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Veterans have been mentioned a lot recently in the numerous threads and flame wars we have been having on public assistance. Why are veterans still lumped to impoverished groups of Americans? I work for the government with a lot of vets. They are anything but impoverished. They have the best cushy jobs and never worry about money. They have benefits on top of benefits, get subsidized educations, and they have job preference over everyone. In my state, there are usually a ton of veterans measures to be voted on during every election, usually another tax break, and they always get the votes.

Before you vets rip me a new asshole, please. I understand what a sacrifice and an honorable service this is, and that there are poor vets out there with issues that prevent them from working all together. But are we always going to think of vets and their families as poor people living of their last dimes? It seems like a pretty nice gig these days that leads to even better jobs.

by J. Fondareply 1509/24/2013

Sociopaths stick together

by J. Fondareply 109/23/2013

OP do you work with officers? If so, I agree with you. You cannot tell me that those in lower ranks do well...far from it!

by J. Fondareply 209/23/2013

Lower ranks have shitty pay?

by J. Fondareply 309/23/2013

You spend a tour or two in Iraq or Afghanistan and watch your buddies die while you fear for yourself. The OP is an asshole that has no understanding of what happens to our veterans.

Veterans are committing suicide at the rate of one an hour, more than twice that for non veterans.

If you end up fit for anything after time in the military, many do not have skills that translate to the civilian work force.

Bouts of depression and drug abuse along with PTSD and other issues related to health and service. Vets come back after long separations to face family problems and other readjustment issues.

Now, can we talk about those that came back missing arms and legs or with brain injuries?

by J. Fondareply 409/23/2013

This is partly a collective response to our guilt as a nation over how we treated returning Vietnam veterans. I agree that it's fairly ridiculous, especially since Vietnam was the last real war any of these people had to actually fight. Even the Iraq War (redux) was a cakewalk compared to the ground wars of the past.

by J. Fondareply 509/23/2013

The estimates are that with the House Republican bill 170,000 out of a total of 900,000 veterans receiving food stamps would no longer be eligible.

This is not some kind of special benefit for veterans. It is veterans whose economic circumstances currently make they eligible.

You can see how foolish OPs comment is just from this line " I work for the government with a lot of vets." If you are working a full time government job the likelihood that your CO-WORKERS would be on food stamps is probably next to none.

Not all veterans get the supposed cushy jobs OP is talking about. As hard as it might be for you to believe - in this economy just like many other people veterans have trouble finding work. (An interesting aside is one reason they have trouble is military job certifications don't translate to the private sector. Even though you may have been doing a paremedic's job in the army - you don't leave the army with private sector certification to be a paramedic.)

I'm still laughing about OPs trying to compare co-workers in a government job with people who are on food stamps.

by J. Fondareply 609/23/2013

r4 & r6 = Veterans with cushy jobs

by J. Fondareply 709/23/2013

R7 - did a vet call you fat?

by J. Fondareply 809/23/2013

They're sure as shit not protecting anybody's freedom here.

by J. Fondareply 909/23/2013

Why do people join the army if they know it's going to be tough afterwards?

by J. Fondareply 1009/23/2013

[quote]They're sure as shit not protecting anybody's freedom here.

Exactly. Let Haliburton and all of the rest of the global corporate and financial interests who are the direct beneficiaries of US military actions support the troops.

by J. Fondareply 1109/23/2013

[quote] Why are veterans still lumped to impoverished groups of Americans?

they are very very often unemployable - a GREAT secret in this society.

by J. Fondareply 1209/23/2013

I agree with R4 and R6

by J. Fondareply 1309/23/2013

I'm a veteran who served in Afghanistan, and to an extent, OP is 100% correct. However, veterans usually have a couple of things working against them...

Within the bubble of the military, a high school diploma or degree from University of Phoenix won't prevent one from having a successful career. But once someone decides to leave the bubble (especially before they've served their 20 years), they find out quickly that they can't compete with the general population.

Also, mental illness is rampant in the military. From PTSD and depression, to schizophrenia and BPD...unless someone is getting treatment, their personal demons will make it hard for them to integrate into society (and get jobs, pay bills, etc.).

[quote]especially since Vietnam was the last real war any of these people had to actually fight. Even the Iraq War (redux) was a cakewalk compared to the ground wars of the past

While the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven't been the deadliest, they've still claimed thousands of lives...and left thousands more severely injured.

by J. Fondareply 1409/24/2013

I like it when they kill all those innocent people in Iraq and Vietnam and get medals and when two hot guys in Boston do the same thing they get vilified for it.

by J. Fondareply 1509/24/2013
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