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Did Ricky wind up making a movie in Hollywood?

Don Juan was shelved, but MGM kept him on contract until they could find another project for him. I don't recall him making a film, yet when he returned home all the neighbors and friends made a big deal out him being a big Hollywood star. So did he make a movie?

by Ethel Maereply 9303/16/2015

Yes, with Danny Thomas and Cesar Romero. It was called Under the Table.

by Ethel Maereply 110/03/2013


by Ethel Maereply 210/03/2013

Yes, Lucy and the Mertzes threw him a "wrap party." But they never said what the movie was.

by Ethel Maereply 310/03/2013

After the studio shelved Don Juan, why did they continue to pay for their and the Mertz's suites at the Beverly Palm?

by Ethel Maereply 410/03/2013

He ended up doing a few scenes in a posing strap for Bob Mizer at Athletic Model Guild.

by Ethel Maereply 510/03/2013

R4, I don't think they implied the studio was paying for the Mertzes, too, did they? I can't remember but if so, that wouldn't have made any sense since they were only there to accompany the Ricardos.

by Ethel Maereply 610/03/2013

Because R4, Dore Schary liked the way Ricky always gave him a reach-around while fucking the head of MGM up the ass.

by Ethel Maereply 710/04/2013

R7, you need to add: "while Nancy Davis (Reagan) was giving him head". Dore had a thing for old Nance.

by Ethel Maereply 810/04/2013

I thought the movie was "Gone with the Cuban Wind." Or was it "A Streetcar Named Ricardo"?

by Ethel Maereply 910/04/2013

The Ricardos of Wimpole Street.

by Ethel Maereply 1010/04/2013

He made a scat porn reel with Cesar Romero.

by Ethel Maereply 1110/04/2013

Remember how insanely jealous they were when they went back to New Mexico and Ethel was received as a star? It was truly sickening and revealed a lot about Ricky who had previously acted like he was "above it all." They deliberately ruined her musical review. I just find that episode depressing because the character of Ethel had such a shitty life - married to a fat old man, etc.

by Ethel Maereply 1210/04/2013

r12, I think that's my favorite episode in the entire series. The characters all reveal sides of themseves we hadn't seen before, and it was nice to see Ethel shine for once.

by Ethel Maereply 1310/04/2013

Mine too, r13. It's fucking hilarious.

by Ethel Maereply 1410/04/2013

When they ran into Claude Akins dressed like a frightening native on a remote island, Ricky said, "You remember Claude, we made a movie together in Hollywood."

by Ethel Maereply 1510/04/2013

R12, Ethel's whole purpose was to be married to that fat old man, to be downtrodden and shit on by life in comparison to Lucy. Clearly you have never cast a show based loosely on your own life before.

by Ethel Maereply 1610/04/2013

Cheer up, R12, at least Ethel got to play the American tourist in the Italian movie BITTER GRAPES after Lucy stained her skin blue wrestling in the vat with the grape-stomper.

What I don't get is why Ethel was so vain and dishonest as to tell everyone in Albequerque that SHE was going to star in a Hollywood movie. Who would have believed her, and what did she intend to tell them later when the movie never came out?

by Ethel Maereply 1710/04/2013

I was going to star in a film. We pros don't call them "movies." If only that wardrobe mistress hadn't accused me of trying to steal one of her bustles.

by Ethel Maereply 1810/04/2013

There has to be some Albuquerque connection between Ethel Potter's family and the Whites of "Breaking Bad."

by Ethel Maereply 1910/04/2013

"It Happened One Noche"

by Ethel Maereply 2010/04/2013

I don't know who was paying for the Mertz's room in the Hollywood hotel R4 but I do remember Ricky explaining to Lucy the they needed to go back to New York when she said that she didn't want to go back so soon Ricky told her that the studio was NOT paying for the suite anymore and he had a job back in NY.

by Ethel Maereply 2110/04/2013

The Mertzes owned an apartment building in Manhattan! They can pay their own way. Fred is just too cheap.

by Ethel Maereply 2210/04/2013

The Beverly Palms was in Hollywood (despite the name.) Fred was probably pimping out Ethel in front of the Chinese Theater.

by Ethel Maereply 2310/04/2013

"[R7], you need to add: "while Nancy Davis (Reagan) was giving him head". Dore had a thing for old Nance."

Dore really had a thing for Arlene Dahl. He wrote in his autobiography that she was the one female at MGM he would have left his wife for.

by Ethel Maereply 2410/04/2013

"Cheer up, [R12], at least Ethel got to play the American tourist in the Italian movie BITTER GRAPES after Lucy stained her skin blue wrestling in the vat with the grape-stomper."

