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Mr. Hollywood

Here is a thread...thou asketh

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 60110/17/2013

Where do you get your information ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 110/08/2013

From all sorts of different sources. I am fortunate to have connections , both young, and old, all over LA. I mentioned once before, I don't want to give away too much, as I am a professional, in the entertainment biz. We'll leave it at that.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 210/08/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood, have you heard from anyone if Rodolph Valentino was gay or bisexual?

Also, do you believe Christina Crawford that her mother was a abusive to her and her brother? Her twin sisters have always claimed she was lying. Also, Joan Crawford's grandson has a website dedicated to discredit his aunt claims about her mother. For example, he said on his website that she lied that her mother had some secretary, and that Christina was really a spoiled brat.

Another question I have, is Barbra Streisand not a very nice person?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 310/08/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood:

Can you confirm the stories of John Wayne sexual activities with young men at the Sportsmen's Lodge (formerly Hollywood Trout Farms). He also supposedly has a rural place in Washington state where he conduct same-sex parties.

Some of his rumored partners are of course John Ford and Ward Bond.

Or is "Maid Marion" just another Hollywood myth?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 410/08/2013

R3 if you want to go by the stereotype, Rudy was spoiled, with a coddling mother, and disapproving father. His first wife would testify that their marriage was never consummated. Gay historian Samuel Steward (also known as Phil Andros) claimed to have had sex with Rudy, when he was 15 ( in 1924), and had an autograph, and a swatch of his pubic hair But Andros had a very sketchy past. He kept box of index cards, which he called his 'Stud File', wtth every sexual encounter on it. When he died, at 83, friends found a card with Valentino's real name on it - Guglielmo, R., from July 24,1926 . Sounded promising until another historian on Rudy, found he could not have been in that city (Columbus,Ohio-don't think so) on his way back, by train, from NYC.The autograph proved a fake - so I presume his man hair was too. And that is just 1 story.

One Valentino scholar, Donna Hill says " In 30 years of research, I've never uncovered a single incident that led me to question his sexuality was anything other than a heterosexual male". Ramon Navarro, who was a huge star then, and was gay, claimed Rudy was straight. Author of 2003's " Dark Lover", Emily Leider, who spent 5 years researching her book, believes he was drawn to men, and had maybe one gay affair. Yet another writer says he had to leave his hometown of Castellaneta, Italy, in shame, at 18, because of one too many gay encounters.

My opinion - he was a product of his time, and most likely could have been gay, but would never have risked a chance of getting caught, once he was famous. He died almost 90 years ago, so we really will never know.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 510/09/2013

R3 / Pt. 2 I do believe that JC's first 2 children were abused. I know Christina a slightly, and don't think she's lying. Exaggerating a bit - possibly. I do not believe JC abused 'the twins', as they were called. Like Bing Crosby, the '1st family', Tina, and Chris, got the abuse, while the latter children did not.

As for Barbra, my experiences with her have found her to be someone who is shy, warm & kind. You can talk to a thousand people in town who will tell you the opposite - I have a couple friends who hate her with a passion, and yes, do use the word 'mean' in describing their dealings with Barbra. Put it this way, I have a letter from her, she sent me years ago, that I cherish. Very sweet.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 610/09/2013

Mr. Hollywood, what are your personal experiences with Sarah Bernhardt?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 710/09/2013

R4 The Duke was straight - if you hear anything else, it is a myth.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 810/09/2013

R7 Sarah was a lovely girl. She died exactly 50 years before I was born. Don't taunt Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 910/09/2013

Thanks Mr. Hollywood. Good to know Wayne was a more tolerant person than I thought. So he was able to work with Ford, Bond and Hudson and not hold it against them. And he did marry the three Hispanic wives.


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1010/09/2013

Loving this thread! Mr. Hollywood, what have you heard, if anything, about the murder of Jean Spangler? Was Kirk Douglas involved?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1110/09/2013

Hey, Mistah H! Were those REALLY Julie Andrews's tits on display in the film "S O B"?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1210/09/2013

It's funny to learn years and years after people have died that they were fucking every thing in sight. All those handsome men and gorgeous ladies having free access to each other is mind boggling.

Was that the reality in Hollywood? Was it all sex, drugs and alcohol and more sex? Party, party, party all the time? Hollywood executives, no matter how old or unattractive had an open buffet of some of the most attractive people of their time.

I read that a married male executive had a long standing affair with Rock Hudson that was mostly this older guy crawling on his hands and knees to Rock as soon as Rock entered his office. (Shades of Cole Porter and Jack Cassidy.)

Hunky Aldo Ray admitted that he was getting blowjobs from some of the big men in Hollywood and he said he would just stand there and let them have their way with him, cum in their mouth, zip up and leave.

One big executive had a back entrance to his office where young starlets showed up at the same time every afternoon and the standing order was that he not be disturbed for at least an hour.

Were you a part of that Hollywood or were you, pardon the expression, D-list?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1310/09/2013

Hooray for Hollywood, Mr. Hollywood that is. Since I love old-time comedy, could you please give me the low-down on: Abbott and Costello and The Three Stooges. Thank you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1410/09/2013

How does the Disney "farm league" strike you as compared to as compared to the old studio hothouses, such as Judy G.'s nurturing?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1510/09/2013

Are so many people really that gay in Hollywood or is it just our wishful thinking?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1610/09/2013

Are gay actors still actively encouraged to beard - even going so far as marrying and having kids?

How does Hollywood really feel when actors such as Jodie Foster, Wentworth Miller and Zachary Quinto come out?

Would they prefer gay actors to stay in the closet so as not to alienate fans?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1710/09/2013

Oh, please R17. I'm not Mr H and even I can answer that. It's about making money. Whatever works. You have industry types who'd prefer the "gay issue" would go away, and they could just make money. But in today's world, when we have to know every single thing about every single, even marginally successful celebrity, the gay issue is not going away. So yes, many still hate it, when people "come out" and others literally don't give a fuck unless it affects profitability. If they could figure out a way to monetize feces they would do it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1810/09/2013

r13, the bid executive was obviously Darryl Zanuck.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 1910/09/2013

Loving the thread Mr H. Any info on Chuck Lorre vs Roseanne/Cybill/Brett Butler/Sheen? I know Brett had addiction issues and other three aren't exactly angels but any real info? Chuck's stayed very quiet but he is the common denominator. Any gossip on the incidents that occurred rather than the tabloid cliches of "difficult" stars?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2010/09/2013

R12 Yes, those were hers. But I would say she had a bit of a freshening done beforehand. Too perky for her age, and several kids. Still, they looked lovely.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2110/09/2013

R17 R18 has it right. With the exception of Howard Bragman, who's gay and a great guy, most P.R. people see it as trouble, and see the $$$ fading away - so they encourage the 'in the closet ' mentality. But as recent out celebs have shown, it doesn't have to spell disaster anymore.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2210/09/2013

R16 More than you would imagine, but less than is speculated about. Hope that doesn't confuse you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2310/09/2013

Thanks Mr H. No it doesn`t confuse me. Just that on datalounge you read of so many. Half I don`t believe. Thank you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2410/09/2013

How influential is Satanism in Hollywood? I'm not talking child sacrifice, but how involved are stars in weird occult practices? Or is it very hush hush?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2510/09/2013

R25 There is currently a thread on DL, 'Satinic Hollywood' that covers the subject pretty well - including my own comments. Thanks !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2610/09/2013

[quote] Too perky for her age, and several kids.

Julie only had one biological child, Emma, with Tony Walton.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2710/09/2013

R27 Yes, I knew that. My first comment was 'Too perky for her age', and I have found just having children usually causes a lot of wear & tear, on a moman.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2810/09/2013

Mr.H., is anyone publicly supportive of gays but privately rather homophobic?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 2910/09/2013

R29 Yes, sadly there are a few here - one who may have even been a Grand Marshall of the Pride parade. She is considered an A-1 hyprocrite, and also a racist. But I would never say if it was Paris Hilton, or anyone else.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3010/09/2013

Re my R28 reply. Typo. I would never say Miss Andrews is Mormon, nor a moman, yet somehow, in an odd way, it does seem apropo.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3110/09/2013

Paris who?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3210/09/2013

Did Keanu Reeves lose all his very rich and powerful gay supporters?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3310/09/2013

[quote]How does Hollywood really feel when actors such as Jodie Foster, Wentworth Miller and Zachary Quinto come out?

Usually, when you heard an actor comes out, that's when Hollywood is having an new potential bankable crowd puller.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3410/09/2013

Are you saying, Mr. H, that the Tuesday Weld/Don McLean, yadda yadda is true?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3510/09/2013

R35 I say the TW/ DM info is not true. Neither ever has said they dated, or had a love relationship. McLean has always said he based "American Pie" on the loss, and sadness, he felt from the Richie Valens plane crash - that's it. I do believe they met, but that is all. How, or why , these rumors get started I do not know. Remember, there was a time in the early 70's when a good deal of the public believed that Paul McCartney had died, and been replaced by a 'double' - this, at the time the Beatles were the biggest, most popular, most visible band in the world. A sad few still think that. These stories go on forever.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3610/09/2013

[quote]Would they prefer gay actors to stay in the closet so as not to alienate fans?

Actually, they forced the gay actors that being alienated by fans to come out, as plan B.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3710/09/2013

What about the Spangler/Douglas rumors(R11)? And was it Douglas who raped a teenage Natalie Wood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3810/09/2013

R33 Keanu is an unusual dude. Very private, very quiet. He doesn't need any support anymore, as "The Matrix" films set him for life. His estimated 2013 worth (and not from the totally bogus Celebrity Net Worth site) is $275 - $300 million. Thats why he is unconcerned with his old looking pants, and shoes, or shaving, or any of that. He's a free spirit, albeit, a very rich one.

BTW , he is still good friends with those in the Velvet Mafia, including David Geffen, with whom he was never married to, nor planning to marry. Another myth.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 3910/09/2013

I know he had an affair with Geffen.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4010/09/2013

Mr. Hollywood-what can you tell us about David Selznick and Jennifer Jones era? I've heard many celebrities reference their house parties as some of the best! People like Carrie Fisher and Dennis Hooper have spoken on record of Jennifer's class as a hostess and friend. Don Bacardy-Christopher Isherwood's partner -has said in a documentary that Joseph Cotten made bigoted remarks against gays while in attendance at one event. Have you ever met Jennifer's gorgeous son,the late Michael Walker? Any info on the Jennifer Jones/Norton Simon era would be great as well!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4110/09/2013

R40 Did I say he didn't have an affair ? No. I said they were never (secretly) married, nor planning to marry. Quite different.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4210/09/2013

R11 & 38 Ok Mr. Impatient, I must go, or will be late for my afternoon Tea at The Bel Air Hotel, but I will answer your question, later this afternoon. Thank you for your forbearance.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4310/09/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood do you have any info on the Goldwyn family. Tony, John, Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4410/09/2013

Anyone who knows much about Keanu knows he was not interested in marriage and I can't see David ever getting married.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4510/09/2013

I am really enjoying this thread. Thanks and keep it coming Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4610/09/2013

Seems as if we could ask about Hollywood Royalty for days...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4710/09/2013

Was Burt Reynolds involved in the death of actress Inger Stevens? Was Burt as abusive to all his women including Dinah? Was Burt ever involved in a gay relationship fling????

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4810/09/2013

Could Mr. Hollywood be George Christy? I'm sure Christy would know all.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 4910/09/2013

I'm wondering if Reynolds had anything to do with the death of Sarah Miles' boyfriend, while they were filming Man Who Loves Cat Dancing.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5010/09/2013

Sorry for my impatience re the Spangler case, Mistah H, but I get sick of having to clean up after Freeway, so I get a little short. Can Mrs. H do something to help?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5110/09/2013

Mr H!!! LOVE U!!!!! Can you shed any light on the Elvis Presley/Aldo Ray coupling? True, or B.S.? What about Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt? Bearding--or real? Steve McQueen & Paul Newman--any truth to them being lovers? Were either bi?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5210/09/2013

Mr. H.—

Is anything in those Darwin Porter biographies true?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5310/09/2013

I suspect Mr. H is Suri Cruise.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5410/09/2013

Mr. H is Lea Michele as bitchy as she seems?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5510/09/2013

Mr. H, who would we be most surprised to find out is gay?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5610/09/2013

Mr. Hollywood, do you know Mrs. Alfred Steele? If so, what do you think of her personality and relations with her lovely children?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5710/09/2013

R18, I was just seeking confirmation about bearding/closeting - which Mr. Hollywood kindly did.

I don't doubt that closeting and bearding exist (even to the extent of closeted actors marrying & having kids.) I never made a denial in my post.

But bearding/closeting actors is CONSTANTLY denied and you're accused of "wishful thinking" if you suggest a married actor could be gay.

For some people, even here at DL, if a man is married and he has kids, he's either straight or perhaps bi.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5810/09/2013

R57 I did not know Mrs. Alfred Steele, but do know Christina a bit. Joan moved out of her Brentwwod home years before Mr. H was born, or even conceived. If she were still here, however, we would be neighbors. And Mr. H is NOT George Christy, though he too lives in Brentwood, but in a much less palatial abode.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 5910/09/2013

R49 If you read R59's answer, you will have yours too !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6010/09/2013

Is George Clooney gay?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6110/09/2013

Were Gene Kelly and Stanley Dolan ever lovers?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6210/09/2013

Mr. H, what can you tell us about the Fondas?? They fascinate me.

Also would love to know anything you can tell about Roddy MacDowell, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and Montgomery Clift.

I know encyclopedias have been written about Elizabeth Taylor, but I still feel like there is so much we don't really know about her, or relationships with these guys, and I also feel like,there are volumes we don't know about them as individuals apart from their relationship with her.

Did Judy Garland really catch Vincent Minnelli in bed with a guy? Was Judy really the love of Tyrone Power's life, Did Marilyn Monroe really have an abortion for Frank Sinatra?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6310/09/2013

Mr H. how many of you are there on this thread? Thanks

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6410/09/2013

I have a modest follow up question from the Mitzi Gaynor thread which seems to have gone unanswered. Was the house where Primmie Niven died tragically sold from Tyrone and Annabelle Power to Rita Hayworth sometime after Primmie's death?

One of those silly Hollywood ghost shows had Sally Struthers completely missing the important biographical details of the death when she claimed it was some drunk, unknown starlet who had stumbled around in the dark and tragically died due to her own drunkeness at a party given by Hayworth, not the Powers as was the case.

Of course, the house is now notable for being the home of an early '70s wash up.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6510/09/2013

R11 The Jean Spangler case will always be a mystery - I think it's possibe he was involved, if for no other reason than how many 'Kirks' were out there then ?. They knew each other slightly ( she was an extra on "Young Man With A Horn"), and Douglas made sure the police knew he was in Palm Springs when she was found - before they were even looking into him as a subject. Prevention ? Could be .But she could have just had an abortion, and problem solved. Remember she was also seeing an associate of Mickey Cohen, who disappeared 2 days before she did . Could she have known too much?

Was Kirk part of her disappearance ? Possibly. Did he himself kill her. I would say no.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6610/10/2013

R13 All that came long before Mr. H. Yes, I do believe it all happened. And yes, I do believe it was Mr. Zanuck who would meet girls every afternoon.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6710/10/2013

R14 Abbott & Costello. Bud Abbott's parents were circus performers. He was a good guy. Took care to take care of his family. When the 2 got together, their original contract was 60 /40,money wise, in Bud's favor, as the 'straight' man in a duo was considered the more valuable. For a while, beginning in their movies, it was 50 /50. Then, when Lou became the more famous of the duo, it flipped back to 60 / 40, with Abbott getting the smaller %. Abbott had epilepsy, and to try and calm that, he started drinking heavily. Lou was actually a good athlete, when he was young. He boxed. But he developed heart problems. And there was a tragedy when his son, Lou Jr. (called Butch), not even 1 years old, somhow wandered into Costello's pool, and drowned. He was heartbroken. Still as time went by he healed, and his ego became much bigger than Bud's, and he became difficult. The 2 were set to star in a new film (1954's " Fireman Save My Child") but Lou was too sick to work, and the duo was replaced by, of all people, Hugh O'Brian & Buddy Hackkett . 5 years later, Lou died of a heart attack, at age 53.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6810/10/2013

R15 Don't think it can compare - MGM, and what they did to their talent, at one time, was controlling their lives in every way. Who they dated, what they wore, and hiding any scandal. Nowadays, scandal wise, all the young-ins seem on their own. Disney was / is a kiddie playground, compared to what Garland, Mickey, and that whole crop went through on their roller coaster.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 6910/10/2013

We love you, Mr. Hollywood!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7010/10/2013

Abbott and Costello were shunned in Hollywood because their origins were in burlesque.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7110/10/2013

I think we love anyone who seems to have some gossip, or facts to go along with the stories we've heard.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7210/10/2013

Any Robert Redford stuff? He seems to have an impeccable public image.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7310/10/2013

Thank for all the cool stories Mr. Hollywood, but anything on celebrities who haven't been dead for 40 years?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7410/10/2013

Mr. H., is there anyone you would like to acknowledge for having an undeserved bad reputation?

I am thinking of any celebrity who has either changed their ways over time, or was never as bad as bloggers/the press make them out to be.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7510/10/2013

Mr. Hollywood, what can you tell us about Paul Newman's sexuality as well as Joanne Woodward's?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7610/10/2013

Thanks for the dish, Mr. H. I want to know more about the relationship of Matt Damon And Ben Affleck. What can you tell us?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7710/10/2013

Well at least we know Damon and Affleck are still friends and I think they want their families to stick together.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7810/10/2013

Ancient history question.

Was Keanu Reeves with David Geffen the night River died, or was he at the Viper Room with River?

