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I'm back - for better or worse. ;-))

Finally broke down and paid my 18 bucks.

I kept waiting for The Webmaster to e-mail and say "Hi, guy! In view of your devotion to Datalounge for more than a decade, we're pleased to extend you life-long membership."

No such luck.

Be advised that, at age 79, I am now in my 80th year. That makes me officially Ancient. So, please be kind.

I look forward to contributing to the general lunacy.

Your friend, Mr. C. Cackle of Half Moon Bay.

by Cackle Cacklereply 6410/06/2013

Welcome back! How's the weather in Half Moon Bay?

by Cackle Cacklereply 109/30/2013

Proof that you're really Sir Cackle? General consensus is that you died.

by Cackle Cacklereply 209/30/2013


by Cackle Cacklereply 309/30/2013


Check with The Webmaster.

Have a nice day. ;-))

by Cackle Cacklereply 409/30/2013

I can't think of a better place for a 79-year-old gay to live than Half Moon Bay. What is the status of Edun Cove Beach now?

by Cackle Cacklereply 509/30/2013

yay welcome back

by Cackle Cacklereply 609/30/2013

What is gas going for today, OP?

by Cackle Cacklereply 709/30/2013


by Cackle Cacklereply 809/30/2013

Welcome back, CC! Missed your updates, as I miss Half Moon Bay itself.

Still living in the upscale trailer park by the Ritz-Carlton?

by Cackle Cacklereply 909/30/2013

welcome back cackle cackle!!!!!!!!

by Cackle Cacklereply 1009/30/2013

You're inspiring and a real doll. Love ya.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1109/30/2013

Let's all have some pie with ice cream :)

by Cackle Cacklereply 1209/30/2013

Yay c-c ! Welcome back

by Cackle Cacklereply 1309/30/2013

Wireless access in caskets. What next?

by Cackle Cacklereply 1409/30/2013

So there's no Senior Citizen discount from DL? Not surprised. Welcome back, sir!

by Cackle Cacklereply 1509/30/2013

Welcome back, Sir Cackle! And a very happy 80th year to you.

I'm that medical guy in Glen Park, SF, who recommended the most scenic route to take when someone drove to out home to Northern California.

I already believe it's you (mostly because I want to -- like I want to believe that James Dean was gay).

But please tell me a few of your favorite plants that you can grow on the N. CAL coast.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1609/30/2013

I can tell this is the real CC. After a long absence, just yesterday he was posting over in the "have you never been in a LTR" thread.

Mr. C. Cackle, hope you enjoy your 80s in good health and happiness.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1709/30/2013

"to out home..." should have been "YOU out home...".

Please disregard my imperfections.

by Cackle Cacklereply 1809/30/2013

Wonderful you are still with us!

by Cackle Cacklereply 1909/30/2013

R5 - Eden Cove? I believe that's Devil's Slide. I never get that far north of HMB on my Tryke.

The Devil's Slide bypass tunnel is now open and the old Hwy 1 coastal route is being trned into coastal parkland.

R7 - I think gas is about $4.00 or a bit higher. I haven't been checking it lately.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2009/30/2013

Were you on the Scott Peterson jury?

by Cackle Cacklereply 2109/30/2013

Cackle! I missed you!

by Cackle Cacklereply 2209/30/2013

The science of Linguistic Forensics dictates that that the OP must be the real Cackle Cackle.

Should this esteemed Gentleman ever become a major celebrity, I propose that his Tabloid moniker be SirCaks.

Can I get a witness?

by Cackle Cacklereply 2309/30/2013

Oh wow 80 OP. You're a teenager compared to most of the queens here on DL.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2409/30/2013

[quote]Be advised that, at age 79, I am now in my 80th year. That makes me officially Ancient. So, please be kind.

Well you definitely amongst your age peer group here!

by Cackle Cacklereply 2509/30/2013

Cankle cankle!

by Cackle Cacklereply 2609/30/2013

welcome back, do you have any sage advice for us?

