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Mitzi Gaynor selling old -timey Beverly Hills mansion

I Love it - traditional, yes, but fun. She's lived there for over 50 years. In the flats of BH, but on one of the best streets. $ 5,495,000. Can't send the link, but it's on Real Estalker.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 36010/19/2013

Why was she cast in South Pacific?

Why not Doris Day, or Shirley Jones, or Shirley Maclaine, or Debbie Reynolds, or Jane Powell, or Marilyn Monroe?

Why Mitzi?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 109/20/2013

The new network special!: "Mitzi Gaynor Zings into a Retirement Home"!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 209/20/2013

After seeing the pics, I see that Mitzi's house is as colorful as she is !

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 309/20/2013

Here's the listing.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 409/20/2013

Beautiful - nice contrast to all the ivory/beige boring modern homes you see now. Very elegant. Could do without the ubiquitous granite counters, in the kitchen, but over all , really lovely.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 509/20/2013

Despite the obvious time period constraints, the house and decor are really quite lovely.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 609/20/2013

I like it. Not the wallpaper vertical strip rooms, but most everything else. I run on Arden all the time. Gonna check it out tomorrow...

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 709/20/2013

That lovely house just jangled my gay nerve, the one that you feel just before you go ahead and do too much.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 809/21/2013

Great location - Beverly Hills , but the east side, so your just a few blocks from WeHo. Ann Miller lived 1 block over , on Alta. Love Mitzi !

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 909/21/2013

Lovely. Except for the bathroom with the stripes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1009/21/2013

Quite nice, actually.

The photo above the toilet in the bathroom is slightly weird.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1109/21/2013

I could move right in! Love it!

Lush landscaping, personality without affront, it's nearly perfect.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1209/21/2013

Love the bones and exterior of the house and the terra cotta floors . Otherwise, it too much rod iron and glass tabletops. The bar stools are ugly and the kitchen remodel is tract home tackeé.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1309/21/2013

[quote]it too much rod iron

What hath thou wrought, R13?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1409/21/2013

r13 Rod iron?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1509/21/2013

Oh I didn't know R14!! Oh dear I'm very embarrassed .

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1609/21/2013

Please , none of you tasteless, nouveau riche, P'sOS, buy this, and level it, to build an all white modern, or faux Med mansion , that takes up every inch of the lot. View the scale, with both front, and backyards, and keep this lovely house, as is.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1709/21/2013

Lovely home.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1809/21/2013

Really lovely. Makes Michael Feinstein's house look like a Reymour and Flanagan showroom.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 1909/21/2013

But how did she ever entertain without an open concept?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2009/21/2013

R19 W&W

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2109/21/2013

"Reymour and Flanagan"


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2209/21/2013

Is it just me, or does $5.5 million sound on the inexpensive side?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2309/21/2013

Below Sunset R23.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2409/21/2013

That's a bad thing, R24? Too close to riff-raff?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2509/21/2013

Is it considered more prestigious/desirable to live in the flats or the hills of BH?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2609/21/2013

But can't you walk to the supermarket or drug store if you live in the flats?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2709/21/2013

Although the furnishing aren't my taste, the house is just Hollywood needs to look and learn.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2809/21/2013

[quote]Is it considered more prestigious/desirable to live in the flats or the hills of BH?

Someone is not watching Million Dollar Listing.

Hills. Aka "North of Sunset."

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 2909/21/2013

How has Mitzi afforded to live in BH all these years? She never made much money in movies, and she hasn't toured with her one-woman show in decades. Did she have a rich husband?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3009/21/2013

R25 Didn't you read R9's comment ? It's 'east' BH, which means you're bordering WeHo, by just a few blocks (Doheny is the dividing St.). In this town, farther west is better, heading to the ocean. After BH, you have Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and voila, Malibu . You ever hear of anyone wanting to live in East Hollywood ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3109/21/2013

The lots are bigger north of Sunset. South of Sunset, you'll find these McMansion monstrosities that are built right up to the setbacks. Lovely original houses, like this one, are becoming scarce south of Sunset.

I imagine some buyers will look at it as a teardown.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3209/21/2013

Which is more desirable, the hills of BH or Bel-Air?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3309/21/2013

[quote]I imagine some buyers will look at it as a teardown.

This would be a crime. Or it should be.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3409/21/2013

R26 Always 'north of Sunset' , usually means the hills - or if not , a prestigous street like Roxbury ( once home to Lucy-Desi, Rosie Clooney, Ira Gershwin, Agnes Moorehead, Jeanne Crain, Peter Falk, Jack Benny, Diane Keaton, Madonna - who bought her house from Keaton, all in 1 blk.), or any others in that area.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3509/21/2013

Do you think she's going into a nursing home?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3609/21/2013

R33 Bel Air, always darling ! We literally look down on Beverly Hills

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3709/21/2013

I haven't lived in LA in a long time, R33, but people who like those neighborhoods probably consider the Holmby Hills section of Westwood most prestigious, followed by Bel Air, then BH, then Brentwood. Things may have changed, however.

I like Santa Monica.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3809/21/2013

[quote]Which is more desirable, the hills of BH or Bel-Air?


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 3909/21/2013

R27 for Mitzi, the closest 'supermarket' isn't in BH - it would be Bristol Farms, at Doheny & Beverly. Every photo you see of Hallie Berry, is her going in, or out of that store ( she lives up the street, on Doheny, just 'n. of Sunset'). It would be a several blk. walk for Mitz, or a 3 minute drive.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4009/21/2013

And in San Marino, we grudgingly accept Bel Air, but fine all of Beverly Hills just not the sort of place one would live.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4109/21/2013

R30 Mitz bought this house in the mid 1950's ! My guess is she paid maybe $50,000 for it then. She was paid very well for her specials, and toured her 1 -woman show for years, packin em in. Put it this way, she probably paid this house off by the early 60's. Think how much money you'd have if you didn't have to pay any rent, or mortage - just property taxes, which for her, are extremely LOW.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4209/21/2013

R38 yes, things have changed. After Holmby Hills, Brentwood is considered the most exclusive area now, with Bel Air close behind, then Bev. Hills. Santa Monica is considered funky town

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4309/21/2013

R42 why would property taxes in her area be low

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4409/21/2013

Because of Prop. 13, R44. She's owned the property for so long, the assessment is no where near the actual value.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4509/21/2013

How does Kyle Richards afford to live in a big house in Bel Air?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4609/21/2013

Would you say that the street in Bel Air where Liz Taylor and Nancy Reagan live is the most exclusive in LA? Their street is so lush and gorgeous.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4709/21/2013

R45 so if you are a new homeowner in that area your property taxes would be higher?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4809/21/2013

Beautiful, except for that hideous green dining room.

I wonder why she wants to sell? Is she tired of having to climb stairs?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 4909/21/2013

Exactly, R48. Recent homowners' homes will have been assessed at current market values.

This house will be automatically re-appraised when it sells and there will be a huge increase in property taxes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5009/21/2013

R50 thanks

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5109/21/2013

Two of the most important & marketable elements of high-end real estate in BH (along with Bel Air, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills, etc) is a view and seclusion. The BH flats has neither, which IMO, has always made it rather second tier.

Actually---within the city limits of all of BH--there really aren't that many great view properties. The prestige is mostly in the school system, mailing address, and police/fire dep't separate from the city of LA.

Personally, I'd rather save a million and live in a secluded hillside retreat with a view in Nichols Canyon or HH West than pay for the BH address.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5209/21/2013

R46 First, Kyle lives in what is known as B- Bel Air ( for Barely- Bel Air). It sits at the far, northern end of BA, miles from where Liz Taylor, Nancy Reagan, and all the stars live. Her area is accessable only by driving the 405 Fwy., towards the valley, and taking a side road, or taking a long road (Roscomare) thru BA, to the very end. It's almost S. Sherman Oaks ( the Valley....ugh). Cute house, but way, way out of Westside.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5309/21/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5409/21/2013

what about the area of Westwood right around UCLA around Denslow Avenue what kind of area is that?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5509/21/2013

Brentwood Park is consistently very expensive, 5 million plus. Bel Air is super expensive only up to the 1000-1100 blocks, the most expensive being around the 6,7,800 blocks. Elizabeth Taylor was 800 Nimes, The Reagan's 668 St. Cloud or St. Pierre, I get confused there. 750 Bel Air Rd. is the Perenchio formerly Kirkeby house that was used for exterior shots for The Beverly Hillbillies. Holmby Hills is equally expensive North and South of Sunset, but East of Beverly Glen. West below Sunset is Little Holmby which is cheaper than the flats of Beverly Hills. North of Sunset and west of Beverly Glen is Bel Air. What has become very expensive is the Bird Streets-Doheny area. home of Leo, Keanu, etc.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5609/21/2013

R46 I bet Kyle lives closer to the Valley side.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5709/21/2013

"I wonder why she wants to sell? Is she tired of having to climb stairs?"

She's officially 82 (probably older), and is at the age when a big house with stairs and tile floors and a big yard becomes a burden, if not a danger. Selling the place will give her enough to move into one of those posh assisted living places, where she can live in a comfortable apartment and have as much personal care as she needs.

Still, it's a pity to leave such a lovely home. I'd be happy to move right in, and only make minor changes, like taking out the green striped wallpaper and taking out those marble pillars in the foyer.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5809/21/2013

R55 Nice. Maybe a little too close to UCLA, but still nice area - lots of young, successful families. I mean the parents are successful - the families may be a mess !

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 5909/21/2013

R50 I'm r55 can u answer my question? Or anyone else too.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6009/21/2013

thanks r 59

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6109/21/2013

Boy, I'd love to get my hands on that house! Of course, it needs a lot of restoration/renovation, but that would be a huge amount of fun, and what a showplace it could be.

It reminds me of my late parent's house. A beautifully decorated, impeccably maintained time capsule from 1965. I kept some of their mid-century furniture, and sold the rest for a surprisingly large amount of money.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6209/21/2013

R46 & 57 Kyle's address is : 15517 Via Cantare St., LA

Google it, and you'll see why it's B BA

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6309/21/2013

Mid-century in that house, R62? That would be...interesting.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6409/21/2013

Mostly off-topic, but hilarious:

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6509/21/2013

What I find interesting is she still have a big old TV instead of a flat screen. She needs to go to a Walmart on Black Tuesday and upgrade her electronics.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6609/21/2013

R62 How can a 1929 Italianate home, in Bev. Hills, resemble your parents 1965 built home ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6709/21/2013

Sorry, r64, I was being imprecise. I would love to own, and restore, Mitzi's house. Of course, I'm dreaming here, but, I would do things that were period appropriate to 1929, when the place was built. restore the woodwork, redo the kitchen, etc. I would then furnish it appropriately.

My comments about mid-century furniture applied to my parent's house, and the general "feel" of their home, which, imho, matches this house, in that it was beautifully decorated many years ago, and then well-maintained, but never changed.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6809/21/2013

Oh, so that's what you meant, R68.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 6909/21/2013

I have tiny Mexican children and kittens surrounding the back yard so you can all fuck yourselves.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7009/21/2013

Mitzi obviously likes pics of her self. It looks like a lot to maintain, esp. given that she's getting up there, is a widow and apparently had no children. I'm guessing that's why it's for sale. The dining room (all that bile green) is pretty awful, but much of it looks tastefully done.

Gaynor would have bought at a good time and although she disappeared from movies, she did cabaret, Love Boat-type tv, and dinner theater. If she invested well, she probably has done okay. She'll probably windup in a nice condo at Century City with a minder who comes in during the day.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7109/21/2013

[quote]She'll probably wind up in a nice condo at Century City with a minder who comes in during the day.

She can move into my building.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7209/21/2013

[quote]Mitzi obviously likes pics of her self.

What is that with celebs> Just ego? I don't have a single picture of myself in my home and I know that's rare, but I don't know anyone who has large portraits of themselves above the mantle or all over the house.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7309/21/2013

I thought it was an old-time celebrity thing. I always imagined glamourpusses of the '40s and '50s keeping portraits of themselves in their homes. That and numerous photos of them with the top celebs of the day. Only the old or the cheesy types did that by the '70s.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7409/21/2013

R63 Don't know where you get your info, but Kyle & Mauricio's home ( where he does not bring his girlfriends/ trannies - only sees them on an 'out' call basis) is :

15475 Milldale Dr. , Los Angeles

Google THAT , and you'll see the house they really live in

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7509/21/2013

According to Wiki, her husband of 52 years, died in that house. Jack Bean was her manager for most of those years. No kids, so she is most likely alone. Who needs a big house at 82?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7609/21/2013

Very quaint. I admire her for enduring that neighborhood for so many years.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7709/21/2013

Is Brentwood Park the area near the Country Mart and the BCC? Or further north.