Plus, she got to play Lily of the Valley in little Ricky's school pageant.

by Ethel Maereply 2510/04/2013

Vivian peaked in the CT episode when she became jealous of Lucy's friendship with Betty Ramsey, then the tables turned.

by Ethel Maereply 2610/04/2013

R25, EThel played Lily of the Valley for the operetta Lucy wrote as a fundraiser for the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League.

by Ethel Maereply 2710/04/2013

She played the fairy princess in the school play.

by Ethel Maereply 2810/04/2013

Funniest Lucy episode ever was the post series hour long show with Tallulah Bankhead.

The dinner scene with Fred and Ethel as butler and maid is a classic.

by Ethel Maereply 2910/04/2013

He could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!

by Ethel Maereply 3010/04/2013

I that it was Cesar who did all the sucking. He basically said that he serviced Desi in an interview.

by Ethel Maereply 3110/04/2013

I'll bet when "Bitter Grapes" came out, Ethel called all the folks back home in Albuquerque and said "My movie is finally being released! It's Italian, and there's no art house in Albuquerque, so unfortunately you won't be able to see me in my starting role. Oh, and is speak fluent Italian in it, too!"

by Ethel Maereply 3210/04/2013

JUst how did they explain the Mertzes resence in Hollywood?

by Ethel Maereply 3310/04/2013

oops...the Mertzes' presence in Hollywood?

I've only seen those episodes about 400 times and don't remember.

by Ethel Maereply 3410/05/2013

"Ethel Mae Potter we never forgot her." Classic line, LOL.

Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine Ethel giving Fred a blow-job in his nasty old chair Lucy tried to recover. Imagine Ethel sucking that old man's cock, slurping, making sucking sounds -- as Fred holds his flabby stomach up for her to have access.

Then Lucy barges into the Mertzes' apartment...

by Ethel Maereply 3510/05/2013

I loved that both Lucy and Ethel did that whole hair mussing thing before speaking in an Italian accent. It was thought that the new breed of Italian actresses making an impact on movies in the 50's had very messy hair along with looking kind of "hoydenish." "Earthy," if you will.

Lucy, in particular, hit it right on the nose when she went into that act in the railroad car. The melodramatic posing before exiting the room with a flourish. "Mama Mia, those calla lillies, they gots to bloom!"

I think the only film I would want to see with Ricky would be one with Ricky and Joi Lansing doing the nasty. His dark looks and her bright, blond beauty would be hot.

by Ethel Maereply 3610/05/2013

For years I just assumed that guy was the real Dore Schary!

And how funny that a 7 year old would even know and care who Dore Schary was.

by Ethel Maereply 3710/05/2013

Well, Arlene Dahl really did get the best looking men, and the best cock in Hollywood...and Lana Turner had to settle for her hand-me-downs.

by Ethel Maereply 3810/05/2013

Ricky who? There are tons of Rickys out there.

by Ethel Maereply 3910/05/2013

[quote]Ricky who? There are tons of Rickys out there.

Ricky Schroder, of course. There are always half a dozen active threads about Silver Spoons on this board. We thought you'd get it.

by Ethel Maereply 4010/05/2013

How come we've never talked about the miscasting of Lucy in the film version of Mame?

by Ethel Maereply 4110/05/2013

We were going to, R41, but Gary Morton talked us out of it.

by Ethel Maereply 4210/05/2013

[quote] the only film I would want to see with Ricky would be one with Ricky and Joi Lansing doing the nasty

There were several home movies of this in the things Daddy left for Desi Jr and me when he died. How much are you willing to pay?

by Ethel Maereply 4310/05/2013

[quote]Ricky said, "You remember Claude, we made a movie together in Hollywood."

Movie? No Dear, Hollywood made PICTURES, never movies. And when The Ricardo's got home, she told the crowd that Ricky's PICTURE would open in February at Radio City Music Hall.

by Ethel Maereply 4410/05/2013

The "California, Here We Come" scene where Ricky and Fred meticulously plan the packing of five pieces of luggage in the trunk of the car while Lucy and Ethel, unseen by the men, deposit on the sidewalk an enormous pile of objects to take along was one of the funniest sight gags ever done on the show.

And it was topped by Fred tying the entire load onto the car with rope, making the new Pontiac look like something out of The Grapes of Wrath. Ethel: I could have done better with a pitchfork!

by Ethel Maereply 4510/05/2013

[quote] And it was topped by Fred

Honey, NOTHING was ever topped by Fred. He was a bossy bottom.

by Ethel Maereply 4610/06/2013

I thought it was "Seven Brides for Seven Cubans."

by Ethel Maereply 4710/06/2013

Since Lucy and Desi knew Judy Garland, and really loved her work, why do you think Judy never did an episode of "I Love Lucy" during the "Lucy in Hollywood" season of the show. She would have been sensational, and could have plugged the upcoming "A Star is Born".

by Ethel Maereply 4810/06/2013

I have often wondered the same thing R48. Weren't the Hollywood years after "A Star is Born"?

