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The "I didn't like 'Gravity'" thread

It's manipulative and lacks restraint. There were several audible guffaws toward the end as people were clearly thinking, "Oh please, now what?" I half expected the movie to end with Skylab falling on her.

Apollo 13 was better.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17707/18/2014

Made my tits sag.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 110/03/2013

I am a big fan of Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was a clever character driven sex road trip with great performances in them (esp Maribel Verdu's), but I am afraid that Gravity is just cool to look at, visually stunning, but the character driven aspect and the great acting is just not there. Clooney is horrible at acting, and Sandra is not really considered as a character actress. Her screaming in the trailer sounds more annoying than anything.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 210/03/2013

A contrarian thread that exists for no other reason than to be contrarian.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 310/03/2013

R3 you haven't seen it yet have you? People were laughing during several scenes, including the "womb" scene.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 410/04/2013

I think her screaming in the trailer sounds like she's having sex in there.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 510/04/2013

In the trailer Bullock seems to be playing the same "woman in despair" character she played in Speed.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 610/04/2013

Another thing I disliked is that George Clooney was playing "George Clooney" and Bullock was playing "the Sandra Bullock character" as R6 mentions. At least in "Blind Side" she was showing she could play somebody completely different than that.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 710/04/2013

Judy Davis should have played Sandy's role. No one does pent up terror/anger and full breakdown mode better.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 810/04/2013

r8 Yes, she's a very bankable performer.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 910/04/2013

I'm going to see it probably next weekend, but I'm expecting the film to be visually stunning only. Anything else will be a bonus. As I've said in another thread, the commercials don't make either Bullock or Clooney look appealing.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1010/04/2013

If you have Clooney, you don't need another bankable star R9.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1110/04/2013

R11 You're so right!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1210/04/2013

The biggest shock was how believable Liza was as an astronaut. I thought she stole the picture from Sandra and George. I just wish her character had lasted longer.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1310/04/2013

A terrible movie. I don't understand all the great reviews.

The self-congratulatory, inauthentically ennobled, unrealistic and overblown mess of every single scene left me feeling like I was losing my mind.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1410/04/2013

Would someone please start a "The I didn't like "The "I didn't like 'Gravity'" thread" thread"? TIA.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1510/04/2013

[quote] The self-congratulatory, inauthentically ennobled, unrealistic and overblown mess of every single scene left me feeling like I was losing my mind

Spare us, you shrieking, attention-deprived MARY!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1610/04/2013

I have no intention on seeing the movie.

Does Sandy die at the end?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1710/04/2013

It will suffer from the Black Swan syndrome, overhyped, and overpraised. When the noise dies down everybody realizes it was just pure schlock. If you want to watch a great sifi drama, see Moon!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1810/04/2013

Do we have to have seen it? Can we not like it just based on the TV ads? Or because it's Clooney and Bullock? Or just generally, on principle?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 1910/04/2013

I'll just wait for the bootleg that'll be online in a few hours.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2010/04/2013

I just saw it in IMAX. I was skeptical when I heard it was basically Sandra Bullock and her grating scream alone in space for two hours, but the special effects looked exquisite so I gave it a chance and... it was basically Sandra Bullock and her grating scream alone in space for two hours. And George Clooney doing his George Clooney thing, cheesy jokes and smug smirks and all.

Storywise, it was interesting for the first half hour, but they lost me when the space station she landed on set fire. By the time she swam up to the beach, I was half-expecting an earthquake to happen to just keep piling on. I have the feeling it would've made a great short film, but they had to make it 90 minutes, so a lot of the obstacles felt tacked on.

I think the flaws would've been less apparent if they had a more charismatic actress in the lead.

But whatever, I guess we have our 2014 Best Picture winner.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2110/04/2013

George has never opened or carried a movie.

He's a likable celebrity that everyone has agreed to call a movie star.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2210/04/2013

r21, she lives???

