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Why do minorities support the Republicans?

Why do asians, blacks, hispanics, gays and women support the Republican Party? Is it self-hatred? Financial or social advantage? Why are these people looking for approval from those that hate them. Even judging from the censored MSM, it' s plain that most of the corruption in our government, corporations and churches are Republicans. Pedophilia and forced male prostitution is almost exclusively a Republican issue. “Let's face it”--as Nelson Rockefeller would say—a Republican is simply a variant of a psychopath.

Right now, our President is facing a group of psychopaths in Congress that are trying to cut off food stamps in an attempt to stave and torture poor minorities, gays, women and yes, even seniors. This on top of cutting any social service the Republicans can get away with. Yet 40% of the federal budget goes to the military and 3% to feed the helpless.

This is unacceptable and should be a wakeup call to minorities, gays and women still in the predator party. The self-hatred trip is over. You are killing your brothers and sisters!

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 12710/13/2013

Why does ANYONE with any decency support them?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 109/22/2013

Psychopath and Republican is a redundancy.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 209/22/2013

Decency and Republican is an oxymoron.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 309/22/2013

Obama is destroying this country!

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 409/22/2013

Islam is the scourge upon the planet, but the liberals defend it's beliefs vociferously

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 509/22/2013

Reality and liberal is an oxymoron

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 609/22/2013


by Keep American Freeper-freereply 709/22/2013

I switched from Demo to Repub when the Republicans lowered the tax rates. I'm never, ever going back to that nanny government again.

And the only kind of food for the poor program I will support is a free package of vegetable seeds and a sturdy trowel.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 809/22/2013

[r4][r5], choke on Daddy Bush's smallmeat, Freeper!

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 909/22/2013

Blacks and Asians are very conservative socially. Asians usually vote Republican due to religion and taxes. Blacks vote Democrat due to government assistance, abortion, and because the Republican party is inherently racist, and has next to no poc leading them.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1009/22/2013

F&F you know who.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1209/22/2013

You're such a fucking idiot, R11. Idiots like you always try to pull this shit where you change the subject.

Republican policies affect our lives, you rancid cunt. We're not in Iran, fuckface.

Please go to Iran and tell them you're queer so we can be rid of your useless, scum-sucking, freeper ass.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1409/22/2013

Black culture HATES gays!!!

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1509/22/2013

[r9] = Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1609/22/2013

At [r16], I meant [r11], not myself. I really look like this:

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1709/22/2013

R11, it is spelt Museum not Musim, and they haven't held a beheading since King Tut's tomb was discovered.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1809/22/2013

R17, stop drinking and go to bed. We know when you are drunk posting.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 1909/22/2013

Republicans like to shoot Bambis too.

They'd really like to shoot blacks, asians, hispanics and gays in this country, but they haven't taken over both houses and the presidency and "reformed" the federal game laws yet.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2009/22/2013

Why do minorities support Democrats? Blacks have given the Democratic party literally slavish loyalty and NOTHING HAS CHANGED for them - oh yes, some window dressing and a half-black President. But poverty, income, and education levels are stagnant. All the programs from the Great Society to the present have not moved the needle. WHY NOT TRY SOMETHING ELSE? Why not try for more than minimum wage jobs or GED's?

And black leadership has done nothing but enrich itself and get headlines while leaving the people in poverty.

Hispanics, on the other hand, are moving up. And they are split - a majority are Democrats but there are more Hispanic Republican officeholders nationwide - playing with both parties has helped.

Being in the plantation of one party or another solely leads nowhere. That is why smart minorities consider their own economic self-interest and support others than Democrats.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2109/22/2013

R21. Just shut-up. You sound like a complete fool with that "plantation" talk.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2209/22/2013

The only people who should be supporting Republicans are ultra-wealthy straight white Christian males.

