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Do you own a BRO design (Barbara Ryan Originals)?

They're on sale at Fashions this week.

The designer is a little bitchy, though, or so I hear.

by Shannon O'Harareply 31009/30/2013

I wore that trash when John Wesley Shipp kidnapped me during his fatal attraction. Obviously, he suffered from glaucoma.

What ever happened to that Frannie?

by Shannon O'Harareply 109/23/2013

Frannie? Who cares.

Remember how cute I was?

by Shannon O'Harareply 209/23/2013

My bf used to design for that bitch.

by Shannon O'Harareply 309/23/2013

She was so ashamed of me I was recast.

by Shannon O'Harareply 409/23/2013

I've never shat in THEIR changing room before!

Maybe we'll run into each other there!

by Shannon O'Harareply 509/23/2013

I preferred Holly Hobie Dresses...

by Shannon O'Harareply 609/23/2013

I would never wear something American, dear.

I get my golden silk pantsuits shipped from the Continent!

by Shannon O'Harareply 709/23/2013

Oh real subtle Op. Reeeeaaaallll subtle.

by Shannon O'Harareply 809/23/2013

I still hate that damn Sue Lucci!

by Shannon O'Harareply 909/23/2013

I took Amtrak with Ms. Colleen Zenk (sat right across from her, in fact) a few years ago, right after the show was cancelled. I looked it up and found out that she was doing some local TV in Philly that day.

She was really beautiful in person, and I regret not speaking to her. Barbara was my favorite character and she was my favorite actress on the show--she probably wouldn't have minded my paying her a compliment, but I decided not to bother her. Ah, well.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1009/23/2013

BRO is the Lane Bryant of Oakdale.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1109/23/2013

But Barbara, Simply Barbara without Barbara simply wouldn't be Simply Barbara.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1209/23/2013

I fancy something from The Pampered Palate when I feel a bit peckish. After my thick, uncut Teutonic pecker is plowing Aaron Snyder's tight hole.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1309/23/2013

I have only Don Loper originals.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1409/23/2013

Nothing but a two bit hack.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1509/23/2013

I prefered Mindy Lewis designs.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1609/24/2013

I always wear a Simply Barbara design when I am hosting my talk show, Patterns.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1709/24/2013

No, but I actually do have a JAVA t-shirt.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1809/24/2013

I preferred Johhny Dixon's name for the store: Simply Barracuda.

One of those little throw away lines that I still remember years later.

by Shannon O'Harareply 1909/24/2013

That's funny, R19. I can just picture him saying that.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2009/24/2013

I can take it all away at anytime.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2109/24/2013

R21 Then die and bring both it and me back again some November, February, or May.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2209/24/2013

I remember when Barbara left "Simply Barbara" to create "Barbara Ryan Originals" and Lisa said to Lucinda, "Now you're just 'Simply.'"

by Shannon O'Harareply 2309/24/2013

Was M jealous of Maeve's daytime success? More people have seen Maeve on AW & GL than ever saw an M film. While M may have the successful film career, she's never been able to reach the hearts of as many viewers as Maeve. I wonder if M resents Maeve on some level.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2409/24/2013

I never cared for those shoddy clothes...

by Shannon O'Harareply 2509/24/2013


You may have been undeniably cute, but there is no way your skinny, effeminate ass could have sprun forth from the loins of hot, beefy, corn fed Holden.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2609/24/2013

Even during my cross-dressing days, I would never have worn her crap. Felicia took me to the Boutique in Pine Valley, PA, to purchase fashions. Now THOSE were tasteful.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2709/24/2013

Is that you, Marian Crane/R27?

by Shannon O'Harareply 2809/24/2013

No it's me, Cass Winthrop. Cecile was flashing her pussy in her face, which made me forget to sign my post.

by Shannon O'Harareply 2909/24/2013

Am I the only one who actually liked Glynnis O'Conner as Margo?

by Shannon O'Harareply 3009/24/2013

I liked her, R30. But I liked Ellen Dolan better. Never saw Hilary.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3109/24/2013

I own a Simply Barbara design.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3209/24/2013

Was Reva's iconic red dress a BRO design? It had Barbara's, ahem, taste level written all over it.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3309/24/2013

Remember the smoldering soudrel Tonio Reyes! Yum.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3409/24/2013

Hilary's Margo was a yenta. I far preferred Ellen's. Glynis was terribly miscast, they put her in these frumpy sweaters and she looked so wrong for the role.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3509/24/2013

This thread is off to a delightful start. All snark and bitchery of the highest quality! I am very impressed!

by Shannon O'Harareply 3609/24/2013

I like to wear BRO when I stab people

by Shannon O'Harareply 3709/24/2013

I spent many nights jerking off thinking about Seth Snyder pounding the shit out of me.

by Shannon O'Harareply 3809/24/2013

I could never afford her clothes...

by Shannon O'Harareply 3909/24/2013

I knew someone who wore a BRO to Mabel's Red Hots. Then she died.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4009/24/2013

R38 I used to jerk off fantasizing that the Synder boys would have me be the wet biscuit for their circle jerk.

If I was Lily, I would have had threeways with Holden and Dusty whenever possible.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4109/24/2013

[quote] I could never afford her clothes...

That's because you're low born gutter trash, Meg. I bet you and that vile Reeeee-va Shayne both shop at the same Wal-mart.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4209/24/2013

R30 I could never take Glynnis seriously in anything after I saw her in that TV movie where her doctor used her lady lips to repair her facial lips.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4309/24/2013

Jesse Soffer (Will Munson) is on "Chicago Fire"!

by Shannon O'Harareply 4409/24/2013

Jenson Buchanan (the worst Vicky/Marley) is joining B&B

by Shannon O'Harareply 4509/24/2013



by Shannon O'Harareply 4609/24/2013

Think again, R26. All of Holden Snyder's kids were on the skinny side.

But Dad always loved me the best. And he never complained about my skinny ass.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4709/24/2013

Me too, [R38], me too. Seth was always my favorite Snyder.

by Shannon O'Harareply 4809/24/2013

Still mad they broke up my fave couple Fletcher & Holly

by Shannon O'Harareply 4909/24/2013

I'm pretty sure the actor who played Seth, Steve Bassett, was gay.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5009/24/2013

"I'm coming Bud!"

by Shannon O'Harareply 5109/24/2013

What's the deal with Nancy Frangione (ex-Cecile, Another World)? She was a major player back in the day. She basically filled the huge void left by Beverlee McKinsey (Iris). Anyway, she had huge potential, but then just disappeared, save for a few TV movies and an appearance on "The Nanny." Cecile was more entertaining than Reva, Erica Kane, et. al....

by Shannon O'Harareply 5209/24/2013

Cecile was DA BOMB!

Loved her. She was so much fun. And yes, as r52 said, she filled a void left by Iris.

Nancy Frangione was married to Chris Rich (Sandy) in the mid 1980s and both left the show about the same time to try to make it in Hollywood.

She came back in 1986 for a very limited run as she was still trying to make a go of it in Hollywood, still married to Chris.

Why the show didn't do more to woe her back a few years later, once the marriage ended and Hollywood failed to happen, is beyond me. But by the early 1990s, AW was making countless mistakes.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5309/24/2013

[quote] "I'm coming Bud!"

I came to Bud many times myself!

