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So far, the new network shows SUCK !

Watched "Hostages", "Blacklist", "The Goldbergs", and "Trophy Wife" . PU !!!

by Every TV viewerreply 31110/19/2013

I saw both 'Dads', and 'Mom'.


by Every TV viewerreply 109/24/2013

Am I the only one who liked Lucky 7? It's not excellent television, but it seems interesting enough.

by Every TV viewerreply 209/24/2013

I was really disappointed with Hostages as I love Toni C but the show was so bad I didn't even make it to the half way mark. All the main characters seemed flat or flat out unlikeable. Too bad.

by Every TV viewerreply 309/24/2013

I could not get through 15 minutes of "TW" - bad writing, uninteresting plot focus, just a huge bore.

by Every TV viewerreply 409/24/2013

People still watch network television? What century is this??

by Every TV viewerreply 509/24/2013

R5, you beat me to it with your comment. Who actually looks forward to commercial television programs nowadays? What does that say about the viewer?

by Every TV viewerreply 609/24/2013

[quote]People still watch network television? What century is this??

Hipster douchebag, party of one!

by Every TV viewerreply 709/24/2013

Oh, I see another hipster douchebag has joined you, R5. Would you like a PBR or perhaps a Genessee that you can enjoy ironically?

by Every TV viewerreply 809/24/2013

Would you like a free dictionary to look up the true meaning of "ironic"?

by Every TV viewerreply 909/24/2013

r7/r8 thinks she's on a roll.

by Every TV viewerreply 1009/24/2013


Oh, dear.

by Every TV viewerreply 1109/24/2013

R5 isn't a hipster douchebag, he's an elderly asshole trying to look relevant.

by Every TV viewerreply 1209/24/2013

I only watch MSNBC at night. So I missed all the new shows. Damn.

by Every TV viewerreply 1309/24/2013


Spending your time with all computer windows open is better? Television is the original and best glass teat. Plus the content is better than ever before. Y'all are missing out. Computers destroy your mind and constitution and humanity. Watch some TV.

I don't really trust people who say they don't watch television, unless they are literally too busy to ever be home or Amish. (Even they are on TV.)

Reading and sex are very good reasons to be busy at home. Otherwise turn off the computer and learn how to relax. Learn how to watch TV. You know exactly what I am saying.

by Every TV viewerreply 1409/24/2013

Gee. I wonder who takes drugs around here?

by Every TV viewerreply 1509/24/2013

R5, I'm afraid R12 may be correct about that. It must have been the font that gave you away, or maybe R12 becomes psychic on drugs.

by Every TV viewerreply 1609/24/2013

Network tv is generally crap but one thing to bear in mind is that all tv pilots tend to be weak. If a show has any potential, it's worth sticking around for at least 1-2 more episodes to see if it improves. Of course, crap like "Dads" never should have been greenlighted & should be put out of its mercy ASAP.

by Every TV viewerreply 1709/24/2013

I can smell the fail tv execs in here from a mile away. Greenblatt, take your sorry ass elsewhere!

by Every TV viewerreply 1809/24/2013

I watch cable, not network, dumbasses.

by Every TV viewerreply 1909/24/2013

Mom was just awful from the first canned laugh.

by Every TV viewerreply 2009/24/2013

I definitely prefer cable TV to network but I liked The BlackList and Hostages. I TiVo'd Lucky 7 and will watch later.

I'm not into any sitcoms but I intend to try out Michael J Fox's and Robin William's shows just for the heck of it.

Shows I'm really into now are- Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and The Bridge.

by Every TV viewerreply 2109/24/2013

Well, the Goldbergs certainly did SUCK.

Didn't even crack a smile during it.

I imagine it will be one of the first shows canceled.

by Every TV viewerreply 2209/25/2013

When I hear canned laughter on TV sitcoms, I sit back with a beer on the couch and realize that all of those laughing voices were recorded in the 50s and 60s, recanned and reused, and they are all dead right now.

by Every TV viewerreply 2309/25/2013

I'm liking sleepy hollow and Brooklyn 99.

by Every TV viewerreply 2409/25/2013

The laughter is all in your head.

by Every TV viewerreply 2509/25/2013

The saddest thing to me is that these new crappy shows are the BEST available to networks. It's not like they see a good show and think, "hmmm, I think I'll pass on that one and go with an expensive flop instead."

The economic principle and power behind having a hit show is too strong for decision makers to be willing to jeopardize their own positions to go with too many bad shows.

by Every TV viewerreply 2609/25/2013

Lucky 7 will be the first show in serious danger of cancellation. You heard it here first.

by Every TV viewerreply 2709/25/2013

The crappy new shows are not the best available shows that get offered to the networks.

Most of the shows on HBO, AMC, etc. were offered to the the networks first and they passed on them for being to edgy and not potentially reaching a wide enough audience.

by Every TV viewerreply 2809/25/2013

I'm really sick of the sex jokes on shows like Mom and Dads. Enough already.

I haven't seen too many new shows but I kind of like Brooklyn 99.

by Every TV viewerreply 2909/25/2013

I thought SHIELD was at least decent. It still needs some time to really gel, but I enjoyed it. Plus, I'm a huge Clark Gregg fan.

Also, Brett Dalton is good eye-candy.

by Every TV viewerreply 3009/25/2013

The worst so far:

Dads - You can drive a truck through the pacing; it's as if the actors (all four of whom have turned up much better work in the past)are waiting for bigger laughs. Which is kind of ironic since the laughter is clearly track-enhanced. There are moments where very lousy writing ("there's more than one cushy spot in this couch") is followed by huge hooting and hollering that can only be explained by canned laughter that's attempting to make the show "feel" like "Married With Children" or "The Colbert Report"

The Goldbergs - Characters screaming all their lines to see if they sound funnier (they don't). The fact that it's the 80's is inconsequential and - aside from very forced, inorganic comments about the celebrity flavors of the times - they are not very loyal to the decade.

Trophy Wife - Fell asleep (no funny moments, more like a light soap).

Mom - Fell asleep (we get it, Mom's an irresponsible slut, but that can't be the whole sitcom, so get cracking)

by Every TV viewerreply 3109/25/2013

I do think that the Brooklyn cop comedy has potential

by Every TV viewerreply 3209/25/2013

Mom has potential. Anna Faris' character might be a little too unlikeable...and the bitchy teenage daughter routine has been done to death.

by Every TV viewerreply 3309/25/2013

I saw half of Moms and The Goldbergs only because I love the cast members. Excruciating. I love Wendy Mclendon but I agree everyone is over delivering and what they are delivering is crappy so it's sad. I caught Mindy Project afterwards and the difference in quality and acting was incredible. Actually laughed outloud which is something I can't say for any of the others.

by Every TV viewerreply 3409/25/2013


I saw Clark Gregg on TV yesterday.

I had no idea he's married to Jennifer Gray.

by Every TV viewerreply 3509/25/2013

Agreed with R5 and R6.

I watch loads of TV, almost none of it on major networks. I've reasonably aware of their programming, and have seen episodes of this and that series; it's not something I avoid on hipster principle,

Experience and the trend of years/decades suggests that enthusiasm for new series is far more likely to be found outside the major commercial networks. The big networks lost their way long ago, and hoping for NBC to hit up some magic formula of "must-see TV" isn't going to happen anytime soon. Good luck to them, but there are hundreds of channels and a few of them doing interesting things. It's easier than ever to see new series from other countries (without waiting for PBS to discover them or someone to package them as DVD sets). Netflix and Youtube and DirecTV and other non-network concerns are increasingly developing original programming, as are cable networks which in the past were only conduits for recycling old fare. There are channels devoted to short films and documentaries, educational programming that challenges PBS's one-time grip on that realm, and whole catalogues of stuff formerly out of circulation can be seen on demand.

The once big networks are the last place to look for "must-see TV".

by Every TV viewerreply 3609/25/2013

I posted in the other thread that Lucky 7 was actually entertaining and held my interest. But I cannot imagine that those two mediocre (at best) comedies as lead-ins will help it. I don't understand why ABC didn't put Marvels on at 9 as a lead to Lucky 7.

by Every TV viewerreply 3709/25/2013

Mom is probably already in danger as it did not premiere that well, especially with what CBS is used to with its comedies. Next week will be telling.

Hostages was VERY low. I was actually surprised given the endless promotion.

Anything pitted against The Voice is doomed. It premiered huge.

by Every TV viewerreply 3809/25/2013

I'm not a comic book geek at all but I liked the writing in Agents of Shield. I probably won't watch it though because it is populated with some extremely bland actors who will make up "the team" and therefore suck the energy out of the show with their bad acting. Clark Gregg, Ming Na, Ron Glass are fine though.