And even not most of them.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2309/22/2013

They don't. Republicans get about 10 percent of the black vote, even before Obama. The Latino vote varies, but Romney got about 27 percent.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2409/22/2013

The Republican Party will be dead sooner rather than later. They can't help but be racist. Sure, they have their token Hispanic, Asian or black officeholder, but deep down they if it is not white, it is not right.

The Republican Leadership understands this, but their hands are tied.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2509/22/2013

The vast majority of minorities no longer support Republicans.

90% of Blacks, 75% of gays, and 70% of Latinos voted for Obama, for example.

And if you look at the numbers over time, the percentage of minority groups voting Republican has been in a steady decline (a sharp decline for Latinos).

If you ask me, too many still vote Republican... but more and more are "figuring it out", and the numbers with younger people are pretty devastating. That's why the GOP has been fighting to make it harder for young people and students to vote.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2609/22/2013

It depends on where you are in the country. Hispanics tend to be more conservative in Texas and of course the Cubans in South Florida. However, that is rapidly changing. In California and New York, forget about it.

Asians and Blacks in the South, more conservative than their counterparts nationwide.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2709/22/2013

Clearly R21 has not seen the news reels of the poor in America in the 60s. The have-nots were stunningly poor back then and most of them were white.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2809/22/2013

It is poor white trash who vote Republican.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 2909/23/2013

It`s because those minority members know better.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3009/23/2013

Time for a 3rd party that TRULY represents the people.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3109/23/2013

I'm black, and while I don't know for sure who my aunt has voted for recently, she does lean towards the right. She's not super religious, although she brings up God/religion more often than I remember her doing so in the past. The big issue for her is probably guns. She and her husband (white) have quite a few and I think she carries most of the time. Why she's so into guns, I have no idea.

My father is an NRA member; he says he believes in his Second Amendment rights although he doesn't even own a gun. He is a pretty solid Democrat though because he believes most Republicans are racists and rich people out for their own self-interests.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3209/23/2013

[quote]90% of Blacks voted for Obama,

That is hardly a typical presidential election R26 and you must know that. Of course, they supported him. What happened in the last presidential election before Obama was on the ballot? It was NOT 90 per cent, no where near that.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3309/23/2013

[quote]Time for a 3rd party that TRULY represents the people.

Yes, sure, a third party will make all your dreams come true.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3409/23/2013

Yes it was, R33. In fact, 80-90% Blacks have voted for the Democrat since at least 1976.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3509/23/2013

It is not minorities that are voting for Conservatives.

It is legal immigrants who come from less progressive countries that are voting this way.

In Canada, Conservatives are so far ahead in this way of targeting legal immigrants as a voting block. By offering policies that they identify with, that they are used to.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3609/23/2013

I basically disagree with OP's statement. Granted, I'm in California, but Asian Americans out here aren't voting Republican. While blacks can be more religiously conservative, they're not supporting Republicans because Republicans are racist.

One of the huge mistakes the California Republican party made a decade or two ago was to start demonizing Mexicans and undocumented immigrants. Total fail, yet one picked up by Republicans with a death wish across the country.

Why would you support a party that basically thinks you should be deported, just because your skin is brown? So no, I don't see a big upsurge of Hispanic support for Republicans across the country.

As someone pointed out, there are strongholds, like South Florida -- but even that's changing, with younger Cuban Americans coming along who don't give a rat's ass about Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3709/23/2013

Even in Texas, the counties that are predominantly Hispanic vote Blue. Look at the election maps... the south/south-western counties are all blue, along with the big cities.

It wouldn't take much effort to turn Texas "blue"... I just don't see enough effort along those lines.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3809/23/2013

I hate to sound cruel, but several Hispanic Republicans that I know are in the dark about a lot of things. I have an aunt by marriage who is Republican and she is an elected official in small town. Her brothers, nieces, nephews are also Republicans and they go on and on about being Republican and they are proud of it. But there are a lot of things they don't understand about politics. Her relatives are barely middle class when it comes to socio-economic class and they don't realize that Repubs have no use for them at the end of the day.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 3909/23/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4009/23/2013

blacks dont support Republicans. basically Republicans are a white political party

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4109/23/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4209/23/2013

Poor delusional Mary at R42

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4309/23/2013

There is so much hatred for Pres Obama. They are making everyone that voted for Obama suffer( esp. Blacks).