Robert Newman was a man who got even better looking as he got older.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5409/25/2013

R44 Will "Will" (Jesse Sofer) be a regular on Chicago Fire? He is one actor who looks better on nighttime TV.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5509/25/2013


Fletcher and have to be kidding me! I HATED Fletcher and he was always talking over MG's lines. I hated the actor and that damn hat and that they put all the strong female characters with him when they wouldn't give him a second look...(Alex, Van, and Holly?) He was right up there with Buzz as my least favorite character.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5609/25/2013

Fletcher and I made a great couple!

by Shannon O'Harareply 5709/25/2013

Fletcher wasn't a bad dad.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5809/25/2013

I never liked Barbara's clothes..not enough green in them.

by Shannon O'Harareply 5909/25/2013

For a flattering look I've always stayed with Molly Goldberg Originals.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6009/25/2013

Didn't Ceceile come back again for a short time in the early 90s?

by Shannon O'Harareply 6109/25/2013

Could somebody please solve the mystery of an AW story for me? I believe it was the summer of 1982 and Blaine (?) was dating Sandy Cory. Cecile and Alma were waging a war of terror against her- scary phone calls, etc. (This was the same time Rachel and Steve Frame were trapped in rubble somewhere.) But as we were always told to go outside, we didn't get to see the entire tale. What was the significance of the doll and the kitten to Blaine? How was the story ever resolved? What happened to Alma?

by Shannon O'Harareply 6209/25/2013

"I could never take Glynnis seriously in anything after I saw her in that TV movie where her doctor used her lady lips to repair her facial lips."

Whaaaat? Link, please.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6309/25/2013

R55, I'm not sure how long Jesse will be on "Chicago Fire." He's going to be on the spin-off "Chicago PD" that starts mid-season.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6409/25/2013

Thanks, R64. One Jesse for each branch of Chicago Fire and Police. Works for me.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6509/25/2013

Don Hastings was top billed on World Turns for the longest time

As The World Turns


Don Hastings


Dr. Bob Hughes

Pat Bruder was billed second right behind Don, until she was dropped to recurring.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6609/25/2013

Wasn't Pat Bruder in real life an alcoholic who hit on all the young men?

by Shannon O'Harareply 6709/25/2013

I miss Otalia on sister show and I do miss Luke, :(. I also miss Paul and Emily and definitely I miss Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck and the wonderful late Anthony Herrera who played him. Herrera, Colleen Zenk Pinter and Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily) were the last actors who actually got a good performance out of Roger Howarth.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6809/25/2013

The ATWT credits were in order of seniority for a very long time, but if you had ever left the show, you started over from the bottom. So Don Hastings was at the top because Eileen Fulton and Helen Wagner (who had started on the show before him) had left the show before. When they brought Eileen back she negotiated the final spot.

by Shannon O'Harareply 6909/25/2013

r63 here's the opening clip. the TV movie was called Why Me?

It was based on a true story. Armand Assante played her doctor and he came up with the scathingly brilliant idea to user her lady parts.

I remember watching the move with my mom. We were both in love with Armand Assante.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7009/25/2013

Who would fuck Pat Bruder?

I loved all the vets when I started watching EXCEPT Ellen. I wanted to slap that bitch so hard, her fake ass curls would turn straight.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7109/25/2013

Looove Barbara Ryan AKA Coleen Zenk. Wonderful brave lady who battled oral cancer off and then ON the show.


miss ATWT even though it was a shadow of its former self for at least a decade

by Shannon O'Harareply 7209/25/2013

Hot, drunken cougar Susan Stewart was the shit.

She obviously swallowed and was such a cunt. So fucked up yet loved a good pounding. And that strident, manly voice brought Oakdale's men to their knees.

No wonder boring Bob tore up the sheets with her when he had that prissy, dullard Kim whining at home with her vile singing voice.

Larry knew what he was doing. Too bad he fucked it up.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7309/25/2013

Loved Melanie Smith! She was a sexy bad girl. Thought she would have done better after she left ATWT-- I know she was on Seinfeld a couple of times, and one of the Star Treks, but it looks like she gave up acting.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7409/25/2013

r74 I could never watch the ugly, blonde Emily after Melanie Smith, who was gorgeous. You actually believed every man in Oakdale's wanted to fuck her. And did. She also looked like she could be Susan's daughter and the two had great chemistry.

Fat Lily was a pig compared to her. Yet the incestuous Snyder clan preferred the sloppy sow, whose DNA was like a gnarled olive tree.

She should have had a real career.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7509/25/2013

Caleb, as portrayed by the sexy Michael David Morrison, was MY favorite Snyder.

so tragic.

by Shannon O'Harareply 7609/25/2013

My old sister Barbara Ann Ryan-Stenbeck-St. Clair-Dixon-Munson-Montgomery-Coleman has been shot through the heart, nearly gored by a bull in Spain, kidnapped *15* times, married nine times, burned in a chemical explosion and jumped out of a three-story window and she is an insatiable, bossy bottom!

by Shannon O'Harareply 7709/25/2013


I thought Christain LeBlanc played Caleb?

by Shannon O'Harareply 7809/25/2013

LeBlanc played Kirk McColl.

Michael David Morrison was in the middle of a front-burner story as Caleb and actually in the middle of a climactic cliff-hanger scene when he was found dead. The producers had to scramble and after an emergency casting call they ended up bringing in Graham Winton (who had already been a temporary replacement for Morrison) to play the character just long enough to wrap up the story. Winton ended up being a good fit and stayed for several years, although the character now became known as "Cable" thanks to his stepson, Pete Wendall (Jason Biggs).

by Shannon O'Harareply 7909/25/2013

The 'BR' stands for 'Bullshit Ridiculous'

by Shannon O'Harareply 8009/25/2013

Two successful P&G threads and not a single word about the greatest fag hag ever ?


by Shannon O'Harareply 8109/26/2013

Linda Dano was great friends with Liberace. She was offended by the recent movie with Michael Douglas and thought it was a real dishonor to his memory.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8209/26/2013

Michael David Morrison was such a talented actor, but apparently had issues.

And the shocker was he died about two weeks after Marland. So ATWT as a set was in mourning.

Graham Winton was hot, though.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8309/26/2013

R81 R82 I've read that Linda Dano is against gay marriage. It's "too soon," or some shit like that.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8409/26/2013

Can someone explain the appeal of Rachel Corey on AW? I mean she was kinda grotesque looking but somehow the main heroine of the show? I never got the appeal.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8509/26/2013

Oh, I loved Rachel. As with anything else in life and art, R85, [italic]de gustibus[/italic].

by Shannon O'Harareply 8609/26/2013

Linda Dano is not anti-gay marriage. That's ridiculous. Source please!

I know it's a bit premature, but I think the next thread should be AW-oriented. Something alluding to the incestuous relationship between Mac and Iris would be ideal.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8709/26/2013

Oh, you know what? I saw it here:

by Shannon O'Harareply 8809/26/2013

Dano is absolutely pro gay marriage as well as pro choice.

She's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. One of the very few people in Daytime where you would be hard pressed to find anyone say anything bad about her.

A lovely lovely woman.

by Shannon O'Harareply 8909/26/2013

Thank you R71....I HATED Ellen, and all the Stewarts..they looked like they all had gas all the time. However, Bruder was/is married to kind of hot doctor in real life.

Now lets talk about Eileen Fulton. She always came off as the Kim Zimmer of her time, complaining about lack of storylines, even when she got to be 100 years old. Hey Eileen, Grandpa Hughes didnt have a front burner storyline when he was old either.

She worked on that show for years, I would hope she had money saved up, but she seems like a crazy, but fun old broad who would spend it all. Didnt she have a husband who ran off with her money after spending it on vanity albums for her?

by Shannon O'Harareply 9009/26/2013

Can anybody answer me at R62? Somebody has to remember that story.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9109/26/2013

Melanie Smith as Emily was pure sex.

I remember when they were trying to get a model for a fashion show, somebody suggested Emily and Hank said she was "too voluptuous."

So of course they got Lilith and look how THAT turned out.

