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Asian guys, so hot. Tell me about your sexy encounters.

I live in the Midwest, not enough Asian men here.

by OPreply 17202/24/2017

this should be a tiny thread

by OPreply 110/04/2013

There used to be a hot Chinese boy working his way through MIT as a rent boy. I paid him to fuck his bubble butt a few times.

by OPreply 210/04/2013

I like Asians with some urban twist to them, but they are all straight. Like the Asians into wearing jordans, foamposites and with style and swagger, but majority of gay or bi Asians are too queenie for me.

Rare if ever would you find a gay asian hot and masc like the one in pic. Majority of them are quuenie like that Bryan Boy blogger, not my type!

by OPreply 310/04/2013

Thanks R3, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

by OPreply 410/04/2013

Itty bitty clitty

by OPreply 510/04/2013

My first visit to a bathhouse my friend says "stay away from the Asians, even the hot ones!"

I didn't listen. I learned my lesson.

Rice Queens? God bless you. I have no idea how you do it,

by OPreply 610/04/2013

What lesson R6?

by OPreply 710/04/2013

I know, r7, what is r6 talking about? r6?

by OPreply 810/04/2013

Asian guy here. I'm a pocket gay. Stereotypically short, 5"5, but as a former gymnast, I've always been fit, even now when I'm in my 30s. I think that's what gets me laid, and not so much the Asian part.

I have had more action in my travels to the midwest than anywhere else in the country. I don't get why you cornfed boys are all about the soy.

by OPreply 910/04/2013

I'm in Connecticut and love Asian guys. But there seem to be about three gay Asian guys in the whole State. Where do they go? I want one!

by OPreply 1010/04/2013

Look in the mirror R9 and then you will get it.

by OPreply 1110/04/2013

He was so horny! He loved me a long time.

by OPreply 1210/04/2013

Most of the, ugh I hate the term, rice queens I know are nasty tops. They all seem to love smashing Asians. I just don't get it. It's like this guy. He goes around fucking the youngest Asian guys he can find and posting the videos.

by OPreply 1310/04/2013

Am I the only one who's noticed that most asians are INCREDIBLY clingy and won't take "no" for an answer? I've had some border on stalker-ish.

by OPreply 1410/04/2013

Sure you have r14, we believe you.

by OPreply 1510/04/2013

Typical racist white fags treating Asians like objects. You are a sad lot of poor excuses for human beings.. I've been with Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, and Korean. Some were hot experiences some mediocre and some awful. Them being Asian had nothing to do with it.

by OPreply 1610/04/2013

So you've not experienced that then, R15? It must just be my huge dick that makes them lose their minds then.

by OPreply 1710/04/2013

Unfortunately, yes to R14. I've noticed that about my fellow Asians.

I empathize way too well. Seeing it is sad. It comes from a place of self loathing (common to ALL gays - we've all been there to a point, asian or not) and a lack of self acceptance.

I don't feign or fake self confidence, but once I've learned to accept and wholly like myself, I've gotten laid more. I think it is the vibe one exudes.

One I stopped pining for the guys who won't have me, accept that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and just generally adopting an attitude of "not really giving a fuck what others think" has brought me more happiness and sex. I've balanced the yin to the yang. Self peace.

Okay, part of it is cultural too. When you grow up and have Tiger moms and dads who make you feel less than you're worth -

"Hey, you only make 90 on report card, why not 100?" "Why you get bronze medal and not gold?" "The older Johnny boy next door got into Rice, you better shoot for Stanford"

Then you grow up believing that if you keep trying, or try hard enough then you'll be validated by all your hard effort.

Added to all the fake rom-com and Disney shit we're all exposed to - seeing the meek, underestimated protagonist getting the object of their affection at the end.

All this wonders for your psyche.

So... lesson: Fellow Asian men: Grow a pair (move on - stop chasing dick that you can't have or won't have you), stop whining/feeling sorry for yourself (you're a grown man, get over trying to please your inner mommy and daddy), give less of a fuck in general (and then you'll be happy).

by OPreply 1810/04/2013

So R16, what did you do, call them the next day,send them flowers, meet their mom?

by OPreply 1910/04/2013

R19= so sad soaked in gin

by OPreply 2010/04/2013

Do "alpha male", confident, masculine Asian gays exist? Basically like the one R3 posted?

I see quite a few straight Asian men like that but have yet to find gay ones. I hope they exist.

