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"The Long, Long Trailer" on TCM right now

Gotta love this movie. Lucy & Desi in Technicolor, 50's kitsch, Laguna (before it was over developed, and still beautiful), Yosemite, Desi's moobs, in the shower, directed by Vincente Minnelli

by Poor Gracereply 6004/02/2014

Sort of a LLTrailer parody that's been on DL about 100 times but is still funny:

by Poor Gracereply 109/28/2013

When she makes the salad in the moving trailer I cried laughing.

by Poor Gracereply 209/28/2013

Lucy stunning in her yellow Aunt Jemima chapeau.

by Poor Gracereply 309/28/2013

I really love this movie, it was probably the first Vincent Minnelli movie I ever saw, he was very versatile. This movie is sweet and the scenery is beautiful. Lucy and Ricky were awesome.

by Poor Gracereply 409/28/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Poor Gracereply 509/28/2013

R2 They used 4 cameras on Lucy, to get all angles, on the 'salad tossing' sequence, knowing they could only get that once. She's brilliant in it.

by Poor Gracereply 609/28/2013

did Bill Frawley ever go topless?

by Poor Gracereply 709/28/2013

Thank the maker she wasn't married to Gary Morton at the time or you know what would've happened.

by Poor Gracereply 809/28/2013

Love this movie! Also love 'Yours, Mine, and Ours'.

by Poor Gracereply 909/28/2013

Who Gives A Flying Fuck is on TCM this week. Set your DVR's!

by Poor Gracereply 1009/28/2013

Go pick at the scabs on your cock R10.

by Poor Gracereply 1109/28/2013

So do I, r9.

by Poor Gracereply 1209/28/2013

I also agree with R9. Two of my favorite movies - no matter how many times I've seen them, they never get old.

by Poor Gracereply 1309/28/2013

Watched it today, and loved it . However something stood out to me. There's a scene where they're driving in Yosemite, and they start to sing a song ' I'm Just Breezin Along With The Breeze'. Lucy's voice is awful - it was 20 years before "Mame", and someone should have got the memo - Lucy cannot sing !

by Poor Gracereply 1409/28/2013

Then this is the post for you, r14.

by Poor Gracereply 1509/28/2013

R15 Thank you - loved it. And frankly, it's not very far off.

by Poor Gracereply 1609/28/2013

[quote]I really love this movie, it was probably the first Vincent Minnelli movie I ever saw, he was very versatile.

Really? I always thought he was a bottom.

by Poor Gracereply 1709/28/2013

Vincente Minnelli really was a director all over the place - and I mean that in a good way. Starting off with "Cabin In The Sky", hitting technicolor heights with "Meet Me In St. Louis", drama with "The Clock", back to musicals- "Ziegfeld Follies", "Yolanda," "Till The Clouds", & "The Pirate", jumping into drama- "Madame Bovary", to comedy " Father Of The Bride" & it's sequel, the wondrous "American In Paris", drama again "Bad And The Beautiful", back to music with " The Bandwagon" , comedy with "Trailer", music,"Brigadoon", the dramatic"The Cobweb", music "Kismet", dramas,"Lust For Life"& ""Tea & Sympathy", comedy "The Designing Woman", music "Gigi", comedy "The Reluctant Debutante", dramas, "Some Came Running" & ""Home From The Hill", then into the 1960's with music "Bells Are Ringing", drama " Four Horseman" & ""Two weeks In Another Town", 2 more comedies "Courtship Of Eddies Father" & " Goodbye Charlie", 1 last drama, "The Sandpiper", and finishing with "On A Clear Day" ( won't mention "Matter Of Time"). He really could do it all, and do it well.

by Poor Gracereply 1810/05/2013

So true about Minnelli R18, he was really amazing. I remember Liza saying the same thing about his versatility.