Watched the Goldbergs and it was a lot of yelling, ugh. Turned tv off about 10 minutes into Trophy Wife. Seriously, who greenlighted that? It's more obnoxious than yelling Goldbergs.

by Every TV viewerreply 3909/25/2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Agents of SHIELD are quite good. So far. I was especially surprised with the former but it makes for an enjoyable night of TV viewing paired with New Girl and The Mindy Project. Of course I didn't even bother watching Dads.

by Every TV viewerreply 4009/25/2013

Wasn't The Voice up against Dancing With The Stars? Which one won?

by Every TV viewerreply 4109/25/2013

What has anyone heard about Betrayl ?

It has hottie Stuart Townsand and the previews look interesting.

by Every TV viewerreply 4209/25/2013

"The Goldbergs - they are not very loyal to the decade."

Did you notice the Cadillac logo on the keychain? It was the new one, not the old one still used in the '80s.

by Every TV viewerreply 4309/25/2013

The Voice massacred any competition by a wide margin. Say what you will, but it appears Christina does bring in the viewers.

by Every TV viewerreply 4409/25/2013

Shield did extremely well as did The Goldbergs.

Lucky 7 bombed, but that is unfortunate because it was a solid pilot.

by Every TV viewerreply 4509/25/2013

I SO wanted to like the Goldberg's. Wendi McLendon was hysterical on Rules of Engagement and I hoped she would get a hit series of her own. This ain't it.

by Every TV viewerreply 4609/25/2013

[quote] Who actually looks forward to commercial television programs nowadays? What does that say about the viewer?

What's really sad is that the networks still don't get it.

Too many suits in the mix all trying to justify their worthless jobs.

by Every TV viewerreply 4709/25/2013

A lot of times when networks try going for more experimental programming it doesn't find an audience.

There have been plenty of sitcoms (Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Happy Endings, Don't Trust the B) that had a lot of talents and probably could have found a home on a cable network but were apparently too "niche" for a network audience.

by Every TV viewerreply 4809/25/2013

Too bad about Hostages. It's the only one I was really looking forward to and I love Dylan McDermott.

by Every TV viewerreply 4909/25/2013

That show with the fat brown-haired 40-ish couple is really lame. The incongruity between the awkward not-funny comedy script, and the usual canned-laughter track really jumped out. You know, like,

"(insert another long awkward fast-speaking joke here)"

(HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!, comes again the dull wave of studio laugh track)

by Every TV viewerreply 5009/25/2013

[quote]People still watch network television? What century is this??

Uh, just last night, about 60 million people watched network tv. Granted, I wasn't one of them (I was reading), but that's a crazy thing to say.

by Every TV viewerreply 5109/25/2013

Oh wait, I guess that's not a new show. It is called Mike and Molly.

I almost never watch TV, so what the heck do I know. Kind of surprised it was renewed though. What I viewed was LAME.

by Every TV viewerreply 5209/25/2013

The ones I've watched I like: Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I've steered away from most of the others, which don't interest me.

I'm looking forward to "Tomorrow People" and "Almost Human", but beyond that...

by Every TV viewerreply 5309/25/2013

I liked BLACKLIST a lot. Not HOSTAGES, though. Those are my only two news shows, so far.

by Every TV viewerreply 5409/25/2013

The morning DJ side-kick chick on the radio station that wakes me up in the morning was raving about Blacklist before I shut her babbling obnoxiousness off.

She was saying it was the best new TV show ever.

by Every TV viewerreply 5509/25/2013

I liked Blacklist a lot. But I don't think they'll be able to continue using all those special effects and stunts and location shooting -- that stuff is expensive.

by Every TV viewerreply 5609/25/2013

I wonder how many talented writers are not being used on today's sitcoms because they are , god forbid, over 30? You can flame me all you want but I swear Hot in Cleveland has funnier "old school" sitcom writing than 90 percent of the so-called comedies on the big 4 networks.

by Every TV viewerreply 5709/25/2013

Whenever I see a smarmy sitcom with lazy smutty "humor", I think back to those despicable no-talented douchebag writer characters in Lisa Kudrow's classic "The Comeback".

by Every TV viewerreply 5809/25/2013

To test network flavor I watched Dads. To sample cable fare I watched Tickle. I think cable must be overrated.

by Every TV viewerreply 5909/25/2013

I watched Sleepy Hollow based on reviews on DL and thought it was awful.

It will probably be a hit.

by Every TV viewerreply 6009/25/2013

R51, but how many of those were useless (i.e. not in the 18-49 range which is the one important to the advertisers) for network tv? Millions of them. And it's not we are talking about spring chickens here (49 years of age is not young)

by Every TV viewerreply 6109/25/2013

We all know people over 49 don't buy anything.

by Every TV viewerreply 6209/25/2013

People over 49 are very set in their ways.

Soda, toothpaste, laundry detergent. They have their favorite brand and they're not switching for anything.

by Every TV viewerreply 6309/25/2013

I watched "Blacklist" thinking it would be a bad rip-off of "Silence of the Lambs", and while it was reminiscent of that movie, it really only used one element of it to springboard another set up. And I actually liked the female lead a great deal, and was intrigued by what the story was with her husband. So, I'll be back.

"Mom" featured one of my favs in Anna Farris (and yet I don't know why I like her so much - I think I like her more as a person / character than I do for any particular role or movie) but it was what I expected - a boorish , raunch (not funny raunchy) 'comedy'.

I was expecting cheese on "Sleepy Hollow" - and while there was some of that - this "Supernatural" crossed with "The X-Files" actually has been the most overall enjoyable new show of the season.

"The Goldbergs" was flat, and I liked none of the characters.

I obviously am in the minority, but I enjoyed "The Trophy Wife". Maybe it was because it was immediately after "The Goldbergs" and you could only go up from there, but I actually laughed a couple of times. Like the actors and even though it was predictable and was nothing new, I thought it did a good job at being exactly what it was.

I have "Hostages" and "Shield" recorded for the weekend.

by Every TV viewerreply 6409/25/2013

It's not a matter if they buy stuff or not, it's that advertisers don't pay for the viewers over 49. They simply don't count for them. That's just how it is.

by Every TV viewerreply 6509/25/2013

But why do networks continue to interfere?

Every single Emmy awards is proof it's not working.

by Every TV viewerreply 6609/25/2013

The shorter seasons on cable means there's a lot less filler too. With 20+ episodes per season you're bound to run out of material fairly quickly.

by Every TV viewerreply 6709/25/2013

I recorded all the shows mentioned and haven't had a chance to look at them yet. I was going to on the weekend. I'll think I'm not going to bother. It sounds like they all suck. Oh well.

I still have SVU and Grey's left to record and then I do the Cold Case marathon on ION that's on Fridays 1pm - 3am. I love that show, especially the Lilly character. If I was a woman I'd want to look like her. Great eyes.

by Every TV viewerreply 6809/25/2013

That is a valid point R68 that is often overlooked. It is easier to produce stronger arcs and plot lines when you aren't forced to produce 22 episodes a season. I will give network televison that point, though it is hardly the only reason for the discrepancy.

by Every TV viewerreply 6909/25/2013

My post was obviously in reply to r62

by Every TV viewerreply 7009/25/2013

I just wait until I hear a show has "buzz" and then catch up online.

Better than wasting time on all these shitty shows.

by Every TV viewerreply 7109/25/2013

Because their goal is not to produce quality tv r67, but eyeballs. And they think a more niche/edgy show won't get them enough viewers, so they stuck with generic, run-of-the mill stuff. Obviously the big dip in the ratings in the last few years of broadcast tv vs the increase in viewers (especially 18-49) of cable tv will lead them to shake up things.

by Every TV viewerreply 7209/25/2013

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everyone here. I watched a little of Dads, a little of Mom...meh. I had high hopes for Hostages and Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow was the best of the bunch for me, but maybe because I have this Halloween tradition of going up there and roaming the graveyard plays into it. Once I actually got locked in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in my car on Halloween. I thought Hostages was like everyone says -- cardboard cutout characters and I had to turn away when Toni tried to cut her finger off. Too bad. If that's the best they got, I won't be watching. They're wasting her. So many good writers out there and we end up with this crap. But Dylan McDermott has never looked better.

by Every TV viewerreply 7309/25/2013

[quote] I just wait until I hear a show has "buzz" and then catch up

And this is something else relatively new to tv watching, and I do this too. Even if a new series is critically acclaimed I will sometimes hold off on getting involved until it is sure to be renewed and if the buzz stays good. A lot of the new drama series start off good but then don't know where to go after a couple of episodes. I am not wasting time on Hostages even though the pilot got good reviews, because I want to see what people are saying by the end of season one. Buzz even dropped a lot on Homeland during its second season to the point that I have yet to commit to start watchng it.

by Every TV viewerreply 7409/25/2013

It's not about network OR cable now. It's internet series. Orange Is The New Black is the best show this year. Haven't tried House of Cards yet but I hear it's great.

by Every TV viewerreply 7509/25/2013

Once you've watched Netflix or premium cable shows, I don't understand how you can go back to worlds where adults never swear or have sex and sitting through commercials. I'll make exceptions for Mad Men, which is the only appointment television for me at this point.

