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Former President Bush (the elder) is witness at Maine same-sex wedding

Bar was there, too.

by Fizzy Plimptington Bush VIIreply 309/25/2013

Good news.

by Fizzy Plimptington Bush VIIreply 109/25/2013

"Bar was there, too."

If you include the lesbian couple, there were 4 bushes present.

by Fizzy Plimptington Bush VIIreply 209/25/2013

First of all, [R2], that was funny.

Secondly, I am very conflicted when I read things like this. Am I to believe that people like the Bushes have had some sort of 'conversion' since they left power? Or were they always pro-gay (if the gays in question are friends of theirs) and just used us a whipping post to shore up their support on the right? Of course, the far right never thought of GHWB as one of their own, it would've been more significant if W had been there.

And does this mean that Jeb isn't running in 2016? He would be faced with the inevitable question about same-sex marriage and if he came out against it, he would be asked about his parents attendance at a SSM ceremony (which he would probably deflect by saying something like 'You ought to know by now that NOBODY tells my mother what to do'). If he comes out in favor of SSM, he'd be abandoned by the far right, who already distrust him because of immigration reform.

So I think I'll just take the position that every crack in the foundation of Republican anti-gay hate is good and welcome George and Barbara's support and leave it at that.

by Fizzy Plimptington Bush VIIreply 309/25/2013
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