay women who have lived as heterosexual when they were in the closet, right?

I'm sorry, but you're a bit dense.

by Lurkerreply 52011/07/2013

Why would a gay guy choose to live in a small conservative town like Monterotondo with a female friend?! Because he would certainly not have been able to live in such a town with a boyfriend!

No male would choose boring gay unfriendly Monterotondo over gay friendly Rome unless something really powerful drew him there, such as love/lust for that female friend. Ergo, she was his girlfriend.

by Lurkerreply 52111/07/2013

[quote]Rome unless something really powerful drew him there, such as love/lust for that female friend. Ergo, she was his girlfriend.

A few too many romance novels in your diet, I see.

Don't automatically assume you know a person's sexuality based on who they are living with or your imagination of the situation because if you really want to go there, we've see more pictures of him showing affection to a gay man he has lived with than we have with straight women he was supposedly dating. I wouldn't conclude one way or the other that he is this or that. You just need to be a little more open-minded in the way you view people, particularly gay people.

Don't assume someone is gay/straight based on "housing."

by Lurkerreply 52211/07/2013

[quote]Kaley Cuoco 'marries' Ryan Sweeting on 'Ellen,' says she was 'very sad' before meeting tennis pro

[quote]The actress boasted to Ellen DeGeneres about finding love again with Ryan Sweeting after a summer fling heartbreak.

by Lurkerreply 52311/07/2013

there are also guys who are straight, living a straight life.

Everytime there is evidence that he is into women, most of you on here still find some way to rationalize it as proof he is gay.

The guy himself said he lived with a GF in Italy. But no, that isn't believed. He has talked of other GF, but that isn't believed. He dates a woman who is not a frail stick figure so he must be gay.

Honestly for those convinced he is gay, there is nothing that will ever convince you otherwise. Anything he says or does will be always viewed as a lie and bearding.

What is wrong with just taking it at face value? He says he is straight, so why not just leave it at that for the time being? Why is it so damned important to you that he be gay?

And no, I am not saying this because I am some stanning frau. I actually lean to the idea that he is bi, or that he has been open to taking a walk on the wild side in the past, but now identifies as straight. But I don't care. The only thing I care about is the really ridiculously twisted logic that is used on her. It is actually amusing to see the extremes to some go to to try to prove he is gay.

by Lurkerreply 52411/07/2013

R522/Poetist (IMDB), I don't assume he is straight based on whom he lived with, but based on whom he learned Italian from.

Learning Italian so well as Henry did, in a span of 3 months, means there was A LOT of close interaction between him and his teacher. A boyfriend would be impossible to live together with in a small conservative town. So logically, even without having to believe Henry or that female fan from Henry Cavill News blog, it must have been a girl. With whom he had A LOT of close interactions. Pillow talk is really the FASTEST teacher (3 months!). Ergo, she was his girlfriend. Logically. Not based on any novels.

by Lurkerreply 52511/07/2013

CORRECTION @ R525. I meant to say "likes women" instead of "straight." There are just too many pieces of evidence, some of which you pointed out, Poetist, some by others, indicating homosexual attraction.

I, too, now incline to believe, like most people here, that he is bisexual.

by Lurkerreply 52611/07/2013

He is so lovely speaking Italian :0)

I re-listened carefully to the Sky.It interview (link below): there are THREE questions one after another, not just 1, asked by the Italian reporter in Italian, to which Henry answers in Italian (the first 2) and finally in English (the last one). So the two are essentially having a DIALOGUE mostly in Italian.

In conclusion, Henry speaks very good Italian, but is too modest and, in general, shy to admit it.

Pillow talk = best teacher.

by Lurkerreply 52711/07/2013

First question: "E vero che parli italiano?" ("Is it true you speak Italian?")

HC: "No, non e vero. Non parlo italiano."

Second question: "Dove l'hai imparato?" ("Where did you learn it?")

