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Glenn, Viola, Mamie: all is forgiven!!!

I now hate Julia!!

by Mreply 603/13/2014

It's not like they were ever going to be great and lasting friends, anyway.

This movie sounds like such a downer in every way. It's going to gross $1.98.

by Mreply 109/27/2013

Do you forgive me?

by Mreply 209/28/2013

Thank you National Enquirer for giving away the ending. You could have given us a spoiler alert warning.

by Mreply 309/28/2013

Mamie can never be forgiven for subjecting us to EMILY OWENS MD

by Mreply 403/13/2014

Why did you bump a 6 month old thread that couldn't even make it to ten replies, r4?

by Mreply 503/13/2014

The article is BS anyway. If Meryl actually is angry with anyone, it should be the director and Weinstein, who would decide what the ending shot would be - not Roberts.

The ending didn't test well according to the article, so Wells and Weinstein wouldn't need Roberts advice to make that kind of change.

by Mreply 603/13/2014
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