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My $400 Howard-Miller "Bong" Clock Just Started Working After 14 Years! GHOSTS!

Howard-Miller clocks are expensive. Mine is a wind-up clock that slowed down and stopped due to, I guess, too-tight winding of the spring. Had it professionally cleaned and oiled to no avail. Tonight, after 14 years---just now---I heard it bong the hours.

First of all--I almost missed this because I enjoy a bowl or two of stupendous marijuana I buy from the lawn boy--but then it hit me--the clock works! Checked it out, the hours had unfrozen after 14 years and although the time was wrong, the hands had moved.

GHOSTS! I've buried 3 partners. At least one of them is here right now. I can't wait to find out what I'll dream about tonight.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 1210/07/2013

I'll admit, that would freak me out. Are you sure a mate didn't wind it up to mess with you?

by All around me, ghosts.reply 110/05/2013

This is why I auctioned off all of my dad's clocks when he died.

He'd wake me at 3 AM to help him with all of his different time pieces. It took six months for me to sleep through the night without "hearing" him call me down to help with those fucking clocks.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 210/05/2013

No one else latched on to the "I've buried three partners" part?

by All around me, ghosts.reply 310/05/2013

Those in$urance policies were a good idea, OP.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 410/07/2013

The clock is chiming from INSIDE the house. You in danger, gurl!

by All around me, ghosts.reply 510/07/2013

It's only been broken for three years, but we're hoping Congress does the same thing.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 610/07/2013

We have an antique, family heirloom mantel clock that died in a similar fashion. Hasn't been wound in a dog's age.

One day, about a month ago, after our particularly noisy upstairs neighbors (the lesbian with the hobbit feet) stomped, banged, and scooted across the room above it all night long. I swear she was practicing her marching band routine--i bet she's in the percussion section. No way could she match pitch, but damn she can obviously keep an interminable rhythm.

Anyway, at 4 am the clock decided to gleefully gong out that it was midnight. I hope it kept her up and she's a nervous wreck now. Maybe she'll lose her job and have to sell her condo. Bitch.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 710/07/2013

Buried three partners?

by All around me, ghosts.reply 810/07/2013

Yes... but the question is:

WHERE did you bury them?

by All around me, ghosts.reply 910/07/2013

Dear Lord in Heaven!

by All around me, ghosts.reply 1010/07/2013

The only possibility for this happening is that ghosts are doing it. Or maybe vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens, angels, fairies, gnomes, elves or direct divine intervention. Or rational Republicans. You know, fictional beings.

by All around me, ghosts.reply 1110/07/2013

[quote]I've buried 3 partners.

In the basement? The rose garden? In the woods out back?

by All around me, ghosts.reply 1210/07/2013
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