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Hollywood story...

A gay actor comes to Hollywood with a few important contacts. Things work out for him even though he breaks up with one of his important contacts, he continues on his trip to stardom. He has drug problems but usually keeps them under control, his friends don't. No matter, he's a star. A friend (drug mule?) falls for him, gets pregnant by forcing herself on him when he's kind of out of it. She refuses to get an abortion and announces the happy situation. Of course, baby ends up, late term abortion. Girl feels resentful and offers to tell the star's whole story to the tabloids. The star has a very nice franchise deal going, next thing you know, the girl has an accident and she's dead.

Would it make a good Hollywood novel or is it just more of the same old thing?

by B. Wagnerreply 9311/06/2013

Don't call us, Brucie .... we'll call you. Okay, we won't, but ....

by B. Wagnerreply 109/20/2013

Sounds like the Keanu Reeves story.

by B. Wagnerreply 209/20/2013

Reeves? I wouldn't know.

by B. Wagnerreply 309/20/2013

[quote]He has drug problems but usually keeps them under control, his friends don't.

The friend being River?

by B. Wagnerreply 409/20/2013

Friends like River, Alan Boyce, Rodney Harvey, Anthony Keidis, Dave Navarro, Courtney Love, Andy Dick, Robert Downey?

by B. Wagnerreply 509/20/2013

Is there mother type role?

by B. Wagnerreply 609/20/2013

"what?.... oh....ok"

Viola wants to know if there are any domestic roles.

"I'm sure there is a nurse or something like that in the abortion sequence...and BTW what am I your agent?

by B. Wagnerreply 709/20/2013

There's a big party scene.

There are two mothers.

by B. Wagnerreply 809/21/2013

It's an ensemble piece, a huge cast.

by B. Wagnerreply 909/21/2013

When you think about the movie stars directors, producers, agents,'s a pretty gay movie.

If they made it into a film, it would have to be on HBO.

by B. Wagnerreply 1009/21/2013

Oh, and is there a father type role as well? (Maybe G can audition).

by B. Wagnerreply 1109/21/2013

Oh yes! A few father type roles, mostly unattractive guys but I guess that could change. A silver fox might be nice.

by B. Wagnerreply 1209/21/2013

Would it make a good Hollywood novel - yes.

Is it more of the same - yes.

There are no original stories. It's how you do it that matters. Hooker with the heart of gold done well is La Traviata.

The bigger problem with your story outline is that you make a bunch of literary promises, but don't seem to deliver. Is this a detective story - who killed the girl? Is it a hero's journey about the gay actor trying to make it in Hollywood. A (one-sided) love story? You see where I'm going.

The plot "twists" you've described are merely melodrama without the character progression reflected in choices made along the way.

by B. Wagnerreply 1309/21/2013

"Is there mother type role?"

Excuse me M bitch, but a dead, dying or troubled child? That's my tour de morph!

by B. Wagnerreply 1409/21/2013

Yes, it's a problem. I sometimes see it as a detective story but it could be a story about the loss of innocence?

It could be the classic success story, except the gay boy always had a leg up, so he wasn't a a self made man.

by B. Wagnerreply 1509/21/2013

That sounds like Keanu Reeves' biography

by B. Wagnerreply 1609/21/2013

Sorry Sally, no Grandmothers are involved. Of course an older actress, could play an older actress?

by B. Wagnerreply 1709/21/2013

Biggest issue - who's the bad guy - the gay man for forcing a late term abortion and then presumably killing the actress. Or, the actress for intentionally getting pregnant and is after money all along.

It can go either way; I like the second version. A lot of men would sympathize with today's forced fatherhood situation (DNA tests, child support, etc.) The actor (does not need to be gay, btw) would slowly be losing control of the situation - you would see him coercing her to get the abortion - but, who kills her is the mystery. Say, he didn't do it. But, is suspect.

by B. Wagnerreply 1809/21/2013

But the actor is gay.

Is there only one bad guy? I thought everyone in Hollywood was a bad guy.

The lawyer, a fixer? They are always bad guys.

A mother could be bad or maybe a stepfather?

There's a lot to choose from when it comes to bad guys.