And no, Keanu was not on the set of Speed on a Saturday night.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 7910/10/2013

Is Mr. H. the same person as Suzi? They do sound alike and of the same era.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8010/10/2013

Mr Hollywood what do you know about Rosalind Russell? Any stories? Ty...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8110/10/2013

I wonder about Mr. Hollywood being up at 4 in the morning. Is that healthy?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8210/10/2013

R56 That's a tough one. The most surprised implies someone you'd never suspect. Here on DL, it seems, EVERYONE is suspect. In terms of the golden age of films, maybe Lawrence Olivier - mainly because of all the Vivian Leigh / great love affair talk. More recently, it never surprises me to find anyone is gay. Most surprising is to hear the bi-line. In that regard, even though I already knew about his sexual proclivities, it surprised me when music mogul Clive Davis admitted as much, in his recent biography.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8310/10/2013

R61 You will all hate hearing this, and many will say I'm wrong ( wishful thinking), but Clooney is straight as an arrow. He loves the women folk. I don't understand it either, but that is the reality.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8410/10/2013

Oh I get through out a few gossipy remarks so that you can beard for the bigger stars? Ok.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8510/10/2013

Mr. H., despite his love of mom jeans, some on DL insist that Jerry Seinfeld is gay. I disagree, because A.) no one would choose a teenage girl (Shoshana) as a beard and B.) he's totally p-whipped now. Who is right?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8610/10/2013

R62 Kelly & Donen were never lovers. And here's some tid bits for you. A little girl named Jeanne Coyne enrolled in the Gene Kelly School Of Dance, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in 1930 - long before anyone knew who Kelly was, other than a great dance teacher. In her 20's , she would go on to pursue a dance career in NYC, and would reconnect with Kelly, and meet Donen, when the 2 were working on "Best Foot Forward". When Kelly & Donen moved to Hollywood, in the early 40's, Coyne followed, and worked at MGM, assisting the duo as choreographer. In 1948, she and Donen, eloped - but by 1950, the marriage was coming apart, and they divorced a year later. Coyne had worked as Kelly's personal assistant on "On The Town", "Summer Stock", & "An American In Paris" - all done with Donen. The rumor was that Kelly & Coyne had been sleeping with each other both during her marriage, and after. AND that Donen had been sleeping with Betsy Blair, Kelly's wife .Kelly once said "Jeanne's marriage to Stanley was doomed from the start, cause every time Stanley looked at Jeanne, he saw Betsy, whom he loved. And every time Jeanne looked at Stanley, I guess she saw me. One way or another, it was all pretty incestuous" That's what Mr. H always says about this town. Anyway, several years later, Kelly would divorce Blair, and finally marry Coyne - they had 2 children. Donan dated Judy Holliday, & Liz Taylor, among others. Meanwhile, Donen would later marry Marion Marshall ( who would later marry Robert Wagner), and later still, he would marry Yvette Mimieux ("Where The Boys Are"). At 89, his current girlfriend is Elaine May, the comic, and writer-director. 2 of Mr. H's favorite films were directed by Donen - "Charade", with Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn, and "Two For The Road" with Hepburn, & Albert Finney. Fun fact - Donen's son Josh dated Cher in the mid 80's, when she was 38, and he was 29. It was her skunk- hair phase.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8710/10/2013

R79 Geffen & Reeves were not together that night, nor was Reeves at the Viper Room that night . Remember, though it's rarely mentioned, it was Halloween night, 1993 ( soon to be 20 years since that tragic evening). Mr. H was just a few blocks away, enjoying the costumed festivities, in WeHo, on S.M. Blvd., and slipped into a cafe for a drink. When word got out what happened, it spread like the boys at 2:00 a.m., when the lights come on. It became a buzz heard throughout boys town.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8810/10/2013

R82 Mr. H frequently ventures away from tinseltown, and can be writing from anywhere. In this case, I was in a completely different time zone. For me it was 10:00 am when these posts were done. Mr. H returns to his hometown soon, and will be back on PST. Thank you for your concern however - I'm quite healthy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 8910/10/2013

Supposedly Keanu was River's best friend and supposedly River had been away. Isn't it odd that Keanu wouldn't spend Halloween with his best friend at the Viper Room? The Globe said he was there and that he split when he heard that the cops were called? Were the cops even called? Did they come when 911 was called?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9010/10/2013

R85 That would be 'threw', and I don't 'beard' for anyone. Mr. H wants to shave the beards (so to speak), and always expose. But remember, he tries to always expose truth, not support rumor. I'm here for you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9110/10/2013

It certainly seems like George contracts his women, same as Tom Cruise and Leo.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9210/10/2013

R86 Not gay, and is allowed to indulge his love of Porches. He had a 3-story subterranean complex built in 2001, on NYC's west side, that includes 4 separate garage spaces, a car elevator, a club room - with pool table, kitchen, & bath, and a large office. The temperature in the garage, as if for fine wines, is kept just right, for his collection of almost 50 cars, which includes a very rare 1955 550 Spyder ( identical to James Dean's death car), and the first 911 ever produced. That's what syndication $$$ gets you.

And yes, he is entirely P- whipped, according to my sources.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9310/10/2013

But he obviously likes being pussy whipped.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9410/10/2013

Based on your "era of expertise", I have a hard time believing you are 40. Sounds like you are a lot closer to 65 or 70.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9510/10/2013

Dear Mr. Hollywood:

When I was five years old in 1957, I saw Kaye Ballard as one of the wicked stepsisters in the live telecast of Rodgers and Hammerstein's “Cinderella,” with Julie Andrews. Kaye says she's straight and I never thought otherwise all these years. What's the lowdown?

Oh, I sent Liz a letter at that address you posted. I think she going to get a lot of mail from her fans. Thanks again!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9610/10/2013

R90 Never go by The Globe for true info. It made for a better story to say Keanu was there, and snuck out. If he really was the best friend, you imply, wouldn't he have been with him, when they were trying to save him ? Keanu is one of the least interested stars, re public perception, I know. That he was caught there when his friend died, wouldn't have mattered. Yes, 911 was called ( you can even hear his younger brother Joaquin, then called Leaf, on the public call - very sad), and his sister Rain, and friend, Samantha Mathis, were with him, trying to revive him, when the ambulance arrived.He had 1 seizure inside the club, and 5 on the pavement in front. After the 5th, he went still. Captain Ray Riber, of the 4-person paramedic team, reported River had no pulse, was not breathing, and was grey. Flea (of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) River's friend, was there too, and tried to jump in the back of the ambulance, but was told it was too crowded, and could sit in the front seat - which he did. It's only about a 5 minute drive to Cedars (with the siren on) , but he was most likely DOA. He was pronounced dead at 1:51 am.

Someone else who was there, and did try to get away, was Johnny Depp, then one of the club's co-owners. He WAS interested in his public image, and did try and distance himself from the incident, and refute the fact the club was a well known drug den (for those who wanted them) - which it was.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9710/10/2013

R95 You are welcome to believe anything you wish. Mr. H is what he is . I promise you, I am nowhere near the age range you mentioned.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9810/10/2013

Yes, it was a drug den as was every club of that time. If you had the money, the dealers were there.

Some say Depp was involved with some very shady people. I think that's true. In many cities you can't own a club unless you are paying protection.

It's my guess there were more then a few very serious junkies at the club the night River died...if Keanu wasn't one of them, I'm surprised.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 9910/10/2013

Ignore the fool, Mr. H.

This attitude of suspecting and proving false every poster is what is ruining DL. For god's sake, let us enjoy our gossip in peace. Especially when someone like Mr. H is willing to share.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10010/10/2013

Mr Hollywood! You didn't answer me!


Careless Mr. Hollywood!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10110/10/2013

Mr. H, what are your thoughts/gossip about Robert Wagner?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10210/10/2013

Is it true that Clooney still has about 100 different women calling him every day, many of them married and in positions of power in Hollywood, begging him for his superior sexual services?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10310/10/2013

R96 Oh my friend , this is so easy, I hasten to even bother. Yes, Miss Ballard is a lover of the fuzzy ( or waxed) peach. She is also a delight. She does however hate the gay/lesbian label - probably generational, but still, she's known for giving the most non-denial denial ( there was a thread about it, here on DL). She's 87, but to paraphrase Liberace, she may not want to be remembered as just 'that old dyke'. She has white hair now, drives around the desert in her Chrysler convertible, and always seems happy. But for her own reasons, she will never do an Ellen, and go public.

She bought her Rancho Mirage home from Desi Arnaz (her "Mothers In Law" producer), back in the late 70's , and still lives there. The street she lives on was named for her in 2003. But like Kaye, it gets confusing - the street was originally Mashie Ln. Some maps will still put her house as 71475 Mashie, or KB Lane. But real address is :

Kaye Ballard- 71320 Kaye Ballard Lane, Rancho Mirage, CA. She's always got a big Hummer in the driveway ( no poon intended).

Another retro fact - Lucy's desert home (designed by Mr. H fave, Paul R. Williams, in 1954) is just a few blocks away, on the Thunderbird Country Club grounds.

Lucy & Desi - 40-241 Club View Dr., RM

Ball kept this wonderful home, till she died - and willed it to Gary Morton. Here's the great part - Desi had won the lot, while gambling. The Arnaz' built the home overlooking the 17th hole, and then discovered Desi could not join the Club, since he was Cuban (WASPS only). So he always played at The Indian Welles Country Club nearby. When Lucy married Gary, the same thing happened, since he was Jewish - so he joined the nearby Tamarisk Country Club. BTW , Lucy's old pal Ginger Rogers lived (and died) across the street:

Ginger - 40-230 Club View Dr., RM

Ginger didn't have the golf course view, or a pedigreed house, but it was lovely, nonetheless. The 2 gals went way back - Ginger's mom, Lela, who taught Ginger all she knew, was appearing in "Roberta", in 1935 , with Lucy- in an uncredited roll, as a model. Then Lela helped to get Lucy her first speaking role in "Top Hat". Later Lucy & Ginger would both appear in "Stage Door", when Ginger had the primo dressing room, on the RKO lot, being a huge star at that time. Jump ahead to 1957, when the Arnaz' bought RKO, and Lucy took over that very same dressing room - which would eventually become part of the Paramount Lot. Full circle.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10410/10/2013

R100 Bless you, my friend

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10510/10/2013

R103 No

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10610/10/2013

RE: r104

Thank you as always, Mr. Hollywood You're the greatest!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10710/10/2013

Have you any information on Burt Reynolds? He's always been a mystery to me.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10810/10/2013

Mr. H, does Tom Hanks have a drinking problem? What about Ellen?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 10910/10/2013

First, thank you for all your info and posts. I always look forward to your posts and I am glad to see a thread. Your posts are awesome! Thank you. Wow!

Is Lee Majors gay or bi? Any truth to the rumor that he was the "pal" of Rock Hudson and that Rock brought him to Hollywood?

Tom Selleck: gay, bi or straight? We were told bi here on DL. This is the rumor I have heard elsewhere, too. What is his "scene"?

Robert Wagner: gay, bi or straight.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11010/10/2013

Yes heard a lot of rumours about Lee Majors all from years ago...what the gossip on him now.

Same with Tom Selleck so many rumours.

Wasn`t Robert Wagner gay for pay. Again would like to know.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11110/10/2013

Are there any stars who are secretly homophobes, but publicly supportive of gay rights?

Is Goldie Hawn really a racist? I find that very difficult to believe. What is Kurt Russell like?

In your opinion, what stars are mean and nasty in H'wood?

What is Carol Burnett like? Any truth to the rumor about her and Julie Andrews?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11210/10/2013

Are there just as many lesbians amongst actresses as there are gay men amongst male actors? Or what's the rough estimation. Thanks.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11310/10/2013

R109 Both people love their cocktails, I can tell you that. With Hank diabetes announcement earlier this week, me thinks he'll pull back on the drinking, and try and get healthy. Don't see that happening with Ellen however.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11410/10/2013

R112 Goldie is not a racist, I can tell you that. Kurt is a very nice guy, non-phase able. He's been in the business since he was a little kid - he got to kick Elvis in the shin in his first movie (at 11). I think they live more separate lives than you might imagine. Gold's an animal lover- Kurt hunts. Goldie's very liberal, Kurt's conservative ( not kooky though). Kurt is very likable. And he likes his massages, at various spots around town - always female. I won't share what else I know except to say that he and Goldie have been together a LONG time. All men need their to speak. And yes, he is well endowed.

BTW - Kurt looked his best IMHO, in "Silkwood"

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11510/10/2013

Did Colin Farrell "service" Liz Taylor before she died? He purportedly pursued her, and he read poetry to her. Is that all?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11610/10/2013

Can C-listers and former stars really be had for a price?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11710/10/2013

R112/ part 2 Carol Burnett is what you see- genuine, kind, funny. A sweetheart. And no , she and Miss Andrews had no fling. They were / are great friends. I don't think she's Julie's type. Oh - did I say that ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11810/10/2013

Mr. H, what caused the Sarandon/Robbins break-up? Are either of them really upset about it? And why can't Susan just find a nice guy her own age for once?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 11910/10/2013

Mr H do you know for a fact that George Clooney is not gay?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12010/10/2013

R116 NO, Mr. Farrell did not 'service' Liz Taylor. She was in very poor health the last several years of her life, and had always suffered from a back injury. The poor woman was in a wheelchair for years, for god sake. Did he read poetry to her ? Yes, in her garden. That was it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12110/10/2013

How do you know Kurt Russell is well endowed?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12210/10/2013

R120 Can anyone say whether another person has ever had sex with someone ? Only those 2 (or 4, or 6, or 8-if thats your thing) really know. From everything I know, from everyone I've talked to, from other sources, I have found he answer is no. But, he is the # 1 wishful thinking candidate. All women want him, all gay men hope he's gay. But my friend, I don't believe thats true.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12310/10/2013

Lets say there is a pretty, young woman who has loose lips (no comment), but extolls the manhood of Mr. Russell, after a few too many drinks. And is very discreet otherwise. That, and I've had him....No, Mr. H jokes. Suffice to say he also falls into the BDF catagory - not always reliable, but most of the time.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12410/10/2013

R122 Sorry, Mr. H is a little weary. R124 was for you, my friend

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12510/10/2013

What is the BDF category?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12610/10/2013

Mr. H, please disregard the unkind trolls. They always seem to show up on threads featuring genuine insider gossip. I wonder why!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12710/10/2013

What's the deal with John Cusack, Mr. H? Lots of blind items seem to point to him being a total dick with women (and someone who has an armpit-sniffing fetish).

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12810/10/2013

r127,this is r122. No disrespect intended to Mr. H. I am just wondering how someone would know about a celebs dick size. Just a question. Mr H, your explanation is believable.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 12910/10/2013

Mr. Hollywood, thank you most kindly for the information about Mrs. Alfred Steele. I echo R77's request for more information about Baffleck and Matt Damon.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13010/10/2013

r126 BDF = Big Dick Face, usually having to do with bone structure, ear size, nose size. You get it. Someone like Bieber, small features, small ears, usually means SDF

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13110/10/2013

Who, nowadays, is the most accomplished fellatrix among current comers?

And the male (fellatrist?)?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13210/10/2013

R131 Precisely . You can also include jaw / jawbone in that. Thats why Miss Bernhard, when she admitted having slept with Jay Leno, early after arrival in Hollywood included the fact he was huge. Think of Leno's jaw.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13310/10/2013

Thank you for all the posts Mr. H., I've always wondered if there was a hint of pink about any of the Bridges family? I've heard they are all very well endowed but not so much who benefits from that.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13410/10/2013

Can Jeff Bridges really do what they say he can?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13510/10/2013

Mr. Hollywood has posted something in this thread that is either a calculated lie, or shows he's completely in the dark about anyone born since the 50s. Either way, don't take too much stock in what he has to tell you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13610/10/2013

Mr. H!! I would love any gossip you can share about Reese Witherspoon, AKA America's Sweetheart. I've heard she is slutty, mean spirited, and nasty to the help. Very demanding on set, too, and very competitive with other actors male and female.

She is allegedly driving her agent husband crazy, putting a lot of pressure on him. It's affecting his job. The relationship is more about his clout at CAA, than about love.

I also heard that she cheated on hubby Ryan Phillippe, almost as much as he cheated on her. I know her father is nuts and her mother has been looking really bad lately. She appears so buttoned down, but I have heard her family life is a complete mess, imitating the family life she grew up in.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13710/10/2013

R132 Well judging from the fact she captured 2 of Hollywood's most well known Sappfires ( my own word), I'd say Alexandra Hedison. She was with Ellen for several years, before Miss DG dumped her for Portia. She is 44, and now has taken up with Miss Foster at her residence :

JF - 1267 Lago Vista Dr., Beverly Hills

That woman has to have some special abilities, besides her photography, that these A-gay women love.

As for the men, I just may choose Jeremy Lingvall, Mr. Geffen's ex ( and several other wealthy men). When you can pay for anyone, I'd expect that would be on the top of the list. And another + - re BDF, Mr. Lingvall has large ears, and a world class jawline. Need I say more ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13810/10/2013

We know George is gay.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 13910/10/2013

R136 Don't be quiet my friend. Come forward. Mr. H has no fear. Tell me what is a 'calculated lie', or well, I don't even know what the 2nd half of your reply means ? I'm in the dark about anyone born since the 50's ? Please explain. Thank you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14010/10/2013

I don't like a square jaw...does John Hamm have a square jaw? I'll make an exception...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14110/10/2013

R139, There are many women that can verify that George is at least bi.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14210/10/2013

One thing for sure and Mr. Hollywood has to know this...when there is THAT much smoke, there's a fire.

And Tom Selleck is for sure, gay.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14310/10/2013

Mr. Hollywood had a stand-off with the cops, and then killed himself by setting fire to his house.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14410/10/2013

R139 Be gone with you troll ! Now Mr. H will turn the tables. Have you personally been with Mr. Clooney , and you are male ? Do you have photos, or video, with Mr. Clooney having oral sex, or intercourse , with a man, or men, that have been scientifically examined by an expert, for proof they are untampered with ? And do you have several accounts of his continued sex, and or relationship, i.e. gay relationship, with a man, or a number of men ? You are barking up the wrong tree, my friend - I would like nothing more than to report that Clooney was one of us. That he had a fling with Mark Wahlberg. That he, and Matt Damon, often get together for sex. That all these women were just 'props', and he arrived at the Oscars, or any other gala, with a woman - but left with a man - his boyfriend, trick, f-buddy. It would be fun to burst that bubble. But all evidence I've heard, personally, and seen, publicly, points another way. Get over it, and accept.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14510/10/2013

R142 & 143 Are the rocks heavy you're crawling out from under ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14610/10/2013

R144 Thank you ! You gave Mr. H a good laugh

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14710/10/2013

Cute, Mr. H, but your resume's looking flimsier and flimsier.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14810/10/2013

Mr. H is VERY thin skinned when his credentials are questioned.

I'm not trolling, my fellow DLers. I am saying I clicked on this thread to be delighted and informed, and then ran across an authoritative proclamation I know to be wrong. So chances are, we are dealing with a fabulist, or an empty-ish suit. But don't take him too, too seriously.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 14910/10/2013

R148 I have never stated a resume, an agenda, or anything else here. I am someone with knowledge of lots of the goings on in LA/Holywood, and have nothing to prove. What is your reason for being so judgemental about me ? If something said here is incorrect, either in your mind, or in your belief, state it, stop hedging like a PR flack, O Quiet Friend.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15010/10/2013

R148 is neither quiet nor a friend...discuss

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15110/10/2013

r149 So Kaye Ballard is really straight ? I could have sworn ...........

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15210/10/2013

r64, judging from the tone of voice, sense of humor, quality of info, it must be the same person but posting from two different devices, hence the troldar indicating two people.