[quote] The Bandwagon

There's a scene in The Long, Long Trailer where they are stopped at a light and behind them a theater is showing The Band Wagon.

by Poor Gracereply 1910/05/2013

Its an odd choice for Minnelli - out in the great outdoors, but he gets his traditional yellows all over the place. I had not seen this since I was a kid and it was a treat again now - the salad tossing scene is priceless, yes I am sure they could only do it once.

And that vision of '50s Eisenhower America is sheer bliss now - though I am sure it wasn't at the time ... if you were gay or anyway "different".

by Poor Gracereply 2010/05/2013

It's a charming movie, and utilized a lot of locations we Californians know. Of course, beautiful Yosemite. The beautiful trailer court, overlooking the ocean, was a real place, in Laguna, called Treasure Island Mobile Home Park. But in the late 90's, it was all sold, and now The Montage Hotel sits on where those trailers were ( and Marjorie Main), with an adjacent park. The scene where the pair pull off a big curved road, going downhill, is actually Palos Verdes Dr., in Palos Verdes, south of LA, near the ocean. The scenes where the couple are going up (and down) the very steep hill, with Lucy looking over the cliff constantly, is the Palm To Pines Hwy. (route 74) overlooking Palm Desert & Palm Springs. Almost 10 years later, that road would become familiar to anyone who saw " Its A Mad (x4) World", where the chase, at the start of the film, begins. The scenes where the couple visit Lucy's (or Tracy's) family, and Desi (or Nicky) , backs the trailer into Lucy's aunt's house , was on MGM's Lot # 3, where 10 years before, the studio had built what came to be known as St.Louis St. - built for "Meet Me In St.Louis", also directed by Vincente Minnelli.

by Poor Gracereply 2110/05/2013

I always wondered why they couldn't play the Ricardos in this film as the characters are obviously so closely based on them, with even their names very reminiscent reminders.

I guess it had to do with rights issues but didn't they own I Love Lucy?

I mean, I understand if they wanted to break away from those characters during their vacation hiatus but then again, it all is clearly based on Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

What was up with that?

by Poor Gracereply 2210/06/2013

At this point, Lucy actually looked younger and prettier in Technicolor than in B&W, which was not always the case with actresses of a certain age.

by Poor Gracereply 2310/06/2013

The film they did a couple years later, "Forever Darling", did not work nearly as well. None of the charm of LLT, and you could almost feel the 2 were fighting for real.....which , by this point, I guess they were. The facade was shattering.

by Poor Gracereply 2410/06/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Poor Gracereply 2510/06/2013

Did Madelyn and the 4 Bobs write this, too?

by Poor Gracereply 2610/06/2013

[quote]I guess it had to do with rights issues but didn't they own I Love Lucy?

They owned the physical films which gave them control over the re-distribution rights to "I Love Lucy." But the show was owned by CBS during its initial network run.

by Poor Gracereply 2710/06/2013

But one would think that CBS would be very happy for the publicity and exposure the film gave to the series, no?

by Poor Gracereply 2810/06/2013

It was the other way around, R28. CBS already had a huge hit with I Love Lucy and MGM got the benefit of having two hugely popular TV stars make a movie playing similar characters.

by Poor Gracereply 2910/06/2013

Wasn't this one of the first tests to see if the public would pay to see people they were seeing on the (fairly new) TV, for free ? I seem to remember reading that MGM execs. were very nervous till the box office tally began coming in, and the film was a hit. They really weren't sure.

by Poor Gracereply 3010/06/2013

It was a special triumph for both Lucy AND Desi to go back to MGM to make this film. It was the same studio that had not renewed either of their contracts not even ten years before. Desi was let go when the studio decided to promote Ricardo Montalban and Fernando Lamas over him as the "resident Latin lover" type. Desi had done some good work during the early 40's (such as his death scene in Bataan.) But he was the forgotten man after the war. Lucy had been in some great MGM films, including the Ziegfeld Follies, had been given the "full glamour treatment" and even showed a flair for comedy but the studio never knew exactly what to do with her and even with some roles in A pictures, never became a bankable A list star. So she was let go, seemingly "over the hill." So this return to the studio as the two BIGGEST stars in television was, I am sure, a big "fuck you" to the studio in some ways for them. And they had been friends with Vincente SINCE their Metro days, as well. They were also dear friends with Judy Garland and are both in the footage of the premiere of A Star is Born (released the same year as TLLT) rooting her on and saying how wonderful she was in it.

