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Would you date a mortician, if he was hot ?

I feel the 'creepy' factor would just not allow me to. Even when we'd be having sex, I'd be thinking about where those hands had been, what he'd been doing to dead bodies, during a work day. Don't think I could mentally handle it

by David Fisherreply 2909/22/2013

depends what he looks like

by David Fisherreply 109/21/2013

He's hot - handsome, muscular, full head of hair. It's more about WHAT he does, not what he looks like - but good-looking

by David Fisherreply 209/21/2013

Good god, no, I have standards.

by David Fisherreply 309/21/2013

That would mean I'd actually have to start moving or speaking during sex, for fear he'd hall me in to his office.

by David Fisherreply 409/21/2013

When I was in high school, my closest female friend was in love with a guy whose family owned a funeral parlor. He used to bring her the leftover flowers from the funerals. She eventually married him and lived happily ever after. The guy was dumb as dirt, but looked a lot more like the guys from Six Feet Under than your typical Hollywood mortician. I would have had no problem whatsoever dating him.

by David Fisherreply 509/21/2013

A mortician has his hands inside of bodies less often than a surgeon, but people aren't creeped out by that. We've turned death into something spooky, mystical and strange instead of seeing it for what it is, something every creature who's ever lived on this planet has gone thru or will go thru

by David Fisherreply 609/21/2013

Of course I would, I am not a immature child.

by David Fisherreply 709/21/2013

You should love him for who he is, not what he does.

by David Fisherreply 809/21/2013

Word for word with r6.

If commercial death workers are creepy it's because some of them have, in service to their wallets, perfected the manipulation of grief.

by David Fisherreply 909/21/2013

It can be quite a profitable profession.

by David Fisherreply 1009/21/2013

Cut or uncut?

by David Fisherreply 1109/21/2013

I did, and he was.

by David Fisherreply 1209/21/2013

I would date him if he was nice and was generous.

by David Fisherreply 1309/21/2013

I would be just as, or more, creeped out by dating a doctor, especially a surgeon. I would feel like he thought of me as just another piece of meat (and not in a good way).

There was a Dick van Dyke Show episode about this very subject. Sally dated an undertaker and she wouldn't tell anyone what he did for a living. With his nice attire, her friends all thought she must be dating a mobster.

by David Fisherreply 1409/21/2013

No. My family owned funeral homes. Grew up somewhat around that "industry." No desire to date a stiff. Pun intended.

by David Fisherreply 1509/21/2013

[quote]for fear he'd hall me in to his office.

The office probably has some great places for having sex. It's better than doing it out in the haul.

by David Fisherreply 1609/21/2013

The more important question is...should he date someone unskilled in the subjunctive?

by David Fisherreply 1709/21/2013

I would have difficulty with him touching me. He would know where the embalming tubes would be inserted and how to wire my mouth shut, not to mention being overly familiar with rectal plugs. I simply wouldn't know which way to turn.

by David Fisherreply 1809/21/2013

Yucky Poo-Poo. Nada.

by David Fisherreply 1909/21/2013

[quote]There was a Dick van Dyke Show episode about this very subject. Sally dated an undertaker and she wouldn't tell anyone what he did for a living. With his nice attire, her friends all thought she must be dating a mobster.

What a timely reference! DL has its finger on the pulse!

by David Fisherreply 2009/21/2013

Would you date a gynecologist knowing where HIS hands have been?

by David Fisherreply 2109/21/2013

Up until he asked me to take a very cold shower and then lie really still on the bed.

by David Fisherreply 2209/21/2013

R20 What a total moron you must be.

by David Fisherreply 2309/21/2013

What-the-hell Sunday morning bump

by David Fisherreply 2409/22/2013

I hooked up with one once. Didn't know until I got back to his condo - which was immaculately clean with extremely cold climate control.

Sort of freaked me out.

by David Fisherreply 2509/22/2013

Why not? The smell of Lysol and Formaldehyde really turn me on.

by David Fisherreply 2609/22/2013

It would be kind of fun to prop up some corpses and fuck in front of them. Great way to put on a show with confidence no one is going to blab or take a video/snap pictures.

by David Fisherreply 2709/22/2013

[quote]for fear he'd hall me in to his office.

The mortician in the hall with the lead pipe!

by David Fisherreply 2809/22/2013

No way

by David Fisherreply 2909/22/2013
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