I love listening to the older folks, they are so wise. please impart some wisdom on us! I only hope I can live as long as you.

wishing you the best of health.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2709/30/2013

How many Cackle Cackle are there now? The original stopped posting in the mid 200s and he was over 80 by then. We had at least one other faker a few years ago.

Cackle Cackle (the original) had a very distinct posting style. None of his impersonators ever get it right.

by Cackle Cacklereply 2809/30/2013

r23, I second that emotion

by Cackle Cacklereply 2909/30/2013

"Mr C. Cackle, of the Longevity Cackles" could only have come from the mind of the One True and Omniscient Cackle.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3009/30/2013

SF Native, good to see you back, too. Haven't been this excited with the DL since Midol Extra for Men went on sale in bulk at Costco.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3109/30/2013

Love ya', hon.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3209/30/2013

Are you a tired top or a beat-up bottom?

by Cackle Cacklereply 3309/30/2013

Cackle Cackle, did you grow up in California? Back when there were more orange groves and fewer illegal aliens?

by Cackle Cacklereply 3409/30/2013

Love you CC. Very happy you're back.

Longevity isn't rewarded here unfortunately.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3509/30/2013

Hey sweetie. Glad to see ya back!

by Cackle Cacklereply 3609/30/2013

Are we really sure this is the real Mr. CC, I need just a wee bit more proof.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3709/30/2013

Cackle here -

All you who have your doubts: Check with The Webmaster! ;-))

Love ya all. - ;-))

by Cackle Cacklereply 3809/30/2013

I hope this really is you, Cackle, Cackle. Why did you disappear for so long?

People on this board were worried and doing Internet obit searches plus playing detective and driving around your general area in hope of finding you.

by Cackle Cacklereply 3909/30/2013

glad you're back C.Cackle! I just returned from a Road trip from Morro Bay to and hoped to hit half moon bay but ran out of time. Next time!

gas was about $4.05

by Cackle Cacklereply 4009/30/2013

Hey, CC ... I'm a Bay Area native (born in San Mateo; grew up in Contra Costa) who's been exiled in SoCal for a long time. Now that I'm retired I'm thinking about moving back. And I want someplace where it never gets too hot. HMB and the surrounding area sound nice, although I'm not really all that familiar with them. What are the positives and negatives?

by Cackle Cacklereply 4109/30/2013

Cackle's Memories Of Things Past:

-BRT(Bumfucke Rapid Transit (direct heavy-rail service to Chicago) - Streisand's annual Easter Sunrise gigs at the Bumfucke Drive-In, the AMC Bumfucke 50 (with one screen set aside for gay porn) - Fighting Father Dunne (he sold Indulgences - cheap!) - River Cities Boys Band appearances at Bea's Diner in the adjacent Music Hall - the CIA's secret outpost deep in the cornfields.

Oh, the fun of it all.

by Cackle Cacklereply 4209/30/2013

Still waiting for Cackle's response about plants and flowers in HMB. That would be telling. Don't know why he's avoiding this question, a la Mrs. Patsy Ramsey.

by Cackle Cacklereply 4309/30/2013


Google it.

And check with The Webmaster.

by Cackle Cacklereply 4409/30/2013

If the poster posting as the OP is the OP and is who he says he is, I recognize five signs of burgeoning senility, if that helps with substantiating the claim.

Most younger people can only hit three of them.

Lord, I hope there's a whole year left. Everyone older than 40 should be able to get his or her $18 rate refunded in a prorated way, to help defer the costs of cremation.

by Cackle Cacklereply 4509/30/2013

Like I'm going to have high tea with the Webmaster.

Didn't know your botanical preferences are readily available on Google. Why wouldn't you simply post them here?

Have been one of your solid cheerleaders; now am having severe doubts. I no longer believe you are Cackle Cackle; he would have warmly responded to my comments and inquiries.

This is the worst of DL, but is something that is always expected and it is to be dealt with.

The OP clearly recalls Cackle Cackle, and is fucking with us.

I'll be taking a long, if not permanent break from this website.

by Cackle Cacklereply 4609/30/2013

[quote] Are you a tired top or a beat-up bottom?

