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Poll: Tea Party Support Shrinks To 'Near-Record Low'

The number of Americans who identify as tea party supporters is at a near-record low, according to a new poll.

The Gallup Poll released on Thursday found that just 22 percent of Americans call themselves tea party supporters. Meanwhile, 27 percent identify as tea party opponents. A majority, 51 percent, said they did not have an opinion.

The finding is just one percentage point short of the survey's record low for the question. In 2011 21 percent of Americans identified as tea party supporters and 21 percent identified as opponents.

The poll's findings are also in contrast to late 2010 when, after Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, 32 percent said they supported the tea party. At the time 30 percent identified as opponents of the tea party and 38 percent said they did not have an opinion.

The poll's findings come as lawmakers try to overcome opposition from groups supported by the tea party on passing a continuing resolution bill to keep the government open.

The Gallup Poll was conducted from Sept. 5 to 8 among a random sample of 1,510 adults 18 years and older. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

by HAH!reply 1609/30/2013

Still, way too many tea baggers for my tastes. I want to see them lose control of many state legislatures during next year's election.

by HAH!reply 109/26/2013


by HAH!reply 209/26/2013

[quote]. A majority, 51 percent, said they did not have an opinion.

America, in a nutshell.

by HAH!reply 309/26/2013

I have absolutely no evidence to prove it, but my personal rule of thumb is that around 30% of the US population is conservative. This assumption comes from decades of reading poll results on various issues, and in almost all of them the most right-wing option is supported by between 25-35% of the respondents. I've never noticed the same consistency in moderate or liberal responses.

by HAH!reply 409/26/2013

Not just conservative, but CRAZY conservative. 30% believe Jesus is coming this year, 30% love Bush 100% of the time, 30% don't want evolution taught, et al.

by HAH!reply 509/26/2013

While this is encouraging, the sad reality is that 1/5 of the populace supports a group of insane sociopaths.

by HAH!reply 609/26/2013

Agree with R4. Its the 30% who backed W no matter what, the roughly 30% who think Palin will make a good president, the 30% who think Obama "probably" is from Kenya. The figure always hovers around 25-30% for all of these questions.

by HAH!reply 709/26/2013

It may be a near-record-low, but it's still far-too-high.

by HAH!reply 809/28/2013

And yet, these pricks could cause the US government to come to a screeching halt because a black man was elected President.

by HAH!reply 909/28/2013

[quote] And yet, these pricks could cause the US government to come to a screeching halt because a black man was elected President.

I hope they do. And I hope that every last repuke is sent packing in the next election because of it.

by HAH!reply 1009/30/2013


DEBT is what causes the government to shut down. Not everyone believesd governmetns should run ridiculously high debts.

Thta's like blaming Visa for your credit-card being maxxed out, and insulting anyone who doesn't increase the spending limit.

Gays are such sex-addicted freaks who want to prey on heterosexuals in schools, and everywhere elswe, that they've managed to label as bigots anyone who doesn't want faggots hitting on them. I could quote a thousand DL threads to show that this goes on quite a lot: "Ther's this HOT guy at work...I wish he'd take his SHOES off!" Straight men who behave like this are labeled perverts; not gays?

Straight women sure think straight men are sexual predators, to the point they get to presume guilt until innocence is proven, nad they need their own locker rooms, but straights should just ignore phrases like TOWEL-DANCING and strip bare in front of other men who are *hiding* their sexual desires, while exploiting them.

The reason the Tea Party rose to power is that this country should have gone bankrupt in 2009. The rich are now nothing but a bunch of welfare bums who will go broke again and again until this madness stops. We can't print monvey forever, and the tantrums from the know-it-all left who have all these great ideas, but are just unable to pay for them, says the shutdown is the lesser evil.

To quote Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people's money."

by HAH!reply 1109/30/2013

They are still pretty strong in Southern California.

SoCal LOVES Mitt Romney.

by HAH!reply 1209/30/2013

R11 please learn to spell.

by HAH!reply 1309/30/2013

R11 tries to apply microeconomic theory to macroeconomic concepts.

The wealth of nations is a completely different subset of economics.

The government can erase the debt instantly by increasing taxes.

R11 is trying to apply household economics to international economics, and looks like a fool for doing so.

by HAH!reply 1409/30/2013

The Tea Party is nothing more than the 1 percenters funding a mock rebellion, led by the not too bright masses

"Stupid White Americans". AKA Home Schoolers, Anti-gay nuts and religious cults. You will find them eating at Chick-Fil-A on their way to a Country Music concert.

Lets call it what it is.

by HAH!reply 1509/30/2013

If R11 is gay, he is one fucked-up homosexual male.

Of course, I would expect less nothing less than full-blown schizophrenia from a gay Tea Party supporter.

by HAH!reply 1609/30/2013
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