I am Independent. My true leanings are Pre Reagan republicans. That was before the racists took over.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4409/23/2013

I sweep and freep the floor

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4509/23/2013

OP, by your logic, why do any white males support the Democrats? Does that mean they are self-hating as well?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4609/23/2013


It's the only reason. Someone pays them or they think someone will pay them.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4709/23/2013

Because it's the right thing to do

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4809/23/2013

r47, Please find a newer edition of the GOP playbook of talking points. That white self-hatred meme is so 1980ish.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 4909/23/2013

The "self-hatred meme" is from OP's post, R52. Read more.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5009/23/2013

r53's mind is befuddled from reading too much right-wing, libertarian hoo-ha. I am the OP and r52. I said self-hating minorities, gays and female Republicans, not white male Democrats.

BTW, the Freepers here are proof that their theory of Social Darwinism is false. The moral degeneracy of these psychopaths is devolution at its plainest. Do it their way and we'll end up with children in this country with the bloated bellies of Biafra.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5109/23/2013

[quote]I said self-hating minorities, gays and female Republicans, not white male Democrats.

That was the point... why do you differentiate.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5209/23/2013

R21, the Great Society programs DID lead to a massive drop in the poverty level, it's just that 30 years of Republican rule (including the Corporate Clintons and "Property of Goldman-Sachs" Obama) have brought it back up. With the "Democrats" now essentially holding the positions of Ronald Reagan Republicans (thus freeing the Rs to go even further right to drive the debate), massive wealth disparity and impoverishment are almost sure to continue, but one can hardly blame the poor for clinging to the delusion that the Dems still actually are trying to help, rather than defecting to the party that's been actively working against them.

And some of the Johnson-era reforms are still doing good work. The Open Housing laws prevent redlining on the pre-1968 scale. Parts of the Voting Rights Act still stand, despite the best efforts of the Supreme Court. (Sure, Roberts should be impeached for lying to Congress over stare decisis, but it's not like there are any Democrats left in Washington, so we'll take what we can get, I suppose.)

On a more general level, a lot of minorities (including the self-haters in this thread) feel emasculated to admit to being oppressed, so they just parrot the "personal responsibility" crap and try to get their dick hard by being assholes to anybody they can claim power over. Pathetic, but it keeps the .01% in power, so it's an attitude that gets cultivated.

As John Dickinson says (in the section of "1776" that Nixon had cut from the original release), "a man would rather fight to protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor." As long as the oppressors can keep selling us the "American Dream", they can screw us ever-more-easily in reality.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5309/23/2013

They want to be like them. If they were white, they'd probably be racist. I get some perverse pleasure out of that they cannot magically become white.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5409/23/2013

r56 is a bright light in the darkness. Thanks.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5509/23/2013

R56 Good post. But both parties have been detrimental to Blacks.

Democrats= Jim Crow, Great Society (welfare, not having a male in the home) lead to all of this baby daddy mess

Republicans= Iran/Contra(government funded crack operation), "Chicago Woman" welfare queen stereotype, Willie Horton(Bush)

But as a Black person we have no one to blame but ourselves because we allowed this to happen and this puppetry

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5609/23/2013

I think that there is a general frustration on the part of many who have had to deal with government and have encountered massive inefficiency. Then they complain to elected officials and are not always treated with respect. Perhaps they optimistically hope that the opposing party would institute massive change. Note the number of citizens who choose the Independent category in polls.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5709/23/2013

Lincoln was a Republican, though a long time ago now

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5809/23/2013

R62, I'm so sick of people bringing that up. Lincoln would NOT be a Republican *today*. He was a Progressive. Back then the Republican party was Progressive, and the Democrats were the evil, bigoted, social regressives.