The actress? A dealer? A hanger-on? Seems like a bad guy.

Maybe the actor is simply a user, so charming and adorable except when he's drunk. I think he's a bad guy.

by B. Wagnerreply 1909/21/2013

Maybe it's just another version of The Player, except the star won't end up with a pretty wife...or maybe he will?

by B. Wagnerreply 2009/21/2013

OP,are you Bosch Wagner,80s fisting star?

by B. Wagnerreply 2109/21/2013

Lord, Keanu didn't murder his beard. Her death, at best, was fortuitous.

by B. Wagnerreply 2209/21/2013

This particular actor has an attorney, kind of like Burt Fields, so if a girl went to the star and said, "You're in this fantastic franchise, I don't believe the world would really want to see the video I've got, do you?" What if she had video of him shoveling coke with Marilyn Manson!?

I don't think the star would have any need to fix the disaster by himself. If I were writing the story, I think there would be some kind of special ops person who could handle the situation.

by B. Wagnerreply 2309/21/2013

Will Robert Wagner star in this or not?

by B. Wagnerreply 2409/21/2013

He should.

by B. Wagnerreply 2509/21/2013

Is there a role for a broken down chanteuse, skyving for her next meal and a last chance at love?

by B. Wagnerreply 2609/21/2013

I am good playing mothers.

by B. Wagnerreply 2709/21/2013

There's a part for Liza, I'm sure of that.

by B. Wagnerreply 2809/21/2013

If the girlfriend is under 30, there is a part for me!

by B. Wagnerreply 2909/21/2013

If it's comedy with romance, I'm in!

by B. Wagnerreply 3009/21/2013

If you want it to be made into a movie, you'd have to make the gay guy a sub of the str8 guy.

The gay guy's too cool and macho and THE way, People wouldn't like it.

But I think you're onto something.

by B. Wagnerreply 3109/21/2013

Is there a role for a caring nun who urges the main character to seek the straight and narrow?

by B. Wagnerreply 3209/21/2013

Yes, please do drag us all through the entire process of creating this cliche-filled trite tome.

Yes, please do turn this website into your own personal blog.

Yes, please do pretend you're just sharing, when it's actually part of a protracted publicity scheme that will culminate in the release of your shitty over-hyped book.

Yes, please do have an interesting personal back story, like that of a drug-addled whore and talent-free drag queen failure.

Yes, please.

by B. Wagnerreply 3309/21/2013

There is a Buddhist fanatic in the story, will that count as a nun?

Drag Queen? That would be his stepfather.

by B. Wagnerreply 3409/21/2013

[quote]Things work out for him even though he breaks up with one of his important contacts, he continues on his trip to stardom. He has drug problems but usually keeps them under control, his friends don't.

If you really want to be a writer, OP, I [italic]think[/italic] it still matters whether or not you can write a sentence.

by B. Wagnerreply 3509/21/2013

"There is a Buddhist fanatic in the story, will that count as a nun?"

How does a Buddhist fanatic help Vicky Clarke get closer to EGOT?

by B. Wagnerreply 3609/21/2013

So you are saying I can't write, because I can't construct a proper sentence? Don't be anal...did it stop Paris Hilton?

by B. Wagnerreply 3709/21/2013

There needs to be an opening scene in The Hamptons, or maybe Fire Island? It would be in the early 80s or late 70s.

by B. Wagnerreply 3809/21/2013

I think Mandy Patinkin might be perfect as Stepfather!

by B. Wagnerreply 3909/21/2013

R39 Then what about me?

by B. Wagnerreply 4009/21/2013

This is not somebody having an idea for a script/novel, this is the Keanu Reeves stalker troll obsessing forever and ever.

Get help.

by B. Wagnerreply 4109/21/2013

Who gets to play Gus Van Sant? I vote for Damon Damon Damon!

by B. Wagnerreply 4209/21/2013

Why couldn't the story be a book, Jackie Collins has made millions, with less.

