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When MIA FARROW cut her hair. How they incorporated that event in the PEYTON PLACE series.

With David Canary (AMC) and Ed Nelson.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 909/24/2013

She was the Felicity of her time.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 109/24/2013

I always thought she cut it during Rosemary's Baby.3

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 209/24/2013

I remember when Mia Farrow cut her hair. It was scandalous. She caused a sensation. And then she married Frank Sinatra.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 309/24/2013

I always knew Frank would wind up in bed with a boy.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 409/24/2013

So did she cut it again in Rosemary? or was that some sort of homage to the first time she did it? (doesn't she have long hair at the beginning of Rosemary?

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 509/24/2013

[quote]I always thought she cut it during Rosemary's Baby.3

I may be wrong, but I seem to recall the haircut taking place in [italic]Rosemary's Baby 4: Adrian Goes to Camp.[/italic]

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 609/24/2013

Patty Duke played Rosemary in the sequel!!!

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 709/24/2013

Ronan @ r5, just because mommy's hair pulls out to any length she desires, doesn't mean yours will.

You received the Woody hair gene.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 809/24/2013

Mia's bangs were her hair but she wore a Bob length fall in Rosemary's Baby. The giveaway is her reliance of headbands and headband scarves to obscure (the however many) bobby pins her short locks would hold to secure said fall. Also, her hair looks a bit hollowed out and sparse in some scenes such as when she's outdoors in the breeze.

by Rosemary Woodhousereply 909/24/2013
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