Pretty much the total opposite of the white-chasing submissive shemale R13 posted; that video churned my stomach..

by OPreply 2110/04/2013

I had this HOT young Filipino guy pick me up. He said he could tell I had a bad case of Yellow fever. Amazing sex.

by OPreply 2210/04/2013

Peter Le (aka Peter Fever) has to be gay or at least bi. He does a lot pride events and directs gay porn for his site.

by OPreply 2310/04/2013

BTW I get topped by the Asians. I really like Filipino guys they are very aggressive lovers.

by OPreply 2410/04/2013

I had a quite nice sex with an Asian FA back when the country was still very closed. Only drawback was it gave me the Gonorrhea.

by OPreply 2510/05/2013

R9 /18

Good insight my Asian brotha.

by OPreply 2610/05/2013 for sale.

by OPreply 2710/05/2013

OP: Move to California already.

R9: You're so together it's frightening. Terrific posts. Huzzah!

R16: There's nothing less attractive than a brainwashed, self-loathing white goy..err..boy. That shit is eons-ago tiresome. Short of sexual assault, who is being "abused" in an encounter based on mutual consent? Dry up, ferchrissakes.

by OPreply 2810/05/2013

They are remarkably clean, anuses are among the tastiest

by OPreply 2910/05/2013

No Asians Please

How Asian Men Are Perceived In The Gay Community.

by OPreply 3010/05/2013

i thought the asian guy out of cloud atlas was hot, but he was apparently not even asian :( and there was some outcry about it i think American and Japanese make a nice mix

by OPreply 3110/05/2013

R24, best of both worlds! You have been fucked but still tight as a virgin!

by OPreply 3210/05/2013

R23, but why does he only do solos himself? Even Cody Cummings does more than he does. Now Van Darkholme (Vietnamese) on the other hand ...

by OPreply 3310/05/2013

I would love to top an Asian guy but the bottoms are too nelly- a turn off.

A compromice might be a Mexican guy, but they are so wracked with homoguilt that they have to get drunk to do the man thang.

by OPreply 3410/07/2013

I've met a few hot ones, but all of them were just insanely clingy.

by OPreply 3510/07/2013

As an Asian I tell guys all the time who can't find a boyfriend.

Just go Asian. You will never be lonely again. It is a buyers market.

by OPreply 3610/07/2013

My friends loves asians, say they are the most pleasing in bed, do what he wants and very loyal companions. I wish there were more hot masculine gay asians, they only seem to exist in the straight community. Dick size isn't a big issue with me, as long as its not thin.

by OPreply 3710/07/2013

They are by far the worst-behaved ethnic group at the bathhouse.

by OPreply 3810/07/2013

[quote] I wish there were more hot masculine gay asians

You need to look harder, they are out there.

'They are by far the worst-behaved ethnic group at the bathhouse.'

Which I write about on my site, Bathhouse Blues

by OPreply 3910/07/2013

Lot of misinformation here.

Many Asians are actually well endowed or average.

Many gay Asians are very masculine.

Many gay Asians are actually very very picky.

They are just like any other gay man, really.

Now, if you want to discuss the differences in behavior between FOBs (fresh off boat) and ABAs (American born Asians), then that's a different thread.

by OPreply 4010/07/2013

R40 do you want me to create that thread for you?

by OPreply 4110/07/2013

R40, by "picky" do you mean they are picky until a white man walks along? Because that's what I see many times: good looking Asian guys with old/ugly/dull/whitebread white guys.

by OPreply 4210/07/2013

Peter Le doesn't like to label himself.

Methinks Peter Le is a big homo. You may remember his Playgirl spread when he had bleached blond hair.

by OPreply 4310/07/2013

R42 those Asians with older guys are FOB

They see older white guys as a status symbol.

by OPreply 4410/07/2013

R42, my point is that there are definitely Asian guys who are picky, and won't date anyone but model handsome guys of whatever race.

There are also many sticky rice Asians (dating only Asian guys)...this is becoming more common place.

While we've all seen the small fit Asian guy with the ugly older white guy time and time again, it's just a matter of sugar daddy seeking for those particular gay guys. Not necessarily Asians.

Now, Asian FOBs .... YES, they do fit the stereotype more often, where they are trying to land a stable white guy, and once they realize that the hot young white guys are racist, they seek older more mature white guys.

But again, you see young gays going for rich older guys in EVERY culture...

by OPreply 4510/07/2013

R39, I just perused through your Body Vs. Race article.

It made em sad, but it also made me even more contemptuous of Asians.

Do you really think it's your physical features that are repulsive? Hint: It's your prejudiced attitude and your sick chasing of the white man that pushes guys away.

by OPreply 4610/07/2013

[quote] my point is that there are definitely Asian guys who are picky, and won't date anyone but model handsome guys of whatever race.

