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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

Coming in November...

Lisa gets the villain edit.

Brandi joins forces with the Richards sisters.

Yola... lemons and & Lyme.

Buh-bye Shana/Taylor.

Beauty Queen with hair that puts hagface Kyle's to shame.

All this...and a WITCH, too!

by Maloof Hoofreply 2410/22/2013

Kinda looks good!

by Maloof Hoofreply 109/21/2013

So, they got rid of Shana. I believe they wanted to do it sooner, but circumstances prevented them.

They also dropped the real estate agent. Shame.

by Maloof Hoofreply 209/21/2013

this season looks better than the last one.

Can someone make a new thread for season 6 of Atlanta too? They premiere same week as Beverly Hills.

by Maloof Hoofreply 309/21/2013

I'd like to see the Dubois psychic chick and her electronic ciggie back.

by Maloof Hoofreply 409/21/2013

I like the cast change EXCEPT Kim needs to go. I hate watching her and will fast forward through her solo scenes.

by Maloof Hoofreply 509/21/2013

So glad that Maloof quit. She was always a bad fit. Her husband was good for a laugh so maybe he'll make an appearance now that he's divorced.

by Maloof Hoofreply 609/21/2013

Where is NEW YORK?

by Maloof Hoofreply 709/21/2013

R7 still filming lol. Looks like they won't get the green light to air until early next year...Beverly Hills and Atlanta are both coming the beginning of November.

by Maloof Hoofreply 809/21/2013

RHOBH jumped the shark when they turned it into "The Brandi Show." I hate that low-rent skank. And didn't they already do the witch thing on the Miami show?

by Maloof Hoofreply 909/21/2013

Brandi is pure trash and, therefore, very entertaining. The Malooooves brought nothing to the show.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1009/21/2013

Kim is still there? Good god.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1109/21/2013

I think the only reason Kim is on the show is because of Kyle. Obviously if Kyle were not on the show Kim would be 86'd faster than when she relapsed.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1209/21/2013

There was a Daily Mail (I know) article recently about one of Kim's children being held on a 5150. Seems the whole family has issues...sad. I know that Kim is a mess, but in general I find her very likeable.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1309/21/2013

[quote] I think the only reason Kim is on the show is because of Kyle.

You mean because Kyle owns the show, I assume. I agree.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1409/21/2013

As part owner of the show, Kyle approves the cast. Kim stays on the show as long as she wants to since Kyle feels guilty for stealing her house a few years ago.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1509/21/2013

>>> You mean because Kyle owns the show, I assume. I agree.

Oh, we go...again.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1609/21/2013

One of the 2 new housewives plays the woman on the fake reality show Siberia, the one with the red coat who was a plant by the fake show's producers.

As for the other new housewife Carlton, she is a Brit, which means she and Lisa will probably hate each other as each vies for the role of Dominant English Lady. Also, her 3 children are named Destiny, Mysteri, and Cross. This says a lot about her "idiot factor."

by Maloof Hoofreply 1709/21/2013

So the Hollywood witch thing is really true.

I wonder if High Priestess Angelica Huston will make a cameo.

by Maloof Hoofreply 1809/21/2013

I think Jennifer Gimenez (or whatever) is back on drugs again. She is Brandi's friend who was also on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

I heard two women talk about it on a podcast but then they were interrupted by a production assistant to remind them Jennifer is a good friend of Dr. Drew's. He was basically telling them to shut up about it since Dr. Drew is on the same podcast network.

They were saying that Jennifer has hooked up with Andy Dick and is living with him now. Sounds persuasive to me.

Let's see some footage of that, right?

by Maloof Hoofreply 1909/21/2013

Did Kim have some recent work done?

She looks pretty good here.

by Maloof Hoofreply 2010/13/2013

Adrienne Maloof looking pretty damn busted.

by Maloof Hoofreply 2110/13/2013

2 weeks to go and I'm so excited.

I think Bev Hills is my favorite because it is the absolute trashiest!

They try and give this air of refinement and money but instead you have things being shown like jetsetting with shit-stained pillows, chunky old broads trying to be "sexy" by doing the splits at childrens' parties, fab Brits going to the DMV to interact with 'common' folk, skanky tramps fucking in a child's toilet, alcoholics misplacing their PTSD kid, suicide, physical abuse, drug use in a leather suitcase, casino bandits, zany psychics armed with electronic cigarettes, etc...

It truly is compelling television!

by Maloof Hoofreply 2210/22/2013

Why does that old Parisian hooker Maloof Hoof always pose like that, head arched back, tits aft. She looks like it was a hard night walking the streets.

And who is the dude 30 years younger? Yes, my fav and trashy as hell.

by Maloof Hoofreply 2310/22/2013

I wonder if cute little Porsha keeps a glory hole in her loo for party guests?

by Maloof Hoofreply 2410/22/2013
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