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Colorado lawmaker: Democrats using ‘mind control’ to make people accept ‘homosexual marriage’

A Republican Colorado lawmaker on Tuesday asserted that the state’s law permitting civil unions between people of the same sex was a “mind-control experiment” by Democrats to force voters “to believe in homosexual marriage.”

In an interview on the Pray in Jesus Name Internet show, disgraced former Navy Chaplain Gordon James “Chaps” Klingenschmitt lamented to state Sen. Kent Lambert (R) that a Christian baker faced up to one year in jail if he continued to discriminate against LGBT couples.

Klingenschmitt said that the problems all started when Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed the civil unions law earlier this year.

“There are no waivers or provisions for any contrary thought, whether it’s religion or people’s expression of their own morality,” Lambert explained. “It completely suppresses basically any ideas.”

“It’s a mind-control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats here in Colorado, to force everybody — including children in schools, everything else — under penalty of law to believe in homosexual marriage,” he added.

“How can they control our thoughts?” Klingenschmitt wondered.

“We have long tradition in the United States, as you know, in the U.S military of conscientious objection of things like going to war and things like that,” Lambert insisted. “This completely, in my opinion, tramples those rights. And it’s specifically targeted against religious rights.”

The lawmaker also said that he worried that giving transgender children bathroom rights meant “privacy will no longer be in effect in the United States.”

“This is certainly Brave New World, the Aldous Huxley novel that Big Brother is here, he’s alive and well and we’re going to force you into the kind of agendas that some of the greatest dictators in world history have tried to press in the past,” he declared.

As Right Wing Watch pointed out, “‘Big Brother’ appears in George Orwell’s 1984, not Huxley’s Brave New World.”

Watch this video from Pray in Jesus Name, broadcast Sept. 24, 2013.

by Anonymousreply 909/27/2013

Republicans are insane.

by Anonymousreply 109/25/2013

I wish we'd see Christian bakers all in jail. Where does he get this shit he makes up?

by Anonymousreply 209/25/2013

How do Democrats use mind control on the US population when the Repubs own most of the MSM? The white rich male country club simply use these Fundie nuts as the kapos of Concentration Camp USA.

BTW, Jesus watched the Fundie vid and wept. And the talking head pings.

by Anonymousreply 309/25/2013

[quote]The white rich male country club simply use these Fundie nuts as the kapos of Concentration Camp USA.

You realize that makes the opposite of sense, don't you?

by Anonymousreply 409/25/2013

I agree with r3!

by Anonymousreply 509/25/2013

Irony defined: Religious people complaining about mind control.

by Anonymousreply 609/25/2013

Seriously! Pot kettle.

by Anonymousreply 709/25/2013

R6 has it right.

by Anonymousreply 809/27/2013
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