I did like how Lilith ended up renting Douglas Cummings' old apartment and found his secret room she could use for her own means.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9209/26/2013

Ming Na is 50. Let's let that settle for a moment.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9309/26/2013

Lien was a cougar?

by Shannon O'Harareply 9409/26/2013

Has Barbara figured out that her latest husband is gay yet?

by Shannon O'Harareply 9509/26/2013

Better gay than abusive, honey.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9609/26/2013

Who was the ATWT actor who was in a boating accident and got mangled by the propellor? He suffered some horrific cuts and almost didn't survive from loss of blood.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9709/26/2013

Greg Watkins, who played Evan Walsh. Would have liked a lick of his spermcicle.

by Shannon O'Harareply 9809/26/2013

I never liked BRO designs..not earthy enough..

by Shannon O'Harareply 9909/26/2013

Eileen Fulton created soap p.r.

Sure she was a ham and a show off, but she got people to watch and listen. Erica and Rachel were off shoots of Lisa. College age bride marries into the main family, marrying a medical student. Agnes Nixon at least knew to copy from the best.

by Shannon O'Harareply 10009/26/2013

[quote]Agnes Nixon at least knew to copy from the best.

Didn't she learn how to create soap opera period from the best, R100 (Irna Phillips)?

by Shannon O'Harareply 10109/26/2013

Andy, Lien and Julie.

by Shannon O'Harareply 10209/26/2013

Loren Dean is in that video in r102.

by Shannon O'Harareply 10309/26/2013

I loved how Sierra never wore a bra (except when binding her breasts to impersonate a male Montegan rebel!). It was so in character.

by Shannon O'Harareply 10409/26/2013

Can you believe it? I've been asked to be in Barbara's show at the Oakdale Yacht Club!

by Shannon O'Harareply 10509/26/2013

Wow Greg Watkins isn't looking too bad these days....

by Shannon O'Harareply 10609/26/2013

Better than Graham Winton:

by Shannon O'Harareply 10709/26/2013

Great to see Greg looking so good!

by Shannon O'Harareply 10809/26/2013

I do wish we'd have seen Hank Eliot in the leather bars.

Or at the secret foot fetishists club. Only size 10 feet and bigger get cast on...I mean, get admitted to the club.

by Shannon O'Harareply 10909/26/2013

The AIDS Ball had to have been the worst named function on TV. Although lots of intrigue happened there every year.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11009/26/2013


Pfft! Your AIDS Ball has nothing on my annual Snowflake Ball

by Shannon O'Harareply 11109/26/2013

It wasn't the AIDS Benefit Ball or the AIDS Charity Ball or the Wipe Out AIDS Ball.

Just The AIDS Ball.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11209/26/2013

Clearly, green is my color.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11309/26/2013

r47, I have thought about that hot little bitch Agim since the show went off. He is just perfect!

by Shannon O'Harareply 11409/26/2013

Velekka Gray (Love of Life) originated the role of Lyla Montgomery R.N. on World Turns.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11509/26/2013

Velekka Gray was engaged to Joel Crothers at the time of his death.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11609/26/2013

I liked Doug Marland's As the World Turns, but it really bothered me how incestuous and self-righteous the Snyders were.

Holden and Lily should have been permanently separated, but constantly longing for each other; instead of reforming Josh and (disgustingly) marrying him off to the sister of his rape victim, he should have been killed off. And Ellie (the most annoying one of them all) shouldn't have been brought to Oakdale.

Iva was like a constant black cloud of dysfunction wherever she went, yet Lucinda always was blamed for her fuck-ups.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11709/26/2013

They go great with Jewelry by Monet.

by Shannon O'Harareply 11809/26/2013

What about us?

by Shannon O'Harareply 11909/26/2013

r117 The Synders were low-life white trash that the whole town seemingly revolved around. That hideous farm house was the source of countless unnecessary incidents. Heifer Mama Snyder was the most enabling mother, never seeing the faults of her disgusting, incestuous children and encouraging their despicable acts. All while churning another batch of "Snyder Cider," which apparently has the side effect of making relatives want to sleep with each other.

When the Amazon Betsy with the Meg Ryan face and the linebacker body fucked Cousin Josh the rapist, the show went into a tailspin that was train-wreck watchable. And of course, her much hotter sister, Melanie Smith Emily, fucked and married Holden and tried to pass off James' baby as his. Emily fucked everybody, though. And loved it. Who wouldn't?

I like your fates for the filthy Snyders far better.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12009/26/2013

And Mama Snyder's buttermilk biscuits made me wanna puke!

by Shannon O'Harareply 12109/26/2013

Remember when Mike Ksnoff showed his bare butt in the shower?

by Shannon O'Harareply 12209/26/2013

I wanted to sample Duncan McKechnie's massive Scottish wand.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12309/26/2013

And don't forget Lauryn Hill, as the illiterate Kira, being tutored by Nancy Hughes.

You could just see the black rage bubbling beneath the surface.

I kept waiting for Hill to flip out and behead Helen Wagner on set.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12409/26/2013

R120 Cal, you left out the Snyder Eavesdropping Porch.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12509/27/2013

Zach Braff was on Howard Stern and he said he went to High School with Lauren Hill, that she was as far from her current character as she could be. He said one day she was this normal middle class kid and the next thing I know she is singing about growing up in the projects.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12609/27/2013

"Cal, you left out the Snyder Eavesdropping Porch."

Oh, how many hands did we see reaching for that screen door handle, then stopping in mid-air as a horrified look came across the owner's face? "Mama's fucking JOHN?!!"

by Shannon O'Harareply 12709/27/2013

best show ever.

by Shannon O'Harareply 12809/27/2013

r128, toots, surely you're talking about "Patterns."

by Shannon O'Harareply 12909/27/2013

Is Agim gay?

by Shannon O'Harareply 13009/27/2013

Loved the way Johnny Dixon used to pronounce Julie's last name WenDELL

by Shannon O'Harareply 13109/27/2013

I liked his "Little Miss Seattle," too, R131.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13209/27/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Shannon O'Harareply 13309/27/2013

122, Which Mike, the first monkey looking one who is on Days and always looks orange, or the second, smoking hot Mike? I missed THAT!!

LOL on the remarks on the "linebacker," Betsy and the activity with the screen door at the Snyder barn. I LOVED Marland's ATWT even though it could be sickenly earnest and WASPY and they kept doing the same damn things over and over again. I have no idea why the writers who took over through the years did not throw in some of those things for old time sake, like someone giving the speech about how "Honesty is the most important part of a relationship. Its what OURS is founded on," as you see their partner gulping down guilt over their transgression.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13409/27/2013

FYI, these are Barbara Ryan Originals. She's quite fashion-forward, isn't she?

by Shannon O'Harareply 13509/27/2013

Wasn't there a Kasnoff brother for a while? I think he had a ponytail, and was part of that era when ATWT had a lot of long haired guys. It was after I'd pretty much quit watching.

The second Mike--Mark Collier--was hot! And I did tune in the day of his shower scene.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13609/27/2013

It wasn't just the Snyder farm where the eavesdropping occurred. It was the Hughes home (usually outside of Kim's den with the red, white and blue theme), Memorial Hospital, the Mona Lisa, the castle - everywhere.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13709/27/2013

The eavesdropping on this show became an industry joke.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13809/27/2013

Soap Opera Digest gave ATWT the "Thin Walls Award" one year for all the eavesdropping.

by Shannon O'Harareply 13909/27/2013

r134 The town was infested with WASPs. Which is why I so enjoyed spreading my fake, Latin seed in the orifice of nearly every woman, whether they wanted it or not.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14009/27/2013

"The town was infested with WASPs"

Just where is this town?

by Shannon O'Harareply 14109/27/2013

"The eavesdropping on this show became an industry joke."

The soap opera "industry,' WAS a joke so no loss there!

