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The pier in New York?

I saw a documentary that mentioned a huge abandoned warehouse on the end of a pier in New York, several floors, which was a basically a place to go for gay sex. This was in the '70s I think. One man remembered it being huge and dangerous, with pieces of floor falling through. Does any one remember this place? What was it called? Did you ever go there? It may have been in San Francisco.

by Before my timereply 510/07/2013

No one knows what I'm talking about? : (

by Before my timereply 110/07/2013

For you, OP.

by Before my timereply 210/07/2013

There were several piers between Christopher and West 12th Streets that fit your description where people went to have sex in the 70s and 80s.

by Before my timereply 310/07/2013

The piers figure in Andrew Holleran's 1978 novel, "Dancer from the Dance."

by Before my timereply 410/07/2013

Did someone call?

by Before my timereply 510/07/2013
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