Part of the fun of DL is we get to use any humorous moniker appropriate to the posting. His message signed Mrs. Hal B. Wallis on the Liz Scott thread was hilarious.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15310/10/2013

R149 You clicked on this thread to be 'delighted and informed' ? Honey you clicked on the wrong thread. This is fun - you wanted the "Chris Brown : I Lost My Virginity at 8 and it makes me Great at Sex" thread

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15410/10/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15510/10/2013

I always make people mad Mr. Hollywood, I guess it's my nature. I don't mean to make you angry or make you go away but seriously...

Are you Ehrenstein? Because Ehrenstein often tried to keep certain actors in the closet. I'm not sure why.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15610/10/2013

I don't care if three people post as Mr. Hollywood, as long as they all actually know something.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15710/10/2013

Quiet friend, say what you mean or shut the fuck up and begone!

Mr. H, we'll ask yet again.....Robert Wagner??

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15810/10/2013

R156 I give up ! I am actually getting on an Air France 380 as I type , heading back to NY, then LA.

Quiet friend..... I will be waiting

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 15910/10/2013

R157 There is only one Mr. Hollywood.....and I'm the man to prove it. Bon Voyage !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16010/10/2013

Mr. H, any good dish on Sondra Locke?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16110/10/2013

This dufus did not even say as much as a gossip site, and quite a bit less actutolly. Mr. H is full of S. But when he comes back let's worship his stupid ass again, even though he's probably a couple of high school kids laughing their asses off. Oh Mr. H please tell uus, should we buy a Magic 8 ball? What do you think all wise and knowing Wizard of Hollywood? Jeeeesus and Mary.

I know I used to call all of the Douglas numbers in the phone book and pretend to be Mr. Haney selling automatic milking machines, junior high was a rip.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16210/10/2013

Yes it's "actually". Fucking auto correct jacks with me unmercifully when I don't need it and turns it's back on me when I do.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16310/10/2013

Well maybe he could comment on this, when he get's back...supposedly from Robert Downey, under the name Himmmmmm...

Yes,FYI: There are some AWESOME and GOOD people in Hollywood. Sadly, you don't get ink for being good. (That's twisted, yes I know).

But consider Hwood as a microcosm of the world: Recall the Your Turn about the gross/sick teacher pedos? You knew TONS of them right? But imagine trying to list the GOOD and moral teachers? Would take forever.

On the news each day, all we hear are BAD THINGS and bad people. It's what sells and intrigues. We ALL love Blinds and gossip because we're human. Flawed, but human. Sometimes you just need to realize that Hwood is no more fucked up than the rest of the world - we just get more coverage - in a 24/7 scandal cycle.

So yes, a few awesome Hwood people I know personally: (They have flaws and are not perfect, but they are GREAT people who are the opposite of the other sick fucks):

David Kelley John Hughes (was the best) Natasha Gregson Wagner Bryan Lourd Neil Patrick Harris Jon Hamm Guy Ritchie Tommy Lee Jones Susanna Hoffs Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates Drew Barrymore Steve Martin Rachel McAdams Bob Kosberg Sofia Coppola Zoe Cassavetes Moon Zappa Brad Pitt John Favreau Amber Heard Jerry Bruckheimer Molly Ringwald Tom Hanks Rob Reiner Susan Downey Will Staeger Miranda Cosgrove Seth Macfarlane Richard Lovett Johnny Depp Akiva Goldsman Alan Horn Elton John Kate Beckinsale Ron Meyer and yes...even Mel Gibson (faults and all.) And about 2,000 other people whose names you'd never recognize. They're not angels, and not perfect - neither am I. But they are REAL people who know what it means to be a real friend. :-)

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16410/10/2013

Oh for fuck's sake! How did a gossip thread devolve into a witch hunt and R164 's off her meds rant?

Getting sick of this trend on DL. Take a thread which people are enjoying, derail. It's GOSSIP people, not gospel.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16510/10/2013

Did you not read, R165? He's on a flight from France, going to NY and then it's on to LA.

I don't think he will be here for awhile.

I'm sure there are other people who have some gossip.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16610/10/2013

"Carol Burnett is what you see- genuine, kind, funny. A sweetheart. And no , she and Miss Andrews had no fling. They were / are great friends. I don't think she's Julie's type. Oh - did I say that ?"

So you're saying that, while Carol is not Julie's type of woman, Julie's type ARE women, correct?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16710/10/2013

Seems obvious that it's what he is saying.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16810/10/2013

"[R4] The Duke was straight - if you hear anything else, it is a myth."

Maybe he was straight, but he definitely sucked cock or had his sucked to forward his career. Right?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 16910/10/2013

I am sure he'll catch up with us after his lunch at Le Dome, unless he gets caught up, then sometime either after his dinner at Ma Maison, drinks at the Brown Derby, or his nightcap at the Cocoanut Grove.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17010/10/2013

R170 Don't forget Villa Capri, The Luau, The Bistro, Scandia, and dancing at The Daisy, on Rodeo. You're insane. And the closest I ever got to Chasens is when I make frequent stops at Bristol Farms, which is now a grocery store in the same building Chasens was in. It closed in '95, when I was 22, Quiet fiend. Thats not a typo either.

P.S. It's spelled Coconut Grove, not (hot) COCOAnut Grove, for those of us who are not ancient, but know our Hollywood history. Bloop !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17110/11/2013

I'm enjoying Mr. H's gossip (thank you Mr. H), but instead of hearing about which Hollywood actors are straight, can you enlighten us as to a couple of male Hollywood actors who are surprisingly gay (not obvious or already speculated about)?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17210/11/2013

Hmm, they also misspelled it on the marquee, Mr Hollywood.

Too bad they didn't have you around to correct them.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17310/11/2013

Good Morning Mr. H!

NYC, here. At this point 173-175 postings and yet no one, not one, has asked you about Tom Cruise and Will Smith. What's the skinny?

But, here's one I'd like to know... Who are the famous that we all perceive as rich and well-off but are always maybe a week or two away from having their lights shut off?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17410/11/2013

Not just Cruise and Smith, but Scientology in general. How is it really regarded by folks in the industry? They seem to tread lightly around the subject, but it's coming it's coming to a head now with Leah Remini and Tommy Davis giving depositions in a suit against the church and David Miscavige.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17510/11/2013

I really wonder what other stars think about Travolta? I mean, I would feel mortified to meet him. He's been so completely outed, yet he still refuses to come out! How do he and Kelly hold their heads up in public places? I feel embarrassed for them. I know they were not popular when they owned a house in Maine. Mainiacs don't put up with bullshit the way people in Hollywood do.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17610/11/2013

[quote]Oh for fuck's sake! How did a gossip thread devolve into a witch hunt and [R164] 's off her meds rant?

R165: those were NOT R164's words. That was a quote from CDAN's website, from a character who called himself "Himmmm" who many thought was Robert Downey, Jr.

Clear now?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17710/11/2013

Mr. H, if you were born in 1973, how do you know with such certainty all the dirt on the stars before your era?

I assume you know about current times and the recent past from personal experience or from eyewitness accounts, but how can you possibly know for sure about Valentino and later stars from the Golden Years?

I don't doubt your reportage, but wonder how you obtained your depth of knowledge.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17810/11/2013

Some of you guys are takin' the fun out of this thread. Enough with the outing stuff. Back to the dishy Hollywood questions.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 17910/11/2013

I think we want to know who is gay and frankly, I'd actually like to know, who is screwing who.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18010/11/2013

Beside that, I ask Mr. Hollywood if Burt Reynolds had anything to do with the death of Sarah Miles boyfriend on Man Who Loves Cat Dancing and I'm still curious.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18110/11/2013

Why do all of you keep insisting on omitting the mandatory honorific "Mr." before every reference to Mr. Burt Reynolds?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18210/11/2013

Mr. Hollywood - who right now in hollywood would we all be SHOCKED to learn is gay as a goose and love the peen? Just one name is fine if there are more than a few.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18310/11/2013

[quote]It's GOSSIP people, not gospel.

If only more DLers knew the difference.

Whoever upthread said "Don't take it too seriously" was speaking words of wisdom.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18410/11/2013

Come back, Mr. H. This is too much fun to fizzle!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18510/11/2013

Thanks for this thread, Mr. Hollywood.

My questions pertain to people who have been much speculated about on this site, namely L. DiCaprio and director Sam Mendes. What can you say about them? Also, do you know anything about K. Winslet?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18610/11/2013

[quote] Did you not read, [R165]? He's on a flight from France, going to NY and then it's on to LA.

I don't think he will be here for awhile.

I'm sure there are other people who have some gossip.

R166 has the I.Q. of a cantaloupe.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18710/11/2013

Didn't Mr H two days ago say he was going to tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Now he's en route from Paris to LA via NYC???

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18810/11/2013

I believe that he was joking, r188, as Mr. H is wont to do.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 18910/11/2013

Yes, R188, he's flying on the Concorde with known pussyhounds George Clooney and Julie Andrews.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19010/11/2013

About what? All of it?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19110/11/2013

R43 [quote]I must go, or will be late for my afternoon Tea at The Bel Air Hotel, but I will answer your question, later this afternoon

the following day...

R159 [quote]I am actually getting on an Air France 380 as I type , heading back to NY, then LA.

Well, perhaps the Bel Air hotel in L.A. isn't the only Bel Air hotel...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19210/11/2013

Still R187, it's higher then your IQ.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19310/11/2013

[quote] higher then your IQ

And yours too, apparently.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19410/11/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood, I would like to ask you, is Ryan Gosling gay? is James Franco gay? bisexual? straight? I once read that James Garner is bisexual? is that true?

Also, what do you think about Scotty Bowers book, Full Service? There is a new biography on Gore Vidal out,which the author interviewed Scotty Bowers for some information on Gore Vidal who said Gore Vidal had sex with Tyrone Power.

Also, I think someone posted this question already, but what do you think about the biographer, Darwin Porter? He claims that Steve McQueen was gay? and Merv Griffin had sex with McQueen etc.?

Also, Have you ever met Lizabeth Taylor? Susie Lee said she was a bit standoffish and she was sloppy. Also, Lizabeth Taylor always claimed she never had any affairs and she only had sex with a man when she was married to him, is that true? or was she making a bunch of BS for the public to believe? The author, Darwin Porter wrote about Lizabeth Taylor and he claims she many sexual affairs ,and she was sexually adventurous? Also, Have you heard of Lizabeth Taylor writing a diary and stating in her will that she doesn't want it to be revealed to the public until 75 years after her death? Do you know anything about that?

Also, is there a dairy which Roddy Mcdowall wrote, which is in a vault and he left instructions in his will that his dairy may not be revealed to the public until 100 years after his death? Is that bull?

Mr. Hollywood, there have been some people on DL who claim Fred Astaire was a child molester, Was that true?

Do you know anything about Ben Gazzara? was he bisexual?

Do you know anything about Audrey Hepburn?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19510/11/2013

Regarding the death of River Phoenix (birth surname "Bottom") at R88

[quote]Remember, though it's rarely mentioned, it was Halloween night, 1993 ( soon to be 20 years since that tragic evening). Mr. H was just a few blocks away, enjoying the costumed festivities, in WeHo, on S.M. Blvd., and slipped into a cafe for a drink. When word got out what happened, it spread like the boys at 2:00 a.m., when the lights come on. It became a buzz heard throughout boys town.

River died in the very early hours of Oct. 31. being pronounced dead at 1:51am, the wee hours of the morning, on October 31, not while Boystown was in full swing of the "costumed festivities" on Halloween night.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19610/11/2013

R84 HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Thanks for saving me from having to read any other comments.

Oh, and... is that you, George?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19710/11/2013

R195, you do realize that Mr. Hollywood is typing on a shared computer from the "recreation room" at an extended care facility in Minneapolis, right?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19810/11/2013

Hahaha oh, not from that "palatial abode" in Brentwood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 19910/11/2013

This looks like its going to go the way of SWF....kind of a shame

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20010/11/2013

I thought I would chime back in, after taking a break, for the 200th reply. Mr. H has been amused at so many of your comments here. I appreaciate the 'thank you's' , chuckle at the put downs ( i truly don't get offended by any of them - even ' quiet friend' is funny to me, however confused or taunting he/she may be.Or maybe it is a he-she ?). No matter, Mr. H loves you all, but feels maybe I should have stuck to just replying on other threads. Mr. H does have a busy life - social, and otherwise, and has been replying on threads ('Mitzi Gaynor's house) all the while. Now I am getting on the red eye, jetting back to LA, from NYC. I may, or may not continue here - and an FYI. Not all those calling themselves 'Mr. H' here, are for real. I am Mr. Hollywood, always have been, always will be. For now, thats all folks !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20110/11/2013

R200 Whats SWF ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20210/11/2013

Tragically, Mr. Hollywood passed away on a group outing to Minnehaha Falls late Thursday evening. He was surrounded by his closest friends, including Mr. Palm Springs, and he died gazing out the tour bus window at Minnesota's greatest natural wonder.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20310/11/2013

R203 I blame Michele Bachmann.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20410/11/2013

R203 should be edited to read:

Tragically, the REAL Mr. Hollywood passed away...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20510/11/2013

As "far fetched" (note the sarcasm) as it may be, did it ever occur to any of you doubters that maybe Mr. Hollywood may be a relative, sibling, son, cousin, WTF ever, of people in the industry? That maybe he went to school with, or lived among people who have been involved for maybe two or three generations?

It's just that I have seen and been around certain types, and it's a close knit community and you can know them, or hang out with them, but unless you are really "one of them" you won't know anything but general purpose gossip.

I am inclined to believe him. At least, I think his observations are just as valid if not more so as something I read in some gossip blog on line or in some magazine.

Maybe he's the nephew of some producer, or film industry type, and has been absorbing gossip and insider info with his mother's milk. I wish the negative troll-ish people would just go away and let those of us who appreciate him and are entertained alone.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20610/11/2013

r206 Amen, brother.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20710/11/2013

R206 You're so cute!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20810/11/2013

Hello'Mr. Hollywood

Would love any info on Ethel Waters, Lena Horne, Hattie McDaniel, Louise Beavers. Thanks!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 20910/11/2013

[maybe]maybe maybe maybe I think his observations are just as valid if not more so as something I read in some gossip blog on line or in some magazine. Maybe

Yeah, sure, "maybe".

But, like the judge tells you when sitting for jury duty, if you know a witness to make one untrue statement, then it's reasonable to believe nothing else said by that witness.

Nothing here is written in stone, and nothing should be taken seriously. Entertainment, sure, but nothing more, like any gossip blog or People Magazine blurb.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21010/11/2013

I AM THE REAL MR.HOLLYWOOD, not those others claiming to be me!

I am currently sipping champagne with my dear friends at Top of the Rock, and I'll soon be back in my lovely Hollywood.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21110/11/2013

Oh please, R206. "Mr. Hollywood" is some reclusive old fart who read a few Kitty Kelley biographies and recently discovered alt.gossip.celebrities.

Breathe into a paper bag and try to relax, girls.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21210/11/2013

Why does the fact that George Clooney is straight make a few mean Dataloungers drive Mr. Hollywood out of town?

Now I will never get to ask my question.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21310/11/2013

I once knew a girl who's mother was a hairdresser in Vegas, and she was often used by the rich and famous, and even went to L.A. on a regular basis, especially during awards season, for work.

She wen to the homes of some of these people. She knew other people in the same line of work, and make up people too. Of course they saw a lot. Of course they gossiped among themselves.

You have no idea the layers and layers of people who are like little satellites spinning around the celebrity communities.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21410/11/2013

R211 I am Mr. H, sitting on a tarmack, at JFK, and I'm curious, 211. What is 'Top Of The Rock' ? I know San Fran's Top Of The Mark well - but Rock ?

And R206 - You're definitely on the right track. If you ever played Hot or Cold, as a kid......your quite warm

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21510/11/2013

Hello Mr. H Don't late the negative ones here drive you away. I was wondering when the nasties would come out and try to drive you away, just as they did to others here. I enjoy your posts, and so do many others. It is great there is a thread for YOUR posts only. I would have said this earlier in the thread, but I am not a paying member of DL. Note to self: I have to become a paying member!

And it is tantalizing to know you are an insider from H'wood. Wow!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21610/11/2013

Mr. Hollywood, what was your flight number on Air France to NYC . I think you're bullshitting the boys at Datalounge because I couldn't find a flight that fit the scenario you were giving us.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21710/11/2013

What's your full name, address, phone number and email r217 ?

I think you're a weirdo and a bit of an ass, and would like to call you up and let you prove it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21810/11/2013

R218 still watches the NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 21910/11/2013

Bite me. R218

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22010/11/2013

I like The Quiet Friend. He/she seems clever.

By the way, i'm beginning to dislike Mr.Hollywood. He seems touchy and stuck-up and he doesn't reply to all people who ask him a question. On the other hand, he was bothered to reply to The Quiet Friend who was critical about him. Well...that says a lot.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22110/11/2013

Those of you who think Mr. Hollywood is a phony and keep bitching,leave! It's that simple. Don't communicate with Mr. Hollywood in any way and don't participate on this thread and move on.Those of us chose to communicate with him because it's OUR choice! Those of you who destroy threads on DL because YOU don't like them it's evident you are pathetic and you live pathetic lives.This is the same thing that happened with the Susie Lee threads who later revealed she was Susan Kasznar, actor Kurt Kasznar's daughter.So she was the real deal. But the damage was done at that point, and she is no longer on DL anymore. Now the shit head Nazis are doing the same thing to Mr. Hollywood. I know some people who won't come on DL anymore because it's people like you who are miserable.You ruin the fun for everyone else.

BTW, go back to your threads where you belong like some actor's dick size thread, what happens to porn stars when they retire thread, Dancing With The Stars thread,or the number of threads on TV shows that are on Bravo!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22210/11/2013

I'm loving Mistah H's info! But I'm curious about the "Quiet Friend" and what he/she thinks he/she caught Mistah H telling an untruth about. I'm just a nosy bastard that way. So, QF, what was it, or are you just being a cuntrarian?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22310/11/2013

I just want to add one more thing. Please Mr. Hollywood, don't let the losers ruin it for you and for the rest of us. There will always be miserable people in this world who are not happy unless they try to make life miserable for others.You just need to ignore them and don't let them win because that is exactly what they want. There are many, many people on DL who are appreciative that you take the time to answer our questions. The humans out weigh the miserable trolls on this thread.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22410/11/2013

R222 was so distraught over the disparagement of "Mr. Hollywood" that he tripped over his caftan and snagged his cock ring on the chenille bedspread.

Poor would appear from his post at R195 that the cock ring was cutting off the oxygen to his brain.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22510/11/2013

R225, wants show everyone he is the type of piece of shit invading this thread I was referring to, good job R225!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22610/11/2013

I told you, R226, "Mr. Hollywood" stroked out on a bus trip to Minnehaha Falls!


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22710/11/2013

R227 SO, give us some PS dish, Mr. Palm Springs.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22810/12/2013

[quote]Those of you who think Mr. Hollywood is a phony and keep bitching,leave!