What about Los Feliz? A lot of celebs live there now: Portman, Jon Hamm, don't Jolie/Pitt live north of there?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7809/21/2013

Los Feliz has great old Spanish mansions. And the drive to the studios is lots easier.

But prices are much lower there than farther west.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 7909/21/2013

Her bedroom is to die for, especially with all the great old timey Beverly Hills touches

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8009/21/2013

is in Calabasas the New Beverly Hills?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8109/21/2013


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8209/21/2013

She must have bought tons of that striped green fabric because it's even on the throw pillows in the living room.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8309/21/2013

[quote]Who needs a big house at 82?

Well, she could always invite cranky 88 year old diabetic drunk Elaine Stritch to move in. Now wouldn't that be a treat?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8409/21/2013

It's rather derivative, isn't it? Nothing truly original there.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8509/21/2013

R78 Further north. As for celebrities, and VIP's , no where beats Brentwood :

Maria Shriver, Gwyneth Paltrow, Arnold S., Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen, Reese Witherspoon, John Travolta, Fergie-Josh Duhamel, Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon (across the street.....really), Angela Lansbury, Naomi Watts, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, James Garner, Arriana Huffington, Ricki Lake, Betty White, Natalie Maines-Adrian Pasdar, Cohan O'Brian, Ving Rhames, Goldie Hawn- Kurt Russell, Steven Spielberg, etc.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8609/22/2013

If you notice, this house was built in 1929 and it is large ,but it doesn't come close to the humongous mansions that they build today.Also, they have no charm and character like the older homes had.Back in the golden age of Hollywood, homes like this and other homes a bit larger, was considered luxurious and glamorous. Now, celebrities want their mansions to be the size of a shopping malls and their interior design is very dull and boring.I think the golden era of Hollywood was a much simpler time.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8709/22/2013

[quote] I think the golden era of Hollywood was a much simpler time.

Not necessarily.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8809/22/2013

R17 , was there a 3-for-1 sale at the comma store?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 8909/22/2013

Is this the haunted house that her and her husband had some issues with? I once read they bought a home together,which was haunted by a ghost of a maid. It could have been another home they lived in before this one.

I have a vibe one of the reasons why she is selling her home is because 90% of the old Hollywood crowd is dead and gone.It's probably not the same for her anymore. Probably she used to walk ,and visit various movie star friends who were once her neighbors but who is left now?

Someone was asking dose she have money after all of these years to survive. She had a hit show back in the 70s. She sang and danced and her costumes were made by Bob Mackie which were beautiful. She had a terrific body in the 70s ,and she looked super in those costumes. Those shows are now on DVD so she probably receives money from the DVD sales.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9009/22/2013

Brentwood also had Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and O.J. Simpson.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9109/22/2013

R91, was Brentwood where Marilyn Monroe died in that adorable Spanish style home?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9209/22/2013

Any of the golden era movie star homes still exist?Any of Tyrone Power's homes still around in Beverly Hills?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9309/22/2013

Some years ago, someone saw fit to post about his disdain for "parkay [sic] floors." He was under the impression that they were installed in rolls. Now we have someone criticizing the excessive use of "rod iron." I am perplexed by ribbon clerks looking down their noses at homes that they would have to enter through the service entrance.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9409/22/2013

I love the place and could move right in, as is!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9509/22/2013

Whoeve buys this will buy it strictly for the land.

The house will be torn down.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9609/22/2013

Everything looks so dated that I bet the place smells like depends. The chairs and sofas are all stiff and uncomfortable. The bed is too small for the room and the pool is underwhelming. I guess those here who love it are preparing for the retirement home that it looks like.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9709/22/2013

Love it.

Wall treatments, kitchen and bathrooms need redoing, but that's par for the course.

Tasteful, charming, tons of character, great size, lovely yard.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9809/22/2013

Estimated monthly payment is $21,000 a month.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 9909/22/2013

Gegory Peck's home is up for sale. It's profiled in today's Daily Mail.

Very nice and understated. It has obviously been updated and refreshed over the years. Mitzi's home looks like it hasn't been updated since 1978.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10009/22/2013

Mitzi and Veronique are going into the same assisted-living condo complex.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10109/22/2013

well once again is Calabasas the New Beverly Hills?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10209/22/2013

It's so far away, R102...

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10309/22/2013

No, Hon. Beverly Hills is the new Beverly Hills.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10409/22/2013

She is going to move in with Leo to his new place

Now this is a house!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10509/22/2013

Mitzi and her late, beloved Jack had a penchant for having sex under the bushes at parties in the Hamptons. Not with each other. But simultaneously, so even if they were at home, it was unlikely that they moved the proceedings indoors. Prospective purchasers might do well to check under the hedges.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10609/22/2013

[quote]Mitzi and her late, beloved Jack had a penchant for having sex under the bushes at parties in the Hamptons.


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10709/22/2013

What is the appeal of living in Brentwood when you can drive a few minutes further and live in Malibu with a view of the ocean? I'd rather have a view of the water than just a canyon.

Is Malibu not desirable anymore?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10809/22/2013

Malibu is really far away. I think it's a little more than 'a few minutes further.'

That said, lots of people have second homes in Malibu.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 10909/22/2013

I read in Architectural Digest some years ago that Angela Lansbury lived in Ireland. Does she have 2 homes?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11009/22/2013

Mitzi's home has real style and class, so unlike what is popular today.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11109/22/2013

R40 is clearly Mitzi Gaynor's only stalker.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11209/22/2013

Malibu is not minutes away from Brentwood. Malibu is very isolated. One way in (basically) and one way out. I've never understood it's appeal for anything other than a second home. And on that note, I hate Brentwood. It's too near the 405. Traffic is horrendous, even for for LA. Give my Los Feliz or Silverlake or, hell, even Angelino Heights, anytime over the Westside.

And as others have said, the pecking order on the Westside is: Holmby Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills north of Sunset (specifically the Bird streets), Beverly Hills south of Sunset, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica (only certain parts), the Canals in Venice.

Oh, and Calabasas is in the far West Valley, closer to Ventura than LA. It's where the Kardashians live and is therefore the fifth ring of hell.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11309/22/2013

That green dining room is hideous

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11409/22/2013

Agreed, R114. So is that grey and yellow bathroom.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11509/22/2013

I would agree with your listing, R113, except parts of Pac Pali are very nice -- like Brentwood nice.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11609/22/2013

Mr Hollywood at r86: north of San Vincente or further, north of west Sunset? Trying to figure out the poshest area of Brentwood.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11709/22/2013

Never mind I'm figuring it out: north and far north of West Sunset. Gisele and Tom and lots of others live up in Mandeville Canyon.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11809/22/2013

R117, the post parts of Brentwood are further west down Sunset, specifically the Mandeville Canyon area.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 11909/22/2013

R110, Angela Lansbury has several places. She has a NYC apartment on 58th and 6th.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12009/22/2013

R119, do you mean the POSH parts, perhaps? Post parts? Post partum?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12109/22/2013

Yes, R121, I meant posh. Thanks for the your lame typo-induced jokes, however. They were hysterical. I just can't stop laughing.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12209/22/2013

[quote] Malibu is not minutes away from Brentwood. Malibu is very isolated. One way in (basically) and one way out.

Not really. Malibu is accessible by either PCH along the coast or several canyon roads.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12309/22/2013

"Post parts" wasn't a lame, typo-induced joke, R122. It's what you wrote.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12409/22/2013

Thanks la kid/r119 for the info. I see Chalon Road is the big private gated estate area in Mandeville. Old Ranch Rd and San Remo have a lot of private homes as well.

oh and kindly fuck off r121.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12509/22/2013

Jack had BDF. I bet they fucked in every nook and cranny in that house.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12609/22/2013

Jack had BDF for a good reason. And it is likely that he had sex all over that house. It is likely that she did too. Perhaps together, on off nights.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12709/22/2013

R122/124, it was an obvious typo that you felt compelled to comment on. No biggie. It's the DL, I expect nothing less.

R123, that's why I said basically. Sure, Topanga and other routes go through, but they you end up in the West Valley, only PCH takes you to LA proper. I have good friends who live in Malibu. I love it there, I just could never live there full time. Too isolated for me.

R125, yeah Mandeville is crazy exclusive. I partied there as a teen with some director's kids. This was right after OJ (who didn't live in Mandeville, but at a place south of Sunset I believe on Rockingham Drive - could be wrong about that) and it was awesome up there. Like a different world. That's what I love about LA. In the middle of this huge city, you have the odd places that feel like the Adirondacks.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12809/22/2013

Mitzi is interviewed about her home in this 2002 LA Times article, which includes a ghost story.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 12909/22/2013

as I asked before isnt Calabasas the New Beverly Hills?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13009/22/2013

And as has been answered before, no, R130. It's too far away.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13109/22/2013

Just looked at R105's link to Leonardo di Caprio's Malibu house. What's with the Norma Desmond card-table setup at no. 21? And the Pottery Barn furniture?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13209/22/2013

R131 I realized I posted it several times. Sorry :-)

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13309/22/2013

I love the green dining room and the yellow and gray bathroom!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13409/22/2013

I wonder if the Tom-Gisele house will become a museum in 50 years' time? It is so huge I can't imagine future generations wanting the upkeep of it.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13509/22/2013

[quote]Can't send the link

Why not, OP?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13609/22/2013

Love, love, love everything about Leo's Malibu home...except the open kitchen/living area! What if I want to fry fish or roast a leg of lamb!? I don't want to stink up the whole house! And watching the catering chef cook and all that seems unnecessary for 18 million bucks, no?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13709/22/2013

And not a single goddamned bidet in sight.


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13809/22/2013

"On your right, ladies and gentlemen, is the home of Mitzi Gaynor, rising young movie star. How young can ya be?"

Well, it's fair to say the home Margaret Elliott is referring to must have been Mitzi's former home, for as we see at the 1:07 mark, it isn't the same house.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 13909/22/2013

R84 I feel a new Reality show coming - "Mitz & Stritch". Watch the hi-jinks, as a 50's glamour girl opens up her fading mansion to an alcoholic 50's Broadway star. Let the bitchery begin, as Elaine 'accidentally' knocks Mitzi in the pool, after 1 too many, and Mitzi throws a fit when Elaine 'accidentally' pees on Mitzi's prized striped damask divan, when she forgets to put her Depends on, since they would show through her black tights. Andy, and Bravo, love the pitch.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14009/22/2013

R86 Meryl Streep is a part time Brentwood resident too

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14109/22/2013

It's a pity that Skitch Henderson is dead. But this is the only reason.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14209/22/2013

R92 Yes, Marilyn did die (was murdered ?) at her tiny Brentwood hacienda- 12305 Fifth Helena Dr. She paid $90,000 for it, in 1962. Her monthly mortage was $320. The home sold, in 2010, for $3.5 million. It most recently sold for $5,100,000 I had the opportunity to buy the home in 1996, for $925,000, but thought it was overpriced for a (then) 67 year old home, with only 2,100 sq. ft. The worst mistake I ever made, in real estate

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14309/22/2013

R93 Tyrone Power's home still stands, at 139 N. Saltair Dr., in BW, just north of Sunset. It was built or him by renowned LA architect, Paul Williams, who was African American, and designed homes for other stars, in the 30's-60's, like Sinatra, Lucy & Desi, Stanwyck, and bldgs. like LAX's 'Theme', and Saks, in Beverly Hills.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14409/22/2013

A lovely house and while the decor isn't always to my taste, there's nothing offensive. Something about it seems more genuine than so many L.A. interiors. I wouldn't want much of the furniture and the finishes for my own, but 1.) it's nothing that couldn't be easily changed in simple, cosmetic ways (not tearing down walls and rebuilding) and 2.) it seems a house where it would be fun to visit (and I know next to nothing about Mitzi Gaynor.)

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14509/22/2013

R145 What an intelligent, and reasoned comment . What the hell are you doing on Data Lounge ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14609/22/2013

R129, R143, and R144 thank you very much. You three are class acts.

Mr. Hollywood R143, do you know of any gossip you have heard through the grapevine about the golden era of Hollywood? You seem like you are an interesting person.

BTW, the breakfast nook is adorable. I especially love the corner cabinet in the breakfast nook which looks original to the house.It hurts to think someone would tare that house down.

BTW, Mitzi's husband was a stud!! WOW!

The poster who said this thread sounds like the crowed who is ready for a retirement home, ram a stick a dynamite up your ass and light it!! I'm 43 and I adore old Hollywood and old films.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14709/23/2013

[quote]... there's nothing offensive.

Really? Did you see the tube TV in the office?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14809/23/2013

I wonder whether Judy Garland was considered as Nellie Forbush. Then again, it might not have been prudent; a nurse would have access to all of those pills.....