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2310/04/2013

Yes, she lives.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2410/04/2013

Can someone please "spoil" the film for those of us who won't be seeing it? How does she survive hurtling through space with nothing to grab onto? How does she make it back to land? Is the land on Earth? Does it even remotely make sense, or is it a prettier Speed 2?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2510/04/2013

Storytelling 101 dictates that George Clooney dies so that Sandra may live.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2610/04/2013

Basically, she hops from space station to space station as random space debris destroys each one, and is about to resign herself to death until Ghost George Clooney tells her she's always had the power to bring herself home, so she prepares one of the space stations to land on earth, breaks through the atmosphere, crashes into the water, the water fills the cabin and nearly drowns her, but she swims out of there, and walks out onto a beach in her underwater.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2710/04/2013

Haha! That sounds terrible. Thanks R27!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2810/04/2013

R25 After space debris destroys their shuttle, she and Clooney jetpack over to the International Space Station which is conveniently nearby. But the ISS is also damaged from the debris shower. Clooney dies when she and he fail to make safe contact with the shuttle and he sacrifices himself by cutting his tether and drifting off into space. So now Sandy is in the shuttle but of course it's too damaged to allow her to go back to earth, but there is conveniently a Chinese space station near by that she can drive the space pod to. Of course at this point the ISS catches on fire. So she gets out of there in the nick of time and gets to the Chinese shuttle, and the Chinese shuttle takes her back to earth, where she lands in the water and almost drowns in the shuttle trying to get out and then gets tangled in seaweed as she swims to the surface. Then she kisses the ground, stands up, and Skylab falls on her.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 2910/04/2013

Hee! And thank you R29, love the last sentence!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3010/04/2013

Epic Vanity Project.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3110/04/2013

OP, I believe you. I just hate you.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3210/05/2013

The link has the entire plot.

If you bitch that I spoiled the film for you, well then, you're a moron for clicking on it.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3310/05/2013

The dummies like the Martian cartoon toy flying in the air, but that was from a Warner Bros cartoon and this is a Warner Bros film.

The worst thing was the corny corny bullshit dialogue - for dummies only. And of course Bullock and esp Clooney in their usual bullshitty film "characters." If they were truly in that situation, they would have dropped all of that cutesy and corny bullshit.

What's scary is people saying this is the greatest film etc - is the world that dumbed-down that this is taken as something great? Either the screenwriters are really dumb, or it was a cynical ploy as usual for more money by pitching to the lowest common denominator. And a global market - easy to translate. There was even a Chinese space station.

Really hated the wig. Made her hair look weird.

When they showed the head of the guy that was killed, did you think it looked fake - like a bad paper-mache project from a kid in elementary school? They showed it twice, and I thought "yeah, don't show that fake paper mache thing again."

It would have been funny if she drowned at the end. It would have more daring. The masses would have rioted, and cried.

They also could have had an alligator eat her in the end. I also thought as a lone scantily dressed women that maybe some villagers would find her and rape her and kill her.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3410/06/2013

Yes because that's what villagers do.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3510/06/2013

Sometimes that is what villagers do!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3610/06/2013

Yes, R34. There was this unearned pomposity to the whole thing. The writing and dialogue were cliched and too familiar and pat. It was badly written, seemingly deliberately, so fraus/dads and the unexamining hoardes can experience awe without insight. Go home and "live your life now!" stuff. It is a very shallow movie with unearned catharsis, delivered with maximum punch from the vfx.

We could have had a few unique exchanges from the characters, more intimacy. Seeing Clooney experience emotion - TERROR perhaps? - would have been interesting. He was so casual, with little underneath it.

The music was also very, very poor.

It's almost like a Transformers movie for coffee cradlers - lots of FX, little else on offer. I wouldn't have been able to sit through it were it not for the 3D and vistas from space (though there weren't enough of those either).

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3710/06/2013

[quote]There was this unearned pomposity to the whole thing. The writing and dialogue were cliched and too familiar and pat. It was badly written, seemingly deliberately, so fraus/dads and the unexamining hoardes can experience awe without insight. Go home and "live your life now!" stuff. It is a very shallow movie with unearned catharsis, delivered with maximum punch from the vfx.