This is the Datalounge. We call out trolls and phonies. It's part of the genre. You are not entitled to enjoy your fictions in a reality-free zone.

A lot of things don't ring right about "Mr. Hollywood" and frankly he's not interesting enough to deserve the work a true litany would take.

But calling out trolls, and refining the art of detecting them, is part of what being a Datalounger is. If your radar wasn't set off by someone promising insider gossip, who then exclusively focuses on the pre-Cambrian era, then is completely wrong when asked to divulge about recent stars, and claims to have some kind of stratified lifestyle that maybe a middle aged man in the 1980s might have found cool, but then claims only to be approaching 40 -- this dog just doesn't hunt, folks.

I mean, tea at the Hotel Bel Air? I haven't been since the renovation. No one who loved the real Hotel Bel Air has. It's an awful, gaudy place now, not even a shadow of its former self. If they do high tea, it's *maybe* for tourists. A Pisco Sour at the Polo Lounge would have been slightly more believable, if you were 60.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 22910/12/2013

Also, everyone is right to zero in on "Mr. Hollywood's" thin skin. Insiders posting real gossip don't care if their image is questioned. Fabulists constructing a fake identity so they can adulate in false worship cannot tolerate that sort of narcissistic injury.

It was cute.

Cut, print, moving on.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23010/12/2013

Who are you 'quiet friend' ? Mr. H. seemed reluctant to bring forth much info on himself. Do you work 'in the biz' ? Will you share any gossip with us if Mr. H doesnt come back ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23110/12/2013

Mr. H., thank you for taking the time to post here. You have quite a few fans, along with several detractors, which is par for the course here @ DL. Please don't let the jerks get you down and please continue to entertain/amuse/enlighten us.


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23210/12/2013

The only thing I'll share, before going away, is that gossip is fun, but secrets are not. Being told something is fun. It's already out there, you aren't drawing first blood, you get to spread it around. But learning something first hand is icky and sad, and there's no fun in sharing it. In fact, the closer you are to something, the less pleasure you get in letting anyone in on it. Gossip sort of exists in the same band of the solar system where life is possible... not too close, not too far.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23310/12/2013

What were you referring to, Quiet Friend, when you said Mr. H was lying?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23410/12/2013

[quote] Whats SWF ?

"SWF on the verge" was a wonderful poster, full of insider gossip, whose DL tenure was cut short by various slimey PR hacks who posted her personal details and speculated who she might be by naming names.

If we had a hall of fame, she would surely be inducted.

PS. SWF, if you're reading this, come back!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23510/12/2013

[quote] The only thing I'll share, before going away, is that gossip is fun, but secrets are not. Being told something is fun. It's already out there, you aren't drawing first blood, you get to spread it around. But learning something first hand is icky and sad, and there's no fun in sharing it. In fact, the closer you are to something, the less pleasure you get in letting anyone in on it. Gossip sort of exists in the same band of the solar system where life is possible... not too close, not too far.

I both resent you for trying to ruin our fun and admire your sympathetic nature.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23610/12/2013

Looking for Mr. H postings again (loved his response to my queery R132) and find those strangely vicious postings (like The Unquiet Friend) and no more Mr. H., just a lot of kerfluffle debate. Empty calories.

I want Mr. H.'s true schlag.

Too bad for me.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23710/12/2013

I find you all unfair with The Quiet Friend. He/she was just critical about Mr.Hollywood. Mr Hollywood's response to The Quiet Friend was more insulting.

Are you all blind by the way?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23810/12/2013

I must have missed that R235. All I read was the usual bitching that happens whenever anyone who has good gossip starts posting here. Which is unfortunately to be expected. How could they get any personal details on SWF?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 23910/12/2013


SWF, somewhat impulsively and despite warnings from other DLers, stated her former profession and dropped very precise hints about people she had close relationships with, which some malcontents used to try to guess her real name.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24010/12/2013

Quiet Friend still has not offered up anything more than his silly put down of Mr. H. He demanded Mr. H to put up,or shut up. I say we do the same of him. Many have asked for something more, but his playing demure doesnt work for me . He's misterious, but boring. I want Mr. H back.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24110/12/2013

What about Mr. Palm Springs ? He never responded either.So no Mr. H, no Quiet Friend ? As Dominique Dunne screamed in "Poltergeist"... "WHAT IS HAPPENING ?"

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24210/12/2013

It's sad what this coulda'-been-fun thread has turned into. As the good sisters used to say, "Because of a few we all have to suffer."

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24310/12/2013

People leave because these threads devolve to troll threads. They get disrupted. they become argumentative, and people find them unproductive and tedious. Contrary to your observation, they are not what DL is all about, they are part of what is destroying DL. That's what trolls do. ' So Mr. H, instead of responding to the trolls, and to the rest of us who respond or argue with them, stop adding to the pollution of this thread and ignore them. Totally ignore them.

They become more negative, more insulting, more virulent, but just scroll past them. When they insult you and you respond, they are getting what they want. they have in effect changed the subject to center around them. This gives them satisfaction and a sense of power. Pretty pathetic, when you think about it.

Come back, Mr. H, whenever you feel like. And fuck the trolls. I will not be responding to them, and I encourage others to do likewise. Most of us are smart enough to know the difference between a genuine follow up question for clarification, and some wretch who thinks they are doing a cross examination like some shithouse lawyer, so they can play "gotcha!"

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24410/12/2013

Thank you, Miss Mobley for your thoughtfulness and kind note.

He was such a fine, gentile man.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24510/12/2013

One thing for sure, Mr. Hollywood nor anyone else will ever answer my questions.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24610/12/2013

Please come back Mr. Hollywood. For the Children !!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24710/12/2013

See what some of you did? You drove Mr. Hollywood away. Hope you're happy. Sheesh....

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24810/12/2013

Goddamnit, you bitches drove him off!

So what if he wasn't real, we're in a fucking dearth of gossip and he provided some. So what if it was of doubtful provenance, because you know ALL GOSSIP IS OF DOUBTFUL PROVENANCE. If we absolutely, positively, knew it was true it'd be hard news, not gossip! And if Mr. H wasn't who he claimed to be, it's an anonymous board, none of us are what we seem to be!

If your tiny bitch troll minds can't deal with the ambiguities of an anonymous gossip board, get the fuck out of here. And if you must stay, stop driving away the few tidbits of gossip available.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 24910/12/2013

Well don't blame me. But I think he's acting like a spoiled little girl. I mean either he knows shit or he doesn't, if he doesn't...all he has to say is, "I don't know."

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25010/12/2013

Breathe deeply into a paper bag and visualize unicorns and rainbows, R249.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25110/12/2013

r244 is SPOT ON. Mr H and anyone supporting him can just IGNORE the haters and keep on keeping on here. There's no posting laws at DL that says you have to respond to anyone.

If people want to call out Mr H that's their right, but no one has to respond to them. Just scroll on by.

And I think its fair to ask Quiet Friend what specifically it was that Mr H posted that he/she disputes. If you call someone out for false info, then let everyone know what that is. Otherwise it can be considered trolling.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25210/12/2013

Mr. H continued to post in the original Mitzi thread.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25310/12/2013

Wow, I managed to get a few of the caftan-wearing set really worked up on this thread.

OMG you bitches are humourless.

It's as if you actually believe that any of this shit matters.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25410/12/2013

I enjoy this thread!

Although, I find the questions and answers about old Hollywood clever and interesting, my question is very 2013 and fangirlish.

What about Channing Tatum ? He seems happily married and all, but does he have something with his business partner Reid Carolin ? Or they are just friends ? How about with other co-stars ? Is he as nice as he appears on the film sets with cast and crew ? People in the business seem to like him.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25510/12/2013

Mr. H here. After reading R244, I decided to return. That, and R165 & R184 who reminded me : It's GOSSIP people, not gospel. And this site's own by line : gay gossip, news, and pointless bitchery. I am also going to live by Mr. Ripley's motto - believe it, or not. I said as much in R98. That was regarding my age, but it really applies to all comments. I have nothing to prove. I'm here for enjoyment. A 'quiet friend' has not answered mine, nor anyone elses question, as to what specific comment they were referring to. Hence, I will ignore them too (always with no judgement), and wish them well.

As for those who wonder about my whereabouts, I travel a lot, and always seem to find myself in an airport lounge, on a plane, or in a town car, either leaving, or arriving home. Whats so unusual about that ?

And last, I was raised in a home with a mother who believed in always having fun, humor, and a sense of whimsy. That, combined with my love (and knowledge) of old Hollywood, while still embracing the new, great 'star' stories, from my father, my love of homes, and finally Cary Grant, my model, who tried to live his life with integrity, and panache (i.e. style & swagger) - for all of that, and you, I have returned.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25610/12/2013

Thanks, Mr. Hollywood!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25710/12/2013

Welcome back Mr H. I was reading the posts about Ann-Margret and Joan Collins. Your thoughts about those two hollywod survivors?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25810/12/2013

Glad your back Mr H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 25910/12/2013

Mr. H, are you perchance my dear friend Barbara Bennett from Redbook? If so, dear, you have my permission to finally reveal to my fans just what an ungrateful little bitch my daughter Christina really is. Bless you!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26010/12/2013

R260 No ma'am, but Barbara writes a mean profile. Sometimes, you have to tell her " Barbara......Barbara please !"

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26110/12/2013

Mr H..Can you tell us anything on Lee Majors, Tom Selleck and Robert Wagner. Whats the story on Robert and Natalie?

Glad your back btw. This thread was getting taken over by trolls.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26210/12/2013

R259 R262 YOU'RE, not YOUR. Geez.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26310/12/2013

hmm having trouble posting that r59 post failed. now its appeared. oh well..

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26410/12/2013

[quote](loved his response to my queery [R132])

R237, your query at R132 was indeed a pretty queer one.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26510/12/2013

Did Jack Nicholson really sleep with Drew Barrymore when she was only 13?

Did Kirk Douglas rape Natalie Wood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26610/12/2013

Glad you're back Mr H. Please ignore the malcontents. No one is obliged to respond to anyone here, if everyone here had to prove who they were or where their stories came from no one would ever post on DL.

Even if some think the dish/gossip is questionable, your info on real estate is a pleasure and you've already proven you know your stuff in that area (Mitzi Gaynor thread). Please keep on.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26710/12/2013

I`m loving the stories. Some are really surprising.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26810/12/2013

R258 Miss Collins can be the bitch - but she can also be a lot of fun . She, like Ann, is a survivor. I've always felt she is a less serious, less haughty, version of Alexis . She laughs a lot more. Is she a Diva ? Absolutely. But has a kind, and friendly side too. I still give her credit for willing to get into bed with Jon -Erik Hexum, when she was twice his age -50, ( and he was one of the handsomest guys ever put on film) in "Making Of A Male Model". Ego, guts, or both. But she pulled it off . She has 'been around' , literally, and figuratively. Who else could say she : Aborted Warren Beatty's baby, had affairs with Dennis Hopper, Ryan O'Neal, Terrance Stamp (and so many others) yet turned down Sinatra, Bobby Kennedy,Dean Martin, and her own boss, Darryl Zanuck.And contrary to her cold bitch image, Joan's a great mother. When her daughter Katy, was hit by a car, at 9, and suffered horrible injuries ( including brain damage), Joan was by her through her recovery every day. More recently (last year), Katy, now 41, was visiting Joan at her LA home, in the well known Sierra Towers ( which I always thought was a funny name - it's 1 bldg.), when she fell after a swim, and broke her orbital bone (eye socket). Joan went on to sue, claiming Katy collapsed ( after suffering hypothermia ) & Joan says a security guard was called to help Katy, and escort her up to Joan's condo - but he was negligent, and Katy fell and hit her face on a wall. She's suing for Katy's medical expenses, and legal costs. Joan has a beautiful life with her 25th floor condo (#2501) / 9255 Doheny Rd.,West Hollywood, & other homes in NYC, London, and St. Tropez, where she's got one of my favorite spots in the world - her pink villa , with it's infinity pool, that overlooks the Ramatuelle hills.Love it !

9255 Doheny Rd., West Hollywood / The Sierra Towers

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 26910/12/2013

R266 Easy - yes, and yes

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27010/12/2013

Mr. H, what do you know about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward and also, Robert Wagner? Thank you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27110/12/2013

Did Clara Bow really do the football team? I've heard it's just an urban legend.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27210/12/2013

Mr Hollywood - it's the Holy Grail here on Datalounge:

Henry Cavill - gay or straight or bi?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27310/12/2013

Mr H., tell us a story about Faye Dunaway (everyone has one).

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27410/12/2013

r272, the standard bio on Bow, "Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild" by David Stenn, says that Bow regularly invited the USC football team and the opposing team to her house for after-game parties, but that they were tepid affairs. There was a scandal sheet, similar to the later "Confidential" and "National Enquirer" that spread the stories of orgies.

One of Bow's guests was a USC football player named Marion Morrison, later renamed John Wayne.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27510/12/2013

In line with R275, Mr. H, can you tell us some of the much rumored H'wood scandals that are nothing but hot air?

And what is the truth about Natalie Wood's unfortunate death?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27610/12/2013

Ryan O'Neal. Now there's a train wreck. I've heard he really is a scumbag. A really low dog. Rotten father, too. Any dish on him?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27710/12/2013

Mr. H. - still wondering if you know anything about DiCaprio, Winslet and director Sam Mendes.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27810/12/2013

R258 / Part deux

Ann-Margret is one of my favorite people. Period. I'm talking about the person. Genuine, kind, sweet. Hard worker. Great wife, step mother, and grandmother. And a hell of a good actress. (see "Carnal Knowledge" - she'll knock you out). I have so much respect for her. No scandal, except Elvis, which was only that he was married (she was not). She has admitted to her addictions to pills and alcohol , she survived a 22 foot fall from a stage scaffold at Harrahs, Lake Tahoe, in 1972, when she broke almost every bone in her face, including her jaw, and cheek, and broke her left arm. And, she survived Bette Davis, who she made her 1st movie with, & Allan Carr, who could destroy almost anyone's career. She and Roger have a loving and lasting marriage (46 years - they met when she was shooting "Once A Thief" , in San Francisco, and Roger was doing a 'live club show' at the famed Hungry I, on a bill with Bill Cosby, and Don Addams, doing stand-up) . They have lived in their Benedict Cyn. home since the late 60's - a lovely Beverly Hills 'farm', as I call it, on almost 5 acres ( it was originally 10 acres, back in the day , when first Hedy Lamar owned it, then Bogie & Bacall, who bought it when it still had chicken coops, and a small barn). No one in Hollywood (except Mitzi) owns a house that long.

Ann-Margret - 2707 Benedict Canyon Dr., Beverly Hills lived

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 27910/12/2013

Thanks for the Wikipedia-based summaries, "Mr. Hollywood".


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28010/12/2013

R209 here. Still would like to know anything on Ethel Waters, Lena Horne, Louise Beavers. Thanks

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28110/12/2013


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28210/12/2013

I always thought Ann Margaret seemed nice, I didn't remember that she broke her face.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28310/12/2013

You also didn't remember how to spell her name.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28410/12/2013

R280 From what I can see Mr. H is giving more info then Wiki maps say. I'm still amazed he knows Joan Collins apt. #. I want to know who else lives in that bldg. ? I know its famous. I think Matthew Perry lived there

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28510/12/2013

Has Mr. H disappeared again ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28610/12/2013

Mr. Hollywood, this is R195.Can you answer any of my questions I have listed? and some of the other previous posters who have questions I too would like answers on as well? I don't mean to be a pain.

I want to say thank you so much for coming back. Anyone who knows me, knows when I express appreciation for others, there is no BS with me.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28710/12/2013

R195 I promise I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you - you have some very interesting questions, that I would be happy to answer, as best I can. Thanks for your patience.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28810/12/2013

"Mr. Hollywood" needs a day or two to scour through his Kitty Kelley, Patrick McGilligan and Andrew Morton biographies. It's cute how he finds addresses on Wiki maps and then improvises on his own to fill in the blanks. Of course, he knows full well that the flyover fraus hanging on his every word will be none the wiser.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 28910/12/2013

R289 Are you trying to scare him off again ? I looked on Wiki maps and I don't see where he is saying the same info. If so, who cares. Everything is public information now. Except I thinks he adds a little extra tid bits that make it more interesting.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29010/12/2013

Who's Patrick McGilligan ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29110/12/2013

Patrick McGilligan is a dreamy guy who authored some interesting biographies:

Clint: The Life and Legend George Cukor: A Double Life Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast Oscar Micheaux: The Great and Only: The Life of America's First Black Filmmaker Jack Nicholson: The Joker Is Wild Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29210/12/2013

R290 Learn to spell your own name, Sheilah.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29310/12/2013


Clint: The Life and Legend

George Cukor: A Double Life

Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light

Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast

Oscar Micheaux: The Great and Only: The Life of America's First Black Filmmaker

Jack Nicholson: The Joker Is Wild

Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29410/12/2013

[quote]No scandal, except Elvis, which was only that he was married (she was not).


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29510/12/2013

Any info on Richard Burton would be appreciated. Did he really carry on with men after marrying Liz? If so, any info on what he was into?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29610/12/2013

Is that Mr. Hollywood, R292? Holy shit, he looks to be much younger than I thought!

The glasses are not a good look for him.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29710/12/2013

R297 That's not Mr. H . Can you read ? That's some author. Are you saying you think that's Mr. H ? OMG those glasses

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29810/12/2013

Is Mr. Hollywood one of those too cowed to answer any questions about Scientology and its proclaimed or reputed adherents?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 29910/12/2013

I would like to know what people really think about the murder of Ronni Chasen? Who do they think did it?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30010/12/2013

Actually, that picture at R292 looks a lot like Elton John. I wonder if Mr. Hollywood is related to Elton John? That would be so exciting and a real coup for DLers.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30110/12/2013

I wish Mr. H would post a pic to shut everyone up, but that sounds like the last thing he will ever do. Maybe he could describe what he looks like ? OTTH, we would never know if that was real. We really are all anonymous here, aren't we ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30210/12/2013

So, Mr. H, for the umpteenth time.....Robert Wagner?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30310/13/2013

Mr. H!! Please don't forget me, R52... I asked about the validity of a coupling between Aldo Ray and Steve McQueen & whether Steve McQueen & Paul Newman were lovers? Also, anything about Johnny Depp or the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie relationship?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30410/13/2013

Mr H! Can you tell me what's the deal with Jeremy Renner and this topless model ? Is this a beard gone bad ? Are the rumors true that he is using this 22 year old to get that invite the Hollywood daddy-jeans club?

From handsome little party boy to wilted suburban dad in one year: what a waste.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30510/13/2013

Yaay, R300! Now THAT is a great question. Juicy. For anyone who's in anyway plugged in to the "industry," community, journalists,etc. There has to be some dish out there about the Ronnie Chasen murder. And if it was just a random murder, (IF) then at least would like to know any gossip about poor Ronnie that's out there.