By the time the Ricardo's got to Hollywood wasn't Judy in pretty bad shape?

Wasn't she a little over weight - OK for concerts but not for TV?

Or was she really sick towards the end of the 50s?

I don't know.

by Ethel Maereply 4910/06/2013

"A Star is Born" was a failure. Hard to believe, but it was one of the coffin nails in Judy's film career.

She and Sid Luft were very much "on trial" in the eyes of the film industry during the making of ASIB. The idea that Judy was married to the co-producer was supposed to ensure her reliability. It was a test that she failed miserably. Her absences caused the shoot to go way over time and budget. This led Warner Brothers to chop up the long film almost arbitrarily into a shorter and weaker version in hopes of making more money with more screenings. The studio failed to save even a print of the original cut.

No studio in Hollywood wanted to hire Judy after that. That's why they didn't "waste" a perfectly good Best Actress Oscar on her either. Lucy and Desi would have known this. Much as they loved her as a friend, they were probably wary of working with her on their tightly scheduled and budgeted program.

by Ethel Maereply 5010/07/2013

"Just how did they explain the Mertzes' presence in Hollywood?"

Fred and Ethel Mertz did not have lives and were utterly dependent on the Ricardos (their tenants) for their social existence. This is why they followed the Ricardos to Hollywood and later to Europe. They even moved to Connecticut to be with the Ricardos, thus neglecting their own apartment building in New York.

by Ethel Maereply 5110/08/2013

Lucy and Desi are seen at the premier of ASIB and Lucy enthuses that it's going to sweep the Academy awards. Ironic that she has William Holden on ILL and he plugs "The Country Girl." Lucy Ricardo was probably rooting for Grace Kelly but Lucille Ball wanted Judy Garland.

by Ethel Maereply 5210/08/2013

Mrs. Trumble managed the apartment building in the city after the Mertzes moved. Ethel and Fred spoke of Mrs. Trumble collecting the rent.

Fred was Ricky's band manager for the European tour; that's why the Mertzes went on that trip.

by Ethel Maereply 5310/08/2013

It was Mrs Trumble's sister that moved into the Mertzes old flat and managed the building.

Felix Unger) Nice try, but then again, if you can't do something right, why bother at all...

by Ethel Maereply 5410/08/2013

And I believe the excuse for the Mertzes being in Connecticut was to manage and be partners with the Ricardos for their chicken farm.

by Ethel Maereply 5510/08/2013

Why were the Mertzes in Florida?

by Ethel Maereply 5610/09/2013

There's the film where he's humiliated, degraded and used as a sex object by Cesar Romero. Is that the one you mean? Where Cesar is in character as the Joker, makeup and everything? Ricky is tied to some bat trap thing and Romero eventually sucks him off and feeds him his own jizz.

by Ethel Maereply 5710/09/2013

Did they know it was the end of the road when they moved to Connecticut?

by Ethel Maereply 5810/09/2013

Everyone knows it's the end of the road when they move to CT. It's like telling your kid that Old Yeller is going to go live on a farm upstate, where he'll be able to run and play.

by Ethel Maereply 5910/09/2013

What do you suppose Ricky Ricardo did for a living when nightclubs with floor shows went out of style?

by Ethel Maereply 6010/09/2013

He produced "The Mothers-inLaw" for Charlie Appleby's TV station.

by Ethel Maereply 6110/09/2013

He turned Club Babalu into a disco.

by Ethel Maereply 6210/09/2013

I heard it became a bath house

by Ethel Maereply 6310/09/2013

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Ethel Maereply 6403/10/2015

He had sufficient.

by Ethel Maereply 6503/10/2015

What? Surely you've seen "Ricky's 50-Load Fin de Semana."

by Ethel Maereply 6603/10/2015

That damned I've had sufficient line kills me every time. Why does it never get old?

by Ethel Maereply 6703/10/2015

Why doesn't Lucy tell her friends that not only is Ricky starring in the movie that's about to open at Radio City but that she gets co star billing as well and that they were directed by one of the biggest directors in Hollywood Vincente Minnelli?

