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Why Wasn't A Dame Edna Film Made?

I mean really. They've made films for so many stupid tv shows and tv characters. Why not Edna? That'd be a hoot. Edna had a cameo in the new "Kath and Kim" film.

by Hello, possums! reply 2210/04/2013

You obviously never saw "The Hobbit."

by Hello, possums! reply 110/02/2013

She could barely fill a Broadway theatre last time she tried and her TV show in the US bombed.

by Hello, possums! reply 210/02/2013

They should team her with Vicki Lawrence's Mama and make a show. Two funny but limited characters might make a show.

The Dame Edna and Mamma TV talk show.

by Hello, possums! reply 310/02/2013

The ONLY reason the Theatre did not fill last time is that she was double booked with a singing gay gerbil who is hated by Edna fans.

by Hello, possums! reply 410/03/2013

She was in Nicholas Nickelby recently as Nathan Lane's wife and quite good.

A whole film? Ur, no.

by Hello, possums! reply 510/03/2013

The theater was packed when I saw Dame Edna, Diane Sawyer, Candice Bergen and their men sat a couple rows behind me. Great fun! Those gladiolas were dangerous, like flying whips!

by Hello, possums! reply 610/03/2013

Young fool...

by Hello, possums! reply 710/03/2013

Dame Edna, even in her heyday, was funny for about 10 minutes tops.

I can't imagine sitting through a full length film of her shtick.

Also I saw her twice in the '90s, six years apart. The second show was a more-tired, sloppier, but almost word for word repeat of the first. I don't know why I let friends talk me into the second one.

by Hello, possums! reply 810/03/2013

Likewise, r8. I went to see her show and couldn't understand what the fuss was about. Fun, but meh.

by Hello, possums! reply 910/03/2013

R8 I disagree, her talk shows were very funny, she was a riot. R9 Her live shows are hysterically funny. But she needs to do them live. A film wouldn't work.

by Hello, possums! reply 1010/03/2013

A tv movie for Aussie television? They erected a statue to her. I mean, she was requested and performed for the queen.

by Hello, possums! reply 1110/03/2013

She's hilarious live.

by Hello, possums! reply 1210/03/2013

Australia does not like gays. So no Dame Edna movie.

by Hello, possums! reply 1310/03/2013

Isn't Barry Humphries straight?

by Hello, possums! reply 1410/03/2013

In the early 80s she was brilliant.

By the 90s she was lazy and recycling, but with enough of the old brilliance to carry her through.

It's interesting that America only accepted her in her twilight. She'd tried before to crack it but the NY Times critic of the time was supposedly homophobic (not that she's gay), but he didn't like camp, and delivered a hatchet review. Allegedly she literally had to wait two decades for this cunt to retire to have a second crack. By then, much of original brilliance had gone, but what was left was still good enough to make her a star.

But she had long been a big star in the UK and ex-Empire countries.

by Hello, possums! reply 1510/03/2013

I wonder if she wears buckets of 'old lady perfume'?

by Hello, possums! reply 1610/04/2013

I'm surprised he talk show wasn't aired in America - it usually had on Hollywood names. It was a delight to see her boss about the likes of Sean Connery.

by Hello, possums! reply 1710/04/2013

Dame Edna is still making headlines by spouting out politically incorrect statements. She's also the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and they put her on a nationwide promotional tour, even exercising in tracksuits outside to the media with Dame Edna backup exercisers. It was hilarious. Dame Edna also co-hosted the Royal Wedding reporting for Canada.

And yes, Barry is straight.

by Hello, possums! reply 1810/04/2013

She's like Kramer or Fonzie, a little screen time goes a long way. Her three minutes in the Leno clip was hilarious.

by Hello, possums! reply 1910/04/2013

There was to be a film, but the studio (FOX) would only greenlight it if Miss Helen Lawson was cast as Dame Edna's best friend Madge. In addition, they wanted her to have a larger role. Dame Edna wise said that she'd "rather jump in a tidal pool full of blue ring octopussies than share a frame of film with that old pussy."

by Hello, possums! reply 2010/04/2013

America already has Glenn Close, we really don't need a duplicate.

by Hello, possums! reply 2110/04/2013

"You know what Joan Collins puts behind her ears to attract men? Her ankles?"

by Hello, possums! reply 2210/04/2013
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