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 14909/23/2013

Odd question for la kid, Mr H or others: how is the security at some of these homes/estates? I know some have gates and walls or hedges. Was looking at the photos of Gregory Peck's Holmby Hills home(from the link in this thread), which has a large backyard ringed by heavy shrubs and trees. Would there be a fence or wall in there separating the property from his neighbors?

My thought was if Peck's young grandkids came over and wanted to go exploring, could they crawl through the shrubs/trees in the back and get into the neighbors' yard? Same thing with Gaynor's house, the backyard has shrubbery but no wall separating it from homes on N Alta.

In Gaynor's neighborhood there also appear to be service roads between the main streets, running behind the properties. Is this common in LA?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15009/23/2013

R150, service roads or alleys are NOT common in LA residential areas. And Beverly Hills has them only in the 'orthogonal' area, i.e. South of Sunset.

The backyards, because of the pool, have to be entirely fenced in. But often the front yards of older homes, especially south of Sunset, will be open to the street and sidewalk. Recent re-dos will have the entire property fenced off. It cuts down on curb appeal, but probably gives the owners an illusion of security.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15109/23/2013

R150, I'll piggy back off R15's astute post. Alleys are rare in LA. The Flats have them; most other neighborhoods do not. The homes in the Flats are also very accessible. It's essentially a track neighborhood, but with very nice houses. Stars generally do NOT live there, precisely because of that reason. I jog through that area a lot and can't think of any house that has a gate/hedges.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15209/23/2013

It looks like it smells like mildew and cigarettes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15309/23/2013

I have a question too.

Marilyn's address seems so odd:

12305 Fifth Helena Drive.

Does that mean there are four other Helena Drives in the area? Was there a person named Fifth Helena? You would think it would be either 12305 Fifth Drive or 12305 Helena Drive.

What gives?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15409/23/2013

The 'Helenas' are a series of parallel cul de sacs off of S. Carmelina in Brentwood. They start at '1st Helena Drive' and go all the way to '18th Helena Drive.'

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15509/23/2013

Ad for Marilyn's house the last time it was for sale:

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15609/23/2013

Thanks for that, r155. I went Googling and found this aerial view which shows other Helena Drives.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15709/23/2013


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15809/23/2013

R156 It was not the last time it was sold - see R143. Last time was 2012 - for considerably more.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 15909/23/2013

R147 Thanks or the compliment. I know this town, this business, people in it. I know about the 'golden age'. I don't make up stories. i've lived them.

To answer more questions : R149, Judy was considered briefly for "South Pacific" by director Josh Logan - as was Elizabeth Taylor ( Liz couldn't sing, and they considered dubbing her), Doris Day ( considered 'too expensive' by Fox - Doris was a huge star at the time), Susan Hayward (couldn't sing, too old ), and Audrey Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds, Janet Leigh, and Jane Powell,were also considered.

R150 Greg Peck's house had a wall surrounding the entire property. It was a lovely property. It was used in many films, most memorably in "Shampoo", when Warren Beatty goes to big party, and later has sex in the poolhouse. And Peck had more famous neighbors - Walt Disney lived next door,in the 60's, Barbra Streisand, 2 doors down, Sinatra (in the 50's), across the street, from Babs house. What's tragic is that Peck's, Streisand's, and Sinatra's homes were sold, and all leveled, in the last few years, to increase, and enhance the grounds around the existing, and newly built , monstrosity mansions that ego-led wealthy people felt they needed.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16009/23/2013

They've really photographed it well. Gone back to take photos of the pool and garden at night. Very unusual for agents to do this. Tina Stern must be a top notch agent.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16109/23/2013

Let's get a group from DL together and go trick 'r treat at Mitzi's house on Halloween. Wouldn't that be fun!

Speaking of Halloween, are the babysitter houses across the street from each other in the movie "Halloween" located in West Hollywood? Has anyone ever gone to that street on Halloween just for kicks?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16209/23/2013

It would be sad to see this be a complete tear down. There are a few things I'd change, but it's really charming and I'd hate to see one of those new Hollywood McMansions take its place. I visit LA every few years to see family, and I love to drive around these neighbors. Unfortunately my family lives in a gross town about 45 minutes outside LA (I guess, I'm never sure where I am) so I don't always get a chance to go into the "city"...

I did like Santa Monica and Los Feliz...

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16309/23/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16409/23/2013

Mr H at 160- I didn't realize that Peck's house was the setting for those scenes in Shampoo! thanks for the info. It appears the home is very close (across the street) from the Playboy Mansion and just a few doors north of the monstrosity that is the now-former Spelling mansion.

Was the original house really recently leveled and replaced? The one in the photos looks much like the original. Would this have been done before or after Peck's widow died? (she died last yr). If that's a replacement house the builders did a good job, it looks elegantly dated...the house directly to the north on Mapleton looks to be the original, at least from street views.

Following on my question about LA backyards: would any security walls be hidden in hedges/shrubbery, is that common practice? Because there is none visible in any of the eye-level photos of the Peck property, for example. Even aerial photos of this and many similar posh areas in LA don't show backyard fencing/walls, only a lot of thick hedges and greenery. Something I've always been curious about.

Many thanks to Mr H, la kid and r151 for their responses. this is a great thread.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16509/23/2013

R152, it's "tract house," not "track."

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16609/23/2013

It's not uncommon to find properties, especially large ones, where simple chain link is used to enclose back yards. Shrubs are planted to obscure it and end up growing all around and through the chain link. Again, as long as there is a pool, city building codes require that it be completely fenced in.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16709/23/2013

R165 Pecks home is N. Of Sunset, Playboy mansion, S. Of Sunset so, no, not across the street. The Hefner home however, is 5 houses up from the Spelling estate, on same side of street. What IS almost literally across the street, from Hef's driveway, is the property used for the backyard - lawn, and pool /poolhouse , in DL favorite, "Mommie Dearest" ( 'you lost again') - 355 S. Mapleton Dr. (Zillow it, and you'll recognize it).

The house on he other side of Pecks, is the old Rod Stewart home, he lived in till 2002 ( when he bought an even more enormous 18,800 mansion, in the gated Beverly Park, at 23 Beverly Park Terrace). The newest owners of the ( former) Stewart home decided to just buy the Peck home ( for $ 19,500, 196) only to tear it down, and incorporate the lot into their own property - a newer, and unfortunate trend in LA , where those without financial limits, are able to indulge their love of space.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16809/23/2013

r161 I was gonna say the same thing. Really beautifully photographed. Every angle is optimum wow factor. Floors and ceilings in every shot.

Very nice.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 16909/23/2013

You know, the more I look a it, the less I would want to change it. It's really nice and charming. I'd want to get rid of some of the STRIPES and that hideous light fixture in the dining room, but I don't have a serious problem with much else.

I'd get her to throw in some costumes and that MITZI poster!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17009/23/2013

If I had the money I'd be happy to buy it, complete with most of the furnishings (and if she's going to a smaller, more manageable place, she'd probably be willing). Of course I'd change some of the paint and wallpaper and a few other things, but it looks like a lovely and liveable home.

I'd even ask her to leave me one of her portraits. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but if I owned a piece of Hollywood history, I'd show it off.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17109/23/2013

It's sad when a former star is forced to live in a cookie cutter tract home. The poor dear would be better off at a Del Webb community. They LOVE has beens and and she would be with her demographic.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17209/23/2013

The only things I'd remove would be a few sconce lights and chandeliers, plus the striped wallpaper in the room, but the bathroom's stripes might do, for kitsch value.

The bedroom needs some discreet art on the walls.

Between the cute pool and the expansive kitchen counter tops, I'd be tempted to host hunky starlet parties every weekend.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17309/23/2013

I don't think anyone else has mentioned this, but for all you decrying the downfall of Mitzi's health, I happen to know she's a healthy, vibrant 82, who gets around beautifully - no cane, or wheelchairs , nothing that you goons have depicted. She's probably one of the youngest people, in spirit, that I know. Jack, her husband of 52 years, died 6 years ago, and I think Mitzi's ready for a change, and something less big - her home has 5 bed., 6 ba. But there is a lot more life in this gal. Mitzi's energy never lags !

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17409/23/2013

Some posters mentioned Gregory Peck's house, check out his grandson who is a stud!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17509/24/2013

Here is another picture of Peck's grandson, WOW!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17609/24/2013

Here is one more picture of Gregory Peck's grandson!! Sorry, I'm not trying to divert the thread in the least. I love this thread immensely! Since people were talking about Peck's house, I just had to post these photos of Peck's grandson!He is a stud like his grandfather! His grandfather was much more handsome ,but his grandson has hotness in his own unique way.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17709/24/2013

WEHT Tony Peck, who used to date Cheryl Tiegs ? Was very cute, back in the day, but looked nothing like this kid. I guess he would be this kid's uncle, this one has DSL's for days.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17809/24/2013

Gregory Peck's grandson looks like he has one of Michael Jackson's old chins.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 17909/24/2013

Gregory Peck lived right next door to Barbra Streisand for many years and they became close friends. Also, Sonny and Cher lived a few houses down, as did Burt Reynolds and Lonnie Anderson.

I wonder how Barbra felt about them filming "Shampoo" next door to her house? Warren Beatty and Julie Christie probably hid out at Barbra's house in-between takes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18009/24/2013

[quote]udy was considered briefly for "South Pacific" by director Josh Logan - as was Elizabeth Taylor ( Liz couldn't sing, and they considered dubbing her), Doris Day ( considered 'too expensive' by Fox - Doris was a huge star at the time), Susan Hayward (couldn't sing, too old ), and Audrey Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds, Janet Leigh, and Jane Powell,were also considered.

There are lots of Mitzi interviews on youtube--she's very amusing in every one of them. Somewhere in one of them she mentions getting the part in South Pacific and says that she was the only one of the actresses under consideration who was willing to test. She notes also that she had to sing on separate occasions for both Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. There were also several interviews with Josh Logan.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18109/24/2013

Mr H someone is possibly posting incorrect stuff at the Daily Fail then, they have a huge article on what they say is Peck's house at 539 S Mapleton, complete with photos (at link). This is the home I referred to in my posts.

You talk about a house that no longer exists on N Mapletion. I tend to think you know the score better than the Fail...who appears to have "failed" in a big way here.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18209/24/2013

[quote]The house on he other side of Pecks, is the old Rod Stewart home, he lived in till 2002 ( when he bought an even more enormous 18,800 mansion, in the gated Beverly Park, at 23 Beverly Park Terrace).

That's a gorgeous place, Stewart's new mansion. The guest house alone is huge and almost a mini-mansion in itself. I imagine this is where his grown kids live (he's said in the past they live with him).

Eddie Murphy has a mega-mansion two doors north. Yikes its huge.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18309/24/2013

R182 Yes, that is totally bogus information from Britain's Daily Mail, as usual. Peck lived at 375 N. Carolwood Dr. for over 25 years ( not on Mapleton) - the house that was torn down. The house they show is beautiful - it just was not Peck's.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18409/24/2013

R183 I'd been a guest at Rod's old house on N. Carol wood. Rod was a great dinner host. His dining room was bigger than my whole block.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18509/24/2013

A gay guy bought the old Peck and Streisand mansions and had them torn down. I think he owns LinkedIn.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18609/24/2013

[quote]How has Mitzi afforded to live in BH all these years?

She probably bought the house for less than 30k. Long paid off. Her most recent property taxes are $4,565

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18709/24/2013

R186 Your almost right . Bought Streisand's home, and tore it down , to 'enhance' their backyard . Their house is actually on Delfern ( the old Gary Cooper home), and was designed by noted architect, A. Quincy Jones. The old Stewart home still stands, though it's undergone extensive renovation. By the way, Tom & David , a married, gay couple, were the owners of the Cooper home. They also owned a beautiful home, just a few blocks away, across the street from the Lucy-Desi house (1000 N. Roxbury), that they sold a couple years ago, to the inventor of the 3-D Printer, and his wife, for over $20,000,000.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18809/24/2013

[quote]WEHT Tony Peck, who used to date Cheryl Tiegs ?

Didn't Tony Peck struggle with drugs for a long time? I seem to recall him being in/out of rehab or in trouble with the law.

He was actually married to Tiegs and they had a son. Tiegs went on to marry a well known yoga instructor and have twins via surrogate, but Wikipedia states she divorced right after their birth and her ex has full custody and is raising them in CO.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 18909/24/2013

Cheryl just gave the kids up ?Didn't want to be a late in life mom ? Never heard this . Wonder why Mitzi and her husband never had kids ? It always surprises me - then you have people like Joan Crawford, or Madonna, who have no business raising children .

