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..the Affordable Care Act IS the conservative compromise!

plain and simple.

When your idiotic FOX news watching friends and relatives whine that Obama is unwilling to compromise to avoid a government shutdown, point this out,

by Truthreply 2809/30/2013

So true.

by Truthreply 109/29/2013

I know, it was their brain child, then Obama made it better, then they cut out stuff, passed it and now they are afraid that it will be a success. The republican party has no strategy for the people, only for corporate interests and political posturing.

by Truthreply 209/29/2013

Someone explain the Democratic thingie where Congresspeople and their staff get special subsidies that no one else gets to purchase insurance through one of the exchanges? Aren' the Republicans kind of correct that it's kind of bullshit that they get this?

by Truthreply 309/29/2013

Crickets R3. If it was so great everyone would want it.

by Truthreply 409/29/2013

Crickets for a 13 minute gap? Seriously?

by Truthreply 509/29/2013

I'm R3 - I'm doing research. Here's a Politico article.

by Truthreply 609/29/2013

R2 has shut this thread down early

by Truthreply 709/29/2013

r3, employers are free to work within the ACA to provide their employees whatever insurance package they think will attract the kind of employees they want. One employer may decide a very good healthcare package may attract a very good quality worker. Another employer may decide not to offer healthcare as part of the salary package because he does not need to do so to attract the kind of employee he wants.

The federal government, as an employer, has created a salary package that does not provide healthcare, but rather an incentive for the employee to participate in the healthcare exchanges. Something like an employer declaring it will provide matching funds for your 401K. You don't have to put money into your 401K, but they make it more attractive to do so.

by Truthreply 809/29/2013

Thanks R8 - that's a good perspective.

by Truthreply 909/29/2013

ACA forces people to buy insurance (creepy),

it puts an unfair burden on small businesses,

it links health care to employment (creepy too)

it gives a sweet deal to big insurance

it does nothing to control costs (the number one problem with health care).

We needed single-payer and we got this cop-out. It absolutely is the conservative compromise. I'd like to see it fail.

by Truthreply 1009/29/2013

If Paul Ryan were to support single-payer, he'd be our next president.

How long before he figures this out?

by Truthreply 1109/29/2013


I suspect Obama and other dems also want ACA to fail, so everyone just gets behind single-payer.

by Truthreply 1209/29/2013

"it links health care to employment (creepy too)" - No, it does not. Health care has been linked to employment for decades. What ACA will do (in half measures) is just the opposite.

No one is forced to buy health care. If you don't buy it, you pay a small fee.

by Truthreply 1309/29/2013

R10 is a moron. Not a single thing he posted is true. What a fucking tool.

by Truthreply 1409/29/2013

Something someone doesn't want no way, no how, is not a compromise. That's like stabbing someone with the intention of killing them but failing. The multiple stabbing (that they're recover from) isn't a compromise on the part of the victim.

Fox News isn't exactly conservative. It's only conservative relative to the other options, which are in the extreme in the other direction.

by Truthreply 1509/29/2013

The Adorable Care Act is exactly like Romneycare, and Romneycare has succeeded in insuring over 95% of MA residents, and it's incredible popular.

by Truthreply 1609/29/2013

r10 is a moron.

by Truthreply 1709/30/2013

r16 Adorable? I think it's FABULOUS!

by Truthreply 1809/30/2013

that is a sweet typo.

by Truthreply 1909/30/2013

R10 is correct about one thing: it gives a sweet deal to big insurance.

Why don't we have socialized medicine, like every other Western nation?

by Truthreply 2009/30/2013

$$$$$$$$$$, r20

by Truthreply 2109/30/2013

R3 R6 - I suspect you know the answer to your question - but would rather not post it.

In short the Grassley Amendment was a political ploy the Democrats didn't fall for.

The amendment would have meant a significant net pay cut for many congressional staffers.

Obama found a way to make the amendment financially neutral when it came to staffers net pay.

In short the Republicans were willing to throw their own staff under the bus - and the Democrats stopped them.

by Truthreply 2209/30/2013

Thanks OP, I was arguing the same thing on Facebook yesterday evening.

ACA (aka ObamaCare) has already BEEN through the two-party wringer of compromises and more compromises. It was a long and wearying process for all those involved.

This is a hostage situation, as Harry Reid says accurately. ACA has nothing directly to do with the budget approval process. It's being used as a hostage.

by Truthreply 2309/30/2013

I wish more people understood that, r23.

by Truthreply 2409/30/2013

[quote]This is a hostage situation, as Harry Reid says accurately. ACA has nothing directly to do with the budget approval process.

Is that because it is totally free and is equally applied to everyone without exceptions for congress, executive buddies, etc?

No, of course it is part of the budget process.

by Truthreply 2509/30/2013

[quote]Fox News isn't exactly conservative. It's only conservative relative to the other options, which are in the extreme in the other direction.


by Truthreply 2609/30/2013

God, no kidding.

by Truthreply 2709/30/2013

R26, I'm trying to picture exactly how sad/meaningless your life is if you think that was worthy of an F&F.

by Truthreply 2809/30/2013
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