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First lady: Obama should have been an architect

Hmm... now THIS is quite revealing, for those of us in the know, and know what I'm talking about...

First lady: Obama should have been an architect By Juliet Eilperin, Updated: September 20, 2013

During a White House event celebrating achievements in design Friday, Michelle Obama revealed her husband's secret life-long ambition: He would have been an architect if he only had the skills.

Speaking at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Awards ceremony in the East Room, the first lady explained why "the president is so jealous right now" that she got to host the event."And every year, when I’m going over my briefing, he’s like, 'You’re doing that again?' " she said, prompting laughter from the crowd. "He’s like, 'Well, who’s there?' Because really, deep down, he would have been an architect had he been as talented and creative as all of you."

"So from the president to you, he loves you all, he loves your work, he loves everything about every ounce of who you are, and so it is a delight to have you here," she added.

One can only imagine how different the world would be right now if Barack Obama had decided to devote his life to architecture rather than politics. Given that several cities have started holding exhibits about buildings that were never constructed, such as last year's Unbuilt Washington, Obama's future presidential library could establish an entire wing to buildings he might have designed.

by I Know Architectsreply 2911/10/2013

Every male architect that I have known, has had a little sugar in their bowl, if you get my drift

by I Know Architectsreply 109/22/2013

[quote]Hmm... now THIS is quite revealing, for those of us in the know, and know what I'm talking about...

by I Know Architectsreply 209/22/2013

Every architect I dated (five) was a passive-aggressive control freak so paralyzed by a minute, irrelevant detail that they could never move forward on what was really important. And they liked theory and form more than reality and life.

I hope she knows what she's implying.

by I Know Architectsreply 309/22/2013

R1, WINNER!!!!

by I Know Architectsreply 409/22/2013

I know nothing about the architecture profession. I had no idea.

by I Know Architectsreply 509/22/2013

My cousin's an architect and I can confirm what R3 wrote. He's insufferable.

by I Know Architectsreply 609/22/2013


Just to clarify, are you saying that all the male architects you have met are/were gay?

by I Know Architectsreply 709/22/2013

Ms. Obama has never really made a secret of how little she likes being First Lady, and she's also strongly implied that her husband doesn't enjoy being President. I think this comment is just an illustration of those feelings.

Is architecture really considered a gay profession?

by I Know Architectsreply 809/22/2013

Dear God yes R8.

by I Know Architectsreply 909/22/2013

Architect=Interior Designer Interior Designer=Architect

They're interchangeable.

You know this clearly went over the Right-Wing heads.

by I Know Architectsreply 1009/22/2013

Architect = GAY fabulosity

by I Know Architectsreply 1109/22/2013

Once his current term is over I voluteer to teach him everything he needs to know.

by I Know Architectsreply 1209/22/2013

@R7, A LOT of them are!

by I Know Architectsreply 1309/22/2013

R3 is a joke and liar. No one dates FIVE architects in their lifetime.

No one dates FIVE in any profession during a lifetime.

by I Know Architectsreply 1409/22/2013

I cannot vouch for R3's dating history, but his characterization of architects - especially gay ones - is 100% spot-on.

by I Know Architectsreply 1509/22/2013

well, maybe that's why Obama was no good at it - he seems more loose, vague than detail-oriented.

by I Know Architectsreply 1609/22/2013

If fucking only. Why the fuck does she lay this alternate universe on us now????

by I Know Architectsreply 1709/22/2013

Everybody thinks he should be an architect, but most decidedly shouldn't be one.

by I Know Architectsreply 1809/22/2013

Well, we know he tried to become one with a Syrian war, but he's not as diabolical as that rancid vermin Cheney.

by I Know Architectsreply 1909/22/2013

So apparently he's more George Constanza than Thomas Jefferson.

by I Know Architectsreply 2009/22/2013

Imagine the many architects chuckling to themselves or those who raised their brow when Mrs. Obama said this.

by I Know Architectsreply 2109/23/2013

Maybe not so far fetched.

by I Know Architectsreply 2209/27/2013


by I Know Architectsreply 2311/10/2013

I don't know about gay but architects are anal-retentive to the extreme just like engineers.

by I Know Architectsreply 2411/10/2013

They're anal retentive control freaks. I've known a few straight architects but regardless of sexual orientation, they're all queeny.

by I Know Architectsreply 2511/10/2013

Sorry, but there are no gay architects.

by I Know Architectsreply 2611/10/2013

I work for a company that employs 15 architects and 12 engineers. Every single one of them women and men are creepy as hell and don't know it. They are all terribly impractical to the point of helpless stupidity. We call them the arc-tards. Their tablets don't work but they don't know where they are. When they finally bring them in the battery has no charge and they didn't bring the power cord, "oh did you need that?". No stupid fuck I'm going to charge it with my bare hands.

One of them bought a $400,000 plotter/scanner and I had to tell him 3 times to pay attention to the tech's demo. He wanted to just ignore the guy and then ask me what to do later on. Super dependent people but they want you to treat them as if they are superior beings. Also most of them are messy with stacks of crap and crumbs everywhere.

by I Know Architectsreply 2711/10/2013

r10 To become an architect requires 6 years of formal schooling (or 8 years of apprenticeship). Plus another 3 years of apprenticeship/work experience to become eligible to take the Boards and get registered.

Architects must have liability insurance, stamp drawings to guarantee they won't fall down. Structural stuff. Lots of it.

Becoming an Interior Designer involves hanging a sign outside your door. Yeah, you can get a degree but not required.

No liability - you can't insure someone's bad taste.

An architect is much more than an interior designer, although many good architects also design interiors...

by I Know Architectsreply 2811/10/2013

That's interesting, I know a cunt who's married to an architect, and he looks very gay. I wonder if she knows.

by I Know Architectsreply 2911/10/2013
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