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Colton Haynes vs. Matt Bomer

Who is hotter? Colton Haynes or Matt Bomer?

This poll will determine exactly how popular Colton Haynes really is on the DL.

*Pics taken on the same day during MBFWNY 2013!

by Eric Podwallreply 5610/14/2013

Matt Bomer is actually better looking in clothes, but Colton Haynes is sexier. Bomer is kind of Ken-Doll sexless. Almost 'too perfect'.

by Eric Podwallreply 109/29/2013

Because there hasn't been tons of polls like this, including one that got 1500 votes.

by Eric Podwallreply 209/29/2013

Neither is really my idea of sexy (ie. Carol-Channing Tatum) They're both 'Ken' doll-ish but Colton seems much sluttier, so he gets my vote.

by Eric Podwallreply 309/29/2013

Funny, I was going to make the sexless Ken-doll comment about Haynes. He looks very manufactured and plastic looking with excessively plucked and tweezed everything.

Bomer's hair falls naturally while Haynes hair looked styled within an inch of his life.

Haynes also always looks very Blue Thunder in every picture I've seen of him - purse the lips and strike a pose, baby.

by Eric Podwallreply 409/29/2013

Both are sexy, but Matt Bomer just has that wall street GQ stock broker/ Christian Grey grown man swag that I really like. Colton has that twink thing that set off the elder-gays rocket. I'm the same age as Colton, so I would lean more towards Matt Bomer for his more sophisticated mature look.

by Eric Podwallreply 509/29/2013

Colton Haynes would be gorgeous if he were 6ft and 175lbs; however, he's short (5"8" or 5"9") and, like, 150lbs. He looks like a goddamn lollipop. And the guy can't dress for shit.

by Eric Podwallreply 609/29/2013

Ditto!!! R6

by Eric Podwallreply 709/30/2013

5ft9 is not short!

by Eric Podwallreply 809/30/2013

Matt Bomer's eyes don't tell a story like Colton's

by Eric Podwallreply 909/30/2013

Colton Haynes for Monty Clift!

Bomer can play... Hurd Hatfield

by Eric Podwallreply 1009/30/2013

Sad eyes

by Eric Podwallreply 1109/30/2013

R5, thank you so much for that post. I have been baffled about DLs obsession with Colton and only ventured into his the never-ending threads dedicated to him long enough to find out that I don't find him interesting. I'm closer to Colton's age, so that's probably part of the reason he just looks like some dude to me. I don't think he's ugly, but I just can't reconcile that level of fanaticism with his looks/level of fame.

by Eric Podwallreply 1209/30/2013

11, Thanks for the video link.

by Eric Podwallreply 1309/30/2013

Colton has lovelier bone structure but he in those pics. :(

by Eric Podwallreply 1409/30/2013

Just looking at r11's vid, I don't see how anyone could find Colton "basic looking". Obviously everyone has types, but in no way is he plain.

by Eric Podwallreply 1509/30/2013

Matt Bomer.

Colton is alright. If I met him it person, I'd let him fuck me all night long. But not even he is cute enough to make me watch vampire shit.

by Eric Podwallreply 1609/30/2013

r12, Im the same age as Colton, and I would love to fuck him. Not that Matt Bomer isn't physically beautiful. Colton seems like he is a freak in the sheets, an aggressively bossy bottom. And Matt Bomer is married with children, ain't nobody got time for that!

by Eric Podwallreply 1709/30/2013

Matt bomer look's like comander shepard, so Bomer >>> colton.

by Eric Podwallreply 1809/30/2013

[quote]This poll will determine exactly how popular Colton Haynes really is on the DL.

Bullshit. A direct comparison to the current DL favorite means nothing.

The poll should be "Colton Haynes--are you a fan?" With answers yes, sort of, no and who?

by Eric Podwallreply 1909/30/2013

Not everyone likes to answer polls. I didn't click for either names.

by Eric Podwallreply 2009/30/2013

r20 is uncooperative.

by Eric Podwallreply 2109/30/2013

Colton is sort of non-descript isn't he?

I've been watching Arrow and he, and by extension, his character, is rather bland and boring. I don't know comic-lore well enough to know who the hell he is supposed to eventually be, but, he sort of just stands there taking up space.

Oliver's sister is the only one who give off any energy during their scenes.

Is he really an actor?

by Eric Podwallreply 2209/30/2013

The shirtless promo shots of several male cast members suggest acting isn't a number one priority.

by Eric Podwallreply 2309/30/2013

Matt Bomer is no Academy Award winner either, bitches.

by Eric Podwallreply 2409/30/2013

I thought it was time to shut this shit down.