9/10 times it is a model handsome guys, but they have to be WHITE. And no other color will do

[quote] While we've all seen the small fit Asian guy with the ugly older white guy time and time again, it's just a matter of sugar daddy seeking for those particular gay guys. Not necessarily Asians.

That is because this older gay guys know Asians are easy.

by OPreply 4710/07/2013

R44, R45: why when GAMs date outside their race will only go for white men? (Curiously, you don't see this with straight Asian men or women: when they date outside their race, they generally go for whatever suits their fancy - unless they're Korean in my experience. Then it's the white men they go for. Straight Asian men are the least racist of the lot.)

And really, just FOBs huh? My city must be full of FOBs then. *eye roll*

I feel that other gay POCs definitely have a solid identity and confidence. GAMs are self-loathing nellies that are too wrapped up in finding a white husband... and only when they're old and alone, they realise they passed up on good, hot Latin, Black, Middle Eastern and - in a cruel twist of fate - Asian men.

by OPreply 4810/07/2013

Self-loathing = stunted growth

Because Asians where raised by Tiger moms. They feel Success = Happiness.

Where white families focus on Happiness = Success.

So since Asians have not had the emotional tools to deal with life, we have a stunted growth and unrealistic expectations. Couple that with being gay, and Asians seek White men as their ticket to happiness. To fill up that vacuum of low self-esteem.

If this makes sense.

by OPreply 4910/07/2013

I'm betting that Paula Deen post earlier was a joke. But it's true. Asian guys have the cleanest, best tasting asses.

by OPreply 5010/07/2013

R44-R45: hmm, thank you for the explanation. I've heard that in Asian cultures, therapy and mental health are taboo topics. Would you say this makes Asians less self-aware and stops them from becoming more rounded as individuals?

Could you also elaborate on the effects Asian cultures have on individuals? For instance, Asian cultures place value on the collective, don't they? Is that why Asian men so blindly accept the gay standard of beauty whereas a black gay man might reject it and date men of every race?

by OPreply 5110/07/2013

It's partly due to the fact that they do not have as many sweat glands as Caucasians.

by OPreply 5210/07/2013

Google. Tim Kang and click on images. As my dear mom would say "He looks as good walking toward you as he does walking away".

by OPreply 5310/07/2013

Russell Wong from "The Joy Luck Club."

by OPreply 5410/07/2013

Many Asians are actually well endowed or average. False, usually average to below.

Many gay Asians are very masculine. False, usually not.

Many gay Asians are actually very very picky. False, usually not, because they have limited options in the gay totem pole.

I am attracted to asian men, just not gay asian men, way too nelley most of the time.

by OPreply 5510/07/2013

R55 = not looking hard enough, and dead wrong. Or maybe you're in the wrong town.

by OPreply 5610/07/2013

Seriously, I've dated many dozens of SF gay Asian men, and have had three somewhat LTRs with Asian men, and I'd say about 90% of them had average to big dicks, and were totally masculine.

I know the type you're talking about, the twinky nelly Gaysian, but that's just not how they all are.

by OPreply 5710/07/2013

Oh yes, Russell Wong has lots of sex appeal.

by OPreply 5810/07/2013

very handsome, r54

by OPreply 5910/07/2013

Read the thread R53, R54. We know hot Asian men exist (my favourite being Rick Yune).

We're wondering if hot gay Asians exist. Apparently they do.

Personally, I'm wondering whether hot, masculine Asian men who are decent and rounded human beings exist...

by OPreply 6010/07/2013

R57, what is your ethnic background? Why did these relationships not last? Who are your exes dating now, white men?

by OPreply 6110/07/2013

Sam Ajdani (Filipino-Persian)

by OPreply 6210/07/2013

One of the hottest guys I ever slept with was a very masculine gay Asian guy I met when I was out with friends. Fit, but not one of those ridiculous gym bodies. Good sized dick. He wanted to fuck me. I'm pretty much only a top, but I couldn't resist him. He was that charming and sexy. Hurt like hell, but worth it to see his cum face.

So yes, whoever was asking upthread, good-looking, masculine gay Asian guys exist. You're only seeing the stereotypes, one assumes, because that's how your mind works.

by OPreply 6310/07/2013

Vince Ferraren (Filipino Model)

by OPreply 6410/07/2013

I think Keanu could hook you up, op.

by OPreply 6510/07/2013

Ken Hirai's Pop Star makes me smile all the time!