I remember on one of the show's anniversaries, an author, I can't remember his name but he was an accademic, very serious guy, said he was a big fan of ATWT. He would stop writing and have lunch with this wife while watching the show,which they called, "Doorways," instead of ATWT because everyone was in a doorway, listening to things they shouldn't hear.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14209/27/2013

R142, that may have been the late historian Shelby Foote. He loved that show.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14309/27/2013

Yep, Shelby Foote. You don't know how many times I've said to snobby friends, "It was the thinking person's soap. The historian Shelby Foote loved it, you know. Google it."

by Shannon O'Harareply 14409/27/2013

The thinking person's soap? Oh my sides! It was the quintessential midwestern frau/home-maker soap.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14509/27/2013

Bette Davis was a big fan of World Turns as well. She thought Eileen Fulton was the best chic put together women she had ever seen.

She also thought Kathryn Hays was a sheer beauty.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14609/27/2013

I own all of them.... Thanks for making my day... Miss you all

by Shannon O'Harareply 14709/27/2013

"The thinking person's soap? Oh my sides! It was the quintessential midwestern frau/home-maker soap."

r145, the characters on ATWT had deeper conversations than those on any other soap. If you want to dismiss that by calling them "coffee klatsches" or whatever, fine. But it is still true.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14809/27/2013

ATWT used legitimate NY stage actors. It really made a huge difference.

by Shannon O'Harareply 14909/27/2013

Bette Davis also loved GL and Nola (Lisa Brown) was her favorite character. She apparently adored the Now, Voyager spoof Nola and Quint were in.

by Shannon O'Harareply 15009/27/2013

R144 World Turns suffered a drop in the ratings after ABC mounted an all out assault on the P&G soaps.

P&G feeling like their shows were a dinosaur compared to the young performers running around half-naked, having a ball on the ABC soaps.

In a panic, ATWT added a disco set, which even made the ratings drop even further.

After that they could never recover and compete with ABC

by Shannon O'Harareply 15109/27/2013

Here is a perfect example of what I mean by deeper conversations:

by Shannon O'Harareply 15209/27/2013

r149 the real unsung hero was the casting director, Betty Rea.

She discovered among others, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Margaret Colin, Parker Posey, Sherry Stringfield, the list could go on.

She over anyone else deserves just as much credit, because she found REAL actors. Not models trying to act.

by Shannon O'Harareply 15309/27/2013

No matter R152, people were switching over to see Judith Light tour-de-force performance as Karen Wolek on OLTL.

ATWT just couldn't compete against ABC

by Shannon O'Harareply 15409/27/2013

Funny, R142, that's exactly what my parents and I called the show - "Doorways" but I don't think we ever saw the Shelby Foote segment.

by Shannon O'Harareply 15509/27/2013

R155 it was an interview in Soap Opera Digest, when they did a feature on ATWT 35th Anniversary

by Shannon O'Harareply 15609/27/2013

R129 I loved how you would only really know Kim was pissed if she said "toots" or "kiddo."

LOVED that shit.

by Shannon O'Harareply 15709/27/2013

A soap is popular culture entertainment, but AW, ATWT and GL reached a lot higher than most.

In their good years, they were as well constructed and well done as a Harry Potter book/movie, and just as engaging.

by Shannon O'Harareply 15809/27/2013

bump for the best soap thread ever

by Shannon O'Harareply 15909/27/2013

R158 then why did GH, AMC & OLTL finish 1-2-3 for four straight years in the 80s?

by Shannon O'Harareply 16009/27/2013

[quote]why did GH, AMC & OLTL finish 1-2-3 for four straight years in the 80s?

You really have to ask, R160? You think ratings equals better quality?

by Shannon O'Harareply 16109/27/2013

[quote] You think ratings equals better quality?

In those years the ABC soaps DOMINATED the Daytime Emmys as well.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16209/27/2013

R160, same reason Vanilla Ice sold millions of records.

And please, this is the third P&G soap thread and they've been fun and civil. Quit with your childhood taunts.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16309/27/2013

It wasn't half-nude teenagers that got people to watch the ABC soaps. That's such a fallacy. There was a tremendous amount of imagination, energy, and vivid storytelling and characters that made these shows so successful from the late 70s through the mid-80s. They kept the core of the shows intact, built wonderful canvasses from that base, and altered the approach to telling stories. Shows like ATWT and the other dinosaurs made for passive TV viewing, hardly attractive to the thinking person, and were always the object of ridicule outside the soap world.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16409/27/2013

R163 the whole point is ABC changed the face of Daytime. Now longer was P&G the leader. ABC came on strong, revolutionizing the genre.

P&G had no choice but to follow suit. Gone were the long conversations over a cup of coffee. Gone where the long tenured actors, always having a story.

Now it was shorter scenes, more action, faster pace, adventure stories and youth.

Once ABC hit the scene, P&G never recovered.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16509/27/2013

Beg to differ. GL knocked GH out of the No !. spot during the summer of 85, and ATWT during Marland hit Number 1 quite often and was always up there in the ratings.

Both ABC and the P & G shows hit different "needs" in the soap audience. I liked them both, as I liked AMC during the Greg and Jenny thing, and would occasionally watch GH, and OLTL. I liked their energy and humor and camp, though I always went back to ATWT and GL because I grew up on them. The PG soaps DID need to keep up with the times and change, which they did, and under people like Bunim, Marland, and Long it worked. It really wasnt until MADD came along and tried to change all the PG shows into 1980s ABC shows (a style which was outdated by then ) that the shows sank.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16609/27/2013

[quote]It really wasnt until MADD came along and tried to change all the PG shows into 1980s ABC shows (a style which was outdated by then ) that the shows sank.

When MADD and FMB die, they are going to experience the eternal fire and damnation of hell for what they did to ATWT. They will undoubtedly run into Spoilerina there.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16709/27/2013

[quote] ATWT during Marland hit Number 1 quite often and was always up there in the ratings.

ATWT never hit number one with Marland. Highest it ever climbed was number 3

Y&R was number one since 1988.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16809/27/2013

IIRC, R168, there was one week in the fall of some year -- 1990, 1991? -- where WT actually hit #2. SOD did a special cover with Heather Rattray, Jon Hensley, and James Wlcek on the cover to celebrate it.

EDIT: Though the SOD cover says "climbs to the top," I thought WT only went to #2. Maybe R166 was right, after all.

by Shannon O'Harareply 16909/27/2013

Since 1988 NO SOAP has ever knocked Y&R out of the number one spot.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17009/27/2013

[r147] is actually CZ

by Shannon O'Harareply 17109/27/2013

R171 what is Catherine Zeta Jones doing posting on this thread.

Didn't know she was a fan of World Turns.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17209/27/2013

GL and ATWT not only traded actors, but plot lines as well.

The James-Barbara-Emily imbroglio was essentially repeated with the Roger-Holly-Mindy scenario on GL a few years later.

Differences of course, but the epic arch villain back from the dead with the ex wife who loathes him to the point of obsession shacking up with the much-younger, scheming daughter of a highly respected family was more than a little similar. Mindy was also knocked up by Roger, I believe, similar to Emily's bun in the oven with James.

Mindy was just a dumb, trashy, slut, though. Emily was a smarter slut during the Melanie Smith years. Mostly.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17309/27/2013

OK, just ignore the ABC fans who came over to stir up shit. Fan wars get threads deleted.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17409/27/2013

R174 you cannot deny that ABC influenced P&G to change things in their soap productions.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17509/27/2013

I don't care, r174. This isnt a thread to debate that. This is a thread to talk about the P&G shows.

I wont respond again.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17609/27/2013

I would think, if anything, it was the success of "All My Children" and "The Young and the Restless" in the 70s that caused all soaps to change.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17709/27/2013

[quote] I wont respond again.

Good then don't mind us while we talk about ABC.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17809/27/2013

Seriously, r178, why would you do that? This is a silly, nostalgic and civilized thread about old CBS soaps for fans of those shows to reminisce a bit. It's not a a forum to debate the superiority of ABC or about deacades-old ratings.

