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I just saw "Teenagers From Outer Space" (1959) and I have more questions than answers...

1) Why is 'Gramps' such a genial moron? Did he get shrapnel in his head in the First World War?

2) How can an alien from another planet be called Derek?

3) Whatever happened to David Love?

4) Is it really true that he was the boyfriend of the film's director, Tom Graeff?

5) If the gargons are just mega-lobsters does that mean that our lobsters are related to them? Should we be scared?

6) How did they make this whole film on a budget of $14,000?

by aybreply 2110/05/2013

online the fab unis!!

by aybreply 110/03/2013

...and the pool girls dentitia.

by aybreply 210/03/2013

Apparently they only had one plastic skeleton. Brilliant.

by aybreply 310/03/2013

more on the boyfriend of the film's director, Tom Graeff, please.

by aybreply 410/03/2013

OP, $14,000 in 1959 is worth approximately $132,000,000 in 2013.

by aybreply 510/03/2013

R5 I'm just saying what was on Wikipedia, dude. Maybe they mean in today's money- who knows?

by aybreply 610/03/2013

R4, it's all over the web but only in terms of 'he was his boyfriend' with no details. This link may help.

by aybreply 710/03/2013

2. Phonetically, it is pronounced Derek but using our alphabet it is actually closer to D'rik.

by aybreply 810/03/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by aybreply 910/03/2013

MST3K ripped it to shreds.

by aybreply 1010/03/2013


When I was a little boy, I wanted one of those x-ray guns more than anything.

by aybreply 1110/03/2013

OP, as I was the best boy on the shoot, I'm glad to clear up your questions.

1. Harvey Dunn, who played Gramps, had a terrible heroin addiction at the time. They would slip him some reds, and start his scenes when he began to come down. Otherwise you couldn't understand him talk and he kept pissing himself, and they had to keep washing that one pair of pants over and over.

2. Originally the character's name was Roc but people thought that would be confusing, and someone said John Derek looked like an alien, so we went with that.

3. Chuck (His real name is Charles) lives in Palmdale, and he's retired and he's almost 80. He left show business right after the movie (He was the production assistant on the movie, so we hung around more than I usually did with cast members.). His dad died in 2006 and I think he got something out of that, but I missed the funeral. (Chuck was a Jr.)

4. It looked that way to me.

5. Yes, you should. But only scared of Maine lobsters.

6. See R5's response. Add as many zeroes as you want.

by aybreply 1210/03/2013

Great thread! More info, R12!

by aybreply 1310/03/2013

Thanks, R12. Got any more gossip?

by aybreply 1410/03/2013

I love that movie! Am I remembering right that they never actually show the lobster, just its shadow?

The lead actress was so cute - she could have had a real career with the right film.

by aybreply 1510/03/2013

Thanks R7-OP.

Fuvm R9.

by aybreply 1610/03/2013

Hey, OP. You know that only 3-6 are real, right? I didn't want to besmirch Harvey as a doper - he wasn't that old, by the way. He just wasn't very good.

And I don't actually know why "Derek" was chosen, except it sounded like the heart-throb names out there then.

by aybreply 1710/04/2013

AYB, I've watched some of this "thriller" and I too can not figure out why so much money was spent making this film. Surely the actors had good managers and demanded and received excessively high salaries for these Shakespearian thespians.

by aybreply 1810/04/2013

Ha, ha. R5 had the same idea and went to a CPI calculator.

by aybreply 1910/04/2013

r12, I know who are, I was your understudy. I guess we are dating ourselves by remembering best boy understudy's; those were the days. Little did we know the hippies would be making their debut in just 3 years. Some days when I can remember, I get all choked up over that film as I was allergic to shell fish and although the budget only allowed for one lobster, I was truly fearful I would somehow eat it.

by aybreply 2010/04/2013

I want whatever R20's on.... well, maybe not.

R12 I guessed answer 1 was nonsense but it made me laugh like a drain, so well done. He did suck, but then his dialogue was totally inane so I suppose it stands to reason.

Let's hear some more about stuff behind the scenes though. Made-up or otherwise! lol

by aybreply 2110/05/2013
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