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19009/25/2013

Someone should start a thread on celebrity real estate and interior design

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19109/25/2013

The list of famous people who should never have had kids is long. A few more I can think of - Lucille Ball, Peter Sellers, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Loria Grahame, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Caron, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer, Tony Curtis, and so many more.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19209/25/2013

It's charming - drove by it the other day. It's a 3 minute jog to WeHo, so you're really getting the best of both Boystown, and Bev. Hills. She must have some kind of record for a star living in the same house for so long - seems now, Jen Aniston, Cher, their ilk, move every 2-3 years. Are they restless ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19309/26/2013

In the "old days" in Hollywood many stars lived for years in the same house. The Pecks and many others mentioned in this thread bought estates at the height of their stardom, settled in and raised families, then lived out their days there. Carolwood-Roxbury, iirc, were full of examples of these: Lucille Ball, the Jack Bennys, Rosemary Clooney, etc lived there for decades.

I think the mega-development that's gone on in LA since the 80s has fuelled a move to "keep moving", ie buy low sell high in a few years, move up to a bigger place, rinse repeat. The need of some celebs for more space due to growing family size and enhanced privacy (Affleck & Damon come to mind) accounts for some, but in most cases it's a financial gamble or need to "keep up with the Joneses" thing.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19409/26/2013

Anyone else think it's strange that Damon just bought a (beautiful modern) house, literally across the street/ driveway from Affleck ? I don't mean in the common DL gay way - I mean out of ALL the homes on the westside (B.H.,Bel Air, Brentwood,Pac Pal.), Damon chose the house 30 feet from the Affleck address.

Ben : 1700 San Remo Dr., Pacific Palisades

Matt : 1401 San Remo Dr.,Pacific Palisades

Look on an aerial map, and you'll see what I mean. To be close is nice, but.......

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19509/26/2013

Ben Affleck bought the old Greg Peck home (in the 60's), in 2009, for $17,550,000, from producer Brian Grazer - 9 bed., 14 baths. Damon bought his home, new, in 2012, for $15,000,000 - Both homes are spectacular, in a non- mansiony , low- key way.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19609/27/2013

Hast thou, R14, hast.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19709/27/2013

R196 They both have plenty of places to poop in their homes

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19809/28/2013

Are those houses really that close to each other? Google shows Damon's place as being a half mile south of Affleck's, and just a block north of Sunset (using the addresses above).

I know Affleck's place was designed and once owned by Cliff May.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 19909/28/2013

R199 You're absolutely right. I admit, I was given wrong information by one of my real estate sources .Sorry.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20009/28/2013

[quote] I admit, I was given wrong information by one of my real estate sources

Oh, brother.

What a pompous twit.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20109/28/2013


It's a nice house. In Beverly Hills.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20209/28/2013

[quote] I'd be tempted to host hunky starlet parties every weekend

Lol. Always thought as "starlets" being female, isn't there another term for a male starlet?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20309/28/2013

Yes, R203. It's rent-boy.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20409/28/2013

R201 I apologized, and said I was sorry. A home was torn down directly across from Affleck's , and a new one built. My source told me it was Damon's, but I should have checked myself. 'Pompous' & 'twit' are 2 words I've never had associated with me . I'm sure you'll find fault with this response too.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20509/28/2013

I heard that the 'Crest' streets in BH north of Sunset were also sought after (although not as trendy as the 'Bird' streets) streets like BeverlyCrest, Readcrest, Lloydcrest, etc. Few are ever on the market.

Many houses seem to hug the road but have killer views, while others enjoy flatter larger lots with equally stunning panorama, like the old Rock Hudson place, which I gather director John Landis sold to Paul Allen a few years ago. House and lot size seems to vary a great deal in this area.

If I had the means, this area would be my top pick.

I love LA real estate talk although I live nowhere near.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20609/29/2013

R206 Those who like the area are waiting for the Esther Williams house to come on the market - 9377 Readcrest Dr. She lived there for many years, and the home has a lovely pool (obviously), and killer views. It's just above the old Rock Hudson place, and a great property. It's where Williams wrote her recent biography - which Jeff Chandler would not have appreciated.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20709/29/2013

[quote] like the old Rock Hudson place, which I gather director John Landis sold to Paul Allen a few years ago.

Landis completely tore that down and built a new house on the property.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20809/29/2013

Mr H, thanks so much for yr comment. You may know of this site with pics of Rock Hudson's Beverly Crest home, with panoramic views to kill for.

Yes, Esther Williams' house I'm sure will be quite the listing one day, or be sold privately. I love how you get to click on her website by scrolling over her house on Google map. You can even order a swimsuit from her collection!! Can't post a second link but for those interested, look up 'Esther Williams Collection, Readcrest Drive, Beverly Hills' on Google Map.

What a fascinating thread.

Someone should start a weekly or monthly series of 'my favorite home in (LA neighbourhood)' and we could run through all the interesting areas.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 20909/29/2013

Is "old-timey" a new word in vogue? When I saw it in OP's title, I thought the "y" he added was was just a cute gay slang he thought up. But then I saw the term used on Saturday Night Live this week.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21009/29/2013

I keep hoping LA will seem less foreign and wrong to me, but alas. This house feels like it could be on the moon.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21109/29/2013

Unfortunate Home Depot kitchen.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21209/29/2013

R209, great link! I watched the silent footage of Jack Lemon at Rock Hudson's place. Jack Lemon was really handsome when he was younger.

That is sad that someone tore down a huge part of Rock Hudson's estate. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since someone form the technology industry bought the home and used a wrecking ball! The people from that industry don't have a clue about the world outside of the computer industry and they don't care either! They don't care about history because everything to them has to be NEW! NEW! Futuristic! Especially in silicon Valley that is their motto, they are completely nuts.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21309/30/2013

Contrary to that website R213, and as mentioned by R208, it would seem that it is former owner Landis who rebuilt and not Allen, although elements of the new house, from the little we can see of it on Google map, look somewhat similar.

However, Mr Allen did take the wrecking ball to an even more fabled property, that of 'The Enchanted Hill' on Angelo Drive also in BH, and to this day has not rebuilt, which some say is perhaps just as well. Haven't yet learned to copy text on ipad but google 'paradiseleased the enchanted hill' if you want to know more about the stunning house by architect Wallace Neff that occupied the site. Comments at the bottom are also very informative. That is a great blog on historic properties in LA.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21409/30/2013

The link mentioned above on The Enchanted Hill house.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21509/30/2013

Mr. Hollywood, can I ask you a question? Was Tyrone Power gay or was that made up by that biography that came out by author Hector Ace in 1979?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21609/30/2013

R216 That is a question wihich we unfortunately may never really know the truth about - I pride myself on always being as accurate with my info, as possible, and always trying to get first hand accounts of people who truly knew the real story. In Powers case, almost everyone considered a contemporary, is gone . And the real story is rewritten constantly, for salacious titillation, to sell books, or people's memories fade, or their remembrance is completely contrary to everyone else's. For example, watching the recent conversation Robert Osborne had with Kim Novak, on TCM, was fascinating. I love Kim, and so glad she seems to finally be appreciated, and getting the respect for her work. However, 2 questions Bob asked Kim had bizarre responses. One actually involved Ty Power. Everyone who worked on "The Eddie Duchin Story", in which they starred together, has said that the 2 did not get along at all - they hated each other. Power was an old time movie pro, who felt Novak was a novice, indulgent, and just plain rude. And he complained about her constantly, while making the film - and she, him. Yet in the recent interview, Novak gushed over him, saying she 'loved' him, and 'he was such a gentleman'. And when Sammy Davis Jr. Was brought up - the 2 had a well known romance, at a time when it was unacceptable in Hollywood, Harry Cohn actually brought in his mob connections, to threaten Davis to stop seeing Novak, as they were actually talking marriage. It was a love affair. Yet there was Novak now saying they were 'really just friends - nothing more'. I just hung out with his family - had Thanksgivng at their house'. She was so honest about so many things, yet could not be truthful about those situations. So Power ? My feeling is he had a few real romances with men - discreet, and with people he could trust - like Ceasar Romero. I do not believe he slept with men all over town. I also believed he really loved Linda Christian, his wife.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21710/01/2013

Mr. Hollywood, were you around when Susie Lee was posting here? Her parents were friends with Powers when she was younger and she admitted to having a huge crush on him at the time. They also knew Linda Christian. IIRC, she said that she didn't hear anything about his sexuality. She admitted it wasn't something discussed openly, but it seemed to be taken for granted that he was straight and that he was sexually voracious and had numerous flings. Of course, none of this means that he didn't have discreet affairs with men.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21810/01/2013

R218 I have only been here about a year, but I have read so much about this Susie Lee. Can someone tell me who she is / was, and why she no longer posts ? Thank you

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 21910/01/2013

R219, Mr. Hollywood, Susie Lee was her computer name. Her real name was Susan Kasznar. Her father was actor,Kurt Kasznar. She would come on to DL and answer questions about Hollywood and the movie stars in the golden era of Hollywood. She was very kind like you are ,and she just hung out here. She is no longer here for two reasons. The changed the format of DL which she became a bit confused with the change. Also, there were some complete creeps who ruined the interaction between many DL posters and Susan.There were some losers that kept saying we don't believe you, and are not who you claim to be.

Mr. Hollywood, if you get anyone on here who pull that crap, just ignore them because there are many good people on here who are well mannered, kind, very nice and who are mature adults. Also, as far as I'm concerned, it's people like you who make DL very exciting!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22010/01/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood, what do you think of this person's statement on Tyrone Power's message board on IMBD?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22110/02/2013

So sorry Mr. Hollywood. This is R221. The message is at the bottom of the thread, by metalman091

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22210/02/2013

R220 Thank you - I finally know who 'Susie Lee' is. And I won't let the uncouth morons who often pop up here, get to me. I do know my information, though I can't reveal my real name, for various reasons. I am an LA native, and do have a position in the motion picture business, with a name many might know. So that's why, here, I'm just.....Mr. Hollywood.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22310/02/2013

I loved Susie Lee's discretion and I appreciate yours, Mr. Hollywood.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22410/02/2013

R224 Thank you . It's rare these days, I know. I look to people like Cary Grant , who had it (and so much more), as my role model. He knew how to look ( always dressed impeccably), talk, had a great sense of humor, and his own style, albeit, invented. Remember, who Cary Grant really was , is Archie Leach, a poor, British, Cockney accented,scruff, with a mentally ill mother, who took up with the circus, as an acrobat, in his youth - and ended up the biggest movie star in the world.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22510/02/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood, was Cary Grant gay? I love your post at R225. I couldn't agree with you more.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22610/02/2013

[quote]Remember, who Cary Grant really was , is Archie Leach, a poor, British, Cockney accented,scruff, with a mentally ill mother, who took up with the circus, as an acrobat, in his youth - and ended up the biggest movie star in the world.

Cary Grant ended up as Tom Cruise? That doesn't make any sense! Cary Grant was gay!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22710/03/2013

R226 again, as with Ty Power, it will probably always be a guess - my guess is he was a product of his era, and his 'marriages' were covers, for his being gay. For most of his life , Grant was estranged from his real self. His first wife, actress Virginia Cherrill (the blind girl, in Chaplin's "City Lights"), sued him for divorce, saying he was 'abusive'. Years later, a biographer wrote a book on her, and Cherrill admitted that their marriage was 'platonic', and she felt Grant was 'homosexual'. She recounted going with Grant, (as his then fiancee) in 1934, to meet Randolph Scott, at the home the 2 shared, just below the Hollywood sign, and feeling that these 2 men were much more than just friends. 2nd wife, Barbara Hutton, one of the wealthiest women in the world ( the press dubbed them 'Cash & Cary') had her own problems, but they remained life long friends. It is my belief, also, that Grant loved Hutton's son, not in a sexual way, though he became a handsome young man, but in a fatherly way. Next wife was actress Betsy Drake, who was a free spirit, and introduced Grant to LSD, to help with his psychological troubles. She would claim, years later, re his being gay ' I don't know what Cary was doing when he wasn't home, but when he was with me we fucked like rabbits'. Then came Dyan Cannon, with whom he had a daughter, Jennifer, who I know well. She is a lovely, intelligent, gay friendly woman. A great heart.Dyan would always deny Cary was gay however. Finally came Barbara Harris, a British journalist. Now, what his friends said. Arthur Laurents said Cary really was bi, as did Hedda Hopper. But there are so many lingering stories of Grant's gay side - coming to Manhattan, when he first arrived in the US, and dating famed costume designer Orry-Kelly, Randolph Scott, of course, and many more. So my opinion, being that I think 'bi' is really just a euphemism for gay, is he was someone who wanted acceptance, renown, and success, and could not have achieved it, at that time, by being openly, or closetedly, gay.