If you want a thread that discusses how ABC was the superior soap network, by all means, feel free to start one. Let the people discussing ATWT and what not enjoy their esoteric conversation. It's hardly as if the thread title was misleading or subject to interpretation.

by Shannon O'Harareply 17909/27/2013

R176/R179 I thought you said

I won't respond again.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18009/27/2013

R180 Sorry. Not r176. Just an old ATWT fan.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18109/27/2013

[r172] you made a funny but it fell flat

by Shannon O'Harareply 18209/27/2013

Why can't one be a fan of both? I was a fan of both AMC and ATWT for years. There were times when I was into AW, Loving and GL as well. Ryan's Hope was still on the air, but my local affiliate had quit carrying it by the time I got into soaps. I think I would have liked it.

Never got into the Bell shows, OLTL, GH...was into Days for a little while in high school but it got too stupid.

I think I liked AMC and ATWT so much because they both had a lot of 'real' looking people, characters of all ages, serious stories and a lot of humor.

I lost interest in ATWT when Julianne Moore left, even though I'd catch up now and again. Watched AMC until the bitter (and I mean bitter) end.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18309/27/2013

You almost had to feel for old Mama Snyder. So much fucking going on with her insatiable, incestuous kids and no one cared to even slip her an occasional bone.

John flirted a bit with her as did Cal, but they all found hotter, more glamorous hoes who were spreading ready, leaving her all alone with her butter churn. She needed to lay off the plaid and denim.

Must have really gotten her goat when perennial loser Iva shacked up with John and bore his crotch fruit. She was a colossal failure as a mother.

ATWT was always good about having it's older cast get randy. Lisa, John, Bob, Susan, John, Cal and even that fossil Nancy got some during their later years.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18409/27/2013

As much as I hated his work at DAYS, James Reilly had a great comment once.

He said the shows used to be somewhat different, show to show, and that it was great that (leave it to the fat guy to make a food analogy) you could get Italian, Chinese, etc.

And then sometime after GH sort of became the Sonny show, all the shows started getting dark and focusing on dark, ugly storylines and got very samey samey.

I agree.

The ABC shows were just fine, and AMC/OLTL had many fine moments. But GL and ATWT had more heart and more authentic emotions, and to me that made them far better. To each their own.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18509/27/2013

I think John was boning Emma. I remember a disgusting scene where John was in the kitchen (I have a love of that ugly set just because it was the only set on TV which showed a toilet complete with paper, so people would have scenes talking about illegitimate kids and Lily's latest kidnapping with a crapper behind their heads.) in a robe and Emma comes down in her robe and tells John, "Its cold down here. Why don't you come back upstairs and we will get under the cover and rub our feet together to warm up," which had to be the most disgusting sexual come on in soap history. Emma, no wonder your kids were all sluts. Imagine Kim saying that to anyone. And imagine poor John, who was boning young, cute but boring Dee, elegant and pretty Kim, and funny, voracious sex lovin' Lucinda, being stuck with fat Emma and her smelly farm feets!

by Shannon O'Harareply 18609/27/2013

For me it was ABC soaps 70s/80s, CBS soaps for 90s. Watched Ryan's Hope, EON, Generations, Sunset Beach. DOOL for awhile. Big Santa Barbara fan. Watched ATWT(Steve and Betsy) for awhile. All time fave is Guiding Light. Stopped watching GH in '84 because of it

by Shannon O'Harareply 18709/27/2013, Hogan Sheffer, (known as Heffer to the ATWT fans) even had Nancy getting some from Rose's dad...which made Nancy Hughes a cougar!!!

by Shannon O'Harareply 18809/27/2013

The original adult Emily.

by Shannon O'Harareply 18909/27/2013

Emma wasnt fat yet when she dated Johnny Boy. Skip to 39:00.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19009/27/2013

[quote]Its cold down here. Why don't you come back upstairs and we will get under the cover and rub our feet together to warm up

Aaaaggghh!!! My eyes!!! That must have been the most cringe-inducing, unerotic moment in soap history. Mama Snyder's giant, calloused, old feetses itching to play footsie. Good grief, how vile! She must've used a machete for a pedicure.

The cow was trying to catch a doctor and using a crusty old quilt and her aged dogs as bait. Sounds about right for that naive, old bat.

Almost - not quite, but almost - as bad as the Snyder itch for incest was how the men would pass around women like a football. Fat Lily, Julie and that ghastly Angel, without a doubt the most sexually undesirable woman in daytime, who fucked all three of them and married that dullard, Seth.

Angel fucked her father, though, so it's easy to see how she fit right in with the slimy Snyders.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19109/27/2013

189 I remember her. Wasnt her first scene seeing Holden come out of the Snyder pond? I loved seeing James in this clip he so much more Alan Spaulding/Roger Thorpish then he was during the Dobsons and in later incarnations of the ultimate evil. AH as HOT.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19209/27/2013

r189 Holy shit, now wonder they hired me with no experience!

A certified mirror cracker.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19309/27/2013

Ugh--Angel! Played by Alice Haining, who was a sucky replacement Liza on AMC and a sucky replacement Cecilia on Loving. Couldn't stand her on ATWT and hated when she got with my beloved Seth!

by Shannon O'Harareply 19409/27/2013

191..I love you...(I do hope you know that honesty and integrity is the key to any relationship..why I was just discussing that with Iva who I bumped into having lunch with Craig at the Mona Lisa I do think they are a nice couple and with that awful experience with that horrible Tad Channing I hope it goes well. Though Craig still seems to be carrying a bit of a flame for Sierra. Though she seems happy with her new husband Tonio. I cant believe he is working for Lucinda and that horrible James. Craig and Iva were at a table right next to Bob and Susan, which was odd, woudln't they be having a meeting at Memorial? Then on my way to the dry cleaners I bumping into Margo who seemed to have gained some weigh recently....")

I would've loved to watch the show with you back then, we would have been yelling insults at the same character.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19509/27/2013

Steve Bassett--Seth--played Farley Granger's lover in a production of "Deathtrap" then they were on ATWT at the same time. Steve was the "friend" who gave info to the press when Farley died. Think there was more going on there? Steve is a silver haired hot daddy now!

by Shannon O'Harareply 19609/27/2013

Steve Bassett was also in the play As Is in the 80s.

He is straight, married with children.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19709/27/2013

Steve Bassett also uttered the immortal line, "Fuck, yeah!" in Spring Break.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19809/27/2013

I must have seen him in AS IS, R198. But I had yet to watch a soap opera as an adult.

by Shannon O'Harareply 19909/27/2013

r195, the next time you run into Iva, assuming she isn't boring anyone with her incessant whining, ask her if Memorial provides dental coverage for its employees, and, if so, why she doesn't take advantage of it. Good grief, those crooked, yellow choppers are vile!

I assume Bob had a smile on his face as he's finally getting fucked properly by Susan. That ridiculous, dainty flower he's married to probably pins lilacs to her worn out pussy before allowing him to enter (missionary, of, course; far more ladylike).

I owe Susan a fifth of gin after betting Brock would dump Emily again so as long as she's happy, I don't have to pay up.

by Shannon O'Harareply 20009/27/2013

Funny interview with Claire Bloom about her turn on ATWT as Damian Grimaldi's mother. She is so charming and delightful.

"I don't think they'd worked out that the Grimaldis are the royal family of Monaco"

by Shannon O'Harareply 20109/27/2013


The Young and The restless hit #1 in 1987/88 . It never left. It has been the # 1 daytime drama for 26 years.

by Shannon O'Harareply 20209/27/2013

20 years ago today [09.27.1993] . . .

by Shannon O'Harareply 20309/27/2013

I have a question. If a clone never sees sun or smokes and drinks during the cloning process, why is it so wrinkly?

