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Rahm Emanuel for President 2016

Here is America's solution to bring peace to the Middle East. Hillary can't do it. Besides, I don't want to hear the Repubs recycling the old Clinton scandals.

Advice for Emanuel. Do not wait for Hillary or anyone else. Just run and see what happens. Everyone might be surprised.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9509/26/2013

Thanks for stopping by ,Rahm.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 109/24/2013

Rahm, have you fixed that "little gang problem"yet

by Emanuel in 2016reply 209/24/2013

If Rham is elected President, State of the Union addresses will have a five second delay.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 309/24/2013

Rahm, you can't manage a fucking midwestern city. What makes you think you can perform on a global stage?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 409/24/2013

Why not? He's doing a bang, bang, BANG-up job as mayor of Chicago.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 509/24/2013

He lowered the murder rate and solved the gang problem didn't he? If he hasn't he should be permanently forgotten and should go back to his true love:ballet dancing.He can be a better queen prancing on stage then pretending to be a big city mayor.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 609/24/2013

If Rahm is elected President, all press conferences will end with Rahm slapping the shit out of sassy reporters.

I'm in!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 709/24/2013

Rahm, you are going to have to take butch lessons,asap,cause there is way too much sugar in your walk. Now be a good gurl and follow this advice, ok

by Emanuel in 2016reply 809/24/2013

The Clintonistas and Repubs on this thread are sweating bullets that something unexpected may occur in their future: The end of their political careers. Enjoy the free office coffee while you can.

Rahmbo will win!

"Live For Nothing, or Die For Something"

by Emanuel in 2016reply 909/24/2013

Nyet. Too corrupt. Too centrist. To win we need a genuine progressive.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1009/24/2013

[r10], we need someone to win first. Genuine progressives have been officially declared as Bolsheviks by the NY Times and Walpo. And FauxNews and the Wall Street Journal? The AntiChrist no doubt, like they did Nader.

So a centralist it must be. Rahm is the Man.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1109/24/2013

OP - I think Rahm a smart guy.

But based upon his history in the House - if you think you'd be electing a liberal you're wrong.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1209/24/2013

I'm looking to avoid a Fundie theocracy and WW3. We'll just have to see if he grows into his responsibilities in the White House.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1309/24/2013

Rahm, having a nice ballet-sculpted ass is important, but I need a president who can offer something more than that.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1409/24/2013

If Emanuel does win the nomination, his opponent at this point looks like either Paul Ryan or Scott Walker.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1509/24/2013

He can't defeat Hillary as a Centrist and let's face it, he's got too many skeletons in the closet.

Nix on Rahm. He is a non-starter.

If Obama wants to promote someone to follow him, he'd better be pushing a cabinet officer.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1609/24/2013

R16 - are you kidding me?

Emanuel went around the country looking for anti-gun control Democrats to run for office.

Like Clinton he can be as centrist as politically necessary.

He's only 53 he can do two terms as mayor and do something else for 2-4 years - and then run for President.

I don't see how he puts in only one term as major and then runs for President, or how he runs for President while he is mayor.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1709/24/2013

He is simply too tone deaf and unlikable as a personality. He would never make it through the process and maintain popularity, now or in the future.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1809/24/2013

You're thinking with your dick, OP. I'd like to fuck him too, but wouldn't trust him to lead the country.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 1909/24/2013

The same guy who's ruling over the Murder Capital of the US? Total POS

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2009/24/2013

Or how about Paul Walker, R15?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2109/24/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll (hates:men,women,muslims,gays,lesbians,jews and Obama, loves posting about stabbing women, bashing gays, killing jews etc.) #10 removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2209/24/2013

Please. Rahm Emanuel will lose the election for the Dems. Sad thing is, he can do the politics like Lieberman to get out there. The dnc is that lame and filled with his buddies. Hello Rahm, goodbye Dems.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2309/24/2013

Why the fucking FUCK is the Middle East our most pressing issue?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2409/24/2013

[quote]He lowered the murder rate and solved the gang problem didn't he?

When did that happen? I must have slept through it.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2509/24/2013

R24. Because Christians are dumb.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2609/24/2013

He has Israeli citizenship too, I believe. If you thought they were wild about Obama....

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2709/24/2013

That crooked little fuck should not even be mayor.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2809/24/2013

W&W for R3.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 2909/24/2013

This thread sounds like the chatter inside a Palm Beach club, circa 1925. But it only indicates the fear of those oppose an Emanuel candidacy. It only makes me feel more secure in the rightness of this cause.

I think a progressive female running mate would prepare for a 2024 Democratic administration. Any candidates?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3009/24/2013

He's neck and neck with Anthony Weiner in the "Corrupt and Ugly as Fuck Sweepstakes"

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3109/24/2013

Here's an idea for a political slogan:

"Opposing Rahm is political Creationism."