HC (in English -- I'm sorry I was wrong, only 1 answer is in Italian) At Rome and Monterotondo.

Third question: "Dimmi due parole in italiano!" ("Tell me 2 words in Italian!")

HC: I wouldn't do it justice, etc.

by Lurkerreply 52811/07/2013

[R3] [R7], do a search engine of Henry Cavill and Corey Spears (an openly gay former actor who is close friends with Cavill) and check "images." There are a bunch of pics of Cavill hamming it up in gay bars.

by Lurkerreply 52911/07/2013

If he were straight, he wouldn't have needed all those "beards". Is that so difficult to understand?

by Lurkerreply 53011/07/2013

I don't know whether Henry Cavill is gay or not but the person who keeps saying that Monterotondo is a small and conservative village has clearly never been there, or even googled it. It is not a quaint Tuscan village.

Yes, it's small on its own but it's only 20km outside Rome(it takes 25 minutes on the train to get to central Rome) and it is the home of several large molecular biology research institutions (the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the European Mouse Mutant Archive) and also, therefore, a lot of students and young professionals. Half the town is very old, pretty and historic but the other half is very much not.

Needless to say one certainly could live there and be gay and yes, even live with one's boyfriend.

by Lurkerreply 53111/07/2013

The female fan from Monterotondo whose account of their encounter was posted on HC News could easily check and find out who that ex-GF was. So Henry would not dare lie to her when he spoke of his ex-GF.

by Lurkerreply 53211/08/2013

R531, Monterotondo 13 years ago was not as hip as you paint it to be today. The further back in time you go, the more conservative any place anywhere in the world was at that time, even more so a small rural town in Catholic Italy.

by Lurkerreply 53311/08/2013

R532: Then why mention an actor was with them, too? You people are so silly to think she's lying. We already know for a fact she was there. You think it's more realistic if she only flew in for a dinner than if she actually was there for a few days?

Get your head out of your ass. The woman wasn't lying. You're the one coming up with odd explanations rather than just accepting something NORMAL.

by Lurkerreply 53411/08/2013

Sorry, my post was not for R532. It was for the person claiming that fan was lying about seeing Gina with him.

by Lurkerreply 53511/08/2013

To our visitor from IMDB who wrote about some Italian town and a g/f, I don't know if "Poetist" posts here, but I think I may be one of the people you think is Poetist. I'm not a member of IMDB.

Your logic regarding gay people or what makes a person gay or straight or bi is flawed. There couldn't possibly be only one person who read what you wrote and thought it was odd. My apologies if you felt insulted, but you seem really uneducated when it comes to sexuality in general.

Now I don't know if this man is gay, straight, bi or a brony, but I can assure you that at some point in the history of human civilization, there has been at least one or two people who has lived with someone of the opposite sex, in a conservative village/town/city/state/municipality/country and learned the language from that person of the opposite sex, and perhaps even had sexual relations with that person of the opposite sex... who was in the closet.

In other words, don't have such narrow definition of what determines sexuality.

by Lurkerreply 53611/08/2013


have lived with.

a narrow definition.

by Lurkerreply 53711/08/2013

R517 You just have to let the delusional fangurls keep believing their delusions. There is no reasoning with them no matter how many things you point out that don't add up. Fangurls did the same thing with Ricky Martin, Wentworth Miller, NPH, etc.

R523 Poor thing probably did have her heart broken when she realized the "summer fling" didn't want to pump her.

by Lurkerreply 53811/08/2013

To all the gays blinded by their desire for HC: if he learned Italian from an Italian boyfriend instead of girlfriend, then why is HC so open about his learning experience? He mentioned it in Glamour UK in 2010, talked about it in the Sky Italia 2013 interview. He mentioned it a third time to the female fan from the same town Monterotondo. Wouldn't he try to hide this experience, afraid of getting outed, like he did with Corey's Facebook pics that got deleted in 2011 after he got SM?

by Lurkerreply 53911/08/2013

Re: my above posting, this behavioral inconsistency is another proof he has nothing to hide or to be afraid of re: his Italian learning experience. Therefore, it was an Italian girlfriend, not a boyfriend.

