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How good does it feel to you (when you're the recipient)? 1 to 10, where 1 is "blah" and *8* is an orgasm. I'm not sure I "get" the appeal. There's this straight guy on S. Cody who's waaaay into receiving it, and I'm envious that it feels awesome to him. I guess it's kind of like nipples - I don't feel much there, either.

by Frigid Frankreply 509/24/2013

Mary, you can write "Rimming" on the Datalounge.

by Frigid Frankreply 109/24/2013

I'm not so sure, R1.

by Frigid Frankreply 209/24/2013

OP, google "goatse".

But be sure to film yourself so we can watch your reaction.

by Frigid Frankreply 309/24/2013

Is this Four Two One Five Pussy Way?

by Frigid Frankreply 409/24/2013

OP, dear. Stop. It's so "F'ing" ridiculous even you should "get" it.

by Frigid Frankreply 509/24/2013
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