I love binge watching a series and being done with it in a week, like what I did with OITNB and Top of the Lake.

i'm amazed networks draw any viewers under age 60.

by Every TV viewerreply 7609/25/2013

[quote]Orange Is The New Black is the best show this year. Haven't tried House of Cards yet but I hear it's great.

House of Cards is much better than Orange.

They are both good though.

by Every TV viewerreply 7709/25/2013

Think everyone can afford what you can afford R77? Get into the real world.

by Every TV viewerreply 7809/25/2013

The sex and swearing parts are the parts I don't like, R77. Breaking Bad is the best show on tv and they don't show sex (though we know Wendy was giving everyone blow jobs) and they have only said fuck a few times and bleeped it out. I'm cool with that.

I'm not cool with watching the Lannisters have sex with each other when my family is in the room. I wish I could watch Game of Thones with everyone in the family, but I can't. Now if they offered a version without the sex and explucit verbal references to sucking cock, eating pussy and fucking, I'd be cool with that.

IRL, people don't talk like that except lowlives and I don't look in people's windows because I don't want to see them having sex.

I think Breaking Bad would really suffer from sex scenes and constant potty mouth. It wouldn't be a dramedy I could take seriously. I don't need to hear Tuco or Mike say fucking motherfucker or see naked Brian Cranston and Anna Gunn.

by Every TV viewerreply 7909/25/2013

R54 I agree, Dylan has never looked better, at 50 +. He , like John Stamos, are the great hope of those of us just turning 50, that there is hope.

by Every TV viewerreply 8009/25/2013

I often wonder if guys like Dylan and Stamos actually go to any lengths to look good or "younger", or if it's simply luck/genetics.

by Every TV viewerreply 8109/25/2013

I can't wait to see the crapfest that Sean Saves the World is going to be.

by Every TV viewerreply 8209/25/2013

[quote]Nobody with talent writes for network TV anymore. It's been a hotbed of creative interference since day one, and it has gotten worse and worse each decade.

Network is where the money is. Anyone would choose network over cable, even pay cable, but you're right, that if "talented' writers can't get their shows on network, they go to cable.

by Every TV viewerreply 8309/25/2013

The Trophy Wife has potential.

by Every TV viewerreply 8409/25/2013

I understand what you're saying R80, but only because I recognize I am a prude. It's more telling that you're okay with the hyper violence of Game of Thrones than with the sex stuff. I can't watch violent tv shows or movies. It's too gruesome.

I guess it's nothing new to note that Americans are okay with gruesome violence and not with sex.

by Every TV viewerreply 8509/25/2013

R84 - Network is dying.

by Every TV viewerreply 8609/25/2013

I feel so burned by the downward slide and horrible finale of Dexter. I put 8 years into it. I dropped True Blood this season because it went into the shitter. Now I have to decide if I should give Homeland another chance this Sunday.

It was going off the rails last season with various ludicrous story lines: Carrie in love with terrorist/murderer Brody, Dana the horrid daughter killing a woman, Brody killing the VP, etc. I'll probably end up hate-watching the whole series.

by Every TV viewerreply 8709/25/2013

I don't find Game of Theones to be hyperviolent. If you think that's what it really looks like when someone slits a throat, you've got another thing coming. That was tame as hell compared to real life.

In real life, heads are pulled back, a huge gap is exposed. The person coughs and suffocates on their own blood -- you see bubbles, you hear gurgling, a horrible scream is cut off as the blood gushes out of the throat, into the nose, into the trachea and lung. The body spasmodically attempts to get air into the lung and there is writhing for several minutes until death.

A nice pretty line of red with some symmetrical dripping and viewers went berserk over the "graphic" totally silent throat slashing and boom, it was over.

You wish that would happen if someone slit your throat.

by Every TV viewerreply 8809/25/2013

Blacklist was decent TV, at least the pilot was okay. We shall see.

by Every TV viewerreply 8909/25/2013

So far the pilots have been good to decent on the whole.

Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield were all good/completely watchable.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is cute and Trophy Wife has potential.

The Goldbergs sucked, as did Hostages. Dads is pure trash.

Lucky 7 could have been one of those interesting flops that had a cult audience, but in truth it wasn't very good.

by Every TV viewerreply 9009/25/2013

I had no idea "Crazy Ones" is just a half-hour show. I thought it was going to be one of those hour-long comedy/drama type shows. Knowing it's only 30 minutes actually makes me a lot less hesitant to check it out.

[quote]There have been plenty of sitcoms (Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Happy Endings, Don't Trust the B) that had a lot of talents and probably could have found a home on a cable network but were apparently too "niche" for a network audience.

I never understood why ABC moved "Happy Endings" from behind "Modern Family" on Wednesdays where it was getting decent ratings and considered somewhat of a sleeper hit for the network. But instead of leaving it there and nurturing it, what did they do? Moved it, drove it into a ditch, and then canceled it. Makes no sense.

by Every TV viewerreply 9109/25/2013

So what's with the CW? This is premiere week, yet all their shows are still reruns.

by Every TV viewerreply 9209/25/2013

And that's the crap you'll be served on Me-TV in 40 years, along with commercials touting life insurance and the latest Consumer Cellular flip phone.

by Every TV viewerreply 9309/25/2013

"The Carrie Diaries" new season starts Oct. 25th.

by Every TV viewerreply 9409/25/2013

Those 2 Netflix shows were the debut shows and great care was taken with them at every step.

Sooner than we think, they will be issuing procedural crap like NCIS or CSI, because not every show can be a masterpiece.

by Every TV viewerreply 9509/25/2013

r92, I'm also surprised re: The Crazy Ones. I thought this would be an hour-long quirky comedy a la Ally McBeal. David Kelley is writing it, yes?

by Every TV viewerreply 9609/26/2013

It's not easy working for cable networks. Just ask Frank Darabont.

by Every TV viewerreply 9709/26/2013

Any word on Betrayal ?

I'm looking forward to that.

by Every TV viewerreply 9809/26/2013

Those of you who think Network TV is dead and who watches network anymore are thinking only within their own insular world.

To this day, the percentage of people/households in the U.S. that use home computers does not surpass 75% for the most part. And of that, the number who use them for digging up TV shows - let alone actually hook them up with their plasma TV's etc. - is even less.

Stop thinking everyone in the U.S. owns a loft apartment with all the electronic amenities available to mankind.

There's a reason country music and rap are so "popular" - they're the folks who don't have systems at home and don't "download" stuff, so they actually have to go to stores and buy CD's and DVD's. Network TV isstill the closest thing to American viewership across the board, and will continue being so, until TV's bring you the internet directly, or until you can get internet on cell phones without having to pay an extra charge.

by Every TV viewerreply 9909/26/2013

Some supporting data

by Every TV viewerreply 10009/26/2013

So what's the word on -every once in a while magic happens - The Crazy Ones? For some reason I am hoping it doesn't get picked up due to the ridiculously unfunny promotion over the summer.

by Every TV viewerreply 10109/26/2013

So is Brooklyn 99 the only show with a gay character? That's shameful. I miss Happy Endings.

by Every TV viewerreply 10209/26/2013

I doubt Betrayal will gain any traction whatsoever if Revenge is on par with its low ratings from last season.

by Every TV viewerreply 10309/26/2013

Has Malin Ackerman happened yet?

by Every TV viewerreply 10409/26/2013

I like "Sleepy Hollow." It's not brilliant, but it is genuine fun.

I wouldn't mind Malin Ackerman happening in my pants.

by Every TV viewerreply 10509/26/2013

Malin's cute in TTW.

by Every TV viewerreply 10609/26/2013

r5 Network TV still gets higher ratings(significantly) than cable and premium TV. Just because it is less prestigious doesn't mean it isn't popular.

by Every TV viewerreply 10709/26/2013

R103, Not a new show, but Nashville has introduced a new character who will have a major gay plotline this season. (To be fair he entered the show at the end of last season, but his story is going to be explored this season.)

by Every TV viewerreply 10809/26/2013

I taped both because I'm watching Project Runway, but did anybody watch Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams? How were they?

by Every TV viewerreply 10909/26/2013

I liked Michael J Fox. It's pretty meta, which I enjoy. I didn't think it was super funny, but it's sweet and easy to watch.

