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Abrahamic religions

Islam and Judaism = barbarianism

Christianity = religion of peace


by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 5303/28/2014

The Abrahamic religions are the western offshoot of the central Asian main branch now called the Dharma traditions, Hindu being the major thread. The Eastern offshoot is the Daoist traditions---Buddhism, Confucianism and Shinto being some the better known threads.

Until the Bronze Age, there were probably no male gods. All of the above religions appears to be variations of a female arctic goddess, possibly of African origins from the last major ice age, 55,000 years ago, when humans left Africa and headed toward the Arctic circle, which was much warmer then. The original goddess' name was pronounced with a “b” sound, like baba or bud. Hence Brahma of the Hindus, Buddha, Abraham. The male gods and prophets are either transgendered versions or the sons of the original goddess. Allah was a transgendered version of a latter day version of this goddess.

Many words may ultimately derive from this goddess, such as baby, breast, bosom, blossom, bud, bloom and the like. In Ireland, the goddess was named Bridget. In Russia Baba Yaga.

Personally, I believe religion was invented by mothers to control children and then men. But psychopathic men saw an opportunity to increase their power over others. The rest is history.

If you looking for a religion, you're better off smoking pot.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 109/28/2013

I know nothing. All I can do is say what strikes me as especially changing

can find no example now.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 209/28/2013

[quote]you're better off smoking pot

Pot and listening to "Stairway to Heaven" is a great Sunday religious practice.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 309/28/2013

Well, if it's Peace you're going for, I think Christianity leads by far in ending with Peace the many great wars they started. So, there's that. Islamo and Jewish wars have been pretty disappointing actually.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 409/28/2013

R1, that's the biggest pile of horseshit I have ever seen. And I have lived on a farm.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 509/29/2013

I love how R4 rationalizes that the Christians ended with peace "with the wars they started." Oh yes, World War I, II led to such peace....

Christians have been responsible for the most horrific wars on the planet. Period.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 609/29/2013

So, Bab-bah-bah, bab-barbara-ann is a very superior invocation of the Divine?

How about Hollies' "She's Not There"?

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 709/29/2013

I'm referring to the actual text, not what people did with it, r4.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 809/29/2013

Only Islam considers Islam and Abrahamic faith.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 909/29/2013

R5 makes a Freudian slip---religion is indeed the biggest pile of horseshit in the world, including all philosophies and other man-made fantasies. People have enough built-in instincts for decent behavior without the witchdoctor psychopaths telling us what to do.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1009/29/2013

religion = shit

spirituality does not equate to religion


by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1109/29/2013

Religion to me has always seemed highly illogical, for a number of reasons.

Christians have spend centuries persecuting Jews, because they killed Jesus. But wait a minute: wasn't Jesus' reason to come into existence to die for our sins? The Christians therefore should be thankful to the Jews for killing Jesus, otherewise redemption would not have been possible! If Jesus has died a natural death there would have been no Christianity in the first place, the Jews were the best PR-people Jesus ever could have had!

I also don't understand why people talk of a Judeo-Christian society as though they're working hand in glove with each other.

Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah, Jews believe their messiah is yet to come, so according to Christians the Jewish Messiah must be the antichrist! So many contradictions...

So you see, it's not just Mormons who are dumb.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1209/29/2013

Jesus was hung.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1309/29/2013

While you could say many things about Christianity, one of them is not peace. In the name of Christianity, more wars have been started and more people have been slaughtered than the others combined.

Crusades, anyone?

Extermination of indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas under the guise of Christian missionaries?

And,that's not even counting WWII.

How about wars of christian doctrine - ask the Irish about Catholics vs. Protestants, as well as all the Germans about Lutherans.