I'm a fucking mess!

by Shannon O'Harareply 20409/27/2013

Cynthia Watros is heading to Genoa City! Our Annie Dutton is back bitches!

by Shannon O'Harareply 20509/27/2013

r205 Are you confusing Cynthia Watros with Elizabeth Dennehy ?

by Shannon O'Harareply 20609/27/2013


by Shannon O'Harareply 20709/27/2013

As The World Turns had most fuckable men in the mid 80's. Looking at one of those clips posted even John Dixon would have done in a pinch.

Lily is, was and always will be the worst.

80's hair did no favors for the ladies.

by Shannon O'Harareply 20809/27/2013

r208 Always hated the bitch. Mother liked her best, but she was the product of two cousins fucking.

Don't ever let a Snyder in the family. They fuck everything up. And each other.

by Shannon O'Harareply 20909/27/2013

Mmm, Matt Crane. Wish he had been on ATWT. Lucky bitch Robin Christopher.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21009/27/2013

Wow. These soap threads really do take off! Expect deletion soon, however. There are a lot of non-DataLoungers here.

You can tell by their not using the R when referring to another reply.

And DLers are usually MUCH funnier and snarkier.

Now people are just randomly mentioning episodes and characters. It's like a frau feeding frenzy.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21109/27/2013

Both Liz Dennehy and Cynthia are headed for Y&R.

I hope Y&R is smart and keeps her.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21209/27/2013

[quote] Steve Bassett--Seth--played Farley Granger's lover in a production of "Deathtrap" then they were on ATWT at the same time. Steve was the "friend" who gave info to the press when Farley died. Think there was more going on there? Steve is a silver haired hot daddy now!

Did you know that Robert Calhoun, who was executive producer for most of the years Douglas Marland wrote ATWT (until Laurie Caso took over the last few years) was Farley's partner? Steve may have played with them (anything's possible) but Farley and Robert were a couple when Robert's show hired Farley as Earl Mitchell.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21309/27/2013

R203 - OMG it's Ellen Holly - I forgot she played the judge on GL!

I thought both Mallets were hot, but something about Mark Derwin is truly beautiful. He had the ability to be super macho and then, in a moment, you saw the boyish vulnerability in his face, and that mixture was SO fucking sexy.

Also, that dark furry man could fuck me fifty different ways on fifty different days.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21409/27/2013

[R211], how would you like us to proceed?

by Shannon O'Harareply 21509/27/2013

[quote] And DLers are usually MUCH funnier and snarkier.

Physician heal thy fucking self.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21609/27/2013

[quote]She also thought Kathryn Hays was a sheer beauty.

Did she say that pre or post stroke?

If it was the latter, than I completely understand.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21709/27/2013

Kathy Hays was a beauty in the 60s and 70s, in an exotic sort of way.

She's really a handsome woman now, but that 80's period of wearing tablecloths as dresses made her look frumpy, and she's had some very odd hairdos over the years.

by Shannon O'Harareply 21809/28/2013

Kathryn Hays: poster girl for old-school face lifts

by Shannon O'Harareply 21909/28/2013

It's odd to me that anyone would say Kathryn's had too much work. Her face and neck looked natural to me over all the years, not pulled or anything. She just has naturally high cheekbones and a pointy chin. That kind of bone structure is good for aging (Fulton has it, too, though she has obviously had work-- good work).

by Shannon O'Harareply 22009/28/2013

Claire Bloom was absolutely phenomenal on WT and it is a shame they couldn't work with her schedule and another actress finished the storyline.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22109/28/2013

I was more than adequate, bitches.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22209/28/2013


Oh, sorry. I was just staring into my mirror for a few minutes.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22309/28/2013

I told you bitches MONTHS ago that Cynthia Watros was the number one name at Y&R for a Phyllis recast.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22409/28/2013

Get over yourself, Agim. You're ok, but you're no Paul Korver.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22509/28/2013

R225...I LURVED Paul Kover as Chris...despite his non acting skills, he was the best Chris. He was cute and nice and while you could see he would actually be screwing Molly, he also had a sweet chemistry with Wagner as the protective grandson. The rest of the Chris sucked, that one guy they cast was hot but he looked to gay porny to be a Hughes.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22609/28/2013

Did Paul Korver play a Chris or a Paul? They had some of the cutest replacements in those roles. I wonder why so few of them stuck. I thought Scott Holroyd, who played Paul before they brought back PermaPout Howarth, was excellent as well as fantasy-fuckable.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22709/28/2013

I mentioned in the other P&G thread that I saw Scott Holroyd and his gf/wife at Bed Bath & Beyond in Chelsea when he was doing ATWT. He is very tall and incredibly handsome. Definitely very fuckable.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22809/28/2013

There's an episode of WITHOUT A TRACE in which Scott Holroyd plays a US serviceman accused of rape in Japan. He is so eminently fuckable, I'm, like, "No, there is NO WAY he would have to rape someone to have sex with her." He's so hot, but at the same time, seems like such a regular guy. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a nighttime starring gig, particularly on CBS, which seems to like him.

by Shannon O'Harareply 22909/28/2013

r224, is CW going to be playing Phyllis? Is the recurring character a smokescreen?

by Shannon O'Harareply 23009/28/2013

I think the recurring character is a smokescreen.

Ironically CW was JFP last hire at GL before she was sacked. And JFP hired CW as a heroine, and then Paul Rauch turned her into a villian.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23109/28/2013

R203, thank you for posting that! I have this episode on video cassette from back in the VCR days but now of course I no longer have a VCR.

Harley and Mallet were one of my favorite couples. Mallet was a strong guy but also had that sexy vulnerable side. And Beth Ehlers played Harley brilliantly in those days.

And Ellen Holly as Judge Collier! I read an interview with her once and she mentioned that GL was a lovely experience for her.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23209/28/2013

Alan White was one of the worst of the Chrises. Too bad he was fired before this scene.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23309/28/2013

Why did Michelle Stafford leave YR? Yes I' know I'm late to the party

by Shannon O'Harareply 23409/28/2013

I missed Alan White completely. But maybe that's a good thing, R233. When I first saw your pic, I thought I was looking at R. Howarth.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23509/28/2013


[italic]Guiding Lighr[/italic]'s Harley and Mallet were my favorite couple - it was totally the execution of the love story. (Weird use of the word [italic]execution[/italic], I know.)

You can view many clips @ YouTube from the site members SheRod AKA Jezzafanatic, link below, and jenniferec2003. The latter has more. The former, though not presenting anything near complete, went further back with that love story (by about two months). That Harley-and-Mallet love story played out from the summer of 1991 to wedding in September 1993.

Milestone anniversaries are fun! 20 years ago, [italic]GL[/italic]'s Sherry Stringfield played the supporting role as the ex-wife of series co-lead David Caruson on ABC's [italic]NYPD Blue[/italic], which debuted on Sept. 21, 1993. Also this month, from 20 years ago, Roseanne [Barr Arnold] won her sole best-actress Emmy for ABC's [italic]Roseanne[/italic]. Around this period, she had guests from [italic]General Hospital[/italic] and [italic]One Life to Live[/italic] appear on her sitcom.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23609/28/2013

There's a "Movies That Make You Cry" thread going on elsewhere today. I'm much more inclined to cry in response that happens on TV, usually on a soap, usually when someone dies.

My cryingest was Maureen Bauer's death, of course. Here's Linda Ronstadt over the end credits.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23709/28/2013

The other soap funeral that makes me cry is Michael Hudson's in 1998 or '99 on ANOTHER WORLD. It's snowing out in Bay City, and the New York City Gay Men's Chorus sings "No One Is Alone." It's just so moving.