Yes, that was it. 100% correct.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3810/06/2013

It was awesomr

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 3910/06/2013

R34, thanks for mentioning the Marvin the Martian thing. When I watched the movie, and saw that floating by, I rolled my eyes because I knew someone would say that was their favorite part of the movie at some point. And, of course, everyone's diddling themselves over that part in the pro-Gravity thread.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4010/06/2013

R37 Shows you how most critics just obey to HW powerful, intimidating, manipulating PR machinery. How the hell did this crap get 98% on Rotten Tomatoes?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4110/06/2013

Why would the Marvin the Martian part be a favorite to anybody? It's product placement, and Mars had nothing to do with the story. It's amazing what a bunch of emotionally stunted Americans will get all puffed up over. They like being talked down to.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4210/06/2013

Like the trailer for "Tree of Life," it looked like it was going to be something meaningful and special, but both times - a big, empty nothing. Both times a seductive, evocative trailer - then disappointment.

(Though Tree of Life was more artistic...and I love Days of Heaven!)

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4310/06/2013


Good comparisonT

That inane Malick flick even got the golden Palm at Cannes. How stupid certain critics can be ............ it's laughable.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4410/06/2013

It won't make it any better for some folks, but speculation is that she actually dies on re-entry, and the beach she makes it to is the afterlife. Do with that what you will.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4510/06/2013

What is that, R45, the "Tree of Life" interpretation?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4610/06/2013

I'm so glad I don't know any of you.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4710/06/2013

Looks like it's a chance for you to slip in another Tree reference. You're welcome.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4810/06/2013

OP, Gravity has to be better than Apollo 13 for the simple fact that the utterly repulsive, talent-free Clint Howard isn't in this and he was in that.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 4910/06/2013

The symbolism in the film is so half-baked that asking whether or not she actually makes it to Earth (and "evolves" as shown by her crawling out of the ocean) is MOOT. MOOT, I tell you.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5010/06/2013


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5110/06/2013

The only good thing about this movie is that Sandra might beat Oprah for the Oscar.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5210/06/2013

I think the best ending would have been if she'd drowned at the end.

All that struggle and heroism to get back to Earth, only to drown.

That would be funny.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5310/06/2013

There is a huge scientific error in that movie.. I won't ruin the movie but lets just say "it won't work like that in a vacuum"

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5410/06/2013

R54, it's not a vacuum. It's about free-fall.

And yeah, there's more than one plot point that is physically impossible, but it doesn't matter much, it makes for a good story and there'd be no story without them.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5510/06/2013

List of scientific errors in "Gravity":

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5610/06/2013

Most movies would be pretty boring if they stuck to reality and the facts.

This wasn't a National Geographic documentary.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5710/06/2013

Still not the scientific error I was talking about and a big part of the movie (well not like a huge part but ...)

Oh hell


a Fire extinguisher would not propel her like that in the vacuum of space.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5810/06/2013

R58, actually, yes it would.

The only problem with that scene is that she wasn't holding it at her center of mass, so it would have sent her spinning.

But yes, it would have worked to propel her.

The biggest error is the "letting go" scene... George Clooney wouldn't have drifted away because there was no force driving him away.

The other error is that the Hubble and the Space Station aren't even remotely in similar orbits, so there'd be no way to get from one to the other. But you just sort of accept these things as they drive the plot.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 5910/06/2013

The other thing I didn't like was that it was obvious that Sandra Bullock had killed her daughter, so I wasn't rooting for her.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6010/06/2013

r58 not it would not because the contents are under pressure - and in a metal container (a thin one at that) not really designed to operate in a vacuum. It would have either exploded or the entire content of it would have sprayed out uncontrolled. I would never work like a solid rocket booster.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6110/06/2013

You're delusional, R60

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6210/06/2013

R62: No, it is clear that the Sandra Bullock character was modeled after Mrs. Patsy Ramsey, formerly of Boulder, Co.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6310/06/2013

{R56} Correct!!

Dr Neil deGrasse, AstroPhysicist, takes on the movie "Gravity." My favorite thus far..."Mysteries of #Gravity: Astronaut Clooney informs medical doctor Bullock what happens medically during oxygen depravation." LOL!!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6410/06/2013

The Bullock character was definitely responsible for her daughter's death. Cuaron has confirmed it.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6510/06/2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson Just tweeted this:

‏@neiltyson My Tweets hardly ever convey opinion. Mostly perspectives on the world. But if you must know, I enjoyed #Gravity very much.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6610/06/2013

I would have loved it had she died in space.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6710/06/2013

You queens are nuts, the movie is amazing! I'm in the movie industry and can be a harsh critic, but this was unfreakingbelievable.