Christianity has been more about believe what I believe or be dead than any other religion. Islamic fundamentalism is a much more recent phenomenon.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1409/29/2013

Under British rule (East India Company and the Anglican Church), an est. 1.8 billion excess deaths (including 350 million Muslim) occurred between 1858 and 1947 on the Indian subcontinent. This is murder that exceeds even the 65 million that died in the USSR, 80 million that died in Maoist China and the est. 100 million Natives Americans that died in the New World since Columbus. At one time, British Protestants ruled over 75% of the earth and wreaked death and destruction everywhere they went. Not even the Catholic Church can exceed this record.

Note: the current generation of British people are in no way responsible for the past and have no reason be feel guilty of anything. The sins of one generation do not pass onto the next. Please no British-bashing or guilt trips!

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1509/29/2013

R6 Needs reading help.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1609/29/2013

And the Jews of the 12 tribes got polluted when the Tsar by fiat made a bunch of nobodies into Khazar Jews.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1709/29/2013

The "12 Tribes" is a mythical construct, but even within that myth most of those 12 tribes are lost until the arrival of the Messiah and could not be "polluted."

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1809/29/2013

jesus = peace, christianity = violent shitheads.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 1909/29/2013

[quote]While you could say many things about Christianity, one of them is not peace. In the name of Christianity, more wars have been started and more people have been slaughtered than the others combined.

Again, I'm referring to the text!

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2009/29/2013

[quote]Note: the current generation of British people are in no way responsible for the past and have no reason be feel guilty of anything. The sins of one generation do not pass onto the next. Please no British-bashing or guilt trips!

Tell that to African-Americans in the United States. Sorry, but you pay for the sins of your forefathers. You still have privilege while others are still dealing with the shit your culture threw upon them.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2109/29/2013

There is no god.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2209/29/2013

I don't give a SHIT about what any given individual or spokesperson or political organization SAYS about their own pet religion or ideology or about who did what to who or who was MORE violent or who invaded what,or when,or where,or how....all I care about is what is happening right NOW,in 2013 that I can see with my own goddamn eyes.

And the reality is this:

There have been over 20,000 thousand religiously motivated Jihad terrorist attacks since 2001.

The victims have ranged from peaceful Arab Muslims who happened to be of different sects and innocent children and babies, raped and beheaded to agricultural students in Nigeria shot in their beds.

The common denominator is the Koranically and Hadith mandated,Dark Ages Jihad doctrine that is endorsed,enabled and promulagted by all 5 schools of Islamic jurisprudence to this day.

Unlike the other Abrahamic faiths and traditions which have abandoned their violent,savage tenets and behavior there has been NO reform or self-reflection in Islam in terms of legal fact,to question or criticize it,let alone CHANGE it is still considered a heretical act that is punishable by death.

Sharia law interpreted by the most respected,influential and powerful mainstream clerics,Imams and scholars still edicts and allows for death to gays and apostates,the total restriction of free speech,child sexual abuse and the subjugation, subordination,assault and murder of women.

Like it or not, these are uncomfortable FACTS and I'm not quite not sure why any reasonable,intellectually honest,liberally minded person who agrees with the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights would seek to deny,relativize or apologize for these truths.

Remember...90% of Muslims killed since 1948 have been as a result of Jihad murder. This is not an general indictment on Muslims as most just want to live their lives in peace but rather on the CLERICS, SCHOLARS and APOLOGISTS for them who allow to go unexamined and condemned the violent texts and teachings of the Sunnah which serve as justification for Jihad terror around the globe.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2309/29/2013

OP, are you insane?


Referring to the text, indeed.

Go to bed. That school bus will be arriving soon.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2409/29/2013

r25, if you want to stop the terrorism, then just have the Western intel agencies stop creating and supplying these terrorist groups. The Muslim Brotherhood was created by British intelligence. Al Qaeda was created by the CIA under the direction of the gentleman pictured below with bin Ladin, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security advisor under Jimmy Carter.