Accept it and move on: he slept with women also, so he is bi, a gay leaning one.

by Lurkerreply 54011/08/2013

Was this BI ever solved?

by Lurkerreply 54111/09/2013

Does he have a limp wrist in his newest pics? Or is it him just buttoning up?

by Lurkerreply 54211/17/2013

He really, really likes his trainer.

by Lurkerreply 54311/17/2013

Is Jared, the gay owner of Just Jared, trying to out Cavill?!

by Lurkerreply 54411/17/2013

No, R544, but I do think Jared's son, Just Jared, Jr., is trying to out Henry. Jr. is a vicious little queen.

by Lurkerreply 54511/17/2013

I don't think so, R545. No single article dedicated to Cavill on JJ Jr. (see link). He's just mentioned in articles about others.

by Lurkerreply 54611/17/2013

You're somewhat of a simpleton, aren't you R544/R546?

by Lurkerreply 54711/17/2013

Mediocre actor, but oh so pretty.

by Lurkerreply 54811/17/2013

R548, you ain't kidding! I saw MOS for the first time the other day and he is absolutely stunning!

by Lurkerreply 54911/18/2013

His (alleged) ex-BF, Corey Spears, doesn't look too bad in this recent pic of the 2 together.

by Lurkerreply 55011/20/2013

This (alleged) ex-GF is very pretty. Sounds like he's bi.

by Lurkerreply 55111/20/2013

That Corey person is gross.

by Lurkerreply 55211/20/2013

[462]- You seem fascinated by Mr Cavill's use of the fuck word so refer to the Bloopers disc in the Tudors Box set to hear Henners say with his own beautiful mouth 'For fuck's sake' several times to the film crew when he fluffs his lines. I suspect some of them are not bi or gay, and I can't see LE in the room. Your theory might need tweaking. Enjoy.

by Lurkerreply 55311/20/2013

Looks like the hot twink at R405 has put on some muscle lately. His gay BF is on the right in the pic below, the one with the big mouth open on the left at R405.

by Lurkerreply 55411/21/2013

He is not gay search on google henry cavill and Katie Hurst .They are really nice together

by Lurkerreply 55511/21/2013

R555, your link sucks, see it ok at R551. FYI, he is bi, not straight.

by Lurkerreply 55611/21/2013

Idiots, whether someone is gay or not, simply being photographed with a person of the opposite sex doesn't determine sexuality. I'm embarrassed for you people. Truly embarrassed.

There are people who think he's gay from the photographs with his gay friend(s). There are people who think he's straight from the photographs with (presumably) straight women.

You do not know one way or the other, so stop thinking a picture with anyone is "proof" one way or the other.

by Lurkerreply 55711/21/2013

And BTW, I think he'd give it up to anyone who was holding the only drink available at the moment.

by Lurkerreply 55811/21/2013

This wooden acting closet case isn't fooling anyone. One showmance debacle after another. His year in LA left many in the know. It's amazing more hasn't come of it. Funny he did MOS and still no one knows who he is. Guess that's why no one really cares about his gay orientation.

by Lurkerreply 55911/21/2013

And what about the "staged" girlfriends? No straight man would have faked all those PR relationships.

by Lurkerreply 56011/21/2013

That said, very bad straight actor also need PR relationships to stay relevant. Specially actors like Henry who are boring to death IRL.

by Lurkerreply 56111/22/2013

Just to play devil's advocate here: WTF are you even talking about, R560?

The point of a pr relationship is to actually be seen together. Outside of that woman from the TV show, he isn't seen with anyone. He was dating the MMA fighter for months before they made a public appearance together.

