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Is this the shittiest musical committed to film? It's just horrible. The music, the dancing, the direction....

It's the "B" unit doing outtakes from Mary Poppins.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5610/07/2013

And it's 2 and a half hours...

by Crosley Bowtherreply 110/06/2013

I loved it.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 210/06/2013

I can smmmmell children a mile away!

by Crosley Bowtherreply 310/06/2013

I can't remember, Is Dick's British accent as bad as the one he had in Mary Poppins?

by Crosley Bowtherreply 410/06/2013

I loved it, too.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 510/06/2013

Is it worse than "1776?" Is that even possible?

by Crosley Bowtherreply 610/06/2013

One of my special ed kids at school is obsessed with this film.

He is 22 and brings in a ratty VHS tape of it in his book bag every single day! Been like this for 3 years now. Asks every morning if we may, "watch it." He loves it, though I have never seen it personally. The only rival for his attentions is his love of all things John Deere.

Anyway, he graduates in June so I think on his last day I will finally break down and air it for the entire class.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 710/06/2013

[quote]It's just horrible. The music,

The music was adorable. I'd be interested to know what music's on your ipod. In fact, I can imagine. Lots of screechy white girls, I'll bet.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 810/06/2013

Not a one, R8, unless you count Kate Bush or Beth Orton.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 910/06/2013

Loved it. Especially the sets.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1010/06/2013

That's a sweet story, r7. I hope you do!

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1110/06/2013

I loved it as a kid in the '70s. It was one of those movies I looked forward to its yearly airing on TV (like Wizard of Oz and a number of other "special presentations" that would be aired during the year. I saw it as an adult, and it is not one of those movies that is good for kids and adults alike. Not that good, but I do have warm memories about it and the title song. Children have more grown up tastes than when I was growing up, so I could see kids today being bored with it.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1210/06/2013

Shitty-Shitty-Bang-Bang means "to fuck a guy with explosive diarrhea" in Chinese

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1310/06/2013

All of the stuff with Major General or whoever he was who ends up flying around in an outhouse, his section is on now. That part is endless and unfunny. I do love 'The Old Bamboo' though. Mainly because of the choreography.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1410/06/2013

I saw the car not long ago IN REAL LIFE. They use it for weddings and stuff.

My favorite song was Hushabye Mountain.

I won't link, the YT videos are horrible in quality.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1510/06/2013

I heard about this movie as a kid in the 60's and read the book so I was primed when I finally got around to seeing it a few years ago.

I couldn't remember back that far to make the movie enjoyable anymore. It sucked.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1610/06/2013

All the men on set really did think I was truly scrumptious.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1710/06/2013

A textbook case of both the book being better than the movie, and the movie being pretty much nothing like the book.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1810/06/2013

Quite true, R12. I tried showing this film to my nephews and nieces, and one of my 10 year old nephews shouted out, "Thus is a movie for babies, not big kids!"

by Crosley Bowtherreply 1910/06/2013

Loved it back in the day. Haven't seen it in many years, but think I'll get the dvd.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2010/06/2013

The fact that such a cool paradoy song as "Bag of Weed" comes directly from this musical shows that even though it might be horrid, it has it's place in cinematic history.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2110/06/2013

I think it is a fantastic musical film! The score is hummable and memorable, it has a well-constructed libretto, attractive leads and a warmly satisfying ending! What are you people complaining about?

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2210/06/2013

OP is full of it. The movie is worth it for the work of the Sherman Brothers alone - brilliant!

Unfortunately they only ever wrote one broadway musical, 'Over Here' (1974) and one off-broadway production, the similarly '40s-themed 'Victory Canteen' (1971).

Here's a re-created production number from 'Over Here'.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2310/06/2013

Yeah, r23. One Tony award. And thousand of theatre queens begging for a revival.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2410/06/2013

One Thanksgiving back in the 80s, my family had dinner at some friends home. Not even Turkey, we had Beef Wellington. Anyway, the family had a video disc player. They rented CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG for me because I was around 8. I watched ten minutes of it and went to play in the back. I knew that movie sucked and I liked crap like THE WATER BABIES and DOT & THE KANGAROO. I even liked that horrific version of SNOW WHITE LIVE FROM RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL that HBO used to constantly play. CHITTY? No, thank you.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2510/06/2013

[quote]They rented CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG for me because I was around 8.

Children (like most people) tend to like what's currently popular. A child of the 80s was unlikely to take to a children's film from the 60s, although many did take to Chitty and have continued to do so.

I remember my mother trying to get me to appreciate stuff from her childhood. Raggedy Ann & fucking Andy for example.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2610/06/2013

This movie simply never made it onto my hideous movie radar.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2710/06/2013

My mother force-fed me dale Evans cowgirl crap

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2810/06/2013

One of my favorite movies ever and definitely my favorite kid movie. Dick Van Dyke was hot, and he doesn't even attempt a british accent. Great music, great dancing, fun and sweet. The child catcher still scares the shit out of me.

