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Breaking Bad Series Finale Spoilers

- Walt poisons and kills Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz' daughter

- Walt is big news and there is a "manhunt" in pursuit

- Todd kills Lydia when she says he's not so good meth cook

- Walt wants to kill Jesse because he thinks he's been working willingly with Todd's uncle. He rescues Jesse and they kill everybody. Jesse kills Todd.

- Jesse and Walt have a long talk which ultimately ends with them separating and Walt getting killed in a shoot out with cops.

- Last scene has Jesse walking with a woman and child and a real fucked up Badger approaching them. Badger recognizes Jesse and seemingly not wanting to embarrass him passes him by. Jesse turns around and stops him and they catch up. When they walk off again his daughter asks who that man was, Jesse says something like "He's an old friend, Jane."

by Anonymousreply 009/29/2013
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