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican too... and a strong Progressive.

Then things changed.

There is no fucking way someone like Lincoln would lend his name, image, or support to what today's Republican party ahs become.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 5909/23/2013

R63 True, but until FDR the black Americans overwhelmingly voted Republican. Cubans still vote Republican overwhelmingly (but only because of Castro)

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6009/23/2013

The reason people of color (minorities as you call them) support Republicans is because they don't know any better. When people are "nationalized", they buy in to the "America is a melting pot" and as a way to try and blend in, they tend to support the good ol' boy aka GOP. It's not that they even know what the republican agenda is - they are simply going the path of least resistance and going with the mainstream so as not to stand apart. It's sad because they are ignorant to the real facts. They don't listen to independent radio or watch anything other than the Fox News headlines so they are not aware of what's really going on in the world. They don't realize that the republicans are not interested in anything that is for the greater good..especially when it comes to people of color. That said, there ARE those folks who actually are whitewashed because they want to fit in so bad because they are ashamed of their heritage (ie. Antonio Villaraigosa, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Herman Cain, etc etc). It's a sad thing to watch but at the end of the day, they too are merely trying to be accepted by white society. sad but true.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6109/23/2013

[quote]The reason people of color (minorities as you call them) support Republicans is because they don't know any better.

That's both ridiculous as well as racist. What, people of color are too stupid to make up their own minds? The reality is this: black people are overwhelmingly Democratic, always have been overwhelmingly Democratic, and most likely always will be. They know full well that the GOP is the literal personification of "The Man," and that they have zero interest in helping the black community.

Hispanics are a little more complicated of a story, but for starters you have to differentiate between Cuban-Americans -- who still strongly lean Republican solely due to lingering Castro hatred -- and Hispanics from Mexico and other parts of Central and South America. The latter identify more with Republicans on social issues; it's not exactly a secret that the overwhelming majority of the Latin world is Catholic, and thus automatically opposes abortion above all else (and in general have pro-family beliefs, which in some cases manifest as anti-gay beliefs). Social conservatism is also why many South/Southeast Asian immigrants identify with Republicans, given that many of their cultures are far more conservative than even evangelical America (say what you will about fundies, but at least they don't do shit like arranged marriages anymore).

Really, the best question to ask isn't why minorities support Republicans, but rather why do so many working-class and lower-income Americans (mainly white and suburban/rural) support them when they consistently and categorically vote *against* that group's own self-interests? In a word: brainwashing. Thanks to Faux News and its ilk, they've created a knee-jerk association between "health care reform" and "socialism/Communism," never mind that working-class people are the ones who would be HELPED the most by HCR. Ditto tax reform: the Republicans have convinced people that taxing the rich is somehow "unequal," even though most educated people know it's exactly the opposite.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6209/23/2013

The GOP is the party of the "Southern Strategy." Nuff said.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6309/24/2013

What R66 said.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6409/24/2013

When will the Early AM Racist/Phobic Troll swallow his tongue already?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6509/24/2013

People think they're being really special when they go against a stereotype.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6609/24/2013

R66 Black people were not always Democratic, indeed after Lincoln freed the slaves most were Republican until FDR

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6709/24/2013

Ugly racism R66. It's "racist" to suggest minorities don't know any better but not "racist" to suggest poor whites don't know any better?

I think you'll find that a disproportionate number of poor whites voting Republican are dependent on the military and are voting what they imagine to be their self-interest. Minorities voting Republican also have a very self-interested take on things.

No, the people whose votes we need to question are the middle class suburbanites. It is their support for Republicans which is mystifying and counter-productive.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6809/24/2013

[quote]Minorities voting Republican also have a very self-interested take on things.

If they were [italic]accurately[/italic] voting in their own self-interest, they wouldn't be voting for Republicans.