You sound like the queens who snark and bitch about EVERYTHING! Loosen up and have some fun. It was an amazing movie experience.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6810/06/2013

Bret Easton Ellis tweeted the New Yorker's review of Gravity this morning. There are a lot of things that I also agree with.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 6910/07/2013

Not to be a Breaking Bad and "New Golden Age of Television" stan, but the quality balance between TV and film right now has shifted so much that all decent movies are judged with a relative curve. Yeah, it's an alright movie. But the fact that it attempted an interesting story with a unique approach using big studio bucks, in direct opposition to every other shitty movie out there, does not a masterpiece make.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7010/07/2013

Nice to see that the New Yorker critic used his Gravity pan to once again suck the dick of Joss Whedon for his own overrated tripe.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7110/07/2013


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7210/07/2013

lol, R72. That's it!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7310/07/2013

Some of you bitches really seem to want to over-think things.

Whatever happened to just enjoying the ride?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7410/07/2013


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7510/07/2013

Alfonso explains it all so we can understand!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7610/07/2013

Alfonso, did you REALLY write that tripe script with your kid?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7710/07/2013

So glad to have found this thread! I hated this movie and even walked out after 45 minutes. ( i would have left earlier but was trying to be polite to my companion who was enjoying it). Such drivel...and such unremitting loud drivel....always at the same high pitch of danger/agony/terror. The gross smashed-in face of the dead astronaut was when I started to be disgusted with the whole thing. When George Clooney left the scene I lost interest even least he had a soothing voice and seemed to have some personality. Arrgh. When I heard about the ending (not that I really cared at all) I had to laugh. OMG! Such melodrama and such nonsense. Why has eveyone liked it? Why 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Again, thank you all for your comments, i was beginning to think there was something the matter with me .

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7810/07/2013

R78, it's long past time you considered the fact that the problem here is YOU, not everyone else.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 7910/07/2013

Trolldar r79.

Go back to the other thread!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8010/07/2013

Come on, keep the anti-"Gravity" comments coming - we have to make this thread longer than the pro-Gravity thread.

I am just stunned how a big empty nothing is getting such raves.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8110/07/2013


At least Avengers was character driven and had a great story and script. Gravity only has great visuals. RDJ, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo never gave bad performances unlike Clooney. Even Evans and Hemsworth gave believable, great performances. Clooney NEVER does. Bullock is also not what I would call an interesting actress.

Seems Cuaron focused only on the camera work and forgot that great movies need good characters and compelling story telling in them as well.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8210/07/2013

i thought tie dream sequence was cheap as hell. As others have pointed out telling a doctor what happens when you are oxygen deprived is odd. Her hair not moving in zero grav, the fire extinguisher as a propellant...blech.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8310/07/2013

The religious symbols in each craft sledgehammer obvious.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8410/07/2013

It's strange, though, R84. I realize each card addressed each nation's spiritual preoccupations, but so what? Are these symbols suggesting that we voyage into space in the name of our gods? The themes and symbolism were banal and unfocused. Comparing this film - a true technical feat, but that's it - against the almost mystical and still-mysterious 2001 would be a big, big mistake.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8510/07/2013

Aaaaaaa ehhhhhhh uhhhhhhh. That's the summary of the movie.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8610/07/2013

She actually dies halfway through the film.


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8710/07/2013

I kept waiting for the song but Clooney and Bullock didn't sing a note.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8810/07/2013

Fuck you R81, you bitter, envious no-taste-having douchebag fuck-face. The PRO-"Gravity" thread will always trump this bullshit travesty of a thread full of haters.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 8910/07/2013

The obvious ass kissing of China made me laff.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9010/07/2013

Look at R89, angrily butting in on the truth thread about Gravity.

Remember, discuss anything bad about it, no matter how small. Too bad we don't have the script - we could all post stupid lines. None of the lines were memorable - they were all too bland and stupid.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9110/07/2013

[quote] Come on, keep the anti-"Gravity" comments coming - we have to make this thread longer than the pro-Gravity thread.