by Poor Gracereply 3110/06/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Poor Gracereply 3210/06/2013

I love the song "Forever Darling." Desi sings it in one of the ILL episodes, but it has been edited down to almost nothing in the shows we see now.

by Poor Gracereply 3310/06/2013

I recall Liza saying she loved watching this movie being made. She loved Lucy too.

by Poor Gracereply 3410/06/2013

It was Lucy's Act III that was problematic.

by Poor Gracereply 3510/07/2013

R31 You are almost right - it was RKO where Ball, and Arnaz, were under contract, and was the studio they would eventually buy. Lucy was at RKO for many years, before heading to MGM, in 1943, for "Dubarry Was A Lady", where they glammed her up, and first dyed her hair the bright red (for Technicolor) we'd all come to know her by. But the studio didn't really know how to utilize her, and her contract was not renewed 2 years later, and she left the studio to freelance. Arnaz made only 1 film for MGM, 1943's "Bataan", which he was very good in. Otherwise, almost all his films, pre-"Trailer", were for RKO - the studio they bought in 1957, and merged into Desilu Studios. Lucy would buy out Desi's share, in 1962, and 5 years later, would sell the studio to Paramount ( who's Hollywood lot was already adjacent to RKO/Desilu).

by Poor Gracereply 3610/07/2013

R36, both Lucy and Desi were under contract to MGM at the same time and that is what I was referring to. They are both in the famous MGM studio birthday portrait from 1943 and I doubt L.B. would have put them in it without them being under contract. She is in the front row and Desi is in the back. I know they both were at RKO before that. It was during the filming of the RKO film Too Many Girls where they met in 1940.

by Poor Gracereply 3710/07/2013

Desi was so funny in this. Too bad he didn't break away from Lucy and do more stuff.

I like how they named Lucy's character 'Taci'. Probably originally something like 'Daisy' but Desi couldn't pronounce that.

by Poor Gracereply 3810/07/2013

"Desi's moobs"

Desi shows his moobs in an episode of I Love Lucy. There is a scene where he is taking a shower. Quite risque for 1950s television.

by Poor Gracereply 3910/07/2013

To this day it shocks me that RKO or MGM did not insist on changing Desi Arnaz's name.

Of course, he had already starred on Broadway in Too Many Girls so perhaps they all felt by then that it was too late.

But IMHO Ricardo Montalban, Fernando Lamas and even Cesar Romero all had appropriately "Latin Lover" monikers. Not Desi.

by Poor Gracereply 4010/07/2013

I may be getting Too Many Girls confused with Best Foot Forward but didn't both Broadway shows have a few young stars who transferred to Hollywood with the film versions? June Allyson? Van Johnson? Ann Miller? Nancy Walker? Others?

Lucy, of course, was in both films though I don't think she starred in either Broadway show.

by Poor Gracereply 4110/07/2013

R37 Yes, Desi was signed to an MGM contract , in 1943, with Lucy's help. She asked Louis B. Mayer to give him a contract, while she was there too. BUT, the only movie he made there was "Baatan", that year. Soon after, Desi enlisted in the Air Force. He was discharged in late 1945. In 1946, he found they had no projects for him , and he decided to buy out his contract, and form his own band. So , as I said, his time at MGM consisted of just that 1 film - made at the same time the photo was taken. He made 4 at RKO, the studio he, and Lucy, were most associated with.

by Poor Gracereply 4210/07/2013

However, the point to be made is that Lucy and Desi, after essentially getting fired at MGM, returned triumphantly to the studio as huge (TV) stars.

by Poor Gracereply 4310/07/2013

Taci wasn't derived from Daisy. It was a nickname for Anastasia, the name of the aunt Taci was named after.

by Poor Gracereply 4410/07/2013

How about Lucy and Larry Lopez? Those names were available.

by Poor Gracereply 4510/07/2013

"He was versatile."