Well if he's the age and still alive...

by Cackle Cacklereply 4709/30/2013

Lowest gas prices in HMB today (as reported by consumers).

by Cackle Cacklereply 4809/30/2013

I smell death....

by Cackle Cacklereply 4909/30/2013

^^Thanks Oscar - but one DL icon at a time.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5009/30/2013

Not one of CC's impersonators has ever used his signature sign-off. Not one. He didn't use it every time, but he used it frequently enough that it became his trademark line.

If I saw just one post by "Cackle Cackle" using that line, I might believe its him. But not anymore.

I won't post it and I urge the rest of you not to, either,

I also don't buy his blasé attitude about gas prices in HMB. "I haven't been checking lately"...bitch, please. CC started threads regularly devoted to that topic. Now he's lost interest? Not buying it.

The recent thread he started about Downton Abbey was also ludicrous. CC's posting style was clipped and to the point, and he made zero references to any pop culture past 1980, tops. But now we're to believe he starts chatty threads about British dramas he watches on Netflix? Are you kidding me?

The purported age doesn't sound right, either. He'd be well into his 80s now. Was he a WW2 vet? I seem to recall some military experience before settling in a famous neighborhood in NYC. Nope, not giving that away either.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5110/04/2013

R51, you are seriously unwell in the head. What a strange and misplaced focus for your zealotry.

This is indeed Mr. CC. And it's nice to see him around again.

Also re: his former frequent signature line, pay attention, he did reference it in his post at R42.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5210/04/2013


by Cackle Cacklereply 5310/04/2013

So ... who wants pie?

by Cackle Cacklereply 5410/04/2013

[quote]Not one of CC's impersonators has ever used his signature sign-off. Not one. He didn't use it every time, but he used it frequently enough that it became his trademark line. If I saw just one post by "Cackle Cackle" using that line, I might believe its him. But not anymore.

Mr. Cackle used to rotate several motifs in his sign-offs. There wasn't just one. Two of them are mentioned in R42 (the goings-on in Bumfucke, and Bea's ice cream and pie at her Diner).

Maybe, dear Nancy Drew reject, maybe you could retrain your considerable ire and energy onto something more useful?

by Cackle Cacklereply 5510/04/2013

Howdy Sir Cackle. I'm in your area fairly often. I visit my sister at Pelican Pt RV Park. She's being treated for cancer at Stanford and stays there for convenience.

I wouldn't want to impose, but I might run into you at some time. Maybe while rummaging through the treasures at Twice as Nice.

Be well, I always think of you when I'm in town.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5610/04/2013

I believe in the Christmas Mouse, and I believe in Cackle Cackle.

Glad you're back.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5710/04/2013

I can't remember the time anyone was as beloved as our trike-cyclist Cackle. I especially enjoy the doubting Tomasitas who are terrified that there might possibly be an impostor on DL while asking question of posters i.e. "Theda Bara here, I'll be taking all your questions today."

DL truly is the workout site for competitors vying for a spot on the Online Special Olympics.

Congratulations Cackle, you are officially now Terracackle, a dinosaur among us scampering rodents.

by Cackle Cacklereply 5810/04/2013

So well put, R58

by Cackle Cacklereply 5910/04/2013

At the very least a senior discount

by Cackle Cacklereply 6010/04/2013

*Sigh* I no longer believe it's the real Cackle.

by Cackle Cacklereply 6110/04/2013

r61, you are not very bright, so I'll be gentle. Just go away.

by Cackle Cacklereply 6210/06/2013

It's him, and whomever doubted it's him doesn't remember that he moved to HMB so he could ride his bicycle everywhere & walk? That might be why he doesn't post the prices as much.

Cackle or someone, can you start a facebook page devoted to CackleCackle, please?

And post here in this thread where it is. I would LOVE to hear your stories 24/7 CC

by Cackle Cacklereply 6310/06/2013

I have notified Pope Frances that we have a candidate for sainthood. I know this is grossly premature and I hope I'll be forgiven, but I believe one needs to be on their radar to fast track these events if and when they are applicable.

by Cackle Cacklereply 6410/06/2013
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