You're very mature and not bitter and childless at all.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9210/07/2013

Yes, totally aiming at the Chinese market. I guess we will see this in more and more movies.

I am not even sure they would have a Buddha - I believe they are officially atheists. More likely they would have the good luck cat.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9310/07/2013

Maneki-neko (good luck cats) are Japanese, not Chinese.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9410/07/2013

Isn't spirituality illegal or punishable by death in Red China? Such bullshit, that "Gravity".

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9510/07/2013

The Chinese love them, too, R94

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9610/07/2013

No, it's not punishable by death, r95. China actually recognizes five religions.

[quote]The Chinese love them, too,

Yes, you see them in Chinese and Vietnamese here in the US, where non-Asians tend to clump them all Asian cultures together.

But not in China.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9710/07/2013

FIlms are being made with China in mind. Huge blockbusters do extremely well in China. A bomb here (cough lone ranger cough) can do gang busters in China.

back to I didn't like gravity...

the movie was a sham. Clooney's toupe would not have stayed on in zero gravity. There should have been a grey/black rug flying right by Sandy Bullock.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9810/07/2013

I haven't seen it but it sounds like they got one thing right: there's a lot of junk in outer space and humans are to blame. So that part of it, that there are all these space stations, etc, is realistic. Also, the whole "drifting off into the galaxy" is unrealistic because things that are caught in earth's orbit don't just break out of it. And there are some small things, smaller than humans, that are in earth's orbit.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 9910/07/2013

I really liked it!

I was a big space geek as a kid, so it was really cool to me to see a space mission depicted so realistically. The science nit picks mentioned are so small. The child who loved space and studied the Space Race loved seeing the physics of it on screen, the inside of a Soyuz capsule, the docking camera at work, the capsule separate into its stages, the inside of the ISS, spacewalks / EVA... it was all cool, and while not perfect, depicted with a reality technologically impossible until now.

2001 had its share of science issues... a rotating capsule would need to be much, much larger to supply the gravity seen on Discovery One, for starters.

Gravity was not deep, did not have a big message... it was just a harrowing tale of someone out of her element struggling to survive, with some fantastic eye-porn. What a treat for the senses and for lovers of space!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10010/08/2013

Astronaut fact-checks gravity.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10110/08/2013

Ryan Stone was never in space. She crashed while driving. It is all an illusion.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10210/08/2013


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10310/09/2013

The only thing more tedious than the constant raves are the scientific rebuttals.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10410/09/2013

Sorry, thought it was great. Though the ending was Planet of the Apes bad.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10510/09/2013

Clooney and Bullock in space! What's not to love?

[quote]it doesn't matter much, it makes for a good story

Sounds about right.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10610/09/2013

I definitely expected more, not only based on the reviews, but based on the hype coming out of the film festivals.

But I still enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more if I'd known it was nothing more than an action movie, where corny dialogue and high school-level symbolism are par for the course.

I've read of a couple of people walking out because they felt motion sickness, but I can't imagine anyone else walking out unless they walked in planning to walk out at the first sign of a weak plot point...

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10710/09/2013

If Keanu had played the Clooney role it would have been better

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10810/09/2013

In reply to 107 i walked out, as I already wrote ( I am number 78, I think) BUT I expected and hoped to like it. It just became an assault on my senses and dragged on and on.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 10910/09/2013

[quote]It just became an assault on my senses and dragged on and on.

Yeah, ninety minutes is way too long for a movie. I agree, it was an assault on your senses, which was integral to the movie.

Maybe you should stick to cartoons. They are shorter and now edited for content.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11010/09/2013

R110, ninety minutes is too long for a movie where the core storyline could be told in thirty minutes, and the rest of the running time is padded with a lot of tacked on faux conflicts that never rang true.

If you liked the movie so much, then head over to the pro-Gravity thread where they're all fingering their assholes over it. This is for people who didn't see what all the fuss was about.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11110/09/2013

Where's the "I don't think I like the uptight nit-picky prissy assholes who don't like gravity" thread?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11210/09/2013

I just don't get it. The movie sucked and the ending was even worse.I would rather watch paint dry.But if you like watching a Woman floating in space for 90min do yourself a favor and seek help asap before it's to late.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11310/10/2013

[quote]The East Village of RENT is no less sentimental or cliched or cartoony than the Paris of LA BOHEME.