Watching The Crazy Ones now. It's only ok.

by Every TV viewerreply 11009/26/2013


Pleas explain meta in your own words. I know what it means, but I don't understand its' use.

by Every TV viewerreply 11109/26/2013

I did an On Demand marathon of all the new comedies that have debuted so far. Mom made me uncomfortable. Nothing funny about addiction. I like Janey but not enough to watch this. I laughed out loud a few times at The Goldbergs. Mostly when Garlin called the son a moron. Wendi McLendon-Covey is so funny. She pretty much carries this show. If it stays on the air I will probably watch it just for her. Also, the middle son has a certain weirdness about him that I find mesmerizing. Dads will be gone soon but I prefer it to The Trophy Wife and Welcome to the Family although Malin Akerman didn't annoy me as much as I thought she would. The Crazy Ones was meh. Williams is trying but it just isn't funny. I watched the first two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I realize I don't like Andy Samberg and the Braugher character is just too dour for a comedy. Same with The Mindy Project. She's too grating. I won't be back. Still have to watch Michael J. Fox, We Are Men and The Millers. I can't stand HIMYM and Two Broke Girls though I gave them both a watch. Again, I won't be back. Two and a Half Men added two new characters. An Asian assistant for Alan who I thought was appealing and Charlie's long lost daughter. I fell asleep half-way thru. Oh, well.

by Every TV viewerreply 11209/26/2013

r64 That is what advertisers say. But if advertisers bothered to try to sell stuff to those over 50 they could make the money. The truth is that they are engaging in circular logic and confirmation bias. They like many people are just indifferent or averse to older people-- so they look for reasons to not to cater to them.

by Every TV viewerreply 11309/26/2013

Let's face it the networks are clueless in figuring out how to do quality programming. Of course, as with any rule there are some exception

by Every TV viewerreply 11409/26/2013

I like The Blacklist. Sleepy Hollow is a bit silly but fun. Masters of Sex is so so, but I'm interested in the subject so I'll keep watching. For now I'm not interested in anything else.

by Every TV viewerreply 11509/26/2013

I haven't watched much, just SHIELD and The Goldbergs. I wasn't blown away by either. But then, I've not been overly impressed with returning shows either.

by Every TV viewerreply 11609/26/2013

I actually liked Lucky 7, and I am usually very hard to please.

by Every TV viewerreply 11709/26/2013

So Masters of Sex is already on? The review I read in USA Today this afternoon said it starts this Sunday night. Anyway, I think I'll give it a shot.

by Every TV viewerreply 11809/26/2013

[quote]I guess it's nothing new to note that Americans are okay with gruesome violence and not with sex.

I'm the exact opposite. I quit Boardwalk and GOT over the violence. I quit Luck because of the mistreatment of the horses.

by Every TV viewerreply 11909/26/2013

I hated Agents of Shield, btw. I won't give it another chance.

by Every TV viewerreply 12009/26/2013

I watched Hostages tonight and actually enjoyed. It was my first foray into a network drama in a very long time. I love Toni Colette and I was interested to see what she would bring to a television drama. And yes Dylan McDermott is fine as hell and lives in my neighborhood. And yes I have seen him walking in athletic shorts no underwear.

I'm glad to hear r107 that Baby Girl might have a hit on her hands. I wonder if she too will get a People's Choice award like Valerie Cherish or any "I'm It, I'm Shit," hate mail.

I am mostly a cable kind of guy. But I genuinely miss Happy Endings. And I can't wait for the surprise, back-from-the-dead, new season of Eastbound and Down. " t makes me wet, in my pussy"

by Every TV viewerreply 12109/26/2013

The Micheal J Fox show was almost good! They treat his illness really well and make it funny, but it's a little too precious in some places. Worth watching for a little bit.

Meanwhile, did Amy P decide to stop making any effort on Parks and Rec? It was BAD!

by Every TV viewerreply 12209/26/2013

SVU last night was HORRIBLE.

by Every TV viewerreply 12309/26/2013

Any thoughts on the Modern Family and Big Bang premieres?

by Every TV viewerreply 12409/26/2013

We watched the first episode of Modern Family. Curiously unfunny. Lily had the only funny line -- Jay said, attempting to reassure Gloria that Manny will return safely, "No one leaves home and never comes back!" To which Lily replied, "I did."

And did they really have to have the baby vomit every time they mentioned same sex marriage? I mean, wtf?

by Every TV viewerreply 12509/26/2013

Good summary of the MJF show. I actually liked it as well.

by Every TV viewerreply 12609/26/2013

I hope The Millers is good.

I adore Margo Martingale. She can also play sinister (Justified)

by Every TV viewerreply 12709/26/2013

Watched The Big Bang Theory tonight and while it is old as the hills, it certainly has jumped the shark. I was so sad to see such a shitty double episode.

by Every TV viewerreply 12809/26/2013

[quote]But if advertisers bothered to try to sell stuff to those over 50 they could make the money.

No, they couldn't. Old people don't change, they just get bitchier. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact.

by Every TV viewerreply 12909/26/2013

The Millers is the only preview that looked half-way funny.

I have resorted to Will & Grace reruns. That's a great show, at least the first few season. i know we have our detractors here but it fired on all cylinders, writing, acting. It was just really funny. Modern Family can't hold a candle to it.

by Every TV viewerreply 13009/27/2013

I liked The Goldbergs, I actually laughed a few times but I am a sucker for 80's stuff

I also liked Lucky 7 but am hesitant to get involved in it because it will probably be canceled

by Every TV viewerreply 13109/27/2013

So many parental issues this time around! (Dads, Mom, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Back In The Game, The Crazy Ones).

No comments on Back In The Game yet so I'll throw in one - it's just as bad as the show it's carbon copying, the Christian Bitches one (rail-thin blonde with model looks but a newly formed rebellious streak in her blood comes back home after a messy end to her marriage to feud with a red-headed parent with whom she wants nothing in common, and to face adversity in her new, close-minded community - hilarity ensues).

The formula did not work before, and it won't work this time either, both times for the same reason - the weak lead actresses paired with older established names engaged in taking stereotypes for an unfunny, weakly-scripted ride(though I have to say I enjoyed Annie Potts a bit more than I did the unbearable James Caan).

by Every TV viewerreply 13209/27/2013

I was actually expecting a little more depth from The Goldbergs, but it's basically just a generic family sitcom which happens to be set in the 80s.

Hostages and Lucky 7 seem to be the lowest-rated premieres thus far.

by Every TV viewerreply 13309/27/2013

[quote]Let's face it the networks are clueless in figuring out how to do quality programming.

R115, they don't want quality programming, they want whatever will get eyeballs. If that means a British crypto fag making little girls cry because they can't sing, then fine. For all the media hype, shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad aren't getting the kind of mega numbers the big three networks want.

by Every TV viewerreply 13409/27/2013

MICHAEL J FOX SHOW. soooooo. Not funny

by Every TV viewerreply 13509/27/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Every TV viewerreply 13609/27/2013

Agree that the MJF show was wildly unfunny. It should have been a black-ish comedy with dark implications of his disease. Instead, it's a warm-your-heart, gooey thing.

by Every TV viewerreply 13709/27/2013

[quote] Old people don't change, they just get bitchier.

Can you blame them?

First they bought their favorite music on 45s and record albums. Then they bought all their favorites again on 8 track. Then cassettes. Then CDs. Now it's MP3s. They've had it.

Same with movies and tv. First a VCR and everything on videocassettes. Then a DVD player. Then Tivo. Then a Blu Ray.

They had free tv with commercials. Then they got pay tv with commercials. Then they paid for Netflix. Then Amazon Prime. Then Hulu Plus, which they pay for and it still plays commercials.

They're not bothering anymore.

by Every TV viewerreply 13809/27/2013

R2, I eagerly await episode 2 of Lucky 7.

by Every TV viewerreply 13909/27/2013

Yeah, r137 - because every household in America and the world has internet.

by Every TV viewerreply 14009/27/2013

I like Sleepy Hollow and the MJF show wasn't terrible. I liked the first ep of Brooklyn 9-9 but Samberg's act is already grating on me. I will probably not watch it again.

by Every TV viewerreply 14109/27/2013

"The Crazy Ones" did very well. It beat the MJF Show handily.

by Every TV viewerreply 14209/27/2013

The second Bklyn 99 was good too. The girl who plays the admin asst is a hoot, and has a very peculiar comedic style all her own.

by Every TV viewerreply 14309/27/2013

No, r12 , he's a hipster twenty/thirty-something douche bag - it's whole generation of morons raised by video rather than parents.

by Every TV viewerreply 14409/27/2013

I liked Sleepy Hollow and thought SHIELD was a total waste of an hour. SHEILD, to me, has absolutely no potential based on the pilot so I'm going to go invest 2-3 more hours to see if it's "worth it" upon the advice of the tv execs who post on this board.

by Every TV viewerreply 14509/27/2013

r114, it doesn't matter. The reality is that advertisers don't pay for the over 49, hence they are meaningless numbers. Right or wrong, this is how the business works. If someone over 49 wants to feel counted, they either should watch premium cable or Netflix.

r135, Breaking Bad is getting higher ratings than most broadcast tv shows. Its 18-49 were huge. The Walking Dead had higher ratings than almost every broadcast tv shows barring some reality shows.

