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Gina Gershon as Donatella in "House of Versace"

Or as Nomi Malone pronounced it "Versase"

Who else is watching?

by Jimmcfreply 2810/11/2013

Thought it was going to be high camp, but Gershon is very good.

by Jimmcfreply 110/05/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Jimmcfreply 210/05/2013

Couldn't cast anyone better than Enrico Colantoni. Looked just like him.

by Jimmcfreply 310/05/2013

So far Gina's doing a good job. Raquel Welch looks rather "horsey." She could easily play Julia Roberts' mom.

by Jimmcfreply 410/05/2013

They had Raquel fixed up like Gina Lollobrigida in this movie. Why not just cast Gina?

by Jimmcfreply 510/06/2013

Maybe Gina didn't want to come all the way to America for or five lines?

by Jimmcfreply 610/06/2013

Watched it this morning and enjoyed it.

The written epilogue at the end left me wanting more answers though. It told about the business being once again successful but I wanted to know what became of Electra, Daniel and Gianni's longtime lover.

by Jimmcfreply 710/06/2013

Cunnanwas described as a 'serial killer' in the movie.

Why did he kill Gianni ? In the movie it was portrayed as so random.

Also, Donnatella seemed to hate Gianni's longtime lover. What was up with that ? Was there something to that or was it just lashing out because Gianni was dead and his lover lived?

by Jimmcfreply 810/06/2013

Who was the Lucia character played by Raquel. Was she a relative or just a nanny for the kids?

by Jimmcfreply 910/06/2013

Gershon was terrific.

by Jimmcfreply 1010/06/2013

R8, Wasn't Cunanan holding some kind of grudge against Versace? Like he'd been snubbed, or jilted or something at some time? I think they knew each other in passing somehow in the South Florida gay scene... I could be way off base on this.

by Jimmcfreply 1110/06/2013

There is a book about Cunanan called Vulgar Favors, by Maureen Orth.

by Jimmcfreply 1210/06/2013

You like film? Good.


by Jimmcfreply 1310/06/2013

I missed it. My DVR is on it's last legs, or maybe it's possessed, it records what it wants when it wants. Last week it thought I needed to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. The cable company is suppose to be sending someone with a new DVR in the AM.

Any idea when it re-plays?

by Jimmcfreply 1410/06/2013

7pm tonight, eastern

by Jimmcfreply 1510/06/2013

Tonight, Sunday 7pm Eastern on Lifetime, Monday 12:03am (ie. midnight tonight) Eastern.

by Jimmcfreply 1610/06/2013

I was wondering when someone would start a thread about this!

Seriously, is Lifetime run by dataloungers?

by Jimmcfreply 1710/06/2013

Gershon was actually pretty good. I expected it to be pure camp.

by Jimmcfreply 1810/06/2013

[quite]Tonight, Sunday 7pm Eastern on Lifetime, Monday 12:03am (ie. midnight tonight) Eastern.

Does Lifetime have an On Demand channel? Since I never watch that channel, thought I'd ask.

Why would a movie like this even be on Lifetime, isn't Lifetime a frau romance station?

by Jimmcfreply 1910/06/2013

Thanks for letting me know when it replays.

by Jimmcfreply 2010/06/2013


Raquel played Gianni and Donnatella's Aunt Lucia. She was like a mother figure after the death of their mother.

by Jimmcfreply 2110/06/2013

thanks , guess I missed that part R20

by Jimmcfreply 2210/07/2013

sorry R21

by Jimmcfreply 2310/07/2013

Gershon was amazing. Welch's face is a tragedy.

by Jimmcfreply 2410/07/2013

Gina was great. Enrico was great. Rocky's body is still gorgeous. She should have left the face alone. And, um, Donna Murphy? Wasn't much of a part.

Whole movie seemed rushed. Not fun enough to be camp not good enough to take seriously.

I got a hard on every time the husband came on screen. DADDY!!!!

by Jimmcfreply 2510/08/2013

I enjoyed it and I agree, it wasn't as high camp as I thought it would be. Donatella with those big lips should be very flattered to be played by Gina Gershon.

by Jimmcfreply 2610/08/2013

in the documentary they showed about Versace's murder and the effect it had on the House of Versace, they showed the end of the first show after his death. Donatella just walked out, nodded to the audience, and then walked the runway with her head down. It was terribly sad.

by Jimmcfreply 2710/08/2013

What was with the CGI butterfly?

by Jimmcfreply 2810/11/2013
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