This is a good point!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11410/10/2013

Oops wrong thread! How does that happen?

Might as well give my GRAVITY two cents: I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, but afterwards I felt it was all a little too pat. Still a great experience. George Clooney was annoying and miscast, though.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11510/10/2013

[quote]I definitely expected more, not only based on the reviews, but based on the hype coming out of the film festivals.

I finally saw it, and I agree. It was OK. Nothing fantastic, and I was a little let down based on the reviews.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11610/18/2013

God, I hate the society we live in, in which do nothings who have never created anything in their entire lives bash very solid work because it's oh so cool to be snarky and above anything and everything. This thread is a prime example of that.

Gravity isn't perfect, but it's a technological wonder that actually made me feel something and I think it's a film that will stand the test of time.

I sometimes wonder if any of you people like anything, ever.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11710/18/2013

I didn't like Sandra floating in underwear in 3D through the entire movie. If they had cut her out would have been a great movie. I was really disappointed since i used to like her.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11810/26/2013

It's a good point. This is where the backlash against feminism leads us - a dumb movie with a female heroine allowed to exist if she is in underwear for most of the movie.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 11910/26/2013

Nothing more than a fantastic screensaver!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12010/27/2013

If you people knew the difference between a shuttle and a space capsule, maybe you'd have enjoyed it more. Russian "shuttle", Chinese "shuttle" my ass.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12110/27/2013

There is nothing more pathetic than seeing people who can't take criticism R117. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, just because someone worked hard on something doesn't mean a single other person is required to like it or be doting or complementary. People will like your work, or not, and you have to accept whatever their opinions are and maybe even listen objectively to see if you can understand their points. You should grow up.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12210/27/2013

I am ecstatic to find this communal disdain for such a hot steaming heap of cinematic excrement. I of course and as usual am restraining myself as to my true feelings about the alleged "masterpiece"

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12310/27/2013

R117 Well, you have a reason to be snarky when the majority of critics hype up a movie and when you finally see it, it does not live up to the expectations at all.

I always think, because Hollywood industry is in a bit of a crisis, movie critics are being bought by studios to write good reviews.

A movie with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, who during promotion spin the gossip rumor machine they have something going on reeks mediocre. Oldest and cheapest HW trick in the book.

Don't believe the hype

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12410/27/2013

I enjoyed Gravity, but I doubt it will do well at The Oscars for one simple reason: it's heavily reliant on 3D IMAX technology. Most Academy members rely on screeners. Take away the experience of seeing gravity as it was intended and you're left with a boring film with an underdeveloped script.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12510/27/2013

What happened to studying the character and trying to think and behave like one. Did Bullock confuse a scientist with a stripper?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12610/29/2013

R123, I think you're confusing a few bitter malcontents and contrarians for a "communal distain".

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12710/29/2013


I think audiences are not really as pleased with Gravity as the critics would like us to believe.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12810/29/2013

I've talked to dozens of people at work who have seen it. They all LOVED it.

You're fooling yourself. You're in a very, very tiny minority.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 12910/29/2013

Many people liked slavery a long time ago but that didn't make it a good thing. I personally found this movie sexist. I went to watch it hoping to like it but it disgusted me.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13010/30/2013

Of course "the people at work" liked it. They are idiots.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13110/30/2013


Not so sure about Gravity being liked by the public as much as Rotten Tomatoes ratings would like us to believe.

Gravity reminds me a bit of Black Swan, once people saw it many thought they were fooled by critics and a big hype campaign.

Some audiences might not care about a stupid story and bad acting, but some moviegoers actually appreciate being not just slapped with flashy visuals but with something that has substance.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13210/30/2013

well, after looking forward to it for so long, I finally saw it this afternoon, the very last day for IMAX 3D in my area before it is replaced with Ender's Game.

The visuals were so stunning and engrossing. And EVERY FUCKING WORD OF ITS COMPLETELY ASININE DIALOGUE should have been excised. HORRIBLE. And the swelling, bombastic music should have been cut out as well. Oh, and Sandra should have drowned at the end: Gravity. With those changes - and with somebody else to play Clooney's part, someone less "Clooney" (and who doesn't "nobly" die to save her but instead just misses his catch and flies off helpless to die) - Gravity would have been a really fucking awesome movie.

