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DARRYL HICKMAN Appreciation Thread

My favorite film of his is "Leave Her To Heaven", as the drowning victim of the evil Gene Tierney. He was such a cute kid, and a damn good actor. Just watched "The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers". He's still alive , and still acts, and teaches acting.

by Dwaynereply 810/01/2013

I remember his very rare appearances on his brother's TV series(what was it 1 or 2?) I wonder if they're close? He sure was a cute kid.

by Dwaynereply 109/29/2013

his commentary tract on Leaver her to heaven dvd is really interesting. Where does he teach?

by Dwaynereply 209/29/2013

The brothers were together in Cat Ballou. But fully dressed.

by Dwaynereply 309/29/2013

R2 He used to teach in Hollywood, though he may have retired from that. Looks great for his age- saw him in a recent interview, and had no idea he was in his 80's.

by Dwaynereply 409/29/2013

Loved them both. But Darryl had the bigger talent.

by Dwaynereply 509/29/2013

Brother Dwayne was adorably sexy as Bob Cummings' hyper-active nephew Chuck on Love That Bob in the 1950s but lost his cuteness as "teen" Dobie Gillis by the early 60s. He was just too pudgy and whiny.

What happened to Darryl's career when he grew up? I can't think of any major projects he starred in as an adult. I agree he was the more talented Hickman.

by Dwaynereply 609/29/2013

Talent aside, Dwayne got to hang out with Tuesday Weld.

by Dwaynereply 709/29/2013

He was really a cute, hunky little guy, in " Leave Her To Heaven" and "Strange Love Of Martha Ivers". That face - has he ever discussed being 'hit on' by directors, producers, or actors , of that era ?

by Dwaynereply 810/01/2013
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