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Has the Catholic bishop in your town moved out of his palatial mansion yet. in keeping with the spirit if Pope Francis?

Those places would make great bathhouses.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2101/18/2014

The Bishop of Albany, New York did that years ago. This link was once the Bishop's house.

by Cackle Cacklereply 109/30/2013

For years after moving to Chicago, I thought that the archbishop's residence was the Playboy Mansion. I'd been told the PM was on the Gold Coast so I assumed that it was the largest, poshest mansion on the largest piece of land. I was wrong. PM is small and modest by comparison.

by Cackle Cacklereply 209/30/2013

I forgot to mention that Cardinal George still lives there.

by Cackle Cacklereply 309/30/2013


by Cackle Cacklereply 411/01/2013

The head parish priest in my old hometown Catholic Church quit/got booted while he was still relatively new a few years ago. He followed a woman and her teenaged daughter into the ladies room at a local restaurant to harass them for sex and exposed himself. It was in the local paper. What a scandal!

by Cackle Cacklereply 511/01/2013

Cardinal George also moved some of the priests accused of molestation into his carriage house, if I recall correctly.

by Cackle Cacklereply 611/01/2013

The new archbishop here(Philadelphia) has moved out of his official residence,on the ground sof the local Catholic university(St. Joseph's) and into the seminary(St. Charles Borromeo) down the road. Don't know what to make of that. I wonder if the seminarians like having the "boss" around all the time?

by Cackle Cacklereply 711/02/2013

Isn't a bath house awfully close to the buildings' current use? Why not repurpose them so that they don't remind people of the Bishoprick?

by Cackle Cacklereply 811/02/2013

This is just a clever Jesuit plot to blind the faithful (and the world) to the evil they continue to do.

This is particularly true of their finances. Many cartel members do the same thing in Latin America.

If you build enough schools, hospitals, etc. people are more supportive of the blood money.

by Cackle Cacklereply 911/02/2013

(R1) that bishop has hs own secrets. I know for a fact.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1011/02/2013

Yes, he has. I did not realize it was a nationwide (worldwide?) phenomenon. The church sold the former bishop's mansion for "several million dollars." It happened recently, but before Pope Francis rose to the Papacy.

Paying off altar boys?

by Cackle Cacklereply 1111/02/2013

I understand that it is common among mafiosi (or it would be, if they existed -- or do they exist again?) to buy houses -- sometimes adjacent houses -- in marginal neighborhoods, then upgrade them spectacularly, thereby laundering the money spent on renovations (and laundering it in a way that would be taxed at capital gains rates). Might be a fairly good way for the clergy to launder funds too, not that they pay taxes, but they do need to explain the sources of funds, occasionally.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1211/02/2013

R10: Are you referring to the longtime boyfriend?

by Cackle Cacklereply 1311/02/2013

(R10) here. Yes. About 20 years ago I was asked if I wanted to go on a date. I quickly declined.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1411/02/2013

The Bishop's House here in Rochester, NY, was last used by Emmy Award winning Bishop Fulton Sheen. It was later converted to condominiums, one of which I owned for a short time.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1511/02/2013

I wonder if the Bishop's home on Broadway in San Francisco has been sold. The current rascal in residence is nasty piece of work.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1611/02/2013

Good seeing your post, Cackle. Point well taken. If the current poope's position were to be adopted by all the eclesinasties, there could be another real estate bubble burst. Think of the "retreat" vacation centers the Church owns in the USA alone. Add to that all the empty convents, monasteries, empty seminaries, grade & high schools and churches and you're talking in the billions.

I doff my chapeau to your brilliance.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1711/02/2013

If women would leave the catholic church it would fall on it's face. But no, the church can treat them as second class and fuck their kids and the ladies still support the evil empire. It's a fucking cult.

There was a priest here a couple of years ago who attempted suicide, I told a friend of mine who was a regular parishioner "he's been caught fucking some kid". Sure enough, and his bishop destroyed the hard drive of the computer. The bishop was convicted of a lesser crime and is still the head of the diocese and the fucking moron parishioners keep giving the church $$$$$$. Shawn Ratigan and Bishop Robert Finn. Two outstanding Christians.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1811/02/2013

Boston Archbish Bernie Law was evicted from his palatial mansion after covering up priest-boy sex. He fled to the Vatican and will never set foot on US soil.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1911/03/2013

r19 Darn that pesky detail of Vatican City being a sovereign state, huh? One of the greatest moves the papes ever did. I loathe them, like I detest the Pubbies, but I have to admire their long-range plans.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2011/03/2013

Bumping for the latest news on this subject.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2101/18/2014
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