These MI6 and CIA created Islamic groups preach a strange syncretism of Islam and Protestant fundamentalism, like the Islamic CIA-narco-dictator of Gambia. The whole point to creating and maintaining these groups is to destabilize any and all Third World democracies, a US and UK foreign policy since the 1950s. The exercise keeps the oil, drugs and arms trade flowing. It's also an excuse to keep spending 40% of the federal budget on "defense," while reducing the 3% the US gov spends on food stamps.

If you want to fight Muslims so much, join Blackwater. Have fun!

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2509/29/2013


This thread is about religion...not political espionage and corporate hegemony.

Despite what Gambia says..the greatest threats to a free and free-thinking society are Global Corporate Fascism and political Islamism.

It's interesting how you generalize about Muslims...I never said I want to fight Muslims..I said Jihad terrorists should be opposed.

Are you saying ALL Muslims are terrorists?

You need to work on your logic....straw man arguments do you no favors.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2609/29/2013

r28, I was answering the questions about "Islamic terrorism" which is an manufactured issue by the West. By your fear-mongering about Sharia law, it is people like you have declared war on all Muslims. You are the one who implies all Muslims are terrorists and must be "opposed."

Your crude race-baiting and ill-concealed contempt of anyone who doesn't look or think like you makes it plain that you are an enemy of the human race, PERIOD.

Consider your "Clash of Civilizations" agenda exposed.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2709/29/2013

[quote]Under British rule (East India Company and the Anglican Church), an est. 1.8 billion excess deaths (including 350 million Muslim) occurred between 1858 and 1947 on the Indian subcontinent.

Is it your contention that the British murdered 1.8 billion people on the Indian subcontinent?

As if people didn't and don't die there. Aside from being a shithole and that people died from natural causes in great numbers, Hindus and Muslims have been killing each other in large numbers for centuries, before the British came and after they left.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2809/29/2013

Re: the Hindus and Muslims killing each other under British Protestant rule---it's called divide and conquer.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 2909/29/2013

R16 did none of those people die of old age? There weren't any accidents, no disease? Not even in India where it is densely populated and indescribably filthy? They were all killed (sorry, systematically murdered) by the British?

And to think I learned all about the pogroms, the holocaust, the Russian atrocities post WW2, all these terrible events and no-one mentioned that the British murdered nearly 2 BILLION people and no-one noticed?

Too stupid. Just too fucking stupid for words.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3009/29/2013

They were doing it before the British arrived and continued after they left.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3109/29/2013

r32, why the public display of racial hatred of asians? Just quietly admit to yourself that you don't give a shit about people who neither look nor think like you. Actually, it makes you very happy that there are less non-white people on this planet, be it a child or a billion. Feel better. Good.

And no, a person like you would not notice that nearly two billion people died over a two hundred year period. END of story.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3209/29/2013


Are you a chaplain in a hospital, military, or prison?

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3309/29/2013

Onward to r23,

No white guilt trips, please! Do not add to the general insanity of this thread.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3409/29/2013

r35, if you consider Datalounge all three.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3509/29/2013

R34 please explain this 'racial hatred'. People die, sometimes without being murdered. You think that is racial hatred? What the fuck are you whining about? You really are just too fucking stupid.

You sound like a whiny cunt who has never experienced bigotry. If you had you would know how ridiculous you are.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3609/29/2013

If describing all the people on the Indian subcontinent as "indescribably filthy" isn't racist, then what is? If it walks like a racist, it quacks like a racist, then it is a racist. And defending the British colonial record of mass murder is tells the world what you are. 5.2 million Irish were starved to death in the 19th century because they are Catholic. Is that too hard to understand? Over a billion Hindus and Muslims died of disease and starvation during the Anglican Raj over a 200 year period. Is that too difficult for you to understand?

And if these people were all Anglicans?

