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Has the Catholic bishop in your town moved out of his palatial mansion yet. in keeping with the spirit if Pope Francis?

Those places would make great bathhouses.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2101/18/2014

For years after moving to Chicago, I thought that the archbishop's residence was the Playboy Mansion. I'd been told the PM was on the Gold Coast so I assumed that it was the largest, poshest mansion on the largest piece of land. I was wrong. PM is small and modest by comparison.

by Cackle Cacklereply 209/30/2013

I forgot to mention that Cardinal George still lives there.

by Cackle Cacklereply 309/30/2013


by Cackle Cacklereply 411/01/2013

The head parish priest in my old hometown Catholic Church quit/got booted while he was still relatively new a few years ago. He followed a woman and her teenaged daughter into the ladies room at a local restaurant to harass them for sex and exposed himself. It was in the local paper. What a scandal!

by Cackle Cacklereply 511/01/2013

Cardinal George also moved some of the priests accused of molestation into his carriage house, if I recall correctly.

by Cackle Cacklereply 611/01/2013

The new archbishop here(Philadelphia) has moved out of his official residence,on the ground sof the local Catholic university(St. Joseph's) and into the seminary(St. Charles Borromeo) down the road. Don't know what to make of that. I wonder if the seminarians like having the "boss" around all the time?

by Cackle Cacklereply 711/02/2013

The Bishop's House here in Rochester, NY, was last used by Emmy Award winning Bishop Fulton Sheen. It was later converted to condominiums, one of which I owned for a short time.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1511/02/2013
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