Update fact : Barbara Harris, to whom Grant left his beautiful home in Bev. Hills - 9966 Beverly Grove Dr., as well as half his fortune (splitting it with Jennifer), married Kansas Jayhawks All-American quarterback, David Jaynes, 15 years after Grant's death.

Scary fact - the Sharon Tate home (and murder site), is directly across the canyon, with the 2 homes having direct views of each other.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22810/03/2013

So, Mitzi's house...

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 22910/03/2013

I love her house, I could move right in.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23010/03/2013

Love the stories Mr. H. Please keep them coming.

Re LA real estate, another strange question: with all the development and building, many mansions and estates are built directly over one another, cantilevered into the hillsides. Is privacy an issue here? If one's backyard overlooks onto the private property of another and can view the goings on.

Has there ever been an instance where this mattered or made a difference? You mentioned the Grant and Tate properties as being viewable to each other.

(Is it true that Grant was supposed to be at the Tate-Polanskis on Cielo the night of the murders? or just folklore)

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23110/03/2013

I catered a hundred parties back in the day at houses like Mitzi's.

They all smell kind of stuffy.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23210/03/2013

R231 Hollywood Hills, and Beverly Hills, especially, have gone crazy, either building homes too big for the lot, or yes, building up, and blocking neighbors views. Zoning wise, it often seems like the wild, wild, west - anything goes, and when it does, officials are paid off, or the owner just pays a (relatively) small penalty fee. Very rarely does someone push it to the point, where a lawsuit is arises. Put it this way - Johnny Mathis, had been living in his HH's home, off Sunset Plaza Dr., a cul-de-sac (1469 Stebbins Terrace Dr.) for decades, with a gorgeous view, from downtown LA, to the ocean. Below him was a hill, dropping straight down to SP Dr. He could not have imagined that a Christian publisher, James Hund, and his wife, would build what Mathis would describe as, re the wife, ' A monument to herself' - a 9100 sq. ft. mansion, essentially blocking the beautiful view Johnny had. John's house was (is) so lovely, built by Howard Hughes, in 1946, but very modern - including a retractable domed glass roof over the swimming pool, which is in the middle of the home ( which I've been in many times). The view is not entirely gone, but nothing like before.

And no, Cary Grant was not going to be at the Tate home that night. Hollywood legends abound about who was 'supposed' to be there that evening.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23310/03/2013

Wow you're right about the Mathis house. The house next to it (behind it) on the hill is huge. It takes up the entire small lot it sits on. Why didn't Mathis just try to buy that parcel when it became available?

Here's another niggling odd question: mail delivery. I hardly see any mailboxes at the front or at the gates of these large properties. Does everyone just have a po box or get their mail elsewhere? So I guess no junk mail deliveries or store fliers in Bev Hills or Bel Air lol.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23410/03/2013

Johnny would have bought the lot, if he even knew it was for sale. To him, there was no way anyone could build there. IF he had imagined this would happen, he obviously would have bought that parcel. To him, it was a small hill, that dropped right off.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23510/03/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood.Again, great posts! I wish Johnny Mathis would write an autobiography. I have always loved his voice and his songs! Why did/ do a handful of people remaining left from the golden era of Hollywood won't say a word about those who were in the closet? Everyone is gone and the shock is over in the eyes of the public.

Also, I notice that Tyrone Power's daughter, Romina gets really mad if anyone even remotely claims that her father was bisexual. She wrote a book for the European market,and now it's available and now it's available in English in e-book form .I haven't read it ,but someone told me Romina interviewed her father's aunt, etc. for the book. However, we had someone on DL one time who claimed he was a friend of Tyrone Power's son who told him he knows his father was bisexual but he and his sisters don't want it to be brought up in the public. What do you think about all of this?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23610/03/2013

Back to Mitzi's house - it's been several weeks, and still hasn't sold. I wonder if Mitz is firm on that price, and won't budge till she gets it, or buyers think it's just not worth it. Looks beautiful to me- not like it's in disrepair, or neglected. I guess only the agent knows what's going on.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23710/03/2013

The agent is Tina Stern, with Sotheby's. It's her only listing.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23810/03/2013

R237, probably it's not selling because let me guess, I can here those one dimensional cookie cutters that come out from the predictable assembly line, where is the minimalism ? This isn't contemporary enough! Everything has to go! everything! Oh my gosh! where is the 21 st century? This is a complete tare down to me.

This house, and many other houses like this one, should be bought someone who appreciates the historic interrogatory of the home.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 23910/03/2013

I'm not trying to divert your thread on Mitzi Gaynor and her home because I love both and the info on her and her super home on this thread is terrific. However, may I ask you Mr. Hollywood two more questions on Tyrone Power? I'm so sorry for being annoying.

I once read a little excerpt from Robert Evan's autobiography which he says Tyrone Power was a man's man and a laddie's man. Also, someone told me they read Christopher Plummer autobiography ,and he said Christopher Plummer said Tyrone Power could spot a trampy woman a mile away and went after her. Those two statements alone seem like he was a straight womanizing man because it seems to me if he may have been in the closet or bisexual, he wouldn't be so active to go after the opposite sex that much? What do you think about their statements on him?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24010/03/2013

I would say what I said earlier . My guess is he was discreet, in his affairs with men, and like Cary Grant, felt the need to be seen as a married 'straight' man, because that was the norm then. But Evans description is rather apt. - a man's man, and a ladies man. He was , in his youth, one of the most beautiful men on the screen.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24110/04/2013

[quote]Tyrone Power was a man's man and a laddie's man.

How is that inconsistent?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24210/04/2013

Mr H what do you know about Power and his relationships with Judy Garland and Lana Turner? His affair with Lana was hot but burned out, supposedly he really loved Judy when she was young.

Diverting from the Gaynor house discussion a bit but that's how threads go on DL. It's all tangential/related.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24310/04/2013

R243 re Garland & Power. They met at a party in Brentwood, in 1942. Power gushed over Judy's talent, Judy's marriage to the average looking David Rose, was breaking up. Power's then wife, Anabella, was out of town. They began an affair. But in early 1943, Power was inducted into the Marines. It's said Judy seemed to have a much greater attraction to Power, than he, to her - make of that what you will. Judy kept an 8x10 of Power next to her bed (she and Rose had separated by then, and she was renting a small home, in Westwood). It must have been tough on Anabella, as she was 6 years older than Power, and had her own daughter, who was only 3 years younger than Judy, who was 21. Judy was also aware of Power's flip/flopping sexuality, but didn't care. Soon, Judy found out she was pregnant, and begged Power to get a divorce - but he just couldn't do it. Judy felt betrayed, as Ty had promised to, then reneged. Judy had no choice but to get an abortion, and though she still loved him deeply, she began referring to him as 'Tyroney the Phony'. Many felt the break up caused the 1st of many nervous breakdowns, for Judy.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24410/04/2013

Mr Hollywood are you familiar with Laurel Canyon and its neighborhoods? There's a treehouse style place for sale for just under $1 mil on Oak Court just below Lookout Mtn. The Daily mail says it used to be owned by John Lennon and Yoko, its small and has a lot of old wood decking and flooring. Very rustic as a lot of properties in that area are.

You can see a couple of massive glass and steel modern monstrosities sitting on hills nearby, taking up entire lots. Very out of place.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24510/04/2013

R245 Yes, I am familiar with that area, and all of Hollywood.....I'm Mr. Hollywood, after all. First, remember your source - the DM has great candid photos, but that's about it, truth wise. Here in the star studded hills ,as in Bel Air, Brentwood, Bev. Hills, there is often a 'name' of renown attached to homes falsely. Whether it's eager agents, owners wanting to increase the price, or just rumors (never proved), a star name always adds cache, if not $$$, to a home here. But my sources tell me the Laurel Cyn. House is bogus,re Lennon-Ono. The only time Lennon spent any time in LA, other than staying a few days in a hotel, was in his so called 'Lost Weekend', beginning in 1973- actually lasting 18 months), when he, and Yoko separated, and he came to town, with May Pang. He at first rented the old Louis B. Mayer, later Peter Lawford place, a huge home on Santa Monica beach (where Pres. Kennedy visited often, to have his assignations, with Marilyn). eventually, he ended up renting a home at 8818 Thrasher Dr., above Sunset. It was more befitting one of the biggest rock stars in the world. That home sold for $4.2 million, last year. I think, maybe because of the Asian touches, the Oak Ct. home developed the myth over the years, that Ono was an inhabitant.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24610/04/2013

Mr. Hollywood, Susie Lee said that she said Tyrone and Linda had at least two orgies in their home that she was aware of. Do think that is true? Were those two a wild couple?

Also, what do you think of the statement that Eddie Fisher made in his book when he said he and Elizabeth Taylor rented the Power's home, he thought it was very strange that Tyrone and Linda had separate bedrooms? To me, I don't think that is weird because that was very common for wealthy couples to have separate bedrooms, especially years ago , right?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24710/04/2013

Now, which one of you white folks is gonna tell us who this Mitzi Gaynor is?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24810/04/2013

She's like a pale imitation of Janet Gaynor. Kind of a half-Gaynor.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 24910/04/2013

She's like June Haver with a better figure and lots of dance classes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25010/04/2013

Oh, OK, that clears it up.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25110/04/2013

Mitzi has a great recent interview on the Hollywood site. She has great stories about Marilyn, and many others from that era. She seems like a great lady - like the fun aunt, or grandma, you wish you had. Kinda Auntie Mame like. Wonder why she never had kids, or adopted ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25210/04/2013

R249, she figure skates?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25310/04/2013

R252, thanks for sharing!I have to watch that interview because I eat up all of the old Hollywood stories Big Time!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25410/04/2013

The interview R252 referred to is at the link.

She's really adorable and entertaining and funny.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25510/04/2013

She's a sweetheart. She goes with that house - bright, colorful, alive. I like the stripes. I know that was more a 70-80's trend, but if you look at homes from the 30's & 40's, the Dorothy Draper, Billy Baldwin, Sister Parrish crowd, they established some of the looks Mitz has, as being classic. We've all become so used to neutral walls, Knoll furniture, and hardwood floors, that anything that varies too far from what I call the 'Jeff Lewis' room (yawn) is considered bad.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25610/05/2013

Anyone know what happened to Ann Miller's home, about a block away from Mitzi's, on Alta ? Used to live in WeHo, on Elevado, and it was just 3 blks. away - used to drive by it all the time, with it's black & white striped awnings, and the white Caddie, always parked in the driveway - like Mitzi's, another old time movie star home, you felt she had lived in forever.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25710/06/2013

R257 Happily, the new owners who bought Annie's house, in 2004 - a few months after she died, did not tear it down. The striped awnings are gone, and the white Caddy too ( she replaced them every few years - always white), but they chose to redesign the home, from a Mediterranean Regency, to a classic California Spanish, putting a short wall in front, and adding a gate. They paid $3,685,036 for it, which I consider a great deal - the home's value is now approx. $6 -7 million

And yes, Ann & Mitzi did live very close

Ann - 618 N. Alta Dr.

Mitzi - 610 N. Arden Dr.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25810/06/2013

I liked Ann's home , as she had it. I found a pic of it, and it was so "Sunset Blvd." like . After the re-do, it looks like any other Spanishy house. Before, it had that old movie star look. Why do people feel that change always means better ? I'll never understand it.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 25910/07/2013

r250: Funny you mention Haver. Mitzi was one of the stars who appeared at a Hollywood "Gypsy of the Year" ceremony that honored Haver & Gregory Hines. Mitzi was funny as hell and high as a kite regaling the audience about her early years at the studio ("Betty Grable was a bitch!" sounds funny but I don't believe her), and knowing Haver ("She's a real lady!") then telling a story about the wardrobe and hair people saying that "June Haver was blonde ALL OVER!"

Haver was white as a ghost listening to Mitzi going on about Junie's pubic hair.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26010/07/2013

R260 I bet she was embarrassed. Remember, Haver was going to be a nun. She actually became a postulant nun, with the Sisters Of Charity, in Leavenworth,Kansas,in 1953, but left less then 9 months later,met Fred MacMurray, and married him a year after that. They were considered one of Hollywood's most conservative (and wealthiest) couples.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26110/07/2013

I interviewed her in that house last year. It was very cool- like stepping into a time warp.

She kept up waiting and descended the staircase like Norma Desmond. Only she was very friendly and sweet. Still looking great at age 82.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26210/07/2013

R262 That's interesting, since she DIED 8 years ago, in 2005. Last year ? You either have your dates wrong, or the woman sitting opposite you, in that home , which I live a few blocks from, was not Haver. And she was 79 when she died,not 82. BTW, the home is a lovely Cape Cod style, with beautiful grounds - almost 1 & half acres. MacMurray & Haver's daughters sold the home, in 2009, for $ 5,893,000 - it is now valued at about $8 million, and still looks the same.

