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Just received an e-vite to my 20-year high school reunion. Sigh.

It's being held at a very swanky hotel ballroom. It costs $200 to attend. I'm not sure if I should go. I had a perfectly decent high school experience -- nothing traumatic or horrible.

However, I am in touch with many of these people on Facebook, so the curiosity element is moot. I know who's deranged, obese, successful, and so forth.

At the same time, I think it could be funny with the right amount of drinks.

Should I go? Should I decline? I'm torn.

by Class of 1993reply 2210/09/2013

Stay home, I can assure you your classmates aren't going to waiting for you to infect them with some gay disease.

by Class of 1993reply 110/08/2013

Just say you have another engagement that evening

by Class of 1993reply 210/08/2013

I would not spend $200 to spend an evening with my former classmates, and I had a great experience in high school. Find out where the after party is and head there if you want to get together with them.

by Class of 1993reply 310/08/2013

$200 is ridiculous. Even if you decide to spend the money, most of your former classmates will not. It would suck to spend that much money only to have only a handful of people at the event.

by Class of 1993reply 410/08/2013

I've always had a great time at mine. I liked most of the kids in my high school class in the first place, but even the hockey-player types, who totally intimidated me in high school and who I would never in a million years have dreamt of coming out to, are now friendly and we all just get drunk and joke around and reminisce and it's a good time. I'm sure this isn't everyone's experience - probably lots of people who were assholes in high school are still assholes, and if you're from a red state, people who were homophobic teenagers may have grown up to be homophobic adults. But I say, if you can afford the $200, give it a shot.

by Class of 1993reply 510/08/2013

OP, how small was your class?

I had over 600 graduate with me and can't imagine trying to reunite.

by Class of 1993reply 610/08/2013

[quote] Stay home, I can assure you your classmates aren't going to waiting for you to infect them with some gay disease.

Grandpa, calm down, and stop pretending like it's 1985. My partner and I went to my high school reunion and had a really great time. I was not the only gay person and no one made a big deal out of it.

I would agree though that at $200 attendance will probably be low. My reunion was $40 and a lot of people only showed up at the bar after (which was free).

by Class of 1993reply 710/08/2013

"I would agree though that at $200 attendance will probably be low. My reunion was $40 and a lot of people only showed up at the bar after (which was free)."

But what were the demographics of your high school, r7? The fact that they're charging $200 makes me think it was a high school that sent a lot of kids off to good colleges who would now have well-paying jobs. I doubt they would choose that venue and that price if a large proportion of their alumni are working at Wal-Mart. (That's not meant to imply anything about your school or your budget-minded classmates.)

by Class of 1993reply 810/08/2013

I would rather have my legs cut off than attend a reunion.

by Class of 1993reply 910/08/2013

$200 is way too much money!

Thirty years after I graduated, a local bank contacted our class treasurer (!) to inform her of a dormant account containing about $4,000!

We used the money to have a nice function room, dj, and snacks at a local hotel. Of course it was a cash bar, but we had a great time, and nobody had to pony up cash for anything! I think it was reasonably budgeted, even if we had to pay, but it was nowhere near $200.

by Class of 1993reply 1010/08/2013

Not r7, but I grew up in an affluent NYC suburb. My graduating class was less than 100 people, some of whom turned out to be very successful: award-winning scientists, Emmy winners, doctors, lawyers, financial bigshots, etc.

My 30th reunion was $40 for a cocktail buffet with a cash bar. We had a turnout of about 60%, plus spouses/partners/dates. It was fun. I stayed about 2 hours and it was still going strong when I left.

My sister, who is a year older than me and went to the same school, did plan to go to her 30th. It was a seated dinner, like a wedding banquet, with an open bar and cost about $200 a head. It was cancelled due to lack of interest. That was one of the reasons my year held a scaled back event in a bar.

The point is people would happily and easily pay for something that mattered to them, such as a benefit dinner, but a couple hours spent with old high school friends isn't worth $200, no matter how much money you make.

by Class of 1993reply 1110/08/2013

[quote]My graduating class was less than 100 people

"Fewer" than; "My graduating class was fewer than 100 people..."

by Class of 1993reply 1210/08/2013

Well, what did you decide, OP?

by Class of 1993reply 1310/08/2013

I went to 20th. What I noticed was that the popular jocks had bellys and looked like used car salesmen. The popular girls and cheerleaders who were stay at home moms looked tired and were wearing these awful mumsy dresses.

The women who had careers and didn't have kids looked fabulous and chic. I was actually looking pretty good myself and no one believe I was me until I showed them my drivers license.

And a friend who was a football jock introduced me to his partner of 15 years. Who knew?

All in all, a good time. But I never went to another one.

by Class of 1993reply 1410/08/2013

So, the organizer has some kind of habit and is out of money.

Organize your own night for free.

by Class of 1993reply 1510/08/2013

Another point, for $200 per person, they couldn't spring to mail a nice invitation? I'm surprised some scrapbooking frau with time on her hands didn't whip up an invitation with a photo collage.

by Class of 1993reply 1610/09/2013

I wouldn't spend $200 to go to my high school reunion, mostly because it would probably cost $500 for a plane ticket to get there. They also usually have our reunion over Thanksgiving weekend. They go to the "Big Game" and have something at a hotel.

I thought it might be interesting to see the people I went to high school with at 30+ years, but then found the Facebook page for the reunion and found out that almost everybody I hung out with in high school is still living in the same shit hole town I grew up in. They post birthday wishes everyday on Facebook. Somebody scanned our whole yearbook.

Apparently I'm an enigma. Nobody has heard anything from me since I left town to go away to college and never looked back. The comments under the post made on my birthday were a hoot. They're all wondering what happened to me. Where I am etc.

I was tempted to post something, but decided I'd let them wonder.

by Class of 1993reply 1710/09/2013

I just blew off my 30th Reunion in August. I feel not a shred of regret or remorse. I shan't attend the 40th or 50th either.

by Class of 1993reply 1810/09/2013

Paying $200 to see your former classmates who are likely now bible-thumping fraus and assholes isn't worth it.

by Class of 1993reply 1910/09/2013

There's not one thing about a h.s. reunion that is remotely attractive. I'd rather undergo a full body waxing. What in the world would I have to talk about to a bunch of aging, homophobic breeders who shunned me way back when?

If you were popular and a jock or cheerleader, you're probably still in touch with the old gang anyway. All the in-crowd returned to my hometown after college (or just never left).

by Class of 1993reply 2010/09/2013

Any chance you could snag a husband while there? Is so I say go for it.

by Class of 1993reply 2110/09/2013

R20 is spot on

by Class of 1993reply 2210/09/2013
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