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Breaking: Author Tom Clancy Dead at 66

So young . . .

by 6210/13/2013

fixing the link for OP

by 110/02/2013

His books made good doorstops.

by 210/02/2013

His first book was entertaining. After that they turned into military/right wing porn.

by 310/02/2013

Odd man. Never met him obviously, but didn't care for him. Hated his politics. Always wondered why a man would consider himself a military wiz, when he never was in the military, not did he ever attend any military school. It's because of him there is so much climate change denialism, thanks to one of his more popular (and bullshit) books.

All in all, I have to say 'good riddance'.

by 410/02/2013

It couldn't have happened to a nastier bitch.

I worked in a bookstore at the height of his popularity. When I was shelving books, I would frequently remove his from the shelves and put them in the back room. I could always fill in the space with some Cheever, Chekhov, or Clark.

Rot in hell, Tom.

by 510/02/2013

Grow up, r5.

by 610/02/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by 710/02/2013

(rolling eyes at R7)

What is it with conservatives and their idiot defenders/supporters that cannot grasp the distinction between action and reaction?

by 810/02/2013

Didn't he have an army of ghost writers cranking out his later books? In fact, did he do any of the writing after the first 3 or 4?

by 910/02/2013

When he stopped reading Tom Clancy books, we knew my uncle had slipped further into Alzheimer's. He was known to plow through a book every two days and bore you with every detail.

Suddenly, his reading material turned to "Terminator" pulp fiction.

Then, he concentrated on car magazines.

by 1010/02/2013

[quote]After that they turned into military/right wing porn.

Don't remind me. I have several people in my life who love that shit.

by 1110/02/2013

He was certainly attractive enough to be one of Teresa Guidice's kids.

by 1210/02/2013

W&W for R12

by 1310/02/2013

he wanted to join the military but couldn't because of his bad eye sight.

by 1410/02/2013

I always assumed he was a Republican asshole but I never really knew for sure.

I certainly don't read fucking books about the military.

by 1510/02/2013

I'm thinking no one here is interested in Clancy. I have to admit, I get a little happy when big mouthed Republicans die.

by 1610/02/2013

R15, I don't know of anywhere you could find such information.

by 1710/02/2013

What about the movies "Hunt For Red October", Patriot Games", "Clear and Present Danger"?

by 1810/02/2013

Did he expose the hidden establishment or glorify it?

I always loved the character played by actor James Earl Jones.

by 1910/02/2013


Did someone say `family values?'

Don't you just love it when those holier-than-thou types are exposed as sanctimonious hypocrites?

Add the famously conservative "pro-marriage" author Tom Clancy to the pantheon of preachers who stray, the anti-abortion crusaders who use the service themselves and the homophobes revealed to be gay.

Clancy was in court recently petitioning for a speedy end to his 28-year marriage so he can take a new wife, a woman who was 3 years old when Clancy entered into the Holy Sacrament.

Yes, this is the same Tom Clancy who prissed that he didn't write erotic sex scenes in his thrillers because "I'm a married Catholic and I don't do that."

It gets better: Lawyers for this vocal champion of tradition told the Washington Post that Mrs. Clancy shouldn't expect as much in the settlement since her only contribution to her husband's writing was "simply keeping his home and tending to their children."

Oh, those family values.

by 2010/02/2013

Clancy is to the military what all those Walmart cowboys are to country music.

by 2110/02/2013

[quote]Always wondered why a man would consider himself a military wiz, when he never was in the military, not did he ever attend any military school.

Its called being a Republican.

by 2210/02/2013

[quote]he wanted to join the military but couldn't because of his bad eye sight.

That's funny. My father, a bit older than Clancy, was drafted. He's legally blind in one eye and can't see that well with the other one, and he wanted to go in the Navy. They wouldn't take him because of the eyesight. The Army made him a paratrooper.