Such a frustrating movie experience. At one point I literally put my fingers in my ears to stop having to hear the insulting stupidity and just be able to watch the beautiful, mesmerizing things on the screen.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13310/31/2013

That is exactly how I felt, R133. What a waste of excellent special effects. Dumb dialogue. Very dumb. Destroyed the mystery of space.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13410/31/2013

(just as an aside: to whoever posted at r103/r75/r72/r51, you are awesome.)

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13510/31/2013

I feel that I was cheated out of my money and then abused. Alfonso Cuarón deserves to be tortured by being made to watch his movie and Sandra Bullock deserves to be tortured by being made to watch an enlarged undressed female in 3D for an hour and a half.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13610/31/2013

"Always at the same high pitch of danger/agony/terror."

The movie has huge flaws, but sorry, this is just not true.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13710/31/2013

I watch movies to enjoy and get inspired. But the only thing this movie seemed to portray is that even scientist women are neither smart nor brave but would readily take their clothes off and keep them that way. It is a good thing that this is just a stupid movie and not the reality but it was so disturbing that I am still trying to shake it off.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13810/31/2013

It was a very good, taut flick.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 13911/01/2013

The ending was open-ended. I think she dies gasping for air under a tidal wave of bull-crap.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14011/01/2013

Saw this today. As a purely cinematic experience it was awesome. The script was weak. Sandra was excellent. George Clooney seemed to really enjoy his Buzz Lightyear gig.

Contrary to what R125 said, I think no one will appreciate this film more than people in the industry who know how awesome its achievements are. This is the film to beat at the Oscars this year. Sandy won't win, George hopefully won't snag a nominaton, it won't win screenplay but Cuaron and Best Picture are a lock along with every tech award going.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14111/09/2013

It's the film to beat in a year that gave us 12 Years a Slave?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14211/09/2013

I think 12 Years A Slave has a lot of awards potential, obviously. It could win Best Actor, the Best Supporting trophies, Adapted Screenplay. I still think Blanchett will win Best Actress. But Gravity is going to win Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Editing, Sound Editing.

The Academy isn't stupid. Giving Gravity Best Picture is as good for The Academy as it is for the film.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14311/10/2013

Directors round table with Steve  McQueen (12 Years a Slave), Paul  Greengrass (Captain Phillips), David  O. Russell (American Hustle), Ben  Stiller (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Alfonso  Cuaron (Gravity) and Lee  Daniels (The Butler)

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14411/14/2013

Directors round table with Steve  McQueen (12 Years a Slave), Paul  Greengrass (Captain Phillips), David  O. Russell (American Hustle), Ben  Stiller (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Alfonso  Cuaron (Gravity) and Lee  Daniels (The Butler)

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14511/14/2013

That was an interestng roundtable discussion. Thanks for posting that.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14611/16/2013

I think they should hold off any more movies about slavery or the Holocaust until they make a decent one about Stonewall.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14711/16/2013

[quote] Ghost George Clooney tells her she's always had the power to bring herself home

So he's the Glenda the Good Witch of the story.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14811/16/2013


by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 14911/16/2013

It wasn't me, it was Steve Jobs.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15011/16/2013

I hated it too. Everyone I know loved it though. Idiots.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15111/16/2013

Everyone likes GRAVITY. You numbnuts in here professing to hate it are just trying to go against the grain.

Sandy has already begun her award-winning streak for her excellent role. She is to be honored at the Palm Springs Film Fest.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15211/16/2013

Not true, r152. I also hated titanic when everyone loved it.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15311/16/2013

I saw it last night at Maryland's last drive-in, The Bengies, but even the largest screen in the U.S. couldn't turn this turd into gold! I couldn't believe the WHOLE movie was about her escaping from an accident. Two decades ago did anybody see the Apollo movie where they lost their air scrubbers? Way better & less self absorbed!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15411/18/2013

My working college saw it last weekend and she thought it deserved not nearly the hype it has gotten over the last weeks.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15511/18/2013

Try rewriting that sentece, r155. It makes no sense.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15611/18/2013

[quote]even the largest screen in the U.S. couldn't turn this turd into gold!