Nobody making under two-hundred grand a year would vote Republican. And no women, racial or religious minorities, or non-heterosexuals would EVER vote Republican. Because doing so is in NONE of their own best interests. This is a simple and obvious fact, and I'm amazed at how many people are so willfully blind to it.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 6909/24/2013

There is no reason that blacks, Asians, gays, Hispanics and women can't be as wrongheaded as white guys.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7009/24/2013

Let me rephrase that by adding poor and middle class people to the mix (since your question OP should be as applicable to poor and middle class people as it is to blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gay people and women) and also clarifying that each of these groups can be as wrongheaded as straight white guys.

Of course when it comes to the economically disadvantaged conservative (whether Republican or Democrat), the answer is he/she would rather live in the hope of becoming disproportionately privileged and far richer than the average American than to live in the hope of having a better more equal society with the kind of relatively modest income inequality we had through most of our history.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7109/24/2013

[bold]New Poll: Hispanics have Turned SHARPLY Away from Republicans![/bold]

Republicans are really screwing themselves lately with the electorate. Not only are they at risk for pissing off Independents with their government shutdown over Obamacare but they will piss off their base when they CAVE in the end which they will when the public turns against them.

Now because they have dragged their feet on immigration reform, the Hispanic community has turned against them even more then before.

[quote]A new survey shows that Hispanics, the nation’s largest minority group, have grown increasingly negative toward the Republican Party during the political battle over changing immigration law and lean surprisingly liberal on social issues like gay marriage — a combination of factors that presents a steep challenge for Republicans in trying to win back Hispanic voters.

[quote]More than 6 in 10 Hispanic respondents said they felt closer to the Democratic Party than they had in the past, while only 3 in 10 said they felt closer to the Republican Party. When Hispanics were asked to offer descriptions of the parties, 48 percent of the responses about the Republicans were negative associations like “intolerant” and “out of touch,” while only 22 percent of the responses for the Democrats were negative.

[quote]The parties’ handling of immigration has been a major factor swaying Hispanics’ allegiances. In the survey, 42 percent of Hispanics said that Democrats were better able to deal with immigration, while 16 percent said Republicans would do better.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7209/28/2013

Why does anyone support Republican'ts?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7309/28/2013

I have no problem with the party itself. My political views are that of a Pre Reagan/Bush (except for gay marriage, stem cell research). My problem is with the people and the cast of chatacters of the party. If the party had stablenon judgmental people then most would understand the support. But stable people, not happening

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7409/28/2013

As R65 said, the don't know any better

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7509/28/2013

The new liberal Latino Pope is going to push even more Latinos to vote Democratic.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7609/28/2013

r80, I want the Pope to order all Catholics like Bill O'Reilly and Antonin Scaliato to quit the Republican party and support the President.

If a Republican wants to go to heaven, they must change their Social Darwinistic ways or else.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7710/12/2013

Republicans are desperate to have token African Americans - and it's a great job opportunity for the Clarence Thomases of the world. We're very good at it, but white people don't have a copyright on being unprincipled for personal gain.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7810/12/2013

Is abortion the only reason Catholics or even those who really think they are Christians vote Republican? I can't think of any other reason since the GOP is totally anti-Christ. There is not one teaching of Jesus that they believe in. I don't think anyone who votes Republican can possibly believe there is an afterlife. If they did how could they not fear going to hell when everything they do is against everything Jesus said?

Also I can't say I'm an expert in the bible but I don't recall anything in there saying anything about abortions. I'll bet as long as women have been on this planet there was abortion in some form.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 7910/12/2013

[quote] Is abortion the only reason Catholics or even those who really think they are Christians vote Republican?