If you're trying to deceive people using PUBLIC RELATIONS, isn't it supposed to be a PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP? Regular outings in public with women would help and he doesn't do that. He'd be showing up in Us Weekly with famous women if he's playing the pr game right.

Like I said, devil's advocate - could be barebacking in private for all I know, but people who use "pr" as an excuse for everything are as grating as the idiots who claim everything is "pc."

by Lurkerreply 56211/22/2013

Devils advocate, R 562. Henry was seen with Gina in public and the so called fan pics were quickly posted on his fan sites. Plus, he did take Gina to the few appearances be was offered at the time, and they were local events, like driving one of the queens cars. Mind you, Henry was and probably still is a c level celebrity, and it's not like he had a lot of invitations at the time.

Plus, Henry, a low level as a celebrity as he is, be always was in the PR game. Remember Ellen, the fiancée that he was never seen with, urge than that one photo shop pic., well Henry was talking all shout Ellen, yet he could not be bothered to be seen with her, not even when she had to go to court for a DUI. Personally, I don't blame him, but I wasn't the one promising marriage.

by Lurkerreply 56311/24/2013

What's with the weird picture on 555. If you look at the left side of the woman, starting from the bottom of her purse on down you see a dark shadow, yet there is a bright light flashing on them. I wish these Fraus would lay off the bad photo shop.

by Lurkerreply 56411/24/2013

I hope this fucking closet case is being driven crazy by the fact that he can't have his straight, married personal trainer.

by Lurkerreply 56511/24/2013

All I can tell from that interview was that he needed to get laid, because I've seen too many pics with his little packet saluting, and I don't think a chick is going to do it for him. Otherwise, he could get a chick, with no problems, but a guy might pose a problem, and it doesn't look like it's happening with any actor on Uncle.

by Lurkerreply 56611/24/2013

Engagement announcement coming soon.

by Lurkerreply 56711/27/2013

And child soon to follow. Closet case timeline.

by Lurkerreply 56811/27/2013


I doubt he wants to be with the trainer. Dude is old and ugly.

No idea of HC is straight or gay, but with his looks and even his mediocre level of fame he can likely be with pretty much whoever he wants.

by Lurkerreply 56911/28/2013


That is not a photoshop job. That is a real picture. I don't think it proves that he is straight anymore than the real pictures with Corey prove that he is gay. But it isn't a photoshop.

Like it or not, there are several older pictures of HC with women. Some look like they might be dates, others just look like friends posing with one another. Unless there is a video or strong picture evidence, most pictures don't mean shit in terms of knowing the sexual orientation of someone. Pretty much all of us have pictures that, when taken out of context, could lead someone to a different conclusion than what is reality.

IMO, I don't think HC is gay or straight. He seems kind of asexual to me. Gorgeous man, and can certainly be sexy on screen, ( See some of his scenes in the Tudors), but in real life he seems asexual.

by Lurkerreply 57011/28/2013

And here come the fangurls like at R570.

by Lurkerreply 57111/28/2013

I love the pic at R405. It's the most revealing re: his sexuality. Those 3 very good friends of Henry's are clearly gay (have gayface - overexpressive, high eyebrows, dress gay - v necks, pink). The 2 bigger ones sandwich HC. HC holds them tightly. The expression on Henry's face is of total bliss. I've never seen a more ecstatic expression on him. He knows the sandwich will continue at home and he will get stuffed from both ends.

Though he does not have gayface, meaning HC was initially mostly straight, he must have gotten so addicted to gay sex over the years thanks to his gay friends/hookups that he is now mostly gay.

by Lurkerreply 57211/28/2013


by Lurkerreply 57311/28/2013

He's boring, not interesting at all, can't act worth shit, and is aging fast. In another few years there will be another younger Brit of the moment to take his place - just ask Jude Law and Orlando Bloom.

by Lurkerreply 57411/28/2013

R574, I didn't like MoS, but Cavill doesn't need to be Olivier to play Superman, and he'll be playing Superman for quite some time. The guy is set for life.