Oh the posh posh the travelling life, the travelling life for me...

by Crosley Bowtherreply 2910/06/2013

I would agree to that R26, but at the age of 8 I loved MARY POPPINS, SOUND OF MUSIC, and BEDKNOBS & BROOMSTICKS. CHITTY sucks.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3010/06/2013

Loved it as a kid, and I still love it. So fuck off and die, OP.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3110/06/2013

Loved it, still do. The scene with the Baron trying to kill the Baroness while singing Chu Chi Face is one of my favorites, that and the child catcher stalking around the town square with ribbons on his hat - brilliantly terrifying.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3210/06/2013

I think he was with his partner from sometime in the 1930s until his partner's death R33, nearly 40 years. They lived openly which was very brave for the times.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3310/06/2013

R32 ! I always thought I was the ONLY one who loved this song.

Tell me, do you get a little drunk or high sometimes and re-enact the number in private?

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3410/06/2013

There are parts of the movie that are horrible, and parts that are fun and charming. The childcatcher scared the daylights out of me as a kid, And I still love the scene where the Baron is trying to off his wife.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3510/06/2013

Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay. Ian Fleming (the James Bond guy) wrote the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but it was nothing like the movie-- the flying car is about the only similarity.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3610/06/2013

Baron Bomburst isn't in Ian Fleming's original book, he's Roald Dahl's creation for the film. Roald Dahl was an RAF pilot in WW2 and I have a feeling he used Hermann Goring as the basis for Baron Bomburst. Like Goring, Baron Bomburst is fat, overbearing, vain, slightly effeminate and childish. The choice of the name "Bomburst" may also be a reference to Goring.

The Baron was played by Gert Fröbe m who also played the villian Goldfinger in the Bond movie.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3710/06/2013

Loved this movie as a child (born in '77). The child catcher gave me nightmares. When he would come on screen, I would pretend to be cold and go sit in my mom's lap.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3810/06/2013

The Childcatcher was scary!

I loved the 'Doll on a Music Box' scene as a kid. Sall Ann Howes was beautiful.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 3910/06/2013

I hate Rosie O'Donnell because of this movie. She had Dick van Dyke on her show to promote a dvd release of the movie. Throughout most of the interview with this talented and interesting man, all Rosie could talk about was how much her son loved the movie. And she did imitations of him watching the movie.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4010/06/2013

[quote]all Rosie could talk about was how much her son loved the movie. And she did imitations of him watching the movie.

That's so Rosie. You get what's on the tin with Rosie. I'm sure he was charmed by her enthusiasm...though, boring to watch.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4110/06/2013

[quote]Is it worse than "1776?" Is that even possible?

Wow, so glad I don't know you. It's even creepy replying to you.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4210/06/2013

I appreciated the movie more as an adult. The notion of children removed from society is particularly appealing.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4310/06/2013

R38 I wonder if the choice of name also works because Bomburst sounds like bombast? Maybe I'm guilty of overthinking it.

I would LOVE to get high and recreate the Chu Chi Face number, but which one of us would get to wear the corset? Unless the Baron was wearing one too.... now that IS very Goring!

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4410/06/2013

No, R6, nothing can be worse, not even "Song of Norway".

And why isn't the Toot Sweets number more widely performed?

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4510/06/2013

It is a favorite of the Queen of England. Saw it in London with Michael Ball.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4610/06/2013

Ian Flemming wrote the book, which I read as a child. I was very disappointed when I saw the movie and it was nothing like the book.

That said, the songs are amazing. Great music. I was surprised it took so long for them to make it into a stage production.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4710/06/2013

Sally Ann Howes should be added to the Glamour Cougars Over 70 thread.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4810/06/2013

Her yellow teeth are so hot. They're Truly Scrumptious.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 4910/07/2013

A truely shitty movie.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5010/07/2013

Another child of the '70s chiming in with love for "Chitty" .

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5110/07/2013

Loved it as a kid. One christmas Santa left both me and my brother a matchbox chitty chitty bang bang car where you could pull out the wings. Wish so much I still had them.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5210/07/2013

I read the book and saw a matinee screening at Graumanns. Everyone in the audience seemed disappointed. They had an intermission and it came right when they were going to plunge off the cliff and before Chitty magically turns into the flying car. And the whole thing was just a story. Yuck.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5310/07/2013

Anna Quayle, who plays The Baroness has had a very wide range of acting roles. Including a short but memorable scene that she shares with John Lennon in A Hard Day's Night (1964), the German expressionist sequence of Casino Royale (1967) and in the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) as Baroness Bomburst.

So both she and Baron went on to the James Bond films...strange how many Bond/Ia Fleming connections this childrens' movie has.

Found a pic of her with kennon from Hard Days Night, from1064. Cannotm believe iots the same person as The Baroness .

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5410/07/2013

Anything with Anna Quayle can't be all bad. Sadly underappreciated actress.

by Crosley Bowtherreply 5510/07/2013
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