Bomer who?

by Eric Podwallreply 2509/30/2013

Until Colton gets an abusive spouse, he'll have NOTHING on Bomer!

by Eric Podwallreply 2609/30/2013

[quote]Until Colton gets an abusive spouse

Shawn P seems like he has the anger issues in the relationship

by Eric Podwallreply 2709/30/2013

Vote for Colty and make his sad eyes go away!

Rainbows and cupcakes for all!


by Eric Podwallreply 2809/30/2013

That new "gay Sex & The City" set in San Fran should try and get Colton to guest star.

by Eric Podwallreply 2909/30/2013

Hey Wentworth Miller was gay while being a pretend straight pretending to be gay even though he was really gay the whole time

by Eric Podwallreply 3009/30/2013


Do you mean his role in Popular? Did he ever comment on that role when he was "straight"?

by Eric Podwallreply 3109/30/2013

Even with all the sad puppy eyes, shirtless pics and video of Colton Haynes, Matt Bomer still reigns supreme. Just goes to show he's NOT that popular as elder gays on here would have you think.

by Eric Podwallreply 3209/30/2013

[quote] Matt Bomer still reigns supreme. Just goes to show he's NOT that popular as elder gays on here would have you think.


by Eric Podwallreply 3309/30/2013

It's like he did these shots especially for the "Sad Eyes" troll. Is he trying to show his range or something?

by Eric Podwallreply 3409/30/2013

They're both hot as hell but I give the edge to Bomer

by Eric Podwallreply 3509/30/2013

Colton has better nipples. By a mile.

Edge to Colton.

by Eric Podwallreply 3609/30/2013

"Matt Bomer is no Academy Award winner either, bitches."

Matt graduated from a prestigious school known for its drama program....

by Eric Podwallreply 3709/30/2013

R37 = Simon Halls' publicist side (it can bruise too)

by Eric Podwallreply 3809/30/2013

Matt Bomer trumps every Colton Haynes picture ever uploaded on here with this picture (below). I know Matt would be an AWESOME fuck just by looking at this from the way he thrusts those hips. MATT BOMER, HOES!

by Eric Podwallreply 3909/30/2013

Miss Colty

by Eric Podwallreply 4009/30/2013

I love Colton (and Matt too, but Colton gets my vote

by Eric Podwallreply 4109/30/2013

R32 Don't be dissing my boo! Haters back off!

by Eric Podwallreply 4209/30/2013

Colton 4EVA

by Eric Podwallreply 4310/01/2013

Being out is sexier. Haynes had his lawyer send out that homophobic letter to try to get his XY pics pulled off the internet. Homophobia is NOT sexy.

I'd fuck Haynes, but I'd spank him hard during it, and slap him across the face a couple of time for emphasis.

Bomer seems like he'd be hot in bed whether it was a vanilla or hardcore scenario. Haynes seems like he'd lie there with a look of disinterest on his face. Then he'd sue you.

by Eric Podwallreply 4410/01/2013

Amazing how much love there is for a homophobic closet case. But then, I've long suspected most of the gay men here are the same.

by Eric Podwallreply 4510/01/2013

Sorry, but Matt with Simon is gross. +1 to Colton.

by Eric Podwallreply 4610/01/2013

Matt Bomer.

That Colton guy looks like million other guys. Nothing interesting.

by Eric Podwallreply 4710/01/2013

Since Matt is boo'd up with an older uglier guy and has kids he's probably a boring lay. Colton's hole is probably the size of the grand canyon but at least he's a freak.

by Eric Podwallreply 4810/01/2013

R46= homophobic.

Simon's an attractive guy.

Meanwhile, Haynes has gone through a series of trolls, all midgets. Except for Quinto, who was probably paying him with 'favors'.

by Eric Podwallreply 4910/01/2013

[quote]Haynes seems like he'd lie there with a look of disinterest on his face. Then he'd sue you.


by Eric Podwallreply 5010/01/2013

[quote] Haynes has gone through a series of trolls, all midgets

He's only ever picture alone with his male cousin or a girl.

by Eric Podwallreply 5110/01/2013

[quote]I'd fuck Haynes, but I'd spank him hard during it, and slap him across the face a couple of time for emphasis.

Simon, is that you???

by Eric Podwallreply 5210/01/2013

Colty, Colty, Colty!

by Eric Podwallreply 5310/02/2013


by Eric Podwallreply 5410/02/2013

Oh OP I Can't. I simply Can't...

by Eric Podwallreply 5510/14/2013

Is Bomer 5ft9 like Colton is "5ft9"?

by Eric Podwallreply 5610/14/2013
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