I think Clancy just figured out how to avoid military service, like so many chickenhawks.

by 2310/02/2013

Were his books even best sellers the last several years?

by 2410/02/2013

I always confused him with Clive Cussler, also shelved in C, and another right-wing military asshole.

by 2510/02/2013


by 2610/02/2013

Cool. Was he taking Viagra and had a heart attack?

Why did he die? Did his young wife poison him?

by 2710/02/2013

I never read his books because I thought he was a right winger...I try to stay away from their books.

by 2810/02/2013

He hated gays. Thought that gay men should be quarenteened because of aids.

by 2910/02/2013

I'm just happy he's dead.

I'll be really happy when Rush Limbaugh dies. If I believed in prayer, I'd be praying for it.

by 3010/02/2013

Talking about death, wouldn't it be super if Boehner died?!

by 3110/02/2013

66 is not young. 36 is to die, 46. Not 66

by 3210/02/2013

[quote]Its called being a Republican.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Exactly what experience does our current "Commander In Chief" have? Yet he brays on and on about being in command. Egos know no party you fuck wit.

by 3310/02/2013

Political views[edit]

A longtime holder of conservative and Republican views, Clancy's books bear dedications to American conservative political figures, most notably Ronald Reagan. A week after the September 11, 2001 attacks, on The O'Reilly Factor, Clancy claimed that left-wing politicians in the United States were partly responsible for September 11 due to their "gutting" of the Central Intelligence Agency.[7]

In recent years, Clancy associated himself with General Anthony Zinni, a critic of the George W. Bush administration, and has been critical of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as well.[9]

On September 11, 2001, Clancy was interviewed by Judy Woodruff on CNN.[10] During the interview, he asserted "Islam does not permit suicide" (see Islam and suicide). Among other observations during this interview, Clancy cited discussions he had with military experts on the lack of planning to handle a hijacked plane being used in a suicide attack and criticized the news media's treatment of the United States Intelligence Community. Clancy appeared again on PBS's Charlie Rose, to discuss the implications of the day's events with Richard Holbrooke, New York Times journalist Judith Miller, and Senator John Edwards, among others.[11] Clancy was interviewed on these shows because his 1994 book Debt of Honor included a scenario where a disgruntled Japanese character crashes a fueled Boeing 747 into the U.S. Capitol dome during an address by the President to a joint session of Congress, killing the President and most of Congress. This plot device bore strong similarities to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Clancy was also a Life Member of the National Rifle Association since 1978.[12]

by 3410/02/2013

r20, you are so right. About 6-7 years ago, I worked at Tom's birthday party, I guess it was his 60th. It was aboard a Navy cruiser in Camden NJ. His new wife threw the party. I couldn't believe my eyes! She was this super bleached blonde, pneumatically blown up women who looked like a cross between Victoria Gotti (the daughter) and Jessica Rabbit!

She had the bleached white hair, crazy gigantic fake boobs, and a weird mask of a face due to the plastic surgery. She looked like the women in ads for strip clubs, but less innocent. It was ......odd, and almost impossible not to stare at her!

by 3510/02/2013

[quote]I worked at Tom's birthday party, I guess it was his 60th. It was aboard a Navy cruiser in Camden NJ.

US Navy Warships are now available for parties?

by 3610/02/2013

Just another dead Republican. (Yawn)

by 3710/02/2013

The relationship between the CIA and all facets of the entertainment industry in the USA is fascinating. People would be shocked if we were ever to get the full extent of how government agencies supply material to the purveyors of pop culture for political purposes.

by 3810/02/2013

The description of his younger wife, it's funny because once I met Bob Woodward's stepmother and she completely fit that trampy description of Clancy's wife.

So there was this rather distinguished looking older man and this wife that looked like a cheap hooker. Now I'm thinking that maybe it's the norm?

I know Woodward hated his stepmom but if he divorced his first wife, would he pick up with a big chested bleached blond? Just curious.

by 3910/02/2013

He died in hospital, but they haven't said what he died of. I'm thinking something like cirrhosis.

by 4010/02/2013

Well, one hopes that he died of something smoking related, because he went on record as saying something along the lines of "Smoking never gave anybody AIDS."