Games of Thrones and True Blood had high 18-49 despite being available only in roughly 30 million households (compared to 115 of broadcast tv).

Last year Sons of Anarchy was able to have similar ratings to NCIS:LA which aired the same day.

Only few broadcast tv shows get more than 3.0 18-49 and most of them are comedies. Dramas and ratings for it thrive on cable.

by Every TV viewerreply 14609/27/2013

MJF show wasn't just unfunny, it was an effin bore.

Mom was typical Chuck Lorre, crass and low-brow.

Hostages was a huge disappointment.

by Every TV viewerreply 14709/27/2013

We managed to sit through about 15 minutes of MJF show. It was terrible.

I recorded Sleepy Hollow and watched it late the other night. Is might have a shot.

by Every TV viewerreply 14809/27/2013

Sleepy Hollow has lots and lots of organically garnered Internet buzz right now and is shaping up to be an early cult hit, which is always a good thing - it kept Gossip Girl and Fringe lumbering along for years almost single-handedly, for example. There really isn't anything else like it on TV right now, even though parts of it remind me of Supernatural because they both deal with the Biblical apocalypse, but it's slicker than Supernatural and much more diverse and current, so basically I think it's got a chance, too.

by Every TV viewerreply 14909/27/2013

Yep, Supernatural is for hicks, not hard to top that one.

by Every TV viewerreply 15009/27/2013

Michael J Fox is the new Jerry Jewell. It wasn't funny then or now.

by Every TV viewerreply 15109/27/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Every TV viewerreply 15209/27/2013

That's not true R153. Very few people, under 30 or otherwise, DON'T own a television.

For those of you proclaiming you don't get cable and only watch Hulu, etc, how do watch sports? It's not like you can get the Giants game or a Nets game online.

by Every TV viewerreply 15309/27/2013

If only people under 30 mattered as much as they like to think that they do.

by Every TV viewerreply 15409/27/2013

[quote] Very few people, under 30 or otherwise, DON'T own a television

I watch on my toaster oven!

by Every TV viewerreply 15509/27/2013

Just watched MJF. Didn't hate it but didn't think it was great either.

For one thing, I got so sick of everyone telling him how much they respect and admire him -- okay, okay, we get it, enough already. Second, it's as if the show was created primarily as a primetime commercial for the "Today" show (which can definitely use the help these days). And lastly, I think it's trying to be Modern Family with the whole talking-into-the-camera thing -- and yes, I realize Modern Family didn't invent that gimmick but I still can't help but suspect it was the inspiration for the MJF show's use of it.

Anyway, not saying I won't watch again but it's by no means on my must-see list either. Just one of those catch-it-whenever-you-catch-it type shows.

by Every TV viewerreply 15609/27/2013

I gagged at SHIELDS.

by Every TV viewerreply 15709/27/2013

An old friend from high school has a recurring role on HOSTAGES and a former student of mine is a regular on THE CRAZY ONES, so at least I have. Novel reason to watch them.

by Every TV viewerreply 15809/27/2013

I used to like "Bones" for the sheer ridiculousness of it (mostly the bizarre and not always accurate science) but wasn't sure about returning to it after last season. A crazed technical wiz controlling Booth and forcing him NOT to marry Brennan? I guess this will he all-encompassing arc this season until it plays out at the finale. In the meantime however, there will be no work to actually catch Pelant, the said crazes tech genius.

Also speaking of returning shows, how many times can the police offices in Hawaii be broken into, blown up, etc before they improve security? Talk about eye-rolling moments, "Hawaii 5-O" is full of them. But thank goodness for Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (barely).

by Every TV viewerreply 15909/27/2013

[quote]typical Chuck Lorre, crass and low-brow.

Just because his biggest hit - 2.5 Men - is crass (though I wouldn't necessarily call it low brow), doesn't mean all of them are.

The writers of The Big Bang Theory, Cybill, and Dharma & Greg - regardless of the perceived quality of their product - would have a bone to pick with you.

Grace Under Fire, however...

by Every TV viewerreply 16009/28/2013

Was just reading comments posted to The Hollywood Reporter about The Michael J. Fox Show and some were complaining -- because of one Chick-Fil-A joke -- that MJFS is "going to be a liberal forum disguised as a family show" and how they had "gathered the family" to watch until a character made a comment about making love and how aghast they were because their 15-year-old was watching.


by Every TV viewerreply 16109/28/2013

Love Dads and the Goldbergs.

by Every TV viewerreply 16209/28/2013

"Meanwhile, did Amy P decide to stop making any effort on Parks and Rec? It was BAD!"

I thought it was a pretty funny premiere. Jerry's face re: breast-feeding gave me the best laugh of any show so far this season.

by Every TV viewerreply 16309/28/2013

Just watched The Blacklist. Good show, will look in on it again next week.

by Every TV viewerreply 16409/28/2013

Agents of S.H.I.T.

by Every TV viewerreply 16509/29/2013

I watched my DVR of Lucky 7. Liked it a lot. Will watch again.

by Every TV viewerreply 16609/29/2013

Lucky 7 was good, but based on the premiere ratings, sadly it won't last.

by Every TV viewerreply 16709/29/2013

[quote]Most people under 30 don't even own a television.

/points and laughs

by Every TV viewerreply 16809/30/2013

I liked Black List. They shot a LOT in DC which is hard to do and paid off.

by Every TV viewerreply 16909/30/2013

Saw We Are Men yesterday. That was painful.

by Every TV viewerreply 17010/01/2013

Is Cleveland coming back to Family Guy? I HAVE TO KNOW!

by Every TV viewerreply 17110/01/2013

They did for the pilot but that's it. It's entirely shot in and around NYC now.

The reviews for Sean Saves The World are in and they're pretty bad. The dialogue in it sounds embarrassing. Jokes about Megan Hilty's big tits, for starters.

by Every TV viewerreply 17210/01/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Every TV viewerreply 17310/01/2013

I kinda liked Hostage and Lucky 7.

The new comedies not so much.

What I'm curious about with Hostage is are the killers just going to live with that family for the entire season? I mean once she does what they want or doesn't, show over.

I think the main killer is going to end up with pregnant daughter. They seemed to have a moment.

by Every TV viewerreply 17410/01/2013

Tonight I'm going to watch Lucky 7 again. I love Matt Long.

I watched The Blacklist last night. I figured out the "twist" about two beats before it was revealed, but it was more of a "No, they couldn't." Except then they did. This is my only Must See new show.

by Every TV viewerreply 17510/01/2013

Lucky 7 was good again last night but I won't get too invested. Already talk of early cancellation.

Also sampled the ABC comedies - Goldbergs does have some funny moments. Trophy Wife is very awkward.

by Every TV viewerreply 17610/02/2013

R174=Polly Holliday

by Every TV viewerreply 17710/02/2013

R162, you just know those families gathering around the tv set cumulatively weigh about 1,000 pounds.

by Every TV viewerreply 17810/02/2013

Holy. Marvels dropped like a stone last night.

by Every TV viewerreply 17910/02/2013

WW for r166

by Every TV viewerreply 18010/02/2013

I've watched 2 episodes of "Mom" and I can't figure out how they got Allison Janney and Anna Farris to sign up for this crap. I didn't even crack a smile once.

by Every TV viewerreply 18110/02/2013

Lucky 7 will be pulled first and probably before next week.

by Every TV viewerreply 18210/02/2013

Blacklist's second episode was possibly better than the first. That's a huge accomplishment. I'm really into the show.

by Every TV viewerreply 18310/02/2013

Lucky 7 is the best of all the new ones. It's a shame that quality gets yanked first.

by Every TV viewerreply 18410/02/2013

I watched Dads and Brooklyn 99 last night and both made me laugh out loud. I hated B99 the night it premirere.

Too early to judge Betrayal until it gets further in. I do like Blacklist but may stay away from Hostages.

Have not watched AoS.

by Every TV viewerreply 18510/02/2013

Tonight is the premiere of "Ironside". I cannot imagine why someone thought it was a good idea to reboot a series from the '60s that wasn't even that good or memorable to begin with.

Will Cynthia Nixon be watching?

by Every TV viewerreply 18610/02/2013

ABC's scheduling is horrible. Putting Lucky 7 in that timeslot after two mediocre comedies was asinine.

by Every TV viewerreply 18710/02/2013

Lucky 7 is pretty good, but the only likeable character is the black guy who got hit during the "robbery". That is one nasty looking woman trying to seduce her husband who got the text message from somebody else.

by Every TV viewerreply 18810/02/2013

[quote]the black guy who got hit during the "robbery".


by Every TV viewerreply 18910/02/2013


Off camera she's pretty. She and the cute dude were on The View this week.

She was dressed very well with beautiful hair as opposed to the permed mess from the show.

It also surprised me she's from England with a Beautiful accent. She does a great Queens accent.

