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When bring forth the anti-Christ...

Why must everyone be nude?

by Lara Louisereply 709/25/2013


by Lara Louisereply 109/24/2013

The Koch brothers like titties.

by Lara Louisereply 209/24/2013


by Lara Louisereply 309/24/2013

I believe your name was LAURA Louise, dear. And if they weren't nude, how would Hope Summers (Clara from "The Andy Griffith Show") ever have gotten to do a nude scene?

by Lara Louisereply 409/24/2013

Clothing is a symbol of shame before God. When Adam and Eve are tempted by the serpent to bite into the apple they instantly discover that they are naked. The next time they go before God they cover their private parts to show their modesty. God asks them who told them they were naked. They confess that they ate the forbidden fruit and God banishes them from Eden.

The cabal go naked to show that unlike Adam and Eve, they are neither modest, nor shamed, nor repentant before God.

by Lara Louisereply 509/24/2013

Beelzebub like boobies!

by Lara Louisereply 609/25/2013

The antichrist is already here in the form of Ted Cruz

by Lara Louisereply 709/25/2013
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