I can't find a video of it on You Tube, and I can't link to it on Spotify, where it does happen to reside. You can buy it on the New York City Gay Men's Chorus album LOVE LIVES ON. I'll leave a link to that. It's so worth owning.

by Shannon O'Harareply 23809/28/2013

Not a funeral, but the death of a character...Jennifer Munson's death was very hard to watch. By the time it aired, Ben Hendrickson had killed himself and his sleepwalking stunned reaction to the death of Jennifer was devastating. I couldn't believe they were really going to kill off a legacy character of that value. (couldn't find the clip of Ben H, but here are Jennifer's last moments.)

by Shannon O'Harareply 23909/28/2013

Frau invasion alert at r235-r239.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24009/28/2013

Nope. Not true, R240.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24109/28/2013

I doubt Cynthia Watros is playing a recast for anybody. She's probably playing Niki's long lost daughter.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24209/28/2013

um, excuse me, R240, try the last 100 posts!

and it started out so great!

by Shannon O'Harareply 24309/28/2013

No, these threads get deleted when they turn it to bitchfests and fan battles. We have gotten through two and a half threads just fondly reminiscing about our shows.

As Kim would say, "If you don't like it, move along, Toots!"

by Shannon O'Harareply 24409/28/2013

Funny how whomever replaced Claire Bloom played the character so much more nuttier.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24509/28/2013

Watros' character is going to be interacting with Chloe and Billy--speculation is that she will be a doctor who treats B&C's dying daughter, whose corneas will be given to Steve Burton's character's erstwhile son. shittacular as the above sounds, it's well within possibility that JFP would waste Watros in this way rather than getting her on contract as the Phyllis recast.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24609/28/2013

[quote]whose corneas will be given to Steve Burton's character's erstwhile son.

If your status as son is "erstwhile," what good will someone else's corneas do you?

by Shannon O'Harareply 24709/28/2013

Why on earth would Watros take a thankless supporting role for three days so far beneath her talents? It's got to be a smokescreen for Phyllis.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24809/28/2013


That's what I am thinking. But I guess it has to do with not getting work. Last thing I saw Cynthia Watros in was the ABC Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation, [italic]A Smile As Big As the Moon[/italic], which had aired in January 2012.

by Shannon O'Harareply 24909/28/2013

Back to Oakdale please!

Didn't Hogan Sheffer want to bring in a new son for Bob, from a brief offscreen affair with his ex, Sandy?

by Shannon O'Harareply 25009/28/2013

I will be so mad if the Watros role is a walk on. I mean this is Annie Dutton Lewis for Christ's sake! Soap opera legend! So Steve Burton gets the whole show centered around his shitty character and Watros gets a grief counselor three day role? Where's the fucking justice?

by Shannon O'Harareply 25109/28/2013

Maura West said on her twitter feed that she and Cynthia Watros were at college together! Small world.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25209/28/2013

I doubt that's true about Bob and Sandy. Sheffer and Goutman hardly ever did any research on the show's history. Which is why they brought Dusty back as an old flame of Lily's but never realized he was essentially John's son.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25309/28/2013

Twitter is blowing up with the Watros news. If Y&R is smart, they will get her on contract stat. Hell, they may even get back some of the Guiding Light viewers who ditched CBS daytime.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25409/28/2013

Steve Burton's character doesn't have a son. That was revealed to be Adam Newman's son.

But he has blindness so the cornea deal could be happening.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25509/28/2013

Hey fuckface at R247? "Erstwhile" means "former," not "dead."

by Shannon O'Harareply 25609/28/2013

R255: ERSTWHILE son. Jesus.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25709/28/2013

I Told you bitches MONTHS AGO that Cynthia Watros was the number one recast choice for Phyllis.

But did you guys believe me?


by Shannon O'Harareply 25809/28/2013

btw there is only a three year age difference between Michelle Stafford and Cynthia Watros.

by Shannon O'Harareply 25909/28/2013

Hey, shitbreathing moron at R256, how can you be an erstwhile son [italic]unless you're dead[/italic]? What, pray tell, in that mini-mind of yours, is a "former son"?

by Shannon O'Harareply 26009/28/2013

They had better not be killing off Delia!

by Shannon O'Harareply 26109/28/2013

Hey folks, this is P&G soaps. Take the Bell shit to the Bell thread.

by Shannon O'Harareply 26209/28/2013

This opening of GL was THE SHIT.

by Shannon O'Harareply 26309/28/2013

Here was Annie and Reva's first real confrontation. Josh had married Annie that day & had discovered his ex was alive and kicking:

by Shannon O'Harareply 26409/28/2013

R263, I love that opening too! Morgan Englund as Dylan shirtless, hot! And I love the little dance that Harley does at the end!

by Shannon O'Harareply 26509/28/2013

I always thought Aaron Snyder was a hot looking dude.

by Shannon O'Harareply 26609/28/2013

I don't understand the recent Agim Kaba love on here.

He's got an attractive face, but he was manorexic, couldn't act worth a damn, and had a Joyce DeWitt hairdo. Ick.

by Shannon O'Harareply 26709/29/2013

R260, you stupid fuck, Connor was thought to be Dylan's son, but was in fact Adam's. "Erstwhile" fits. You are a fucking idiot if you don't understand.

by Shannon O'Harareply 26809/29/2013

What the fuck does erswhile mean and who gives a fuck anyways!

by Shannon O'Harareply 26909/29/2013

R268 At least I am smart enough not to watch that POS show.

Also, He Who Has No Gray Matter, no matter how you try to twist it, one thing you cannot be in this world is an "erstwhile son." I don't know who Connor or Dylan are, but if Connor was never Dylan's son, HE WAS NEVER DYLAN'S SON. Therefore, he can never have been Dylan's erstwhile son. He may have been thought to be Dylan's son, but HE WAS NEVER DYLAN'S SON. No erstwhility about it.

Since you have such a fast-and-loose relationship with word meanings, you obviously should go back to grammar school during the day instead of staying home to watch soap operas.

Again: not erstwhile.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27009/29/2013

OK, so I was a whore last night. You do realize that HIV is very tough to get. Factor that in with the almost 100% certainty that all the guys bagged it, and me turning up poz is more remote than Sarah Palin winning a two-term presidency with Sean Hannity as her VP. So please, even though I appreciate your (unfounded) concern, I will be fine.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27109/29/2013

R271 = Paul Ryan?

by Shannon O'Harareply 27209/29/2013

sorry posted in wrong thread

by Shannon O'Harareply 27309/29/2013

There's a Ball for that, R271.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27409/29/2013

The Connor and Dylan mess belongs on the Y&R thread.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27509/29/2013

Where is the Y&R thread? I'm getting tired of talking P&G now.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27609/29/2013

Link is the most recent Bell thread. Please, all Bell soap lovers can go there. Along with the heinous piece of shit who felt a need to post ninety fucking posts about the use of the word "erstwhile."


by Shannon O'Harareply 27709/29/2013

This is an ersatz P&G thread. The tennis pro/Springfield thread was much more authentique.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27809/29/2013

R203 here.

I'm the one who posted about Sept. 27 having marked 20 years from the broadcast date of the Harley-and-Mallet wedding.

Also 20 years ago, [italic]Guiding Light[/italic] cast Marj Dusay to take over the role of Alexandra Spaulding. She made her debut in September 1993.

How does feel about Dusay in that role? She was very different from Beverlee McKinsey.

by Shannon O'Harareply 27909/29/2013

r267, bitch, I know you didn't just try it. Aaron did not have an eating disorder! Agim has a beautiful smile as well, that was one of the best parts of watching this shit was when he wasn't trying to be so butch and actually laughed

by Shannon O'Harareply 28009/29/2013

As evidenced by r279 et al, this thread has devolved into a frau-for-all. Can someone start a P&G thread where we can just discuss the hot P&G guys throughout the years and not the stupid storylines and romances?

by Shannon O'Harareply 28109/29/2013


I love, love, LOVE McKinsey. She will always be #1 of Everything Forever for me.