I hope the network moves Lucky 7 to another time slot because I really like it.

by Every TV viewerreply 19010/02/2013

Lucky 7's rating was downgraded today to a...wait for it... 0.7.

by Every TV viewerreply 19110/02/2013

Super Fun Night might have actually been fun if Rebel Wilson hadn't packed on a hundred pounds since Pitch Perfect. She is just gross.

by Every TV viewerreply 19210/02/2013

Super Fun Night has potential. And the British guy is cute.

by Every TV viewerreply 19310/02/2013

Yikes...I kinda love the Blacklist.

by Every TV viewerreply 19410/02/2013

The Michael J Fox Show has now been moved to Thursday night.

by Every TV viewerreply 19510/02/2013

DADS is not funny. The jokes all fall flat. The cast is wasted.

THE CRAZY ONES is a mess. I expected more from David E. Kelley. They're trying hard to give Robin Williams 'wacky' dialogue and its so forced. The premise is good, so maybe it will improve.

I saw ep 2 of Brooklyn 99 and it was better than I expected. Not especially funny, but a lot less silly than I'd imagined.

MOM is sad because Anna Faris and Allison Janney deserve SO MUCH BETTER.

by Every TV viewerreply 19610/02/2013

Best of the new comedy litter: Brooklyn 99.

Most chances will be given to: The Goldbergs

Best potential: Fun Night Out, if they focus on Rebel Wilson's unique talents and lay off her nemesis, a mediocre actress/pyrotechnic singer (with an annoying helium voice), directed to follow an old tired power/vixen formula - too similar to the evil cunt in "Pitch Perfect."

Absolute worst: Dads

Best comeback: MJ Fox, but it won't last

Worst comeback: Robin Williams

by Every TV viewerreply 19710/03/2013

Watching Michael J. Fox struggle with the effects of Parkinsons made me uncomfortable. And the show is not funny. I laughed twice during Super Fun Night but the added weight gain on Rebel is very distracting. I have hopes for The Millers but it's getting so-so reviews. Hello Ladies was okay but the premise has been done to death. The only shows that didn't disappoint were Homeland, The Good Wife and Sleepy Hollow. Even Boardwalk Empire was boring last week. Looking forward to the new seasons of Scandal, The Walking Dead and AHS:Coven. I hope The Witches of East End, The Originals and Reign are better than what we've seen so far.

by Every TV viewerreply 19810/03/2013

Brooklyn 99 has been pretty good. Liked the pilot a lot, the 2nd episode wasn't as good, but if I laugh out loud three times in one sitcom that's a pretty good show. The laughs come almost always from Samberg or Braugher, but the weird angry looking female detective isn't as funny as the writers seem to think she is. Seems like they're copying the young chick from Parks and rec. But the show definitely is worth sticking with to see if they find their footing. (Samberg popping out of the tent in his pajamas was hilarious!)

by Every TV viewerreply 19910/03/2013

Super Fun Night and Hello Ladies are incredibly uncomfortable making. I love both Rebel and Stephen Merchant but I was unable to make it through either show.

by Every TV viewerreply 20010/03/2013

I didn't expect to like Super Fun Night as much as I did. The overly sexualized rendition of "True Colors" was hysterical. I liked the dyke-y roommate a lot too.

I don't know why they keep shoving Liza Lapira down our throats though.

by Every TV viewerreply 20110/03/2013

Who's excited for some fart jokes on The Millers?

by Every TV viewerreply 20210/03/2013

Tonight I am watching old shows, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. I can hardly wait to see Miss Kerry again.

by Every TV viewerreply 20310/03/2013

I'm starting at 8 with the Scandal recap. Then Grey's. Then new Scandal.

by Every TV viewerreply 20410/03/2013

Early renewal for Sleepy Hollow! Yay!!!

by Every TV viewerreply 20510/03/2013

Well, I was going to watch Sean tonight but think now I will watch him tomorrow night (they're repeating it along with Michael J.) so that I can give The Crazy Ones one more chance (didn't like it so much last week but still open-minded). Will also check out The Millers but will skip Welcome to the Family, the premise of which I do not find the least bit interesting.

by Every TV viewerreply 20610/03/2013

My cable provider is no longer giving me NBC, I don't know what that's all about. It's some kind of protest.

by Every TV viewerreply 20710/03/2013

Watching NBC's lineup tonight.

by Every TV viewerreply 20810/03/2013

I saw online today that last night's Ironside scored the lowest dram numbers in the history of NBC.

DAMN! I like Blair Underwood.

by Every TV viewerreply 20910/03/2013

R206, Sleepy Hollow is only 13 episodes, not a full season by network standards. Apparently next season will also be 13 episodes. I like that they're going more toward the British way of fewer episodes per season.

I read The Goldbergs will last for longer than is thought because ABC has nothing to replace it with.

by Every TV viewerreply 21010/03/2013

Watched the first five minutes of The Millers and switched back to the man candy on The Vampire Diaries. With CBS on Demand I can watch all the Thursday night comedies and not miss TVD or The Originals. So far, the first episode of the new season ot TVD is really good.

by Every TV viewerreply 21110/03/2013

The problem with the Michael J Fox show is that they are focusing on the kids, who cares about them? The son is charisma free.

by Every TV viewerreply 21210/03/2013

The Blacklist is awesome. How can anyone think this show sucks?!

by Every TV viewerreply 21310/03/2013

'We Are Men' is an instant classic. The 'Sex and the City' for men.

by Every TV viewerreply 21410/03/2013

Agents of S.H.I.T.

by Every TV viewerreply 21510/03/2013

Rebel Wilson's clothes falling off at inopportune moments is the lesbian eye candy the community has been waiting for.

by Every TV viewerreply 21610/03/2013

r215 is either anencephalic or a PR drone at CBS.

by Every TV viewerreply 21710/03/2013

This Friday's "Hawaii 5-O"... special guest star Tim Daly.

by Every TV viewerreply 21810/03/2013

I think r215 is joking, r218. The Millers is the best new sitcom so far. Beau Bridges is hilarious. As is Margo Martindale. Arnett tones down the smarm and it works. Jayma is a nice foil as his sister. And I actually like her husband. I laughed out loud several times. The Crazy Ones is getting all the press but this is really the break out hit for CBS.

by Every TV viewerreply 21910/04/2013

R211, wish they'd bring back Happy Endings! ABC must stand for Against Better Comedy.

by Every TV viewerreply 22010/04/2013

The husband in "The Millers" (not Beau-- the younger one) is kind of cute. Where have we seen him before?

Also, is anyone else getting a Frank-and-Marie vibe from Beau and Margo?

by Every TV viewerreply 22110/04/2013

The show would be okay if they tone down the fart jokes, I was snacking at the time and it grossed me out

by Every TV viewerreply 22210/04/2013

Why is 2 and a half men still on? It's really awful.

Jon Cryer should be ashamed of himself for staying on it.

by Every TV viewerreply 22310/04/2013

LUCKY 7 became the first cancellation of the new season today.

by Every TV viewerreply 22410/04/2013

I kind of liked The Millers but all sit-coms seem a little forced. It's as if they think every line has to be a joke. I wish they would calm down a little.

Last year I watched Two Broke Girls and they went for every stupid joke that was available. No wonder people are turning to shitty reality TV.

by Every TV viewerreply 22510/04/2013

Frank was much more obnoxious then Beau's character is.

by Every TV viewerreply 22610/04/2013

Will Arnett. Unless he's playing a sleazeball, I can't bear him.

by Every TV viewerreply 22710/04/2013

"Sean Saves the World" was painfully unfunny. I predict it will be cancelled as quickly as "Partners" was.

by Every TV viewerreply 22810/04/2013

The Millers has a little more potential than the other new sitcoms. Pilots always suck, but I like Margo, Will Arnett and JB Smoove, so I'll give it a chance. The laugh track is annoying though.

by Every TV viewerreply 22910/04/2013

Damn, too much meskin food. I gotta take a huge splattery dump. I am so fucken drunk n high righ nnow. I hope I got toilet paper it's gonna be a messy one I can tell. These farts are stinking up the whole condo. whew. No more long island ice teas for this bitch. oh fuck I gotta shit

by Every TV viewerreply 23010/04/2013

Mrs. Miller, I presume?

by Every TV viewerreply 23110/04/2013

First episode of The Millers was okay but like The Crazy Ones, I will have to give it one more episode before I'm sure whether or not I'll be watching regularly (kinda doubt it at this point but you never know, plus I love Margo Martindale).

Btw, is it wrong that I still want to fuck Michael J. Fox? Parkinson's or not, he still has that tight little ass I loved on him back in the '80s.

by Every TV viewerreply 23210/05/2013

Shame about Lucky 7 but those ratings were horrible. There was really no choice.

by Every TV viewerreply 23310/05/2013

Did Lucky 7 have strong competition ? I wish they had tried it at a different day or time.

