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What Do We Know about Sean Kleier?

I saw him in the new Expedia commercial; he is the hottie who plays the character who is approached on the street and told that he can go anywhere in the world if he goes now. He chooses China.

He has his own website which is comprised of his first name, last name, dot com (DL's web controls wouldn't allow me to imbed an URL.) There are other videos of him there, and Google returns a few.

He pings to me. Is this wishful thinking because he's good-looking, sexy, and young? Or does the boy ping for anyone else? There are a lot of people working in television, film, and theater who are regulars to the DL. What say you? Is he a rising star? Or just an up and coming flavor of the month?

by O.W.reply 309/23/2013

hello, Sean!

by O.W.reply 109/23/2013

OP, maybe you'll run into him and he'll have sex with you!

by O.W.reply 209/23/2013

OP, he's definitely gay! And I think he'd be attracted to you. You've got a real shot with him.

OK, satisfied? Now go jerk off, creep.

by O.W.reply 309/23/2013
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