My own question? Did Ava Gardner really give Harry Cohn a blow job to get Frank Sinatra a role in From Here to Eternity, or is it true Harry's wife helped her get Frank the job? Everyone says that Ava was friends with the wife. I'm not doubting their friendship, just that I've read anough to know that HArry Cohn was a monster. In fact, he 's someone I'd love to hear about.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30610/13/2013

Kurt Russell does have a large penis. Just google "Kurt Russell nude" and it is there for anyone to see in plain sight. It's it not a fake, they are tabloid pics of Kurt and Goldie on a deck. Goldie is sunbathing (clothed), and Russell is standing naked with a good-sized hog between his thighs. It's a relatively recent pic (last few years), so Kurt looks a little overweight. Still worth a peek.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30710/13/2013

Umm...I think you should have posted a link, r307.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30810/13/2013

Here's a link to pic of Kurt naked

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 30910/13/2013

Old interview from 1977 with Jean Arthur, in which she apparently forgave her old boyfriend and boss, Harry Cohn.

If Jean can forgive Harry...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31010/13/2013

Is Sanela Diana Jenkins book "Room 23" a legit charity fundraiser or a client/call girl book and is she a madam or a businesswoman?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31110/13/2013

Thanks for the Kurt link.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31210/13/2013

He's got a nice sausage, but honestly, my experience is that those don't grow much, if at all. It has a nice thickness, though.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31310/13/2013

Don't grow much? You must be kidding?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31410/13/2013

Why does Kurt Russell still has that Mullet! He had his hair cut short one time and he looked so much better.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31510/13/2013

Not at all. I've seen four or five just like that. They're a good size, don't misunderstand me. But when they get hard, they don't get much bigger.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31610/13/2013

Well I guess you've seen more then I have but from my more limited experience, they usually double in size.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31710/13/2013

I don't think Mr. H has outed a single gay male actor on this thread.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31810/13/2013

Have you people tried troll-daring Mr.H? He is not only asking himself questions, he is also a poster defending Mr.H.

Among other things, he is R1.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 31910/13/2013

Don't forget about me, girls.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32010/13/2013

Mr. H thanks for answering so many of these superficial questions. Mine is one of true importance, so PLEASE, you must answer it ASAP! When will Tony Goldwyn call? I've been waiting since GHOST and nada! What is the problem? It is obvious that we are meant to be together for eternity, is it not? Why, Mr. H, why is he ignoring me?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32110/13/2013

Oh, I thought Tony was keeping company with Dexter.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32210/13/2013

Someone agreed with me about Keanu Reeves having an affair with Geffen but I don't think it was Mr. Hollywood because at first he started denying it.

I mean it was decades OK, I figured Mr. H would know the truth.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32310/13/2013

My trolldar doesn't say he was R1. I wonder if you can always trust it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32410/13/2013

It depends on which "Mr. H" posts you use trolldar on.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32510/13/2013

True. There was a fake Mr. H posting for a while.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32610/13/2013

Re: the Jean Arthur/Harry Cohn boyfriend comment... I know that Jean, the best of the screwball comedy actresses (and that includes Carole Lombard), was a lesbian, and it matters little that she was married once or twice... who wasn't? Her estimation of Cohn reminded me of something. An inside joke Red Skelton used to tell, about the huge- even by Hollywood standards- attendance at the reviled Cohn's funeral. "Give the people what they want, and they'll turn out."

Another comment, one I wholeheartedly agree with, is that the "who's gay" foolishness, as far as the studios and actors themselves go, is about one thing: money. I recall a The Simpsons episode, and I'm paraphrasing, where one character said to another, "Since I know so-and-so is heterosexual, then I will gladly spend twelve dollars on a movie ticket." What I find strange is that some gay stars put out a lot of p.r. that they're straight, yet seem to WANT to come out, that perhaps the burden's too annoying. Zac Efron for one, seeming to always wear make-up; John Travolta for another, constantly throwing caution to the wind.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32710/13/2013

R323 Read R39,40,42. I quite clearly never denied Reeves had an affair with Geffen. What I said is, they were never married.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32810/13/2013

But Mr Hollywood....Henry Cavill!!! Tell us about Henry before you go!!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 32910/13/2013

Mr.Hollywood is a mean and vindictive person.

R321...are you kidding me? Mr Hollywood is superficial.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33010/13/2013

Ok then my thought is Sandy Gallin first met Keanu as a child, through his supposed stepfather. The thing is, Keanu had connections way before he ever went to Hollywood. But no one ever talked about his connections except Charlie Sheen acted like he knew about Keanu's connections.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33110/13/2013

You're here Mr. Hollywood, why don't you relax for a few minutes and try to answer a few questions.

That one person has ask you about Robert Wagner about 5 times.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33210/13/2013

Something funny's going on in this thread. Per troll-dar, one of the posters posting as Mr. H is also asking questions of Mr. H. Here are the troll-dar results, and the signature used by the poster:

R1 - Anonymous

R26 - Mr. H

R28 - Mr. H

R30 - Mr. H

R31 - Mr. H

R39 - Mr. H

R42 - Mr. H

R121 - Mr. H

R123 - Mr. H

R124 - Mr. H

R125 - Mr. H

R131 - Anonymous

R133 - Mr. H

R150 - Mr. H

R152 - Anonymous

R154 - Anonymous

R159 - Mr. H

R160 - Mr. H

R171 - Mr. H

R201 - The Mr. Hollywood

R202 - Anonymous

R215 - Mr. H

R228 - PS Visitor

R231 - Anonymous

R241 - Anonymous

R242 - Anonymous

R256 - Mr. H

R285 - Anonymous

R286 - Anonymous

R288 - Mr. H

R290 - Sheila Graham

R291 - Mr. Howell and Lovey

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33310/13/2013

R195 & R287 (same) Since you were exceedingly polite, and I promised you (R288) I would get back, here I am. You had so many questions, I'll try to be brief, which is not always easy for me - I am my own worst editor. OK :

Ryan Gosling is not gay. Extremely gay friendly- Yes.

James Franco is what I call pansexual - you'll have to look it up for the definition, if you don't know

James Garner ( a neighbor) is not gay, or 'bi'. He is quite ill however. He had a stroke in 2008, and is confined to a wheelchair. Frankly, I'm amazed he is still alive. Mr. H tries to always be very positive - but sadly, I think he will be gone in a few months.

Quelle Surprise - I have not read Scotty Bowers book. I keep meaning to for the fun of it, but much of it, I understand, is fantasy. So I'll enjoy it, but not take much of it seriously.

Gore Vidal did not have sex with Tyrone Power. I loved Gore, his sarcasm, dry wit - but like Bowers, I think many of his stories should have been filed in the 'fiction' section of life.

I have not read any of Darwin Porter's books. To me though, he's a sensationalist. All his books, were written after his subjects were gone. He could alledge anything. Like her, or hate her, at least annoying Kitty Kelley, whose books I haven't read either, had the brass balls to write her biographies while the subjects were still alive. Sinatra, Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Oprah (and The Bushes & The Royal Family) - that is a huge wall, legal, and otherwise, to get over. Those were names, because of the wealth & power, that normal people didn't usually touch. Porter chose to write all his posthumously.

Steve McQueen was mentally messed up, but not gay. Remember, his father walked out on McQueen's mother when Stevie was 6 months old. His mother was an alcoholic hooker. Not a good start in life. Later, he had a stepfather who beat him so much, that Stevie took off, at only 9, preferring to live on the streets. He got into a lot of petty crime - but no record of him hustling - never picked up for what they then called a 'morals' charge . He would eventually end up at a youth farm, in central California, where troubled kids were sent at that time. He bounced around from being a towel boy in a brothel, working on an oil rig , a lumberjack, and a carny (carnival worker). Was in the service ( Marine....yes sir) - all macho fields of work. There have been rumors, for years, that he was molested by "johns" of his mother's, went through a gang rape in reform school, that at the brothel, he hired himself out ( a straight cat house, where men come for women.....and Steve ? Don't buy it). As I said, messed up in his melon, a huge drinker, drug taker, and womanizer. Gay, or 'bi' ? No. Could he have slept with a few men in his life, got BJ's , sure. But this guy liked women, at least for sex. And Merv Griffin & Steve, never slept together.

I did meet Liz Taylor. Can't say what the circumstance was, but I found her, bawdy (yes, sloppy), funny, candid, and very much a Diva. She had to be. She had a world class life, and had been treated like Royality since she was a teenager. And yes, I did think her eyes were an unworldly color - not violet, as everyone says, but to me a deep, deep blue. Did she have sex outside of marriage- I was told yes, but not a lot. Look she saw something she liked, she got it. And to answer something you didn't ask - she liked her men big. I know Todd, Burton, Fisher, & even Fortensky, were very well hung. Re a diary - I have never heard that. Roddy McDowell & a diary - yes. But very few, if any, of us will get to hear his info. It will come out in 2073.

Fred Astaire was not a child molester.

And it's interesting your last 2 questions were about Ben Gazzara & Audrey Hepburn. Audrey's "Bloodline", & her penultimate movie ( "They All Laughed") both starred Gazzara too. The couple actually fell in love making BL - both were in bad marriages, then breaking up. I know her son Sean, and he is a great guy - true gentleman.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33410/13/2013

I did the troll-dar both here and on the Mitzi Gaynor thread. I didn't notice him posting as himself but there are other people posting as Mr. Hollywood. Also I don't know how it works but sometimes the post appears to be Mr. Hollywood's but doesn't have his name on it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33510/13/2013

Simple and to the point,who's gay in Hollywood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33610/13/2013

[quote] treated like Royality

Oh, dear.

"Mr. Hollywood" isn't very bright, poor thing. Bless him.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33710/13/2013

What about R.J. Wagner and Natalie Wood's death, Mr. H? Any interesting tidbits on Raquel? That is one still hot woman!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33810/13/2013

Mr. Hollywood can you briefly state if you know if these people are gay or not?

Will Smith Colin Farrell Leonardo DiCaprio Hugh Jackman Theo James Jamie Foxx Brad Pitt Tom Cruise Robert Downey Jr.

And lastly who is racist in Hollywood?

Thank you

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 33910/13/2013

These threads have been going the same way for years. Everyone's having fun then some assholes declare themselves the Guardians of Gossip Purity and Preservers of Sacred Bandwidth. Fucking morons. Your rather peculiar assumption that everyone else is a corn-fed imbecile is as tedious and insulting as it is wrong.

I don't know or care who Mr. Hollywood "really" is when he's at home. My criteria for enjoying gossip is not perfection or provenance. It's whether he knows any stories or details that I don't know (and I know quite a bit). Mr. Hollywood does, particularly about old Hollywood, which is fun.

Post on with your bad self, Mr. Hollywood. I think you're a lot of fun and have a very pleasant writing style. Thanks for taking the time.

And for the love of god, please answer that pest who keeps asking about Natalie and RJ. I know it's a sensitive subject in certain quarters but with the loose ends unraveling a bit lately (again), who knows what could happen?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34010/14/2013

R334, Mr. Hollywood, thanks a billion for taking the time to answer my questions. You seem like you are a real gentleman.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34110/14/2013

Is Oprah a lesbian?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34210/14/2013

Any Tom Hardy stories, Mr. H?

Andrew Garfield?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34310/14/2013

r333, You are correct.

However, I believe that Mr. H has a friend who shares his computer to also post on DL.

Just a thought.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34410/14/2013

R311 Very good question. I would like to ask Mr H, if Dianne Jenkins is a pimp mama then is Chris Brown one of her workers??

I know it sounds random but when I saw a picture of him dressed in a leopard print suite, with a rare goofy grin posing for pics with Jenkins and Elton at the Oscar party I wondered if he was on shift that night. He was sat at Jenkins table also. Dude gets far too many passes with his disgusting behaviour and he has publicly said awful homophobic things. Would be strange twist if he's been selling his ass to powerful gays on the low.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34510/14/2013

R250. Do shut up.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34610/14/2013

I believe that Mr. H spends more time at Wikipedia than he does on DL

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34710/14/2013

^^ Lol. I meant leopard print suit, of course.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34810/14/2013

I am only one of several posters asking about RJ Wagner.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 34910/14/2013

I wanna know about Ronnie Chasen. OK she's dead. But there have to be juicy stories about her out there.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35010/14/2013

A succinct question r336.

Care to elaborate Mr H? Should be fairly easy to list some current names.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35110/14/2013

Senor Mr. H, he gone. He no come back. He go Tijuana, two, t'ree days ago. He say if we no hear from him, by this ezzac time today, he prob'ly dead. Muerto!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35210/14/2013

I'm still here, girls.


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35310/14/2013

I had never heard any of that about Steve McQueen, he's a little before my time and I wasn't attracted to him. But it was still interesting and isn't it strange that so many stars had very troubled childhoods...what would a psychiatrist make of all that?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35410/14/2013

R340 Thank you for your kind words. I was really about done here, and on my way back to being just an observer on the site, and no longer a participant. But as before, I read a comment like yours, and will stay a bit longer. All this crazy 'troll dar", that was you, that wasn't you , you asked yourself a question - That is not what I'm about. Witch hunt on DL. No thanks. I've got a busy, full life guys. Watching someone challenge what flight # I was on, where I was having lunch.That I'm lying. This isn't about thin skin . It's about the futility of trying to share things, with the best of intention, and being attacked for who I am, what I say, and If it's true. So all you who are busy trying to say I'm a phony, I don't care. But this site is also about "gay gossip,news" - and one can only take so much "pointless bitchery", or as I called it earlier "butchery" - Definition : a slaughterhouse, wanton or cruel killing; carnage. Senseless and cruel slaughter of people.

That, I'm just not interested in

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35510/14/2013

Keep spilling the tea, Mr. H; I lot of us here love it!!!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35610/14/2013

I`ll second that

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35710/14/2013

I think there are people who come here, people who know things but would never think of sharing.

Maybe they all are afraid their computers would be hacked, I'm not sure...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35810/14/2013

Well, Mr. H R355, although you did not answer my questions I would like you to know that I have enjoyed and appreciated your revelations. I would hope that you choose to stay longer with us! You ARE appreciated!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 35910/14/2013

R359 What was your question (you can just give me your R#) ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36010/14/2013

R359, Oh! Thank you kind sir! I was surprised that this thread had got to something like 175 postings and NO ONE (really not much thereafter) had asked you if Tom Cruise and Will Smith was gay or not.

Also, I asked what famous ones we believe are rich but are actually close to having their lights turned off by the electric company? I'm sure one of them is Lindsey Lohan. I believe she is hurting for money. Thanks!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36110/14/2013

FYI - That pic of an elderly gentleman, with gold glasses, is author Patrick McGilligan. There is no resemblance to Mr. H. Since someone has posted it twice, I felt I should mention that.

I do not own a pair of gold glasses

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36210/14/2013

How does the industry in general regard Scientology? They must have seen it with a little trepidation before all of the recent scandals.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36310/14/2013

Mr H, is RDJ really clean and sober? What about the rumors that he's HIV+?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36410/14/2013

When the lighting is wrong, he certainly looks HIV to me. Except would he have gotten his wife pregnant if he was HIV? Isn't there some risk? All I know is when he was all coked up, he liked guys and I doubt if he was having safe sex.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36510/14/2013

R364 RDJ is actually not, clean & sober, at the present time. His problem seems to be more alcohol, than drugs, this time. And before anyone else asks it, RDJ is very 'flexable' sexually. You can put him in the pansexual/James Franco catagory.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36610/14/2013

Mr. Hollywood once and for all is Tom Cruise gay?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36710/14/2013

I agree with poster r358.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36810/14/2013

Mr. H, I hope you stay around longer. Ignore the haters. They try to chase folks with info like you out, for some reason. Rest assured you ARE appreciated here. I hope a couple of bad apples doesn't spoil it for the rest of us.

Any info on Kenny Rogers? Robert Wagner? T. Selleck? Robert Redford/Paul Newman?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 36910/14/2013

Obviously Mr. Hollywood is not here to out anybody...he's probably Ryan Seacrest.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37010/14/2013

I thought Mr. H. was really Mrs. Hal B. Wallis.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37110/14/2013

I'm pretty sure about this...Lindsey Lohan is more than likely covering her bills by fucking wealthy Arabs and Asians who are impressed by lowly Hollywood celebs.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37210/14/2013

I'm not Mr. Hollywood. I'm just a nobody but sometimes a nobody can have some information. And one thing I'm sure of, Tom Selleck is gay. No I did not fuck him.

The truth is, some little middle aged woman I met, not a gossip but a rather surprised woman who told me she had met Selleck in a very gay situation and that he was gay. She had nothing to gain from talking about the encounter and as I said, she was very surprised. She had met him in Hawaii at a mutual friends house.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37310/14/2013

R372 You have it just about right. Ms. L seems to be a , shall we say, extremely high priced call girl. The sad part is, depending how low her funds are, she also will delve into the lower depths, to secure finances.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37410/14/2013

That's very depressing, Mr. H. From a cute, talented little girl in THE PARENT TRAP, to a whore. I blame the two who produced her(usually called "parents" but in this case definitely NOT). She was nothing but their cash cow.

Now to R. J. Wagner and the much speculated about death of Natalie Wood, please.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37510/14/2013

Wagner interests us all not only because of Natalie's suspicious death but also because of RJ's highly suspicious early relationships with Clifton Webb and Spencer Tracy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37610/14/2013

R367 Mr. H gets so tired of the gay/straight questions (or black/white, as I call them). Do some Kinsey homework peeps. Think of it as the sliding scale. There really is more to it than yes, or no. There is the 'purebred' gay - exclusively having sex with men, never with a female. There is the 'pressure' gay - someone who knows since birth (which we all do, if we're honest), but for various reasons- religious, peers, parents, society, stays closeted for many years, then comes out (put the "I had a girlfriend in high school /college" in this catagory too), the 'Lavender' or 'Travolta' gay, who does marry, then has sex only with men, while faking a family life, the 'later in life' gay, who gets married, fathers children, then when they're grown, divorces the wife, and starts living the life he always wanted. So many sub-catagories. Thankfully a lot of that has changed, as society, and the world, have. As for Mr. Cruise ? I put him in the 'sex is not a priorty' catagory. He at one time thought about the Priesthood, and living a cellibate life (I know -oxymoron). He married Mimi Rodgers, who said he never seemed interested in sex (or a variation of that), Nicole said their relationship was 'strange', and more recently all that Scientology helping him choose the right companion /wife. There have been 1,001 stories of him being gay, and if he has a sexual preference, Mr. H feels that is it. Anyone who is into so many 'macho' hobbies, and showing how 'manly' he is , does make me believe he has something to prove - or at least, fool people, that yes he is 'all man'. But from what I know, this is a (short) man who just is not into it.....with anyone. He, his career, his image, is all to him. Asexual is how I've described Tom for years, and nothing I've heard, from those in contact with him, has changed my opinion. I can add that all the rumors about his sterility are true ....allegedly . Tom has a pit-bull atty., Bert Fields (Out of the courtroom, a very nice man) and legal team, that jump on the first disparagement of Tommy, and Mr. H wants to cover his ass, even here.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37710/14/2013

Mr. H here - Before any of you 'Spelling Queens' jump down my throat (not that Mr. H doesn't like things down his the right time, and place), I know it's celibate, not cellibate. Typos happen, get over it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37810/14/2013

Thanks Mr. Hollywood. It does seem like Tom rarely has sex unless he has it with Miss Cabbage.