I watched The Millers this AM and laughed out loud several times. I'll watch again. Margot Montgomery is a jewel.

by Every TV viewerreply 23410/05/2013

I'm a fan of Margot Montgomery too. She is a jewel.

by Every TV viewerreply 23510/05/2013

So, what's the deal with every single CBS sitcom now being (apparently) required to have a preview of next week's episode? They've never done that on ANY sitcom before (other than when there's an occasional "to be continued" storyline) so why now?

by Every TV viewerreply 23610/05/2013

Desperation, my dear. Desperation.

by Every TV viewerreply 23710/05/2013

R235 R236 You mean me?

by Every TV viewerreply 23810/05/2013

R239 Bitch, you know they meant ME.

by Every TV viewerreply 23910/05/2013

Fuck off, soap opera creeps. You are not wanted here.

by Every TV viewerreply 24010/05/2013

No, you fuck off, R241. In fact, use a double-serrated-edge knife and the fuck the living shit out of yourself.

There is no "Margot Montgomery" on The Millers, no matter how much R235 and R236 would like it to be so. I'm sure they meant Margo Martindale.

Margo Montgomery did exist on another program, nighttime creep. It was called As the World Turns. I hope your ears and eyes burn to a crisp as you read this.

You are what my father used to call professionally stupid.

by Every TV viewerreply 24110/05/2013

I agree with R241.

by Every TV viewerreply 24210/05/2013

I caught up with some of the premieres I missed via "On Demand" today. "Sean Saves the World" wasn't awful, but it was nothing to write home about either. The premise is OK, but I hope they get some better writers.

"Ironside" seemed like your basic procedural with a silly gimmick. Not that the original was any better (I've been watching them on MeTV and they're pretty bad), but we've seen this before.

"Welcome to the Family": Both Ricardo Chavira and the kid playing his son are cute (if you can overlook Chavira's tats), so there's that. And I like Mike O'Malley and Mary McCormack. I actually liked it better than "Sean" and "Michael J. Fox."

by Every TV viewerreply 24310/05/2013

Finally got around to watching Betrayal. I enjoyed it but I'll definitely be back for the eye candy.

Stuart Townsend and the actor that plays the female lead's husband were hot. Also, interested in the murder mystery that is playing along side the love story.

by Every TV viewerreply 24410/06/2013

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really like Trophy Wife so far. That Andy Samburg show seems promising, as does Hello Ladies.

Also, fuck off to the soap opera trolls. You've been told repeatedly you are not welcome here. Webby deletes your soap opera threads. When will you get the idea?

by Every TV viewerreply 24510/06/2013

R245, the male leads are interchangeable and the female lead is charmless and uninteresting. This show is DOA.

by Every TV viewerreply 24610/06/2013

Finally caught up with The Millers. I think it's a hit. It is what The Goldbergs is trying (and failing) to be. Beau Bridges is wonderful...who knew he had it in him?! Margot M. is also superb but that was expected. And, even though he's the central character, Will Arnett is not overexposed (which was the mistake they made with his previous two sitcom flops - a little of Arnett goes a long way), so the show is perfectly balanced.

by Every TV viewerreply 24710/06/2013

I liked The Goldbergs more than The Millers by far.

by Every TV viewerreply 24810/06/2013

not a Will Arnett fan; he always seems so in love with his delivery.

I saw him on a rerun of SVU playing a sleazy 'travel agent' who hooked guys up with overseas fucking of young kids.

he was good in that.

by Every TV viewerreply 24910/06/2013

I know who all four Margo's were and I miss the slip that the poster made re: Martindale/Montgomery, but the poster who flipped out sure didn't.

Geez, you hate soaps, but you sure know who they all are, don't you?

by Every TV viewerreply 25010/06/2013

Witches of East End airs tonight at 10 pm!!!

by Every TV viewerreply 25110/06/2013

Sean Saves The World had kind of a crappy pilot, but at least it made me laugh a couple times. I was delighted to see that Thomas Lennon is playing his boss. I loved him on Reno 911 as the hot gay cop that wore shorts all the time.

I tried another episode of the Michael J. Fox show and I think I'm done. Can't tolerate the obnoxious kids or the aunt.

by Every TV viewerreply 25210/06/2013

[quote]Can't tolerate the obnoxious kids or the aunt.

I agree, R253. They totally bring down the show (well, that and the fact it's just not funny). I like Katie Finneran but her character is really annoying. She's such a ... such a SITCOM character, if that makes any sense. She does not act like a normal person would act, she acts like the wacky sister-in-law!! and it's just such a turn-off.

I would like to see a complete overhaul in the approach to Sean's show. The premise is fine, it's just the execution that's so bad. A drastic do-over would hopefully save the whole thing.

by Every TV viewerreply 25310/06/2013

Second episode of Betrayal and I am hooked til the end.

Two sexy male leads, James Cromwell playing a major SOB, a murder mystery, a corruption legal case and Zalman King-like love scenes.

Yup, I'm in.

by Every TV viewerreply 25410/06/2013

It's not going to win any Emmys but I liked The Witches of East End. It's a mash up of Desperate Housewives and Charmed. I love Julia Ormond and she looks great. Finally, a Sunday night show that is fun and doesn't require too much thinking.

by Every TV viewerreply 25510/06/2013

I only saw the last 15 minutes of Witches, but thought it looked promising. It's a comedy and a fairly good one from what I saw, significantly better than Charmed I'd say. I guess it's not going to be a critics' favorite, but neither is Devious Maids and I like that too.

by Every TV viewerreply 25610/07/2013

[quote] Finally caught up with The Millers. I think it's a hit. It is what The Goldbergs is trying (and failing) to be. Beau Bridges is wonderful...who knew he had it in him?! Margot M. is also superb but that was expected. And, even though he's the central character, Will Arnett is not overexposed (which was the mistake they made with his previous two sitcom flops - a little of Arnett goes a long way), so the show is perfectly balanced.

How wonderful that you liked it! Do you work for CBS by any chance?

by Every TV viewerreply 25710/07/2013

I agree with everything r257 said and I don't work for CBS. It's the only new show besides Witches of East End and Sleepy Hollow that didn't put me to sleep.

by Every TV viewerreply 25810/07/2013

[quote]I liked The Goldbergs more than The Millers by far.

A lot of people love Margo Martindale (even more so than Will Arnett), so I wonder if that has contributed to the mostly positive response people (including critics) have had for The Millers, which they may have otherwise dismissed as yet another crude CBS comedy.

It's kind of like how people are pulling for Michael J. Fox even though they know his show isn't very good.

by Every TV viewerreply 25910/07/2013

[quote]A lot of people love Margo Martindale (even more so than Will Arnett)

Uh, Will Arnett is about 100 times more famous than Margo Martindale.

[quote]I wonder if that has contributed to the mostly positive response people (including critics) have had for The Millers

You sure about that? See the link below.

by Every TV viewerreply 26010/07/2013

I think the real surprise on The Millers is Beau Bridges. He has great comic timing and delivery. I don't really like Arnett, too tan and too smarmy, and he always seems to be playing himself, so I was surprised that I like his character. I think the show has potential and unless they really fuck up will grow on people like TBBT. It's the only new comedy that I want to see again. Sean Saves the World needs a major overhaul but it isn't the worst of the new batch.

by Every TV viewerreply 26110/07/2013

R261, I never said Margo Martindale was more famous than Will Arnett, I said I think more people LIKE her than they do Arnett -- two entirely different things. As has been noted, many find Arnett too smug in his performances and therefore unappealing; in contrast, Martindale seems to be pretty much universally admired by both critics and audiences alike, so maybe that creates more goodwill for her new show. Who the heck knows, it's just an opinion on a sitcom, not anything worth arguing about.

And I agree with R262 (and stated as much in my post at R254) that Sean Saves the World needs a complete reworking to save what is an otherwise good premise but it's not the worst of the bunch. That would be Ironside, which I say despite my great affection for Blair Underwood, and Trophy Wife, which I say despite my great affection for Bradley Whitford. Both deserve so much better.

by Every TV viewerreply 26210/07/2013

Ratings are down for The Blacklist, probably in part because of the wooden leading lady. They need to kill her off and get someone else in quick. Or make Parminder Nagra the star.

by Every TV viewerreply 26310/08/2013

Boo! They put Scandal in place of Lucky 7

by Every TV viewerreply 26410/08/2013

It's the new tv season. People expect NEW shows not repeated showings of the shows that are hits for the networks. ABC should have something original to replace Lucky 7. What if you are not a fan of Scandal? Not everyone loves that show. There is little to none original programming on any of the networks on Saturday nights. Now we have to accept this on a weeknight too? No wonder they lose so many viewers to cable.

by Every TV viewerreply 26510/08/2013

A new show deserves to be advertised for a couple of months before it starts to give it a shot at getting viewers interested. It's too late to do that. They'll put in a new show when they've had time to promote a mid-season replacement.

by Every TV viewerreply 26610/08/2013

[quote]Do you work for CBS by any chance?