Why in the world would Lucy of all people leave all that out?

by Ethel Maereply 6803/10/2015

Re Dore Schary I used to think he was the real man but later learned that not only was he an actor but he was Vivian's real life hubby Phil Ober.

by Ethel Maereply 6903/10/2015

Ricky's movie was based on Lucy's award winning novel REAL GONE WITH THE WIND.

by Ethel Maereply 7003/10/2015

Didn't you see his appearance in Lucy's Fifty Load Weekend?

by Ethel Maereply 7103/10/2015

MGM wanted to option Lucy's second novel SUGAR CANE MUTINY, but Dore talked them out of it.

by Ethel Maereply 7203/10/2015

I have read they were going to use the real Dore Schary but he became ill at the last minute so they turned to Vivian's husband.

by Ethel Maereply 7303/10/2015

There were several obviously gay characters throughout the series: Mr. Merriweather; the guy from Italy (played by the Mr. M. actor); the bum Ethel chased away who ended up at Lucy's and she had to pretend he (the bum) was her ex; even Ernie Ford's character came across as gay. And Madame X surely was a dyke. When "Mr. Wilson" was the Broadway theatre manager, that character also seemed gay. Bobby the bellboy too.

Aren't there photos of Desi and Lucy at the premiere of "A Star is Born?" It seems Judy could have appeared on their show.

by Ethel Maereply 7403/10/2015

Some douchebag is coming soon with an old grandpa crack -- so let me head him off at the pass and say I love that you guys know this stuff. Whole thread has made me smile and I needed that tonight. :)

by Ethel Maereply 7503/10/2015

Mr. Merriweather was NOT gay!

by Ethel Maereply 7603/10/2015

[quote]Why in the world would Lucy of all people leave all that out?

Because even she had to admit that she couldn't sing for shite in that one.

by Ethel Maereply 7703/10/2015

[quote]It seems Judy could have appeared on their show.

The Arnazes knew Judy and Sid Luft well enough to know that Judy was too unstable to stay functional for the five days in a row it would take to rehearse and shoot an episode.

by Ethel Maereply 7803/11/2015

No, but he made a lot of starlets while Lucy's back was turned.

by Ethel Maereply 7903/11/2015

Phil Ober made a couple of appearances on I Love Lucy while married to Vivian Vance. Supposedly he was quite abusive to her during their marriage, and she eventually divorced him in 1959 so she could marry herself a nice gay fella (publisher John Dodd) two years later.

by Ethel Maereply 8003/12/2015

R74, the bum that Ethel chased away was John Emery, formerly married to none other than Tallulah Bankhead. Also gayer than springtime was the employment agency clerk who found work for Lucy and Ethel at Kramer's Kandy Kitchen in "Job Switching".

by Ethel Maereply 8103/12/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Ethel Maereply 8203/12/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Ethel Maereply 8303/12/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Ethel Maereply 8403/12/2015

Did they do something to him to make him feel that way, R74?

by Ethel Maereply 8503/12/2015

[quote]Some douchebag is coming soon with an old grandpa crack

God, how terrifying.

by Ethel Maereply 8603/12/2015

Remember the episode where Fred confessed that he had overcharged the Ricardos in rent? They should have sued him for rent overcharge.

by Ethel Maereply 8703/12/2015

But they would've ruined Fred's credit rating and then he would've had his Phipps-a-Plate revoked!

by Ethel Maereply 8803/12/2015

"The "California, Here We Come" scene where Ricky and Fred meticulously plan the packing of five pieces of luggage in the trunk of the car while Lucy and Ethel, unseen by the men, deposit on the sidewalk an enormous pile of objects to take along was one of the funniest sight gags ever done on the show."

I think the reason this show was so great was because they really put a lot of thought into their comedy. When you think about it, the luggage gag, the candy conveyor belt, the Vitavetavegamin, the grape stomping, the eggs in the shirt tango, Lucy and Ethel ripping each others dresses during Friendship, and all the rest were just so well done.

by Ethel Maereply 8903/12/2015

Walter Winchell had Ricky blacklisted in pictures because he found out his wife registered as a Commie to please her grandfather.

This was pretty much the end of Ricky's career until he rebounded with the art house classic "Last Tango in Havana".

by Ethel Maereply 9003/12/2015

Oh come on! You didn't realize that Ricky starred in Chupa Mi Pinga?

by Ethel Maereply 9103/12/2015

Very true, R89. And part of what made later seasons of THE LUCY SHOW and most of HERE'S LUCY inferior is that the shows were written backwards. They knew Lucy was great with physical comedy bits, so they started with a bit or setpiece and wrote the plot around it. In ILL the physical bits came mostly from the situations rather than the other way around.

by Ethel Maereply 9203/16/2015

Here's Lucy sucked ass. I

by Ethel Maereply 9303/16/2015
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