He claims to be full-blooded Japanese. He's adorable!

by OPreply 6610/07/2013

R61, I'm white. The three relationships with these guys (one was 2 years, one was 6 months, the other 1 year), and yes, these guys all are into white guys exclusively. Why did they not last? One cheated on me, one just disappeared entirely for no good reason, and one was just basically immature and very introverted and it started to erode the connection in a big way.

All of them were very masculine, and all had average dicks (one had a really big thick one).

All of their friends were more Asian masculine gay men, many of whom loved white men, and many still who were sticky rice.

R63 has it right. Yes, the stereotypes do exist out there, but it's not the majority, at least in SF...and I've always got my eye out for any and all gay Asian men out there.

The thing that also needs consideration is what I call the 'geek mystique'. Lots of gay Asian men are brainy scientists and tech guys, and they don't express stereotypically gay mannerisms, just geek mannerisms. That's the type I go for, the smart ones. They can hold their own in financial matters and in conversation.

Now, if I want a room full of twinky femmy Asians with spiky hair, I can always go to Badlands, but I don't.

by OPreply 6710/07/2013

I've been topped by two Asian men, and one was very well endowed and the other was about average in size. Both pretty masculine and had a brooding sensuality to them.

I'm a black man who normally tops, but they definitely had a charm and edge to them that made them appealing to me. When I was messing around with the really well-endowed one for the first time, I remember pulling his dick out of his pants and looked up in surprise and he had a smirk on his face like "yeah, stereotype this!" I'm above average, but he was longer and girthier, so it was like Opposite Day in stereotype-land that day.

He would get on top of me and whisper in my ear "you know I'm gonna fuck you, right?" in a really stern voice (he was a teacher), which made me very horny. And yes, he fucked me very well. I was really tight since I don't bottom that often and we had to stop a few times to keep him from having an orgasm. We used protection, but he took his condom off and came all over my chest and some hit his headboard. I still get hot remembering that.

I hooked up with the other Asian guy 2 weeks ago. He was about average with some decent girth. He was about 5'10" and somewhat lean. That man could really fuck too. Great pelvic thrusting and good control. Had me in all types of positions, and finally came (he had a condom on) as he had me on my side and I was squeezing his dick with my ass muscles. That was my pre-birthday gift for myself, lol.

I also fooled around with a tall Chinese man a few years ago. Average size dick, but really girthy. Great kisser too. We didn't fuck, but we sucked each other off and he made me shoot a huge load after licking me in the right places, and I returned the favor. It was hot watching him twitch in ecstasy.

I'm in the Atlanta area, and while there is a decent size Asian population, it's no California, Hawaii, or the Northeast. Many of them are either FOB or insular (large Korean population here), so I don't encounter too many here. But I was very pleased with my experiences with the ones I've been with so far.

by OPreply 6810/07/2013

Thanks for your candidness, R67. I can forever write off Asian men now!

by OPreply 6910/07/2013

OK, I Googled "Keanu Reeves Asian boyfriend" and NOTHING came up. What does r64 know?

by OPreply 7010/07/2013


by OPreply 7110/08/2013

When I lived in Chicago, I dated a Japanese guy once - he was really hot, and actually was quite well-endowed, and he was versatile.

That experience was a pleasant surprise - one of those boyfriends that 'got away', sadly. Well, I mean, life goes on, of course.

by OPreply 7210/08/2013

r68, I'm so jealous. I like hooking up with Asian guys. I've only been with two. They were really fucking hot. The Asians in NYC are pretty much Whites only, so it's unfortunate.

The first Asian I ever hooked up with got me into ass eating. His hole was just so delicious looking I had to go for it. He was SO HOT. Tight and muscular. He said he'd gotten bored with white dudes and wanted something new. I fucked his tight little ass good that night.

by OPreply 7310/08/2013

R66, thanks - he's really hot, and also his bandmates.

Ario Bayu is Indonesian and very, very sexy, I think - he appeared in "Dead Mine" which is a so-so horror film, but from his first appearance to last, he's really hot.

by OPreply 7410/08/2013

Whites who like Asians are "Rice Queens." What's the term for Asians who like white guys?

by OPreply 7510/08/2013

He say: You looka lika man!

... then there was lots of sweet & sour sauce involved

by OPreply 7610/08/2013

Potato queens, r75.

by OPreply 7710/08/2013

R74, bandmates? I hope you're kidding, right? That's the same guy!!!

Or, maybe you're referring to the mascots? The mascots are cute, but not what I would refer to as hot.