Since Emanuel has already lost the Fundy vote, I think there's no harm in it. I remember when the MSM was commenting on Palin's belief that the earth was only 5000 years old.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3209/24/2013

Was Rahm involved in Blago selling the senate seat mess? It wasn't long when the WH was rumored to be involved that Rahm left the WH.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3309/24/2013

He's much more right wing than Obama. And you'll get a lot more Israel. Rabid.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3409/24/2013

remember when he yelled at that crazy congressman while nude?!!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3509/24/2013

OP, do you really want someone like Ari Emmanuel whispering to the POTUS?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3609/24/2013

He'll do anything for Israel except actually live there.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3709/24/2013

Unlikeable and wouldn't there be tons of negative stories about him?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3809/24/2013

I thought he even served in the Israeli Army? Hardly a "patriotic" American!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 3909/24/2013

Regarding Israel, Rahm has taken a lot of flak from over there for putting the interests of the US before Israel. If Rahm runs, we can be sure of the Republicans screaming "Moser!"

I wouldn't be surprised if a Freeper conjures a birth certificate that proves that Rahm was really born an Iranian Moslem and is secretly planning to make Sharia law of the land. Today, Chicago. Tomorrow the world! Ha, ha.

We are defined by our enemies, so just keep the love notes coming. To us it's all compliments!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4009/24/2013

Believing one is defined by one's enemies is false; it is a decision. A decision made by a schizophrenic.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4109/24/2013

Rahm is by all accounts a total asshole. Why not let Anthony Weiner be President, at least he's not a closeted gay (true or not once you're a ballet dancer...), and has an adorable child!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4209/24/2013

Why would anyone announce early? It's absurdly ridiculous when they do that.

Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot (but they don't realize it). I say let them keep the attention for themselves and their inability to represent the American people. They keep showing their asses. Democrats should just sit back and keep quiet.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4309/24/2013

What an interesting choice. You bet that Obama will endorse him over Hillary.

We do need a president who is strong on policies of the Middle East.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4409/24/2013

Why do some even put up with Rahm's obnoxious foolishness. He's a little shit. I mean seriously, I've seen him in person and you could throw his ass up on a bookshelf somewhere. Does this man a good physical fighter or something? I can see Hillary herself bitch-slapping his little ass.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4509/24/2013

We need a president who is not just intellectual. We need someone who will CRUSH our enemies and a Republican CONGRESS to push through the Democrat's domestic agenda and US Middle East policy.

NOBODY can go up against Rahm. He is a relentless fighter and that's what we need.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4609/24/2013

R46 Nobody? You're kidding right? He hasn't battled the gangs and murders in Chicago and won.That says a lot about him. If he can't solve a localized issue like that then he won't be able to face off with someone like Putin. Who is a total asshole and a real tough guy. I mean the prick has a pet tiger for Pete's sake.

R44 I doubt that very much. I despise Hil but Obama will endorse her over Rahm, Biden or anyone else.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4709/25/2013

I'd sooner have a president who would stay the fuck out of the Middle East.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4809/25/2013

I am the most Liberal Chicagoan around and a big Mary! Obama-Loving, Hillary-Worshipping , Tea-Party-Loathing queen you'd never want to meet and I love Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel is an ass, arrogant to the point of hubris and isn't getting elected to anything anywhere legitimately ever again.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 4909/25/2013

What exactly has he done about the gang problem? Gen Honore said the National Guard should best called to patrol the streets.

The only reason I'd vote for Rahm is the Middle East

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5009/25/2013

Would they put a milk crate behind the podium for him?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5109/25/2013

Any opinions on Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren as a running mate?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5209/25/2013

What happened to Tammy Duckworth?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5309/25/2013

Emanuel with a progressive female running mate seems the most practical and fairest combination. A female progressive as president in 2024 is attainable.

But it's Rahm's call as to a running mate.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5409/25/2013

Cory Booker?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5509/25/2013

Booker and Emmanuel are both whores for money. NO NO. So, for that matter, is Hillary Clinton.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5609/25/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5709/25/2013

Ugly, but true R57.

More important, he has the Man Behind The Throne problem.

It's why we have to do the math on HC running in 2016. How many are still alive who hated her guts for Universal Healthcare?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5809/25/2013

[quote]Here is America's solution to bring peace to the Middle East.

That is my number one concern.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 5909/25/2013

He's a charismatic man. In person. And if he likes you (I'm speaking from experience).

But he couldn't even bring peace to the White House, let alone the Middle East.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6009/25/2013

He's not charismatic. He's a bully. Learn the difference, sweetie.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6109/25/2013

Heaven forbid. He is so a Republican!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6209/25/2013

Besides, they will never elect an Israeli Jew to be president. Way back in the 1960s when we got our first Catholic president my dad (Jewish) said there will be a black person and a woman in the WH before there will ever be a Jew. So far one out 3 of his predictions has come true.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6309/25/2013

Statistically, you're dad is right, R63.

It hinges on when the majority of voters were born - before or after the civil rights act.

The chances of a black man becoming president hit 50% for the 2009 election.