Not even close

by Every TV viewerreply 26710/08/2013

Why would I watch an episode of Scandal which is in the middle of the season if I have never watched it before? Which means at 10 pm I will switch to another channel. CBS, that's an epic FAIL.

by Every TV viewerreply 26810/08/2013

Oops, I think actually it's NBC

by Every TV viewerreply 26910/08/2013

Goldbergs is on!

by Every TV viewerreply 27010/08/2013

unLucky 7 was on ABC, r269/270. But you were close:)

by Every TV viewerreply 27110/08/2013

Rumor is Hostages will be pulled by CBS and replaced by Unforgettable, which originally did well in that time slot 2 years ago. It would include the episodes which many TWC subscribers didn't see in August. There are five episodes shot which haven't aired yet. The season finale is set at Carrie's high school reunion.

by Every TV viewerreply 27210/08/2013

Tonight I will watch Chicago Fire, and hope Jesse Spencer gets to wear as little as possible. I've just about forgotten American isn't his native dialect.

by Every TV viewerreply 27310/08/2013

Poltergeist, I still haven't watched it all the way through.

by Every TV viewerreply 27410/08/2013

Goldbergs has a certain odd charm.

by Every TV viewerreply 27510/08/2013

My 9 year old niece and I both like The Goldbergs. I like the grandpa, I've always thought George Segal was attractive.

by Every TV viewerreply 27610/08/2013

There is a creep factor to The Goldbergs that prevents me from really liking it. The Father ditches his pants the minute he comes in the door and sits around in his tightie whities. Does no one else think that is inapproriate? The kid with the camera is a voyeur and future porn director. The oldest son has rage issues. You know he's going to beat his wife. And stay closeted. And the overbearing mother who allows a kid that age to sleep in the bed with her and her husband and insists on "snuggles" screams stereotypical Jewish Mother. Oedipus, your Motha's calling you.The poor teenaged daughter is mostly ignored. So, of course she's boy crazy and probably acts out sexually. The show is derivative and disturbing.

by Every TV viewerreply 27710/08/2013

What a depressing thread. You people should pick up a book sometime. TV is so empty.

by Every TV viewerreply 27810/08/2013

Get a load of r279. He tore himself away from War And Peace to visit with the trailer trash. I think I'll take his advice and go read the latest issue of STAR. On the toilet.

by Every TV viewerreply 27910/08/2013

My dad used to sit around in his boxers when I was a kid in the 70's. He now denies it but my brother and I remember it. So I guess it was considered less creepy then? And the mother snuggling the son, maybe it was a more innocent time?

by Every TV viewerreply 28010/08/2013

Passed on "The Goldbergs" tonight, since "The Voice" was doing a recap show. "Trophy Wife" is really funny, much better than the coasting "Modern Family."

by Every TV viewerreply 28110/08/2013

I thought it was funny how the first wife had a fake profile and at the end she even fooled her son with it so he would study more.

by Every TV viewerreply 28210/08/2013

I like Trophy Wife, The Millers and The Blacklist. I am not sure I will stick with any of them.

by Every TV viewerreply 28310/08/2013

R279 is DL at its worst.

Shut the fuck up, you elderly asshole.

by Every TV viewerreply 28410/08/2013

I found some real laughs watching The Goldbergs tonight. I like it. I love Wendy M. btw.

by Every TV viewerreply 28510/08/2013

Please join me in FFing R285 in the hopes that some form of civility will return to DL with this member's forced removal.

by Every TV viewerreply 28610/08/2013

We Are Men just got cancelled.

by Every TV viewerreply 28710/09/2013

If it stays on, I hope there will eventually be more to Super Fun Night beyond "I'm fat and nobody will want to date me" stories.

by Every TV viewerreply 28810/09/2013

Super Fun Night reeks of a formula. Instead of developing something around what Rebel Wilson does best they've thrown her into another generic set-up. The comedy isn't the type she normally does, she's peppy as fuck doing an American accent, and the jokes are stale - she's now doing a 'comic' Russian accent on a date.

by Every TV viewerreply 28910/09/2013

I thought Super Fun Night was kind of cute. The girl from The B in Apt. 23 is on there.

by Every TV viewerreply 29010/09/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Every TV viewerreply 29110/09/2013

Watched the second, and in some cases, the third episode of Trophy Wife, Dads, Mom, Super Fun Night, Betrayal, The Goldbergs, and fifteen minutes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They all sucked. I won't be back. Mom was the most improved and Alison Janney was funny but I still can't get into this show. Betrayal is awful. Nothing "sexy" about it and the guy who played Eliott in E.T. looks ten years older than his age. And he can't act. It's rather shocking that almost all of the new shows are so bad. The Originals is a raging bore. I was even disappointed in AHS:Coven's first episode. Emma Roberts is playing her role in AHS the same way she played the character in Scream 4. Psycho Bitch. And it doesn't look like she's acting. She's scary. I actually liked Witches of East End better. Next up, Dracula and The Walking Dead. Fingers crossed.

by Every TV viewerreply 29210/10/2013

Why does everyone love this Margo Martindale? I have never even heard of her. What has been in?

by Every TV viewerreply 29310/10/2013

This is the worst network TV season in history. I watch exactly one new show, The Blacklist. I hope its creators know at this time what Ryan Eggold's character is about, and don't go feeling their way around in the dark a la Lost and Revenge. Because I will stop watching, which will leave me with Nashville, Scandal, Parenthood, and Grey's, and no new shows.

by Every TV viewerreply 29410/10/2013

She's been around a while. Good character actress. Mostly in film but she did have a major role on Justified that got raves. She usually plays unsympathetic characters. You wouldn't necessarliy think of her when casting a comedy but she is pretty funny on The Millers.

by Every TV viewerreply 29510/10/2013

Haven't watched a network or cable series in years,Thank God for Me-TV & Antenna TV !

by Every TV viewerreply 29610/10/2013

Margo was also on The Riches, The Americans, Dexter, etc. What hasn't she been in?

by Every TV viewerreply 29710/10/2013

And thank god for books, r297. There are always books.

by Every TV viewerreply 29810/10/2013

Margo's long term plan is to replace Bette White as America's most beloved geriatric foul-mouth.

by Every TV viewerreply 29910/10/2013

I just figured out who Anna Faris' character reminds me of in Mom. It's not good.

by Every TV viewerreply 30010/10/2013

NBC cancels "Ironside" and "Welcome to the Family."

by Every TV viewerreply 30110/18/2013

Man, I liked "Welcome to the Family." Junior is so fucking adorable.

by Every TV viewerreply 30210/18/2013

CBS gave full season orders for: "Mom," "The Millers," and "The Crazy Ones."

by Every TV viewerreply 30310/18/2013

With Two and a Half Men on the skids CBS wasn't about to cancel Mom. The Big Bang Theory is their meat and potatoes and they wouldn't risk offending Lorre when it is obvious this is probably the last year for Men. Mom is not the worst of the new crop but it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. The Millers has two strong leads in Bridges and Martindale although I noticed this week that Arnett couldn't stay away from the tanning salon. Yikes. He looks like Tan Mom. The Crazy Ones is meh. They can pretend it's a hit but I am embarassed for Wolk and Linklater. Williams is an attention whore. The actress who played the sassy receptionist on The Mindy Project is just wallpaper. She should have stayed with Mindy.

by Every TV viewerreply 30410/18/2013

I tried to catch up with some of them on On Demand. I had to bail on Sean after five minutes. The Trophy Wife only has the Chinese kid going for it and he isn't reason enough to watch again. Even Sleepy Hollow bored me with the latest episode. We are Family and Ironside just got cancelled. I guess I didn't miss anything. The latest episode of The Goldbergs was a vast improvement and had a few funny moments. On the whole, this season of new shows, and even some of the established shows have been a big disappointment.

by Every TV viewerreply 30510/18/2013

I meant Welcome to the Family. Or Welcome to the Flop File.

by Every TV viewerreply 30610/18/2013

So any guesses on how long before NBC yanks Sean's show or will they stick with it? Bet they're glad they didn't make the same mistake with him that they made with MJF and commit to 22 episodes upfront (and I'm sure they're regretting it with MJF).

by Every TV viewerreply 30710/19/2013

I continue to be surprised how good Blacklist is. Funny how some shows just work so well they make it look easy and you wonder why all shows can't be this good.

by Every TV viewerreply 30810/19/2013

'Agents of Shield' got picked up for a full season.

by Every TV viewerreply 30910/19/2013

R306, it seems like this season so far has been far worse than a "big disappointment," more like a total catastrophe.

Certain shows like Hostages would have been far better served on Netflix.

The major networks really have to start to take a good hard look at what they decide to greenlight for pilot season.

by Every TV viewerreply 31010/19/2013
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