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National Treasures

Who are they, and why.

by Pollyannareply 1009/27/2013

Ngawang Namgyal

by Pollyannareply 109/27/2013

Lauren Bacall Cecily Tyson

No explanation needed

by Pollyannareply 209/27/2013

The Kardashians.

by Pollyannareply 309/27/2013


Liza Minnelli

Mary Tyler Moore

Because they're iconic figures who have been part of the American culture for a lifetime. They're loved by millions. They've achieved an enormous amount of success. And they're extraordinarily talented.

by Pollyannareply 409/27/2013

Dolly Parton represents the best of the U.S.A. Open-hearted and not a trace of irony.

by Pollyannareply 509/27/2013

Kanye West.

by Pollyannareply 609/27/2013

The Dalai Lama

by Pollyannareply 709/27/2013

Carol Channing

by Pollyannareply 809/27/2013

Chita. Elaine S. Barbara C.

by Pollyannareply 909/27/2013

Pussy galore

by Pollyannareply 1009/27/2013
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