Address : 485 Halvern Dr., Los Angeles

BTW - Dustin Hoffman lives just down the street, on another beautiful estate, at : 313 N. Barrington Ave.

You cannot decieve Mr. Hollywood

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26310/07/2013

R263 I was talking about Mitzi.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26410/07/2013

Oh, sorry. Never mind.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26510/07/2013

R265 Quite alright.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26610/07/2013

All true, Mr. Hollywood. You sure know your stuff.

MacMurray was supposed to have been a real skinflint, but supposedly he and Bing Crosby were smart enough to buy lots of land and MacMurray made his riches in real estate.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26710/07/2013

Where does Tippi Hedren live?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26810/07/2013

Wasn't Mitzi referenced in Bette's "The Star?" If we already discussed this, my apologies.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 26910/07/2013

how much do you think she paid for it 50 years ago?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27010/07/2013

R260 And besides his LA holdings, MacMurray bought 1,700 acres in the Russian River Valley area, in northern CA., way back in 1941, paying practically nothing, relatively speaking. Now we know it as Sonoma, as in the Napa/Sonoma area, a world class area for vineyards, and wines. His family continued to use the ranch, as a retreat, and raising prize winning Aberdeen Angus cattle. And, in 1996, MacMurray's daughters decided to sell a portion of the ranch (425 acres), to Gallo, which planted vineyards on it, for wines that would go on to bear the MacMurray Ranch label. Daughter Kate, now lives on the property (in a cabin built by her father), and in 2000, Bob Gallo, son of Gallo founder, Julio , asked Kate to become a brand Ambassador. She seems to be as savvy in business, as her father. The Ranch property is now worth between $20 -50 million, for the land alone.

MacMurray Ranch Vineyard : 3387 Dry Creek Rd., Heraldsburg,CA.

BTW, the Raymond Burr Vineyards, are not far away : 8839 W. Dry Creek Rd.,Heraldsburg,CA.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27110/07/2013

[quote]All true, Mr. Hollywood. You sure know your stuff.

But reading comprehension is not a strong suit. Nor is comma usage.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27210/07/2013

Wow! Fantastic information, Mr. Hollywood! Many thanks for that!

What other stars were smart enough to but California real estate when they did?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27310/07/2013

[quote] Where does Tippi Hedren live?

She lives in Acton, at her preserve for big cats called Shambala

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27410/07/2013

[quote] What other stars were smart enough to but California real estate when they did?

Bob Hope owned most of the San Fernando Valley at one time.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27510/07/2013

Tippi Hedren lives many miles north of LA, in an area called Acton - which is techically in Santa Clarita CO., between SC & Palmdale. There, she has her Wildlife sanctuary (see R274).

Her address : 9316 Soledad Cyn. Rd., Santa Clarita, CA.

Mr. Hollywood much prefers daughter Melanie Griffith's spread (with Antonio Banderas), another of those old time Hollywood mansions, in tony Hancock Park (just a few blks. from the " Baby Jane" mansion. In fact, in 2000, the couple bought the 4 bed. house next door (for only $ 1.3 mil.), leveled it, and gave themselves a bigger backyard.

Melanie & Antonio : 611 S. Muirfield Rd. (Torn down home, was at 625)

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27610/07/2013

R272 Yes, I agree. Mea culpa.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27710/07/2013

R275 A bit of an exaggeration, but he was a big land owner, along with Mr. Crosby. While Bing lived in a beautiful home, in LA's most exclusive neighborhood, Holmby Hills, Hope lived over the mountain, so to speak, in the Valley. In fact, Hope's longtime home is for sale right now.

10346 Moorepark St., Toulca Lake. Price $27,500,000. The main home is 14, 876 sq.ft. - 8 bed., 8 ba. , with a 2 bed., 2 ba. guesthouse, & 2 bed., 1 ba. staff quarters. The property is set on over 5 acres, with pool, rose gardens, and 1- hole golf course.

What I love is that in the 50's, the home was remodeled by architect John Elgin Woolf, one of Mr. Hollywood's favorites - who also designed homes lived in by Loretta Young, Vincente Minnelli, Sue Mengers, Robert Evans, George Cukor, David Selznick, Cary Grant ( Mr. Hollywood's idol), Paul Lynde (where he died),and sadly, the Ira Gershwin home, that was leveled only 1 month ago, on the well known Roxbury Dr. He was known for what became the 'Hollywood Regency' look. Any doubt why I loved him ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27810/07/2013

What is the price range for homes on Muirfield Rd. in Hancock Park? Do many celebrities live in HP? I always thought HP was undesirable, but there are some lovely homes on that street.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 27910/07/2013

Hancock Park has some lovely older estates and homes. I think its appeal and popularity have diminished somewhat over the years as celebs have decamped to the hills and the west side, but its still a nice area, and central to everything.

Elizabeth Perkins and Bill Petersen are two celebs who come to mind who used to live there (or still do).

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28010/07/2013

Interesting facts. Bud Court was actually considered an up and coming ( though certainly quirky) young actor in 1970. Eager to sign him for the role, producer Colin Higgins, and Paramount, offered Court $60,000, & 5% of the gross. Court was sure the film would not make money, so instead, he took $100,000 , & 0%. It became successful, over time, by becoming a cult hit at midnight showings (popular in the 70's), and subsequent TV showings. The video, & DVD rights, says a well known producer friend, could have netted him a few million.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28110/07/2013

Sorry - posted on wrong thread. Belongs obviously on the 'Bud Cort gay' thread. Mr. H is tired.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28210/07/2013

Just want to chime in to suggest that perhaps we could discuss LA celebrity real estate by neighbourhood/area, having a different thread for each? This way it would be easier to find old threads later.

This thread is turning out to be one of my all time favorites. Thanks to all who are sharing their knowledge.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28310/07/2013

Or at least start a new thread about LA celebrity real estate in general, and if popular branch out into separate threads by neighborhood.

My fear is that if there are too many thread going at once posters will get confused. You know how it is on DL.

Agree this thread is great. I love LA and its history, wish the city itself would be more cognizant of it and protect it.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28410/07/2013

R283 I was going to give up on this thread, just to take a break, but will add a some more. Relating to my #275 bit, re Bob Hope - Bing Crosby used to live close to Hope, in Toulca Lake, till 1943 , when ironically, the Crosby Christmas tree caught fire and burned the house down. The Crosby's bought a beautiful estate in the Holmby Hills, that was owned & built by the heir to the Broadway Dept. Stores ( a long gone LA institution). Built during the depression, in 1932, by noted architect Gordon B. Kaufmann, the home was a combination of French Norman/ Monterey with a dash of New Orleans, because of it's lacy metalwork. Normally that mish- mash cold spell diaster, but Kaufmann was a master. At 15,000 sq. ft., it threw in the face of those austere times, and smaller homes. One amusing Crosby touch was to install a monkey cage ( with monkeys), which was his own primitive, but effective security system, as anytime an intruder appeared on the grounds, the monkeys would put out a high pitched screech that would scare off any ne'er do wells. Bing would live there with his first wife (Dixie) who tried to keep up with his drinking, and sadly became an alcholic herself. She died of cancer there, in 1952, at 40. Then Bing married Kathryn Grant, in 1957 - the family (Bing's new, 2nd one) moved from there in 1964, when the house was sold to Patrick Frawley, head of the Schick Razor Co. for $350,000. (Ah, the good old days when you could actually buy a Bel Air mansion for that). In 1983, the Frawley family sold the home for $10,250,000. And guess who bought it ? many of you may have already guessed - The Spellings , Aaron & Candy. But it didn't end there. Eugene Kilmer, father of Val (disclosure - they were family friends), knowing that the home was to be leveled, stepped in and offered to buy the house itself, so he could dismantle it, piece by piece, and move it out to the 500 acre Kilmer property, in Chatsworth (which Kilmer had bought from Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, in the valley), where he wanted to make it the centerpiece of a new real estate subdivision called Indian Springs Estates. But eventually the economic & logistical became apparent, and he gave up that idea. So, as planned, in 1994, the beautiful Kaufmann designed home was bull dozed to the ground, to make room for Candy's monstrosity, which has now passed to British heiress Petra Ecclestone, for a mere $85,000,000. She wanted her own transformation done fast, so she had 500 workers, in just a few weeks, transform the interior from Candy's drab, unfortunate mess, into an eclectic, if not gaudy, palace for herself. She's 23. And recently married, to James Stunt, who , though a wealthy heir himself, signed a pre-nup. So now they can wander around the 100 room, 56,000 sq. ft. home, without ever seeing each other. I keep thinking of what John Houston (as Noah Cross) said at the end of one of my favorite films, "Chinatown" . " Whores, politicians, and ugly buildings all get respectable if they hang around long enough". We'll see ! palace for herself.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28510/07/2013

The address of the (former Crosby/Spelling ) home, is 594 S. Mapleton Dr., LA. Hefner's mansion is just down the street , at 10236 Charing Cross Rd. (with a 2nd gate on Mapleton). Its a premiere street.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28610/07/2013

Hello Mr. Hollywood, what is Candy Spelling like? Is she cold as ice or is she a nice person? We had one person on her who said she was cold. Also, is Candy Spelling Jewish?

Do have any information about Pia Zadora leveling Pickfair? I am still shocked that she did that to that unofficial land mark. What a major loss! Why in the world didn't the city make Pickfair into a historical landmark?

Also, I'm curious, after all of these years, why didn't the staff of man y of these Hollywood households write or talk about their ex-employers and what they were really like? My gosh! the stories they must have known.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28710/08/2013

[quote] Elizabeth Perkins and Bill Petersen are two celebs who come to mind who used to live there (or still do).

Molly Shannon also lived (maybe still does) in Hancock Park. As does Sean Hayes.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28810/08/2013

R287 Candy darling, is the ice queen of Beverly Hills. You can choose, or not, to believe the long held rumor that CS was a call girl in her first incarnation, before grabbing one of the biggest pots o' gold in the mine that is Hollywood, Aaron Spelling - any goldigger's dream. And my favorite Candy story , told to me personally, by a former employee, who worked at The Manor, is that Candy liked to stay up all night, drinking, asking various staff to either play games with her ( Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly,etc), or reorganize her 'doll' room, so the dolls were constantly moving around. And Candy is not Jewish.

Re the staff at any of the star homes, or ultra wealthy - nowadays they are almost always required to sign non-disclosure agreements, meaning if they reveal, in a public way, any knowledge of what they saw, or heard, or did, with their employer - they can be sued. It's a simple way of saying keep your mouth shut about what happened here, or you'll pay for it.

Will answer the Pia & Pickfair soon !

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 28910/08/2013

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions Mr. Hollywood.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29010/08/2013

Pia Zadora was on a recent episode of "Celebrity Ghost Stories" in which she claimed that Pickfair was haunted by a starlet who died at the estate. I can't remember exactly how she died, but I think it was at a party thrown by Pickford and Fairbanks. Pia said the ghost was very aggressive towards her family and they had no choice but to level the house to rid themselves of her. Pia said that she bought Pickfair because of the iconic history of the estate and they never would have torn it down if not for the ghost.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29110/08/2013

Are you thinking of David Niven's wife Primmie? She died at a party thrown by Tyrone Power. They were playing some type of a hide and seek party game. She went to hide in what she thought was a closet, but it was actually a steep set of stairs leading to the basement. She fell and suffered a brain injury. I don't think it was the same house, though.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29210/08/2013

No, R292, this is another ghost starlet, lol.

The ghost you're talking about haunts Sally Struthers house. She talked about it on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" a few years ago.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29310/08/2013

How funny, R293. I actually found the Youtube clip of Sally Struthers discussing it. She seems to have gotten details and dates a bit mixed up. I don't think Primmie was a starlet and the story I've read is that she died a day or two later. We'll have to leave it to Mr. Hollywood to clarify whether Rita Hayworth later bought the house.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29410/08/2013

I found this. This is the most relevant stuff. More at the link. Note the author's "Mary!" moment.

While overseas, David met and married a lovely WAAF named Primula Rollo. After nearly six years away from Hollywood, at the end of the war, David brought Primmie, three-year-old David Jr. and five-month-old Jamie to Los Angeles to return to his career.

Barely two months after her arrival, Annabella and Tyrone Power gave a small party for Primmie. She adored Ty and it was just the kind of relaxed, casual gathering that she and David loved. She marveled at the house — a beautiful, sprawling Spanish manor in the exclusive community of Bel Air. Al Jolson built it as a summer home for his third bride, Ruby Keeler, in the late ’20s when Bel Air was still a remote wilderness, thick with wild flowers. When Keeler and Jolson divorced in ’39, they sold it to Power and Annabella who were married there.