As Carol Channing was reputed to have said, when a stage manager, who was staging a revival of "Dolly," reminded her that Gower Champion had done it differently from the way Channing was doing it, "Gower's dead."

Or as BD said about JC: "One is only supposed to say good things about the dead. Joan Crawford's dead. Good."

by 4110/02/2013

He had a fat ass, but I guess he didn't live forever.

by 4210/02/2013

The Widow Clancy, in a very natural and ultraclassy pose.

by 4310/02/2013

[quote]So there was this rather distinguished looking older man and this wife that looked like a cheap hooker. Now I'm thinking that maybe it's the norm?

If not the norm, I think it's at least very common, especially with males who find financial success later in life.

I think it's akin to the mid-life crisis where the man trades the dark blue Cadillac for the fire engine red Porsche.

by 4410/02/2013


by 4510/02/2013

Attention Webmaster: The word author should appear in quotes.

by 4610/02/2013

NPR Books posted about his death on Facebook. I would've thought this story was bullshit because it's so over-the-top evil, but two people described the events almost exactly the same in the comments section. Then they noticed that the other had posted, and reminisced about the events.

This apparently happened as some speech he gave at a Loyola High School in 1990:

[quote]I had almost the same experience. Before he went on stage, someone came into the auditorium and asked whomever parked illegally across TWO handicapped spaces to go move their car. Clancy pipes up. "That's mine and I'm not moving it." When the school official protested Clancy held up his keys. "See that? L. For Lexus. I can park it where I want." And then smoked and stamped his cigarette out on the stage.

by 4710/02/2013

Wow, what an ignorant and nasty group we have today.

Clancy nearly single-handedly invented the techno-thriller genre, was responsible for a mini publishing boom that brought an entire new generation of writers to the public's attention, was also partly responsible for a new-found pride in America's armed forces after years of neglect and embarrassments such as the botched rescue operation under Carter, etc.

So, he wasn't perfect. He did have conservative values, but so do half of the country. He was courteous and kind in person, and those of you attempting to smear his character should be ashamed.

by 4810/02/2013

r48 is completely ignorant of the history pop lit. Clancy invented nothing. Techno-thrillers were a staple of magazine serials since the late 19th century. The entire 20th century had them on print, and later radio and film/television.

r38 is right. By his being a mouthpiece for the CIA-narco-military-industial complex that has killed millions around the world since the end of WW2, along with wasting trillions of dollars, Clancy by the standards of his religion is burning right now in Hell.

by 4910/02/2013

[quote]He did have conservative values, but so do half of the country.

Oh, dear.

[quote]He was courteous and kind in person,

Not according to the story two people told at r47.

[quote] and those of you attempting to smear his character should be ashamed.


by 5010/02/2013

I wish there was a hell for these hypocritical motherfuckers.

by 5110/02/2013

He could have had a stroke or maybe liver failure? He could have had bypass surgery and the surgeon didn't like him, so did a bad job?

Famous people run a certain risk when they are in the hospital.

by 5210/02/2013

r52, the evil must die sometime.

by 5310/02/2013

Maybe he died of shame over what his party is doing to America?

by 5410/02/2013

He will be quickly forgotten. There will be some other asshole to rise up and take his place.

by 5510/03/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by 5610/03/2013

I just want to know what he died from. Was he like Britbart...died of a heart attack and too much booze?

by 5710/03/2013

Truly, he was the people's HACK.

by 5810/03/2013

R33, the President is automatically the Commander in Chief. Tom Clancy was never the President.

by 5910/03/2013

R48, all of it was SHIT.





by 6010/03/2013

Speaking of which, R60, I wiped my ass with EW's Tom Clancy Memorial Page this morning. It's the issue with Sons of Anarchy on the cover.

by 6110/13/2013

They still haven't announced the cause of death. I'm thinking maybe autoerotic asphyxia.

by 6210/13/2013
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