But, I agree with you. Ken Hirai is HOT! And, he's gay too.

by OPreply 7810/08/2013

R75 R77 Snow queens?

by OPreply 7910/09/2013

These guys are friends of mine. Asian guy is hot and nice.

by OPreply 8010/09/2013

Koreans and Japanese tend to have more attractive, masculine men. Its the Chinese and southeast asian men that are more femmey. Isn't it reported that a country in southeast asia, maybe Vietnam, has the highest ratio of gay men?

by OPreply 8110/09/2013

r81 really?

by OPreply 8210/09/2013

I thought it was the Phillipines that has a huge number of gay guys.

by OPreply 8310/09/2013

This Mike Chang guy on the top of every YouTube list is so hot.

Watch how his pecs flex as he talks.

by OPreply 8410/10/2013

Jason Scott Lee from "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story."

by OPreply 8510/10/2013

There were rumors about Scott Lee being gay and then he got married.

And that ended that.

by OPreply 8610/10/2013

Jason Scott Lee was so hot in Rapa Nui.

by OPreply 8710/10/2013

There is no Asian country that has more femmy or more masculine gays. What a stupid idea.

Trust me, I've fucked hundreds and dated dozens of Asian guys - every culture...and there is NO stereotype that is accurate.

The only thing you can sort of discern at all is facial features and fashion sense. Attitude, personality, dick size, masculinity - it's all up for grabs.

by OPreply 8810/11/2013

reply 88, Lies!! and noone believes them.

by OPreply 8910/16/2013

That guy at r84 is one of the hottest men of any race that I have ever seen. Damn.

by OPreply 9010/16/2013

I think this is Keanu's Asian boyfriend.

by OPreply 9111/04/2013

Where can I find masc. Asians like this because all the Asians I see are like Jared Eng and Bryan Boy real queenie looking.

by OPreply 9211/04/2013

Asians give great sex because they are smart. I have fucked a good number.

by OPreply 9311/04/2013

Shout out to Mike Chang!

by OPreply 9411/05/2013

Or this guy. But those kind of Asian are straight.

by OPreply 9511/09/2013

R18 is not Asian.

by OPreply 9611/10/2013

R95 I think mixed Asian and any other race are always hot.

by OPreply 9711/10/2013

R93 Do they do math when they have sex?

by OPreply 9811/10/2013

there is nothing like sweet, tasty Asian anus

by OPreply 9911/10/2013

I did a hapa once, he was the hottest lay I ever had.

by OPreply 10011/21/2013


by OPreply 10112/13/2013

East Asian here, a few musings and confessions, some echo what's said in the thread, some not so much.

1. I was definitely clingy - when I was 18 and thought the world ended after my first break-up. I couldn't be more emotionally detached nowadays.

2. I'm perceived as easy prey in the bars, and some people think I'd be grateful for any white meat thrown my way. It's off-putting and creepy, but I almost always act friendly.

3. Having lived as both, I find it easier to get laid as a panda cub than as an Asian twink, though I primarily hang out in leather, bear, and country-western bars.

4. The first thing people notice about me is my deep bass-baritone voice. It's actually not particularly striking, but I guess people expect something else from me before I speak.

5. Occasionally, people "compliment" me by telling me I don't look, act, or sound Asian. I respond by reintroducing myself as Ching Chong in a thick accent and making squinty eyes.

6. The not-so-tacit rejection still stings a little, and I'm not talking about a romantic, sexual, or even necessarily gay social setting.

7. I strongly identify with Margaret Cho. She eloquently voices many of my own frustrations as an East Asian living in North America.

8. I make my friends play the "spot-the-Asian" game in the bear bar that I frequent. They are not allowed to count me more than once.

9. I always try to befriend the few Asian in the said bar. Some of them act like I'm out to steal their rice-queen boyfriends.

10. Rice queens make me extremely uncomfortable, though I have been horny enough to cave on a few occasions.

by OPreply 10212/13/2013

As an Asian guy coming from the Gay and Asian Capital of Canada which is Vancouver I can tell you without a doubt that buff hot gay asian guys exist. The gay clubs are choked full of them. I'm kind of like the stereotype when you think of gay asian guys (skinny, feminine looking/acting,and Filipino) but to be honest I dont really care wjhat race I date its just so happens that I only end dating Masculine Asian guys cause A. that's my type and B. the Asian population here is HUGE. I have hheard that situation in San Francisco is also very similar. I have dated like a grand total of 6 guys all asians all muscular (lanky not uber buff) and all were average except for 2 that were above average. I don't date asians just cause are asian like me but cause the white guys that go after me are way older and the normal white guys that are my age tend to stick to other white guys. Like in California we have a very sporty based culture so the amount of fit guys here are ginormous (no matter what race.