Damon would be ideal.

by B. Wagnerreply 4309/21/2013

The classic (and no doubt invented) scene of Damon in proper wig turning River P onto heroin would be his Oscar clip at the ceremony. "Here, little boy... try it... just once."

by B. Wagnerreply 4409/21/2013

If I play the role of young Keanu Reeves and talk about how demons from being forced in the closet lead me to drugs will they just hand me the oscar or do we still have go through the motions?

by B. Wagnerreply 4509/21/2013

As long as you tell us about your rehab stay in FULL DETAIL, Zac,. and especially publish excerpts from your private journal. .. it's a done deal.

Hurry, though,. the window is closing.

by B. Wagnerreply 4609/21/2013

Inside Daisy Clover II

by B. Wagnerreply 4709/21/2013

I don't know, they are going to have to work on Zac to grunge him up.

Maybe they should open with River (DeHaan?) and his buds in Micanopy, watching Drugstore Cowboy and learning a lifestyle?

Then they could actually start the film with Keanu and River shooting up in Seattle, while filming I Love You To Death.

by B. Wagnerreply 4809/21/2013

Sounds like another day at the office to anyone in the know.. to those outside the biz, sounds like an interesting story. Little too complicated, convoluted for a movie though. The main guy being gay would also hurt its marketability.

by B. Wagnerreply 4909/21/2013

It would have to show on HBO.

No one goes to the theater to see a film about Hollywood characters anyway. And HBO does nudity and sex.

by B. Wagnerreply 5009/21/2013

R26, I saw a rerun of L&O: Criminal Intent the other that was made for DL-- Liza Minnelli as Patsy Ramsey!

It even featured DL perennial Nancy Grace, here called Faith Yancy.

by B. Wagnerreply 5109/21/2013

ardith, you will never let keanu die, will you?

by B. Wagnerreply 5209/21/2013

What did Patsy do in L&O? Did she kill her daughter?

by B. Wagnerreply 5309/21/2013

R53 Liza was hilarious, "pretending" to be drunk, cig hanging from her mouth, dropping ashes into the roast she was preparing.

Though there were some changes for legal reasons, the ending came down to the brother injuring JonBenet while they were "playing doctor." The dad then finished her off.

by B. Wagnerreply 5409/21/2013

But was she arrested at the end of the story? I always wished Patsy and her husband had been arrested, eventually one of them would have told the truth.

by B. Wagnerreply 5509/22/2013

Great story, OP. It would probably work best as a suspense and I can see DePalma hitting this over the fence in his heyday. I would give it to current directors like Villeneuve or Gondry to make it something special.

by B. Wagnerreply 5609/22/2013

I can't figure this out...first fuck?

We know he spent his teen summers in Los Angeles with (supposed) stepfather, friend of Sandy Gallen. Was Sandy his first? Katzenberg actually gave him his first real lead. Should that be a part of the film or should we start with people like, Bruce La Bruce and Lou Reed?

by B. Wagnerreply 5709/22/2013

The story is just another Hollywood mystery.

by B. Wagnerreply 5809/23/2013

R55 No Liza/Patsy was not arrested.

by B. Wagnerreply 5909/23/2013

I think the story is unique. I know there are similar stories but nothing this extreme.

Is it extremely good luck? Extreme talent? Extremely powerful friends?

It did seem odd that no one ever ask any questions.

by B. Wagnerreply 6009/23/2013

I want to see a film of the real life of Natalie Wood. The rape. Finding her man servicing her male co-star. Being murdered. All of it.

by B. Wagnerreply 6109/23/2013

Keanu is starting to show his age. He looks like Alan Rickman as Snape here:

by B. Wagnerreply 6209/23/2013

It doesn't sound like a good novel or like the same old thing.

by B. Wagnerreply 6309/23/2013

I could not get R62's link to work :(.

by B. Wagnerreply 6409/23/2013

I rehosted it on imgur, R64:

by B. Wagnerreply 6509/23/2013

holy shit r62/r65!!!

(and tx for re-posting)

by B. Wagnerreply 6609/23/2013

Alex in Wonderland reboot

by B. Wagnerreply 6709/23/2013

Do you think that the lawyer could be the first to be eaten by the tyrannosaurus rex?

by B. Wagnerreply 6809/23/2013

That picture is ridiculous. Here is something from over the weekend, in Austin Texas.

by B. Wagnerreply 6909/23/2013

I always wondered if River killed himself because Keanu broke his heart?