I'll say!!

by Poor Gracereply 4610/07/2013

The character names Taci and Nicky were chosen because they resembled closely Lucy and Ricky, without actually BEING those names. The audience was supposed to make the connection that the characters Lucy and Desi were playing were, essentially, still their TV counterparts or close to them.

Kind of a "duh," if you really think about it.

Also, the green dress with the big waist sash and all the ric rac (when is the last time you saw THAT old word?) that Lucy wears in the film is also seen (in glorious B/W) ON I Love Lucy in a few episodes, too, most memorably in the Hollywood episode where Hedda Hopper appears. It is the one where Lucy agrees to fall in the hotel pool and Ricky jumps in to save her, all for publicity's sake. Not sure if that was a Helen Rose creation from Metro or an Elois Jensen (or Edward Stevenson) creation from the show. Most likely Lucy kept her MGM clothes and carried them over to the show.

by Poor Gracereply 4710/07/2013

R43 I would say that r42's point is that the studio they worked most at, and they knew so well, was the one they bought. They never bought MGM. Yes, they returned there, as stars, but RKO is where they both got their start in film - that must have been fun to start there as no one, and buy the whole place.

by Poor Gracereply 4810/07/2013

Gee R47 it's a shame to ruin such a pretty dress especially since it lasted a few years after the film.

Yes, it was a Helen Rose design and probably would bring in a few buck today.

by Poor Gracereply 4910/07/2013

[quote]ric rac (when is the last time you saw THAT old word?)

Last time I saw it, it was spelled "rickrack."

by Poor Gracereply 5010/07/2013

I was at the wonderful Debbie Reynolds Auction, in Beverly Hills, in July,2011 and watched as someone put a winning bid on the copper color coat & dress (with polka dot scarf) Lucy wore in the film - in fact, in the scene where Desi backs the trailer into her Aunt's home. It sold for $16,000.

by Poor Gracereply 5110/07/2013

Mr. Hollywood, were Ethel Mertz's gay harlequin style hostess pants purchased at the Debbie Reynolds Auction?

by Poor Gracereply 5210/07/2013

R52 And did they have the discussed, but never seen Robert Taylor orange?

by Poor Gracereply 5310/07/2013

"And this is poor cousin Grace!"

by Poor Gracereply 5410/08/2013

I'm watching it now. Poor Grace! What the heck is wrong with her?

by Poor Gracereply 5504/02/2014

I think Grace is quite shy!

by Poor Gracereply 5604/02/2014

I would love to know what has become of the items purchased at the Debbie Reynolds auction.

by Poor Gracereply 5704/02/2014

I am astonished that so many posters enjoy this dreadful movie. "Tacy" acts like a childish idiot and "Nicky" is a spineless boob who always yields to her unreasonable behavior. All the alleged comedy comes from the wanton destruction of property and the constant piling on of ruinous, debt-fueled spending. Tacy's foolishness very nearly gets the couple killed at one point. I find this movie unpleasant and off-putting from start to finish.

by Poor Gracereply 5804/02/2014

R58=Mrs. Trumbull

by Poor Gracereply 5904/02/2014

I love this movie. It's like I Love Lucy in color, and outdoors. Such a 50's style time capsule. Only thing that would make it better would be Vivian Vance and William Frawley as Bethel and Ed Kurtz, a couple Tacy and Nicky keep running into - figuratively speaking - during their travels.

by Poor Gracereply 6004/02/2014
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