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Aunt Diane trolls: Stephen King might be writing a novel based on your favorite drunk.

I can't wait.

[quote] He has also just had the earliest peckings of a new book idea. It came from a news story that was big in the US last year, about a Brooklyn woman who drove the wrong way down a motorway with a car full of children, killing them all. It wasn't the horror of the incident that interested King, but the unanswered questions. "I have stories that ask to be written. And the thing that interested me about that crash on I-95 was that her husband swears up and down that she wasn't a big drinker, and that she wasn't drunk when she left with them. But there was a bottle of vodka in the car. She was high as a kite. So I'm saying to myself, there's a real mystery here." A pause. "It's the kind of mystery that only fiction can unravel." And so it begins.

by Elaine Stritch reply 4210/05/2013

Stephen King's Wrongway Vodkavan Momfrau. Loves it.

by Elaine Stritch reply 109/23/2013

I hope he sets it in Maine and has Diane talk like Annie Wilkes when she's blackout drunk.

by Elaine Stritch reply 209/23/2013

There's no mystery there. He sounds like a moron.

by Elaine Stritch reply 309/23/2013

It wasn't I95, it was the Taconic. And everyone knows Aunt Diane was a closet drinker/druggie. Except, apparently, her family. Where's the mystery?

by Elaine Stritch reply 409/23/2013

This is off topic but the entire King family is unattractive and they all come across as strange especially the wife and daughter.

by Elaine Stritch reply 509/23/2013

Well, not a mystery to wise DLers, but it's a mystery to the dumb masses (who usually buy his books).

by Elaine Stritch reply 609/23/2013

The last pages will describe a heretofore unmentioned alien sect controlling Diane from another dimension.

by Elaine Stritch reply 709/23/2013

She killed people in her cockadoodie car!

by Elaine Stritch reply 809/23/2013

How soon before he writes a book about the almiqui?

by Elaine Stritch reply 909/23/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Elaine Stritch reply 1009/23/2013

The Kings look like the Addams Family of Bangor, Maine.

by Elaine Stritch reply 1109/23/2013

I-95? Off to a great start, Stephen.

by Elaine Stritch reply 1209/23/2013

He's never seemed to have a problem dealing with the facts before

by Elaine Stritch reply 1309/23/2013

She was from Long Island, not Brooklyn.

She was on the Taconic state highway, not 95.

And she killed four of five kids, not all of them.

Boy, should be a bone chiller.

by Elaine Stritch reply 1409/23/2013

[quote] a news story that was big in the US last year, about a Brooklyn woman who drove the wrong way down a motorway with a car full of children

Long Island, not Brooklyn

In 1993 I actually met Stephen King in a bar in Brooklyn

by Elaine Stritch reply 1509/23/2013

Y'all do know that he writes fiction, right?

by Elaine Stritch reply 1609/23/2013

[quote] How soon before he writes a book about the almiqui?

Not soon enough

by Elaine Stritch reply 1709/23/2013

He already wrote his guilt drunk epitath. It was called The Shining.

by Elaine Stritch reply 1809/23/2013

I thought he retired after his accident. What happened?

by Elaine Stritch reply 1909/23/2013

[quote]I thought he retired after his accident. What happened?

King is the quintessential example of the saying "A Writer Writes." So many authors are potential NY Times Bestsellers, but lack discipline or focus, or even desire, to write every day. Writing teachers say you should write 1,000 - 3,000 words a day. Four-twelve pages a day. And if you're a fiction writer, the essential thing is "tension" on each page. And no, you can't put the word "tension" in the footer!

by Elaine Stritch reply 2009/24/2013

A book by Stephen King about Diana Schuler? Now that might be interesting. He's an alcoholic himself and he sure knows how to spin a horrifying tale. I think he's well equipped to come up with a horror story about an arrogant, controlling female closet alcoholic who ends up killing a slew of children and three innocent drivers.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2109/24/2013

I tell ya, my Aunt Diane would be spinnin' in her grave...the wrong way.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2209/24/2013

Evidently, The Guardian also writes fiction.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2309/24/2013

what's the gossip on Stephen king? have you seen his wife? I can't believe he actually fucks that cow.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2409/24/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Elaine Stritch reply 2509/24/2013

The King family are awesome left-wingers. Totally liberal and cool.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2609/24/2013

Can he put a more eerie spin on the story than HBO did? I think this story is done. Plus, will her family, that dumbass she married, get any profit from it?

by Elaine Stritch reply 2709/24/2013

Is there still something wrong with her?

There's something wrong with Tanya, you know.

by Elaine Stritch reply 2809/24/2013

Doesn't he hire creative writing grads to write his books?

by Elaine Stritch reply 2909/24/2013

That made a great subject for a documentary. One of the first great unsolved mysteries of this new century!

by Elaine Stritch reply 3009/24/2013

I hope he keeps in the part where, the morning of her death, she causes a row at a McDonalds because they wouldn't give her son Chicken McNuggets for breakfast.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3109/25/2013

Who knew Stephen King was a datalounger?

by Elaine Stritch reply 3209/25/2013

I think he means all the children in the car, R15, not all her children.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3309/25/2013

[quote]Doesn't he hire creative writing grads to write his books?

No, not King. It's one of the other big time authors. I can't remember who. I think James Patterson.

King is pretty prolific and writes everyday. He frequently chastises other writers who take too long between books.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3409/25/2013

No, R34, he doesn't mean that.

She had five children in the car: two were hers, three were her brother's.

She killed all three of her brother's daughters.

She killed her own daughter and almost killed her son but he survived with TBI and a multitude of other physical issues.

So of the five children in the car, she killed four.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3509/25/2013

Brooklyn is on the same peninsula as Long Island. It's called Nassau-Suffolk on the map.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3609/25/2013

Aunt Diane IS Pennywise!!!!

by Elaine Stritch reply 3709/25/2013

Where is Lawnguyland Danny on this thread?

by Elaine Stritch reply 3810/05/2013

R30, I heard it was Dean Koontz who does that. Which makes sense, because each book he releases sucks just a little differently than the last.

I just picked up Doctor Sleep, and I would definitely read King's take on aunt Diane...even though I think there probably isn't much truth to him writing about her.

by Elaine Stritch reply 3910/05/2013

I can't believe how many Dean Koontz books I used to read. The first I read was Intensity and I was hooked for about five years on every one that came out (I was in my mid-20's)!

I doubt I could get through a chapter, now.

by Elaine Stritch reply 4010/05/2013

Stephen, please write the story from the POV of one of the older girls. Truly fucked up horror story right there.

by Elaine Stritch reply 4110/05/2013
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