I think Suri is Josh Harnett's kid but many disagree with me.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 37910/14/2013

R371 Martha here, Mrs. Hal B. Wallis.

It is absolutely fucking hot here in Santa Fe. So I'm getting in my cream colored T-Bird, and heading up the hill to Shirley's adobe, so we can share a few martinis, talk about what a prick Sinatra was on "Some came Running" , and then drunkenly stumble around that stupid dusty labyrinth she has out in the back of her grounds.....which is tumbleweeds, cactus, and snakes. Some grounds. Fuck it all (door slam).

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38010/14/2013

Mr. H. Are you in show business?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38110/14/2013

R379 If you read my post, I confirm a well known fact about Cruise. That he is sterile. (Allegedly). However, his cousin, Bill Mapother is not. And sperm donation is always an option for people to help out other people (and relatives). That's all I'm saying.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38210/14/2013

Mr H., not wanting to dwell on gay stuff but I've heard that there are huge gay parties (not only the infamous Singer ones) for closeted celebs to get their freak on. I heard about a decade ago that many black celebs on the downlow attend these. They include the same thing hetero "bro" parties do, but the strippers, hookers and porn stars are all male.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38310/14/2013

R381 (In high screechy voice) No ......(whispering with John Daly)........well, sometimes, but mostly no

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38410/14/2013

[quote]From a cute, talented little girl in THE PARENT TRAP, to a whore.

Who are you to be calling me a whore?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38510/14/2013

Mr H, do you know if the rumors of Anjelica Huston being a witch/satanist are true? And do you know of others in Hollywood? TIA

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38610/14/2013

R383 Some of that talk goes all the way back to the Magic Johnson days, when everyone felt he must have got HIV from another man, and not various hookers, as he claimed (or didn't). Talk of 'The Down Low club" for celebrities, etc. Those don't exist. Have black celebs hooked up with each other, at parties - of course, but again, very dl. Here's my short list of my DL chocolate friends. It probably won't shock anyone : Shemar Moore, Mario Van Peebles, Tyson ( this I know, cause I was there - did not participate, you filthy minded scalawags, but saw it go down.....almost literally), Will Smith, D.L. Hughley, Usher, Arsenio Hall, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, P. Diddy, Lawrence Fishburne, and dear old Harry Belafonte - one of the most beautiful men, in his youth.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38710/14/2013

R386 Anjelica is a friend, and most definitely not involved in that garbage. She is a very kind, intelligent person, and has put up with a lot in her life. She was no saint, as a young woman, and freely admits to lots of vices, at that time, but is a lovely, gracious woman, and great friend.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38810/14/2013

Mr. H i have always heard the story of some studio exec holding a meeting when he was wearing a robe, which was open. His intent was to show how large his dick was to intimidate the agent or who ever he was negotiating with? Is it true and who was it?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 38910/14/2013

Well!! You did not mention Eddie come on?

When I tell people about Fishburn they never believe me.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39010/14/2013

Who in the world would think Anjelica Houston would be involved in Satanic worship? That's absurd.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39110/14/2013

There were some lengthy threads here on DL (more than one) where a couple of posters swore up and down Huston was the High White Witch of Hwood, that she was the most powerful woman in Los Angeles and her family had been practicing black magic for generations. The posts were fanciful yet almost believable, the poster was so adamant and detailed.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39210/14/2013

I doubt if she advertises it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39310/14/2013

R391 Well, there has to be SOME explanation for that haircut!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39410/14/2013

Good point.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39510/14/2013


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39610/14/2013

R390 Oh I think Eddie gets his own special catagories :

1/Tranny lover

2/Foot Fetishist

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39710/14/2013

It's our resident Hollywood is Witch Central troll. If you read those threads, half the town is too busy worshiping Satan and sacrificing virgins or babies or whatever, to have time for anything else. It's all witching, all the time.

The poor thing, I'd feel sorry for her if she weren't so totally fucking annoying.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39810/14/2013

Nice work, Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 39910/14/2013


"Do some Kinsey homework peeps"?

An excellent point.

Why, then, do you ascertain who is gay or straight as you have, prior to that post?

I happen to know first hand that you are dead wrong about at least one celebrity. He is in fact bisexual but you claimed he was straight, in a condescending manner, no less.

You might do well to take your own advice before declaring future statements as FACT.

After all, you are not the great and powerful Oz, now are you....

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40010/14/2013

In your opinion, who is the craziest, the meanest, the most up his own ass, I Am God director working in Hollywood today?

Same question for Actor and Actress? Faye Dunaway excepted because she's a cuntress-legend.

And.... has Harvey Weinstein calmed down at all or is he still a dangerous, raging horror show? Which actresses* has he casting couched over the years? (Other than the much maligned Gretchen Mol, poor thing) Anyone who would surprise us?

Lastly, Simon Cowell, is he gay or the last of the straight-but-camp English boys?

*If there is a god - Gwyneth Paltrow will appear on that list. The idea of Princess Fishstick blowing that gross, sweaty, mass of blubber brings a little ray of sunshine to my heart.

Thanks and kisses, Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40110/14/2013

Well, hell R400----spill it! Don't drop these nameless accusations. This is a gossip thread after all.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40210/14/2013

Hi, Mr. H.

I wanted to thank you for a most interesting thread. I'm really enjoying it and hope you ignore the idiots and keep posting.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40310/14/2013

R400 Oh, we're back to this ! We go by the info we have - not by rumor. Please refer to my R123 post. Unless it was YOU who had sex with this 'bi' celeb yourself. If so , please come sit down next to Mr. H, and tell all the rest of us about it. Remember, you don't have to name him.

And me, condescending......always !*

*Kidding - but you, like so many others here, stand back and say 'NOT TRUE' . Again, I said from now on I'm Ripley - believe it or not. Now get outta my way...I got a dirty martini waiting for me !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40410/14/2013

Mr. H--yet another gay question...if the Jake G's and Henry C's really are gay, will there ever be a time that the industry will let them be themselves?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40510/14/2013

Mr. H,

I am enjoying your gossip very much. Thank you!

So what is the deal with Elijah Wood? Is he dating a man or woman these days? I never could quite figure him out but if I had to wager a guess I'd say bisexual.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40610/14/2013

Trade you, Mr. H:

Wm Friedkin married Jeanne Moreau. Her son, Dominique Richard, her son by Jean-Louis Richard, flew to the US for the first time and met and shown around L.A. by a family friend out there, an older gentleman who drove him around town for shopping and lunch in his lovely sports car. Dominique, very pretty himself, thanked his host for the lovely day, and then the gracious gentleman added the hospitable capper on the day by blowing Dominique.

Later that day, Dominique, settled on the settee with friends for an evening's telly, started up with the cri, "C'est l'homme!"

It was Johnny who'd given Dominique the monolog.

Never told before. Dedicated to you, Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40710/14/2013

Hi Mr H ! Love this thread ! Can I be one of those pills who bumps their own post R305!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40810/14/2013

R400 here Okay, fair enough re your post @ R123 but that did not preclude you from strongly declaring someone straight who isn't. There's much angst among posters that don't believe in bisexuality, or as some call, hyper sexuality. I was simply suggesting that you be more careful. Remember, what two people know is no longer a secret. FYI, just in case you were wondering, I'm not R120 I can't and won't even broach the subject of who I'm referring to. Sorry about that, I don't out people.

I do, however, love your extensive knowledge of Hollywood bios and real estate.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 40910/14/2013

I think he said more gay then straight, actors.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41010/14/2013

Johnny......? Carson? Depp? Appleseed?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41110/14/2013

Must say, for a gay site, there are a lot of drones on this thread.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41210/14/2013

I get why some on this thread are decrying the trolls who ruin everything all the time--but this "Mr. H" has not revealed ONE SINGLE piece of gossip that even the most casual reader of Datalounge would not already have heard. What is going on here? It seems like a mass delusion or something.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41310/14/2013

The old queen as never heard of those people, r405. But he is "great friends" with Angelica Huston.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41410/14/2013

Kenny Rogers, R369?

Good story, R407 -- but the son of Jeanne Moreau & Jean-Louis Richard is named Jerome.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41510/14/2013

I think he has. I think he's given more names and information then any other gossip (that I've seen).

Now I'm thinking R413 doesn't like the names that have been exposed, so now he's playing publicist...trying to undo the damage. Tough shit R413, the post are here and they are staying here.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41610/14/2013

R364, who is RDJ?

The list of African American actors Mr. Hollywood posted was he saying they are gay?t

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41710/14/2013

r417, he was saying they are down low, so they have sex with men. RDJ is Robert Downey Jr.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41810/14/2013

You know best, 415.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 41910/14/2013

Jeanne M. and Wm Friedkin were only married from 77-79 and it was an older gentleman.

Johnny Carson is the obvious answer though I've never heard anything about being bi.

But it was the 70s and Johnny was in his mid-50s. I think it's possible.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42010/14/2013

I don't know but I'd say David Fincher would be more then most people could take.

Just another Kubrick.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42110/14/2013

So you're saying you don't know who this "Johnny" is? Or you're being coy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42210/14/2013

[quote]But it was the 70s and Johnny was in his mid-50s. I think it's possible.

Johnny Carson, meeting someone at the airport, apparently, and then playing tour guide?

From what I've read of him, this sounds quite out of character.

Ed, on the other hand...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42310/14/2013

Dear gods you people are obtuse! It was Johnny Carson. He said "monolog," "watching telly," etc. And you know what. I believe it. I think Johnny Carson was a very odd guy.

He was tightly wound IMO, and if he was on the DL or was bi, and played with boys, I have no trouble believing that. In fact, as many times as he was married I'm inclined to believe it.

He was a drunk too. Back when Johnny ruled the roost, there was no way he was coming out. Impossible. Think of all the macho guys he hung around with.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42410/14/2013

No shit, Sherlock.

Doesn't mean it's believable.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42510/14/2013

Why is everyone soo obsessed with the sexuality of celebrities?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42610/14/2013

Because it's important.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42710/14/2013

R416 Publicists are more than ever, trying to micro-manage their stars. One recent note, and yes R413, widely published - but I'm trying to make a point, is about Fishsticks herself (bless you Michael K. for that). Recently,Gwynie Paltrow, who has used the press extensively, to promote herself, her films, her book, her 'goop' - found out Vanity Fair, of which she has been on the cover, was doing a story on how polarizing she is. When she found out, she contacted all her friends, and associates, and said - and this is an actual leaked quote from GP -" If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I reccomend you all never do this magazine again". Mon dieu ! The presumption, the arrogance. She wants to have them do what is referred to as a puff piece - all complimentary, flattering,etc. Sorry, but I know we have faults, mistakes, people don't like us ( I've learned that right here,on DL) don't dictate what you WANT people to know of you. A whole person is so much more interesting IMHO. It's why I resent publicists who, granted, are just doing their jobs, but isn't it more fun to not have it censored ? And I'm not talking Lindsey here (that pendulum swung so far the other way, it ain't never coming back), but having a humanness to you that people can embrace. Gwynie was an entitled brat, from the beginning, and I've never understood why. Her mother is a wonderful person, but that rotten, spoiled apple fell very far from that tree. Can you tell I'm not a fan ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42810/14/2013

You are tiresome, r428. I hope you are enjoying your little moment in the sun. I am about to reveal who you really are--a quite familiar Datalounge Troll actually.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 42910/14/2013

Just me chiming in, but 0 evidence that Johnny was bi - moody, alcoholic, distant, mean, arrogant. Yes. And a really lousy father. But he had the Bing Crosby deal. Put him in front of a camera, and he could appear to be the most likeable, affable, nice person in the world. Off camera, it was the reverse.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43010/14/2013

Is it Umpy?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43110/14/2013

R429 Bring it on. I will do the same of you !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43210/14/2013

Mr. H, I love your posts. Can you tell us what the scuttlebutt is regarding the recent announcement that Mr. Hunnam is not starring in 50 Shades? Is his dick not big enough? (And can't that be fixed in post?) I just can't believe that it is a preparation problem (or whatever lame excuse they used). Thank you!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43310/14/2013

Umpy ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43410/14/2013

[quote]You are tiresome, [R428]. I hope you are enjoying your little moment in the sun. I am about to reveal who you really are--a quite familiar Datalounge Troll actually.

Hmmm, now that you mention it, the tone and style of writing are a little bit familiar and do bring back a memory of a certain DL Troll.

Could it be?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43510/14/2013

Could it be........SATAN?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43610/14/2013

R433 The official excuse is his TV schedule ("SOA") conflicts with preparation time.But guess what ? All that was figured out before he signed on - it always is. He is an actor, with good credibility, and a career on the rise. One gigantic, laughable flop puts an end to that. I think he, and his 'people' (agents, manager, even family, for gods sake) re-thought the whole thing, and realized it could be a colossal failure, taking everyone with it. I think he comes out way ahead. He's got more name recognition now, and he will be offered major roles, with more assurance of a positive outcome. I do believe the film is going to be one big hot mess. Can't wait !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43710/14/2013

I think you're right Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43810/14/2013

R436 BTW, I know who YOU are too. And all the secrets of your past.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 43910/14/2013

"I don't care, I don't care!"

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44010/14/2013

Secrets of your past? That sounds interesting.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44110/14/2013

R305 Playing pick & choose catch up here. Renner, I feel, has taken too much advise from Tommy Cruise. Recently, he confronted the gay talk, and told The Hollywood Reporter ( not Mr. H), that several years ago he was wearing a scarf, on Christmas Eve, and was "called a fag. This guy chokes me with the scarf I was wearing" - here comes the Cruise part. " Then he shoved my sister and I got behind him and I choked him out - put him to sleep." So what's that supposed to tell us ? Code wise, it's saying no one is gonna call him gay, he's a tough guy, and he'll show you. OK . He also stated he was in a 4 year relationship with a woman, but they split because she decided to become an actress. OK. Now does anyone realize he could have fathered the child with a surrogate ? First off, the couple are 'no longer together'. Gee, that was fast. They 'split' right before the baby was born. And JR's longtime 'buddy' & 'business partner' Kris Winters, is still his 'roommate', after many years. Maybe an early acting could clear this all up ? Melanie Wyatt told a reporter last year, and I quote " I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy's boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern". Let's just end on that

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44210/14/2013

"Mr. Hollywood" searches old Datalounge threads for info.

His synopses are also rife with spelling and grammatical errors.

He's a basic old queen.....BORING.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44310/14/2013

Mr. Hollywood is more fun than the people who are giving him shit.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44410/14/2013

#443 Well, you're wrong, but tell me what exciting thing did you today ? How did you amuse, entertain, or inform anyone ? Not saying thats what I do, but just wondering what not boring thing you do each day ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44510/15/2013

Great thread. Do you know anything about the great Katharine Hepburn and her female lovers, Mr Hollywood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44610/15/2013

I'm with R446.I too would like to know about Katharine Hepburn and her female lovers. Also, what about Spencer Tracy?

Is the following gay or bisexual?

Colin Farrell?( I know he has a gay brother)

Adam Levine?( I know he has a gay brother ,but still he could be bisexual? gay? straight?)

Jesse Metcalf?

Carol Burnett?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44710/15/2013

R447 I'll get to Kate later, but lets knock this one out.

Colin / Straight, but possibly was gay 4 pay, starting out

Adam / Straight, but with a twist ( would have a guy in a 3-way)

Jesse / Has tried so hard to be straight, but like any addict, slips once in a while

Carol /Straight, but loves gay guys - she really loves everyone

JGL / He goes where his emotion takes him. And a while back it took him together with a drug addicted actor. You probably know who I mean. Strange guy - then he dumped Joe. Can you imagine ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44810/15/2013

R389 It could have been anyone, from what I've heard about all those old moguls. But my uncle told me it did happen, and it was Darryl Zanuck, at Fox.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 44910/15/2013

Is Oprah a lesbian?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45010/15/2013

R450 Oprah falls into the Tom Cruise catagory, in that it is my understanding sex is not really an active part of her life. She really is just friends with Gayle. You will all kick and scream, say I'm wrong, say I'm shilling for the big O, say "I have a freind who knows for sure they're lezzies" and ad infinitum. Ok. Once again, I'm Ripley.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45110/15/2013

Do you want some gossip? Anjelica is one of the most aggressively stupid actresses I have ever worked with. Scratch that -- THE most aggressively stupid. Not to mention wildly rude and mean. The idea that this "Mister Hollywood" calls her smart (wow) and plays her off as the salt of the earth tells me, without a doubt, that he has never met her.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45210/15/2013

R4552 What project did you work on with her ? Recently? I've never heard her called stupid. Or mean. She's a pro.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45310/15/2013

Oh, maybe she mellowed as she got older, R452. You know, I was reading the excerpt in VF from Angelica's autobiography, and her father John Huston makes my skin crawl. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if there was some incest, or sexual abuse going on there.

I will say that as between Gwyneth and Angelica, I prefer Gwyneth. Entitled? Spoiled? Yes, I'm sure Gwyneth probably is. But I also just like her. I had a hag like her in high school. We're still friends.

I sense GP has a good heart, but is socially inept when she ventures outside of her "world." Blythe seems like a lovely person, I'm sure, but I think Gwyneth's father is the culprit who spoiled her rotten and gave her unconditional approval.

Put it another way. From her own comments, I got the impression she felt proprietary about her father. The character she played in Jefferson in Paris, IMO, is pretty close to how she really was about Daddy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45410/15/2013

Mr. H, how "Spacey" is Kevin Spacey?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45510/15/2013

Mr. H., still wondering what, if anything, you know about two of my favorites: K. Winslet, L. DiCaprio, and Kate's ex S. Mendes.

Thanks in advance!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45610/15/2013

Mr. H,

I am curious if you know of any major crimes committed by stars or near stars in the past 30 years that were covered up or not prosecuted.

We hear all these stories about old Hollywood crimes that the fixers cover up. Still happening today?

