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Will Republicans Take/Keep The Senate and House in 2014?

Is it so gerrymandered that they can't lose?

by Barack reply 309/24/2013

Gerrymandering won't help in the Senate. THe extensive gerrymandering is for a long long time.

by Barack reply 109/24/2013

If they go off the deep end and enable a government shutdown, they certainly won't take the Senate and the House could be up for grabs.

Remember what happened in '96 after Newt played chicked with Clinton and the GOP got their ass handed to them.

by Barack reply 209/24/2013

OP did you fail high school civics?

The Senate = 2 from each states. There are no "districts" to be messed with.

The house has gerrymandered districts. The Obamacare backlash of 2010 was the biggest republican landslide in several generations.

Entire state legislatures in some 40 states went 100% republican. Districts were redrawn to ensure Republican majorities for decades to come.

The House won't be changing.

The Senate is the only question, and it doesn't look good.

by Barack reply 309/24/2013
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