Most of David’s best friends were there: Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison, Gene Tierney and Oleg Cassini, Richard Greene and Patricia Medina, Cesar Romero. During a game of hide-and-seek played in the dark, Primmie, 28, mistook a cellar door for a closet and plunged backwards down a flight of stairs. Ty heard a startled cry and several muffled thuds. In an instant, he turned on the light and saw Primmie lying at the bottom of the steps. She died the next day.

Forty-five years later, I found myself having dinner with the present owner of the house. I, too, marveled at the beautiful home: the enormous living room, the thick wood beams and gorgeous tile work. The owner recounted the home’s rich history. When she mentioned the Power-Annabella nuptials, I leapt to my feet. “This is the house where Primmie Niven was killed!” I exclaimed. My hostess regarded me with scorn, but it takes more than scorn to deter me. “I’ve got to see the stairs.” Reluctantly, she led me to the front entrance hall.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29510/08/2013

How can Sally get Rita Hayworth and Tyrone Power mixed up?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29610/08/2013

Maybe she mixed up the time frame? Mr. Hollywood will know if the house was sold to Hayworth later on.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29710/08/2013

Thanks to whoever posted that interview clip with Mitzi. Wow, she's utterly charming, warm and looks amazing. She seems like a lovely lady.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29810/08/2013

Simon Cowell's house, 4 blks. from Mitzi's, got TP'd for his birthday by X Factor group, 5th Harmony. They also left a " Happy 87 Birthday" sign on his gate ( see UK's Daily Mirror).

Cowell lives at 717 N. Palm Dr.,Bev. Hills

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 29910/08/2013

Mr H, that idiot Rihanna has just pulled up stakes from her $12 mil place at the corner of Rivas Canyon and W Sunset, because of recent break ins by crazy fans and stalkers. An aerial view shows the SE side of that spread (the jacuzzi/pool area) nearly hangs right over busy traffic on W Sunset! You could scale a few ft up the landscaped incline and be right by her pool area.

Why would someone so high profile have a place so close to a main roadway? And why so pricy, you'd have to listen to traffic and honking all day when lounging poolside.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30010/08/2013

Cowell lives south of Sunset - gasp!

I couldve sworn he lived in a modernist spread in Trousdale Estates. Maybe the N Palm spot is a previous home?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30110/08/2013

sorry Mr. H but Candy Spelling is Jewish. Victoria (Tori) Davey Spelling was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Candy (née Marer; born 1945) and television and film producer Aaron Spelling (1923–2006).She has a younger brother, Randy, also a former actor who currently works as a life coach. Her parents, both Jewish, were descended from immigrants from Russia and Poland.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30210/08/2013

Where does Vera Miles live?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30310/08/2013

No, Cowell owns several homes - but his residence is 717 N. Palm. In London he lives at 10 Addison Crescent, West Kesington. Paid 5,650,000 pounds for it, in '03. Back in LA, Cowell also owns 2 homes in Trousdale (BH).

624 Cole Pl. - paid $5,700,000 in '06

370 Trousdale Pl. - paid $ 15,500,000 in 2011

He also sold another home in Trousdale, at 917 Loma Vista Dr.

I personally love Cowell's home - he spent a lot of time and money on it, and he has very good taste. He kept the integrity of the property, but made it modern, sleek and sexy. Not everyone wants to live. 'in the hills' as we call it, but if he does, he still has those 2 other fantastic homes, with amazing views.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30410/08/2013

R303 - I believe it was mentioned in an earlier reply - maybe not on this thread. Miles lives in Palm Desert, CA. - adjacent to Palm Springs, by about 10 miles, with Rancho Mirage, another desert community, in between. Miles is very private, absolutely retired, and much like Eleanor Parker, another desert resident, a recluse re the public. Has not had her pic taken in years. Fan mail can be sent to a, but only Mr. H has the home address. BTW, she is looked after by her 52 year old son by Keith Larsen, another very handsome actor she married, right after her marriage to actor/muscleman/Tarzan, Gordon Scott. My most recent sources tell me her health is not well .Please respect her privacy.

Vera Miles - 73335 Tamarisk St., PD

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30510/08/2013

R302 I am having an argument with my sources as I write your reply. Some say she is half, with her mother being gentile. (As I understand it, not being Jewish myself, if the mother is not Jewish, you are only considered half ? Sorry, Judaism is not my strong suit - now Judyism, ask me anything). My sources say NOW, her mother was Jewish, but there are questions about her father, Merritt Marer, being gentile - I really believe in this case, only Candy, whom I do not know, can answer this. The hold up is that Candy once talked about celebrating Hanukkah & Christmas, when she was growing up. It could be religion, or like many Jewish families, they chose to do both. Only Candy,in the Manor in the Sky, knows.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30610/08/2013

Mr H some real estate news today: Cowell is putting up the Trousdale Pl house as a pocket listing, asking $20 mil.

And Russell Brand just snapped up a gorgeous HH West period home for $2.224 mil, supposedly once owned by Laurence Olivier and restored by Roy Seldon Price. Do you know the address on this one?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30710/08/2013

R307 Of course I do. It is 8856 Appian Way, LA

It is literally higher than almost any other home in the hills - on clear days, you can see all the way to Long Beach, and even Catalina beyond. Mr.H's only downside to this home, is the down side - no real grounds, and gasp, no pool. But designed by well known architect, Roy Selden Price. For Russell , it's all about the.view baby

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30810/08/2013

Now, which one of you white folks is gonna tell us what this Mitzi stands fo?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 30910/09/2013

White people have the strangest names.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31010/09/2013

Mitzi is, of course, a diminutive. It's short for Mitzie.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31110/09/2013

Turns out "Mitziah" is Yiddish for bargain. Who knew?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31210/09/2013

Mr. Hollywood-what can you tell us about David Selznick and Jennifer Jones era? I've heard many celebrities reference their house parties as some of the best! People like Carrie Fisher and Dennis Hooper have spoken on record of Jennifer's class as a hostess and friend. Don Bacardy-Christopher Isherwood's partner -has said in a documentary that Joseph Cotten made bigoted remarks against gays while in attendance at one event. Have you ever met Jennifer's gorgeous son,the late Michael Walker? Any info on the Jennifer Jones/Norton Simon era would be great as well!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31310/09/2013

Mr H what can you tell us about Patty Duke's old house on Summit Ridge Drive that Sharon Tate rented for short period Of time

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31410/09/2013

Where does David Geffen live? Does he still live in that big estate that was once owned by a famous old movie studio executive?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31510/09/2013

R315 Yes , Geffen has the wondrous Jack Warner estate, and his beautiful home in Malibu.

Beverly Hills home - 1801 Angelo Dr., BH

Malibu - 22132 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu

He also bought 22050 PCH in 2008, from Restauratur Peter Morton - probably hoping to expand his already huge, 4-lot property. But here's the history. In '96, Geffen bought a small home here on Carbon Beach ( beaches within Malibu all have different names), for a paltry $1,230,000. He sold the house 2 years later to the Pres. of the CAA agency. In '07, Morton bought the home for $10,500,000. Then in '08, Geffen bought back the tiny 2 bedroom home for $9,800,000. Bet he regrets ever selling it. It is 5 homes down from his, so some speculate that his master plan is to wait, till those in- between come up fo sale, 1x1, and make his beach compound huge.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31610/10/2013

R314 The Patty Duke home :

1600 Summitridge Dr., Beverly Hills

Patty owned the home from 1966-70. There is a tragic aspect to this house. Patty and (then) husband Harry Falk, had decided to rent the house out to Sharon & Roman, starting in June '68. The pair loved the home, and decided it would be a great place to live permantly, since Sharon had found out she was pregnant. But Patty, her husband, & Roman, couldn't come to terms on the price - Roman wouldnt pay what they wanted. So, he & Sharon, began looking for other rental homes, and found 10050 Cielo Dr. - essentially, across Benedict Cyn., from Duke's home, perched on the side of another promontory. We all know what happened there. It's said Duke had a sense of guilt over what happened- think of it. If Tate had been able to buy the Summitridge home, she never would have been at Cielo. Strange.

This home sold a few months ago for $5,650,000. A far different price than the owner, who bought it from Duke, sold it for again in 1974 - $135,000. Hard to believe. BTW, Liz Taylor had a home just a few doors up, for 2 years '52 - 54, at 1771. Addresses and zoning changed, and its now 1775 Summitridge. From there, she moved to a grander home - 1375 Beverly Estate Dr. It was at that home, in 1957, where she, and (then) husband, Michael Wilding, were having a dinner party , that broke up around midnight. Monty Clift, and best friend, actor Kevin McCarthy, were both leaving, in seperate cars. Clift, as usual, was a little tipsy, and McCarthy told him to just follow his tailights down the curvy, steep hill. Again, we know what happened after that - Clift had that terrible crash into a utility pole, Liz saved his life, and he was disfigured. Mr. H frequently heads up that hill to a friend's home, and I never fail to notice that pole (at the base of a switchback) and think of what happened there.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31710/11/2013

Mr.H, I was really surprised that Elizabeth Taylor's last house was not that large and it looked really simple. I thought I have heard she was worth close to 1 billion dollars from her very successful perfume line.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31810/12/2013

R318 Miss Taylor had lived in her home for many years - she bought it from Frank Sinatra's ex, Nancy Sinatra, in 1981, and stayed there for 30 years, till she died in 2011. It was very private, with 6 bed., 6 ba. - Liz's bedroom took up the entire 2nd floor of the 7,172 sq. ft. home, on almost 1.3 acres., with lovely gardens that Liz' last husband, Larry Fortensky, helped design with her, and install. It really is a lovely, tranquil property, and though not a mansion, certainly befit a screen goddess like Taylor. A few months after she died, the family sold the home for $8,000,000. One thing that made the interior so special, was her art collection - her father was an art dealer, and Liz inherited many paintings from him, then added to her collection. She had works by Miro, Renoir,Utrillo,Magritte,Degas, and her 'crown jewel, Van Gogh's' The Vue de I' Aslle et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy',which sold last year for $16 million. Liz had waited 14 years to have one of Warhol's silk screens of her, and she finally got one in 1977. She hung that too, in her home.The portrait Liz had, "Liz#5", of 13 , was sold at auction, a few months after she died, for $26,962,500 to a man named Rocky Malhotra, an heir to the India based Super Max World, that manufactures razor blades and shaving products. Malholtra has announced that he has no plans to change the home, and intends to lease it out. What do you bet the first tenant will be a rich old queen, with a thing for Miss T.

Elizabeth Taylor's last home - 700 Nimes Rd., Los Angeles

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 31910/12/2013

Mr H do you know what the price was that Patty and then husband wanted to sell the house to Sharon n her husband Roman?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32010/12/2013

R320 I do not . Going by the fact it did sell again, 6 years after Tate & Polanski wanted to buy it ( 'in '74, for $135,000) and knowing that at that time the market prices grew much more slowly, my guess would be between $100,000 - $120,000. The #, comparatively speaking, to today, seems so minuscule.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32110/12/2013

I was on this board when Susie Lee was here. I got a different impression, that she thought Tyrone was bisexual. I met someone who knew him in the '50s, Mike Todd was producing something this guy was involved in, and he met Tyrone through Todd. He's 88 how! He thought Tyrone had had male lovers but he loved women -- a real bisexual. Marriages weren't cover-ups for him; after his second divorce, he said he'd never get married again but then did anyway.

As far as separate bedrooms, I can't believe anyone makes a big deal out of it. Wealthy people often have separate bedrooms and I think a lot of Hollywood people did because of one having to get up at 4 a.m. and the other not.

One last thing about Tyrone's children. Romina may not believe her father was bisexual and may not want it discussed publicly, but I think his son is very cool about the whole thing. He told the guy I met that whomever he found happiness with, that was the most important thing.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32210/12/2013

R322 Great post. It is almost identical to what I was told by my father.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32310/12/2013

The house where Mrs. Niven fell was perhaps the one on Saltair? I think he and Annabella lived on Perugia before that.

[R244]More on the Judy thing that perhaps Mr. H can enlarge upon. MGM hired Betty Asher to be Judy's "friend" but she was a spy for Mayer. Louis B did not approve of her relationship with the married Power. So Betty told her Tyrone was reading her love letters out loud in the barracks. Ridiculous. That's when Judy dropped flipped out.

There are people who believe she was never pregnant and just told him that, and then there are people, like Liza, who think she has a half-sibling teaching school in the midwest.