Your obvious trolling is so unbecoming. You have ZERO taste in determining what a good film is. Do us all a favor, DON'T go into filmmaking.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15711/18/2013

Lee Daniels comes off as an annoying twat on that roundtable. Ben Stiller is a close second.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15811/19/2013

I thought it was really interesting when Cuaron was talking about movies and how they are being seen now and what people think about them in 30 years.

Almost like he admitted that Gravity was a big over bloated joke. But nowadays people are still talking about Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Stiller definitely had a place there, his Tropic Thunder was such a great movie. Also it's interesting to have an opinion from an actors point of view.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 15911/19/2013

This movie was like a joke that wasn't funny. The only reward it deserves is a golden dick.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16011/28/2013

I could have written you post, R133.

HORRIBLE movie. Sandra Bullock's face looked like a mask. Botox galore. In some shots she looked like Cher. Why would someone with an immobile face be considered for an Oscar?!

Did she borrow that wig from Julia Roberts when she played Peter Pan?

Clooney - does he even bother to act anymore? What a non fucking performance.

The dialogue is embarrassingly banal.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16112/08/2013

Isn't Bullock's character basically a frau in space?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16212/08/2013

[R117] 👏 Thank You! Everyone wants to be a critic these days.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16312/09/2013

What the fuck is that smudge on R163's post? I thought I had dropped food on my screen or it was cum spatter.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16412/09/2013

Stop gossiping! Words can Heal!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16512/09/2013

Thanks everyone who honestly bashed this movie! I felt so bad after watching it but your words healed me.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16612/15/2013

Usually when I go to the cinema I stay 'til the end of credits. This time I left as they start scrolling while thinking "90 minutes of unlikely ridiculous boring movie? That's it? I want my money back!". The last scene made my jaw drop. And this shit is in competition for Academy Awards. Fuck...

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16712/22/2013

OK -- please forgive me, but I don't have the patience to read this entire thread.

Still, I wanted to comment that, in the first five minutes of this movie (which is all I'll be watching), you already have been forced to accept the cliche of the incompetent woman who needs to be saved by the manly man -- while we watch her scream like a little bitch.

What year is this?? Women are STILL the weaker (and dumber) sex even when they have Ph.D.s and are physically and mentally qualified to go into outer space?

Tell me again that there's no such thing as white male privilege.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16801/28/2014

You're all stupid. GRAVITY was the best film of 2013.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 16901/28/2014

Despite all the damage control that has been going on in this thread, gravity is still the stupidest movie of all times.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17003/03/2014

No, but it IS the winner of the most Oscars this year, so up yours, R170.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17103/03/2014

Just watched Gravity (over two nights) ... I wanted to like it but didn't. Clooney was very unconvincing as an astronaut.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17203/03/2014

It's hard to like something disgusting. Of course this is all too relative. If Cloony was floating in underwear I could have been more forgiving. I guess I was not the target audience. Still all the oscars tell me is that for every train there are passengers. I am glad some people got rewarded for their work but as a general idea the movie was a big YUUUUUK.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17303/15/2014

[quote]If Keanu had played the Clooney role it would have been better

All we are is space dust in the solar wind, dude.

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17407/17/2014

The Alfonso Cuaron CAPS Troll was awesome!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17507/17/2014

Yes! Yes! Bring back the Alfonso Troll!!!

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17607/17/2014

Just saw this on HBO and it put me to sleep, stealing plot lines and sfx from "2001: A Space Odyssey," the TV series "Lost in Space," and especially the movie "Contact," in which Jodi Foster was fantastic.

When Jodi was talking to herself, she was very convincing. Loved David Morse in this too, and all the other actors.

"Gravity" has a thin story, laughable acting as neither Sandra nor George can act, and nothing we haven't seen before in the way of sfx.

Don't tell me you have to see it on a big screen, because we did (although not Imax,) and it is boring and predictable on any screen.

Other than the fact most of America has no education or taste (how else do you explain the Kardasians and Honey Booboo?), I can't figure why this was such a success. Do Sandra and George have that many fans?

by Gunilla Bjorndockerreply 17707/18/2014
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