by OPreply 10312/24/2013

Facebook group for White Guys into Asian men

Gay Asians Wanted

Please join, need members!

by OPreply 10412/24/2013

I recently hooked up with an Asian guy on-line. I usually don't do Asian as rule, but figured that I would give it a shot. So this petite little queen comes by my place. He's not really my type, but I wanted to get laid. Within minutes, I had him in bed and I was slam fucking his not so tight hole. Hey....a hole is a hole. The part that really turned me off is when he started yelling, "I feel like a girl; fuck me like girl!" UGGHH!!

I'm done with Asians. Dreck.

by OPreply 10512/24/2013

I had an unexpectedly HOT encounter with an Asian guy at the underwear party at Fire Island this past summer. It's funny because my partner (we have open relationship in situations like that) is a semi "rice queen", chases any semi-hot Asian across the room... I'm not so much but I can find hotness among the better looking guys of any race or ethnicity.

So this unusually tall and beefy Asian guy glances at me and I look back, this happens a few times. I decide what the hell, it's an underwear party and I'm buzzed enough to get away with it... I just walk up to him, introduce myself, and say "You're gorgeous... can I kiss you?" He smiles and says sure. Boom - it's GOOD kissing, we go to the back room and have passionate sweaty making out and mutual oral sex for like half an hour. He was like 6'1" and what you all call 'fit-fat' here on DL. Age early 30s or so (I'm 40). Sexually he was quite confident, even a bit dominant, and his dick was solid and very thick 6.5" or so, not tiny at all. I would have followed up for sure if I wasn't partnered and happily so. I think he was crestfallen that that was the case. Anyway... he was hot! And masculine, a low soft steady speaking voice. Not at all the insecure submissive bottom-bitch type that some of you seem to think of when you post about gay Asians.

by OPreply 10612/24/2013

p.s. he was a top, wanted to fuck me but it was too public a scene for me to do that and it was also outside the 'rules' that my partner and I had mutually agreed to. In my experience "Asian top" is not that unusual. Again I think it's a stereotype, the Asian/bottom thing.

by OPreply 10712/24/2013

I am a 24 year old USA guy. In college but also have been all over the south Pacific teaching scuba diving. I am 5'11" super fit and have hooked up a dozen times with Asian and Island guys. ALL but one were well above average in cock size. 7 to 7.5 hard. They all had hot bodies, great personalities, smart and very loving. What amazed me most is 9 of the 12 guys put on an unreal amount of cum. I shoot a big load, but these guys far surpass me and other buds I grew up. I have noticed it on Xtube too watching Asian guys. Many shoot way more cum then white or Latino guys. I really wonder why?? Diet, fitness??? Don't know but I love it! ALL were very sweet tasting too!!! I will for sure find the right Asian guy to settle down with soon for the rest of life.

by OPreply 10812/24/2013


by OPreply 10901/25/2014

Is there a "hot Asian guys" pic thread? I searched and couldn't find one. It would be great if someone could make a thread.

Anyway, check out the DILF Cung Le, MMA fighter and actor. He's Vietnamese. HOT. He has 3 sons with 2 different white women. He must be good in bed:

by OPreply 11002/19/2014


by OPreply 11105/31/2014


by OPreply 11206/14/2014

I have a really hot Asian (Kor Am) friend who suffers from micropenis. Luckily he is straight. His GFs are always white, usually blond.

by OPreply 11306/15/2014


by OPreply 11406/15/2014


by OPreply 11506/20/2014

You guys are watching too much porn. What's up with all these stereotypes? In my observation, there are far more white effeminate desperate gays. And a lot of Asians are far more appealing than white queens who are trying hard to act straight. Koreans, Japanese, and Filipinos are gorgeous Asians.

by OPreply 11606/20/2014

Trying to act straight? Perhaps they are just naturally masculine dudes

by OPreply 11707/04/2014


by OPreply 11807/04/2014

Ken Ott

by OPreply 11908/30/2014

Lol at all these guys talking about how well endowed Asians are. i have lived in Asia for over ten years (Japan, Thailand and Korea) and I have fucked A LOT. 5% of the guys were average to above average. The rest were mostly 3-4 inches and of course a few micro peens.

Luckily I'm a top and and I am not a size queen in any case, but my point is that in my experience Asians are way below average in the size department.

by OPreply 12008/30/2014

Judging from my personal experiences, Caucasians have longer penises but in the "hardness" department, Caucasians are generally not on the top of my list.

by OPreply 12108/30/2014

Ken Ott is a major hottie. Is he Filipino?