Also, what do you know about the casting couch today? I talked with someone who works in television who told me it is almost nonexistent. True?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45710/15/2013

What's the word on Sharon Stone? Is she really Faye Dunaway lite? Meaning batshit crazy?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45810/15/2013

Christ I can answer the Sharon Stone question - you know who thinks Sharon Stone is a fantastic actress? Sharon Stone. Due to her early success she began to put herself in the same category as DiNero. She demanded she be treated like that (not really knowing DiNero would never demand to be treated like DiNero). She lives for attention. She received some high award from France and wore that thing to the opening of a letter. Like Emilio Esteves and Charlie Sheen sitting around wondering why Kenau Reeves gets all the good roles, she did the same. In Sharon's mind she is in the same league as Meryl. She is not batshit crazy so much as she is totally convinced she is the best actress in the world and unable to understand why no one else knows this.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 45910/15/2013

[quote]She really is just friends with Gayle.

Aggressive non-disclosures aside, Gayle has her own bedroom adjacent to Oprah's bedroom in every one of her houses and is treated like the wife by all domestic staff, tradespeople and friends.

Steadman, a big ole' queen, is only seen at the rare photo op and has probably not stepped foot in any of those bedrooms, ever.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46010/15/2013

what about Matt Damon, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds? is any of them gay or bisexual? Did Marilyn Monroe had same-sex relationships? thanks in advance, Mr. H!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46110/15/2013

R459, Sharon Stone is an under appreciated classically trained actress.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46210/15/2013

R455 Spacey is very full of himself, and has been for a long time. He lives his gay life, far away from Hollywood, in Engand . I think he's had a reasonable peace there, till his infamous 'mugging' , in a park,at 4:00 am . Since then, he's been more careful about cruising,er , dog walking.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46310/15/2013

It's always been obvious that Oprah's boyfriend is not really her boyfriend. Even Dolly Parton's pretend husband is a better lie.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46410/15/2013

Did you see that? Jeremy's publicist coming on right after Mr. H to try and discredit him. The more they try to discredit him, the more I believe what he says.

We all know Bruce Bibby got fired for outing Renner. He's gay, we all know that.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46510/15/2013

Oprah and Gayle have both said over and over "if we were lesbians we would be honest and tell people, we have told them everything else."

Oprah is the victim of "when is a lie not a lie? when you believe it to be true."

She truly in her heart does not believe she is a lesbian, despite the fact her and Gayle are together. She is her best friend. How far their relationship goes is no one's business (to Oprah).

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46610/15/2013

They probably don't have sex or even consider it.

I've known other women, probably lesbians and lived with their "friend" for life but I honestly don't think they had sex.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46710/15/2013

r459 sounds more reasonable than "Mr. H." Who is a troll.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46810/15/2013

R459 It would appear that you know a great deal about Sharon Stone's relationship with Robert DiNero.

Now tell us about her relationship with Robert De Niro.


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 46910/15/2013

My gawds! The very idea of Adam Levine and James Franco and Jake Gyllenhaal having a sex romp together makes me horny as hell.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47010/15/2013

[quote]I'll get to Kate later

Well, I look forward to it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47110/15/2013

r469 - lol I knew I would hit a spelling troll. You try typing that shit out on a cell phone with auto correct. I gave up and let it spell it nero.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47210/15/2013

Actually, I think I would have enjoyed seeing Sharon in some of Meryl's roles but as far as I know, the word got out that Sharon was an asshole to work with and it pretty much killed her career...same with Ms. Gime More.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47310/15/2013

Yes, Kenny Rogers. I have heard that he is allegedly very arrogant and rude to fans if approached. Also, wasn't he involved in some phone sex scandal way back when? He used to project such a down-home, down-to-earth, rugged man image at least back in the day.

Ditto for the group Alabama. I read somewhere they allegedly could be real nasty to fans, esp. if drunk. Any truth to this rumor?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47410/15/2013

Fans should leave these people alone. I've never understood why people have to interrupt a celebrity's life.

I mean, control yourselves!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47510/15/2013

Two fan stories that crack me up. Charles Nelson Riley - was on a plane and a little girl was running up and down the isles annoying the fuck out of him. He grabbed the little girl and took her to her mother and asked "is this your child?" the mother just stared and said "yes.'" Charles replied "Keep her in her seat before I fuck her."

Never could have gotten away with that today lol..

the other was Rita Moreno in first class. FA comes up and says oh Rita I just loved you on Sesame Street when I was a kid. Rita looks at her and very coldly says "Please address me as Ms. Moreno, I've earned that much."

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47610/15/2013

Rita was correct. Who is this air whore to invade her space like that? She also could have replied, no, I am Chita Rivera.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47710/15/2013

[quote] Two fan stories that crack me up. Charles Nelson Riley - was on a plane and a little girl was running up and down the isles annoying the fuck out of him. He grabbed the little girl and took her to her mother and asked "is this your child?" the mother just stared and said "yes.'" Charles replied "Keep her in her seat before I fuck her."

That was Paul Lynde, not Charles Nelson Reilly.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47810/15/2013

I think with Kenny Rogers he was involved with sexually abusing children, and child porn allegations. I think. They quashed it pretty fast, but I never thought of him the same way. My mother stopped watching his Christmas special after that.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 47910/15/2013

What do you think of this story, Mr. Hollywood?

"A gay actor comes to Hollywood with a few important contacts. Things work out for him even though he breaks up with one of his important contacts, he continues on his trip to stardom. He has drug problems but usually keeps them under control, his friends don't. No matter, he's a star. A friend (drug mule?) falls for him, gets pregnant by forcing herself on him when he's kind of out of it. She refuses to get an abortion and announces the happy situation. Of course, baby ends up, late term abortion. Girl feels resentful and offers to tell the star's whole story to the tabloids. The star has a very nice franchise deal going, next thing you know, the girl has an accident and she's dead".

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48010/15/2013

R480 It's very intriguing. Can you eloborate a bit more ?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48110/15/2013

The stock answer of Oprah, and I'm paraphrasing, "If I were a lesbian, I'd tell everybody," is hardly new. I've heard it said, but substitute "gay" for the guys, over and over again over the years. And in every case, the person turned out- sometimes years later- to be gay or lesbian.

It is the opposite of the Tom Cruise approach, which is to get all hissy and speed-dial his lawyer. But that said, it's pretty silly. It's like Bullwinkle saying, "If I were a moose, I'd be honest enough to tell you."

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48210/15/2013

If 480 has to elaborate more you don't know shit.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48310/15/2013

It's the Keanu story, Mr. H.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48410/15/2013

[quote]The stock answer of Oprah, and I'm paraphrasing, "If I were a lesbian, I'd tell everybody," is hardly new... It's like Bullwinkle saying, "If I were a moose, I'd be honest enough to tell you."

r482 has confirmed something we've suspected all along...Oprah is a moose!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48510/15/2013

That is a very different story from the one I know.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48610/15/2013

What? Are you thinking he was in love with the "mother of his child"? Are you going to say, Keanu didn't want a baby so his guarding angels intervened and let the baby die, rather then live it's life as a Reeves?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48710/15/2013

Dear Mr. H.,

I appreciate your intelligence and posts very much.

I believe I met you, 13 years ago, not in North America, very early in Y2K.

Could that even be a possibility? BTW, I would never, ever "out" you but am dying of curiosity!

If you that cute guy who I think you are, I've always wanted to tell you that regretted not playing with you and your friend. My BF turned out to be a creep and you were so charming.

Looking forward to any response you would care to offer.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48810/15/2013

Can Miss Warwick and her psychic friends respond to all of this please?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 48910/15/2013

Was Warwick psychic or was it just her friends?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49010/15/2013

Way to kill a thread Ardith.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49110/15/2013

Who's Ardith?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49210/15/2013

Hahaha! Yeah, I'm kind of good at killing threads...a real talent.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49310/15/2013

r492 meet r480 and r487. She is a crazy Keanu fan who must insinuate that Keanu had his daughter and the mother of his daughter killed.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49410/15/2013

r493 At least you are able to admit it!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49510/15/2013

Y'all sound like you are getting a Tarot Card reading.

The answers you are receiving from Mr. H are clever and vague, slight of hand factoids. He lives in the vicinity and knows some people, but is not under forty or a Hollywood insider.

He provides lots of detail, culled from old and obvious sources, with some guesses, assumptions and lots of "charm" thrown in. Mr. H should charge $3.99 a minute. But he is getting paid in other ways....

I do agree that he sounds like OLD Hollywood.

The Tower card crosses this thread. Dramatic and unforeseen change will wipe out everything you thought was true. After the destruction, you will be enlightened. Seek another path.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49610/15/2013

If you are skeptical, you go fishing. When you see things that seem a little curious, you ask questions. Of course, you seldom get any answers.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49710/15/2013

This thread needs to be killed and taken out of its misery. Mr. H is a notorious Datalounge thread and he knows I know who he is.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49810/15/2013

You're being a bit vague yourself R496. If you have proof or something to say, just fucking say it! Enough with the insinuations! This board is anonymous, after all. If you can't put up, then shut up and let us enjoy this thread.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 49910/15/2013

Come back, Mr. H!

And tell us about Kate!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50010/15/2013

He's a what?

If you know something, step up and reveal or go away.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50110/15/2013

I have revealed all that I can say for now. Kindly call back tomorrow when I can look more deeply into you question R499. That is a lucky number for you btw.

The Fool's journey never ends. We are the World.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50210/15/2013

r478 you are correct! my apologies.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50310/15/2013

Dear Mr.H, what are your thoughts on relationship of brad and angelina? Open relationship? I really want to believe they are the real deal and don't cheat...also, what adoes hollywood think of angelina?similar to chelsea's comments.? Thank this thread.!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50410/15/2013

You do that R502, and I'll hold my breath waiting for you to grow a pair and put up. Or clam up.

KUM-BA-FUCKIN'-YA right back at you, bitch!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50510/15/2013

This thread will destroy the Datalounge.

You've been warned.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50610/15/2013

I worked with someone whose daughter was a manger to a concert hall. She said she met Kenny Rogers ,and she said he was one of the nicest people she ever met. She also said the same thing about Liza.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50710/15/2013

What is your problem r506? I don't even know who that is.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50810/15/2013

I assume that R506 is saying that Mr. H is Patrick McGilligan, a biographer? Umm, who cares if so?

Actually, that would give Mr. H even more credibility.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 50910/15/2013

The Tarot Card reading metaphor is apt. This thread set off my bullshit detector, and others', and I gave real reasons why, and so did others. But some people want to be bullshitted. They want to talk in circles. So, there it is. Enjoy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51010/15/2013

Well then why don't you tell us the truth, A quiet friend? Don't be shy, speak right up and tell us what we need to know.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51110/15/2013

Bullshit is in the eye of the beholder, my friends.

Consequences shall follow.

The poodle dance has begun.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51210/15/2013

Quiet Friend you gave less than Mr. H gave. You accuse him of lying in regards to some celebrity, but then play coy when asked to put your (tarot) cards on the table. At least Mr. H is amusing if not entirely accurate. Tell us what you know. Start your own gossip thread. H'wood did have more than one gossip maven. Shall you be Louella or Sheilah? Miss Rona? Mr. H must be Hedda.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51310/15/2013

Um, as far as I can see A quiet friend gave us nothing.

I guess I'll have to be content with Mr. Hollywood.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51410/15/2013

The quiet friend has told you what he has to say. He was not being obtuse.

Perhaps the Tarot can tell us more.

...the fools journey never ends, but the Hanged Man over you shows that you are not living to your fullest potential - too lost in thought, suspended in inaction, not living your own life. I can see your halo. You prefer bondage like Sylvester Stallone in the 80's!

But the seven of swords crosses this, which reveals you are being deceived, a thief in the night is moving swiftly. It need not be a major loss, but you must open your eyes. We are all on the Fool's journey, but we are not meant to walk over the edge for only a crumb thrown before us.... wait, there's more. Gene Tierney says hi.

The Star card crowns you. This is for you only. It is a metaphor to your question, but far more meaningfully it is the card of blessing, good will and being at one with the elements. You are as good as anyone. Look at your OWN Star! This crowns you. Look up. Ryan Gosling is NOT there but see the love?

There is a final outcome, to be read by the 6th, 7th, and 10th card on the Celtic cross. Not coincidentally these are the coordinates of Lucy's House! Life it is a perfect song, no?

The knight of wands comes up as your future predictor. Creativity and moving towards a venture of such fulfillment it can only be true love or lots of cash. There are no impediments here. You will succeed, and a letter(email) will be involved. Take Action! You were right about Cavill.

What precedes you, who crosses you, and what is the likely possible final outcome if you follow the past and present indicators? What's it all about and where do they live? Ask Mr. Hollywood or MasterRoot@3.99perminute#love.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51510/15/2013

[quote] that would give Mr. H even more credibility

Even more than what, R509? Your furry little twat?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51610/15/2013

Mr. Hollywood, this is R447. I thank you for for answering my questions. I hope you have more to share with us. there are so many questions on this thread that I too would love to know the answers. There are some vicious people on this thread who wouldn't believe anything even if it was right in front of them. There will always be sadistic creeps on here who get off trying to make it miserable for the many, many other posters on this thread who believe you and who are having fun, and who have full happy lives,and who aren't miserable unfulfilled trolls.

There are SOME people who are angry because the truth shattered their fantasies that every single movie star is gay. There are many that are gay,but that is not good enough for SOME on here who are so hell bent to believe their fantasies are the truth that they want everyone else to be in denial like them.

There are SOME people on this thread who claim Mr. Hollywood is wrong because they know the actor is really bisexual and not straight, yet they will not name the celebrity they are referring to. And how do THEY know that the actor is bisexual or gay? DO they work in Hollywood? crickets.How hypocritical SOME posters on this thread are who accuse Mr. Hollywood of being a phoney, yet SOME of you don't practice what you preach.


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51710/16/2013

I don't really know or care if Mr. H is real or fake because I enjoy his posts very much and FWIW I believe that he seems to know what he's talking about. I wish the haters would stay away and not try to run him off the way they did to SWF (another DL poster whom I very much enjoyed).

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51810/16/2013

Hear, hear!! Cheers to R417, I'm with you.

You tell it girlfriend...

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 51910/16/2013

Drat! I meant R517.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52010/16/2013

oops, I meant R517.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52110/16/2013

George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are 100% straight. If somebody has any proof of another actor of your list as bi, please prove it, I'm all ears!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52210/16/2013

I'm pretty sure the people who are trying to discredit Mr. Hollywood, are worried about their own clients. If they discredit Mr. Hollywood, they can keep their client in the closet.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52310/16/2013

Somebody please explain to me how "Mr. Hollywood" is entertaining. He sounds like a fool.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52410/16/2013

I like Mr. Hollywood. For those that don't, read elsewhere.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52510/16/2013

I'm still waiting for the Hepburn info, is Mr H sitting down somewhere reading books about her before he can tell stories?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52610/16/2013

I'm fine with Mr. Hollywood and the more people want to pick on him, the more I like him and believe him.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52710/16/2013

If Mr. Hollywood is relying on published biographies, he shows relative caution and restraint (for Datalounge). He's avoided reading Darwin Porter and Scotty Bowers. Mr. H. does not take Ms. Kelly seriously, which speaks well of him. And Mr. H. is not afraid to go against popular opinion on this board either. And to assert that an actor is either straight or asexual is VERY unpopular here. This gives him more credibility as he calls 'em as he sees 'em.

Whether he's on the West or East coast, makes good or bad guesses, it is unimportant. As long as he makes us THINK about Hollywood is what matters.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52810/16/2013

The Naysayers on this thread remind me of the disruptive little trolls we have in Congress. Begone! Mr. H should ignore them and post when he can. It's been fun, and I believe him a hell of a lot more than I believe the tabloids. Those reporters have no sense of history, or who's connected to whom.


Mr. H, I've heard for a long time, that there are vacant, privately owned, party houses in Hollywood where rich, famous celebs go to party, do drugs, have sex, and generally...unwind.

These houses are regarded as " safe houses" away from prying eyes at clubs, and they don't have to worry about being compromised. Some times we'll see famous people hanging out by the pool or bar at places like the Chateau Marmont, but that's just so they can get the hook up info.

At these parties celebs might get with people they'd never be caught dead with in public. I'm also told we'd be completely amazed by who we'd see there. Some of the guys who have squeaky clean public images, are into three ways, and every body does cocaine.

The houses are usually vacant, and might be owned by two or three guys who rotate the partying. I once heard that CAA and the other big agencies own some of these houses.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 52910/16/2013

I've always thought there were drug houses and that you could see just about anybody there and probably just about every socio-economic group would be represented.

I thought that The Alliance had a sex/party house?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53010/16/2013

R489, don't bring me into this, although when summoned I appear. Like I know about old white people in the business. And unless you hear something about Jolie's OD where she about died and they had to pay the EMTs and ER staff off (look for that big donation), or something else that isn't easy-peasy (as in Puff's being a serial killer - shhhh), what do it matter?

Me, I could tell a lot. For a price.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53110/16/2013

We all know George Clooney is not straight but if Mr. Hollywood "thinks" he is, I don't need to argue about it. I just know better.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53210/16/2013


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53310/16/2013


Such a beach house was the setting in that Kevin Spacey movie, Shrink, so I imagine they do exist.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53410/16/2013

R517 Thank you for your kind words. I've been taking a break, from DL, but am amused by many of the comments here - even that supposed pic of me , though quite a sight, made me laugh. I still love you all - even the mean, snarky ones, out there. It rolls off my tan, glistening back, as I lie in my lounge, by the pool.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53510/16/2013

I didn't realize there was a pool at the Motel 6. Sounds dreamy.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53610/16/2013

[quote]As long as he makes us THINK about Hollywood is what matters.


It's important to have someone you don't know, an anonymous voice on DL, make you THINK about Hollywood?

That's important?

How is it that you do not have the ability to THINK on your own? Is Hollywood a difficult subject for you?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53710/16/2013

It is difficult because Hollywood keeps most of it's secrets. It's extremely corrupt and it has 50 publicist to every block. So yes, if you want any info about Hollywood, you have to work for it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53810/16/2013

Is Winona Ryder bisexual? Someone here said so but I think it's nonsense.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 53910/16/2013

Is there anyone in Hollywood who doesn't do blow?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54010/16/2013

Mr. Hollywood, is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux both gay and bearding for one another?

Is: David Schwimmer, bisexual?

James Van Der Beek, gay?

Justin Timberlake, bisexual?

Mario Lopez, bisexual?

Matt LeBlanc, biseuxal?

Mathew Perry, gay?

Anything on Natalie Wood? Roddy McDowall left home movies of his beach side parties, which are on YouTube. What is so interesting was Natalie Wood was goofing around in the ocean with others in one of the home movies? She was supposed to be afraid of the water, right? I guess that was a myth? What do you think about her death that that night? I have heard Natalie and RJ had an open marriage and they were known to invite people in their bedroom for sex. Apparently the night Natalie died, everyone was drunk and she was mad that RJ was having sex with Christopher Walken with out her there, and in her anger feel off the boat? What do you know or think about all of this?