It depends. I was raised in a Hispanic Catholic household. My parents are against abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and health issues. They vote Democrat most of the time for various reasons. I have several practicing Catholic relatives who are very conservative and always vote GOP because of abortion. There are also some Catholics who are very pro-choice.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8010/12/2013

Why do people in depressed rural areas support Republicans (and they do, overwhelmingly)? Ignorance, plain and simple. They detest liberalism (they think all Democrats are loony liberals) and believe that Republicans are the opposite of it. They also believe Republicans are against all those pesky minorities who live pampered, moneyed lives on American tax dollars and homosexual perverts who prey on innocent young people. They think Republicans care about THEM, true, red-blooded, all-American WHITE people. Actually Republicans don't give a shit about these dumbfucks; they care about white people, sure, but only RICH white people. These idiots in rural areas are too stupid to realize that.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8110/12/2013

Nutcase femme les is all over this thread.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8210/12/2013

I need some help: This is what republicans have done to NC in the last 10 months with Koch money. But I can tell what they mean outside of Republican speak. Translation?

1.Balanced the budget for the third straight year without a tax increase.

2.Enacted historic tax reform that provides tax relief to almost everybody.

3.The education budget is a slight increase over last year. It gives flexibility to local school districts in spending state funds.

4.Overhauled our election laws to require a photo ID to vote. Other significant changes include an end to straight ticket voting.

5.Opportunity Scholarships of $4,200 per year for low-income families who choose to send their children to a private school in 2014-15.

6.Replaced the Tax Credit for Children with Disabilities with a scholarship grant to reimburse tuition and special education services.

7.Reformed our regulatory climate to ease the burden on small businesses.

8.Conscience protection for health care providers who object to abortion on moral, ethical or religious grounds; required a doctor to be physically present during an abortion; protected women’s health by requiring DHHS to amend its rules for abortion clinics, prohibited sex-selective abortions, and ended taxpayer funding of abortions.

9.Required Sex Ed to include instruction on the preventable causes of preterm birth, including induced abortion, smoking, alcohol consumption, the use of illicit drugs and inadequate prenatal care.

10.Repealed the “Racial Justice Act”. The last legislative roadblock to execution of first degree murderers is now history.

11.Enacted serious punishment for human trafficking.

12.The Strategic Transportation Initiative focused on the critical needs of transportation infrastructure. Funding decisions will be based on objective data rather than the arbitrary “equity formula”.

13.Corrected the failed unemployment insurance program by repaying the record debt of $2.8 billion to the federal government and providing for a solvent insurance fund.

14.Protected the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Rights of the NC Constitution by strengthening and clarifying rights and responsibilities of concealed carry permit holders while increasing the punishment of criminals who use guns.

15.Hospital billing reformed to reduce costs and provide transparency for consumers.

16.The Domestic Energy Jobs Act will spur job creation with onshore and offshore energy exploration in North Carolina.

17.$10 million fund to compensate living victims of the eugenics program.

18.Private employers may give preference to disabled veterans.

19.Streamlined process for handling disciplinary matters with state employees.

20.Tightened punishment for repeat offenders who drive while impaired. More convicted drunk drivers must install ignition locks.

21.Farmers will no longer be required to use only unionized labor on their farms.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8310/12/2013

I am aware that a lot of it has to do with privatizing schools and crushing public schools, and also has to do with lowering taxes for rich people.

the rest I can't figure out.

The scary thing is that it was all down with Koch money in the cover of night. NC is none the wiser - it is a wholly owned company state.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8410/12/2013

[quote]We're not in Iran, fuckface!


by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8510/12/2013

r87, the Repubs are destroying North Carolina! (And the rest of the country)

See the link below. It decodes in detail what you've posted.

All the "reforms" reproduced in r87 are typical Koch-roach spin to convinced the intended victims that cyanide gas is really Glade Air Fresher. Breathe in deeply!

All the ifs, buts and gotchas are being deliberately left out in those teabag soundbites. In "1984" George Orwell called it "Newspeak."

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8610/12/2013

The scariest part of the Koch plan is that it is working flawlessly without a hitch.

