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Hayden Christensen Talks Big Return To Acting In Men's Fashion magazine

September 23, 2013

Fresh off the announcement of launching his first fashion line, Hayden Christensen fronts the Fall 2013 issue of Men's Fashion magazine.

While suited up for the Christopher Wahl-shot front page, the "Star Wars" hunk chats about his favorite hobbies and revealed details about his return to acting.

"I've always had a real interest in design, I have a passion for it," Mr. Christensen explained. "I've spent a lot of time designing pieces of furniture and plans for houses."

In regards to his future with Hollywood, Hayden said, "Now I've got that itch again. I want to have real control over my future. Sometimes, as an actor, you can feel a little bit like a prop."

"I'm trying to get involved with projects where I can contribute more than just my acting services," he added.

by R2-D2reply 2809/26/2013

Oh... well this is a little awkward...

by R2-D2reply 109/25/2013

I half expected a 'quiet coming out' ala Quinto, but no. Shades of Ian Thorpe in this one.

by R2-D2reply 209/25/2013

R2, are you saying his interview about his interest in fashion is meant to be a hint?

by R2-D2reply 309/25/2013

He's a voracious cocksucker.

by R2-D2reply 409/25/2013

He's still lovely.

by R2-D2reply 509/25/2013

A fashion line from the guy who made Darth Vader boring?


by R2-D2reply 609/25/2013

If he comes out, I won't change my mind.

by R2-D2reply 709/25/2013

I wonder whether he will be like Patrick Dempsey and become more attractive as he ages in his forties. If nothing else, he needs to find out who does Dempsey's hair - Hayden's hair always looks greasy and poorly styled.

by R2-D2reply 809/25/2013

I'm launching my first fashion line, and I've always had a real interest in design, I have a passion for it.

But I'm totally not gay.

Not at all. Nope.

by R2-D2reply 909/25/2013

[quote]"I'm trying to get involved with projects where I can contribute more than just my acting services," he added.

Well that could work out. To get involved in the projects, he'll probably have to contribute those other services.

by R2-D2reply 1009/25/2013

HC has painted himself into a corner, like a lot of other closeted actors. He seems to realize his shot at stardom has passed and would probably like to drop the charade.

But how can he come out now, without implicating his beards as liars, too? He could say he just suddenly turned gay, but that's not really a satisfactory explanation.

Penn Badgley planned to come out after Gossip Girl ended but his friend (and former beard) talked him out of it: Blake Lively was afraid he'd ruin her lucrative bearding career.

by R2-D2reply 1109/25/2013

Didn't know he was a smoker.

by R2-D2reply 1209/25/2013

R8, but Hayden is an attractive guy overall, though.

Yet he does seem to go through periods where he looks unhappy and kind of sloppy.

He cleans up when he has a photo shoot.

by R2-D2reply 1309/25/2013




by R2-D2reply 1409/25/2013

He didn't leave acting, acting left him.

by R2-D2reply 1509/25/2013

Isn't he still supposedly with Rachel Bilson?

Although they often look so unhappy and awkward together. I think you can see it in some of the photos at the link.

by R2-D2reply 1609/25/2013

no he's not

by R2-D2reply 1709/25/2013

Explain, R17.

by R2-D2reply 1809/25/2013

Oh hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo!

by R2-D2reply 1909/25/2013

I'm doing this rather than acting, which makes me feel like a prop, because having my picture taken while I wear fashionable clothes doesn't leave me feeling like a.... Oh. Never Mind.

by R2-D2reply 2009/25/2013

Wrong thread. My bad

by R2-D2reply 2109/25/2013

Hayden & Rachel, May 2013

by R2-D2reply 2209/25/2013

Cannes, France - May 2013

by R2-D2reply 2309/25/2013

He can dress quite well.

by R2-D2reply 2409/25/2013

Whether they are real or not, Hayden & Rachel still seem to be together after all these years. Don't know if they are just friends and hang out together for publicity, or whether they are actually a real couple.

by R2-D2reply 2509/25/2013

r23's pic does little to prove Hayden's heterosexuality.

Looks like he's saying "Gurlllll!"

by R2-D2reply 2609/25/2013

I posted the pics above, but I really have no idea what the deal is with Hayden anymore. I used to believe he was totally gay a decade ago, but he's done this thing with Rachel Bilson for so long that I'm not sure.

by R2-D2reply 2709/25/2013

Well, R27, Tom and Nicole were married 10 years.

This "romance" has been rocky and I'm not sure what Bilson is getting from it, other than HC picks up the bills. But then she "dated" Adam Brody, too. Is she a dyke?

by R2-D2reply 2809/26/2013
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