Also, what about RJ's bisexuality?

Anything on George Hamilton?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54110/16/2013

I'm an analyst who works with qualitative text and content analysis. I'm also someone with numerous family connections in entertainment that include many very well-known people, so I know the context. Don't bother to read further if you love the thread and don't care about this sort of thing - I am merely a DL seeker of truth, explained at the end of my post.

As a poster who enjoys silliness and - sometimes - concocting a persona for fun or to press a point (as troll-dar would indicate), I don't like the tedious "you're a phony" distractions the non-contributors offer when they think the smell trolley. However, after all these posts, it felt relevant to take a closer look. A few comments:

1. Almost nothing offered by the primary "Mr. H." is novel, revelatory or necessarily based on inside knowledge. I cannot find a single example of a claim or anecdote that is independent of other sources. I see at least two incidences of erroneous claims purportedly based on inside knowledge. And no friend in the business would EVER post an address of an acquaintance. That sort of naiveté not only is dangerous within the community, it conveys overcompensation.

2. The numerous dodges of double-posting as separate posters indicate naive fakery. These cases are not explained by using multiple computers or posting from different locations. They involve, as others noted, Q&A from the same person. It is not a DL issue, as this has never appeared on any other thread.

3. The personality of the primary "Mr. H." carries several characteristics of a construction. Sometimes certain traits can be distorted by the act of posting - people often react to the strangeness or the desire to appear smart or informed by mucking up their language. However, the evidently intentional adoption of specific traits (similar to memes) here - repetitive phrasing, disingenuous sleight of words, the clumsy retreat/reemergence game, the "traveling," the inauthentic citing of movie business cliches - strongly suggest a masquerade.

4. The technique of "distancing" appears here in a manner that shows a sense of vulnerability and a desire to salvage validity where other "suspects" come up. In other words, people tend to act "guilty" and overcompensate when something comes close to the game they're trying to cover up. Scotty Bowers offers an example. The language used is too complex for the case.

5. The implied assertion of a personal knowledge base that extends across a full century of Hollywood history suggests overreaching. I know plenty, for example, about a certain period (1935-1970) because of family talk. I have met few people in the business who would or could (or would care to) assert close knowledge of both Rudolph Valentino and Ryan Gosling. It begs credulity.

6. Related to this, it is a communication reflex to invoke sources and citations when veering from personal information to hearsay. The way anecdotes appear here breaks this usual pattern in a way that indicates consciousness of seams in the claims.

7. Finally, compare the speaker here to a bona fide (to my view) "insider" who posted - Susie Lee. While some people decided she wasn't who she claimed to be, her combination of bafflement, conviction, honest ignorance of some topics, and consistent personality traits that "rang true" even in their peculiarities was very different from this over-careful poster. R535 offers a textbook example of inauthenticity. Of course, age and alcohol can combine for some shaky postings. However, that is not what we see here.

Why did I bother? I'm no Addison DeWitt, but his disgusted rejoinder to Eve's palaver comes to mind. "That was a stupid lie, easy to expose, not worthy of you." If one is going to undertake a ruse that involves many other people, a better motive than mere perverseness is wanted. Humor, wit, social commentary, committed insanity - these will do. But laziness that exposes a person's unreadiness to troll? No. That deserves a rejoinder. It is the DL, after all.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54210/16/2013

"Mr. H" will not be posting anymore. He knows if he does I will expose him for the troll that he is.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54310/16/2013

R542, So how much of Scotty Bowers' book do you think is true?

Did you read the author posting salacious gossip as "RDJ," originally on CDAN, and then copied on other gossip sites, about Selena Jenkins and Room 23 and Hollywood starlets? How much of it is based on fact?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54410/16/2013

*Yawn* I can't think of why discrediting Mr. H. matters to these nay-sayers when they don't come out and refute (with real information) his assertions.

Mr. H, you answered my question about "50 Shades" and I thank you. I still think there's more to it, but that's just my opinion. And I hope you will continue to post. This is a gossip site, everyone! Let the gossip continue!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54510/16/2013

Christ what a bunch of nuts here. I personally don't care whether H is an "insider" or simply regurgitating published or known info, he writes interesting posts, especially re LA real estate in the other thread (Gaynor house thread).

I agree that a true "insider" would be loathe to publish addresses of celeb friends; more likely I simply believed Mr H had access to some old agency address books or simply had a photographic memory of what he'd read on Curbed or Realestalker. Does it matter? His posts gave a nice short backstory, plus an address so one could look up the property to get an aerial or street view.

Does everything and everybody need to be "proved" here? Who would care to "expose" this guy or anyone else, unless they were making preposterous claims that affected our real lives...most of us aren't stupid we can tell real from supposed fake - and we don't care. Sometimes we just like to be lightly entertained. LIGHTEN UP naysayers.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54610/16/2013

I'm just glad Mr. H hasn't blabbed any of *my* secrets!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54710/16/2013


I don't like people who threaten other posters, why don't you suck my left tit r543? You stupid canker. I'm sure Mr. Hollywood will post if he feels like it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54810/16/2013

Mr H, Has Donna Pescow fucked everyone in Hollywood?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 54910/16/2013

This witch hunting taken to extremes is usually a sort of dual between a couple of controlling nuts. Why should it be so important to prove a poster a troll or liar? As if others can't recognize it without being hit over the head. Really. leave people to their simple pleasures.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55010/16/2013

R542 = Carrie Mathison, off her meds...again

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55110/16/2013

R542 My goodness - such a fuss over one little poster on DL ? Your treatise on me was confusing however, jumping around accusing me of 'naive fakery' in one paragraph, and later, in paragraph #7, calling me an 'over-careful poster'. You mention at one point, people of my 'personality' have a characteristic of 'mucking up their language' yet in the next paragraph, you cite the language I use as 'too complex'. Am I an idiot, or very clever ? It's a rhetorical question mind you - for like so many of the replies here, they fascinate me in their desire to prove me a fake, a fraud, or engaging in trickery. I just try to give you all the best info I have, as accurate as possible.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55210/16/2013

What about Jake gyllenhaal? Any scoop on him?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55310/16/2013

Mr. H, you're just not getting it. You are all of the above, all of which R542 stated. It's your duplicity that reveals you. You may be a nice person, I've no idea but to pretend that you have insider information and then behave as you have can only lead one to believe that you are just someone seeking attention, who may know a thing or two that others may not. However, to pretend to have the whole inside scoop is just stupid. We've already pegged (pun intended) your misnomers. Why not start a thread for those who enjoy Hollywood gossip, both old and new, from those in the know and those well read on the subject.

A novel idea, I'm sure.

A good day to you, my friend, and god bless..

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55410/16/2013

Thanks for seeing this thread as gossip, and not taking it all as if we are talking about important world affairs. Part of my posting is due to seeing the phoniness and disingenuousness of so many celebrities I have met, & dealt with, and trying to expose a trait I abhor - self importance, & arrogance. That is why I always mention the positive experiences I've had with people I've known, who are famous. Maybe others have had miserable times with them, but I will tell you when mine has been good.

Thanks R523,525,527,528,545,546,548 & 550. You get it

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55510/16/2013

These people trying to throw shit on Mr H need to get the baseball bat out of their asses. It's just gossip on Datalounge, for fucking Christ's sake!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55610/16/2013

R542 is a hero.

But some folks just want their horoscopes.

Anyone interested in a basic course in sniffing out a fake on the DL, here you go. If not, I am sure the party will continue in the next thread.

And no, I will not "post gossip" to "prove"... what exactly... that I know gossip that contradicts someone who is clearly making it all up? It only takes perception, reason, and good judgment to know he's making it all up. What difference does any gossip I know on topics he's just vamping on make? He says someone's straight, I say, I met his boyfriend -- so what? Are you going to listen to me? You're fawning over someone who is clearly fake, in the face of convincing arguments to that point -- what's the truth going to do to convince you? People take the blue pill for a reason.

If you do like gossip... if you enjoy these questions and want to have them answered, here's a start: don't feed some loser who's thriving off the attention. Call him out, and sharpen your skills at smelling bullshit, so the real gems that get posted here shine brighter for you. Or... go ahead and keep asking for questions he can invent answers to. It's just a little sad and (gasp) I care about this place.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55710/16/2013

[quote]Why not start a thread for those who enjoy Hollywood gossip, both old and new, from those in the know and those well read on the subject.

Dumbass. That's been done here dozens of times on the DL, and there's still a distinct lack of insiders or those "well read" on the subject (not sure what is considered "well read" as its highly subjective). Mostly because of idiotic naysayers who persistently attack anyone who posts anything of entertaining value, demanding "proof" or calling them out as liars.

This thread is exactly what you stated: a thread for those who enjoy Hollywood gossip, both old and new, from those both in the know or otherwise informed on the subject....except people like you don't seem to like it and so derail it.

Nothing pleases asses like you. Go away please.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55810/16/2013

[quote]R542 is a hero.

No he/she isn't, they're someone with far too much time on their hands who likes to hear themselves talk (or type) all the time. Good grief.

[quote]Anyone interested in a basic course in sniffing out a fake on the DL, here you go.

No we're not interested so go the FUCK AWAY. How many times do you need to be told?? It's as if you're tone deaf. Pretentious twat. And condescending - as if we can't figure out what's real and what's not. And in the case of this very light-hearted thread - as if WE CARE. It's not about Syria or the govt shutdown, TWAT.

[quote]You're fawning over someone who is clearly fake, in the face of convincing arguments to that point -- what's the truth going to do to convince you?

You condescending fuck, fuck off. No one is "fawning" over anyone here, please. Until recently we were trying to enjoy a light-hearted, semi-interesting thread on Hollywood real estate and attendant gossip. But asses like YOU keep inserting your witless, high-minded carping about "proof", "fakes" and "the truth". As if you'd know what the truth was if it hit you. Your jealousy of others is transparent.

And you continue to share NOTHING entertaining here, unlike H and the others...please FUCK OFF and go away. There are other threads for you to infest.

[quote]If you do like gossip... if you enjoy these questions and want to have them answered, here's a start: don't feed some loser who's thriving off the attention.

That would be YOU. Over and out.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 55910/16/2013

[quote]Call him out, and sharpen your skills at smelling bullshit, so the real gems that get posted here shine brighter for you.

I'm waiting for you to direct me to these "real gems" of proven, expert celeb gossip here on DL. I've been here for more than a decade...where are they?

We're waiting (tapping foot impatiently)....

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56010/16/2013

Hello again, Mr. H.

Hoping you'll respond with a simple "yes" or "no" to my question. Cheers!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56110/16/2013

Oh good grief people, enjoy the thread all you like but let's face it, this Mr. H is probably that Prisspot troll from a while ago who melted down in a spectacular fashion. They sound exactly alike.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56210/16/2013

[quote]If you do like gossip...

I do!! I do!!

[quote]And no, I will not "post gossip"

Why you... fucking cocktease!!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56310/16/2013

Where is the Prisspot Troll thread, R562? Please post a link, pretty pretty please?

I just love a good meltdown.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56410/16/2013

R559, you are sooo good- I heart you!! You absolutely expressed my sentiment. Ugh! R542 is such a Debbie Downer, shoo! Go away!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56510/16/2013

The late night talk show host giving the French boy a blow job wasn't Johnny Carson but more likely, and it fits much better, Merv Griffin. I can see him showing a twink around town.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56610/16/2013

Is "a quiet friend" R557, getting on anyone else's nerves?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56710/16/2013

Yes he is, at least a bit, R557. I'm sure he meant well but he ended up going all "Nanny McQuietFriend" on us and nobody needs that shit.

We could see perfectly clearly what was and wasn't kosher with Mr. Hollywood. The thread was fun anyway - harmlessly amusing. Now it's been almost completely destroyed.

It's Nanny McQuietFriend's condescending assumption that we're all morons that I find objectionable.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56810/16/2013

Mr. Hollywood seems very accurate with his information. If you do not like these real posts, move on. Plenty of other threads...

TY Mr. Hollywood.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 56910/16/2013

I think I shall start a new thread to try and answer, to the best of my knowledge, all the questions that I was not able to - for various reasons (ahem R552,554, & 'A (not so) Quiet Friend.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57010/16/2013

Hi Mr.H I was just curious,which male celebrities are the most legendarily well endowed?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57110/16/2013

R488 & 561 That scenario does not sound familiar to me - need a bit more info. If so, I'll be able to give you a yes or no. Thank you.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57210/16/2013

Mr. H, if you would be so kind as to post a link to the new thread I would be so appreciative.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57310/16/2013

R571 I love easy ones. From the past : Sinatra, Dana Andrews, Anthony Quinn, George Raft, Gary Cooper, Forrest Tucker, Eddie Fisher, Tab Hunter, Steve Cochran (personal favorite), and 'Jethro' - Max Baer Jr.

From Sports : Wilt Chamberlain, JohnSalley, Troy Aikman, Brett Farvre,, and t homophobe, John Rocker

Just for fun ( though not for them) - Smallest : Josh Hartnett, Shia Labeouf, Nick Lachey, Jude Law, Dave Franco, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Phillipe, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher

Older : Liam Neeson, Tony Danza, Kevin Costner, Don Johnson, Corbin Bernsen, Woody Harrelson, James Woods, Sean Penn, Daniel Craig, William Defoe, Taye Diggs, Stephen Dorff, Ed Begley Jr.

Younger : Eric Bana, Wilmer Valderrama, Chris Pine, Shemar Moore, Jon Hamm, Sean William Scott, David Boreanaz, Michael Fassbender, Joe Manganiello,

Music & Misc : Jimi Hendrix, Huey Lewis, Tom Jones, Tommy Lee, John Mayer, Clint Black, Bill Maher, & Joe Francis

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57410/16/2013

Hey Mr H, please tell us what you know about Timberlake! Sexually I mean. Thank you!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57510/16/2013

R575 He's just told you, not much to tell.

I'm so laughing my ass off here....

Mr.H, no celebrity is safe. You linger in every possible restaurant, club and gym. That explains your round the globe travels, high teas and cocktails in all the best places - lavatories! Still laughing my ass off.......

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57610/17/2013

Much appreciation to you, Mr.H. Truly entertaining.! Please advise - Do Brad and Angelina have a monogamous relationship? The website CDAN recently gave some reveals that angie just broke up with her girlfriend to focus on the family. I know brad is liked in hollywood but how about angie?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57710/17/2013

People, if you trolldar Mr H's most recent posts in the thread, you will see that he's another poster upthread talking to himself, asking himself question.

Fucking troll.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57810/17/2013

Again, R578 it depends on which "Mr. Hollywood" posts you trolldar. I used td on the dick size post and every post it highlighted was a Mr. H post. Some of the others that had the Mr. H or Mr. Hollywood sig weren't highlighted. So as we've discovered earlier in the thread, we either have some fake Mr. Hs or Mr. H is posting on different devices. Old news.

Keep 'em coming, Mr. H. Any measurements on those largest and smallest dicks? Hard, of course.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 57910/17/2013

Mr H. Your threads/posts are mucho fun. Thank you!

These trolls that jumped on this thread in attempt to destroy the good vibe remind me of the fanfraus that invade the Renner threads. Could these actually be paid PR trolls or just the garden-variety loons?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58010/17/2013

R580 From what I can see ..... both

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58110/17/2013

Brett Farve>>>???? LOL umm no we all saw the pictures.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58210/17/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood this is 541,I Have many questions. Is it possible if you can answer them? If you can, I would be very grateful.Thank you so much for your time.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58310/17/2013

R541 &583 Will do so within next 24 hours . Thank you for your interest !

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58410/17/2013

Mr. H. - LEO AND KATE! :)

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58510/17/2013

[quote]Thank you for your kind words. I've been taking a break, from DL,

Well ya wouldn't know it by reading this thread!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58610/17/2013

Brangelina have like six kids and therefore are boring.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58710/17/2013

R560, you used the word "proven" you know for a fact, you can't "prove" gossip is true unless everything comes to light and the people involved actually give their own story. Frankly, when two or three people say the same thing, I usually start to think the gossip is true.

Over 20 years ago journalist tried to expose River's drug use...most people said no, NO! no!

It was kind of proved that all the no people were just bullshitters. All the people who said Ricky Martin was gay, they were dismissed but turns out they were telling the truth. So for me, when I hear three or more people telling the same story, I think they are telling the truth. And as far as I'm concerned, at this point, Tom Cruise has his ass hanging out as far as John Travolta. He's starting to look like a damn fool.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58810/17/2013

was Spencer Tracey really the most hated actor in Hollywood (a total prick?)?

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 58910/17/2013

Mr. H,

It was Northern Australia during the first week of 2000.

The guy had deep Hollywood connections through family and lived in BH. Not sure of his exact age, but it's probably near yours. But (at the time) he did work in the industry, which I believe you stated that you do not.

He was a mind-boggling source of dish but was reluctant to talk about certain people because he'd already revealed his identity.

Wouldn't be surprised if he's posted on the DL. Also wouldn't be surprised if you've met him or know about him and his family.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59010/17/2013

This thread. This thread. If there were EVER a DataLounge short bus hall of fame thread list, this one would be on it.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59110/17/2013

Ashton Kutcher is supposed to be pretty well hung. We've all seen his underwear pics.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59210/17/2013

I'm pretty sure you know all about the short bus, R591...I imagine you spent a great deal of time on one.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59310/17/2013

All aboard!

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59410/17/2013


by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59510/17/2013

I was enjoying the gossip, and saw no reason to go after Mr. H. "A quiet friend" is kind of crazy, I mean Mr. H isn't a war criminal. The threats of exposure and the grim tone of those posts! Agree with R591. Please don't let it end. We will need Mr. Hollywood Part II in five more posts.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59610/17/2013

The dick post at r574 supports my earlier point/s: some or even most of the info there could have come from books, previously published info or other online sources; it doesn't matter it was an entertaining list and accurately answered a query here.

And the list is fairly accurate, perhaps a few names could be added (I'd add Robert Plant to the music list). Who cares where it came from? Insider source or a book - whatever.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59710/17/2013

Mr. H here - going to start a new thread. Since I believe in sharing my love (or dislike) of homes of well known people, and their history, I will start a possibly less contentious place to land.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59810/17/2013

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Hartnett are not small.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 59910/17/2013

He hasn't answered the majority of the questions he has been asked so I tend not to believe what he has answered. Plus, the "they're asexual" is just nonsense. Every straight man and women I know who doesn't think Tom and Oprah are straight but don't want them to be gay says they think they're asexual. To them being asexual is better than being gay. It makes it palatable. They say the same about MJ and Hugh Jackman.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 60010/17/2013

Mr.H Can you name celebrities that are gay but are never or rarely rumored to be gay? Thanks.

by Jimmy Shieldsreply 60110/17/2013
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