I just saw him in a video where he bottomed, but didn't suck cock. Is he the new Paddy O'Brien?

by OPreply 12208/31/2014

I think Ken is half Asian and half Caucasian.

by OPreply 12308/31/2014

Book called "No Asians Please"

This is the first book of its kind to explores how Gay Asians are perceived and marginalized in a segregated gay population.

by OPreply 12408/31/2014

This guy is so hot!

by OPreply 12512/27/2014

I can't believe he's Asian!

by OPreply 12612/27/2014

Another pic of him

by OPreply 12712/27/2014

R122, Ken Ott is Filipino-German.

by OPreply 12812/27/2014

that ken ott is so ugly

by OPreply 12912/27/2014

Kwon Sang Woo is really hot!

by OPreply 13012/27/2014

korean porn stars are so average looking

by OPreply 13112/29/2014

Interracial sex is so hot.

by OPreply 13212/29/2014

There's lots of misinformed people here (I assume it has something to do with one's formative years being in a less tolerant era).

I'm an Asian guy who is into other Asian guys. In the major cities you have a sizable majority of Asians who are attracted to each other. We kinda keep to ourselves and are not as visible as the self-loathing kind who chase after something else to feel "complete." You find us in karaoke rooms, house parties, etc where we enjoy similar cultural and career expectations and age well.

I guess overall we are more feminine compared to others, but so what? That's our standard and everybody is different, so sod off. All gay men are more fem compared to straight men. So what?

by OPreply 13312/29/2014

I have a couple of white friends who are loud and proud "rice queens" and I know one Asian guy who is an unashamed "potato chaser". As they say, to each their own and all that, but I never got the whole "I only date/do "X" nationality" among the gays. I'm more varied I suppose - if you were to line up my previous relationships, there's an Argentine, an Irish guy, an Indonesian, an Indian (dots, not feathers), a German, a Brit, a Japanese (and he was hairy!), an Iowa farm boy, a black guy, some NY Italians, and some regular American mutts. But as has been pointed out to me, they all share similar traits - tall, muscley, professional types with good senses of humor and a sarcastic streak. So maybe that's my type - while my friends are about the nationality, I'm about the package, doesn't matter what its wrapped in. Who knows! All I do know is life it too short - so make your fun and do who you want, period.

by OPreply 13412/29/2014

Thanks Zsa Zsa^^

by OPreply 13512/29/2014

R133. You go! I have a Chinese (ABC, parents moved back to Taiwan) student (college) who is in the process of coming out (he is also physically disabled, so I guess he wins the oppression sweepstakes). He took a class in love and sexuality in Asian-American culture and learned, to his dismay, that he was categorically viewed as less masculine and less desirable (course taught by a straight Asian-American man, so professor was teaching about stereotypic attitudes). I assured him he will find his place in gayland.

by OPreply 13612/29/2014


by OPreply 13703/07/2015

[quote]Book called "No Asians Please". This is the first book of its kind to explores how Gay Asians are perceived and marginalized in a segregated gay population.

No surprise then that the book seems to focus on how gay white men view gay Asian men. Perhaps the writer should take a look at why gay Asians seem obsessed with dating whites and whites only. A white person writing "No Asians" is no different than an Asian person coming up with bullshit reasons for only dating whites. Does the book examine how Asians themselves exclude other ethnic groups from their dating pool? I thought not.

by OPreply 13803/08/2015

I've had a couple of experiences with gaysians. I am a complete horn dog but would rather go celibate than have another gaysian hookup.

by OPreply 13903/08/2015

Whenever I go trolling for sex, the men who immediately latch onto me and follow me everywhere are fat old white men. They seem to think that Asian men will fuck anything white. I do not, but I see a lot of the other Asians doing this.

Have some self respect, my fellow Asian men. You are the reason for such bad pr.

by OPreply 14003/08/2015

The book "No Asians Please"

Written by Mr. Go Asian!

by OPreply 14103/08/2015

The "No Asian Please" troll is probably the guy who started this thread. He's promoted his book three times already to a site that give us no substance except to buy his book.

by OPreply 14203/08/2015

R142 no I didn't start this thread.

But I am Mr. Gay Asian, encouraging guys who want a bf to go Asian.

I say this as a Gay Asian dude.

If you are white and go Asian, you'll never be lonely again.

