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Even the NYTimes admits: I'm the queen of everything at Condé Nast

Bow and exalt, bitches.

by Anna "Nuclear" Wintourreply 209/23/2013

Oh yeah? Let her cross Victoria Newhouse just once.....

by Anna "Nuclear" Wintourreply 109/23/2013

Wasn't she the one that fucked up Home and Garden having it cancelled under her watch? What a foolish move on Conde' Nast's part. There were rumors that she serviced Sy Newhouse and that's why she's stuck around.No matter she summers in a white trash area and that is so benefiting someone with such a speckled and lowly born pedigree.Oh and does she tell people that she's actually half American as well.....

by Anna "Nuclear" Wintourreply 209/23/2013
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