But I have to say, I also loved Dusay. And in her first go round as Alex, I thought she did wonderfully. She captured a lot of McKinsey's Alex. The scenes where Mindy first sees Alex again captures that voice-with-venom bits perfectly.

It was Dusay's returns in later years that I found disappointing. Most of that can be blamed on the truly hideous shit GL writers dreamed up for Alex. They destroyed her character. There is NO WAY EVER that Alex, who had Brandon and Nick kept from her, would have hid the truth about Gus from Alan. There is NO WAY EVER that Alex would have become a drug dealer, or put on a wig to gaslight someone. That wasn't Alex's style.

But I also think at some point, Dusay either lost interest or went on autopilot. Or she learned some bad over the top kind of things when on AMC, because later Alex became very cartoonish. She probably was just like, time for a paycheck.

She's a very talented woman. I have a lot of respect for her. And I thought Joan Collins' take was interesting - not a surprise, since Alexis was based on Iris. Full circle, indeed.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28209/29/2013

Actually, demanding cunt at R281, there's a thread already for just that reason!

Be a dear and waddle over to it.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28309/29/2013

r281, I already started a thread for Agim Kaba. You may use it if you'd like, but you must post a few words of admiration for his hotness in every post!

by Shannon O'Harareply 28409/29/2013


Troll-dar indicates you started posting in this thread @ R3.

@ R24, you discussed Maeve Kinkead.

@ R87, you wrote about Linda Dano.

@ R240, you mentioned that preceding posts (which included mine) were a frau invasion. (I'm male.)

@ R271 and R273, you wrote a response that was intended to be posted by you in a different thread (and admitted it).

I'm staying with the thread topic, and I would like you to either do just that - or go elsewhere. You've posted over 20 replies in this thread, and I didn't think to troll-dar you until you became [italic]too[/italic] obvious.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28509/29/2013

Perhaps R281 was confused, R285.

I mean, Linda Dano and Agim Kaba DO have the same hairstyle. I'm sure her dick is bigger, though.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28609/29/2013

How can you people not love me? I'm stunning.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28709/29/2013

How cum you never got more work as an actor, Agim?

by Shannon O'Harareply 28809/29/2013

His name was Stricklyn, not Strickland, r120.

by Shannon O'Harareply 28909/29/2013

r289 Like it matters. He wouldn't touch me even when I stuffed potpourri in my pussy so fuck him and his rapist son.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29009/29/2013

It's infighting like this that gets these threads deleted.

We're lucky to have a P&G thread. Let's not push it by demanding various subcategories.

Let's all get along and learn to live together. We're here to talk about all aspects of P&G soaps. If you're not interested in what one particular person is saying, then skip it and move along to the next posting in the thread. It's very simple to do.

Don't kill a good thing by all this infighting.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29109/29/2013

Why was there never a ATWT/GL crossover? Would have been a ratings bonanza. The thought of Reva bitch slapping Iva for being such a downtrodden whiner and Emily fucking everyone in Springfield would have been a blast.

Springfield residents would be in shock at how conventional and boring the Hughes family was. Billy would have fucked Lucinda. Harley would have fucked a Snyder, no doubt. The were her speed.

The Snyder's could have been the embarrassing white trash cousins of the Shaynes, which is saying something, as the Shaynes were such trash. But fun trash.

Pity this never happened.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29209/29/2013

Does anyone remember the scene when a sweaty, shirtless Aaron was chopping wood in front of the Snyder's place and Holden came out to chat with him?. So hot!

by Shannon O'Harareply 29309/29/2013

I agree with r282.

While La Beverlee was the gold standard, Dusay did an admirable job replacing her. For the first several years, she was superb.

It was the last year of her first stint that started going wrong, what with her supposedly hiding Amanda's true birth certificate showing Brandon, not Alan, was her father.

When she came back in 2003 after her stint on AMC, she did seem on auto-pilot. She did the job she was required to do, but didn't seem to put a lot of extra effort into it. But they were giving her very un-Alex like stories at that point, things that La Bev would have never been asked to do, including hiding Gus' paternity, running drugs, etc. Hard to get excited when you're getting lackluster scripts that go against your character.

I also understand Marj was having various health difficulties starting about that time too, which may have accounted for some of her auto-pilot performances.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29409/29/2013

R292 I think that could have been a blast, but the likely culprit is that several actors did both shows.

Lisa Brown did GL (Nola) and ATWT (Iva) Ellen Dolan (Mo on GL, Margo on ATWT)

Others that did both: Mark Pinter, Ben Hendrickson, Jesse Soffer, and so on.

Not impossible, but then again. P&G didn't give a fuck about these shows by the time crossovers like Y&R/B&B's Sheila/Lauren became popular.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29509/29/2013

Mary Kay Adams and Justin Deas also did both shows. A few "Another World" visited ATWT after AW was canceled, including Cass Winthrop.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29609/29/2013

Hunt Block also did both shows (Ben Warren, GL /Craig on Atwt)

by Shannon O'Harareply 29709/29/2013

I love Marj Dusay. Poor woman seemed to always be the replacement. She replaced Carolyn Jones on "Capitol," she replaced the British woman as Jeffrey and Mason's mother on "Santa Barbara" and replaced McKinsey on GL.

Hell, she wasn't even the first actress to play Blair's mother on "The Facts of Life."

by Shannon O'Harareply 29809/30/2013

I wish Jane Eliot had returned to GL at some point in the 90s and continued Carrie's story.

by Shannon O'Harareply 29909/30/2013

Ross and Carrie

by Shannon O'Harareply 30009/30/2013

[quote] I love Marj Dusay. Poor woman seemed to always be the replacement.

She did create the role of Vanessa the drug lord on AMC

This was WAY before Breaking Bad on AMC

by Shannon O'Harareply 30109/30/2013

I was the original female drug lord on All My Children.

by Shannon O'Harareply 30209/30/2013

Lydia from Breaking Bad on AMC is a good successor to a female drug lord.

by Shannon O'Harareply 30309/30/2013

Alright, let's not cross pollinate daytime dramas here bitches.

After all, this about my tight, slender body and painted on jeans I often wore.

by Shannon O'Harareply 30409/30/2013

R304 it is the morning after of the last episode of Breaking Bad on AMC

Give us a break!

by Shannon O'Harareply 30509/30/2013

Agim at r304, you looked so much prettier with the long hair.

by Shannon O'Harareply 30609/30/2013

I know it's a P&G thread, but here is one of Marj's funniest and campiest performances as Vanessa Cortlandt, complete with reference to Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall with a dash of Norma Desmond for good measure. A soap opera scene that is iconic to the gay community (with a fashionably late arrival from one Erica Kane, no less):

by Shannon O'Harareply 30709/30/2013

Marj said Vanessa antics got so crazy, she threw any motivation out the window, and just played it for camp.

by Shannon O'Harareply 30809/30/2013

They had a great character when Vanessa arrived. She was perfect as the amoral socialite going after Palmer Courtland, aggravating David and Leo and scheming against Erica. She kind of filled the void of old school Phoebe.

The drug lord stuff never made sense, and they ruined what could have been a colorful long term character. They also shifted her from going after Erica in a passive aggressive way to going after Greenlee in an over the top villain way, and it was just not as an interesting dynamic. They also really contorted her timeline so in her back story she was trying to make it in Hollywood as a fortysomething widow (and drug lord).

by Shannon O'Harareply 30909/30/2013

Even Marj said she didn't think the story had legs. Every time she finished a cycle in her contract, she thought she'd get fired. But then they would pick up the option.

This crazy drug lord storyline went on for almost a year. It could have gone on longer, but by then Josh Duhamel wanted to quit so they wrote Marj out with Josh.

by Shannon O'Harareply 31009/30/2013
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