Coast to coast, state by state and now the Fed. Yet they are NOWHERE to be seen in primetime.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8710/12/2013

Welcome to America and our Orson Wellian future.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8810/12/2013

Just read the link *shiver* ...

How about a Koch thread. How is Koch Ruining Your State?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 8910/12/2013

First up on the new tread: "proposals will eliminate the task force, remove thousands of women from Medicaid, and cut more than $10 million dollars from the disabled children programs."

Jesus these brothers are monsters.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9010/12/2013

Remeber when people thought "The Handmaids Tale" was just science fiction?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9110/12/2013

[quote]Yet they are NOWHERE to be seen in primetime.

Surely they can afford the $18.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9210/12/2013

I am not paying another $18, did it twice in 6 months, logins go bad for no reason. post it for the children.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9310/12/2013

I meant primetime television - as in, you never see them being interviewed or on the news.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9410/12/2013

R98 It was a joke, son.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9510/12/2013

sorry, robot here.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9610/12/2013

The Koch brothers no longer permit humor from us.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9710/12/2013

It was so, so disappointing to see an esteemed, world-renowned doctor of African-American descent criticize the ACA in front of a bunch of white Republicans who would probably not even want him living next door to them. Dr. Ben Carson, I'm talking to you. Idiot.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9810/12/2013



And no, I'm not being facetious.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 9910/12/2013

Actually that last post was aimed at R5.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10010/12/2013

Please, 90% of minorities support Democrats, no matter how crappy the candidate.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10110/12/2013

r105, even if what you said were true, it is still 10% too many. And the fact is too many minorities don't vote. They've bought that defeatist, libertarian crap that "your vote don't matter" and "both parties are the same."

Also, over half the US population is female, yet a lot more than 10% of them support a party that is against the Equal Rights Amendment and women's issues in general.

The real problem is that too many minorities and women vote Republican or don't vote, no matter how crappy the Republican candidate.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10210/12/2013

Because even a crappy Dem candidate is better than a decent Repug candidate.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10310/12/2013

R106, give people a little room to be individuals, rather than undifferentiated cells in the mass group-think hive.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10410/12/2013

R108, being an individual doesn't mean voting for your own oppression, for the undermining of democracy, destruction of the middle class, and the turning of this nation into a 3rd world banana republic.

Which is what voting for Republicans represents.

It's not "group think" to oppose all that.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10510/12/2013

Yeah, blah, blah, blah, R109.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10610/12/2013

I have a better question.

Why do poor and middle class people support the Republicans?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10710/12/2013

R110, don't you ever get tired of being wrong, on the wrong side of everything?

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10810/12/2013

Oh, stuff it, R112.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 10910/12/2013

So defensive, R113. So pathetic.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11010/12/2013

Only mean, extremely ignorant people, support the Republican party.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11110/12/2013

Yes R34, I agree with R31

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11210/12/2013

Selfish, uninformed people vote republican.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11310/12/2013

Black people are the most democratic leaning demographic in the country. If 90% isn't a strong enough message, I don't know what is.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11410/12/2013

R118, Latinos are rapidly catching up, rising though 70% towards 80%...

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11510/13/2013

Al Sharpton is a Democrat. Nuff said.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11610/13/2013

R120, that says nothing.

Take a logic class sometime.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11710/13/2013

R114 is the perfect example of what republicans say when they have no arguments left after confronting actual facts.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11810/13/2013

I'll take 10 Al Sharptons over just one Michelle bachmann.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 11910/13/2013

R122, you apparently can't follow a conversation if you think R114 is a republican. Unless you were trying to refer to R113.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 12010/13/2013

Asian Americans ARE self-hating. I mean, just look at how many of them end up with a white spouse/partner, especially the Gaysians.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 12110/13/2013

Oops yes I meant r113.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 12210/13/2013

Because Democrats use handouts to keep tem on the plantation.

by Keep American Freeper-freereply 12310/13/2013
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