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Anyone seen " Prisoners" ?

Looks good, came in # 1 at box office - should I pay the $12, or wait for it on HBO ?

by On A budgetreply 805/14/2014

Honestly I would wait until it appears on cable. I saw it tonight. On the way home, I told my bf that I should have waited until it was in redbox.

by On A budgetreply 109/26/2013

I enjoyed it. Has kind of an indy movie feel to it. Jake and Jackman very well cast.

by On A budgetreply 209/26/2013

Jake was very good. Jackman as usual could have used restraint. Lots of twists, but there were a few obvious plot holes. Worth seeing.

by On A budgetreply 309/26/2013

Just watched it on HBO. Pretty good, but depressing as hell.

by On A budgetreply 405/14/2014

I loved this movie. So beautifully shot.

by On A budgetreply 505/14/2014

R3, what plot holes?

by On A budgetreply 605/14/2014

I haven't really watched many Gyllenhaal films. Has he always has that blinking tic?

by On A budgetreply 705/14/2014


by On A budgetreply 805/14/2014
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