Tyrone was crazy about Judy and wrote to a friend how beautiful she looked in one of the films he saw, I think while in the service, and he said he felt terrible about what happened because "she was lovely." Of course it would have been a disaster. He was NOT one for big scenes. So it worked out as it should have, I guess.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32410/12/2013

Mr H. Thanks for the info on the duke home

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32510/12/2013

R322 and Mr. Hollywood, I don't doubt you two ,but I'm sorry but I'm confused because there were so many people who were friends and famliy of Tyrone's who said he wasn't remotely bisexual and he was totally straight. Tyrone Power was good friends with Don Ameche. When Don Ameche heard that claim Don Ameche said that was completely outrageous and untrue. Tyrone Power's cousin lived with him for a short time and he said he never saw anything close to bisexuality. Also, Anne Baxter was furious and claimed that was a lie?

Also, someone said that if he was bisexual, Hollywood Confidential or some other tabloid would have outed him. On the contrary, they made a lot of claims that he had various affairs with different women.Someone said that if he had affairs with guys, they were done secretly, but in Hollywood everybody knew everything about everyone else and gossip usually spread like wide fire in that town. Again, I'm not saying neither of you two are liars,but I'm just saying I'm confused because many of his famliy and friends say contrasting things about Tyrone Power's sexuality. Also, why after all of theses years his family and friends be honest and come out and say he was bisexual if they know? Why have they been keeping him in the closet for 56 years?

Also, there are people on the message boards on who claim that movie stars back in the studio system didn't have the time to have affairs because they were constantly working and they were very tired? What dose anyone think about that statement?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32610/12/2013

[R326] I think if Tyrone Power had affairs with men it was discreet, and I also think there were people who knew and people who didn't. It should have been easy for him because he also had affairs with women.

As far as people being too tired to have affairs, I'm sure they didn't have anywhere near the sex we think they had, but because they were young, sexual, and had energy, I'm sure they had plenty. They did work a great deal, and go to premieres, and do radio shows, and travel and make appearances in theaters, as well as do interviews and photo shoots and all kinds of things. It was a busy life. I don't think they had sex full time and did some acting on the side. I think over the course of 50, 60, 70 years, stories have been embellished to the point where they're out of control. And with the Internet today, it's worse.

Plus things are completely taken out of context and misunderstood. Case in point: I was told that Robert Taylor's mother went on his honeymoon with Barbara Stanwyck. Not true. Barbara and her mother-in-law disliked one another, and on their wedding night, the mother-in-law pulled the sick card and Taylor had to sit with her. The next day he and Barbara left on their honeymoon. It's too easy to take something out of context and it becomes fact.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32710/12/2013

In the '70s, Alice Faye was asked why she did not marry Tyrone Power. She replied "I would have in a second. But he loved guys too much."

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32810/13/2013

Sounds apocryphyl

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 32910/13/2013


[R328]Perfect example. She never said it, and when she went on television as spokeswoman for Pfizer, she said there was no truth to the gay rumor.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33010/13/2013

[quote]If Tate had been able to buy the Summitridge home, she never would have been at Cielo.

That wouldn't have saved her. Manson didn't pick the Cielo house at random, he targeted Roman and Tate, no matter where she lived.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33110/13/2013

Not true #331. He thought Terry Melcher lived there. Whoever lived in that home at the time would have been a victim to the Manson family.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33210/13/2013

[quote] That wouldn't have saved her. Manson didn't pick the Cielo house at random, he targeted Roman and Tate, no matter where she lived.

Um, no.

Manson specifically picked the house on Cielo Drive because he has been there before when Terry Melcher lived there.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33310/13/2013

Who the heck cares about Tyrone Power.Is this Archaeology 101? Please, I want to know about the stars of today.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33410/13/2013

[quote]I want to know about the stars of today.

Lol. And yet you're on a Mitzi Gaynor thread.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33510/13/2013

R334 = salivating over "My Blue Heaven" with the doors locked and the curtains drawn.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33610/13/2013


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33710/13/2013

Tyrone died in 1958. Deal with it. He. Doesn't. Matter.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33810/13/2013

R338, we will talk about whatever we want to so YOU deal with it Nazi!

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 33910/13/2013

He thought Tyrone had had male lovers but he loved women -- a real bisexual.

R322,what gave your friend the impression Tyrone had male lovers?

R322,Great post. It is almost identical to what I was told by my father.

R323, Mr. Hollywood, I have the same question for you as well.

I hope my questions don't come off rude because that is far from my intention. I'm just curious and I don't doubt you two.

BTW, Mr. Hollywood, you said Judy Garland was pregnant with Tyrone's baby and then she had an abortion. Wasn't he furious that Judy had an abortion? As I recall, when Lana Turner aborted his baby because she was advised having the baby would damage her career, he was furious with her and he didn't want to have anything to do with her after that.

BTW, 322, you said some knew Tyrone was bisexual and others didn't know ,but who knew he was bisexual? It seems like those who claim he was straight far out weighs less than a handful , it seems, than those who say he was bisexual.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34010/14/2013

[R340]I'm not Mr. Hollywood or a clairvoyant, but I have some knowledge so I'll give this a whirl.

I assume the statement you start out with is my statement about Mike Todd and Tyrone's friend: "He thought Tyrone had had male lovers but he loved women -- a real bisexual." If that's what I wrote, what I meant to write was that he thought Tyrone had had male lovers but he ALSO loved women. You ask how this man knew, and I have no idea. An impression, something somebody said, just an assumption, I don't know.

Referring to Mr. Hollywood's Judy/Tyrone post, I wrote that Judy said she was pregnant but a lot of people think she wasn't, that she was just saying that to put the screws to Tyrone. When he asked about the pregnancy later, she indicated to him she'd had an abortion. As far as Lana Turner, Mrs. Zanuck told her that it would hurt both their careers, since Tyrone was still married, so she had an abortion. It was mutually agreed upon. He dropped her because while he was away on a tour, he met Linda. She said in her book that he was angry because she was photographed with Frank Sinatra, but I think she was in denial. He met Linda and that was it.

Back to my post that you asked about, I assume he was very discreet and maybe just a handful of people were aware of his bisexuality. If you're asking me if someone like Alice Faye knew, probably not. Cesar Romero would have known and maybe a couple of others. But that's just a guess.

Apologies to the person who doesn't want to talk about him.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34110/14/2013


by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34210/14/2013

Can we then talk about Patty Duke and Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucille Ball?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34310/14/2013

Can we then talk about Patty Duke and Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucille Ball?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34410/14/2013

Was George Montgomery (Mr. Dinah Shore) bisexual?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34510/14/2013

R345 Montgomery was straight. My '6 degrees' from him is, while growing up, a neighbor, a widow, and very nice lady, had been married to a very well known man in the music business. They were also friends with David Rose, a conductor, arranger, and the man who composed music for shows like "Bonanza & "Little House OTP", and the well known picece of music " The Stripper". His other claim to fame was his first 2 marriages - to Martha Raye, then Judy Garland. Anyway, our neighbor had been introduced to Montgomery & Dinah Shore ( then married ), by Rose. They were so excited about his hobby of furniture making, they asked him to make some pieces. In the end, Montgomery made almost all the major pieces in their home. It was not to my taste (early American in style, mostly) but I could certainly appreciate the craftsmanship, even as a kid.

A couple trivial GM facts. He was the youngest of 15 children, of Ukranian immigrant parents. In 1963, his housekeeper was charged with trying to kill him. She suffered from a fanatical attraction to him, and was going to shoot George, then kill herself. She was arrested.

BTW, Dinah had a most beautiful home in Palm Springs, designed by Donald Wexler, after she, and George, split up. Years later, it was sold to "Frasier" producer, David Lee (and his partner, Mark Nichols, a PS interior designer). It was restored beautifully, and remained one of my favorite PS homes. The couple sold the home, in 2011 for $4,900,000. Last I hear, it was available for rental, but with a new (and decidedly less perfect) decor. Too bad.

Dinah Shore - 432 W. Hermosa Pl., Palm Springs

BTW, Lucy-Desi's original PS home was just down the street, at 334. before they had a new house built in Rancho Mirage.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34610/14/2013

Mr H. no gossip on Patty Duke, Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucille Ball?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34710/14/2013

More Six Degrees. David Lee was for a time the bestest girlfriend and neighbor of one Steve Elzy, a former DL obsession.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34810/14/2013

R343 & 347 I'm lunching, outside, at Bouchon. Will get back to you shortly.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 34910/14/2013

Thanks Mr H

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35010/14/2013

Oh jeebus, Mr. H. Seriously?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35110/14/2013

R351 What are you waiting on, my friend ?

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35210/14/2013

R344 & 347 Where to start ? I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but lets recap. Desi A. is Lucy's son, a celeb from being on her show, and of course being on TV guide, when he was born - the same night Little Ricky was born,on TV. Patty Duke was famous for " Miracle Worker", than her TV show, than of course, " VOTD". So the 2 meet, and hook up. The problem - Desi was 17, Patti 23. Who cares, right ? Except Patty was freaking nuts -and Lucy knew it. Little Lucie once put it this way " Patti loved Desi, but she was very unstable at the time. She chased him all over the country."Thats polite. Patty hadn't discovered Lithium yet, and made Neely look normal. They were on the cover of every tabloid. Lucy thought it would end quickly, but no - it kept going. So mama bear Ball shifts into high gear, and starts threatening Patty with 'statutory rape'. Huh ? This was her statement " Patty's living in some fantastic dreamworld, and we're the victims of it -Desi being the tender age of 17 when they met. She used him". My, that Desi peen (Sr. & Jr.) must have been something. In the end, Mama Ball finally put an end to it, as all power mothers do - she threatened to disinherit & disown him, if he didn't call the whole thing off. He did. The postscript is that Desi went on to date Liza next - he was 19, she was 26. But Lucy was an old friend of Judy's, and this time embraced Liza ( she had watched her grow up - and Liza's pop directed Lucy in "Long,Long Trailer"). In the end, Liza left Desi for Peter Sellers. And the world goes round.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35310/15/2013

[quote]What are you waiting on, my friend ?

Tables. Possibly yours.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35410/15/2013

Thank you, Mr. H.!

What's the scoop on Dinah Shore? I heard she was one of the best-liked women in Hollywood - genuinely warm and friendly... a total professional with not an ounce of attitude. I know that she's viewed as a lesbian icon, but she did love cock. What's the scoop of her schtupping Sinatra while being married to George Montgomery? Supposedly in the mid-50s Sinatra invited her to Vegas for the weekend to be a fuck toy for himself and his mobster friends.

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35510/15/2013

bump for more Mr H information

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35610/19/2013

R355 Miss Dinah did indeed love the well endowed - contrary to her being a lesbian icon, all growing from her having one of the first celeb golf tournaments, for women....and in Palm Springs, which was then becoming a growing destnation for GLTB visitors, and full timers. She did have a dl relationship with 1 Mr. Big (Sinatra), while still married, and later with another Mr. B (Eddie Fisher,post Liz), and Mr. B 3 , Rod Taylor. And of course, many years later, her cougar relationship with Burt R. - he wa about 33, she 54. Burt was never considered a 'Mr. Big', but in his day was damn sexy.

Surprised no one has brought up one of the most asked DS questions - Was she part black ? No - her parents were Russian Jewish immigrants. But that rumor still kicks around .

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35710/19/2013

R355 Forgot to add, since Mr. H loves Hollywod house lore, and you were talking lesbian icons - Jodie Foster, coincidently bought Miss Shore's longtime Beverly Hills home ( just west of the BH Hotel) in 2005, for $8,100,000. She never actually lived there, but used it as a temp residence when she was having work done on her (now ex) Hollywood Hills home. She sold Dinah's Place in 2011, for $8,300,00 ( she was originally asking $9,975,000- a bit too optimistic) to kiosk budget eyewear, Eyemart owner Doug Barnes. And an 'acquaintance' of Mr. H's, Michael Libow, was Jodie's agent. (Memories. But I digress). Mike owns a real BH landmark, the so-called 'Witches House'. It was originally built in 1921 as offices for a long gone film studio, in Culver City. It was moved, in 1934, to it's present location. It was in total disrepair, when Michael bought it, in 1998 - saving it from certain destruction, by someone less caring. He has spent over a decade, and loads of money, restoring it.

Dinah's Place / Jodie too - 916 Oxford Way, BH

Jodie's current home - 1267 Lago Vista Dr.,BH

'Witches House' - 516 Walden Dr.,BH

P.S. Chantal Dussouchaud of Atelier de Chantal, lives a few doors down from Jodie, at 1260 Lago Vista. Who is she ? As the saying goes, if you have to ask............

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35810/19/2013

Mr. H, I adore the Witches' House. So glad to hear that someone is taking good care of it....

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 35910/19/2013

Dinah had an affair w Sinatra for years according Mr S book

by Josh (Fuck-Face) Altmanreply 36010/19/2013
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