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Republican double-standard

Why is it when a Democrat does voluntary gay sex, it becomes a perversion and national security threat (a la McCarthy).

But when a Republican gets caught sexually harassing male interns or having sex with underage boys, it becomes an invasion of privacy issue and witch-hunt by the "liberal press."

Go figure.

by Mr. Phyllis Schlafly, deceasedreply 309/23/2013

Because Republicans, in their own eyes, can do no wrong, and anything seedy is either an invasion of their privacy, or 'not what it seems'.

by Mr. Phyllis Schlafly, deceasedreply 109/23/2013


by Mr. Phyllis Schlafly, deceasedreply 209/23/2013

Because Republicans and other authoritarian personalities see the world in" us-vs-them" terms. Anyone who's on the outside ("them") is seen as an enemy, and everything they do is bad and threatening. Those on the inside ("us") are forgiven all their misdeeds, even if they're exactly the same thing they're pillorying their enemies for.

Because of this mindset, they have massive double standards for absolutely everything.

by Mr. Phyllis Schlafly, deceasedreply 309/23/2013
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