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3709/29/2013

I don't really want to step into the debate, but I visited India in 1997 for the first and only time, and "indescribably filthy" would have described it.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3809/29/2013

r40, we're talking about India during the period 1757 to 1947. The reason why India is in its current state is the previous 190 years of destabilization by the British. The 1858 date I posted above is the start of the Raj. Interestingly, the British colonial government encouraged various native religions as a form of mind control. The gurus later flocked to the West for more suckers. Think of Theosophy and all the New Age nonsense deriving from it.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 3909/29/2013

[quote] They even have an implement of the death penalty as their logo. Imagine if someone started a religion with an electric chair as its most sacred symbol!

This is one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard, and this is not the first time I have heard it.

The "most sacred symbol" is merely a reminder of Jesus death on the cross. THAT is what their religion is all about - his supposed redemptive death. They don't glorify crosses or nails or any other "implement of the death penalty".

Maybe it freaks you out to see a cross but don't extrapolate your idiocy to some tangential misinterpretation of the cross symbol.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4009/29/2013

R39 it isn't racism if it's true. The description was of the country, where corpses and shit vie fior space in the drinking water, not of individual people. Your own fevered imagination added that detail.

I think the Irish dies when their crops failed, no-one had a diabolical master plan.

Again, just too fucking stupid for words.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4109/29/2013

r43, who is too stupid to understand words, from another website on the Irish famine:

"Yes, there was a potato blight that damaged much of the crop but there was plenty of food produced in Ireland to support the population. The famine was brought about by the British and their supporters who from 1845-1847 took 26 million bushels of corn, 257k sheep, 481k pigs, 186k Ox, 10k cattle, 4k horses, 1 million gallons of butter, 1.7m gallons of grain alcohol, and 4k ships of peas, beans, rabbits, salmon, honey and potatoes from Ireland to British ports. The forced starvation of the Irish was a culmination of several hundred years of effort by the British to wipeout the Irish, starting with Oliver Cromwell..."

Ireland was producing more than enough food to feed its population, but it was taken away by the Protestant rulers.

You protests too much about the words "indescribably filthy" coursing through the basement of that mind of yours, filled with who knows what monsters.

As for your pretended concern about the pogroms, the Holocaust, the post-war deaths, I suspect you secretly delight in the general mayhem and death of the others. Your words are devoid of any comprehension of human suffering and reveals your true psychopathology.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4209/29/2013


Can I stand in opposition to THIS woman and the Jihad tactics she represents without your ad hominem lies and smear tactics? After all...she's a white woman.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4309/30/2013

Most DL'ers belong to a Bananahamic religion.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4409/30/2013

Fuck the Muslims.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4509/30/2013

R44 etc., you really need to sit down and examine your racism. It's insane. Really. You still haven't answered the question originally asked of you - how come no-one noticed 2 billion Indians being slaughtered in a bloody holocaust, unless it DIDN'T HAPPEN.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4610/01/2013

OP, you've got it absolutely right.

That is if you have no sense of history.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4710/01/2013

[quote]If describing all the people on the Indian subcontinent as "indescribably filthy" isn't racist, then what is?

People who bathe in waters that are full of human excrement are filthy whether we say so or not.

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4810/01/2013

Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario, says...... "I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto .

I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.

That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to The mosque thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.

We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, "The Turban Cowboy,"and the other a topless bar called "You Mecca Me Hot." Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called " Iraq of Ribs."

Across the street there could be a lingerie store called " Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret," with sexy mannequins in the window modelling the goods. Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop , "Koranal Knowledge," its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called "Morehammered ."

All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others." Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on .

And if you are not laughing or smiling at this point... It is either past your bedtime, or it's midnight at the oasis and time to put your camel to bed!!!!

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 4903/28/2014

Not quite, OP.

The American view is:

Islam = barbaric and backward, OMG TOTAL EVIL

Jewish = the secular ones are OK, sort of, but the very religious ones are every bit as backward as the Muslims, minus the barbarism. This split is even more pronounced in Israel itself.

Christianity = CORRECT

Atheism = also OMG TOTAL EVIL

by Bah%E1'%ED bye!reply 5003/28/2014
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