R564, so in your deluded mind, every single picture he takes with a female is photoshopped? Some of you people are nuts because gay or not, why the fuck must any picture of him with a woman be considered a photoshop? It doesn't mean anything outside of it being a fucking picture. Why would he have to be photoshopped with a female? If he was doing something "heterosexual" in the picture with the female, then you can question it's validity because you're loons anyway, but simply standing next to a woman means it's photoshop and every picture with a gay guy is real. You people act like he wouldn't have faghags if he is gay.

Get some psychiatric help.

by Lurkerreply 57511/28/2013


by Lurkerreply 57611/28/2013


Those guys in the picture must be huge in real life cause HC looks tiny next to them.

Your description of gay face is so dumb, btw. They were just goofing off in that pic. I know plenty of straight guys who pull faces like that in pics.

And I am 570 and I am not a fan girl. I think that he is objectively a handsome guy, but I personally find him asexual. Off camera he doesn't do much for me. On occasion there will be some still prints of him that are sexy, but off camera he just comes across as bland. Handsome but bland

by Lurkerreply 57711/28/2013


by Lurkerreply 57811/28/2013

Sad fangurl @ R570/R578.

Of course you're going to call him a-sexual. Sounds much better for your delusions than homo-sexual.

by Lurkerreply 57911/28/2013

That gayface description is pretty accurate. There are scientific studies that show gayface is real and ppl recignize it.

by Lurkerreply 58011/28/2013

Oh for fucks sake, I am not a sad fan gurl. I would probably find him more interesting if he were gay. I think lacking sexuality is sad. I don't care if someone is gay or straight. To me, either one of those is perfectly normal.

But Henry just doesn't seem, to me, to be overtly sexual. This is my opinion, and obviously others can disagree

by Lurkerreply 58111/28/2013

He's been taught by his handlers to appear emotionless in public or asexual as you call him so as to avoid letting out his homosexual mannerisms (e.g. that gayface from Hellraiser posted here earlier, facial expressions at the recent London dinner with his brother Simon).

by Lurkerreply 58211/28/2013

Science proves the concept of gayface exists, along with that of gaydar.

by Lurkerreply 58311/28/2013

You're in no position to call anyone a "fangurl" since you're a fucking freak.

by Lurkerreply 58411/28/2013

So is this guy gay or not

by Lurkerreply 58511/28/2013


by Lurkerreply 58611/29/2013

Gayface for daaaaays!

by Lurkerreply 58711/29/2013

Well-endowed for damn sure:

by Lurkerreply 58811/29/2013

I don't care about his endowment in front only in the back. I want to see his ass.

He looks weird as a blond.

by Lurkerreply 58911/29/2013

Henry has apparently chosen to be 100% gay. This site has him currently dating Corey Spears (again):

by Lurkerreply 59012/01/2013

Henry Cavill voted world's sexiest man for 2013 in Glamour poll. A well deserved title.

by Lurkerreply 59112/02/2013

The hot twink @R554 making a gayface:

by Lurkerreply 59212/02/2013

Sorry, wrong link above. Here's the correct one:

by Lurkerreply 59312/02/2013

Would someone link to Corey Spears FB?

by Lurkerreply 59412/03/2013

R594, here you are:

by Lurkerreply 59512/04/2013

It's your turn Henry boy!

First it was Maria, then Tom, and now...

by Lurkerreply 59612/04/2013

The Corey guy lucked up, but they're cute together.

by Lurkerreply 59712/04/2013

I don't have FB. Can someone copy the pic you're commenting on, R597? Thanks.

by Lurkerreply 59812/04/2013

Just for you, r598.

by Lurkerreply 59912/04/2013

Bless you, R599.

by Lurkerreply 60012/04/2013

Does anyone know how Henry and Corey met? Did they star in a movie together? It just seems so random how close they are if they're dating or not.

by Lurkerreply 60112/04/2013
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