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The only Henry Cavill thread you'll ever have to view

- Henry and Kaley Cokehead from the Big Bang Theory were set up. He's gay, she maybe gay. who cares? She has suddenly become engaged because she thinks there's more for her after the TV show. She's wrong.

- Henry is gay. He hooked up with Jake Gylenhaal a few years ago, and again with Stephen Dorff, when they were filming "The Immortals."

by Bazingareply 2010/01/2013

He was also "dating" Gina Carano, who is supposedly lesbian.

by Bazingareply 109/28/2013

"who is supposedly lesbian"

Mother, are you posting on DL now?

by Bazingareply 209/28/2013

So whose idea was it to go with the Cuoco bearding/hookup? Cavill, Cuoco or their agents and pr reps.

More importantly, whose idea was it to quickly abort it after it became clear what joke it was and how the public hadn't bought in. A smart idea.

by Bazingareply 309/28/2013

[quote]Henry is gay. He hooked up with Jake Gylenhaal a few years ago, and again with Stephen Dorff, when they were filming "The Immortals."

So you're basically just repeating the fiction by Keram?

And if you don't know that Cuoco is on drugs, but choose to call her that, you're a rancid cunt.

by Bazingareply 409/28/2013

BTW, not saying I don't think he's gay, but the JG/SD nonsense is total bullshit has become like DL's version of Gere-Gerbil.

Keram is a character, so why on earth would you treat his nonsense as fact?

by Bazingareply 509/28/2013

OMYGSH whoooooo cares?

by Bazingareply 609/28/2013

The only gif you'll ever have to view

by Bazingareply 709/30/2013


by Bazingareply 810/01/2013

Why'd you bump a thread you're bored of, you stupid twat?

by Bazingareply 910/01/2013

Oh dear.

by Bazingareply 1010/01/2013

Oh double dear.

Once a little fatboy, always a fatboy.

Bless. He really is only ever two workouts away from being a tub of lard...

by Bazingareply 1110/01/2013

who would not hook up with stephen dorff-- that guy is hung as a horse-- LOL

by Bazingareply 1210/01/2013

[R11] His chest looks great in that photo to me! Are we so anti-fat that we think everyone must be rail thin?? I don't like skinny boys any more than I like morbidly obese ones.

by Bazingareply 1310/01/2013

[R1] Sounds like Keram fanfic. If he hooked up with anyone on the Immortals set, it'd be Luke Evans considering the two Brits said they hung out a bunch together while filming. Dorff was probably busy plowing Kellan Lutz's beefy ass anyway.

[R11] That's a given though. The only people who don't have a problem with weight are those who have never had a problem with it - the naturally skinny builds who burn up everything they consume (eg. the Hemsworths, Pitt, etc.). If they stop working out they lose muscle mass overnight.

Cavill's like Channing Tatum, Russell Crowe, Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon, etc. - they have to keep the exercise up or the weight piles back on.

The fashion sense is a whole other story though. Get a haircut, get a darker shirt and shoes, and some tailoring for those sleeves and he'd look fine.

by Bazingareply 1410/01/2013


by Bazingareply 1510/01/2013

He is not my type, he looks like a woman in R10 link.

by Bazingareply 1610/01/2013

ATTENTION: This photo demands a caption! Thank you for your cooperation.

by Bazingareply 1710/01/2013

R17, that pic is confirmation that he likes the ladies. The sign he's about to give is for vagina.

by Bazingareply 1810/01/2013

No, r18, that's his way of saying his a catcher...

by Bazingareply 1910/01/2013

He's gorgeous, but even the most gorgeous have to work at it. If he let himself go, no one would be giving him a second look. He'd still be cute, but not what he is now. If you're given those good looks, you should do everything to preserve it.

He drinks excessively and smokes, so he's clearly an idiot in that respect.

by Bazingareply 2010/01/2013
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