Who would know?

by B. Wagnerreply 7009/24/2013

It's been 20 fucking years...and nobody seems to know a thing.

by B. Wagnerreply 7109/24/2013

River was riddled with complexities in practically every facet of his life, his home life, his sexuality, his career. And he had nobody, really. His hippie parents who betrayed him, their little minstrel boy, made good. A rootin-tootin, smack-shootin' vegetarian movie star. And now everyone was living off him. And the drugs weren't really enough anymore because he was destroying everything about himself and he knew it. I think the hypocrisy of his life just did him in. Or maybe he tipped himself over that night without realizing it.

by B. Wagnerreply 7209/24/2013

He had a lot of friends there (best friends) who couldn't seem to realize that he was overdoing it. Then everyone had to be protected. No one could be implicated.

Only versions of the truth came out.

And Keanu referring to River as his Juliet. But it was all explained..."he didn't mean it literally!"

by B. Wagnerreply 7309/24/2013

[quote]And Keanu referring to River as his Juliet

Well, I guess we know who was the top.

by B. Wagnerreply 7409/25/2013

I doubt it.

I think they were both bottoms and that's probably why it didn't work out. Just guessing.

by B. Wagnerreply 7509/25/2013

The "girlfriend's" mother had a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson but I guess Warner Brothers made it go away. Keanu (The One) was making the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.

by B. Wagnerreply 7609/27/2013


by B. Wagnerreply 7710/01/2013

No, no. The Gay actor has to be played by Andrew Garfield, and the pregnant actress by Emma Stone. Perfecto. I bet we can find roles for Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, and Allison Janney if she's still alive. As I think about it, maybe the late term abortion would be better played by Jessica Chastain than Emma.

by B. Wagnerreply 7810/01/2013

R72 needs to revisit a dictionary and stop saying things such as "riddled with complexities."


by B. Wagnerreply 7910/01/2013

I don't think I posted riddled with I'm safe.

No to Emma Stone, the actress needs to be a little emo and look Italian.

by B. Wagnerreply 8010/01/2013

There needs to be a little Chinese lady, to play the grandmother.

Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and Dolly Parton can play themselves.

by B. Wagnerreply 8110/01/2013

Did anyone see "The Dying Gaul" movies with that Skaaarreeesssdgggaard guy? I picture this script like that, with the lead's villiany kept quiet until the climax and then POW!

by B. Wagnerreply 8210/01/2013

I want to see that film.

by B. Wagnerreply 8310/02/2013

There is still the question, was there any villainy?

by B. Wagnerreply 8410/05/2013

I watched The Dying Gaul and I'm not sure I see a connection because Skarsguaard did his deed all by himself but the Hollywood star I'm talking about would have had fixers.

By the way, great movie.

by B. Wagnerreply 8510/10/2013


by B. Wagnerreply 8610/10/2013

Keanu has the perfect story. He also had a couple of really great photo ops and he has never once mentioned Jennifer Syme's name.

Bearded for life and he never even has to mention her name. He never had to live with her and he never had to pay child support. Sounds kind of like a sweet deal. He did have to pay for a rather expensive funeral and burial plot but The Matrix Movies made Keanu, Warner Brothers and Joel Silver a great deal of money.

by B. Wagnerreply 8710/18/2013

I think it would be more interesting if she had the baby and then the unwitting father sued for custody, claiming he's the more fit parent.

by B. Wagnerreply 8810/18/2013

Raising a child? Some people simply aren't up for that.

by B. Wagnerreply 8910/18/2013

Lol, OP.

Your dedication is lightning up my screen. Keep going.

by B. Wagnerreply 9010/19/2013

There are a lot of characters, enough to fill a book or a screenplay.

Actors, directors, rock stars, dealers and fixers and then we could pretend there was an innocent or was the innocent a desperate blackmailer? Maybe it's just an old Hollywood story, one that has been played out again and again?

by B. Wagnerreply 9110/19/2013


by B. Wagnerreply 9210/30/2013

I really want to read this book or see this movie.

Maybe Sophia Coppola could make the film or is she still good friends with the actor?

by B. Wagnerreply 9311/06/2013
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