It was predicted chances of a woman being elected president wouldn't hit 50% until 2016 because of the ERA movement.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6409/25/2013

If Rahm Emanuel is elected, he will not be a Jewish, Catholic, Israeli, white, black, asian, hispanic or any kind of President other than an AMERICAN President.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6509/25/2013

[quote]Here is America's solution to bring peace to the Middle East.

Yeah, elect a Jew and everyone in the Middle East will suddenly burst out in a rendition of Kumbaya. Deludanoid.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6609/25/2013

Only in an ideal world R65, not in the actual world we live in.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6709/25/2013

[r66], Emanuel and the city of Chicago have excellent relations with the Muslim community. See link below.

All sincere peace-loving Muslims and Israelis alike have a true friend and ally in Rahm.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6809/25/2013

What's Rahm's approval rating in Chicago, hmmmmm?

He's a MASSIVE douchebag.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 6909/25/2013

[quote]Besides, they will never elect an Israeli Jew to be president.


by Emanuel in 2016reply 7009/25/2013

When did Chicago move to Dubai? Who cares if Muslims in Chicago love Emmanuel; the ones in Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Egypt hate him for simply being a Jew and won't deal with him as an equal.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7109/25/2013

Looks like some of the posters from the anti-food stamp and Obamacare threads have followed me here. Hmmm...

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7209/25/2013

I laughed out loud when I read this title.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7309/25/2013

R22 you are an anti-semite.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7409/25/2013

because he is Jewish and a friend of Israel I would vote for him!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7509/25/2013

r22 isn't an anti-Semite. He/she just needs to switch to Sanka. Too much caffeine. Where's the Sanka lady?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7609/25/2013

[quote]If Rahm Emanuel is elected, he will not be a Jewish, Catholic, Israeli, white, black, asian, hispanic or any kind of President other than an AMERICAN President.

But he is also a citizen of Israel. He is an Israeli whether you call him one or not. He'll have a hard time winning 50.1% of the vote when 26% of the US population is Muslim. And that is just one sub-set of voters who would be unlikely to vote for an Israeli to be the US President.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7709/25/2013

The Ted Cruz of the Democratic Party? No thanks.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7809/25/2013

Citizen of Isreal? That didn't stop Ted Cruz!!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 7909/25/2013

[quote]We need a president who is not just intellectual.

Shades of Herman Cain (aka Pizza Guy), 2012 candidate for GOP Pres nomination, who didn't know where Libya was: "We need a leader, not a reader!".

OP, you seem to be on a first name basis with Mr. Emanuel, but I'm not inclined to agree with you about your pal's fitness for the office of Pres.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8009/25/2013

I would like to fuck Rahm in his kosher ass

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8109/25/2013

Stupidest OP in ages. And persistent, too.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8209/25/2013

R81 I have a feeling it would be the other way around.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8309/25/2013

Rahm's agenda:

Busting Public Unions

Privatizing functions to Investment Banks

Firing people with Disabilities

Allowing crime to skyrocket

More Charter Schools!

More University of Chicago Fauxnomics

So far I'm not seeing why OP loves him. He hasn't even achieved gay marriage in Illinois, where most of the Republican politicians are big fruits.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8409/25/2013

He also is expanding Chinese in the school because he wants MORE IMMIGRATION and more GLOBAL FREE TRADE.

He is a disaster of the greatest magnitude and he did everything he could to sabotage Obama's first term.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8509/25/2013

He is truly a Republican who ran as a Democrat and that's why I think the way forward for true progressives is to run as Republicans and take over their party from the inside and force it to the hard left.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8609/25/2013

No way

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8709/25/2013

They are suddenly fixing the Metra train bridges that lead to the north shore suburbs where he grew up. I presume it's TARP funds of some kind, but I wouldn't be surprised if he demanded it. Still I don't see how he has benefited the city.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8809/25/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Emanuel in 2016reply 8909/25/2013

Who picked whom to be whose chief of staff, r85? Obviously, Obama is A-OK with Rahm. Says a lot about Obama, too, no?

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9009/25/2013

Obama does trust Rahm and asked him to be his Chief of Staff because Rahm can't be messed with. He protected Obama from the vicious Republicans and that's how Obama was able to save the collapsing economy and get Obamacare passed. These two accomplishments will define Obama's legacy and it is Rahm who made it happen.

Rahm will also be better at foreign policy than Obama. He is 100X tougher than Hillary.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9109/25/2013

Jews don't need the Presidency, they already wield tons of power despite small demographic numbers.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9209/26/2013

r92 makes a great point!

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9309/26/2013

No it was Rahm who took out the public option and any hint of controlling costs (to flatter his greedy brother).

And it was Rahm who let the military and Republicans threaten Obama into impotence.

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9409/26/2013

Don't mind him beng an @$$. I'd like to see focus on education, ending for profit prison system. The Chicago killing fields will ruin it.'. Did you know there were over 900 murders in 1991? NY had over 2000 around that same time. National Guard should be called, according to Gen. Honore

by Emanuel in 2016reply 9509/26/2013
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