But my experience is white guys would rather be lonely, than go Asian.

by OPreply 14303/08/2015

Anyone here had Wang Wei(王巍)?

by OPreply 14403/08/2015

Anyone here had Jiang Haowen (姜皓文)?

by OPreply 14503/08/2015

Anyone here had Zu Xiong (祖雄)?

by OPreply 14603/08/2015


by OPreply 14703/08/2015

I would say no one here has had these three men because DL, like most gay men, don't find Asian men sexy. Even when they look like that.

by OPreply 14803/08/2015

you're wrong, dude

by OPreply 14903/12/2015

I'm an Asian in America and it's really tough

by OPreply 15004/30/2015

R150 It's tough because you want to date white men and white men want to date white men.

by OPreply 15104/30/2015

Actually, I prefer South Asians/Middle Easterners/and Mediterranean men (I guess those are white). I'm East Asian myself and the only people who've blocked me on dating apps are other East Asians.

by OPreply 15204/30/2015

White men want Hispanics. Look at all the wedding announcements in the NY Times and it's the second highest % after white white. Oh, and go to Jackson Heights. It's all over the place.

by OPreply 15305/03/2015

Chinese dude in Geneva Switzerland. Tallish. Powerful thick body. Big fat 20cm cock. Droll. Fucked me silly a number of times and made me spicy food afterwards. Too bad he was just a fuckbuddy. When I was single again, he was gone.

by OPreply 15405/03/2015


by OPreply 15505/15/2015

So I went into this resturant (think gold arches) about three pm and went up to the counter and ordered a number 2 meal, but substitute the drink for a medium vanilla milkshake and an extra cheeseburger because the two that come with the meal are never enough and two cherry pies. and paid for the meal and told them id be back. in my arnold voice, as i was going to see a man about a horse. so i went into their rest room and had washed my hands and stepped into the handy stall when themost attractive japanese, or chinese, or south korean or Laotion guy stepped in and said sir , sir. i was about ready to let out about a liter of hot piss from my semi hard member. when i turned around and caught him look at my member i immediately got erect and the piss now went everwhere all over him and it would stop. he immediately got out of the path and went to wash up telling me they were out of cherry and would apple ok. i told him to finish cleaning up as i had soaked him and id tell them. i shook off and packed up my thick member and they gave me a parfait to make it up for not having cherry. after i ate my meal i noticed he finally made it out of the rest room and he walked by the table with his number that said he had a great time. i never did call £%}¥%~€, but often wonder about him.

by OPreply 15605/15/2015

That was so romantic, R156, because we know fast food employees follow customers into the bathroom when there's a problem with their order.

by OPreply 15705/15/2015

Asian guy here who has had my fair share of sex, mostly with white guys. I gotta say, though, that the hottest sex I've had has been with other Asian guys. Not sure why. Maybe it's because having sex with another Asian is a somewhat rare thing for me (I was born and raised in the U.S.). Also, I think for me there's a slightly forbidden, almost taboo aspect, which can make the sex all the more hot. In fact, my hottest FB is an Asian guy who kinda looks like me. When we go to restaurants, people often think we're brothers. Sex with him is off the charts.

by OPreply 15805/15/2015

Asians are incredibly racist and super judgmental so no I have not had an Asian.

by OPreply 15905/15/2015

r157 that was his second day on the job, he had just grad college

by OPreply 16005/15/2015

If you're white and you prefer darker-skinned Asians, are you a brown rice queen?

by OPreply 16105/15/2015

i have a theorom, that white guys intereted in asian women are gay! Discuss

by OPreply 16205/15/2015

R162, that's provocative!

by OPreply 16305/15/2015

R162, that's been brought up here before. I think for older guys that maybe have been true. For younger guys, more specifically nerdy and geeky types, it's because they have a lot of asian classmates.

by OPreply 16405/15/2015

He may not be hot, but he was successful enough to bag a white lawyer.

by OPreply 16505/17/2015


by OPreply 16609/23/2016


by OPreply 16711/30/2016

Asians are androgynous, so you are in denial that you want to do women.

by OPreply 16811/30/2016

I had the hottest 3-way with a Filipino bottom and a chinese top. Together we spent a few hours taking turns on that pinoy butt and wrecked his hole. Hottest three way ever. The Chinese and I ended up dating, even though we are both tops.

by OPreply 16911/30/2016

That's a puzzlement R162. Since Asians being fem petite and bottoms seems to what the white guy and other ignorant types thinks, it would make more sense to hypothesize that white gays into Asians are closet straights.

by OPreply 17011/30/2016


by OPreply 17102/05/2017


by OPreply 17202/24/2017
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